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lloriiarti CoOejre Ilbrar? 

■>.'l S I 


One hilf the Incoae from this 
cebed in iSto uder the will of 

Lcfaej, which wm i«- 

of Waltham, Mamdnuens, is to be ezpoaded lor books 
for the CoU^ Library. Tk« ether half of the iaeoMe 
!• devoted to icholanhiM la Harrard UalTeralty for the 
benefit of deaceadaati of 

who died at Watertowa. MaMachoMtta, ia 1686. la the 
abeeace ^ aach deiccadanta, other peiaoai are eligible 
to the icholanhipa. The vUl reqviret that thb aaaooae^ 
meat ahail be awde la every book added to the Library 
aader Its ptorlaloas. 



.W> • 


.■>./:,.''■/ VJ-- 
K E P O K T 



4)rctfintr« M totb limut af VoUuwnt *V Camiiuidi ut Snr ^xiistit. 



To Ijt iiurchasLiI, cither directly or through anj Bookseller, £ioni any o( llie following 

Agents, viz., 
Mcaar-:. Hassaud an.l Sos, 13, Gi-ent Queen Sti-eet, W.C., and ."12, Abiiigilon Stioet, 
I SIe_-^rs. Krnn nni) Sporxiswoout^ East Haiding Stvevt, Flaet Street, and 

I Sale Offico, Huu^^e of Lords ; 

SlesHra. Ada^h and CiiAnLES Black, of EiLinburgh ; 
^I<'^oi s, Alexamiki: Thou & Co., I.imitkd, or Messm. Hodges, Fiasis, A Co., vi' Uiil>lin. 

} 1S8'>. 

I [C— i576.-ii.] Price 2s. 



« k^bAlM^lM.4. 




^rtfmtrtt la ball) SaiXetf of Sulianunt bg Gnmmiuill ol fKr 0ln{cillji. 


To be purchased, either directly or thixmgh any Bookseller, from any of the following 

Agenta, viz^ 

Messrs. Hansard and Son, 13, Great Queen Street, W.C., and 32, Abingdon Street, 

Westminster ; 

Messrs. Etm and Sfottibwoodk, East Harding Street, Fleet Straet, and 

Salt] Office, Honse of Lords ; 

Messrs. Adau and Charles Black, of Edinburgh ; 

Messrs. Alexahdki Thom and Co., Limited, or Messrs. Hodoes, FlGOia, and Co., 

of Dublin. 

[C— 4576.-11.] Fncels. 

y HAHVABO COLL£ti£ uZikS-i 





' ^ .•— 

The MSS. noted in this Report are partly original docaments^ 
and partly copies as they have been entered from time to time in 
the official Begiaters^ the Liber Albas L and III., and the Liber 
Bnber II., and in later volumes. 

The great value of Lib. Alb. and Lib. Rub, has always been 
recognised, and they have provided information and whole docu- 
ments for the Anglia Sacra, Godwin de Proesulibus>, Le Neve's 
Fasti^ the Codex Diplomaticus, and other standard works, but no 
attempt has hitherto been made to give a complete calendar of 
their contents so that the stores of information buried in them 
and in the later volumes of which hardly any, if any, notice has 
ever been taken, might become available for general use. This 
want I have sought to supply by giving some note, longer or 
shorter, upon every entry in Lib. Alb. I. and Lib. Alb. III., and 
in Lib. Rub., except so far as the latter volume has been dealt 
with by Mr. H. E. Reynolds, in his book on Wells Cathedral. 

The titles Lib. Alb. L, Lib. Rub. II., Lib. Alb. III., are due to 
Dr. Archer, Archdeacon of WeUs, who died 1739, the friend and 
correspondent of T. Hearne. They seem somewhat awkward, but 
practically the numbers correspond with the nature of the con- 
tents. Lib. Alb. I. and Lib. Rub. II. ought to come together, 
and Lib. Alb. III. to stand by itself; and as it has been neces- 
sary very often to give references copied from the Archdeacon's 
marginal notes, I have followed his arrangement. Dr. Archer, as 
the margins of these volumes and several MS. books of notes in 
the Cathedral Library show, was a most diligent and accurate 
student of the archives of his cathedral ; his labours have lightened 
mine considerably. 

The original documents of this collection, upwards of a 1,000 
in number, have been brought to light and reduced to order 
within the last 15 years. For this it would seem that the His- 
torical MSS. Commission is, to some extent, responsible, under 
whose directions the late Mr. H. T. Riley visited Wells in 1870 
(see Report L). The interest then awakened led to a search 
among the cathedral archives, with the result described by 
Mr. Riley in Report III. and in its Appendix, p. .351. He ex-* 
amined, he tells ns, every one of these deeds, but after giving a 
description of 128 in the order in which they came to him, he 
changed his plan and chose out and dealt in the same manner 

^''^ n 80S41. Wt. 20sa6. a 2 


vidi only 64 more, leaving the rest without any notice. Within 
the hut three or four years the whole of these documents have 
been examined again, properly arranged, and catalogued, at the 
of the Ch^ter, and some of the earliest of them placed in 
cases in the library for public inspection. 
Mr. Riley has already given a very full account of the more 
bla of these deeds, I have not thought it necessary to 
we than give a short list of tliem all, copied for the moat 
Tom the new catalogue. 

lay be aliened to add here that a collection of deeds belong- 
» Bishop Bubwith's Almshouse in Wells, which is described 
shortly in Vol. VIII., Appendix, p. 638, of these Reports, has 
leen reduced to order and property catalogued since diattime. 
e other books examined for the purposes of this Report ore 
9 of Chapter Acts, Ledger and Indenture Books, and 
int Rolls, reaching to the end of the 17th century. The 
runs on unbroken from that date to the present time, but 
sy seem to contmn only matters of limited local interest I 
not given any notes upon them. 

fortunately the documents of a rooat interesting period, 
ought to be among the cathedral muniments, are missing, 
e Lib. Rub. ends with 1513, and it has always been supposed, 
. 18 so stated in several notes among the chapter books, that 
this date the records are lost until 1596. The interval of 
i is not now quite so long as that, for I have been fortunate 
h to find one misung volume of Chapter Acts, of the years 
-1599 (marked H., p. 241, of this Report). The waste of 
years too are partially supplied by extracts from the Ledger 
I D. and E., pp. 222 and 232, but very much has altogether 
)eared, at least for the present. 

Lib. Alb. I., pp. 1-130. 
ler Albus I. is a folio volume of 299 parchment leaves, bound 
rda covered with rough white vellum, with a table of oon- 
af 24 pages at the beginning, and another 12 p^es of paper 
be Dames of benefactors at the end, both added probably by 
!ealy at the beginning of the last century. The folios firom 
1 seems to have fonned part of a separate book, each entry 
rubricated heading, and an index at the beginning applies 
this part of the book. The book was probably once bound 
ck, and called the Liber Kiger, for there are among the 
ter Acts several references to such a volume, and a frag- 
,ry entry in a MS. copy of the King's Book for the western 


coanties (temp. H. VIII.) gives a reference to the Lib. Nig.« 
identical with the entry on that page in this Lib. Alb. 

The early part of this volume, Mr. Biley says, was written in the 
reign of C. I. or possibly E. U. The earliest entry is of the reign 
of Edward the Confessor^ the last belongs to the year 1393^ and 
here the book ends abruptly, some pages having been lost. 

In its first intention it seems to have been meant to be a 
cartulary. Amongst its charters are some of Edward^ Edith, 
Harold, and others of early date, as well as a curious letter &om 
TVHUam I. to William de Couroelle in Saxon, with a Latin trans- 
lation. But even in the early part, where charters prevail, other 
documents relating to the cathedral and its interests are inter- 
mii}gled, and these increase more and more until the book becomes 
a register of chapter business of all kinds rather than a cartulary. 

It is evident also that there has been a general intention to keep 
the entries in chronological order, but this, always imperfect, has 
been much broken in upon by the practice of making entries at a 
later date upon pages or parts of pages previously left blank. 

The information scattered throughout its upwards of 1,200 
documents, as also in the early Computus rolls to be noticed 
presently, by direct statement and incidental allusions, is of the 
most varied character, touching upon civil and ecclesiastical 
history, ritual, architecture, manners and customs in general, as 
well as upon the history of Wells itself. 

There are also in this volume copies of the Great Charter, the 
Charter of the Forests, the Statutes of Merton, Windsor, £enil- 
worth, Marlborough, and Westminster, and of the guarantee given 
by Edward, son of Henry III», to Humphrey de Bohun and his 

Lib. Rub. IL, pp. 130-15a 

Liber Ruber II. is a smaller volume, partly vellum, partly paper, 
bound in boards and red leather. This, says Mr. Riley speaking 
of the first 77 folios which alone are vellum, is probably older 
than Lib. Alb. I. Its contents are of much the same nature, and 
the same general description will apply to it 

In bothjthere are some good examples of early calligraphy. 

At both the beginning and end there are ei^t pages of an old 
Service Book with coloured capital letters ; and there is also a 
table of contents made by Dr. Healy. 

At the end of the 77 vellum folios, however, the nature of the 
book is altogether changed, as though two difi^nt documents had 
been included in one binding. There is an interval of 138 yearSj 



parchment gives way to paper, and the rest of the volume, 300 
folios, is simply a Book of Chapter Acts extending in unbroken 
order from 1487 to 1513. 

Lib. AlK IIL, pp. 151-222. 

The Liber Albus, IIT. is probably the real Lib. Alb. described 
upon pp. 246-247 of this report as " The White Book," and the 
" Album Registrum.** 

It is a fine large volume, bound in white, written in the first 
part of the 15th centur}'. It contains 456 folios and about 900 
documents, and Dr. Healy has added to this volume also a table 
of contents. 

The contents of this, as of the other two books, are very varied. 
Papal bulls, Saxon and later charters, ordinary business transac- 
tions, establishment of chantries and vicarages, the regulation of 
services, perambulations of the forests of Somerset, early custu- 
mals of some of the chapter manors^ choice of representatives for 
Parliament and Convocation, manumissions, &c. are all mixed up 
together, with, here and there, examples of the use made by the 
chapter of the power of excommunication which had been granted 
to it by Bp. Savaric as a measure of police in its own pro* 
perties. Some of these are very curious, as when in Lib. Alb. I., 
fol. 277 in dors, certain unknown poachers of North Cory are 
denounced in all the churches round with bell, book, and ctmdie ; 
or as in this volume (fol. 213), some 40 years earlier, one 
R. Gyan, also of North Cory, has to submit to 18 processional 
whippings on six several Sundays in the cathedral, and to a similar 
course of discipline on other six Sundays in his own parish church. 

Of the Saxon Charters I have copied out several in full because 
they are somewhat different here from the copies in the Codex 
Diplomaticus, and one because I believe that it has never yet been 
printed at all. 

A will made by Hugh Bishop of Lincoln in the time of his exile, 
in A.D. 1212, is also given at full length, because the only printed 
copy which I have met with, that in Collinson's History of 
Somerset, is very imperfect. 

Indenture Books D., E., pp. 222-241. 

In these two volumes I have passed by the greater part of the 
documents which are merely copies of leases, &c., only giving 
the names of the manors to which they belong, and have made 
notes of those only which touch upon matters oE more general 


These volumes introduce us for the first time to instances of 
the alienation of church offices, presentations, and property, of 
which the most prominent examples are found in the appointment 
of Thomas Cromwell as Dean, under pressure from the King (a 
copy of whose letter is given here), and in the dealings of the 
Duke of Somerset with the Bishopric. 

Chapter Act Book H., pp. 241-248. 

This is the missing volume. It supplies the gap between 
1571-1599, and from this date the books of Chapter Acts, 
allowing for the necessary interruption of the Commonwealth 
period, run on in unbroken succession to the present time. My 
notes upon them, as has been explained already, end with A.D. 

Ledger G., pp. 267, 259. 

The only documents taken out of this volume, which is one of 
the same series as D. and E., are some letters of Charles I. and 
Archbishop Laud. 

Bishop Godwin's Register, pp. 265-270. 

This volume is another discovery. It supplies the Register for 
four of the six years of Bishop Godwin's episcopate. The Registry 
until now had had only that of the other two years. 

Pp. 271, 272 give the contents of a few loose papers, one of 
them the surrender of the Deanery in AD. 1547. Others show 
the value put upon the Chapter House and Deanery by the 
governing powers in Somerset in A.D. 1649, and how nearly they 
were lost to us. 

The Communar's Accounts, pp. 272-280. 
The Eschaetor's Accounts, pp. 280-285. 
The Fabrick Master's Accounts, pp. 285-292. 

These three officers, the agent of the Chapter, of the Vicars of 
the Cathedral, and of the Fabric fund, cover with their several 
accoimts all the sources of revenue and items of expenditure of a 
great cathedral body. It was not within the scope of such a 
report as this to give them all at full length, or even all those 
items in the accounts which would be of interest. I have there- 
fore only given one roll of each series almost in full as a specimen, 
and a few extracts frc^ others where any entry seemed of an 
unusual character. 

Original Charters, pp. 292-312. 
eae have been described already in tbia Preface. 
312. — Tbe caatoms of North Curry Feast have been taken 
a copy made within the last 50 years, and they are given 
lot only because they are curious in themselves, but because 
seem to preserve something of a personal reminiscence of 
John. The Charters show his eonDexion with the manor ; 
^nerary shows that he was at Curry or in the neighbourhood 
or four times ; there seems also to be a possible connexion 
en tliese summer visits and tbe curious custom of the manor 
il), which directs one of the tenants to superintend the hay- 
ig in (he King's mead alone in white gloves and with a white 
L his hand. 

the above-mentioned documents and books, as well as a 
ity of Manor Rolls which are not noticed here, axe in good 

and nre now arranged in boxes in the Cathedral Library. 
s hardly necessary to add that a Dean and Chapter who have 
y done so much for the proper arrangement and eare of their 
oents have given me every assistance in the work of drawing 
3 account of them, 

ave also to thank Mr. Harris, the Chapter Clerk, in whose 
ly many of theiu have been, for bis kind aid in searching out 
laking use of many of the Books and Account Kolls. 






LIBER ALBUS I. Catbtobai 

Missing. fol. i. 

Imperfect. The margin of the lower half of the page torn off. Ahout fol. 2. 
the obit of H. Tessun^ as in III., fol. 180. 

Petition of thk D. & C. of Wells to thk Pope. 

Significant aauctitati vestre decanus et capitulam Wellen quod cam 
ipsi una cam Priore et conventu Bathon debeant sibi episcopam 
eligere, nee sit certas locus determinatas ad dictam electioaem faci- 
endam, petunt quod de certo loco quo ad hoc auctoritate vestra pro- 
videatur, et petunt judices non obstante constitutiose de duabus dietis. 
Significant s.v. ilecanus et capiti™ Wellensis ecclesise, Bathon diocesis, 
quod cum plures habeant prebendas et possessiones ab ecclesia sua 
rcmotas, et frequenter a monachid, clericis, laicis, gravibus siut dampnis 
et injuriis lacessiti, et pro singulis querelis apostolicam sedem adire 
sit eis valde tediosum, supplicant quatinus paterna sollicitudine eisdem 
providere volentes detis in mandatis jndicibus quatinus cum ab uni-' 
versitate ipsa vel singulis fuerint requisiti nialefactores eoruro in pro- 
yincia Cautuarie constitatos at eis ablata restituant, et de dampnis 
et injuriis irrogatis eisdem necnon irrogandis in futuro satisfaciant 
competentev monitione premissa per oensuram ecclesiasticam sub appel- 
lationis obstaculo compellant non obstante constitutione de duabus 
dietis edita in coucilio generali. Petunt judices Episcopum decanum 
et preceniarem Sarum {cancellar in fol. 5^% 

Significant s.v. Dec. et Cap. Well, quod Abbas et Convent. Glaston, 
et quidam alii Bathon, Sar, et T^'xon. dice, super decimis possession i- 
bus et rebus aliis injuriantur eisdem. Petunt judices Ep™, Dec™, et 
Archidiac^ Lincoln, non obstante &c. ut supra. 

Signify . . . quod Abbas et Convent de Alegnyo et quidam alii 
Bathon, Sar, et Wjgorn super decimis &c. ut supra. Petunt judices 
Dec™, Cancellar :, et Thesaur : Sar :, non hQ. &c. 

Signif*** s.v. Dec : et Cap : Well : quod cum cousueverint 
due prepositure in eccl : sua Wellen : una de Wihesham et altera do 
Cumba^ de quibus preposituris cum pertinentiis prepositi earundem 
reddere consueverunt quindecirn prel>endas annuas quamlibet de decem 
marcis quindecirn canonicis in eccl : Wellen : quibus Ep^ suus easdem 
prebepdas, duxit conferendas, et nicholominus triginta marcas annuas 
ad plenarium servitium Beate Yirginis, et similiter ad plenarium ser- 
vitium defunctorum, singulis diebus in perpetuum in dicta eccl. sua 
Wellen : sollempniter faciendum, bone memorie venerab : pater Ep' 
eorum Jocelinus nuper Bathon Ep<> de consensu suo et Capitulo 
Bathon propter tennitaiem et in.sufiicientiam prepositure de Wjnesham 

U 20541. A 

t V, f TJ"^ 



Wbliib ad onera sibi imposita sustinenda ipsam prepodture de CHmba duxit 
^^ MsS*^ uniendam. Ita quod sit una prepositura et unus prepositus utriaaque 
— sic unite in perpetuum, viz. prepositus de Cumba, et sustineat in p^- 

petuum onera quae utrique prepositure prius solebant incumbere. -c-t 
quia dicta unio, et ordinatio dicti Ep» sui super dicta unione liftcta 
eccl : sue Wellen : per quam necessaria ezistit et utilis, petunt wbi earn . 
et eccl* sue Wellen per vos auctoritate sedis apostolice confirmari secun- 
dum tenorem ipsius ordinationis, in pupplicis instrumentis ipsius Ep 
et Capituli Bathon et suo que vobis si placet iuspicienda transmit- 
tuntur, supplicantes ut tenor ipsius ordinationis littere vestre confirma- 
tionis pienius inseratur. 

Walter de Andely, miles, grants to the Bishop of Bath and ^^^ 
four acres of land in Stokgummer together with the Advowson of the 
Church .of the said manor. 

Witnesses, W"* de Fortibus ; Nich : Poinz ; Phil : de Columbar . . . 
Henr : Luvel ; John de Aure ; W™ Everard ; W™ Marmiun . . • 

Final concord made 40«» H. IH., before , . . Turkeby ; Gilbert 
de Preston ; John de Wyvill; justiciaries; between W"* Bp. of B. and 
Walter de Andelj concerning the above grant. 

The Bishop to pay 40 marcs. 

fol. 3 in dors. Grant of the above by the Bishop to the Dean and Chapter. 

Witnesses, Henr: de Erlegh; John de . . . W"» Everard; 
Symon de Grindham. 

Edward the Dean, and the Chapter, patrons of the church of Stogumber, 
and Thomas Mackerel, rector, submit a question which has arisen about 
the said church, to Bishop William in conjunction with Robert Abbot 
of Glaston : the Dean, and Thomas the Archd" of Wells. 

In crastino S** Jeronimi A.D. 1270. 

fol. 4. Permission by the Bishop to the D. & C. to appropriate the 

Church of Stogumber, upon the departure of the present rector Thomaa 
Mackerel, they paying annually clericis de choro, and to the poor on 
behalf of the soul of Bishop William, who gave the patronage of the 
Church, 100 solidi of it& revenues, to be distributed by the communarius 
as follows : 

To a chaplain appointed by the Bishop, to celebrate daily masses with 
a full service for the dead, at the altar of the Blessed Virgin, where the 
said Bishop W°^ lies, 50 solidi a year in 4 quarterly payments ; and on 
the anniversary of his burial 50 solidi to be divided in equal portions 
between the clerks who are present at his obit, and the mendicant poor 
in bread. The BiEdiop to have power to enforce this by sequestration, 
or ecclesiastical censure. 

Given at Woky vi. Non. Oct. A.D. 1 27 1. 

Final concord. Made at Westminster before Thomas de Weylond, 
and John de Lovetoe, and W"^ de Brompton and Bog. de Leycestre, 
Justiciaries ; between Bob^ Andelay, on the one part, and Magister Th" 
de Button, the Dean, and the Chapter of Wells, on the other (Hugo 
de la Hele being their representative) concerning the above land at 
Stogumber and the Advowson of the Church. The D. & C. are to hold 
ibem on payment of 100 solidi to Robert. 13 E. I. 

Final concord. Made at Wilton, 33 H. III., before Hen* de Bathon, 
Alan de Waland, W"* de Wilton, Reginald de Cobham, and W™ le 
Breton, Justiciaries, between Thomas, parson of the church of Stogmnber, 
and Henry, the prior of Goldclive, concerning certain pastures, &c 



Mem. A.D. 1287 on the vigil of the Assamption, ad yesperas, a Wblls 
solemn procession was made to the altar in the Blessed Virgin's ^^'mss.*^^ 
Chapel, on the petition of Hagh Bnfus of Djchesgate, who had given — 

to the D. &C., forthe hononr of the glorious Virgin, half a mark of fol. 4 in don^ 
annual revenue, charged upon his dwelling house, to he distributed 
among those who are present at the procession. 

Missing. fol* 5. 

Tahle of contents of folios 8-61. ^ol- 6, 7. 

From this foL the material is parchment. 

The entries on this fol. are in a different hand, and later than the fol. 8. 
rest in this part of the hook, and all difficult to read. 

A. — ^Partially torn. 

B. — Mandate of King H. to the ballivus of Northcory to call upon 
Kobert de Columbariis to answer for the dues upon two carucates of land 
in Hach. 

C. — ^A short and difficult entry. 

Mem. that Thomas the Prior of Bath and John • • • • brought 
a letter about the agreement made between the two churches of Bath and 
Wells. A.D. 1243. 

D. — ^Mem. that Gilbert de Dunstorre brought several paria litteraram, 
upon the same subject. The entry difficult. 

E. — Other letters received about a visitation which is to be held, and 
the confirmation of an arrangement about South Stoke. 

F. — Other letters upon the same subject of South Stoke, and about 
Cumbe, brought by the Sacristan of Bath. 

G. — <)lher letters received from Bath on the same subject. 

H. — An illigible entry. 

J. — A short entry, partly torn off. An order to the ballivus of North fol. 8 in don, 
Cory. An inquisition is to be held by order of the king. 

K. — The D. & C. to the Archd" of Saruni. Inasmuch as the care of 
collecting the monies payable to the Pope devolves upon them sede 
vacante, they have appointed proctors to receive the dues from the Abbey 
of Glastonbury, &c. A.D. 1247. 

L. — ^Mem. that the fruits of vacant benefices belong to the D. & C. 

M. — ^Allotment of a canon's house. A.D. 1251. 

N. — A similar entrv of the same date. 

O. — Rights which the Vicar of Pilton has within and without the 
Park of Pilton cum bobus domini, viz., 8 oxen, 5 cows, 1 bull, 1 horse ; 
and 30 pigs cum porcis domini free of pannage. Outside the park one 
onus dally de Morboscis; unum stipem contra Natale Domini, and 
corredies for 8 men, half a measure of oats for his horse, nnum dena- 
riiim cum alba virga ad capistrum emendum, et closturam ad cartillagium, 
et ad prata sua. 10 hens for Chirset on S. Matin's Day, and at the 
Feast of the Ascension, that is, ad processnm nostrum, a cheese, and a 
bushel of wheat at Easter. 

P. — Two vicars ask for leave of absence. It is refused. Part of this 
entry torn off. 

Charter of King Richard granting North Curi manor to Bp. Reginald, fol. 9. 
At Canterbury, Nov. 27**^ A.D. 1189. 

Test : Hugh Bp. of Durham ; Godef. Bp. of Winton ; Hugh Bp. of 
Chester ; Hubert Bp. of Sarum ; Earl Hamelin de Warrene ; Earl 
Rob* de Leicr* ; Earl Ric. de Clare ; William Mariscall ; John his brother ; 
Will, de ffors (?) : Henr. de Longo Campo ; Rog de Pratello ; John his 
brother ; Will, de S*. John ; Gaufr. fil : Peter ; Rad. fil : Godefr, 

A 2 


tunerarinB ; Hngti Bsrd ; Rab. de W^tefeld. Per nwniiB ElienMa Elecli, 
'aocellar. Anno r^ni 1". 

The king to tbe men of North Curi annonncing the abore grsnt. At 
'anterbnrj, Dec 4. 

Confirmation of the abore by ffing John, cnm term de Hktcbe et de 
^rentis, Sept. 30, A.D. 1 199. Giren at Caen. Test : Ganfr : Archbp : 
E Yorlt ; R(^er, Bp. of S'. Andrewe ; Earl David ; Will. Earl of 
L.rnndell : Will, de Hnraet, CooBt : Norm : ; Hugh dr Gornaro ; per 
laniia Simonis Archid : Wellen : and John de Grei. 

King Richard to the Sheriff of Somereet, on the above. 

Coofirmation of tbe above bj King John, with grant of a market on 
rery Wednesday. 

Test: J. Archbishc^i of Dublin ; ^Till. Mareacall, Earl of Pembroke; 
[enry Earl of Hereford ; Esrl David ; Albcric de Veer, Earl of 
ixon ; Savher de Quencj- ; Peter de Stok. Per manas Hug : de Well : 
fchid : Wellen : At Bristol Sept. 1(P>, A.D. 1206. 

Charter offing John, de qnietatione tbdonei, to S*. Andrew's Wells, 
tbe Dean & Canons thereof ; to 8'. Peter of Bath & the Prior and 

fonki* thereof ; and to Bishop JocdUne ; and their snccessors. 
Test : B. Earl of Chester : De Qoency, Earl of Winton ; W". Bri- 

ere : Walter de Lascy ; W» de Braosa ; W* de Cantilnpe ; Bad : 

ernai : Thomas de Erdington. Dat : per manus Walt : de Gray, chan- 

'XloT, at Marlborough ; Nov. 26^, A.D. 1208. 

Ratification by John, Count of Mortaigne, of King Richard's Charter 
' North Cnri. 

Test ; Hugh, Bp. Covent^ ; Stephen Bidel, Chancellor ; Rob*, de 
rebnl t Ham : de Valum ; Hngo de Mal^oi ; T'heob^d son of Walter ; 
'" de Buchet ; Magister Peter de littel. 

Confirmation by John, Count of Mortaigne, of a grant by King Henry 
[. (^ North Curi & Hatch to Bishop Reginald and the Canons of WeUs. 

Test : Rob'. Earl Mellent ; W» Earl of Samm ; Stephen lUdel, &o. 
t Marlborough. 

ConRnnation and ratification by John, Count of Mortaigne, of King 
ichard'a grant of Hatch. 

Test : Stephen Ridel, Chancellor ; R<^r de Novo Bai^^ Ac. At S<. 

Letter of John, Count of Mortaigne to the Sheriff, &c. de saysina 
ctenda Re^naldo Kp°. of North Curi. 

Test : W" de Wendevall. At Marlborough. 

John, draninus Anglln, to the men of North Curi, to the same 
feet. King Richard ia now bone memorie. 

Teste me ipso, at Beandeford, April 17**. 

Ganfrid, fil. Petri : Justiciary, to the men of North Cnri, stating the 
'ant of John, Ac. 

At Westminster, April ^P"", per breve d"' Job', d" Aaglitp de Ultra 

Inspcximus and coolirmation of the above grants by Henry III. 

Test : Eustace, Bp. of Loudon ; Richard, Bp. Saram ; Hubert de 
org, Justiciary ; per manus Rad. CicesfEp', Cancel); at Westminster, 
sb. 12*fc. IIH. m. 


Charter of Henrj, de deafiForesUtione of North Curi Manor, to Joce- Wbll* 

line the Bishop, and Peter the Dean, & to the Chapter. ^^^iSff"^ 

Test : Ric:, Bp. of Durham ; Walter, Bishop of Karleon, Treasurer ; — * 
Hubert de Bur^, Justiciary &c. ; per manus Rad: Cicest': £p^. At Fule- 
ham. May 15" anno regni 13°. 

Charter of Bang Stephen. Grant of the Churches of North Curi and ^^1. U. 
Perreton to establish prebends. 

Test : H. Bp. of Winton ; Ric. de Luci ; & W"' Mai-t At London. 

Confirmation of the above by Theolialdy Archbp. of Canterbury and 

Letter of Reginald, Bp. of Bath, concerning the above grants. 
Test : Alex, Dean of Wells ; Thomas of Wells &c. 

Confirmation by Savaric, Bp. of Bath & Glaston: of the above grants, 
with freedom from all archidiaconal payments &c. 

Test : William, Abbot of Betenesden ; Gilbert son of Will» Ac. 

Charter of Radulf son of Bernard. fol- H ™ ^o"- 

Has received from Bp. Reinand and the Cliurch of Wells, Haoche, a 

member of North Curri Manor, to hold for life, on payment of duos 

cereos iiii<* librarum on S^ Andrew's day. 

Test. Alex., Dean of Wells ; Rob^ de Geldef ord, Archd» of Bath Ac 

Sworn to in the Chapter. 

Charter of the above R. granting to Baldwin Cocus, his servant, for 
his service, a half virgate of land in Hatch, in fee and hereditary right 
on payment of one pound of cummin. . 

Test. Stephen Flandrensis. j 

Grant by the above R. to Eadmund, his huntsman, of a ferling of 
land in Hacche, wliich Ric. de Serrees formerly held, as reward for his 
services, on payment of one pound of cummin yearly on S^MichaePs day. 

Test. Stephen Flandrensis. 

Agreement between the D. & C. and Richard the son of Bernard ; the 
Said Richard is bound to satisfy his brother William in the matter of 15 
marcs silver paid by the D. A; C. as part of 30 marcs agreed upon before 
the Justiciaries, to bo paid to him for his claim upon Hacche. He gives 
his revenues from Liminton as a pledge, the D. & C. to return the deed 
when payment has been made. 

Executed in full Chapter. 

Hugh de Gundevill restores to the Church of Cun all the lands called 
hunilimdes which he had vrrongfully taken in the Manor of Curi. 
Test. John de Bathon ; Rob^ de Gundeville &c. 

Richard son of Radulf son of Bemaid warrants to the D. & C. the 
Manor of Hacche against his brother William or any one who may 
make a claim through his father or mother. If he fails in this he will 
give to the D. A C. in exchange all his lands in Limlngton. 

Test. Hugh of Wells, Archd" of Wells ; Joceline his brother ; Sy- 
mon de Pateshyll ; Eustace de Facunberg ; James de Poterne ; E^ de 
Mulcegros, Justiciaries, &c. 

Final concord made in the king's court at Forecaster A.D. 1206, fol. 12. 
before the king himself, and the above named four justiciaries, 
between Kicbard son of Bernard, and Alex., Dean of WelLs & the 



Wells Chapter. The said Richard gives ap all claim to the Manor of Hacche, 
^^Mss"^ and will warrant the D. & C. against his brother William and all of his 
— .' race, on payment of 30 marcs, silver. 

Gilbert Gule and Christina his wife, the daughter of Thomas de 
Bolonia, grant all the land which Thomas de B., and thej after him, 
held in North Curi to S* Andrew and the Church of Wells, and swear 
to give them assistance whenever it maj be needed in defending their 
right to the said land. 

Sealed in the Chapter at Wells in die octavarum apostolorum Pet. et 
Pauli, anno a translatione beati Thome Martyris iii^. 

Test. Walter, Capellanus North Curi ; Godefrid de Wedmore, Ssc. 

Controversy between Peter the Dean & the C. of Wells, and John de 
Aire, & Agneta his wife. 

The D. & C. complain that the said John has wrongfully erected a 
fence [fossatum] in Salt*Moi'e ; impounded the animals of the D. & C, 
&c, where they claim a right of fishery ; has wrongfully fenced in his 
wood of Stathe, and occupied some land near the chapel of S^ James, 
and obstructed a right of way at Stathemore between the said chapel 
and the said wood. The said John and Agneta complain that the 
D. & C. have wrongfully destroyed the s*^ fence, and stopped the right 
of way for animals through Stathmore to Saltmore ; have wrongfully 
made certain lands into meadow land where the said J. & A. used to 
have a right of pasture.. 

f . Agreement ; In order that the D. & C. may more readily fence 

in ore. .^ their wood Stockwode and a part of Pinkeham, the said J. & A« 
grant to them 15| acres, i.e.: 2^ and | between Stockwode to the 
east and north. In Bradelega 12^ acres within Stockwode. They 
grant also a right of pasturing 4 score animals in Saltmore, and 
diat the D. & C. may take to themselves 60 acres in Stathemore which 
belong to the D. & C« but where J. & A. had pasture rights, begin- 
ning at Childesniorweye & imparking westward ; saving [however that 
there is to be no imparkatio against the animals belonging to J. and his 
men, but that after the hay is carried, they may freely pasture there. 
The said J. & A. also withdraw all rights which they may have as 
regards fences, &c., the D. & C. granting in i^tum a right of way 
into Sedgmore. In return the D. & C. give to J. & A. in exchange 
15^ acres, i.e., 3 J acres in Mei-stowe, and 5^ acres near Rodweye, 
and 3^ and ^ acres in Esterclive ; and in the mearlow near the wood 
of Stathe 2^ acres and ^ of an acre. Also 1^ acres in the same 
meadow exchange for I acre of meadow in HuUemede, and ^ an acre 
in the croft of Wodebreche. The said J. & A. may also enclose 
their wood of Stathe, and also a part of Saltmore, and bring it 
into meadow and fence it, saving to the D. & C. the right of pasturing 
80 animals as above. J. & A. also to have a right of way for their 
animals going to Saltmore by the way from Stathe by the bank of the 
Peret as far as Saltmore, and by the Curilade way to th fi4 Saltmore. 
The above agi'eement to be enrolled in the king's court. Walter 
CamerariiiS makes affidavit for the D. & C. and J. & A. in person. Two 
deeds are prepared and sealed. Any question which may arise is to be 
settled by the arbitration of some good man. A.D. 1233, on S^ Mark's 
day, in the Chapel of S* Gregory of Stoke at North Curi, in the pre- 
sence of Peter the Dean of Wells ; W. the Subdean ; Magister BL de 
Berkelay ; John Kannel ; dn" John de Reyni ; Gilbeil dacus ; Will 
Malet ; Thomas de Regnys. 



Final Concord between Peter the Dean and the Chapter of Wells, Wills 
represented by John de Templo, and John de Alra and Agneta ^^"mm*^ 
his wife, made at Westminster in Hilarj term, before Will : de Kalegh ; — 

Thorn, de Muleton ; Rob. de Lexinton; Will, de Ebor; Rad. de^^^'^^' 
Horwic ; Will, de Insola ; Adam son of William ; Will, de St. Edmunds ; 
Justiciaries, 18 H. III. 

Details as in the above agreement. 

Final Concord, made at the same time and place, between Rob^ son of fol> 13 in don. 
Will. Odde, and' the D. k C. The said Rob* gives to the D. C. aU his 
rights in 30 acres of land in Hunteham for 100 sol. sterling. 

Charter of Nicholas, clericus, son of Will, of Elmeham. Grants all 
his land in Lamlegh in the Manor of North Cnri, and 1 acre of meadow 
on the West side of Wrontiches ford, Ijing next to the land of Ric. 
Herebert, to the D. & C. on their paying 12^ a year to Henry the 
Hundredsman for all dues, and 5 marcs silver to himself. Test. 
Walter, Camerarius ; Philip de Wylee, &c. 

Inspeximus and confirmation of the above by William the father of 

'^ Hec iiii^ carte in Anglico infra sunt translate." fol. H. 

Charter of King Edward in Saxon. Printed in Cod. Dip. IV. N^ 838. 
Charter of King Edward in Saxon. Printed Cod. Dip. N"* 839. 
Charter of Eing Edward in Saxon. Printed Cod. Dip. N^ 835. 
Charter of King Harold in Saxon. . Printed in Cod Dip. IV. JJ«» 976. 
The above Charters are also given in Latin. 

Charter of William II. about the Abbey of Bath. Printed in the Mon. 
Angl. and in Adam de Domerham, Vol. 1. p. 278. 

Grant by King Stephen of the bishopric to Robert, '^ Canonica foi. 15. 
'^ prius electione precedente et communi noetro consilio voto et favore 
•* prosequente, &c " 

Audientibus et collaudantibus omnibus fidelibus meis hie snb- 
scriptis apud Westmonasterium in generalis consilii oelebratione et 
Paschalis festi solemnitate hoc actum est. 

Test. Witt. Archiep<> Cantuar : ; Thurstan, Archiepo. Ebor: ; Hugon, 
Arch' Roch,' &c. 

On the margin 1136. 

Confirmatipn by R. duke of Norm^dy of the grant made by his 
brothers, King WiUiam and Kmg Henry, to S^ Peter, and to Bishop John, 
of the city of Bath. 

Printed in Adam de Domerham, Vol. I. p. 286. 

Grant by King Henry to Bishop Robert of permission claudere omnes 
parcos suoB per totam terram suam, sicut fnerint clausi tempore 
Henrici regis avi nostri. 

Test. Ricard. Pictavie, Archid : Given at Gloucester. 

Confirmation by Heniy H. of the grants made by H. I. 
Test. Hcnr. Baioc : ; P'roger : , Stolen. Ep», &c. 

Letter of King Henry to the sh^riff^ &c. 



Wblls Permission has been given to Bishop Reginald ut habeat canes suos 

Oa.thrt)»al 2Ld fugandum, sicut predecessoras melius habnerint per totam Sumerset. 
— * Test Rob* fil Bernardi. Given at Clarendon. 

Charter of King Richai'd granting to Reginald, Bishop of Bath, and 
his successors, leAV(5 to have lead mines wherever they can find them on 
their lands in Somerset. 

Also thftt they may create a borough in terra sua de Badoclive, with 
a market. Any interference with the above is to be liable to a penalty 
of £10. 

Test. Wall. Archiep^ Rothom; Hug. Dunelm, & Hug. Coventr. Ep", 

fol. 15 in dors. Charter of King Richard concerning the Bishop's dogs. Similar to 

the charter above. 

Test. Hug. Dunelm : Hug. Cestr. Ep*. &c. 

Per man us WilU. Elyensis Electi, Cancellurii nostri. 

Apud Cant : 26 Nov. anno regni nostri primo. 

Anotlier charter similar to the last, but in fuller terms. The Bishop 
to hove the right ** ad capiendum omnes be^tias preter cerA''um et cervam, 
et damum et damam .... per totam Sumerset.'* And also, ^*de 
omnibus be^tiis in parcis suis fugatis si exierlnt. - . . libere suiim 
habeat percessum," &c. 

Test: Bald: Cant: Archiep<>; Dunelm, Ep, <&c. 

On the margin, A.D. 1 189. 

fol. 15 in dors. Contirmation by King Richaid of grants made to the Bishops and to 

the churches of Bath an<l Wells by his predecessors, King William, and 
his brother Henry, and by King Henry II., of the City of Bath, and 
the manor of Dogmersfield. 

I^. Recites first the charter of William II., addressed to. O. Bishop of 
Sarum, and T., Abbot of Glaston. Printed in Adam de Domerham, 
Vol. I., p. 283. 
fol. 16. 20. Confirmation of the said grant by H. I., A.D. 1101, in the 

presence of the Queen; A. Archiep : Cantuar:; T. Archiep: Ebor : ; 
M. Ep : London. 

Given at Wimlelsora in die ordin S. Gregor. iii. Non. Sept'. Printed 
in Adam de Domerham, Vol. I. p. 284. 

3**. Charter of H. L, addressed to A. Archiep Cantuar: ; G. Archiep 
Ebor : &c., <&c. 

At Tedinton in die Apost. Pet. et Pauli. Printed in Adam de 
Domerham, Vol. T. p. 285. 

4^. Another charter of H. I. speaks of *^ Sedem Episcopatus que olim 
'* erat apud villam que dicitus WellV granting the city of Bath as 
above, and 20 hides belonging to it. Test. R. Sarum : W. Exon : W. 
Win ton : H. London: R. Lincoln, Ep", <&c. 

5°. Charter of H. I. confirmed at Waltluun by the king and queen, 
A.D. 1181, vi^ Id. August!. In transitu regis Normanniam anno 
xii^ regni sui. Signed by the king and queen : G. de Aquila ; R. 
Sarum, Ep, &c. 

a^. Charter of H. II. Confirmation of previous grants. At Argen- 
tiim. Test. H. Brioc; F. Sag. Ep» ; W. de Hum, Const®, Ac. 
fol. 16 in dors. ^**' Charter of H. I., granting Dogsmerfield to Bishop Godfry, sicut 

R. Ep* Dunelm et ego per eum melius et plenius habuerimus. At 
Winton. Test. G. Cancellar, &c. 

8^ H. II. Agi*eement between Reginald, Bp. of Bath, and Henr. de 
Tilli, concerning the manor of Dogmersfield, which the bishop claimed 


to be in dominio suo et de feodo de Dinre, quod sicut dicebat £p* Wxlls 
Godefridus de Dinre de eo debebat ^nere in capite, et quod Hen'. ^^^iSS^ 
damabat tenere de Epo. H. resigns the manor of D. into the king^s — * 

hands, the king gives it to the bishop Reginald. The same is done with 
Dinre, and the Bishop pays to Henry 100 marcs, and the said H. de 
Tiili is to hold Dinre of the Bishop per serntium unius militis. 

Test. B. Archiep. Ebor : G. Ep. Elyen ; J. Ep. Norwic ; at Gadinton, 
per mannm Const : Arch : Oxenes tunc sigillar :. 

9^. H. II. grants to Bp. Reginald leave to make a park at Dogmers- 

Test. R. fil : Steph : Gamer : T. fil : Bernardi, &c., at Win ton. 

All the above confirmed anno regni uostri prime. Test. Baldewin, 
Archiep Cant : ; Walt, Rotsmag, Archiep^ per mannm Will>. Elyens : 
electi, Cancellar, Nov. 26, at CaDterburj. 

Letters patent of £jng Henry. The prelates of the province of foi. 17. 
Canterbury have made an ofier of half a marc upon every carucate of 
domain land ; and of 2 solidi upon every carucate held by their military 
tenants, and free tenants and rustics ; and similarly upon those held by 
the sub-tenants of these, towards the king's service when he was 
besieging Falk de Breaute in the castle of Bideford. The same levy 
has been made upon the lands of abbots, priors, and other prelates, who 
do not hold portions separate from their houses [separatas portiones a 
conventibas snis] and upon the lands of their tenants. They have 
also freely granted the services of the men upon their domains ad 
trahenda iDgenia^ and for other labour in the siege. All the aforesaid 
aid was offered freely and only of their liberality, and it is not to be con- 
sidered a precedent. 

Teste me ipso at Bideford, Aug. 10, anno regni viii^., in the 
presence of H. de Burgo, Justiciary ; W. comes Sarum ; W. comes 
Warrena; G. comes Glovecestr & Hereford, &c. 

Grant by Reginald of Cornhill son of Reginald of Cornhiil to fol. 17 in dore. 
Bishop Jooelin of all the land and messuage which belonged to his 
father, lying opposite the Church of St. Helena in London, and 
between the land which belonged to Hen' de S^ Helena, and Hugh de 
Sibeton on the south, and the land which belonged to Roger Horloc and 
Jocey speciarius, and Master Gregory on the North ; which land with 
the garden extends a vico eastward towards Bisope^gate as far as the 
vicum de Bradestrate, and to the land of Master Gregory, and the 
land of Jocey juvenis towards the west ; upon payment of one pound of 
wax yearly, or 4d, infra quindenam Natalis D°^. For this the Bishop has 
paid 200 Marcs sterling '' in gersumam *\ 

Test : P. Winton, Ep° ; Comite W. Marescall, rectore d"> regis et regni 
Hebert de Burgo, Justiciary &c. 

Charter of King Edward in Saxon. Printed Cod. Dip. IV. No. 837. 

The same in Latin. 

Charter of Eadgyth. Printed in Cod. Dip. 

The same in Latin. 

Charter of King Edward, in Saxon. Printed Cod. Dip. IV. No. 

The same in Latin. 

Charter of Eadgyth printed in Cod. Dip. 

The same in Latin. 


Ws£L9 Charter of William. WiUelm kVng Willelme de Curcello gret frend- 

^* MB8*^ liche. And ic bidde ye f pj do f }>is Rom feoh fortS cmne of minam 
— ' mann, & sjtStSan SBlchen ]>egene and hire manntt Bdt J^isse Michselis massen 
bifnllan jite, & ton eyiSe ^19 to munt acuht and to bristoje* 1»at 
mann )>e hit midon habben f hit don. & yser hit forS ne cumetS 
sethe se bp and ]>u ))ar after, & sec ic beode ]>at namman ne sj 
syo feari f nyme senige name in Gjse Bp lande ser hyt to foran 
h;^ Bjfe cume, ne fu ne nan ]7inne manna Grod pe geheidde. 

Will" rex Will^' de Curcell salt. Mando te quatenus intromittas ut 
denarii Bom solvantur ad instans festum S^ Michael de hominibns 
meis et preterea de Uberis et servis. Et hoc notum facias aput montem 
acntum et BristoU ; ut qui nondum solvernnt solvant. Et de hiis 
qui non solverunt fiat inquisitio per dcm epm et preterea per te. 
Prohibeo et ut nuUus sit ita temerarius quod capiat mannum super 
terram 6. Epi antequam venlat coram eo, nee tu nee aliquis taorom. 

Grant by E. the Dean and the Chapter to Hugh de la Hele nnd the 
heirs of his body of a messuage and ferdel of land in North Curi, 
formerly held by his father Eic^ de la Hele, upon an annual payment of 
lis Id. in lieu of all secular services saving Hundred and Manor Court 
dues, and services due to the crown, and a relief of 5 marcs ; heirs 
minors to be wards of the D. and C. 

Test: Walt, de Lovenay. Baldric de Noneton A.D. 1289. 

Bond of Hugh de la Hele that he will observe the above under a 
penalty of £60 sterling, to be enforced by distraint upon all his property 
in North Curi. The same witnesses. 

fol. 19. License by H. HI. to Bp. Jocelin and his successors to dispose by 

will of all their goods, mobiles et immobiles, tam de bladis in terns 
seminalibus quam aliis, etc 

Test : P Winton, Ep® ; Steph. de Setgrave Justiciary : Joh, comite 
Lincoln et constabular : Cest. ; Hugon : dispensario : Rad^ fil Nichol ; 
Bad*', germm : ; Gk)defr de Crawecumb ; Galfr. dispensario ; Galf : de 
Kaniz ; Joh de Plesset, Ac. Per man : Radulfi, Lycestr, Ep. et Cancellar : 
Given at Westminster, March 27, Anno regni nostri 18<>. 

ol 19 in dorg Charter of Bishop Joceline. 

Nicholas de Wells having given to the church of St. Andrew his 
land and houses in Wells ante magnam portam canonicorum, they 
are to come under the same rules as other canonical houses^ viz. that 
they are always to be assigned to a canon, and be free from all secular 
dues as the old canonical houses are. 

Test : Hugh, Archd" Wells. 

Charter of the above by Nicholas of Wells. 

Charter by Radu^f preciosus of a messuage and houses at Wells lying 
between the house which belonged to Leobert, clerk, and the land which 
belonged to Ada de Lectunia, to the Deans and Chapter on payment 
of an annual rent of 18 pence to Walter de Dunheve, and to Walter 
de Wicha, and their heirs, for all services. The said messuage to be 
let by the D. and C. to a resident canon, and the rent to be diyided 
equally among all the canons and vicars who are present at the 
anniversary of the said Radulf. 

Charter of Malger, presbyter vicarius of Wells, gi'anting the above 
named messuage, &c to Radulf preciosus canonicus of Wells. 
Test : Richiuxl de Athber ; Ada Magot, Ao. 


Another and fuller charter by Badnlf preciosus concerning the same cathSLu, 
messuage, &c. Mss. 

Robert Bishop of Bath to the D. and C. ^^^ ^* 

Bobert our Archd** has granted one acre in Wells " which we had 
given to him " to Gilbert Cawete and his heirs, subject to an annual 
rent of 12 pence to be paid to the Archd° and his successors, &c. 
Test : Ricard, Pictav, Archd^^. 

Charter of Radulf iil : Bemardi. Orants to the church of Si. Andrew 
and to Bishop Reginald the churches of Holecumbe and Lameia. 

Charter of the grant of Holecumbe by Radulf, &c. 

Charter of Letitia widow of Radulf fil Bemardi. fol. ao m dons. 

Inasmuch as doffiin us mens Radulf us fil Bernardi in ultima yoluntate 
sua restituit Stephano capellano de Dund [Dundry or Dundon] confessor! 
suo et coram me et Jordano de Wethemede, ot Will^ de LifTord et 
multis aliis, Deo et beato Nichol et Ecclesie de Holecumb, totam 
terram et boscum &c., cum rustico Semaro nomine terram illam tenente, of 
wliich he confessed that he had wrongfully deprived them ; and inasmuch 
as he had given the manor of Holecumb to me in dotem, he prayed me 
to consent to the said restitution ; I consent, &c. 

Confirmation by Robert de Renni of the grant made to S* Nicholas 
of Holecumbe by his father William de Renni through Robert his 

Boundaries of the land. . 

A cruce Edric Borda usque ad ductum aque ex parte australi, et 
de ductu, onmes terras et dumeta que sunt inter viam de Birigg et 
inter aquam de Cotteleg" usque ad staratam ferratam, &c, 

A.D. 1150. Presidente domino Rob^ Epo Exon. Eccl. 

Archid : Waltero ; Hug de Auco, &c. 

The rubric calls this the Charter of Robt. fil Pagani. 

G. Bishop of Exon to Joceline, Bishop of Bath and Glaston : & to the 
Dean & C. of Wells. He has apon their petition admitted and instituted 
Henry de Cicestr : tb the Church of Holecumb. 

Addition to the above grant of William de Renni, al* Reigni. Robert 
de Renni now grants lands a cruce Edricsbord and omnes terras que 
sunt inter viam de Herbethleg et inter aquam de Cordeleg usque ad 
stratam ferratam. 

A.D. 1150. Presidente domino Rob*o Ep® Exon; Archid: Waltero; 
Hugo de Auco ; Will^ de Cucussel. 

He also gives to the chaplain of the said Church paschua communia fol. 21. 
per totam terram meam de Holecumb. 

Testes sunt canonici S^ Petri, Exon., scilicet Ricard filius Rams^ 

Charter of Richard de Camville granting to the church of S* 
Andrew at Wells & to Bp. Reginald to form a perpetual prebend, the 
church of Hengstrig or Hengestring, saving the rights of the present 
parson : John fil : Luce. 

Charter of Grerard de Camville made in the presence of Richard, 
Archbp. Cant.; John, Bp. of Norwich ; Baldwin, Bp. of Worcester; 
Sefrid, Bp. of Chichester, and Randulf de GlanviU, confirming the 
above grant of his father Richard. 

Given at Westminster. A.D. 1 182. 


OAmSiii Charter of Eustake de Camvill ; quod cum ego in languore poaU, 
MSS. essem apud Hengestr propter demandam Walter! de Dunfitanvill do 

' manerio de Scandeford quod exigit a domino meo et me et ewem 

sine servitio ecclesiastico feci hanc cartam canonicis Weft Ecd* et 
magistro Alexandro canonico prebende de Hengestr, ut si promiserint 
me habere servitium meum in loco competent! extra ecclesiam et 
capellam, promitto eis in bona fide, et per cartam presentem mer 
oblige, quod complete termino languoris istius nunquam de cetero 
vendicabo servitium predictura, et hoc observandum fide mediante. 

fol. 21 in dors. Testimony of Archbishop Richard and the other witnesses of Gerard 

de Camville's charter, above. 

Confirmation by Archbishop Richard of all donations made to St. 
Andrew's at Wells. 

Confirmation by Bishop Reginald of Richard de Camville's charter. 
Test : Alexander, Dean of Wells. 

fol* 22. Testimony of Roger, Wigorn EpS that Richard de Camvill 

executed his charter in the presence of Archbishop Richard of Cant : , 
and the Bishops ; Gilbert of J^ondon ; B. of Exon ; Robert of Hereford ; 
John of Chichester ;, Richard of Chester ; Adam of S* Asaph. 

Similar testimony of Archbishop Richard, mentioning the Bishops R. 
of Winton and G. of Ely, in addition to the names in the last 

Confirmation of Richard de Camville's charter by Hugh Peter, Dei 
gra : S^ Angti diac : card : Apti : sedis legatns. 

fol. 22 in dors. In a different hand from the rest. 

Disposition of the Exor" of the will of John de Button, senior, of 
25 marcs payable annually by the Prior and Canons of Berlis^ Upon 
the anniversary of the burial of the said John on 4^ of September, 2 
marcs are to be divided among the Canons and Clerks of the Church of 
Wells who shall be present at the service, by the hands of the Commu- 
narius. 2 marcs to be given on the same day in bread to the poor. 
16 marcs to four chaplains for celebrating on behalf of the soul of the 
8^ John, and of the souls bone memorie of his brother William, and his 
nephew William, Bishops of Bath and Wells, at the altar of S^ Nicholas, 
built at the expense of the said John in the chapel of S' Mary juxta 
Claustrum, &c. 

Two marcs to be expended for two wax candles, one in lucerna coram 
cruce erecta de bonis ipsius defuncti ; the other before the altar of the 
Blessed Virgin, ut prebeant lucem euntibus et redeuntibus a polsationc 
matutinarum usque ad consummationem earundem. At cereus Beate 
Yirginis similiter ad missam ejusdem. 

Twenty shillings quinqne Coristis cantantibus antiphonam in bonore 
gloriose Virginis ante ymaginem ipsius erectam in navi eoclesiae. 

To the communarius for his labour two shillings. 

To the sacrist for lighting the candles, and ringing the bell, two 

The 16 shillings of residue to be expended upon the lights and orna- 
ments of the altar of S^ Nicholas. 

One among the chaplains is to be appointed as principal to receive -and 
distribute the stipends of them all, and to withold the due proportion if 
there have been any negligence, one half of the fines to be spent upon 
the service of the altar, the other to go to the principal chaplain. 


Charter of Robert de Boleville. With the consent of his wife cxtiSSLl 
Beatrice, and on the petition of Robert, Bishop of Bath, he gives M88 . 

his church of Lideford after the decease of William, the priest, to make foi. ss. 
a prebend, saring the rights of a vicarage given bj me to mj cleik 

Test : ; Rob* Archd" of Wells ; William, Prior of Briwetun i Roger, 
presbjter of Aldideford; William of Eli, presbyter; Galfiid of Curi ; 
Gilbei-t of Homblaunetun ; Peter, bordarius ; John fil : Will ; Walkelin, 
and Eggwin. 

Final concord made at Oxford in curia regis die veneris proxima post 
octabis Apl Petri et Pauli, anno regni H. II. 33^ in the presence of 
Rann de Blanville, Justiciary : Hubert Walt, Dean of York ; Rad : fil : 
Stephan ; William Ruffus ; Robert de Inglesham, Archd° of Gloucester ; 
WiUiam fil. ; Stephan, vie : of Gloucester ; Robert Marmiun ; Rad : de 
Arden ; Rad : Murdac ; Henr. de Comhull ; &c., between Reginald, 
Bishop of Bath, and John de Bonevill, as to the advowson of Lideford 
church. The said John to present a fitting person to the prebend, 
whom the Bishop will accept and institute as a canon, according to the 
custom of the church of Wells. But the said canon is not to have any 
share in the communa by reason of his holding that prebend, except 
by favour of the Bishop and the Chapter. 

Confirmation by Bishop Reginald of the above grants made by Robert 
de Boleville and his brother John. 

Test : Alexander, Dean of Wells ; T. Archd" of Wells ; Joe : Capella- 
nus ; Master Nicholas de Limer ; Hugh de Wells ; Roger de Godestow ; 
Stephan and Thomas de Tornac ; Will : de Wiuton ; Will : de Mertok ; 
Boger de Bradeford, &c. 

Notification of the grant of Lidford by Bishop Reginald. 

Charter of Henry, Abbot of Glaston:, and the Convent concerning the 
Church of Pilton gi*anted by them to the Church of S* Andrew, Wells, 
and to the Bishop Reginald. 

Test: Hugo, Bishop of Durham, and Hugh, Bp. of Chester. Printed 
in Adam de Domerham, Vol. I. p. 263. 

Charter of Savaric, Bp. of Bath and Glaston, granting the Church f<>l* ^8 in dors, 
of Pilton to the Canons of Wells for their use whensoever it shall 
he vacated by Roger of Winton, Archd^. Two priests to be maintained 
to offer daily masses in the Church at a stipend of 2^ marcs, and commons 
in bread the same as the vicars. On Savaric's anniversary 100 poor are 
to be fed in the said Church, and all others who in accordance with the 
custom of the said Church are present at his obsequies are to have a 
abare in the common distribution. Cauons are to receive of the common 
fund 4 pence, vicars 2 pence. 

Test : Alex : the Dean ; Will : the Precentor ; Thomas the Subdean. 

Printed in Adam of Domerham, Vol. I. p. 236. 

Another copy of Abbot Henry's charter. 

Confirmation by Bishop Reginald of the grants of Piltf»n and foi. 24. 
<Suth Brente Churches made by Robert Abbot of Glaston in order to 
form three prebends : of the Church of Haselbergh made by William 
son of William, to form one prebend ; of the Church of Bokland by 
Oliver de Dinan to form one prebend ; of the Church of Heogstrigg by 
R^ de Cam v ill to form one prebend ; of the Church of Scandeford by 
Hamo fil Gaufrid, to form one prebend ; of the Churches of Cumtune 


WxLU and Bnimfeldy by Girbert de Perci uid MftthOd his wife to form one ; 
^^ MM.*^ and of the Church of Estharpet', bj William fiL WUl" fiL John, to form 
— one prebend. Also of 3 maics payable annually by the Church of 

Briatun for the maintenance of a wax candle to burn continually before 
the High Altar in the Cathedral ; and a similar payment due from 
BriutUQ to the Church at Bath secured on the revenues <rf the Churches of 
Banewell and Westbury. 

Charter of Simon Bozun, granting the Churches of Earentun to form 
a prebend. The appointment resting with Simon for his own life, and 
then to fall to the Bishop. 

Test. Savar, Archd° of Northampton ; Dalmatins, seneschal Lungdun. 

Qonfirmation of the last by Bishop Reginald. 

Test. Savaricus, Archid : of Northamptcm ; Alex, Dean of Wells ; 
Thorn, of Wells ; Master Robert, and Master Godfrid, Archid : of Bath. 

fol. 24 in dors. Confirmation by Bishop Savaric of the appointment of Robert Buzun 

to the prebend of Elarentun, made by Bishop Reginald. 
Test. Rob* de Dina ; John de Rammesibus. 

G. prior of Bath and the convent covenant to pay annually to the 
Canon of Wells who holds the prebend of Karentun the 100 shillings 
which Simon Buzun reserved when he granted to the Prior and Convent 
of Bath the Churches of Earentun to be held by them on the same terms 
as they were held by Holberan (or Hosbum) and Robert, the parsons of 

Test. David, presbyter of Westun. 

Exemption by Bishop Savaric ab omni onere Epscopmli of Robert 
Buzun's prebend. 

Confirmation by Henry, Abbot, and the Convent of Glaston : of the 
grant of PUton Church made by Abbot Robert. 
Test. BP* Hugh of Durham : Hugh of Chester. 
Printed in Adam de Domerham, YoL L p. 283. 

f^j 25. Confirmation by Bishop Reginald of the grant made by the Abbey 

of Glaston, of PUton, and Suth Brent Churches. Printed in Adam 
of Domerham, Vol. I. p. 235. 

Confirmation by King Henry, of Abbot Robert's grants of Pllton, to 
form two prebends, one of 10 marcs, the other of the residue of the 
value. The abbot to pay 10 marcs to the prebendary and 3 marcs stall 
wages to the vicar who shall serve for the Abbot in the Church of Wells ; 
the residue to go to the Abbot as a prebendary. During a vacancy in 
the Abbey, one moiety of the Abbot's prebend to be paid to the Canons, 
the otb^ to the Abbey. 

fol. 25 in don. Confirmation also of the arrangement made by Bishop Reginald 

by which the Abbot of Glaston is to be Archdeacon of the Churches 
of S* John in GUiston ; Mera ; Stret ; Budekel^ ; Siapewick ; Sowi ; 
Meriling; Pilton; Pennard; Dichesieta; and be accountable in all 
things to the Bishop, as other archdeacons, save only the Fiaschal 
customs, to which they have not been liable of old, as to the 7 churches. 
The Church of Suthbrente is surrendered by the Abbey to Thomas the 
Archdeacon of Wells to form a prebend, in consideration of his loss by 
this arrangement, &c. &c. 

Test. Rob^ Cancellar. 

Printed in Adam de Domerham^ YoL L p. 229. 


Charter of Mathillis de Arundel, wife of Grerbert de Perci, granting Vmm 
to Bishop Beginald and the Church of S« Andrew, the Church of ^^ msb^ 
Bmnfeld (Bromfield) saying the rights therein of the presbyters, — 

GrAufrid and Philip. 

Test. Henry, Archid. £xon ; Bic<^. Archid. Bath. 

Confirmation of the last by Bishop Reginald. 

Charter of Bishop Reginald, granting to the canons freely a barton, 
for which they used to pay 12 nummos annually. 

Charter of Bishop Robert to the Church of Hiwys. foi. 26. 

[Marginal note, Hywis in Brente marisco, membr. manerii de Ban- 
wcdL] Addressed to Theobald, Archbishop of Canterbury, to the 
Bishops, to the Abbots and Priors of Somerset, to the Dean and 
Chapter of Wells, to the Archdeacons, and to all the clerks and people 
of the diocese of Bath. 

Confirms the church in the possession of one hide of land membrum 
mannerii noetri de of BanweUift. Speaks of Walter de Moretania as 
holding Hywis at the lime of the Bishop's appointment, and magister 
Alured after him, as a grant from the Bishop, and then Magister Ric^ 
de Monte Acuto. Hywis is made a prebend of Wells, in order that it 
may not become lay property and be lost to the Church. 

ii. Nonas. Nov., &c. Anno regni Henrici junioris y^. Anno Epis- 
copatus xxiiii. t.e. A.D. 1169. 

Test", et consulentibus, lyo the Dean and the Canons of Wells; 
Peter the Prior, and the iponks of Bath ; Benedict, Abbot of Adhe- 
ligen ; Robert, the Prior of Glaston ; William, the Prior of Montacute ; 
Stephen the Prior of the Canons of Tanton ; William, the Prior of the 
Canons of Bruton ; and also the Archdeacons Robert and Thomas, &c. 

Grant by Bishop Robert of a croft of land to the church of our fbl. 26 in dors, 
manor of Cumtun, which lies near our pomerium, but upon the other 
side of the road, on the north side of it. A.D. 1159. 

Confirmation by Archbishop T. of the grant of land made to Hjrwis. 
A.D. 1159. 

Grant by Bishop Joceline to Helias, capellano canonico nostro 
Wellen, persone ecclesie de Cmntun, of the right to enclose 10 acres 
in the moor at Cumtun^ and to run 8 oxen with the Bishop's oxen. 
A.D. 1236. 

Grant by Bishop Joceline. The land of Hywis formerly a member foi. 37. 
of Banwell Manor be free of suit to the Court of Banwell. 
Giyen at Banwell, A.D. 1228. 

Inspeximus of the last, and confirmation by Thomas the Prior and the 
Conyent of Bath. 
Also by the Dean of Wells and the Chapter. 

Bishop Jocelin, in the 26^ year of his episcopate, decides in the 
Chapter of Wells, in a case which has been submitted by both parties, 
that Hywis is exempt from the jurisdiction of the Archdeacon of Wells. 
A.D. 1232. 

Maths : the Prior, and the Conyent of Bradenstock, giye to Alexander 
the Dean of Wells, and the Canons, all their rights in the Church of 

Test Walter the Prior of Bath. 

• r ^ 

r. V 


CathS^al Grant to Helias capell : canon : Welln :, by Lucia, daughter of Master 

MBS. John de Karduroulla, of the land given to her by her father, which 

fol 27"in dors ^*^ between the land given by him to her brother John and her 

sister Mirabella, and the land which belonged to Walter Mauger, 
called the Muntoria, saving the lord's rent of 12 pence a year in Hen 
of all services, upon payment of two marcs silver. Luda has re- 
nounced all her rights to the above in pleno hundredo de Welles, and 
has given to Helias the charter of Lord Walter de Dunhevede concerning 
the said land. 

Test. Master Lambert, Suddean of Wells. 

A similar grant by John and Mirabella of their land and a colum- 
barium. They warrant it contra omnes homines et feminas qui 
mori poesunt. 

Test. Peter, Dean of Wells. 

Grant by Helias, Canon of Wells, of the aforesaid lands and houses 
to the Chapter of Wells, to form a canonical residence saving a rent of 
12 pence to Walter de Wyke pro omni servitio. Thirteen shillings and 
fourpence to be divided upon the day of the anniversary of Helias 
among the canons and vicara present there. If per consuetudinem 
regni the Chapter cannot keep that mansum, volo quod capitulum 
provideat aliquem de Canonicis suis residentem, vel residere in hoc 
manso volentem .... cui . . . illud mansum vice mea .... in 
perpetuum liberetur. 

Test. Peter de CIcestr., Dean of Wells. 

Grant by Walter de Dunhevede, his wife and heirs assenting, to Adam 
de Lecton, sacerdoti, cognate meo, of an acre of ground in Wells, lying 
to the north of his house. 

Test. Thomas, nepos. Ep*. 

Grant by the same to Malger, presbyter at Wells, of the land between 
my garden and the land of Adam de Lectun, lo perches less two feet in 
length and breadth. 

Test. Dn« Odone. 

fol. 28 in dors. Savaric, Bishop of Bath and Glaston : 

Prebends '* contra morem aliarum prebendarum subjectas" to be exemp- 
ted from archidiaconal jurisdiction upon the decease of the present 

Given in the Chapter A.D. 1203 in Oct. S" MichaeUs. 

Savaric to all ecclesiastical pei*8ons in the diocese. Has given licence 
to the Chapter of Wells, non expectata presentia nostra^ to excommuni- 
cate or interdict all who invade their rights. 

The same to all men in the diocese, '^ quia ad multa distrahimur ct 
preter voluntatem nostram in locis remotioribns demoramur, &c." 

fbl. S9. A similar order by Savaric. 

H. de Wells, Archdeacon of Wells in accordance with the act of 
Savaric, exempts all prebends of Wells from archidiaconal jurisdiction. 
Given in the Chapter, anno regni regis Johannis 7**. 

R. Dean of Sarum to J. Dean of WeUs. 

Our brethren and your children R. the Cantor and Master M., 
have begged us to write to you concerning the dignities and privi- 
leges of the Dean of Sarum in the city of Sarum. The Dean is 
Archdeacon of the city and suburbs and of all prebends, which are 


answerable to the Bishop only for Peter's Pence, and for this only „ Wblls 
through the Dean. ''"msT'" 

The Dean of Sarum to Ivo the Dean and to the Convent of Wells and foi. 29 in dors. 
to the church there. The rule with us is that the Archdeacon has no 
power over the prebends, super canonlcos vel eorum clericos autipsorum 

The canons are archdeacons in their own prebends, et clericos suos 
debent presentare Decano ad ordines, et Decanus Episcopo. Ex 
liiis liquet omnino esse contra nostras consnetudiues ut presbetri vel 
clerici caaonicorum submonitores sint archidlaconi vel apparatores. 

Conventus Sarum ecclesie R. Epo, Bathon. 

In answer to the questions of the Canons of Wells concerning the 
customs of our Sarum church. 

For every deceased brother each canon pre s tiler facit treiitenale 
missarum, et qui inferioris ordinis sunt xx psalteria, et pretcr hoc 
in commnni faciunt omnes unum anniversale missarum scilicet unus- 
quisque canonicus cujuscunqne ordinis sit x missas ; et unusquisque 
canouicorum archidiaconus est hominum suoruni in prebenda sua, et 
ecclesie prebendarum in nullo obnoxie sunt archidiacono. Ubicun- 
que sint canonici per licentiam Decani in communia participiant. 
£St omnes indifferend : vicarinm habere debent preter illos qui in scolas 
sunt, vel Romam vadunt pro utilitate ecclesie. Licet tamen Episcopo 
tres habere canonicos capellanos, unum presbiterum, et unum dia- 
•jonum et unum subdiaconum absque vicario, nuUus tamen ab officio 
septimane immunis est. In omnibus solemnitatibus, ubicumque pre- 
sentes sunt, canonici cum Episcopo, capellani sunt, et omne jus capellani 
cum capellanis eque participiant. In oblatione principalis altaris, sive 
cantet Eps. sive non, nunquam participiant capellani nisi fucrint ca- 
nonici. Nunquam abesse debent canonici sive licentia. 

H., The Dean and the Chapter of Sarum to the D. & C. of Wells. 

Qur custom is that the prebend of the deceased, whoever he may Ite, 
comes in for the use of the canons for one year, 2 parts go to the canons, 
one part is expended for the soul of the deceased, or in paying his debts, 
or in charity. Decanatns vero vel quilibet personatus ad universitatem 
non transit canonicorum nee respicit ad defunctum, sed Deuinus vel 
persona talem debet relinquere decanatum vel personatum qualem 
recepit, cum tali videlicet instauramento quam receperit, et ita enm 
successor ipsius obtinebit. Ye rum tamen si plus relinquerit quam re- 
ceperit pro anima ipsius debet erogari. 

Grant by Bishop Joceline of the Manor of North Curry and the 
Church, which hitherto the D. & C. have held, towards the augmenta- 
tion of the communa, saving due provision for a vicarage, of which the 
presentation is to be with the D. & C. 

Given at Woky. in crastino S. Michael, by the hand of Master WuJtor 
de Maydenestan; Pontifical us rostri anno 34^ 

Similai' concession of the Church of Cheddar, given at Wells die 
Bcati Thome Martyris, in same year. 

Similar grant of the Church of Mudeford upon the resignation by 
John Channel of the personatus, and by Eadulfns de Warevill of the 
vicarage, saving the rights of the Archdea.^on. Given at Chiu. A.D, 

u 20541. n 


Wells A slip inserted, containing the evidence of some of the villains of the 

MSS. Bishop of Bath and Wells concerning the homage of Lydjard. 

- , ^/T^j^ , Similar concession of the Church of Lideard. Given at Chiu, In 

101. JO m aor8. ^^^^^ ^^^^ Philippi & Jacobi, by the hand of Master Walter de Mayde- 

nestan, pontificatus nostri anno 34^ 

Similar concession of S* Cuthbert's, Wells. Given at Kingsbury by 
the hand of Master Walter de Maydencptan, in crastino S. Germani, in 
the same year. 

Charter of Richard de Wrotham. 

Bishop Joceline, his successors and his men and the men of his fees 
and churches, are free de espeltamentis canura, et de pecunia danda 
pro espeltamentis. 

fol. 31. Charter of Bishop Rol>ert de ordinatione prebendarum : — 

We have found that the Church of Wells is intolerably afflicted by 
exactions; and, having taken council with the Archbishop, Bishops, and 
other religious persons of England, we divide the possessions of the 
church into prebends, in order to save them to the church and to escape 
lay exactions and intrusions. 

We therefore make of Wedmoreland six prebends and the Deanery ; 
and we assign the Church, &c. of Wedmore, &c. to the Sub-dean. A 2^ 
prebend we make of Bidesham, excepting one virgate of land, which is 
specially reserved ibr the repairs and ornaments of S^Andi-ew's Church. 
The prebend is to find a vicar. 

The Deanery is to pay £20 per annum to 4 Canons, i.e., £5 to each. 
All surplus revenues and the Church of Woky to belong to the Deanery. 
Lutthune to be one prebend, attached to the Deanery. Withechurch 
one ; Dultingchot and Chellecoit one ; Wrmestorre one ; Wandestreu 
one ; Winesham five, of which the church is one ; the vill three, and 
this a canon is to hold and pay out of it two prebends, of 100 solidi 
each per annum, reserving the residue for himself. A 5*^ prebend is 
Bromley ; Cumbe is assigned as one prebend to Reginald the Precentor 
in recognition of the benefits done to our Church by his uncle, of happy 
memory, Bishop John ; upon the decease of Reginald three prebends 
and a chantry are to be formed of the vill itself, and the Church is to 
make a fifth. We ourselves give the Church of Yatton to form one ; 
Hiwis also in Brentemarsh, and the Church of Cumton we give to form 
one. Haifa hide in Wotton, with a virgate which Bi.-iiop Gyso gave 
to the Chapel of the Blessed Mary ; and another half hide which Bishop 
Godefrid gave to S^ Cuthbert's Church in sua dedicatione, decimam 
quoque vini of our church of S* Andrew, ^ve grant. 

Aniplius ut nocturne canonicorum vigilie aliquid solatium sortiantur, 
de Chirsetis et decimis ad sepedictam S. Andree eccl'° pertinentibus 
panem fieri constituimus canonicorum qui matutinis interfuei-int^ &c. 

Given in the presence of Henry, Bishop of Winton, and afterwards 
confirmed by William of Canterbury, and Thurston cif York, Arch- 
bishops; Roger of Sarum; William of Exon; Symon, Ac. A.D. 1136. 

A different and inferior hand, 
fol. 81 in doni. Petition of the Chapter to the Bishop for leave to elect, a Dean in the 

place of Edward de la C noil deceased, die sabbati prox. post, festnm 
exaltationis S. (/rucis, sent to the Bishop by tin* han<ls of Maj<tt*r 
T. de Button, Archdn. of W^ells. xi. kal. Oc*. A.D. 1284. 

N.B. — T. de Button is chosen. 

The Licence granted by Bishop Robert. 
Given at , kal. Oct. A.D. 1284. 


Mem. that a citation was sent to summon all Canons to tho election of Wblls 
tlie Dc?ftn on Wednesday prox. post. fest. S. Martini. ^^"ss!'^'^ 

The following are the names of the Canons who were absent, quorum — 

littere citatorie tradite fuerint singulis vicariis eorundeili. Ex parte 
Decjini Nicholas de Crauford; Will' fil. Will* ; Grandisono ; 
Malcolraus ; Robt. de Fangfos; Nich. de S. Quintino; Tiiom. de Cherle- 
ton; Robt. de Waye ; Rog. de Turkeby; Rogo de Clare; Wills de 
Hameledon; Wills de Midelton ; Walt, do Haselschagh ; Walt, de 
Batlion; ex parte Precentoris, Abbas do Michel; ^^ ills Burnell; Reg. 
de Legh ; Job. de Dereby ; Ilenr. llusee ; Barth* de Castell ; Symou de 
Micham ; Galf. de Haspale ; Reymundns de Rading ; Rad. de Freningh ; 
NicL. de Wodeford; Rog. Bai*et ; John de Kyrkeby ; Ric. de Bomfield; 
Jacob de Hispan ; Lodovic de Bello Campo; Thom. de Midelton; Gilbt. 
<le S. Leof. : Abbas de Athel : ; Th. de Gudyngton. 

Cut out. fol. 32. 

This and fol. 3 1 in dors are insertions of a lat<a* date on leaves which fol. 33. 
had been left blank. 

Mem. On S. Mark's Day, A.D. 1308, it was ordered in a general 
convocation of all the Canons of Wells, by J. de Godele the Dean and 
the Chapfer, that at all celebrations of the mass at the high altar omnes 
c^tnonici, vicarii, et alii habitum portantcs in chore, flectent devote 
?cnua dum elevatur hostia, et dum elevatur calix cum sanguine 
Christ! . 

Item . . . quod sacrista ecclesie pulset novam campanam dum 
elevatur hostia, et hoc quotienscumque celebratur missa in magno 

Item . . . quod firmarii comniunium bonorura eccl. : WoUen non 
solventes firmas debitas suis terminis, are not to share in the communa 
or offeringK, until the arrears are paid. 

Menu Master Walt, de S. Quintin, Archdeacon of Tanton, and 
Prebendary of the Church of Milverton, annexed to the Archdeaconry, 
(lied XV. kal., Januar A.D. 1263. 

The early good hand begins again. fol. 33 in dors. 

Charter of Roger, capellanus, Canon of Wells and Rector of Chyuion, 
o;ranting to the Church of S* Andrew and to the Chancellor for the 
u»<c of the schools, his houses, &c. which had belonged to Reginald de 
Waltham. Edward de Kenelword is Chancellor. 12 denarii to be paid 
annually by the master of the school to John de Salton and his heirs, 
and 12 to Henr. de Waltham and his heirs, and 7 denarii are to be 
spent at the obit of Roger, I to the sacrist and 2 to the boys who are 
present, and 5 to the poor. The master to keep the school buildings in 
repair : a survey of them to be made annually by the Chancellor and 
other Canon.*?. The master and scholars to be present at a celebration 
of the office of the dead annually on the anniversiiry of Roger, or upon 
some other fitting day. The jscholara shall daily before they leave the 
school pray for the soul of Roger and his family ; on every Wednesday and 
Friday when they come to school they shall sing an antiphon in honor 
of the Blessed Virgin. 

Test. Ricar. de Wells ; Master Walt, de Derham ; Dn« Josceline, &c. 

Charter of John de Palton de eodem. 

Charter of Thomas Lock son of Master Adam Lock, cementarius, fol. 34. 
with the assent of his mother Afriieta, and of Lambert the Sub-dean, 
and of Richard de Wells, Canons of Wells, exors of A. Lock; grants 

B 2 


Wblls to Roger of Chjuton, chaplAki to Bishop Joceltiie, the aforesaid houses, 
^^^mS^^^ ^' &c. in eoDsideration of the payment of 7 marcs to Thomas, and 3 to 
— Agneta. Sealed by Th« ; Lambert ; and Ric. de Wells. 

Charter of Agneta de cisdcin. 

Test. Lambert, Subdean ; Master Elyas de Derbam, Senaschal of 
Bishop Josceline ; Ricard. d<i Wells, Will, de Becbamstede, Canons of 
Wells ; Master Vincent, Walter de Bridport, Ric. de Langport, Vicars 
of Wells ; Walter the Chamberlain ; Lawrence and Ivo prepositi of 
Wells ; Deodatus and Thomas Noreis cementarii. 

fol. 34 in don. In another hand, Mem. There ought to be left in the Deanery upon 

a vacancy 24 boves of the value of 1 marc each ; for. . . . Church 
land 6 boves, at 2 marc^ each ; 2 affri, worth 20 shillings ; 1 taurus, 
value 12 shillings ; 1 vacca, value 10 shillings ; 1 aper, value 40 pence ; 
1 sua, value 2 shillings. 

Item at Pilton which belongs to the Precentor, there ought to l>e 8 
boves left for the successor. 

Item at Wandestreu upon decease of the prebendary, there shonld 
remain 8 boves ; 1 vacca ; 1 affer ; 1 careta ferro ligata vel unus currn^ 
and una patella cum (ripode. 

These three entries are printed in A dam de Domesham, Vol. I., pp. 

fol. 34 in dors. A separate pai'chmcnt sewed on has been torn off here. 

Ordinatio dni Joscelini super Thesauraiia Wellen, A.D. 1226. 

Faded and difficult to read. Receipts. 

From Martock Church Tithes. Equal in money £4 10* 0^. 

There is also the tithe of hay. 

Eggs at Easter. Wool. Lambs. Cheese,, 

Tithe of COWS; the Columbarium, and the warden. 

Also on S. Lawrence's day, received of the Prior of Otritton (Ottering- 
t('n), apud Mertok 100 shillings. Inde priori de Merton 53* 4^. 

Item dictus Rector percipiet annuatim de Priore de Bruton de 
Eoclesia do Westbury 40*. 

Item de Archid. Well. 26* 8^ ; teuentium 3* Andi-eaj de redditibus 
tenementi Richardi 41b cere, et residuum cere proveniens cum mortuis 
in ecclesia S* Andree. The rents of the Canons* Grange. From the 
Rector of Wootton (? in Pilton) 100 lbs of wax .... Ac. The 
Treasui-er Khali pay as stipend to a sacrist 20" per annum ; to a Clerk 
of S. Mary 7* 8** ; shall keep in repair the vestments, and supply mats 
[nata] in the choir to the value of 3^ ; shall pay a stipend of 3"" lor a 
washerwoman for the vestments. Item inveniet focum pro cera 
facienda cum uncto et ad eukaristiam faciendam ; Item inveniet 
lumen ardens in mortar ; Item cordas pro campanis pulsandis, et ad 
velum qnadragesimale ; Item cirrpos per estatem. Item 4^^]b cere ct 
amplius coram magno altare, et in ecclesia thus. 

Ista copia scripta fuit etextracta de quodam exterior! folio veteris mis- 
salis de Mertok, tempore Macristri Thoma de Retford, CariccUar, et scriptii 
hie per manus Robert! de Notingham, clerici dirti domini Caucollar. 

fol. 35. Charter of Peter the Dean, agd the Chapter. 

Roger the canon to hold, and dispose as he will of our houses which 
had belonged to Master Peter Canute, in consideration of 20 marcs 
which the said Roger paid on our behalf to Hernisins de Diniclieved, 
who had made a claim upon us in the king's court ; saving tx) us G pence, 
and to the lord of the fee 12 pence rent. 

By the hand of Mjister Ricard, (he Chancellor. A.D. 1235. 


Charter of Roger. Granting to the D, & C. the said houses to oe a mtblls 
canonical house, savibg the above named rents, and 10 shillings to be ^^^gs*^ 
spent upon his own anniversary, in the usual manner. — * 

Test. Ric. the ChancelJor; Henr. the Treasurer; Will, the Subdean ; 
Ric. de Wells, Rad. de Warevilla; Canons; Walter de Bridport, 
Walt, de Wedmore, Daniell de Bristoll, Vicars of Wells. A.D. 1235. 
Id. Jan. 

Tnspeximus of the above by the D. & C. A.D. 1235. 19* kal. 


Decision of Bishop Joceline de Suth-barwe. 

Alwredus son of Robert de Ponsand, lord of Suth-barwe, and Matilda 
his mother who held the same as dowry, and Thomas de Alditheford, 
clerk, whom they had presented to the said church, on the one part ; 
and the D. & C. of Wells who claim the presentation as having had a 
^rant of it from the grandfather of the said Alwredus, confirmed by 
Birihop Reinald, ou the other part. 

The parties submit the case to the Bishop, who decides that inasmuch 
as the D. & C. have had ab antiquo a pension of 2 solid! from the said 
church, and that Alwredus de Ponsond, lord of South Barwe, grand- 
father of the present A. granted the church to the D. A C, all presenta- 
tions are theirs, but that for this turn they present the said Thomas de 
Alditheford. Because the church is poor, it shall no longer pay the 2 
solidi mentioned above. 

Given at Wells. Id. Marci. A.D. 1237. 

Charter of Alwred de Ponsot de eodem. 

Charter of Stephen the Prior, and the Canons of Taunton. fol. 36. 

Bishop Reginald and his successors to have full jurisdiction over their 
churches, excepting the Chapels of S. James, and 8. George de fonte, 
and of S. Margaret of the Sick, and of S. Peter de Castello. 

The Church of Aissa in capitulo de Spakest, and the Church of 
Wi);ele in capitulo de Dunestor tanquam matrices ecclesie respondeant. 
Canons who hold our benefices to be answerable to the Bishop. 

Test. Will. Abbot of Keynsham ; Galfrid, Sarnm ; Thom. Wellen ; 
Rad. Bathon ; Ric. Constance, Archid ; Master Walter, Prior of Berliz ; 
Joceline the Chaplain, Will, the Chaplain ; Master Alexander ; Master 
Gilbert de Axebrige ; Master Roger, &c. 


Agreement made between Reinald, Bp. of Bath, and William son of 

Richai*d de Mauleberg, about 7 acres near the wood of Wokiole, and a 
meadow of 5 acres at Poulesham. * 

Test. Joceline, Bishop of Sarum ; Master Walter, precer tor of Saruni ; 
Thomas, Archdn. Weils; Baldwin. Sar. Kancell. ; Master Rad. de 
I-^ecblade ; Joceline, Chaplain ; Galfride de Northweg ; Master Robert 
de Geldeford ; Stephan de Torn, Canon of Wells ; Daniel de ponte ; 
Galfrid, clerk ; Master Roger ; Stephan*de Rading ; Rad. de S. Georgio ; 

Galfrid de S. Georgio ; Ada de Erleg ; Matthew de Gorm'ton, Philip de . 

Wyka ; Ric. de Ken ; Peter de Chiu &c. i 

Henr. filius Pagani do Panebrige, constitutus in presentia .... 
Robcrti quondam Bath, et Rogeri, Wingorn, episcoporum, tacto S. Evan- 
gelisto et 8"^ reliquiis cum patre meo Pagano, et cousanguineis meis 
Rog. Wiienig scilicet cum fratribus suis. Will., Robt., & Gilbt, dc Almari, 
Osbert quoque do Bathon, et Rad Denebold cum fratre huo Robt., 
renounces all claims which they had made in W^inesham, Wermestorra 




\ Wblls Modeslesa, and to a virflfate in Bidesbame, and Merkc, and to the sewce of 

) MS8. Rainer de Wand<^trou, and afterwanls confirmed tliis belbre Bishop 

I — Reginald. 

; Test. Eustach filius Stephani ; Savaracus de Vans, &c. 

I f ol. 86 in dors. Edict de eodem. A.D. II64. Id. Marci. 

The above-named Henry &c. are nepotes Eeginaldi presentoris. 

In consideration of the said renunciation, Kic. the Dean and the 
Canons iide-jusscriarn eis de 70 marcis numerandis can ti one prestitcnint, 
ex quibus eodem die reddiderunt quindecim marcas et decern solidos. 

Test. Ricard, the Dean of VTells ; Reginald, the Precentor ; Galfrid, 
the Succentor ; Grodef rid, Wingorn. 

Compositio super ecd. de Staweia. 
. William, the Prior of Goddive and the Convent on the one part, and 

LeoniiiB, Dean of Wells h the C. on the other isubmit to* J. Bishop of 
Bath and Glaston, their claims to the above. 

The Bp. decides that the Convent cf G. is to have the church, and [my 
' , 40 solidi sterling yearly to the Chapter of Wells. 

Test. Maurice, Archid. Land ; Mofinus, Dec' de Langist; Durand, 
Ghobia, William, chaplains: Matilda de C^ndos. 

Letter of the convent to the Bishop. 

foL 37. Charter of Savaric, Bp. of B. & G. 

On the presentation of Symon Buznm, knight, has given to Ri\iiiald, 
his son, a clerk, 100 solidi in ecclesiis do Karenton, nomine Wellcnsis 
frebende, to be paid yearly by the hands of Gilbert Gemel iu tho. name 
of tlie Convent of Bath. 

Test. Gulfrid Berluz, Archid. ; Master Alan ; Master Robert, &c. 

William the Abbot of Kainesham, and G., the Prior of Bniiton 
announce to Robert the Archdeacon that they have been appointed by 
Pope Celestine to adjudloatt> between Roger the parson of Staweia and 
Robert, chaplain of Otterhameton upon a question concerning the small 
tithes of Halesheg. It is decided that Robert i.s to have the tithes, but 
find a wax candle quatuor denariorum. 

Commission issued by Pope Urban to R. dp Ford and W. de Binedon, 
abbots, and to R. Dean of W«lls, to adjudicate in the above case, con- 
cerning decimationes de moxilla. 
fvl. 37. in (lorg. Test. William a monk of Ford ; Master Richard chaplain ; Master 

William de Spaiilieston. 

Confirmation by Bishop Joceline of the grant made by Mathildis de 
Chandos to St. Andrew's, Wells, of the church of Staweia. 

Test. Master Rad. de Lechdale ; Master Robt. de Gildefort ; Joceline, 
chaplain ; Hermann de Wivelscumb. 

Inspexmius by Henry de Tracy of a grai t made by Oliver de Tracv, 
his father, of the church of South Bovey to Bp. Joceline and to S. 
Andrew's Wells. Test. Galf. de Wandestreu ; Hobt. de St^chevill ; 
Master Robt. do Geldcford ; Joceline, chaplain. 

Test, to the Inspeximus Robt. de Courteuay ; Henr. de Lapumerayc. 

fol. 38. Inspeximus of the last by John, Bp. of Exon. 

Teat. Walter, Prior of Buth ; Robt. de Gildefonl, Arphd. of Baih, 


Charterer Robert de Kari, doniinus do Luintune (Lovington). Wblls 

Grants to S* Andrew the Advowson of Lovington and 1 hide of land, ^^"gs.*^'' 
(\e centnm et sexaginta acris, noc de meliori nee de pejori, in two parts — 

of 80 acres each, and also a messaage near the church, ad magnitudi- 
oem dominici messuagii. 
Test Alexander the Dean of W. h Master Robt. de Doneheved. 

Charter of Nichol. de Barewe. 

In consideration of the good conversation of the Canons of Wells, et 
sni-gentis eccle. sue laudabilis stmctui-a, he gives to augment their oom- 
muna his church of Lnvinton for the term of his life, upon an annual 
payment of nnaip aurenm vel duos sol. Has sworn to this in Capitulo 
apudKari. Cf. fol. 61. 

Confirmation bv Bishop Reinald of Rol)ert de Lovintun's Charter. 
Test. Master Alexander the Dean of W. 

Charter of Alanus de Furnell. fol. 38 in dors. 

Grants with the assent of Galfrid his heir, to S. Andrew, Cudworth 
and the chapel of Cnoll. 
Test. Helya fil Robti. Will. Malherba, Ac. 

Confirmation by Aalicia de Vallibus of the grant of the Advowson of 
Ai«hulle, made to Bp. Joceline by her son, Robt. de Vallibus. 
Test. Ricard. Abbas de Muchelney. 

Charter of Alan de Furnell ; same as above. 

Tegt. Master Walter, Prior of Bokland ; Will, persona de Cerd ; 
Joceline, chaplain &€. 

Confirmation by Bishop Reginald of the grant m»ide to S. Andrew, 
I')' Symon Briton of S. Decuman's church. 
Test. Alex, the Dean of W. &c. 

An extra sheet sewed on to foot oF page, in a snmller hand. 

Chaiter of Benedict, Abbot of Aling. • . granting to l?p. Joceline 
the Advowson of II ton. 

Test. Ric. Abbas de Muchelney ; Master Helias de Dcrham ; Master 
John de Ileford ; Master Will, de WoU ; Helyas, chaplain ; Will, do 
Uamme, &c. 

Charter about llton, a ery indistinct. 

Agreement made between Robert, Abliot of Align, and John the 
Chancellor of Wells, concerning lands &c. at llton. 

Charter of Gilbert de Perci granting to S. Andrew on the petition fol. 39. 
of Bp. Reginald, the Church of Childecumton. The "Child" crossed 
out in II. fol. 388. 

Test, llenr. Exonie, kc. 

Confirmation of the last by Bp. Reginald. 
Test Alex, the Dean of W. 

Conf. by Bp. Reginald of the grunt of Cudworth made by Alan de 


Charter of Robt. de We; is granting to Bp. Joceline the Advowson of 
Teat. J. Bp. of Norwich, 

iiistobical manuscripts couhi&sion. 

mation by Bp. Reginald of lli« Charter of James de Monle 
anting the charch of With lack! ngton. 

ir of Jamee de Monte Sorello de eodem. 

T of Robert fil. Ursi granting to S. Dncuman'B, 20 acres of 
'id 2^ atTes of meadon' ; i^. 2 acres by the Cross towards 
L ; in Uhiindone 31 acres ; in Willebnig 51 ; in Langlode 4 ; 
de la Cnoll 3; in Firgrave 2; in Smedemede 2J of meadow, 
acre que To<»tnr acra ad capud de lapole ad faciendam nnam 
em capellani qui divina celebrabit in capella de Wilinton. 
Ivowson of the chapel of Wileton is also given to S. DecDiORu'e. 
(Fill Tonern. 

Tof Simon Briton, son of Simon Britoa, granting S. Decnman's 
) Bp. Ranald. 

nation by Bp. Ranald of the grant of the church of Tim- 
) made to S. Andrew, by Cecilia de Timbcrscume, & Cristina &, 
Sarra, sisters, with the consent of their husbands R. lil Duraiid, 
lumpstock, & Nich fil Willelmi. 

T of Cecilia, CiiBtina, Alicia, Surr<t de eodem. The busbond's 
e Roger ill D ; John de Cotumpslock ; & Nich. fil Willi. 

r of Ricanl. dc Cnoll resigning all claim lo the AdTowson of 

(nation by Savaric, Bp. of B. & G. of the p.nnl made lo ilic: 
>f Wells by Bp. R. of the tithes of all mills in the Manor of 

trof Bp. Reginald, de eodem. 

matioD by Bishop Savcriu of the gifl of house aud land in Wells 
S, Andrew by Lambert and Snrtheva or Surcheva his wife. 

■T of Roger, Abbot of Alheling, granting to Bp. Joceline the 
Puttenye [Piiney] and Wern in the pariah of Hiwis, ipse vero 
I decimas dedit in dotem ccclesie de Hiwls in dedicaliotie ipsius. 
Athelney in Chapter die S Mauricii et aocionim, pontificalua 
A.D. 1231. 

;r of Sibilla de Kwias, domina de Bnmeham, rect^iiizing (be 
Hdias the chaplain and the Canons of Wells, in Hywis in 

T of Savarie. South Braat and Hiwis to form one prubeDiI, 
to the Archdeacony. Test. Alex, the Dean. 

ir of Henr. Abbot of Glaston, granting to S. Andi«w the 

)f S. Brent. The Archdn. who holds it aa a prebend to do 

the Abboy. 

Dns Ungo Dunelro. Ep. 

d in Adam de Domerham. Vol. I. p. 234. 

er copy of Savuric's charter. " 

mution by Bp Rcginuld of the grant of |*ilu>n aud S. Brent 
i made by Abbot Henry. 


Charter of Martin de Karscumb. Gives to S. Andrew 3 maren, silver, CiTHBmuL 
for the new building, and 2 marcs for the repairs of the Chapel of S. MSS. 

Mary there, to be paid out of the revenues of Mapertou assigned to me 
by domns. H. de Novo Merca^u in payment of a debt, ^c. 

Test. Baldwin chaplain. 

Charter of Ric. Abbot of Machelncy. Grants to S. Andrew the 
church of lUministre. A.D. ]20l. Masses will be celebrated at 
Muchelney on the decease of a Dean or Precentor of Wells, as for their 
own Prior ; on tiie decease of a Bishop, as for their own Abbot 

Note. Desuut quatuor Cartas de Clyve No. I61-lt>4. Vide Reg. II. fol. 42. Miss- 
sive Lib. Rub. fol. 35. '"^• 

Charter of J. Bp. of B. & G. fol. 48. 

Upon the decease of Master Hugh de Wilton, parson of Chiu, and of 
Stephen de Tornaco parson of Welinton, these two churches to pay 10 
marcs each, nomine beneficii, for the service of the glorious Virgin in 
our Church at Wells. 

Given at Donteysare. A.D. 1215. 

Confirmation of the last by the D. & C. of Wells. 

Charter of Wills. Fains Ai'turus granting to Josceline, Bp. of Bath, 
the advowson of the Church of Weston. 

Test. Thomas de Cirencester, Vicecom, Sumerst & Dorset ; John de 
Peanton ; Henr. de Campo Florido ; Wills, Seneschal of the Bp. ; Baldwyn 
de Wayford ; Thoms de Altavilla ; Will, de Bonevill, &c. 

Charter of Bp. Josceline de domibus Decani Willi de Merton. The 
Dean to have the houses, &q, which Peter de Cycester, formerly Dean, 
had, and which lie between the houses of Richard the Chancellor, and 
Henr. of London, Canons. By the hands of Master Walter de Maydcne- 
stan, in the Chapter 13 kal. Oct. A.D. 1236. 

Charter of Bp. Josceline. The Hospital of S^ John to have a chantry, 
and bells, and a cemctary for the burial of brethren qui signati sunt, et 
sub signo viventes, ibidem conversati. Saving all rights of the D. & C. 

A leaf sewn on has been cut off. fol. 43 in dorfc. 

Charter of Bp. Josceline. Grants to the D. & C. the Church of 
Cnngresbury to augment the communa. A vicar to be appointed with 
one third of the revenues, viz. in omnibus minutis decimis, legatis, et 
obventionibus altaris, et in tertia portione decimarum bladi vicario qui 
pro tempore f uerit remansura, quatenus minute decime, legata et ob^en- 
tiones altoris ad plenam tt^rtiam partem non sufBciunt. The parson's 
curia to belong to the D. & C. and another house near the church to be 
found for the victu*. A lawful taxation of the benefice reserved to the 
Bishop. Arrangements are made about woods and payment of fees. 
Given at Wells in festo S. S. Philip. & James, A.D. 1237. 

Charter of Bp. Joceline de jurisdictione urbis et suburbii. The Dean fol. 44. 
debet cognoscere causas. Ir. his absence the Subdeau. The household 
of the Bishop to be judged by him or his officers, and ail fines inflicted 
upon any one subject to the Bp. to go to the fabric of the Church with- 
out diminution. Fines inflicted upon others to go to the presiding 
judge, deducting the siipeud of the common apparitor. The officials to 
keep a common roll dF their A cts. 

Same date as the last. 


Charter o€ Alexander de Mnddesleg, aboot an exchange of lands with 
^*^mS*^ Peter the Dean. 
— Boondaries given. 

Test. Bic. de Cnntevill ; Waltr. Camerar. 

A oommission has been issued by the Pope to John, Abbot of Ford, 
Unfred the Prior there, and to Baldwin the Prior of Axminster, to 
decide a question between Alex the Dean & the C. of Wells on the one 
part, and Emisiu-c, a Canon of Wells on the other, concerning land at 
Bideshaniy which he held as a prebend. 

foL 44 IB dorB.{ Bp. Sa^-aric's confirmation of the decision, viz., that the laud is to 

be held for life by Emisius, and then be applied to the n^e of the 
fabric of the Chnich; E. meanwhile paying 40 solidi jearly to the 
fabric. E. to have all the privilegv^s of a canon, bat is not bound to 
reside, nor to pro^-ide a ricar at WelLs. 

Similar charter by Alex the Dean. 

C*harter of Bp. Josceline. 

The Church of Eyercreech which until now has belonged to the 
Treaanrership is to revert to the Bishop, and the Treasurorship is to 
haye the Church of Mertek, saving the interest therein of the Abbey 
of S. Michael de periculo maris Ac &c. 

fol. 45. Charter of Bp. Sayaric, grants, for the Hugmoition of the ooramuua 

of the canons, the Church of Lydeard. 

Charter of Alex, de Rodolio and Wills de Safuble al* Desafuble. Grant 
of the Church of Estun to S. Andrew & the Bp. in prebendam. 
Teat. Wills. Elyen^. Eps. ; Godefr. Wmt. 

Confirmation by Bp. Reginald. 

A question about precedence had arisen at a Synod held in the 
Cathedral at Bath in the month of April in the 4^ year of Ilonorius 
III. between Peter, Dean of Wells, and R. Prior of Bath. The Bp. 
decides that the Prior is to sit upon his right hand, but that this is not 
to carry any jurisdiction or increase of authority, Ac. A.D. 1219. 

ful. 45 in don. Charter of Bp. Joceline about Lydiard. 

Confirms Sayaric's grant. The Church is to go to augment the com- 
muna, & a yicar is to he proyided. 

Giyen in the Chapter at Wells. Crastino S. Mich. A.D. 1213. 

Qiarter of Bp. Rainaud. Grants and confirms to S. Andrew the 
40 solidi Avbich the Canons of Bruton Hre bound to pay annually out of 
the Church of Banwell and the Church of Westbere, for the supply of 
a wax taper to burn continually before the High Altar nt Wells. 

Charter of Bp. Roliert about Bidesham. 

The Prebend of B. given to Herbert of Ilchester on this tenure, that 
if the preliend which has been given to Richard Pictavensis fall vacant, 
he is to have it, and restore B. to the Church of Wells ; and meanwhile 
he is to pay 20 8oli:Ii yearly for the use of the Church, 

Charter of Ric. Bp. of Wyntou addrc8se<l to the Justiciaries. 

Uaa decided a question which had arisen l)etween the Church oi 
Wells and Walei*and de Wellesleg, his wife and her siater about land at 
Bidcsliam. The Church accepts a money payment, and W. receivos 
20 solidats of land. 


Confirmution by Bp. Rainakl of the gift toS. Andrew of lialt'a virgate wells 
in Northam, made by Galfrid Talebot. ^^M™^^ 

Charter of Philip, Prior of Briwtou, acknowledging thoir obligation fol. 46. 
to pay 40 solidi yearly to Wells. 

Ivo the Dean <&(:. Confirm the grant of half a hide, and half a 
virgate at Dultinchote made to Kadulf Martire by Bp. Kobert. li. in to 
sapply yearly one wax candle 3 lbs. weight, and two of 2 lbs. each. 
• Test. Reg. Precentor. 

Charter of Bp. Robert as above to Rad. Martire " qui per longa teropora 
nobis servierat, Ac." 

Charter of J. Bp, of B. & G. provides, with the assent of the D. foi. 46 in dors. 
& C.9 that if tlie vicarage of Kingsbury now held by Radulf, chaplain, 
falls vacant during the life of Thomas, now Chancellor of Wells, the 
presentation shall belong to (he D. ^ C, after the death of the Cliaa- 
c^llor the presentation shall belong to his Huccessors. 

Given in the Chapter in Crastino 8. Mich. A.D. 1213. 

Bp. Savaric. The saints are the friends of sinful man, " inter omnes 
autem sanctos memoria Dei genetricis eo jocundius agitur, quo pro 
iidelibus sedula creditur interventrix existere, et apud Beam majorem 
noscitur gratiam optinere '* ; wherefore having taken counsel with the 
Chapter we ordain that ^* in Ecclesia ipsa conlinua ejusdem Dei genetricis 
virginis habeatur memoria, et in ejus veneratione missa diebus singulis 
solempniter celebretur '' ; and also a daily mass for all benefactors, 

Ten pounds to be paid to .the chaplains appointed for thii service ; 
five of them to be paid out of the revenue of the Archdeaconry which 
Maurice de ilerkely holds: and five by the Church of ('hard. Future 
chaplains to be appointed by the Chapter. 

Charter of Joscelino Bp. of B, & G. 

Robert the Prior of Bath, *;c. hiiving granted to the Bishop all their 
rights in the at! vow son of Dogmerrifield and 20 solidi of yearly pension, 
he with the consent of L. the Dean and the C. of Wells makes a prebend 
of this 20 solidi, and appointH to it Luke one of the Canons. 

Given in the Chapter, in Pascha, Pontihcat anno nono. 

Inspeximus by Archbishop Richard of a Charter of Henry JI. There 
has been a suit between R. Bp. of Bath, and Henry de Tilli concerning 
the Manor of Dogmersfield which the Bp, claims as part of hi.s 
demesne ; and concerning the fee of Dinra, which the Bp. says that 
Godfrid de Dindra ought to hold of him in capite : but which Henry 
claims to hold of the Bishop, Talis concordia facta fuit. 

Henry resigns into my hands the Manor of Dogmersfield, &c., and I 
[according to the grant made by my grandfather Henry to the Church 
of Bath which I have inspe^.-ted] have given it to the Church of Bath, 
and to Bp. Reginald as demesne. Henry also in similar manner resigns 
the fee of Dinra, and T give it to the Bishop to be held of him in capite 
by G. de Dinra & his heirs per servitium unius militis. The Bishop 
pays 100 marcs to Henry de Tilli, Ac. 

Test. Rog. Archid. Ebor. 

H. Bp. of Exon, has upon the pre::$entation of Bp. Savaric, admitted 
John de Tineniuth to the Church of Aulescumb ; quam ecclesiam ex- 

• / 


Wells inspectione instrumentonim domini fundi et bone mcmorie J. pre- 
^^ Mss!''^^ decessoris nostri Wellensis eccle nomine prebendc novimus esse colla- 
— tarn. 

Given at Ferendon 8*^ kal. Marc Pontificat nostri anno sexto A.D. 

Charter of Josceline Tresminet*. 

Gives to S. Andrew and to Bp. Rainald the Church of Aulescumb in 

fol. 47 in dors. Confirmation by John Bp. of Exon of the last, which had been uiado 

" in presentia nostra." 

Another copy of the Charter of Bp. H. above. 

Charter of Bp. Savaric. 

On the petition of Hugh Lumbard, Canon of Wells, parson of War- 
minster, has given to Stephen clerk of Haversham the share which 
William brother of Stephen had in that church, saving a pension of 
4 marcs which Stephen pays to the said Hugh. 

Confirmation by G. Bp. of Ix>ndon of the grant to S. Andrew in 
prebendam, of the advowson of the Church of Scaldeford made by the 
noble Hamo fil Galfr. and Robert his heir to his venerable brother 
Reginald Bp. of Bath and to the Church of S. Andrew, Wells. 

The last two lines of this charter follow on the top of fol. 49. Fol. 48 
is in a different hand, and another fol. here has been cut out. 

fol. 48. Charter of Hamo fil Gaufr. granting Scaldeford Church. 

His wife is Agnetn. Richard is the parson and holds it for life. 

Hanc autem concessionem feci in manum venerabilis patris mei 
Rcginaldi Bath Epi per aureum annuium. 

Test. Ric. Archid. Bath ; Teste presente et consentiente Rol>. herede 
meo ; Simon fil pon ...;... tro de Wynton ; . . ; . . clerioo HI 
Bal. . . . Reg. russ . . . . de Dunep; Test" et hiis, Walter Giffard ; 
Rad. fil Savar ; Ivo de Garton ; Martin de Wellen. 

Charter of Robert fil Hamonis fil Gaufr. de eodem. 

Test Joscelino Bp. Samm ; Ric. Archid. Bath ; Robt. Prior; Jordan 
Sub-Prior Briuton ; Will. Sacrist, Sireburne; Peter de Wynton ; Will, 
fil Bald ; Gilbert de Exon ; Walter chaplain ; Philip de S. Edwardo ; 
Baldwin clerk ; Rad. fil Sav. ; Daniel and Peter, bi'ethren ; Gaufr. & 
Will, de S. Giorgio, &c. 

Inspeximus of the confirmation of G. Bishop of London above by Ric. 
Bp. of London. 

Test. Gilbert, Archid, Middelsex ; Ric. de Windr' and John Wrcens, 
canons ; Master Roger, and Alan, and Berenger, chaplains ; Master 
Alex. Will, de Ely ; Rad. de S. Paulo ; Ric. chaplain ; Will de 
Harfold ; Hugh, clerk; Gervase and Robt., chaplains; John de 
Waltham, Ac. 

Edward the Dean of Wells and the C. accept the bequest of Hugh 
the Treasurer, and establish a missa matutinolis for his soul, for which 
the Succentor is to be responsible. The stipend is 6 marcs. Sibiila 
relict of John de Laverton is mentioned, apparently as executrix. 

iul. 49. Resumes the origiilial hand. 

Inspeximus by. the D. & C. of Wells [a space left vacant for the 
Dean's name] of a Charter of Bp. Savaric, granting to the Abbey of 


Muchelney, on nocount of its poverty, omne-< garbe of their church ^ well^ 
at Sumerton, saving to the vicar or to the monks who serve the church, ^^ mssI'*''*^ 
totum altelagium iu terria arabilibus, and the small tithes, &c. — 

Inspeximus by Robt. Prior of Bath of the same. 

Charter of Savaric. Grants, with the assent of the D. & C, that 
Abbot Benedict of Athehiey and his successors become Canons of Wells, 
holdino; the prebend of Sutton ; and that they have the stall next to the 
Sab Dean. They ai^e not to be bound to residence, but must provide a 
vicar with 4 marcs stall wage^. 

Charter of King William addressed to Abbot Ailnod and Tovi Vice- 
comes, Ac. Has granted the vill of Wynesham to Bp. Giso for the 
ase of the Canons of Wells. 

Confirmation by Bp. Savaric of the grant made by Bishops Robert 
and Rainald of the Manor of Cumba to the office of Cantor ant] to the 

Test. Helyas, CLaplain. 

Confirmation by Thomas the Precentor and the Chapter of an ordi- 
nance made by Bp. Jocoline (in partibus transmarinis) with the consent 
of Bad., the Dean & some of the brethren ; viz , that, after the depar- 
ture of Will., of Cerd, out of the Manor of Cumba 100 solidi be paid to 
one prebend ; 10 marcs each to 10 prebends ; and a prepositura be 
made and given to one of the above 10 prebends. The prepositus to 
pay 10 marcs to the Canons of Wells, and retain 10, besides the 10 
which he has from the preb«^nd ; he shall also have any I'esidue " nomine 
prepositure." Canons to pay 2 marcs to their vicars as stall wages. The 
prepositus shall also have the Church of Cumba to enable him to bear 
the burdens of the office. 

In order to prevent any change in the number of prebends it is 
agreed that upon the cession of Richard, (the officer who receives the 
value of one prebend "de camera Epi " out of the receipts from the 
Archdeaconry of Wells,) the Bishop shall be freed from that pay- 
ment, iHiC. 

Charter of P. the Dran, W. the Sub Dean, and the C. Consent to). 50. 
t(i the union of the PrepoMture of Cumba and Wynesham. 

Charter of Radulf fil. Willi, granting i-o S. Andrew and to Bp. 
Reginald in prebendam, the Church of Warminster. 

Inspeximus by Will, Bp. of Ely, legate, and Chancellor of the King> 
of the charters of King Henry I. and King Richard, gi^anting to Robert 
de Piron the land- and the Church in Warminster ; and of the ^rant 
made as above by his heir Radulf fil Willi : and conclusion of a con- 
trovei-sy between Bishoo Reginald, and Ilugh de Haverelham then 
possessor of the Church. Given at Windlesora. 7 kal. Maii. 

Wills. Malet ha<> settled a controversy about a hide and a half of 
land with the Church of S. Dionisius of Warminster, by giving a 
virgate in Babington, '*et rusticum qui earn tenet." Will, fil Regin. is 
advocatus ecclesie. 

End of a controversy between the Church of W^ells and Gerbert de 
Perci concerning lands on the bounds of Wytechurch prebend, and 
Chilecumtcn. G. to hold one half upon an annual payment to the 
prebendary of 1 lb. of pepper, and swearing fealty to the Church of 

• r 


Uklt,8 Wells, and tn the canon who holds that prebend. Payment to l>c 
*'''^Msr^'' enforcecl " ecclesiastica districcione." 

Letter of P. Archbishop and I^ate to R. Bp. of Bath Has heard 
that Philip de Farnel tlie adversary of the canons of Wells, has not 
obeyed citations, refuses to acknowledge the rights of the Church 
t»f Wells, Ac, if it is so restrain this wicked man "ecclesiastica sententia 
a tanta teraeritate," and see that the same is done by our brother B. Bp. 
of Exon. 

Charter of Bp. Josceline about the Manor and Church of Wynescumb. 
Recites. *^in dedicationc eccle nostre Wellen. quam die S. Roman i mense 
Novembris, A.D. 1239 in honore S. Andree apostolorum mitissimi dedi- 
cavimus." Printed in Adam de Domerham Vol. I. p. 252. 

fol. 51. Charter of Bp. Josceline. 

Richard de Dynara, Rector of Merk, which is in our presentation, 
resigned it '*in majori eccla Wellen" on Wednesday, prox post fest 
S.S. Symon & Jude A.D. 1242, we in consideration of the long con- 
troversy between the D. A C. on the one part and the Rectors of M. on 
the other, with the consent of John Saracenus and our Chapter of 
Wells, ordain that the said church be henceforth annexed to the Dean's 
prebend of Weilmore ; ** et quod una cum quatuor prebendis de viginta 
libris quftb Decani Wellen facere solent et dehent de diguitate decana- 
tus in eccla Welleu ad douationcm nostrasi et successorum costi'um 
spectantes, facial dc cetoro (|uicunque pro tempore fuerit Decanus Wel- 
len quintam prebendam de quatuor libris de dicta prebenda de Wedmor 
et ecclesia de Merk in eccla. Wellen quam conjungendam duxinius pre- 
bende de viginti solid is in eccla. Wellen qui canon ico dicte prebende 
reddi solent . . de ecclesia de Dogmer»*sfeld, &c," 

This united prebend to follow the same niles as all others, though it 
is attached to the Deanery, 

Given in the Chapter A.D. 1242 & same day as above. 

Charter of Bp. Josceline. 

Recites his anxious desire from the first to promote the honour and 
glory of the woi-ship of God, by building, Ac. Flis Church. 

Seeing; that this has now in great part been accomplished ; and that 
whereas the Clmrch was formerly poor, it has now been much enriched, 
the allowances mny be increased. Seeing then that the iJean, John Sar- 
racenus and the Chapter have placed the matter in my hands absolutely I 
therefore order that in phwe of all former arrangements and daily distri- 
bution of bread, as follows : 

We and our suecessoi*s shall receive for eveiy day we are at Wells or 
coming or going thence, "octo denarios pro comniunia cotidiana et quin- 
que denarios pro pane queni prius habere solelmmus per diem sex 
denarios et qnamor panes albos." The Dean, Precentor, Archdeacon, 
Cnancellor, and Treasurer, who used to receive per diem 6 pence for 
daily commons, and two white loa'^es and two black, shall for the future 
have for every day they are in Wolls or coming to it, or going from it, 
8 pence for daily commons and 4 pence for bread. 

•All other canons shall in hke manner r.*eeive 4 pence for commons, 
and 2 for bread, who formerly received 3 pence and one white and one 
black loaf per day. 

The vicars slmll each, in lieu of the commons of brea^l which they 
nsed to receive according to the scale of the Grange, have I peimy, 
provided that they ai*e present at matins and other canonical hours, 


unless thoy ai*e absent for sufficient cause nnd in the town and have Wkua 
leave from the Dean or Sulxlean. ^^^mSs.^^ 

Every one else who used to have breail conunons daily from the — 

Grange, shall receive I penny ; those who had half commons shall have 
i\ halfpenny. 

But if it should happen, (quod absit,) that the receipts of the Grange 
out of which the bread use<l to l)e providetl fail, [ad dictam disiribu- 
rionem denarii pro pane per annum non possv^ sulHcere] let the payment 
of pence in place of bread cease from the time that the supplies failed, 
until the end of the year. 

We hope however and believe that sufficient provision has been made 
for all. 

As regards the distribution of the residue at the end of the year 
among the pardons and the canons i-esident in the town, it is to be 
made according to the above rules, reserving a sufficient instauramentnm 
and other necessary things. 

Residentiaries who are entitled to share in the residue, are the canons 
who have resided in the town per mediunr annum sive continue sive 
in terpollatim. 

But the Dean, Pn^centor, Chancellor and Treasurt^r shall participate 
only if they have been resident for two thirds of the year continuously 
or in terpollatim, &e. 

Sealed by the Bishop, and the Dean and C. 

Given in the Chapter of Wells 16 kaL Nov. A.D. 1242. 

Another hand and also fol. 53. fol. 52. 

J. de Godele, Dean & the C. to Bp. William. 

Have presented John Tappyna: to the first chantry founded for Dean 
Henry Husee, &c., & beg for liis institution. 

v. Id. Nov. A.D. 1307. 

Similar presentation of Thomas de Milverton to the second chantry 
founded for the soul of the said Dean H. Husee. 

A.D. 1307. Convention between the D & C. and Rir. de Plymstocke ; 
Rog. Uuse ; Uobt. Fayremay ; Rog. de Milverton ; & John de Bampton ; 
exors of the will of Dean Uusee. The D. & C. to pay jBlO Aterling 
yearly to the two chaplains John Tapping and Thomas de Milverton, 
and their snccossons : £6. 16«. 8<f . of it to the chaplains fur food and 
raiment, 20 shillings to them for celebrating the obit in the choir ; 
40 shillings to the poor ; 8 pence " a<l opus sacriste pro classicis in memo- 
Tia dicti H Huse pulsiindis ; " 2 shillings to the commnnarius and 8 
pence to the eschaetor for making the distribution. 

I'he said chaplains shall daily and in person bay placebo, dirige, and fol. 52 in dors, 
commendatio ..." ante pulsationcm secunde prime " for the souls of the 
Fsiid Henry nnd his family ; of Robt. Burn el and Will, de March ia, Bps. 
of B. & W., of Pyter Bp. of Exon ; of the King and Margaret his 
consort; his eldest son Kdward, and all his children; of Waller Bp. 
of B. & W ; and John de Godelee, Dean, and of all the canons **cum 
subtract! fuerint ah hac luce." For the souls also of John de Button 
** quondam propositus " Well. ; of Reginald Huse ; of John de Bremmor; 
c»f Thomas Oweyn, and Alice his wife ; &c. 

They shall also celebrate daily masses at the two new altars near the 
entrance of tlie choir. 

The chaplains are bound by oath to these duties; nnd arj poqxUual, 
uot vicars. 

Detailed regulations for appointment of chapluint^, &c. 


A.D. 1311. die S. Mich. <lmns. H. de Corston, Rectoi' of itiirabam, 
Mid to the D. & C. of Wellfl, & pensiou of £10, he, "pro expeosis 
trocmiUorum miseoram ad concilium, ifiC." 

Another iiaud. 

Mann mission, 

Edwnrd the l>ean & the C. of Welly, omnibus, &c. 

Williiim son of Koger de Barton ''nativna miuerii noMtri de Wynes- 
;umb," has becu bought into Itboily from us hy Thomas Corbyn, vicar 
)f Wynescumb. lie and his are free. 

A.D. 1262. 

Inspesimus by Edward the Dean of the Charter of Bp. William in 
ivhicb he irranted to William Buscel son of Richard Buscel h virgate of 
and in Cumpton, &c., &e. 

TeRt.Dn* Jordan la War ; Adam le hyrris ; Rt^nahl Long ; Ric. VoKtial ; 
Will. Russel ; Pagan de Lodewclle; Will, ile Wolfareshull ; Simon de 
Britton i Nich. Coppe. 

A.D. 1262. 

The old early hiuid again. 

Robert, Piior of Bath and the Convent, announce to Pope Innocent, 
that in conjunction with the Dran and Chsptcr of Wells they hnve 
exercised their right, anil chosen Josceline lo be bishop, ^c 

Axle for his contiruiati'iD. 

Note. " Hanc cartnm sequuntur subscription es omnium Monacliorum 

A similar letter from Dean Alexander of Wells. 

Similar notification to the Archbishop, made by the Convent of B., 
and the Ciiapter of Wells. 

Similar notificatinn made to the Pope by the Bishops W. London ; 
E. Hereford ; R K' Asaph ; H. Land { R. Bangor; T. Mcnevcns. 

Pi-ocess of the Eieciion. 

The convent of Bath chose Robt. their Prior; John, the Sub-prior : 
Mnster Haramo and Brother Martin, monks, to e.\crcise their powers in 
conjunction with the D. & C. of Wells. 

At Dokermaresfeld, 23^ April. 

The same Bishops as above notify the election lo ihe Legnte, the 
consent of the king, and pray lor contlrmation of it. They iirc thus 
acting because the we of Canterbury is vucant. 

A similar notification by the D. & C. lo the Pop.-', with ■^rievou.s 
complains of the ills which have fullowcil from ihe length of time the 
see has been vai;anl. They cann'>t be ignorant of the worth of Jucctine, 
" cum in sinii eccle.'<ie nostre n prime lacte coaluerit." All have joined 
in approving the choice, both clerks and people. They earnestly pray 
for conlirmation of it. 

A similar notilicHtion and )ielition to the Legnle by R. Bishop of 

Not i Hi III ion by the above proeiora of Kalli Abbey. 


Notification by the Convent of their nppointment of proctors. Wblls 


The form of election agreed upon between the Churches of Bath — ^* 

and Wells. *»!• •'*«• 

The Prior & Convent of Bath and the Dean & Canons of Wells, are 
to meet together in some fitting plac;*. The Prior is to take the lead 
and announce the name of the person elected. But if the Prior be 
chosen then the Dean is to make tlie announcement, &c. 

The Bishops W. of London ; T. Roffen ; H. of Exon ; H. of Sarisbnr ; 
E. of Elyen ; T. of Covent. ; M. of Wygorn ; J. of Norwic ; W. of 
Lincoln ; S. of Cicest'; P. of Winton ; to the Pope praying for the 
confirmation of Joceline. 

The Bishops to the same effect, to tlie Legate. fol. 56 in dore. 

B. Bp. of Bangor the same, to the Pope. 

Notification by the Convent of Bath to the King of their choice of 

Appointment of proctors by the Chapter of Wells, viz. Alex. fol. 57. 
tbe Dean ; William the Precentor; Thomas the Suhdean ; and Master 
Bad. de Lechlade, canon. 

The above elect Josceline. 

Quite a different but early hand. 

Confirmation by Pope Gregory of the election of Dean J. Saraoenus, 
and of the right of the Chapter to elect a Dean from among their 

Process for the appointment of a Dean, by Joceline Bp. of Bath h fol. 57 in dois. 
Glaston, anno episcopatus ll^*. A.D. 1216. 

Confirmation of the last by the Legate Otho. 

At London, ii kal. Feb. Pontif. Pope Gregor. anno undecimo. 

Charter of King Henry I. -to Godfrey Bp. of Bath. The manor fol. 58. 
of Calveston belonging to the Abl)ess of S. Eklwards is in the Bp.'s 
Hundred of Bath. Merk in Wedmore is of the Bp.'s demesne. 

Test. T. the Chancellor. 

Charter of H. II. to Ivo the Dean of free warren at Wedmore. 
Test. Cancell. apud Pacem. 

Charter of M. Begina addressed to W. de Moiun vicecomes, Ac. At 
her request Osbert Eps. Essecestrensis has granted to Bp. Giso the 
Church of Wedmore to which he has often laid claim. 

Order made by Bp. Josceline for the good of the Church which 
he loves so well. 

The Church of Wedmore, which hail belonged to the Sub-deanery, 
to become a prebend of the Deanery and Xo pay to a vicar in the Ch. of 
Wells 4 marks u year. 

The Church of Woky which ha'l belonge<l to the Deanery is to 
iM^long to the Subdeanery, and the Subdean to pay at least two mnr(*s 
a year to his vicar in Wells. 

Given with the consent of the D. & C. nt Wells Z^ non. Junii fol. 58 in do^. 
pontif. anno 4^. 

a 20541. r> 



Charter of Joeeeline with consent of tln^ D. k, C. 

The reTenoea of vacant prebescLs except that of Wedinorpy to belong 

— to the Chapter. The BL«4iop to have the revenues of the Deanery, 

Preeentoi>iup« Chancellorship, TreaMjry, Sabdeanery, Soccentorj, h 

of any Prepositora or Archdeaconrj, when vacant. Also rales for 

preaentatiofiA ai ^ach tinier to vicarages, ^c Sx. 

Dat in capitulo. 14 kal. Oct. Pontificat. anno 8^. 

foL 5^. Charier of Josoeline to Dean Peter. &c. 

The D. & C. exempt from all fines. &c. to the King and an>werable 
odIt to the Bishop. 

Given at Wells, in Ocfavis. S. Mich. Pontifical, anno 22^. 

Robert Malerbe son of Henry de Madesleg qait claims to Peter the 
Dean &. hU raccesaors a hidf virgate in Wed more in Bemeston 

Test. lUc. de CnntevilL 

Bp. Jo«x*line afier consultadon with Dean L. & the C. grants to the 
common fund the two thirds of the revennes of vacant benefices which 
the Bishop used to have. The Archdeacons W. de Bardenev of Wells, 
and W. de Wrotham of Tanton to have the costody of vacant ben^ces 
subject to this payment, ^ qnia sacrament am corporate coram nobis presti* 
temnt," bn« the Archdeacons Thomas of Glaston, and Hngh of Bath 
'* quia nondnm sacramentum prestiterunt content! sine tercio denaiio 
000 '* of vacant benefices ^ per manam nostraui sicnt prins fnerunt.'* 

Given in Capitolo o** Id. J alii. Pontificat. anno 10^. 

Printed in Wells Cathedral by H. £. Reynolds, p. 122. 

fol. 59 m dora. Charter of Reginald about the Bertona. Conf. foL 25. 

Charter of Alicia Roges, granting to the Choreh of S. Andrew, Ilc, the 
Church of Wrnesford. 


Charter of Bp. Savaric i^rantin^ to the canons in augmentation of 
their common fund which is small, the Church of Wivele'scumb. 

Charter of Bp. Joceline^ making the Church of Wivelescnmb with the 
Chapel of Fifhide a prebend. 

Given iu the Chapter at WeUs in Crastino S. Micliaelis, Pontificatus 
noetri anno 8®. 

foL «0- Charter of Bp. Savaric. 

If the Abbots of Cirecester and of Athelingen give the Churches of 
Melobume and Sutlon respectively to form prebends of the Church of 
Wells, they and their successors shall enjoy all their fruits saving a cotn^ 
petent allowance to their vicars in Wells. 

Charter of Kichai d son of William de Haselberg, gives to the Blesse*! 
Mary a charge of 5 shillings upon the land held by his son Thomas, for 
the soul of his father, and to keep a lamp baruiu<; day and night befort' 
S. Mary's altar in the Chapel of Haselbcrg. . The money to be paid 
before the parishioners to some sufficient man, who shall in return for 
this be free of service. Te»t. Rob* de Curtcnay. 

Charter of William de Herpetre son of William son of John. Grants 
to S. Andrew's and to Bp. Reginald the fee of Godefrid de Dlnra, &c. 

The said Godefrid has done homage to the said Bp. Reginald in my 


CoDfirmation by Bp. Reginald of grant of the Church of Herpetre Wblu 

made to S. Andrew's by William de. Herpetre. ^^uSs^^ 

Test. Alexander the Dean, &c. — 

Charter of W. de ITerpetro til Will fil John of the above named 

Test. Will. Sarum. 

Charter of Oliver de Dinair, granting to 8. Andrew's at the request 
of Bp. Reginald, Ac. the Church of Bokelond. 
Test. Stephan, Prior of Tantou. 

Charter of the same granting the tithe of all the hay of his Manor of 

Test. Henr. Exon &c. 

Confirmation of the above by Bp. Reginald. 
Test. A. Dean of Wells. 

Bp. Reginald confirms to the Church of Yiitton a virgate ('<qne fol. 61. 

fait Rogar al*, que fuit segar'') which is claimed for his Church by 
William de Yatton. " 

Test. Ric. Dean of Wells, he. 

Charter of William, prepositus of Cumbe. 

The Abbot, <&c. of S. Augustine's, Bristoll have taken the Church of 
Yatton ad firmam for a term of 10 years, from S. Michaers day 
A.D. 1236, from John Odolmcr, Canon of Wells as holding the prebend 
of Yatton, and have let it to me for 45 marcs annually, beginning with 
the year 1237, &c. William the Dean and the Chapter become sureties 
for this payment, and William the prepositus hereby pledges all his 
property as security to them. 

Test. R. the Chancellor ; H. Archd° of Tan ton ; W. the Subdean ; 
H. the Succentor ; Luca de Membury a canon. In Octavis S. Martini 
A.D. 1236. 

Charter of Nicholas de Borewe. Conf. fol. 38. 

Confirmation by Bp. Reginald. Conf. fol. 38. 

'IVst. Alex. Dean of Wells ; Roger , de Boveliz ; Rad, Dean of Grer- 
lingetona ; Rog. de Bradeibrd, Clerk ; Henry de Tracy ; Will, de Mertoc ; 
Hamelin, Seneschal ; Ric. de Ken ; St<eph. de Waleton ; Ric, camerarins; 
Serloy pincemar ; Ric, marescallus, &c. 

Charter of Alnred de Punsot. Con. fol. 35 in dors. 

Chaner of Rob^ de Meysi, clerk, granting to S. Andrew and Bp. 
tToceline, the Advowson of the Church of Berton,and the half Advowson 
of the Church of Nuniz, which belong to him. 

Tost. Will. deHamme, Precentor of Wells; Peter, Ti-easurer; Mai<ter 
John de \Verord; Master Berkelay; Rog., Chaplain ; Master 
Ada, Canon of Wells. 

Mem., on Tuedday next after the Feast of Holy Trinity, Helias de la 
Mere came with a servant to the house of the Dean of Wells about the 
sixth hour to claim the above half Advowson of Nuniz, but when he had 
seen the charter he renounced all claim to it, in the presence of the 
Dean; Will, de Button, Archd. of Wells; IVlasier (Egidius, Archdn. 
Berkesr ; Henry the Treasurer ; &c. " cum pluribus aliis qui dicta die 
comederunt cum predicto decano." 

c 2 

fol. 62. 


Wkim Charter of John, Prior of Worspring. 

^^^a*"^ In conwderation of the gifts made by William de Button, Bp. of 
Bath & Wells, the 2"^, and of a legacy of 210 marcs, the priory founds 
a chantry in the Cathedral of 1l»e value of 10 marcis yearly. The Bp's 
legacy had come at a time of need, and enabled the convent to redeem an 
annual payment of £10 due to the Lord John de Engayn, knight, upon 
the Manor of Worle. 

Givor in the Chapter at Worspring, July 4, A.D. 1 277. 

Charter of the Exors of Bp. Button's will, with directions for the 
scnrices of the Chantry. 
Oct. A.D. 1279. 

Manumission by Edward the Dean & the Chapter of Will. Gyan of 
North Cory. A.D. 1264. 

Concord made between the D. & C. and Robert son of the above W. 
Gyan super hosbote et hey bote in carta sua con ten ta. Robert is to have 
sex. plausti'atas busce in Stathemore, annually, to be fetched by him 
between the day of the Exaltation of Holy Cross and S. MichaePs day ; 
and he quitclaims husbote and heybote. 

Test, Galfr. de la Slo ; Thom. de Mere ; Waltr. le Frye ; Ric. le Frye ; 
Hug. de la Hele ; Ric. de Fonte, &c. 

Charter by D. & C. granting to Will. Gyan a messuage & 3 ferdells 
of l^nd in North Cory, in the parish of Sookes, at a rent of I2s. Sd. pro 
oroni servitio, &c , saving to the D. & C. the secta of the Hundred, and 
the custody of minors. If the heirs are of age on the decease of any 
tenant they shall pay a fine of 12^. 8^. <Sbc. 

A.D. 1264. 

fol. 63. The Hospital of S. John of Bristol, of which Elias is the Master, 

founds a Chantry of 30 shillings at the altar of 8. Mary Magdalen in the 
Cathedral for the soul of John de Axebrugge, Sul)dean of Wells. 

fol. G4. Charter of the D. & C. Bp. Roger had claimed the sequestration of 

all vacant benefices, but withdrew his claim upon examination of our 

We then made a free gift to him for life of our share, in consideration 
of the debts of the Bishop and Bishoprick, i,e. two parts, in such 
revenuea, saving to the Archdn. the third part. But this is not to bind 
future times. 

Given 9*'' kal. June. A.D. 1246. 

Mem. that when A.D. 1247, on Sunday at the Feast of the Purification 
ill continuation from the day before^ there were gathered toget)>er in 
Chapter, chiefly for the purpose of deliberatiou upon the election of a 
bishop which was to be held at Bath on the following Tuesday, 
Hn;rh Tesson, Precentor; W. de Lincoln, Chancellor ; H. de London, 
Treasurer; H. de Rom. Sul>dean ; H. de S)ileburn, Sucpeiit«ir; 
Math, Archdn. Bukingham ; Mgstr. R. de Marisc; Mgstr. Gin>crt de 
By ham ; Mgst. J. de Tan ton ; Mgst. A. Gessich ; W. preposit. de Cumlx^ ; 
J, de Baker; Phil de Sideburi ; W. de Cusinton; W. de Purl; J. do 
Herefi>rd : J. de Teynton ; R. de Haldeworth ; Eli de Bade-tr : H. de 
Laiigelegh : J. de Button ; Alex, de Banfeld ; J. de Sutton ; Ltic. de 
Meraburi; J. Odelmer; Marisc ; J. <]e Derham; & Ricile Dynam, 
Canons; certain arraii«[ements were made about a piece cf lantl at 


Mem. on Monday Crastino Trinitis A.D. 1243 at tho general council Wills 
of the fraternity (fratrum) held for the purpose of electing a Bishop ^^mss!*^ 
there was first of all a general sentence pronounced as follows. -T" 

Excommunication of all who reveal the secrets of the greater or •*' ^* '** ^"' 
Lesser Chapter, especially in the matter of the election. 

Excommunication of all in the Chapter who maliciously impede that 

Excommunication of all those of the Chapter who give aid to our 
adversaries, t.«., the Monks of Bath. 

Mem. that on S.S. Peter & Paul's day A.D. 1243, the following 
sentence was pronounced in the Cathedral. 

Excommunication of all who in any way invade the rights of the 
Church, save the King & Queen, their proctors & Count Ric and the 
King's Council. 

Excomm. of all who interfere with the Church's rights in the Church 
of Cungersbury, with same exceptions. 

Mem. that on Saturday before the feast of S. John the Baptist, Will 
de Bruges and two vicars were sent by the Chapter to Brent to protest 
and appeal. 

Appeal was made before the Archdn. of Wells at Axebridge in a full 
Chapter summoned ad hoc to declare whether the Church of Cungers- 
bury is vacant or no. 

Appeal to the Papal see to forbid the admission of Peter Saracenus or 
any other to the said Church, &c to prevent the Arch- 
deacon who is "juratus cnpituli nostri" from admitting Peter or any 
other, &c. &c. 

Mem. that A.D. 1243 a question had arisen about the burial of 
William de Chyw, a canon. It was determined that for the future 
resident canons should be buried according to their rank in the cloister, 
be^nning from the south door of the church. No layman or vicar to 
be buried among them. The vicars to be buried in the cemetery to the 
etist of and behind the chapel of S. Mary, and elsewhere in the ceme- 
tery ; but laymen to the west, beginning by the '^hulmollos plantatos" 
on the side where '^consuevit esse hastillaria," and so westward. 

For the future qo laymen to be buried before the west door of the 
church. The greater people who belong to the church may be buried 
within it, if it is wished, unless they have otherwise ordered during their 

In the same year it was ordered that for the future no vicar should live 
alone, but always two together. Disobedience punished by exclusion 
from the choir, and from share in commons. 

It is also ordered tHat if any of those who live alone can be convicted 
of incontinence they are to be punished by loss of all their portions. 
Those who had concubines and children are forbidden to allow the 
visits of the mothers to the children, or to go to any place where the 
mothers are likely to be present, or to have any intercourbe with them 
except in public, and in the presence of witnesses '* non siispectis " 

An Act of Chapter on Wednesday next after the feast ot S. james fol- 65. 
A.D. 1243 calling into residence John de Sutton. John does not 
appear either in person or by proxy to answer the charge of non 
residence, and John de Campton his vicar resigned his otiice into the 
hands of the Dean in Chapter. 

A.D. 1244, on the vigil of S. Peter ad viiicula Galfrid de Toteneis is 
accused of adultery. He in full chapter cleared himself upon oath of 
the charge. His compurgatores were present but were excused fi'oiQ 




Welu taking; the oath, ** quia vehementer presumebatur pro dicto G. quocl non 
]^gg, esset m culpa. 

— On the following day John de Cerde was accused of adultery with 

the wife of David (tinctoris) who had lately gone to the Holy Lsmd. 
The said J. gives to the chapter letters patent undertaking to submit to 
the loss of his vicar's office if he should siu again, &c. 

A copy of the letter. 

On the same day Dn* W. de Kajnesham wad charged with having 
established an oratory in his house at Wells without the consent of the 
Chapter, & to the prejudice of the Church. He promises that it shall 
not be done again. 

On the day after the Assumption A.D 1248, and on the Monday 
following, William de Hoyland was accused before the Chapter of 
incontinence [John de Sutton appears amotig the rest] upon certain 
specified occasions. He confesses, and, because of the public scandal, 
he is to stand among the boys until that feast of the Nativity of the 
Blessed Mary, and give letters patent as in the case of J. de Cerde. 

The D. & C. A.D. 1247 desire their chaplains to denounce excom- 
munication 'upon those who infringe the rights of the Church, especially 
in the case of Litton prebend, according to the form of the provincial 
council of Oxon. 


Mem. That J. Sarracenus the Dean and the Chapter gi*ant R. de 
Berton hominem dicti capituli dii^ Walt^ de Cusynton [a canon] tote 
• empore dicti Walteri. 

Mem. On Ascension Day after vespers two messengers came from the 
Piior and Convent of Christ Church Canterbury, with letters pater.t, 
and brought the letters into our Chapter. The Chapter did not accept 
the letttirs until protest had been made that it did not acknowledge any 
authority upon the part of the said monks. If there should l^e in the 
letters anything of the nature of command, the Chapter before accepting 
them appeals to the Apostolic See agaicst it, and against any sentence 
which may be pronounced against them. 

Names of those present in Chapter. 

Mem. Protest made by Sarracenus and othei's & in Chapter against 
the election of the Pi*ecentor ; not on account of any objection to the 
person but because the election has been made in contravention of the 
rights of the Church. 

Mem. On Wednesday in the Week of Pentecost A.D. 1243 the 
Proctor of the Abbot of Bee, came, and after many arguments about 
the sums and fines payable by him, for the non payment of which he 
had been suspended, an agreement was made, byiirhich the fines already 
inflicted & will be remitted if the abbot pays that which may be due 
according to the usual rules, before a certain day. 

Mem. Upon the same subject. The Prior of Hokeburn is the Abbot's 

Mem. If the King should claim the presentation of Cungersbury on 
the ground that King Richard presented Peter Sarracenus, answer shall 
be made that the King had that presentation " ratione vacautis epis- 
copatus." The manor &c. was granted by King John to Bp. Joscolinc 
and his successors, as the chai'ters prove, and tlio Bp. granted it to i\w 
Chapter ** in augmentum communas." 



Mem. On the day after the Feast of S.S. Simon & Jiide A.D. 1243, CixiSiLL 
with the consent of the Kin^, in the Manor Court the Chapter by its hss. 

proctors Walter dc Coeinton and John de Uerham, received possession 
of the Church of Cungersbury at the hands of R. Passelewe " custodis 
epiFcopatus," and Galfrid de Were, dean of the place gave them posses- 
sion, and this by the authority of W. de Button, Archdn. of Wells. 
And H. the Subdean was the proctor of the Chapter to grant it ad 
/irmam to P. Sarracenus in the presence of the whole parish and many 
others who had come there for diverse reasons. He also delivered the 
ornaments and the books of the church, to the said P. in the chapel of 
the church, on the day following. 

Bp. Roger desires of the D. & C. confirmation of his charter to fol 66. 
Thomas de Gar^lade and Edith his wife. 

Confirmation by the D. & C. reciting the Bp's charter which grants 
to the said T. & E. all the laud in Wells, one ferdel & a half, & a piece 
of moor held by Richard de Cargilade. 

Confirmation of a similar grant made to William de Aure h Mabilia 
his wife, formerly held by Richard son of Robert Franceys at Chedder, 
i.e., a mill <&c. 

Saving to Domina Agatha de Corscumb, &c. I'ue marc a year. 

Test. Robt. fil. Pagani ; Thorn, de Altavill; Robt Malherbe ; Nich. 
de Cheldrinton (tunc seuescallu^ noster) Galf. Fassal; Bagpuz; 
Robt. de la Sale; Will, de Claffoi-d ; Will, de Camera; Phil, de Cnoll; 
& Gilbert de Sarum, clerks. A.D. 1246. 

Inspeximus by the Chapter of a Charter of Hugh de Romenal Subilean fol. 66 in dors, 
and Rector of Woky, granting to Jolin le Poch de Exon clerk, and 
Juliana de Woky his wife, two acres at Woky, &c. A.D. 1246. 

AU crossed out-. 

flohn the Dean <Sr. the C. omnibus, &c. 

In order to promote the honour of God and of the Glorious Virgin 
Mary, we assign 20 shillings yearly due from the chapel of Stokes, to 
Richard Tregoz, vicar of North Cury & his succcL-sors, for a daily mass 
in the chapel built and de<licated to the honour of the Glorious Virgin 
in the cemetery of North Cury. This payment to cease if the service 
ceases. A.D. 1246. 

Inspeximus by the D. & C. and confirmation of a grant by fol, 67. 
Bp. Roger to Will de Wrangheye of certain lands, &c. at Wolynton 
(Wellmgton) at a rent of 20 shillings a year in lieu of all services except 
the fencing (claustura) of our Park at Wostbury, v;hich he has been 
wont to do. He may enclose the lands. For this grant he pays 10 
marcs in gersumam. 

Test. Nich. Goffin, Archdn. of Bath ; Robt. de TefTord A Ric. de 
Haldeswonh, doniinis; Gerberi dc Welynton & Ranulf de Fleury, 
militibus; Steph. de Welynton; Will deLaford; Will Thursloo; and 
John Bennecumb, &c. Given at Woky, per manutn Ricard de Haldes- 
worth. 14° kal. Feb. Pontific anno 3°. Confirmed 13° kal. March, A.D. 

Similar inspoxinius and confirmation of a grant by Bp. Roger to Will 
tie Dure of 8 acres at Axebrugge, Ac. A.D. 1247. 

Similar confirmation of a grant by the Bishop to William, pre- fol. 68. 
positus of Cumb and Rector of Chard of the mill at Chard "quod nos 
levari fecimus ibidem," and which is an injury to the mill granted to him 


Wells by our predecessor Bp. Joceline ; at a rent of Ss. Sd. Given at Chin 
^^yS!"^^ A.D. 1247. And coDfirmed in Seplember of the same year. 

Mem. with a marginal note, both crossed out. 

The Chapter seal attached to an authority given to the Archd** of 
Wells, and Master J. Odelmer & Philip de Sudenham to borrow in curia 
Romana 100 Marcs for the use of the church. 

Given on the kalends of March, A.D. 1247. 

Mem. that Robert de Marisc, has paid a debt for which the Chapter 
was surety, and may therefore have the firma of his church at Eston. 

ConfirmatioD by the Chapter of the manumission granted by J. Sarra- 
cenns the Dean to Gralford Fenwyne on payment of 5 shillings. 

Test. Nich. de Cuntevill ; Robt. de Cuntevill ; Mathew de Barton ; 
Henry de Cuntevill, &c. A.D. 1247. 

Richard Billing is also manumitted. 

Security given by W. de Button, Arcfadn. of Wells for whatever 
money he may receive of the loan he & the others are to raise. ["Crossed 

LitteriB procuratorisB in curia Romana, on the above business. 

fol. 69. Mem. That three letters have been written upon the same subject. 

Mem. that another letter was carried by J. dc Button to the Archdn. 
upon the same subject of the loan, on Monday next before Piischall Feast, 
A.D. 1248. And also letters had been written concerning the provision 
of pastors for the churches. 

Inspeximus & Confirmation by the Chapter of a grant made by 
Master William de Lincoln^ the Chancellor, of a messuage &c. in 
Kingsbury, to William de Sucsexia, &c. A.D. 1248, 

The position of the land is defined. 

Mem. that J. de Button has been appointed proctor for the Chapter 
m certain business. A.D. 1248. The whole is crossed out. 

Acknowledgment by Robt. de Columbariis, Miles, of the receipt of 
10 marcs from the D. & C. by the hands of Roger de Wynesham, for 
the final concord made in a suit concerning the Manor of Hatch. Given 
at Wells on the Saturday next after the Feast of St. James the Ap. 
A.D. 1247. 

Inspeximus by the D. A C. of a grant by Bp. W. (Button) to Philip 
de Button of a burgage in Wells, &c. A.D. 1251. 

fol. 69 in dors. Mem. that J. Sarracenus and the C. let ad firman to Wnlter de 

Purlegfa, Canon, the Church ofCeddarwith all that appertains to it in 
spiritualities & temporalities, for five years for 50 marcs ''stirlingorum no- 
vorum vel veterum equivalentium." Walter to keep up the houses &c. and 
leave everything in as good a state as he received il. Full details of the 
i^r^ement. A.D. 1248. 

A line inserted between two eniries in difierent ink. 
Mem. Canonicos nolentes solvere quintam prebendarum suarum ad 
magnam necessitatem ecd cathedralis. 

J. Sarracenus the P. and the C. to their brother Canon N« de 


It had been lately decreed in Chapter that a fifth of all prehends and wsllb 
canonries be paid tor 7 years in order to relieve the church of an in- ^^'msj?**' 
tolerable burden of debt. Some of the greater and lesser canons have — ^^ 

made the payment, but very many [quani plures] have not. *^ Cum 
secundum naturam cujuscunque rei sir, ut ipsos sequatur onus quos 
pcquitur emolumentum ;" if payment is not made by tho Feast of the 
Purification, the prebends will bo sequestrnted into the hands of the 
Chapter, &c. 

Given at Wells on St. Martin's Day, A.D. 1248. 

The same to W. Bp. of Sarum on the same subject, 
one fifth had been made with the consent of Ep. Josceline 
him to allow this decree to take efRect within his diocese. 

Given at Welh* prid. non. Decembr. A.D. 1248 

"the levy of 
, begging of 

Mem. It is ordered by the Dean J. Sarracenus & the C. con- foi. 70. 
corning certain vicars of the Church of Wells, viz. W. de Cobham, 
G. Pranll, Ric. de Langport, Thorn, de Cantia, & Roger nephew of the 
late Chancellor, inasmuch as they have been accused of certain great 
offences, [criminibus enormibus] and it remains to pass sentence upon 
then}, that for the sake of the good name of the Chapter, and for their 
own, no further proceedings be taken against them, but that the said W. 
de Cobeham and G. Pranll, ^* recepta cruce adeund vel mittend in terram 
sanctam resignatione ab eisdem facta quod non uteutur privilegio crucosig- 
natorum in hac parte, suisvicariis et communis per triennium privarentur, 
quibus elapsis recipiant suas vicaiias qualiter circa easdem sit ordinatuui 

Mem. W. de Hoyland, once vicar of Wells, is accused of incontinence • 
and assault, and confesses. JjCtter patent of W. in which he confesses 
and binds himself to resign his office if he sios again, dated A.D. 1248. 

Scandal again arises, he refuses the opportunity of clearing himself, 
resigns, and his stipend is allowed to him until tho following 
Christmas ; and he may stand in the choir until the Circumcision ; 
provided that he bears himself well meanwhile. The Chapter will 
also make him an allowance in lieu of daily commons. 

The exors. of N. de Evesham appear before the Chapter to inquire 
the amount of arrears due from him. The writing is faded, but it 
appears that he was prebendary of S. Decumans ; that he owed 6 pounds 
for six years to the fabric ; that he had held Cristemelford ad firmam, 
and that the D. & C. had sold his goods to satisfy their claims upon 
him in that matter. 

Dated S. George's Day. A.D. 1248. 

Inspeximus and confirmation by the D. <fc C. of a grant made by Bp. foI. 70 in dors. 
W. concerning the Church of Samford Arundel. 

The Prior and Convent of Legh in Exon diocese had, under an 
agreement with Bp. Josceline, been in the receipt of 20 shillings a year 
from that church, .lohn Arundel, knight, had claimed the advowson 
and taken the 20 sli ill ing.-iy^* sua auctoritate." After a long suit the 
following agreement was made before the justiciaries Roger de Turkeby ; 
Gilbert de Preston ; William de S. Edmund's ; Alan de Fornauns; at 
Yvelchester in Oct" Purificat, 27 H. III. The advowson to belong to 
the Convent, and the Bp. in consideration of their poverty which chocked 
them in the exercise of hospitality &c. granted the church to them, 
saving Episcopal & Archidiaconal rights. 

- r -^ 


WBLL8 Test. Master Jolm le Fort ; Master Robt. de S. Quintan ; Adam dt? 

^''mIs!'''^"' Nutated, Canon of Wells ; Rie de Button, Vicar of Wells ; Stephen 
— parson of Cyppestaple, &c. 

At Welyngton in crast. S. Andr. A.D. 1248. 
Confirmed at Wells on S. Stephen's Day, A.D. 1248. 

On S. Gregory's Day, A.D. 1248. Rob de Evesham, Rector of 
Cristemeleford, came into the Chapter to treat upon the subject of the 
security given by N. de Eveshanj for the firma of the vicarage of 
Cristemeleford, 8cc., 

On Monday after S. Edward the King & Martyr's day, John de 
Scryvenah, a vicar of Wells, sought licencd to go to his lord G. de 
Langelegh ** cum quo aliq'mmdiu steterat et capere litaneiam suam ab 
eo '' and return to Wells. Apparently this is refused but leave given until 
Easter or Hokday. 

This entry and the next are very faint. 

This entry seems to refer to the vicarage of Lydiard. 

f^l 7, Mem. On the Monday after S. Benedict's Day, A.D. 1248. Alex 

le Banfeld, a canon, having heard that his vicar W. de Cobham 
had resigned came and presented J. de Cumbe. The Chapter (whose 
names are given) will take the matter into consideration. 

A Note ; J. is admitted for a time, but under oath to resign at the 
end of the term. 

Summons to certain vicars to appear, &c. 

Mem. April 8, A.D. 1249. Robt. de Evesham, Rector of Cristemele- 
ford, came and paid to the D. & C. 18 mares, and 10 shillings of the 
25 marcs due from the tirm of Cristemeleford to Ilditius. He hai« 
paid 6 marcs, 3 shillings, and 4 pence ad subsidium dni papas as a fourth of 
what was demanded (exigibatur) *' ab eodem llditio sicut ab aliis ytalicis 
auctoritAte dni papae, de quibus sex marcis tribus solidis et quatuor 
denariis debet conservare predictos D. et C. Wellen indempnes, et nichil- 
ominus predictas decem et octo marcas ct decem solidos deportare 
London sumptibus suis et periculo, ut apud novum templum Lond. 
deponantur, prout in obligatione quam fecit dictis D. et C. plenius con- 
tinetur.'* The Chapter put their seal to this. 

A receipt given to the al>ove Robt. by the C. 

Mem. that A.D. 1249 Robt. de Evesham, ** liberavit D. et C° xi instru- 
menta super solutionibus factis a tempore ordinationis dni. Dec. London, 
ct Magistri Ric de Stanford factse inter C. et lUlitium perpetuum 
vicarium eccl. de Cristemeleford usque ad Pascha A.D. 1249.'' 

The Chapter (whose names are given) grant to J. de Button, brother 
of the Bp. ** ob ipsius Epi revere iitiam," their two parts in the prebend of 
S. Decumans, according to the taxation of the said prebend, of which the 
taxation is £20. " It4i quoil dictus J. ref undat capitnlo sumptiis quos ibi 
posuit in Wannagis treroesii." They grant to him also that he may 
keep the oxen, which belonged to Master N. de Evesham, at that place, 
and at the value at which they are held by the Chapter, scil £4, the 
money to b6 paid to the Chapter, &c. 

Dominica in albis. A.D. 1249. 


A claim made by H. de Mertock upon the demesne of Langoford. Wells 


The same H. is accused of adultery, confesses and gives letters patent ^^' 

as in other cases. 

He is also accused of dishonesty and a day is fixed on which he is to 
make his answer. 

The Abbot of Athelney summoned to appear before the Chapter in f^^ ^^ j^ ^^„ 
crastino S. Georgii A.D. 1249, sent a monk as his proctor with 
letters patent. [Letter is given]. 

The Chapter decline to accept the monk as proctor because he is not a 
canon, and because certain secrets of the Chapter are to be delibemted 
on in tlie presence of the said Abbot. The Abbot is to be summoned 
peremptorily to appear on the following Monday the Vigil of the Fetmi 
of S.S. Philip and James. 

The Abbot came, and in the presence of the canons having been 
cautioned as n canon under pain of excommunication, not to reveal 
what he might hear, lie i-* charged with breach of the chapter law ite 
custom, which is this. Tf a canon bring a complaint against a canon, 
or the Chapter ugaiueit a canon, or a canon against the Chapter, that 
complaint should first be made in the Chapter and not before any one 
else*. '1 he Abbot had broken this rule in that, when lately his nets had 
been seized by the Chapter Moor-warden in the Bur were fishery, he had 
[in contiaventicn of the liberties of the Church which the Chapter 
value at £100 and more] brought tiie case befoi*e the lord R. de 
Wrotham without first making application to the Chapter, and their 
tenant's stock had been seized and driven from Cheddar to North weton 
and detained there, &c. The Chapter had been obliged to appeal to the 
king's court for the liberties of their Manor, and desire that their 
ex|>ences therein be repaid by the Abbot in his capacity of canon. 
After much dipcussion, th<^- Abbot asked for time for consideration, 
"alioquiu appeUavit ad episeopuni." It is granted. The tv*'o parties 
came to an agreement ; meanwhile the nets ure restored and tiie cattle. 

H. de Mertock appears before the Chapter in crastino S. Mark, Kvang. 
to answer whether he will resign hi> vicar's place, or await the sentence 
of the Chapter acc<nding to the letters palent given by him above, on 
account of' the charge of adultery brought against him. lie desires to 
be tried before tlie Archdeacon and in the city ol* Wellj. 

"Item de 20 mareis provisum fuit quod Magister Robt. de TefFord 
quem specialite ipsum tangit uegotium ut in crastino IS.S. Nereus et 
Achilleus compareat in capitulo Wellen si sibi indictum visurum et 
auditurum qualiter capitulum proeederet contra dictum Henricum, &c.'' 
When the appointed day came H. was accused of adultery with a 
woman atLidiard, whose husband had gone to the Holy Land five years 
before. He strenuously denies the charge, and W. de Purl is appointed 
to make inquiries. 

Mem in crastino Ascensionis the said H. when asked the same ques- 
tion a? in the last, requested that the case n:ight be deferred until the 
anival of the Bishop. This is? refused by the Chapter. Then he asked 
for delay until the return of the Dean, and this is granted. Meanwhile 
it is ordered that he remain outside the church, and that he is not to 
share in the communa, &c. His dominus is also to appoint another to 
officiate in his place. 

The Abbot of Athelney Hi)pears in his character as a canion, and 
answers as to the c^se above that he hod not yet taken advice. That 


Wells he is undor the protection of the Po[ie, the King, and the Bishop, and 
^yis.*^^ he asks, that the case should stand over until the return of the 
— Bishop, that he may decide what shall be done. Meanwhile he begs 

for the immediate restitution of his nets aa was agreed upon, &c.. 

The Chapter disclaim any intention of interference with fhe Abbot's 
lay fee, or his rights as Abbot. The Abbot disclaims any intention ot 
injuring the Chapter, he had acted in ignorance. The Chapter answer 
'* quod nimis fuit crassa hujusniodi ignorantia quod debuit scivisse quod 
jura^set, vel postea diligentissime inquisivisbe ue aliquo modo incidcret 
in perjurium." They desire time for deliberation and appoint Monday 
next before the coming Feast of S. Barnabas, as the day for going on 
with the case. 

A page cut out. 

Mem. A.D. 1250, die dominica prox ante fest. S. Andree. 

H. Subdean of WelU paid over to Will de Beaumont de BriKtolI, 
prepositus ville de Bristoll, one halfpenny which he had taken of 
Walter son of the late Simon of Heanton his man, ''pro theloneo pro 
pisce vendito ibidem." J. de Serham paid over three farthingsVhich ho 
had received from his men as toll for corn and other things sold by them. 
This was done by the Bridge of Avon ante soldam Willi, Aurifabri, 
&c. Hora antem erat vespertina, quum vesperc tunc pulsabantur, &c. 

But the said William de Beaumont after examination allowed that by 
royal charter the men of the church were free from toll and explaine<l 
that payment had been exacted because they had not declared them- 
selves to be such. 

On the day following the subdean declared all these things in donio 
thelonearia, as also did the said William, in the presence of Simon, clerk, 
at that time Mayor of the city, and many other burgesses. The King's 
charter was read before them by Fordann the clerk, and then, leave 
having been given by the Mayor and others, the Subdean and John 
retired, with the money restored to them. 

Charter of Robert de Evesham, Rector of Cristemelford. He is 
bound to pay 25 marcs a year into the Treasury at WelU to the D. & C. 
for lldicius perpetual vicar of the Church of Cristemeleford, "pro firnia 
dicte vicarie," which the D. & C. hold of the aforesaid lldicius. Rolx?rt 
acknowledges that he ia responsible for this payment, and for the 
caiTiage of it to London, and for the expenses if the D. 8c C. think fit 
to send anyone to go with his messengers. He pledges all his property 
and the incumbency itself to the D. & C. saving only the income he has 
as the parson. 

Given in the Chapter in the presence of Henry de Tesson, Precentor ; 
Henry de London, Treasurer; Hugh, Subdean; Masters John de 
Tanton ; Gilbert de Binham ; Adam de Gessich ; & £lias de Ba«ldes- 
ton ; John de Button; Luke de Memberic ; John de Hereford ; Kicard 
de Dinham, Canons of Wells. April 8. A.D. 1249. 

Mem., that on Thursday next before the Annunciation A. IX 1250 
the Chapter wrote to Reyner de Piperona by the hands of their brother 
who ha(l come for his allowances [pro salario suo] to recall their pro- 
curation ; and also to Peter*' quod compurgaret cum dicto Reynero 
quem amoverat a procurattone sua ex parte capituli diu ante ut dice- 
bat, et quod reciperet ab ipso litteram capituli procuratoriam. Et quod 
facta computatione signaret capitulo in quanto ei teneretur, et capitulum 
benigne ei responderet ct statisfaceret sicut deceret*" 


Mem. on the Virgil. S. Gregor. A.D. 1250. J. de Hereford called caThbSSil 
upon the under written witnesses [many words illegible]. The entry Hsa 

apparently refers to the will of Bp. R. and to a sum of £14 in the will 
of W. de Badestou. 

Proxy <riven to Gilbert de Sarum, and Th. de Alditheford to fuL 72 in dors, 
reprcseut ihe Chapter in certain matters before the Pope. 
Given Saturday prox post claus. l^asch. A.D. 1250. 

Three letters of introduction addressed to the Pope and to the 

Letter of instructions to G. de Sarum and Thomas de Alditheford the 
two proctors of the Chapter and of the clergy of the diocese of B. & W. 

*' Cum omnia que iuerant Oxon in crastino cluubi Pubche provisa 
jam per tractatum episcoporum Anglie nuper habitum Lond. circa 
quindenam Pasche per quos debnistis transitum fecisse, sunt com- 
mutata, prout in crastino translationis beat! Andree primo nobis 
innotuit vobis miudamus ilrmltcr injuugeutes, ac per aspersionem 
sanguinis Jhesu Christi firmiter inhibentes ne, in aliqnum eventum 
aliquam procurationem nostrarum que concepte sunt ad agendum 

. . . . et transjgendum domino pape seu alicui de cardinalibus 
ostenditis, sed potius statim visis litteris istis omnes hujusmodi pro- 
curation es et singulas casseti.<« quas ipsas insoiidum renunciamus. Et si 
forte dn« papa vel ^cardinales aliquo casu vos vellent recipcre tanquam 
procuratores per litteras suas ad agendum contra dn"^ Cantuar. 
nuUo modtr hnjusthodi procurdtorium in vos recipiatis. . Scribunt 
aut^m omnes Episcopi Anglie ipsi dn^ Cantuar. humiliter supplicando 
ut ipsos vel eorum capitula scu clerum indebite non molestet cum 
sunt parati in hiis in quibns eidem divjno jure tenentur in omnibus 
et super omnia obedire. Verum cum ita omnium procuratorum qm 
transitum fecerunt pe^Npsos Loud, ^t suspensum quousque a dicto 
du^ Cant certnm habucruct responsuin, nullo niodo ad curiam 
accedatis sine aliis et maxima absque majori parte procuratorum tam 
capitulorum quam cleri, sed potius statim ad nos revertatis, cum 
nolumus i:i isto facto esse aut videri singulares. Sperant vero 
firmiter ipsi Episcopi optant ab ipso dn^ Cant rcportare responsum 
per quedam que cisdoin de novo sunt intimate, verum si aliquo 
modo vobis possit innotoscere quod annnat . . . incontinenter 
redeati.s, &c." 

The remaining instructions apply to certain contingencies and to 
the return by the bearer of any proxy letters which should be 

The instructions are subtle and intricate, and the alternative 
powers are to be used or cancelled according to circumstances. 

Instructions to W. de Button, aud \V. de S. Quintin, Archd" of foi. 73. 
Wells and Tanton, and W. de Maydeneston, proctor for the Chapter, 
to announce to the Prior and Convent of Bath the death of Bp. Josceline, 
and t-) take steps in conjunction with them to obtain permission from 
the king to proceed to the election of a successor, &c. Given af Wells 
on Saturday n-xt after the Feast of S. Eadtnund. A.D. 1242. 

Citation to all canons to appear on Monday next before S. Thomas' 
Day in the Chapter, to proceed to the election. ** Et si placet temporis 
vocntionis brevitatem causari nolitis ; cum nobis in hac parte nonnnlle 
ponantur insidie ; et impe<limenta quamplurima preparentur a priore et 
monachis Bathon sicut indubitantur scitis vel scire debetis. 


Wnij Commission to Master Philip de GilUeforde to c&rjj the letters from 

jfsd. the Chapter to the king. 

fol. 73 in don. Letter of the Chapter to Galfrid de Wlward, clerk to the king. 

There has been some unavoidable delaj in making application to 
the king, thej praj G. to support their cause and prevent the 
monks of hath horn fraudulently obtaining a licence to elect without 

Another letter to the same effect. 

Similar letter to Philip de Gildeford ; desiring him also if it is pos« 
sihle to associate with himself dns. Hugo de Yivona and Peter Chace- 
pork, and Galfrid WlAvard, &c. 

foL 74. Letters patent from the 1). & C. to the monks of Bath. The 

election of a Bishop ought to be held in common ; desires them to join 
in sending a messenger to the king for licence not later than Christmas 
or the day following, if they will not join in this, the D. & C. "will 
nevertheless send a messenger of their own. Warns them not to 
uttt'mpt to do anything in this without the D. & C, ''sicut alias die 
sepulture Epi nostri in ecclesia nostra Wellen, presentibus quibusdam 

mouachis vestris et aliis quampluribus, et postea apud Bath 

Appellavimus, &c." Given on Monday in crast. S. Thom. Ap. A.D. 

Letter to Philip de Gildeford, similar to the former one. Crossed 

Meui. That on Tuesday next after the Fe;ust of S. Thomas, A.D. 
1242, the letter was sent out by the D. & C, and on that day there 
came to Bath Hugh, dictus 8ubdean of Wells, Luke de Meroberie, 
Canon of Wells, with the said letters, and four vicars with them, viz., 
Walter de Sanim ; Ric. de Button, chaplains; John de Cerde & 
Will, de Brugees, deacons; and David the clerk. About the third hour 
they entered the hall of the Priory, and found the Prior there with 
ceilain of his monks, and Master Robt. de Thetford, and Henr. de 
Bnthon, with them. The names of the monks arc Tlioma^ de Theu- 
kesburi, Richard (quondam eleemosinariuf>, John Kaddok, Richard de 
Kanning, junior, Walter, and two others unknown. In their presence 
the Subilean read the lelters, and asked for an answer, and thrice he 
warned the Prior that it was their duty to send messengers in common 
with the 1). & C. to the king. 

fol. 74 in Jors. The D. & C. to W. Archbishop of York to obtain his assistance in 

this dispute with the monks of Bath. 

The D. & C. have sent the Dean J. Sarraceuus ; and Canon Rob* de 
Mariscis to the king for the licence, and they pray the Archbishop to 
give them leave libero transfretandi, and also himself to inform the king 
of the truth of the case. 

The D. & C. to W. Bishop of Karleon asking for his good offices that 
iusticc mav be done. &c. 

fol. 75. Similar letter to their brotlicr ami fellow canon S. de Everdon, clerk 

to the King, &(*. 

Public protevSt by the D. & C. againfit any independent action on the 
part of the monks of Bath. 
Similur to that in fol. 73. 



To the Pope. Wblls 

J. Sarracenus the Dean, and John de Offington, are appointed proc- Cathctiral 

tors for the D. & C. at Kome in this caa8e. Given at Wells on S. — " 
John the Evangl day, A.D. 1242. Corrected in another hand A.D. 

The D. & C. to Cardinal O. S. Nicholai in carcere, Tull, hegging for 
his assistance in the same matter. 

Thomas the Prior, and the Convent of Bath to the D. & C. They fo], 75 jn ^op,. 
intend to proceed I0 the election of a Bishop on Monday next after the 
Purification. Invite the D. & C. of Wells to join, "licet neqne de jure 
neqne de consuetudine ad vos una nobiscum ejus^em electio pertinere 
noscatur, &c." 

Given at Bath Jan. 30, A.D. 1243. 

The Chapter of Wells by their proctors inform the monks of Bath 
that appeal has been made to Home against any attempt npon the part 
of the monks to keep the election in their own hands. 

Given at Wells on S. Agatha's Day, A.D. 1242. 

A meeting had been held at Ferenton npon the question in dispute 
between the two Churches, but the question had not been sufficiently 
treated owing to the absence of the friend of the Chapter. The 
Chapter therefore now send the Archd'" of Bath, Wells, & Tanton to 
treat of the matter at Bath. 

Given at Wells on S. Agatha's Day, A.D. 1242. 

A marginal note that on S. Agatha's Day about the hour of vespers 
the Chapter proctors, H. theSubdean, and H. de ac'o dei, came to Bath, 
and read the above protest to the Prior &e. and asked for a conference, 
which was refused. 

"Post hec autem cum intra vissent in ecclesiam sederunt ante ostium 
chori petentes insJanter quod haberent colloquium cum couventu, quod 
els denegaCum fuit per magistros Robt. de Teford, Henry de Bathon, 
et Simon physician : qui procuraverunt quod omnes monachi qui erant in 
ccclesia intrarent claustrum suum et sic seiraverunt hostia. 

The said proctors made protest in the presence of the said Masters, 
the Precentor, and two servants, whose names were Henry & Robert. 
On the day following they also made protest against the sentence of the 
Precentor, pronounced against all who impede their election, in the 
presence of the Archdns of Bath & Wells, & Tanton, and many more 
whose names are given, and they also made public their protest. 

The D. & C. to W de Eboraco, preposit Beverlasensis, frater et con- fol. 76. 

The monks of Bath have fraudently anticipated us in obtaining the 
King's licence, and have chosen the Precentor of Sarum, bishop, notwith- 
sCanding our protests and appeal to the apostolic see against any such 
proceeding. All members of the chapter are therefore summoned to 
meet on Monday prox. post caput jejunii, to deliberate on this matter. 
Nothing may be revealed of what passes in the Chapter except to a 
Canon, and, if it please you, to R. de Lexinton and S. de Kverdon. 

The statement of the case by the D. & C. fol. 76 in dors. 

The D. & C. to the Pope. fol. 77. 

Have appointed J. Sarracenus the Dean to be their proctor at Home 
in this matter. 

Feb. 16, A.D. 1242, corrected to 1243 in another hand. 

''^ tftit WLJi^z t^a^ ::ue if^ 3kC 

ia-* TiH^i^i^^ >^--rr» ymtfLZ, fnoo. :ie Prkr itc •€ Badu on 

2**« Ti^x^ tcae l^srlSfaTjiB- Hi-* cm3e4 a C&apCcr for 

Mfrfi^ ftiks- JkML W^r=«a«iftT. ir c?«ia' iLxs :i«p^ bbt ivve tke 

fti. 7«. TV- Khiz u. :»^ D. it C H&« crated u> :i» Bonks cf Boili 

I>KX««r :i>eT <r>^rlt ^or. V-t: bid =«> i::tec:S:<c ctf ialeEfienB^ with 
r^tssis^ «f iLe III it C. TlLJiks tLat he las sot daK «o. Is 

TU D. it C. ti> iLe By:cJL« </ BUfk. 

Hare r>xaiiK:<i :Lr Kir^'* L'-'i-tjc* an-i c-:^ «aaBoo tWai to he pre- 
ttKt IB tW Clsrrja at Wtrll^ Ii; crtoC S. Trini'adr. to make the dectkm. 
If :ta: -J:^^ ;• z*'A ' y-^ «;>:;: :: tt jje sazLi:::acd s«> awi at Fcrcntonfor 
SJl FL.lip A Jaii««» D^t, to fix apon scoie bjotc- citable place viiere 
tl« thsexudik maj be held od the day appcKsted. and oa tlie foDoviD^ if 
Defc^AkTT If lij^T «k> L«ot conoe tbeClapter vHi f rocecd to the dectioo 
r^T tbe«b.^lTe^. 
' G':r«« al WelU- April 20. A.D. 1243. 

MarjsiiHd ^oce that the above vas carried hj rertaiu of the Chapter 
^vhoae usaast are ^veo i and read to the iDonk< of Bath. 

The King to the D. i^ C. 

JJceate u> ele^ savin;; the rights of the Church of Bath, and desire 
that ther ebooe^ a fitting man, ami one osefol to the state. 
At Bordeg. March 10. Anno regni nc<ftri 27'. 

Anoti^er eopr of the 
Their proctor?, J. Sarraaenn? the Dean, and R. de Mari?co had eome 
to Bordeaax 

f^A, 78 ia ikmm. The King to the D. & C 

John de Deiham, Canoo of Wells, and Alexander de London, Clerk 
of the Church of %Vel]&, had come viih the Chapter letters concerning 
the risrht of elettion, desiring the king's support. aD<l announcing thai 
ther hare appealed to the Pope. i>o long as the «li£FeTvr.ce with the 
moniL^ of Bath ^wlio in the pre^sence of their me^^sengeiS hare presented 
BogfY the Precentor of Samm as thrir elect] las«^, the kin^ will do 
notliins to prejudice tlie rights of the Chapter. 
At Bnrdeg. starch 24. Anno rcgni 27^ 

Mar«rioal note that the aboTc was receired bj the Chapter in Wells 
en S. Mark the Efangl. Day. 

Mem. Appointment of pit)ctor> to treat with the monks of Bath at 
Feietcn, ns proposed above. 

Mem. that there were aUo present on Thursday before SS. Philip 
A •lame?' Dar at Ferenton together with the proctoi-s, W. de 
Button, Arclidn. of WelU; W. de S. Quinlin, Archdn. of Tanton ; 
dns. H. the Tn-asurer of Wtlb ; Master Kobt. de S. Quint in S 


Wileminus, Clerks of tlie Archdn. of Tanton ; David, the clerk of q^^^^ 
H. the Treasurer; Nicholas, the Clerk of the Archdn. of Wells; mrs. 

Thomas the VeDator of the late Bishop ; Walter de Bavent ; Robt. — 

Marmion, Armiger dicti domini Archd^ Wellen ; Wills, de Bureford, 
Capellan de Palton; Vigeroys vallet Archd^ Tanton ; Gilbert de Len- 
tenay, vallet Archid' Wellen ; Dudeman, clerk, vallet of H. the 
Treasurer ; Wells de Eston, junior ; Ric. de Guertrie vallet of H. Sub- 
Dean ; Henry de Pridie vallet of Thomas the venator. 

Marginal note that the procuratorial letters were sent out by the 
Chapter on the Vigil of S.S. Philip A James. 

The D. & C. to the King. A long letter. 

In answer to the letter brought by S. Bussinol, they reply that upon 
the day after the Holy Trinity which was appointed for the election, 
they had after much consideration, having first t^ken the opinions of some 
of the most learned men in England, unanimously determined that it was 
better not to proceed to an election then, especially because appeal had 
already been made to Rome against the election of Roger. 

When the fitting time shall have come they will elect a pastor apt to 
rule, and a man useful to the realm. 

An addition to the letter introduces J. Mansell to the notice of the 
king as a good and trustworthy friend of the Chapter, and prays for the 
king's favourable consideration of their case. 

The D. 4& C. to the Queen. *^ Excellentie vestre litteris semel et fol. 79. 
iterum et pluries receptis et per easdem pro dilecto et fideli clerico dn^ 
regis et vestro N precibus crebro crebrius inculcatis vobis duximus 
respondendum,'' as in the last that they had decided not to proceed to an 
election until the election made by the monks of Bath sludl have been 

The D. & C. to the Pope. A long document. 

Have appointed proctors (as before) and state the case as befoi'e. 

A similar announcement to all men. fol. 79 in dors. 

Given at Wells on the Vigil of S. Peter ad Vine. A.D. 1243. 

Notification to all that the Chapter have empowered the Dean 
J. Saracenus to borrow 100 marcs for the expenses at the Roman court. 
Sealed on S. Peter ad Vine. Day. A.D. 1243. 

Mem. that there are four similar letters. The first of which speaks 
of 100 marcs ; the second of 26 marcs ; the third of 25 ; the fourth of 50. 
All this entry is crossed out. 

The D. & C. petition John de Columbar, Cardinal presbyter, to assist 

The monks have elected Roger a second time. 

A similar letter to their fellow Canon John de Ofiinton. 

Mem. that on Tuesday next after the Assumption, A.D. 1243, fol. 80. 
the Chapter, the See being vacant, confirm the election of Richard, 
Canon of Kaynesham, formerly parson of Stoke, to be Prior of 
AV'orrjping, in the place of Reginald deccHsed. 

26 canons, whose names are given are present. 

Mem. that the Subdean holds hve deeds for borro\ving iiiouey in ihe 
same form as those held by the Dean. 

u 205 U. 1> 


Wells Xhe fii;st for 100 raaros ; the second for 50 ; the third for 25 ; and the 

mIs *^ fourtJi for 25 ; & the fifth for 20 marcs. 

fol. 80 in dors. The Pope has confinned the election . of Roger, and announced his 

decision to the King, the archbishop elect, and to the church and 
diocese of Bath ; Roger has gone to the King to obtain possession, the 
Chapter is therefore summoned to deliberate. If any member cannot 
come he is to send a proxy. 

In crast. S. Mark. Evang. A.D. 1244. 

At the request of the D. & C. of Lincohi, the D. & C of Wells 
petition the Pope, A.D. 1244, against undue interference on the part of 
their Bishop in the Lincoln Cathedral. 

A.D. 1244, die dominica prox post nativbeatae Maria a conTentioii 
was held ^n the Conventual Church of Reading for the consecration of 
Bp. Roger. There were present four of the greater Canons of Wells, 
[named] and others of the Canons, and many Bishops, Abbotts, Pnors, 

The papal letters to Boniface the elect of Cantuar were first read ; 
letters also from the Pope to the D. & C. of Wells in which it was 
decided that the D & C. of Wells and the monks of Bath were to have 
an equal share m all future elections, but that the election of Roger 
should hold good ; letters also in answer to the questions asked by the 
D. & C. as to the place where the election should be held ; which church 
ought to be called the cathedral, and be the place of installation ; after 
which church the Bishop is to be named. 

Then when the hour of consecration drew near, " nullaque facta postu- 
latione secundum morem ecclesie Anglicane, dns. W. de Ralegh tunc Eps 
Wynton ad consecrationem deputatus, ad examinalionem pi'ocessit que 
sic' incipit * Antiqua sanctorum patrum, &c.' 

Et cum dns. Eps. Bathon tunc consecrandus suam suisque in ipsius 
examinatione ut moris est interpellatur facere professionem ecclesiae 
Cantuar in professiono sua facienda, usus est hac form& verborum Ego 
Rogei*uB de plenitndine potestatis apostolice datum Episcopatum Bathon 
profiteer tibi B. Cantuar electo et tue ecclesie Cantuar, et successoribus 
tuis canonice substituendis eanonicam obedientiam tibi et eis servaturos. 
Another line stating that he seals this declaration, is scratched out. 

fol. 81. Inspeximus & confirmation by Edward the Dean, and the C. of 

a Charter of Bp. William granting to Stephen Russel and Joanna 
his wife a ferdel of land in Bocland, in Welyington manor, pro 
servitio suo ; formerly held by W. Russel, at a rent of 6*. Sd. a year, 
besides Peter's penny, the Hundred penny, &c., and the duty of fencing 
Westbury Park. Saving also a winter and a summer ploughing to be 
done by them. 

Test. John Forti, Chancellor of Wells; Thomas Francois, seneachal 
of the Bishop ; Henry de Wolaynton ; Master Will de Bosynton ; Ric. 
de Bamfeld; Rad. de LuUington ; Thorn, de Wolynton; John de Bene- 
cumb ; John de Jordanstane, Sec. 

Given in the Chapter, Nov. 18, A.D. 1263. 

A similar confirmation of a similar grant by the same Bishop to 
Rlc. le Fox his vallet, of a ferdell of land and messuage, <&c. at la Cly ve 
in Yatton manor, on Monday next before 8. Andrews Day. A.D. 



fol. 81 in doM. A similar confirmation of the appropriation of the church of S. Mary 

de Stall, at Bath, to the monks of Bath, made by the same Bishop. 
Doc. 27. A.D. 1263. 



A similar confirmation of a similar grant by the same Bishop Dec. 27, oiTMDaAi 
A.D. 1263, to Adam de Crokesley of a ferling of land, &c. in Cedder, M8S. 

formerly held by Robt. Unthonk. 

The vicar's oath ** cum debeant perpetuari." 

Will obey the Dean and Canons in all lawful commands : will keep 
the secrets of the Chapter ; will obey the Statutes, will be diligent in I 

learning Psalter, Hymn ary and Antiphonary. j 

Edward the Dean and the C. to the Prior & Convent of Bath, calling fol. 82. 
upon tliem to send proctors to Ferentou to deliberate with the proctors 
of the D. & C. about sending to ask for the King's licence to proceed 
to an election of a Bishop. Given in the Chapter April S^, A.D. 1264. 

The D. k C. to the Prior & Convent of Bath, have appointed 
Canons Nicholas de S. Quintin ; Gilbert de Saram, & Godfrey Giffard 
to be their proctors in obtaining the licence from the King. April 9^, 
A.D. 1264. 

W. the Prior & the Convent of Bath to the D, & C. 

On their demand have appointed Ric. de Noreys the Cellerar, U 
Nicholas the Precentor, to be their proctors, to treat with the proctors 
of Wells at Ferenton on Thursday next before the Sunday in ramis 
palmarum. Given at Bath on Wednesday next before that Sunday, in 
the same year. 

The Chapters' petition to the King, in which the^ speak for the monks 
of Bath as well as for themselves. Given on Friday next before that 

The Prior and Convent of Bath to the D. & C, formal notice of the 
meeting at Ferenton in Crast S. Georgii. 

Another letter to the same eflTect. ^^^' ^ *"* *®"- 

The King to the D. & C. and to the Convent of Bath. 

Tn answer to the prayers uf their proctoi*s, Godfrey Giffard, and 
Richard de Bamfield, Ricarde de Norreys, and John de Kading, grants 
the licence. Given at Notyngham, April 15, anno regni 48^. 

The Prior A Convent of B. to the D. & C. 

Have appointed two proctors to treat with the Chapter proctors at 
Ferenton about a day of election. Given on Thursday before S. 
Mark's Day. A.D. J 264. 

Mem. that Master Ro^r de Sapwyke, & Gilbert de Sarum^ canons & 
proctors for Wells, met Gilbert de Dunstor the Supprior, & Nicholas the 
Precentor of Bath at Ferenton on S. Mark^s Day, and agreed upon the 
Thursday next after the Feast of S. Dunstan, as the day of election. 

The D & C and the ConV(*nt appoint four proctors each to make the 
election, *' de ipsis, vel de gremio, seu de collegio eoelesiarum nostrarum 
predictarum." Eodem die. A.D. 1264. 

Mem. A.D. 1264. On the Thursday in May next afler the Feast of 
S. Dunstan, May 22"^^ Walter Gifford, Subdeacon and papal chaphitn, 
& canon of Wells was chosen Bishop in the place of Bp. William deceased. 

The announcement is made by the Dean* 

Note. Snmmons issued by the D. & (\ to Canon Hugh de Mot' to be 
present on S. Scholastica*s Day in the Convent at Bath, i,e, Feb. lO*^, to 

D 2 


%t of the election of ft Bp. in the place of Bp, Walter translated to 


Given at Wells, Jan. 11*'', A.D. 1266. 

Notification of the Election of Walter (riffanl. 

Notification to the King. May 23^, A.D. 1264. 

!?o1ificatioo to the Archbishop of Canterburj. Same date. 

Notification to the Pope, on the same day. " Data ad cautelam," in 
) margin. 

Confirmation by the Archbishop. Given at S* Clodoald on Saturday 
er the translation of S. Thomas, the Martyr, A.D. 1264. 

Institution by ^gidius Bp of Sarum of Galfrid de Merkesbiiry to tlie 
carage of Rockland in Sarum diocese, on the presentation of Will, de 
itton the Eector, &, Canon of Wells. Detail of the vicar's rights, 
le manor belongs to Glaston. 
i;iven at Fotteme, March 19*, Anno Epiecop. 9°. 

The D. &■ C. have read a dispensation granted by Pope Urban to 
icholas son of Nicholas rector of Dokemeresend to hold another bene- 
e in plurality. 

Given apud urbem veterem vi". kal. Marcii Pondf, anno 2°. 
Signed by the D. & C. Oct. 28, A.D. 1265. 

laspezimus & coufirmation by the D. & C. of a grant made by Bp. 

alter of one Viigate of land in Westbury to Bandutfpercarius formerly 

Id by John le Smokyre ; also some overland. 

Tesi. Will. Gifford ; Ric. de la More ; Phil, do Wyke ; Will, de 

asynton & Gilbert de Sarum Canons ; Alex, de la CnoU ; Ric. de 

riun ; Ric London. 

Given at Wells, May 25''' A.D. 1266. 

Inspeximua and confinnation by Edward the D. &, the C. of the 
ipropnation to Glastonbury of tbe churches of Dulling and Estbrente 
J Bp. W. as a proof of goodwill after the long dissension between tbe 
lurches, and for the purpose of increasiog their means of hospitality &c., 
iviug Episcopal and Archidiaconal rights, &c. &c., and an annunl 
tyment of 40 shillings towards the fabric of the Cathedral, to be made 
trough tbe Archdn. Dated July 26, A.D. 1267. Anno ponlif. noslri. 1°. 

Confirmed by tbe Chapter on the same day. 

Printed in Adam de Domerham, Vol. I. p. 259. 

Inspez and Conf. by the D. & C. of a pension of £20 granted by Dp. 
niliam, "de camera nostra," to Thomas da Button, the Prpccnlor, 
ho had resigned his office rather than that the Church should suiTiT 
'hile be is absent from his duties for the purposes of study. The 
ension to be paid until he is provided with an equivalent benefieo. 

Given in March, unu confirmed April liu>, A.D. 126». 

Inspex and Conf, by the D. & C. of a grant of a wood in Pokeles- 
herch, lying by the park (formfriy belonging to Robt. de Siston, ami 
lailc by Bp. Walter) to Hoht. Walerond, to be added to the p.irk, fn-. 

Test. Will. Gif&rd ; John de Chiverel ; John de Grymstedo ; Thorn, 
e S. Vigore ; John fil Willi j Rog. de Clifton ; Tliom de Dacnton ; 
laumc de Salso Marisco, &c. Confirmed April ll'^ A.D. 1268. 

■T • 


Obligation of Galf. de Brideport to pay 100 shillings a year fi*om CATHinRAt 
land in Kerchel [Critchill] to four priests for two annualia each year, in mss. 

the chapel of S. Mary on the south of the Great Church Wells ; on 
behalf of the souls of Lady Agatha de Meysi, of Galf rid de Bridport, 
and Margerie his wife, &c., &c. 

Test. Phil, de Button; Laurence de Cumpton; Ric. do London, 
Seneschal of the Dean ; Bic. de Dnltincote, & John de Dunore, bur- 
gesses of Wells ; John de Moiirton ; Will, de la Cnoll ; Galf. de Lucy, 

Given on Wednesday next after Palm Sunday, A.D. 1268. 
Note " Brideport nunc Chideok." 

Tmprebendation of Dynre [Binder]. 

There had been a difference between the Dean and Richard de 
Bamfeld a Canon of Wells as to a revenue of 6 marcs claimed by 
Richard as of his prebend of Merk. Both have submitted the question to 
the decision of Bp. William. The Bp. in consideration of the poverty 
of the Wells prebends, and the inconvenience of the payment of 20 
shillings by the Church of Dogemersfeld, in his own patronage> to the 
prebend which the said Richard holds, and for the sake of Merk 
Church, [quam nuper dedicavimus] gives Dinre (in his own patronage) 
as a prebend to the said Richard. The pensions from D<^mer8feld and 
Merk to cease. Burials from Dinre to take place in the Mother Church 
of S. Cnthbert, Wells. 

The Canons are not to have cure of souls in their prebendal churches fol. 85 in dors, 
but the vicnrs, &c., &c. 

Given in Chapter April 4, A.D. 1268. Pontif nostri. !<>. 

Obligation of Thorn, de .... to pay 4 shillings a year to 
Reginidd Stori, vicar of Wells, during his life for certain houses, arid 
after his death the same to be paid to the communarius to be dis- 
tributed among the clerks in the Cathedral on his anniversary. 

The D. & C. sell to Cecilia widow of Robt. de Mera the custody of 
the land & marriage of Symon son of the said Robt. in North Curry. 
If the said Symon should die before he comes of age, the said Cecilia 
shall have the same rights towards his brother and sister, whichever 
may be his heir, until the heir come of age. For this Cecilia pay's 10 
marcs silver. 

Given in Chapter on 8. Alban*s Day, A.D. 1268. 

Walter de Lechlade, the Succentor, binds himself to pay the rents of 
the houses of Reginald Stori, above named. 

Dated Thursday next after S. Cuthbert*s Day, A.D. 1268. 

Robert the Prior and the College or Convent "of Berliz, in return fol. 86. 
for benefits received from Hugo de Rumenal, formerly Treasurer 
of Wells, in the aid ho gave them towards their building, and in the 
sum of 200 marcs Stirling which he bequeathed to them ; bind them- 
.selves to pay 100 shillings a year to a chaplain at Wells who shall 
celebrate on behalf of the soul of the said Hugo, and of all the faithful 
dead. They have spent part of the 200 marcs in acquiring the 
Advowson of the Church of Wynesford, and a rent of 100 shillings 
from that manor ; the rest upon other pressing needs. The said rent 
of 100 shillings is appropriated to the D. & C. as HlK)ve. 

A sum of 20 shillings as interest, and u fine is to \ye paid to the 
fabric of the cathedral if ever there should be any default in the regular 


Welu They klao bind themselves to hold a solemn serTice in their own 

C»TB»BiL ohou-.wthplMebo and dirige, on the Sf-ofMarcb, andproride apitunce 
— ' to the value of * shillinga, on that diiy, in memory of the deceased ; lo 

be divided between themselves and tlit.' poor. 

If this deed becomes worn out or is destroyed they will renew it 
88 often as may be required. 

Sealed by the Convent, by the Bishop William, and by his Official- 
Given at Wells, Nov. 8, A.D. 1268. 

The D. A C in recognition of past benefits and with the hope of 
future iud,^ve to Cardini^O.a pension of 100 marcs sterling of uow and 
legal money at 13/4 the marc, to be paid iu London, until they shall 
have provided him with some benefice or dignity of equal value. 

Given at Wells, Jan 6, A.D. 1268. 

A similar obligatory letter {torn the Bp. binding the Church to pay 
this peusioo. 

Given at Wells, Jan. 7, A.D. 1268. 

fal. 87. The will of Canon Richard do Itamfeld. 

To the Church of S' Andrew and lo the D A C all the lands he had 
-" Walter Magot in Wokihole j viz, 27 acres arable, a bercaria and 2i 
:. of moadow. Also the lands which he had of the same Walter, in 
'ells and Dnltingcote, viz, 34 acres. Part of it in Carawell field, and 
le acre on the King's Highway at Homyngdon. Ajid 7^ acres of 
eadow. Several housea. Masses to be said at S. Edmund's the Con- 
ssor's altar in the nave of the Cathedral, near to which he has, with 
le leave of the D. fc C, chosen his hurj ing-place. Details of services 
1 his anniversary, Se. A candle to be kept burning before the crone in 
to nave. Also a mortarium to be kept burning at night before the altar 
fS. Mary within the Churdi. He will provide all this at once and 
Eep it np during his lifetime. 

If after his death the rents shoulil ever prove insiifflcient for all 
l»« observances at his obir, the lights may be omitted but by no 
leans the celebration of the mass and the gifts to the poor; and if 
ne of these must be omitted it must not be the maas. Any surplus 
o ftj given to pious uels an the D. & C. may appoint. Adjures 
he D. & C. to take care that none of these several foundations bo ever 
innexed to any prebentl, or toany person for lifeor for a term. If any- 
ine of those who are appointed to serve are n^ligent, they shall pay as a 
ine one lb, of wax for the High Altar light for each offence. 

All the revenue is to be paid to the Commnnarius and be distribatcd 
jy him. 

Test. Philip de Wyke ; PbUip de Button ; Walter le Flemyng ; 
Kicbard de London ; Uichard de DuUingcote ; Thomas le Front t John 
ie Cerde ; Peter de V\'odeford ; Hichard Stretche, Ac. . . 

Nov. 16th, A.D, J 268, tlie following days were appointed by the D. 
& C. for the atteadnmn in Clia|it(T ul' all Canons who should wieh to 
be accounted reside ntiaries for that year, either in person, or by proxy 
if there ia sufficient cause ior their absence, in order to look into the 
■oeouuls, au'l decide Hjion the amount to bo distributed to each of 
them ; and for other businu-ss. Auy business tiansacte^l ut other times 
must be confiimcd upon oue of these days. Except in cases of ntiueiMlty. 
The days are the morrow of the Ciruumcisiun ; April ^i^: July 2"^; 
and Oct. I". 


A small leaf iuseiied containing the mem. of the lease of the land at Wblu 
Woky, 27 ac. ar. and 2i ac. of meadow given by Kic. de Bamfeld, to ^iS»!*^^ 
John the vicar for 16 soillings a year for 4 year?*, and I S . shillings a — 

year afterwards, for the term of his life^ or for such time ' 90 be may 
wish ; he must keep|>air the bercaria. 

March 30, A.D. 1294. 

John de Button,, preppsitus of Cumbe undertakes to pay the pension fol. 88. 
of 100 marcs to Cardinal 0. 
Jan. 13, A.D. 1268. ' 

Inspex. and Conf. by the D. & C. of licence given by Bp. William to 
Richard de Wigomia and his family to have divine service in his own 
chapel at Wyke because of the distance of the parish Church of 

He also had, after consultation with the D. & C. impropriators of the 
»aid church, and with the vicar, granted to him and his own family that 
they may receive the holy water and holy bread but no other sacramen- 
talia in the chapel. None of the parishioners of Lydiard may attend 
the chapel. Any offerings made to it must be pud by the chaplain to 
the vicar of the church. 

Details of services which may not be held in the chapel, &c. 

Given at Woky, Feb. 26, A.D. 1268. Confirmed March e^. 

Acquittance of Edward the Dean and Thomas the Precentor of fol. 88 in don. 
Wells collectors for the first year of the tithe granted by the Pope 
to the King in every diocese, and accounted for by them to Walter 
the Treasurer ; Peter de Wynton ; and JBgidius de Audenard ; 
the king's servants. The sum collected is £334 lis. Id. The amount 
not paid they estimate at £2 I5s. 11 ^</. The names of the defaulters 
have been given to the Bp., that the money may be niised. Besides 
this £10 16«. Od* due was not paid by certain of the churches of the 
Hospitallers, Templars, Cistercian monks, the Abbot of Bee, and a 
certain Cardinal, because they are privileged. Ono marc due from the 
Church of Lutton has been compounded for by Walter de Merton with 
the King himself. The legate has also given an acquittance for 
£6 Ss. Od. due from three churches which belong to Solianus. 

The whole sum is £362 4*. Ud. 

Given at Westminster April 12*^, anno regni 53®. 

The letter of the Prior of Berliz similar to that on fol. 86. 

Leave of ab3ence given by Bp. W. with the consent of the D. & C. to fol. 89. 
Nicholas the Treasurer, for three years for the purpose of study. 
Given at Dogmersfeld, July 23. Pontif. nostri. anno 3*^. 

Similar licence granted t« the said N. fil Nich. by the D. & C. (but 
they speak of 5 years) and addressed to the Bp. 

Given at Wells on Sunday next after S. James, Ap. A.D. 1269. 

Letter of the D. & C. They have submitted a qne&tion which has 
arisen between themselves, the patrons, and Thomas Mackerel, the 
Hector of the church of Stokgumber, to the decision of the Bp. in counci 
with Robert, Abbot of Glnston, the Dean, & Thomas, the Archdn. of 

Given at Wells on the morrow of S. Jerom. A.D. 1270. 

Grant by the D. & C. to Roger Huzet of 5 acres of land and a mes- fol. 89 in dor». 
suage in North Cury. 

Given on S. Valentine's Day, A.D, 1272. 

^ Ca 



Bond Ux 100 nuns due from Berliz to the D. & C. 
Giren oa S. Nicfaobs Dsr, A.D. 1273. 

Tbe Priorj of Berfiz. . 

What Robert Born^ Arthd. of York wished to «dl bis manor ot 
MorU, ID wbidi we bad a rent of 100 AOliDfrs, and ako ihe parish 
cbardi aporopriated to our ose; we in eonsideration of that which 
would be adiranta^eoas to the manor, and <^ the fact that the sawl 
Robert had alwajs refused to pay the i»aid 100 shillings, and moreoTcr 
qocatJODed oor right to the chorrh, deliberated about bnymg ^he 
maMT. But inasmoch as this was beyond oor own means, ^® J^?5} 
reeoone to the Bp. and to the D. & C, and to the Exora. of <ne Will 
of John de Bvtton, senior, the prepoatns of Combe, in Wells Cathedral, 
m was often our wont in our diflRculties. They lent to ns 520 marcs 
sterling to make the pnrcbage of the whole manor with all its appiu-- 
tenances. In return we promise to pay for ever 26 marcs yearly to the 
naid D. A C. [at certain dates named]. Six marcs of the sum to l>e 
expended on masses for the souls of Bp. William, but 15 for the soul ol 
the aforenamed prepositos^ &e, &c. . .. 

foL 90. The churches of Brumpton, Wynesford, and Hulleferun, are especiaUy 

charged with this payment. 

A fine of 3 marcs to be paid to the fabric of the cathedral for any 
default in the payment. 

Given on the vigal of S. Nicholas, A.D. 1273. 

Grant by William de Button, Bp. of B. & W., nephew and heir of 
John de Button prepositus of Cumbe, to the D. & C. of all the ser- 
vitium due from his brother Thomas de Button, Archdn. of WelU, and 
the Archdn* his successors, upwi a tenement in Middleton given lo 
the Archdn. by him, saving an annual payment of 10 marcs to that 
Church, to be expended on behalf of the soul cf William de Button his 

Test. Richard de la More, and Adam de Button, knights; Philip 
de Button; Richard de London; Walter de Sutton; William called 
le Gyw de Wynescumhe ; Adam Caynn ; Thomas de Hamm ; William 
Haymun, Ac. 

Given on S. Mathew's Day, A.D. 1273. 

fol. »0 ID dors. Petition by Edward the Dean & the C. to the King for leave to elect 

a Bii»hop in room of Bp. William de Button, the second, dcceai^ed. 
Given at WeUs, Dec. 13«*>, A.D. 1274. 

Licence given by King Edward. 
At Oveston, Dec. 20, Anno regni S^ 

Citation sent by W. the Prior of Bath to the D. & C to appear by 
their proctors at Fembam on Holy Innocents day for the purpose of 
electing a Bp. 

Given at Bath on S. Stephen's Day, A.D. 1274. 

The D. & C, have appointed William tie Welyngton^ and Henry de 
Essex, Canons as tbeir proctors. 

Given at Wells on S. John's Day, A.D. 1274. 

Mem. That the firm of Lovinton and Mudford was gi*anted to Henry 
Huse, Chancellor of Wells, in the presence of the Precentor, and the 
Canons W. de Well n ton ; Hugh Everard ; John de Wymborne } W^ter 
Burnel. Decanatu vacante. 

Given on S. Gregory's day, AJ). 1291. 



A small parchment inserted containing apparently legal opinions upon wklib 
the queston of the patronage of Glastonbnrj Abbey. Cithbdkal 

On the back. The opinion of the D. & C. addressed to the E. Bp. — 

elect of B. & W. upon a proposed agreement with Glastonbury. They 
would recommend it for the sake of peace, but experience has taught 
them to distrust the monks, and that the^ have no security that ob- 
jections will not be raised by them hereafter to any agreement which 
may be come to now. 

Letter of Waller the Prior of Bath and Edward the Dean of Wells fol. 91. 
to all men. 

On the morrow of S. Vincentin«, A.D. 1274, we having come together 
in the Chapter at Wells for the purpose of electing a Bp., appointed 
Bichard Supprior of Bath; Martin de Donester; Matthew de 
Donestre; John de Redyng; Thomas de Wynton ; Richard de 
Cherniburr ; and John the Precentor ; Monks of Bath ; Thomas the 
Archdn. of Wells ; Henry de Montefort ; Masters, Constantine, Philip 
de Stanion ; William the Subdean ; Robert de Braundon ; and Roger 
de Cruk ; Canons of Wells ; to make the election of one of themselves, or 
of one of the members of the two churches [de ipsis de gremio, seu de 
coUegiis eccl™ nostr" predictr"*]. We undertake to accept whomsoever 
13 or 12, or 11, or 10 of them at the least, may agree upon. 

N.B. The Maitin above is Prior of Dnnster. 

The above-named 14, appointed by the Convent of Bath ond the 
D. & C. of Wells to be the electors, report that they have chosen Robert 
BumeU, a Canon of Wdls ; and Thomas, Archdn. of Wells adds his 
assent for himself and his fellow electors. 

Jan. 23^, A.D. 1274, on the morrow of S. Vincentius. 

A longer formal recital of the last. 

Notification sent by the D. & C, & the Convent of Bath to the fol. 91 in dors. 
Jan. 24 

»p of Canterbury about the election. 
* A.D. 1274. 

Also to the King on the same day. 

Archbp. Rcbert, at the desire' of Robert Bp. of B. & W., disclaims 
any right to the patronage of Glaston. During the vacancy of the see 
of B. & W., the Archbp. had been desired to confirm the election of 
John de Tanton as abbott. He had by his official William de Middleton 
quashed the election, not for any objection to the person, but for in'egu- 
lanty in the election, and had then himself appointed the said John de 

Given at Lambeth April 30«», A.D. 1276. 

Printed in Adam de Domerham. Vol. I. p. 270« 

A canonical house, situated towards Torr, given to Walter Bumell fol. 92. 
for life at a rent of 6 shillings ; the said W. B. to keep it in repair. 

The exors. of the will of Hugh de Romenal, by the advice of the 
D. & C, charge the Succentor with the care of the Missa Matutinalis 
of the said H. de R., and allow 6 marcs to the chaplains who celebrate. 
Details of revenues belonging thereto. 

The Church of Lydiard granted ad firmam tu the Succentor for fol. 92 in dors. 

35 marcs yearly. He is to undertake all the ordinary charges which 

would fall upon the D. & C. Keep in repah* the chancel, and the houses 
&c. he. Details. 


m. of A,D. IS40. Concerning the appropriation of the Cburcli 

The Church of Wells, auciently called FontwieiJWS and 
time Tudiugton, was the only cathedral in the bishoprick, 

the sole right cf choosing the Bishop, whose title w«s Fon- 
or Wellensis, and who resided with the Canons in Wells, until 

of Rp. John who placed hia seat in the Monastery at Bath of 
e was a monk. From that time the Bpa. were named of Bath, 
the Canons of Wells did not consent to this. Pope Alexander III. 
id to the Canons of Wells their right of election in conjunction 
! monks of Bath. After a lime the monks without notice to the 
of B. & W. elected Savaric, and obtained tlie papal confirmation* 
ins being lijft in complete ignorance of the whole transaction. 
le death of Savaric the Canons regained their rights, and joinsd 
( monks in the election of Joceiine, now ktely deceased. In 
year of the Bai<l Bp. J. U. 4.D. 1242 on tho IS"- of Nov. the 
if Bath, in contravention of the right [of which there is docn- 

proof] sought to exclude the D, & C. from sharing in the 
, &c. 

nent of the steps taken by the D. & C. to the same efiect as 
described in tormer pages. 

ation of eariier elections. The D. & C. have the lettcis of 

icholaa II. that he has ordained priest Giso, whom tho clei^ 


re of Pope Alexander to the D. & C. assentinR to their electimi 

Lrchdn. of Sanim. 

rs from Pope Alexander confirming to the D. & C. their rights 

ich tliey had hsd for 200 years, until the time of Bp. John. 

others of later date which' have been already mentioned, bearing 

le rights of the D. & C, in the election of Bishops. 

Chapter to tlieir Dean J. Sarracenus at Rome. Urge 
pre^s on their business, especially with regard to the 

ions, and return home as quickly as possible. Authorise him to 

money freely ruther than that the adversary should prevail ; and 

may have useful friends at the Court, Ac. 

y>. ft C. propose that the election of Rt^er should be quashed. 

they make several propositions for future elections. That the 
right of sole election should be restored to the D. & C. of 

, the election should belong alternately to the D. &. C. and to 

ivent of Bath. 

, it shouki belong to them both in common, and be held alternately 

Is and Bath. 

: some neutral place »huul(l be namtnl by the Pope where the 

I may bo held by both togethiT. 

tlie matter shouM be wholly referred to arbitrators, not in 
id fe.g. to the De»n anil Chanei'llor of Paris, or others at the 
ment of the Popi'] because of the pnwer of the magnates of 
d who will intrude themselves inio any election. All the 
les of England both in spiritual things and in temporalities have 
1 very much and arc in great danger, both in the head and in 

the members from these great men. 

lliat both sidi's should appear in the Roman Court by their 
's, who shall be fully instructed beforehand, as it is difficult to 


send witnesses and the necessary documents by reason of the many perils wsixs 
of the journey. '^^ Mss.*^ 

Marginal n^te in the same hand. fol. 95. 

Nominentur Ixa media« Non ecclesie conventnales. Loca autem 
media sunt hec solum. Farocbiales ecclesie; Norton canonicorum; 
Ferenton ; Witechireche ; Dultinges ; Churton ; Stonestun. 

The right of proclaiming the name of the person elected and of pre- 
senting for examination & to the Archbp. belongs to the Dean of Wells, 

The whole caae to be submitted a notary or abreviator that he may 
draw up the best case he can, to be submitted to the Pope, or that the 
csase may be submitted in Frauee or in England to any of the judges 
named below. 

The D. & C. would prefer that the case should come before the curia, 
hut if there must be a commission, those are the judges they would wish 

If in England. The Bps. of Worcester and Norwich, and the Archdn. 
of Suthbnry in Norwich diocese. Also the Bishop, Dean, and Archdn. 
of Lincoln, or the Archdn. of Huntingdon in I«incoln diocese. 

If in France, llie Propositus of S^ Adomar, Morinensi^ dioc. The 
Dean, and the master of the scholars Novionensis dioc, and the Archdn. 

Protest by the D. & C. against the installation of Bp. Boger at Bath, 
before it has been celebrated in WeUa. 

Note at the top of tlie page concerning the letters which W., tiie fol. 95 in dors. 
Archdn. of Tanton, and the Sub^dean carried with them when they 
went to France. 

The D. & C. have appointed W. de S. Quintin, Archd. of Tanton, 
and Hugh the Sub-dean, their proctors to borrow £100 sterling, to 
be spent on business in the Roman Couit. 

Given at Wells on Saturday next before 8. Dionisius, A.D. 1244. 

Nine " paria " of similar letters carried by them. One for £100 ; 
a second for 100 marcs ; a third for 60 marcs ; a fourth for 50 marcs ; a 
fifth for 40 marcs ; a sixth for 30 marcs ; a seventh for 30 ; an eighth 
for 23 ; and a nintii for 26 marcs. An 10^ for 40 marcs^ on behalf of 
W. preposit de Cumb. 

Notification to the Pope of the appoiutment of these proctors to 
represent the D. & C. at Rome. 

Given at Wells on the morrow of S. Dionisius, A.D. 1244. 

The four following entries are all crossed out. , 

The first authorises Robt. de Marisco to borrow for the D. & C, 
50 marcs to be spent at Rome. 

The 2"^ states that on the morrow of the Purification, A.D. 1244, the 
D. & C. issued 8 paria of letters for borrowing money at Florence and 

The 3^ that in the following year 3 paria of similar letters were 

The fourth that R. de M. deposits certain documents with the 
IX & C. 

Petition to the Pope for the appointment of judges at home. And fbi. 96. 
also entries about tithes and the prepositura. 


D. that the Dean has one document dealing with the prepneit I'ra o( 
i put forth bj the Chapter of Wells, and another wb'cli coi'taini 
aeent of the Chapter of B&lb. 
enlrj, dated A.D. 1245, of a loan of 30 marcs, crossed out. 

the day when the Denn J. left Wells, viz., on the Sunday next 
the Decollation of S. John, he took with him 6 sets of letters 
QS, Three for 20 marcs each, and 3 for S marcs each, 
'. 1245. The Dean gives security lo the Chapter. 

hetopof the pagea mem. that the following letters were received 
nday nest after S. Ambrose, i.e., April 10, A.D. 1245. 
be Bp. to the D. & C. The prebend of Lutton is vacant by the 
ttion of R. de Derham, he confers it on John de Derham, and calb 
he Chapter lo adroit him as a Canon, &c. 

re vegM to the D. A C. to show cause why they have taken 


the Precentor has appointed Galf. de Clinton to the perpetnal 
re of Pulton, The Bp. calls upon the Chapter to do their part. 

i-e regis. The D. & C. to appear on the complaint of Jac de 
;bere that they have impounded his ^mals wrongfully. 

cerning the Vicarage of Congesbury. A.D. 1245. 

D. & C. to Master H. de Evesham about the vicarage of S. DtM:u- 
The Bp. had learnt during his late visitation of the Archdnry. of 
], in the hospital of Brtiges (Bridgewater) that the Vicar of H. de 
am's prebend of S. Decuraau's, had for a long lime been under ap 
ion to enter that order, and that he propose<l to deal with the 
ge as though it were vacant. The Prebendary lo appear before ihe 
D. that order may be taken in his presence. And the D. & C. will 
' in order to protect their rights in the prebend. A.D. 1245. 

Sunday next after S. Michael's, A .D. 1246, the D. & C. grant the 
id of Bidesham to Hugh the Snb-dean ad firmam. 

n. on Friday next after S. Barnaba,s the Cho])ler [ihe names 
'en] determine that on the denth of any canon the two parts of 
abend which belong to the D. & C. he sold, &a. 

ause between two citizens, Richard le Chamberleng and John te 
r, had come before the Dean, as having jurisdiction over the citv, 
e said John had been forbidden entrance to the church becBu.'« 
I not given satisfaction within the time appointed in the judgment, 
estions the judgment and appeals to the Chapter from whom the 
derives his jurisdiction. The Sub-dean in the absence of the 
having taken an oath of the sind John that he would pro£<eculo 
peal or submit, the Dean on his return n[>proved of his action. 
1 2-\ry. 

fliiipiiie between Milo the communar and some i)f the canons, 
by the D. & C. A.D. 1245. 

I Bp. to appear for the D. & C. at Westminster in a suit with 
■ de Montefort concerning the Ad^owson of tile Church of Ham. 

bapter held on Monday week after S. Katherine'u (the names of 
present given) when each one is asked " si vellent iiccomodare 


communam" from year to year for the payment of the debt of Wblls 
1775 marcs contracted in Curia Romana, and which has to be pakl in ^'^^Is."*^ 
5 years from the day of the Purification in A.D. 1245. They answer — 

unanimously " quod communa tota accomodetur," but any surplus should 
be divided among them. If it could be done conveniently the 200 marcs 
which ought to be pdd at S. Nicholas' Day next coming of the new 
corn which was then in the granges, should be distributed, otherwise 
the denarii should be kept for payment at that time, ^c. 
A part of the page torn off. 

On Thursday, the Vigil of S. Thomas, A.D. 1246, the D. & C. appoint 
Re J [torn off] their proctor ^' ad impetrandum, contradicendum, et 
Jadices eligendum in Curi& Romani." 

Nolumus tamen quod per literas istas aliqueni faciat contractum, &c. 

Appeal of the Chapter against the Papal Delegates. fol. 97 in dors . 

Mem. On Saturday next before S. Laurence, A.D. 1244, after the 
hour of Vespers, and on the morning of the Monday following, the 
Chapter of Wells, in full chapter, made appeal against any orders what- 
soever on the part of R. Prior of the Hospital of S. John, of North- 
ampton, and Master Thomas de Shereford, sub-delegates of the 
Priors of Chauncumbe, and Wroxton, delegates of the Pope, &c.: 
** Maxime cum dictus Archidiaconus [no Archdn. has been mentioned 
before] ob causas manifest as ct rationabiles ab eis appellaverit, quas 
ipsi, una cum exceptionlbus suis legitimis, recusaveriint almittere, et 
juris ordine uon observato contra ipsum temore presumpserunt 
procedere. Appellavit autcm dictum capitulum ad dmn. Papam et 
ad tnitionem appellationis sue ad dmn. Cantuar electum.*' 

Mem. That en Tuesday the morrow of the Martyrdom ot S. John 
Bapt., at about the hour of Veripers, a clerk William of North Curry 
by name, " una cum scutifero," brought letters from the Prior of North- 
ampton, and Master Thomas do Shereford to Wells, and laid them upon 
the High Altar. As ?oon as this was known the canons and vicars 
met together in the Chapel of S. Mary and before they touched the 
letters with their hands, or looked at them, they made appeal in the 
presence of the messengers in the following form. 

The Chapter appeal for each and all [as in the last] inasmuch a W. de 
l»utton, Archn. of Wells, formerly made appeal solemn and public, 
against any command on the part of the papal delegates in a cause 
between himself and W. de Wells, for that the said commissaries had 
refused to do him justice by quashing his exceptiones legitimas, and 
hj not admitting his legitimate appeals [which the Chapter has in- 
spected and hold to be good], the Chapter appeal against being called 
upon to act against the said Archdn. by way of suspension, excom- 
munication, or interdiction. 

Mem. W. de Wells has been solemnly excommunicated by the 
ordinary for that he has shown very much contumacy in ringing the 
bells and lighting the candles, and this has been published in all 
churches in the Archdeaconry. His hardness of heart continues. Lest 
therefore the clerks ol" Wells should incur peril to their own souls by 
being compelled to associate with him, the Chapter appeal to the Pope 
against the interference of the said sub-delegates. 

Also that none of their own body, nor the Abbot of Glaston, nor any 
of his, not* any person whatsoever be compelled by the said sub-dele- 
gates to admit the excommunicated W^illiam to a stall in the choir, or to 


■tinilieChiptn-, or t« divine aervke in the Cathedral at Wdls, 
tnowingiy to eommunicale with him. 

[appears thai one Hubert, a clerk [but part of the entry has been 
eaj luiB bemi oxiwmnmn Seated for being present at the murder or 
slaughter of some cue, as an accESsorr. the Chapter appeal against 
E conw.lered as in any way involved in the scandal, or against being 
pelled to admit him against their wiU. 

he Chapter being exempt from any senbiuce of excommunication 
loonced by any gave (he Pope himBelf "nisi ex cana& manifesti," ap- 
againat a sentence prononnced asainst them by the said sub- 
gates, " ■' 

Bother appeal on the ground that the said sub-del^ates have mani- 
Y acted illegally. ^ 

nother appeal [very difficult to read]. It aeems that the sub- 
^tes have given sentence in favour rf W. 

:;tter of the sub- delegates addressed to the Ch«)ter clerk. The 
ihon they say i* between W. de Wells, Archdeaton of Welb, and 
lam de BuUon who eaaima to be Archdeacon of Wells. The 
Jter IS Biimmoned to appear befor« the s«d sul-delegates in the 
edraJ [Major tcclesJa] on the morrow of Exalt. S.Cnicia rapparentlv 
ar the sentence, but the writing ia very indistinct and the paire torn], 
iven at Banbury on Saturday next before the Assumption, A.D. 

short entry of three lines, very difficult to read, 
em. The Dean J. Sarracenus had wished to obtain the 6rm of one 
le Chapter properties, but it ha<l been refused him by tlie Chapter 
r on account of the power that he and his friends have at the 
11^^' otherwise it o.>ght and it would 1« granied lo him aa it 

AeDams of other Cathedrals. The mimes of those present arc 

Oct. S.S. Peter and Paol, A.D. 1247. 

IH"^!™^!-^' II"" ^ "•"' ^""^ ^'- "f ^'■"'^- At the request 
L Tl^u" X^% "^^ ««^Pte<l. »d firmarium for life IKUtius 
ew of John, Cardinal presbyter S. Praxidis bone mcmorie. Vicar 

SThfm ilf .'''^''* ■'^'"""^'^*'^- *-P*-^3- A-oUisb. 
< &. 1 homn Slm-tjris, pnmo. 

iif prpb4-ml (if MnpttT Hugo «)e Ac-o dpi. A.I). 1245. 

I WnlneaUj. n„i u> the A»,„,„piio„, A.I). 1246, before tl„ 

r uizr"" T ?"° "'I'?" '*'■ "J""'" " ■^°-«i ""torn - 

A X ^ "'" "gatn I'P tx to lose hrs offiw of Vicnr 

itetcrdei.h„,TOBU«,a,»;,ari,denie,i the charee. S Bartl.olo- 
|U. He .ppe„ed, f„M „d „„f„^| ,,,, goin 'lj,„,^^.~ 
third case treuEe<l in the same wuy, ■ 

rearly audit ordered. A,D, I2tg, 


An entry, much of it rubbed out, apparently the grant by the Chapter Wblm 
to Dean J. Sarracenus at his request, and for the. term of his holding ^^Ib."^ 
the Deanery, of .... ad scolas . . ad firinam. A.D. 1251. — 

Mem. On Friday next before S.George's Day, A.D. 1245, the fol. 98 in dors. 
Dean J. Sarracenus having le turned from Rome gave back to the 
Chapter the documents he had taken with bim, viz., the letter of 
Pope Innocent IV., beginning ** bone memorie." A letter of the same 
to the Convent of Bath upon the election of Bp. Roger. A letter of the 
saoke to the King on the same subject. Another to the Clerks of the 
City and to the Clerks of the dioccte. Another to the citizens 
of Bath. Another to the D. & C. of Wells. Two sets of letters 
upon the final decision which had been come to. A letter of 
Cardinal Richard acknowledging the receipt of £50 as a gift from 
the Chapter. Two sets of letters from the Merchants of Florence 
about a loan of 200 marcs, which had not been raised, and the letters 
withdrawn. The Chapter's letter upon tiiat subject remains to be 
restored. The letters of the Chapter by which they excommunicate the 
Abbot of Bee for not paying his contributions. 10 sets of letters from 
the Chapter some procuratorial, and some to the Cardinal:*. 

Mem. About the time of the Feast of All Saints, A.D. 1250 or A.D. 
1251, W. de S. Quintin, Archdu. of Tanton, restored to the Chapter 
their Grange with thai autumn's harvest in it, excepting the hay which 
he retained, on the condition that if the com were worth and could be 
sold for £4t he should be free of rent for one year. If the corn sells for 
more than £4 he shall have half the surplus, if for less he will make 
good half the hiss. 

Two letters [both crossed out] of credit given to W. de Button for the 
purpose of loans for use at Rome. 

Mem. On Thursday next after S. Michael, A.I). 1245, H. the tSub- 
dcan was sent to London benrmg letters of credit for the negociation of 
a loan of 700 marcs in the Roman Court ; and of a loan of TCH) mares in 
London, if perchance he could effect one there. Also to treat with the 
merchants of Florence about a previous loan, of which the proofs are in 
the New Temple, London. And also to treat about a qu;)8tion between 
the Chapter and Ilditius. 

Item. Other similar letters, one about the purchase of com, another 
an account de amerciameutis. 

These letters are returned to the Chapter by the Sub-dean when he 
came back from London. 

Receipt for all money due from W. prepositus of Cumbe. 

A very faint entry, seems to record tlie death of John faber on the 
night of Sunday, the morrow of the Birth of S. John, Bapt. A.D. 
1 250. 

An entry of two linos, very faint, A.D. 1245. Seems to record fol. 99. 
the payment of 10 shillings dn<) Miloni, out of 30 due to the King. 

Letter sent by J. de Kenesham to London, apparently in the matter of 
a difference with Bath. 

A long entry, very difficult to read, containing procuratorial letters 
about the payment of sums of money, and the dispute with Ilditius, in 
which R. de Staviton and another canon of S. Paul's are interme- 
diaries, Ac. 


t'Bobt. ta Wnrre, elerk, firmariua of Eston, recdved this 
the Chapter, viz., that lie holds the prebrnil of Eslon, 
om Kobt. lie Marisco, Canon of Wolla, at 24 marcs. 

t A.D. 1260, "contulit capitulum obitum Magistri E. <le 
frido de Sutton." Two short entries very difficult, and two 

S. Bartliolomew'x Day, A.D. 1250. Contulit capitulum 
iicaa de Membury to Walchin, brother of B, le Teynt, & 
.ton, &c. 

r next after S. Vincent contulit thexaurario et cuidam cum 
prepositi de Cumbe ; Petri de Bristol; and Willeck de 

;en appears in thp Chapter on behalf of liis vicar, but tliose 
lot decide the owe because those niemhers of the Chapler 

th it before are n<i pfesent. 

. Robert de Evesham paid into the treasury 25 marcs. 

to office of a vicar. 

of homage and service, in the case of W. le Butelev. 
'. 1252. The widow of John Faber gave two-tbirds of 

ly nest after S. Martin, A.D. 1250, the D. & C. having 
tp. W. de Button had given their Church of Congres- 
ephew William de Button, appealed to the Archbishop of 
n the Wednesday following in a Chapter to which certain 
[), 24 in number, had been specially summoned, 

ippeal was made in the Chapter of Axebrigg by Adam tie 
er <le Sapewick, W, de Purly, 

', the Vigil S. Edmund the appeal is en lei-ed formally in the 

me day the Sub-dean, in the Church of Ham by .Stoke, 
libus laicis et clericis qui ademnt," read the protest publicly 
11? of the Prior of the Ha«pital of S. John; William Bnth, 
Russell. On S. Edmund's Day John de Cenl, vicar at 
the appeal at Congresbury in the presence of many people 
/ho have been specially summoned. 

on sent to the Bishop at Ci-okely to humbly beg him to 
on Tuesday, S. Cecilia's Day, 

. Walter de Piiriey, a canon, aocusi>d of inconiinence 
■nt himiit'lf for a year, and tliat the proceeds of his prebend 
,he fabric. 

;ation to the Bishop continued, 

lam " they also rea.1 th<> appeal before him. 

-», .- 


The Bishop is not willing to recall his act, but he makes certain Wbua 
proposals. The Chapter is called together. ^^^Is."^^ 

Mem. That a canon convicted of incontinence, was banished from 
the Church and city from Easter to Michaelmas, is to lose his portion of 
the daily distribution, pay a fine of 60 shillings to the master workman 
of the Cathedral, and will be fined still more heavily, and be deprived 
of his canonry if he proves incorrigible. A.D. 1265. 

Another statement of the Chapter about Congresbury. Upon which fol. loi. 
the Bp. is to be cited. Entrusted to Adam de Gesslch. 

Citation issued by the official of the Archbp. of Canterbury on the 
petition of the D. & C. to the Bp. to appear at S. Mary*s de Arcubus. W. 
de Button is also to appear. 

Given at Otteford on Sunday next after S. Andrew, A.D. 1261. 

Mem. that a duplicate was issued, one to the said Adam at Crokel and 
the other to J. Fort and to the Succentor, ^' ut per duos gratioi^es facerent 
ipsum citari.** 

Another copy is sent to Bath and placed on the High Altar. 

This citation arrived in Wells on Friday next after S. Nicholas. 

Propositions for a compromise made by the Chapter in answer to a 
letter &om the Bp. 

Protestation of ^gidius Archdn. of Berkshire ** quod pretextu electionia 
de ipso facte in decanum Wellen a jure et possessione Archid. sui Berke- 
sire vel aliorum beneficiorum suorum non recedit nee recedere intendit. 
Si forsitan auctoritate sedis Apostolice dictum decanatum conferri con- 
tigerit vel de ipso aliter ordinari," he appeals to the Apostolic see 
against any deprivation of benefices, &c. which he now holds. 

Manumission of W, Gyan. Conf. fol. 62 in dors. 

The D. A C. on the presentation of Stephen de Tornaco, Canon of fol- lOlindors. 
Wells, of the prebend of Withchirche, admit Will, son of Th. de Welynton 
to the Church of Benhangre, saving to them an annual payment of 10 
minse of winnowed com. 

Charter of W. de Tornaco, monk de parco jud, formerly Dean of 
Lincoln. Concerning these mInsB. 

Inspex. by Bp. Josceline of a Charter of Dean Peter & the Chapter, 
granting to R. Gyfarde certain tithes arising from S. Cuthbert's, and the 
White Monks, on an annual payment of 20 marcs. A.D. 1239. 

Boniface, Archbp. claims jurisdiction at Lincoln, sede vacante. 

The Chapter, the Dean not present, confirm the will of Canon J. fol. 102. 
de Theynton, of which the exors are his brother R. de Chyclet, and J. de 
Hereford. A.D. 1254.. 

E. de Cnoll, prebendary of Hengestreng, has bought the off going crops 
of the said prebend for 2t5 marcs, and states that the repairs required 
are worth 5 marcs, &c. 

On the Vigil of the Assumption A.D. 1254, at the order of JEgidius de 
Bridport, then Dean of Wells, the Chapter seal was affixed to an Inspex 
& confirmation of a grant of land at Dundry in Chew Manor made by 
Bp. W. to John de Olveston. 

u 20541. K 

exi ^B- ifae F^ Bxak.S. 

-:a AJ>. 12^3. Ike foOowing 

k^ bm5<.-^ h^ been boogfat 
BTv, Ttcw of Welk, whh <ne 

LsKfeftOH B WedsMve- 

-.7^ t«:^^3e^ A-tX 1256. 
•ha tlie CkMboWn for Oe 

',>- .'.'*»: 



Inspex. and confirmation bj Edward the Dean & the C. of the appro- wxlls 
priation of the Churches of Portbury, Tjkeham, Were, and Faulet, to ^^^^."^ 
the Abbey of S. Augustine, Bristol, by fip. William, after solemn and — ' 

careful consultation with the Chapters of Bath and Wells. This is fol- ^osindoM. 
granted partly because the Abbey is situated upon the high way and 
therefore receives an unusual number of guests. A.D. 1257. 

William de Bus appointed proctor as before. A.D. 1257. 

Charter of Alex. Hose, granting to the Church of St. Andrew, cer- 
tain houses which lie towards Torre, and which once belonged to Henry 
de Tracy. 

Inspex. and conf, by the D. & C, of a grant of Bp.'s land in Chiu to 
Begmald la Weyte. A.D. 1259. 

Appropriation by Bp. W., after consultation with the Chapter, to fol. 104. 
the Convent of Bath, of the Church of Batheneston, of which the 
advowson had been given to them by Lady Matilda, of Batheneston, 
during her widowhood. A.D. 1258. 

John dictus frater. Vicar of Wells, the bearer of this commenda- 
tory letter, on account of his want of learning, and in the hope that he 
can redeem this by study in the schools while he is still young, has 
resigned his office, with the permission of the Chapter. A.D. 1259. 

Peter the Dean's, grant of the tithes of S. Cuthbert's, as in fol. 101 in 

The D. & C. quitclaim to John de Britford, vicar in the Cathedral fol. 104 in dors. 
of Sarum, a rent of 10 shillings, payable by Peter de Wylton, on a 
tenement in New Sarum, formerly belonging to Adam de Gessich. 

Test. Ghdf Hamelin, ballivus Sarum, Gilbert Chinne, then Mayor, Brian 
de Badeston, and John Spetiar, then Coronator, Peter de Montepossulano 
and Roger de Stok, then prepositi, Nich de S. Quintin, Elias Buche, 
Albin tanator, &c 

Inspex. by the D. & C. of an agreement made by Bp. .£)gidius, between 
the John de Bucton, prepositus in the Church at Wells, and rector of 
Assebur, in Sarum diocese, and Galford de Ferington, Precentor of 
Chichester, and rector of Chiselden, concerning certain tithes. A.I). 

Inspex. and Conf • by the D. h C. of the grant of a pension of 10 marcs 
made by Bp. W. to G. de S. Leophard, until such time as he can pro- 
vide him with a prebendal benefice. 

Given by the Bp. at Dogmersfeld, Sept. 26, A.D. 1260. 

An act of Chapter about the communa. fol. 105. 

Division used to be made per viginti et sex septimanas ad minus. It 
is now ordered that an audit shall be held four times a year. The 
administrator shall always have 50 marcs from the revenues of North 
Curry, ready for division among the residentiaries each yeai*. Rents to 
be paid within 8 days of the 4 terms. Each term to be 13 weeks. The 
Dean and principal canons to reside only 8, other canons 6 weeks and 4 
days in each term. Non-residence partial or complete in any one term 
may not be made up in another. The first term shall begin on the mor- 
row of S. Michael and last until the Vigil of S. Silvester, both days in- 
cluded. The second shall end with the last day of March. The third 
-with the last day of June^ &c. 

E 2 


esent Edward tlie Dean ; Gilbert tie Byham, 
«ncellor; Hngh de Bumeo, Treasurer ; John 
iichard, Snccentor ; Master John CMclyn ; 
de Cnsynton ; Samuel lie Melb ; Roger de 
arescis; Richanl <le Haldelworth; Robert 
ID; ■William de Pulton ; Adam de WorcesWr ; 
i, A.D. 1259. 

ter of Joho de Button, prep06itus,grantingto 
Caiigbury. A.P. 1260. 

emr of Wells, granting to Walter de Cadi- 
am fabricam meam, . . cum selda part« 
&c.," on the west aide of the cemetery. 

)riated. Conf. fol. 104. 

^ seeks for the restitution of a vicar's place 
ow by another. The Ch^ier promise him 

pbendary of Yatton, provides for an annual 
successors in the prebend, of three shillings, 
the Prior of St. John's Hospital, Wells. 5 

af the park of the said prebend, which he 

►. 1260. 

MMith of January, A.D. 1260, obtained leave 
lebnttion of divine service in his ch^iet at 
IT of S. Cuthbert's, assenting, on the con<li- 
irn, or his family's, or thotie of other people, 
its, and thix«^ which he L^ bound to pay as a 
Mother Church c^ S. Cuthbert ; naving only 
aplain. For this privUege be b to pay 2 

. houses let. Conf. fol. 103. 

ft C. of a grant made by Bp. William of a 
, £&, in Chedder to Will Malet, at a rent of 

[ C. of a licence to elect their Prior given by 
t of Bath. Given at IX^^met^feUl, May 19, 
HI June 8 in the :<ame year. 

>f John, r^is marescallus, granting to the 
«e»toke, the Chumh of Chetldar. 
qnam prvsenlatit: fnit ad ecchn de Ceildre- 
regis marescal, qui erat admiiiSDs per Go«lef r. 

C. <rf a Confirmation by Bp. W., given at 
'. 1260, of an act of Master Adam and the 
^ Hospital of S. John, Bath, establishing a 
iMMT of their benefactor, C»n<m WilL de Wel- 
ib., to be celebratei) either in their chapel, or 


Confirmation by the D. & C. of a grant made bv John de Batton, pre- vfmus 
positus, to Ric de Bagepath, of a mill at Sutcherd, &c. A.D. 1260. ^^'m^.*^' 

Confirmation by the D. & C. of an exchange of lands between Bp. foi. 107 In dors. 
William and Dn» Matthew de Stratton. Cherlewode, Suedeston, Derfold, 
Westbernette, Flexham, Milehammes, Smaledone, are mentioned, and 
several details. A.D. 1262. 

Bishop of W. to the ballivus of Wivelescombe. He is to give posses- 
sion, in the presence of witnesses, to the> D. & C. of 4 acres of land and 
the advowson of the Church of Stoke. 

The D. & C. quit claim to John de la Pole, Vicar of S. Cuthberts 
half a marc de annua pensione Altilagii Ecclesie predicte &c. A.D. 

Assignment of a Canon's House. 

A writ Quo Warranto against the Bp. concerning Axbridge, Chedder, 
Wells, Kingsbury, Pucklechurch, Charde ; 40 shillings on Wy thelegh 
Hundred, '^ unum austercum Joh" de Hampt '' in Badgeworth ; courts 
held in the Hundreds of Yatton ; one third of Berton ; and ^ duarum 
thangarum " in Hampton and Claverton ; two Sheriffs turns ; Returna 
brevium ; wrecks &c- A.D. 1280. 

The Bp. answers that Axebridge and Chedder were granted as a fee 
by the Crown to Hugh de Wells, Archdn of Wells at £20 per annum, 
and that the said Hugh, afterwards Bp. of Lincoln, granted Cheddar to 
Bp. Josceline, and that this was confirmed by the King. The same 
Hugh granted Axebridge to one Thomas Walensis, and he to one 
Maurice de Gaunt, and he to Bp. Josceline. Wells in ancient days 
was of the demesne of the Churchy and afterwards King John granted 
that it should be a free borough. 

The answer is sufincient. 

Domesday Book is sufficient evidence that the Manors of Kingsbury, 
and Cerde were not royal demesnes ab antiquo. 

Pokeleschircho the Bp. received from the Abbey of Glastonbury by 
arrangement in the King's Court. 

As to the 50 shillings or Whitelegh Hundred it stands on the same 
footing as Pokeleschirche. 

As to Austercum due on the tenement of John de Hampton in Bag- foi. io9. 
geworth, it is answered that that service has always been among the 
appurtenancies of Axebridge and Cheddar. 

The answers as to the rest are all sufficient. 

All the Bp's. Manors are here named. foi. 109 in dors. 

As to felons goods the answer is sufficient. 

The D. & C. answer to a quo warranto concerning North Curry by 
producing the charters of Kings Richard and John. 

To one concerning the advowson of Congresbury by producing the foi. 110. 
Charters of John, and Henry III. 

Charter of the Prior and Canons of Berlie by which they bind them- 
selves to pay 30 shillings a year to the D. & C, in consideration of the 
benefits received from Walter de Lechlade, Succentor of Wells, who had 
bought (nomine exor"* Radi de Lolinton) from the Abbess and Convent 
of Godstowe 5 ferlings of land in our Manor of Morba for 35 marcs, but 
seeing that it would be very advantageous to us had caused the land to 
be made over to us. Given on King Edward the Martyr's Day A.D. 

wTtb Poaditiccg of i&bxBt fc 

Bt^vijtfnz vnotlog a fewe ii Tor Lmc to the 

Kyi, taHT^i Eat -if I^Mbioo; Tfcni^ It Ifivtk; 
John dv Gar^lDaii?. te. 

apail lu Mon;x>r>' ttuibi^I to Wthtv 'BarmM, at 6 
1^ pui'! to thi^ tifcrt:- d£ h^ prfiie*f»tir Look de 
Boaeb'^, ~ cam ev^nr^^t-" ijiward fe Dbhl Other 

iid»w^ (£e Orm^^ieiie. ^ :>cBeactaL aad cssto£aii of 
laoBlCT. bv clw Bo'i. nniiii il^'iil 
m.-»iiE p«T m:-rtem nuzri H^riei Haae, afatmi 
[-C i .i.N^ H. H- was ChMeeiwr is A,D. 1301 
A'm'A it not be W^Lliam Bm^D ?} 
1 ihit rlrhi 'U' i-«itc«iT ihiriiuf nooer, aaj the I^ 
i«e. 13. AJ>. !:f»>. Gira m Ljbji'b. 

«fr in iB.^ n^E» soii ptn i.jfTwb. ni. TW Haaor 

the ct3n:& ; aol tba H^ukind ; ^ the b»d oT 

t-^ Ac. znawd :o them bj Kiinf? BjtWd aad 

i br H=sr7 IlL aib! Dciis. B«^attl>i, Snvie, and 

TMsiniaib with i^ riiinA. ^i^ b* Bft, Joeedne 

LdTlTLioa .^. i^.i av Hl'^ d£ kad den wliicfa 
. ic, r.T^ea bi K" KiTT, ^s Ctakhnt'i Chardt in 
idmtfd Mi evniH-rtmn ay Bf^ Boten a^ JowcrJine, 

Lr-Safi t-'w* «a*i wttirnfri ct Bp& 

BLii ani Si^^ir-.'.', lie Prir ia^ii CccnaC of Badi, 

±it posr^n- 

Lii.--i-: ■:i ;:i* A"N>.-t aa-i C-orva; « Tiiwpgi the 

N.fJi^.ii MI? ELLiwii.<a C^ :T^:^ Bpi. J. viA the 
;axrvi ». i. j St-ia» i^vt-s; frvtn IF Bpk. «f Swim, 

K <vn.c:;jicj; *v»-'/.ai. ij:iiiTnB ■'fxAsca (rrh lii 



The barton for their commtma in Wells, given by Bp. Reginald, Wblm 
saving a rent of 12 pence to the Archn. of Wells. ^ IttSS.*^ 

Also that all their properties and men are free de omnibus murdris — 

&c que ad regem &e^ pertinere debent, by the grant of Bp. Josceline. 

Also the power of pronouncing a sentence of ezconmiunication and 
interdict upon all who invade their rights without the authority of the 
Bp. given by Bp. Savaric 

40 shillings a year payable by the Priory of Briwton on their churches 
of Banewell and Westbury, for the support of a wax light to burn 
before the High Altar, given by the said Priory. 

3 candles, 1 of 3 lbs. the others of 2 lbs. weight, to burn before the 
High Altar on the Vigil of S. Andrew charged on the land of Badulf de 
Marere of Dultingcote, and given by Bp. Robert " in dedicationem veteris 

Also 10 marcs a year from the Ch. of Chyu, and 20 more from the 
prepositura of Cumb, for the solemn service of the Blessed Virgin '^ cum 
omnibus horis singulis diebus in ecclesia Wellen celebrandis.'' 

And 10 marcs from the same prepositura for a similar daily service 
for the departed. 

Details of assignment of houses, and of smaller rents and bequests fol* 112 in dow- 
allotted to various services in the Cathedral. 

Given at Mortelak, Oct. 17, A.D. 1281. 

Miurginal note. ^* Salvk dignitate metropolitic&, non vero episcopali.*' 
Printed in " Wells Cathedral " by H. E. Reynolds. 

Inspex. and Conf. by Thomas the Dean & the C. of Wells, of ^i- 118- 
the Charter of Robert, Bp. of B. & W. giving his confirmation to the 
annexation of the Chapel of Radene, B. & W. diocese, by Godefirid 
Gifiard Bp. of Worcester the patron of it jure heredits^rio, to the Church 
of Boyton, in Sarum diocese; which the same patron has given for 
the support of 4 chaplains who are to pray for the Universal Church, 
the faithful departed, the King and Queen, and their children, and the 
whole realm. 

Given in London Nov. 25^ A.D. 1289, and confirmed by the D. & C. 
Dec. 11^ in the same year. 

The right of Excommunication given to the Chapter as on fol. 28. ^1- 113 in dors. 

Charter of Josceline Bp. of Bath and Glaston concerning the election 
of a Dean. 

Leave to elect must be sought from the Bp. and the elected person 
must come to him for confirmation. 

There have been two elections during his time (diebus nostris) con- 
ducted in this manner. 

Given at Bath on S. Basilius Day. Pont, nostri 11**» Anno. A.D. 

Letter of Bp. Roger, grants the custody of the Deanery when vacant fol. 115. 
to the Chapter. 

Given at Banewell A.D. 1246, in May. 

Confirmation of the last by Thomas the Prior of Bath. A.D. 1246. 

Grant by Thomas de Button, Dean of Wells, and the C. of a " selda 
quam Augustin sutor quondam tenuit " in Wells to Walter de la Roche at 
a rent of 4 shillings a year, ** ad obitum Walteri Hubard cum evenerit ;" 
and 2 shillings for entry. A.D. 1289. All this entry crossed out. 

Lispex. and Conf. by King Edward of a Charter of Claricia Prioress fol. 115 in dors. 
of Kyngton & to Robert Bumell Bp. of B. & W., granting all their 


Udeworth, Hodicote &Dd Neweuham ia Berks 
»l of Compton in B^ke, and th« patronage of 
a the parish of WestchildesI, &c. Te»<t. Will. 
Ooleshulle ; Henr. de Shotesbrok ; Roland de 

Joh. de S* Elena j Kic do Pesje ; knights, Ac 
irk ; A. Bp. of Durham, and W. Bp. of Ely ; 
rill de Walenc, oor aocte ; John de Warenne, 

de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln ; Rt^er BjgoA, 
iTsball of Engbud ; Kobt Tjbotot ; Walter de 
'hamupnent, &c. 
June 4'*. A.a 1291. 

iobert Bp. of B, & W. 

^diard 03 eyerj Monday, and a fair for 6 days 
of the Annan ciation. 

Ipa. Edmund, Will de Valence ; as above, and 
of Gloucester and Hereford ; Meor. de Lascy ; 
}tot ; Hugh le Despeaser ; Walter de bello 
Ric. de Bosco ; EUas de Hamuli, &c. 
June?*'' A.D. 1291. 

ir &c. of Worspring to pav certain sums to the 

e D. 4. C. of the receipt of the following books 
n August 24* A.D. 1291. Hugh de Sacra- 
le de lemporihas ; " qnos qaidem IJbroe, idem 
ario acceperat per literatoriam cautionem que 
clerico fucrat dicto Magr" S. 

om him also at the same time the Inllowing 
John dictuB fibrlis, formerly Chancellor of 
ivitate Dei, in one volume. His Epistles in 
I Damasceni et Speculum Gregorii, cum mollis 
rtio volnmiue comprehensis. 

e assigned to Th. Archd of Bath. 

taverdale &c. Ordinis S. Victoria, will pay 30 
de Axebri^e, Subdean of Wells, their bene- 
ter his de&th to the D. £ C. for nutsaes at the 
sne on behalf of the soul of the raid John, &c. 
I marca to buy one virgate of land cum per- 
n in the parish of Wyncanton, the proper^ of 

orcing payment of the above. 

uf^, Master of the House of S. Mark de Byl- 
the brethren, acknowledee the receipt of 90 
f Wells. 

b a chantry in the Cathedral of 63 sbtllinga 
the soul of Canon John de Hereford, deceased, 
1 90 marcs was derived. 
[>rcii>g pajmeot, &c. 

i. & W, an<l Worcester, and by themselves, 
ifter S. Jamus Ap. A.D. 1272. 



A similar charter of John the Prior & of Worspring, Ordinis S. Victoris. Wslu 
In return for many benefits received during life from William de Wicham- ^^^b.*^ 
stede, propositus of Cumbe, and Alex, de Bamfeld, Canon of Wells, and — " 

for a bequest of 100 marcs, they found a chantry of 53 shillings and 4 ^^^' ^'^* 
pence, in the cathedral on behalf of the souls of their benefactors, &c» 

Details as in the last. They promise to observe the obit in their own foL 118 in dors. 
house also. 

Given in their Chapter Aug. 16, A.D. 1266. 

The Manor and Church of Winscombe let ad firmam by the Chapter 
to Dean William Bumell for 1 10 marcs. ^* Premiss^ pulsatione campane 
pront moris est ad capitulum congregandum.*' The Dean had at the 
request of the Chapter given up the firm of their Grange in Wells, &c. 

Given on Wednesday next alter the Translation of S. Andrew. AD. 

Dispensation from residence granted to Th. de Luggore, the Chan- fol. 119. 
cellor of Wells, for 3 weeks, that he may attend the King's Court on 
business connected with his office, and the Church of Wells. 

Given on Ascension Day A.D. 1310. 

On the same day it was ordered by the D. & C. '* quod capiatur de 
maeremio de Wynescumb," under the eye of the woodman, '^ ad organa 

Mem. That on Monday in the Feast of S. Valentin, A.D. 1311, the 
Chapter determine that no episcopal grant of houses, lands, &c. be 
confirmed by them save only for the life of the grantee and his wife. 

Question about the rights of the parson of Lydiard. 

Complaint liad been made to the Bp. when at L. on Thursday the 
Vigil of S. Lambert, anno regis E. JO^, that the parson ran too many 
oxen with the Bp's. herd. 

John de Clyvedon the Bp's. Seneschall calls a jury of 12 men of the 
Manor [named] to give evidence on oath, who prove that the parson 
should have 8 oxen to feed with the Bp's. 

Extract from Bp. Drokensford Register, fol. 26, 

'* De residentia dignitatum et aliorum canon™." 

The order of the presbyters in one ancient ordinary was The Deanery ; 
the Cantuaria ; the Cancellaria ; Thesauraria ; in another there is added 
Subdecanatus and Succentor, residentes sint assidue in eccl* Wellen, 
remota omni excusationis specie nisi necessaria, Ac." 

Jn a statute of Bp. Josceline it is ordered that all canons who have 
resided per medium anni sive continue sive interpollatim, and those 
whom we call residents, viz. the Dean, Precentor, Chancellor, Treasurer, 
if they have resided two thirds of ibe year ^'sivo continue, &c." shall 
participate in the residue of the commnna. These 4 must be sacerdotes. 

Given in the Chapter May 7. A.D. 1313. 

Rad. de Windelzore Canon and Prebendary, inducted into possession foi. 119 in dors 
of Wedmore, the fourth portion, by his proctor Nich. Burnel, clerk. 
On the morrow of S.S. Peter & Paul A.D. 1313. 

Acknowledgement by John the Dean & the C. of the receipt of 100 
marcs from Lord Thomas de Berkelee, Master Antonio de Bradenye, 
and Richard de Rodenye, exors. of the will of William de Marchia, Bp. 
of B. & W. to be held for safe custody, "usque ad generale passagium 

im qnas I^svit Ep* in 

ter, fol. 37. 

'' Bp. John until Easter. 

.D. 1311. 

D. ttB collectors decime sexCTitalis, 
mm teirx Banctn for the dkicew of 
-collectors, Robert de Haselscluwe 
iuu de Lanton, &c. 
L.D. 1314. Names o£ the Chspta 

Berkelee (o John de Godelee, Dcu 
. It b to be sent to Loodon. 

. of a grant made bj Bp. John to 
of a messuage at latton and b«lf 

ant by Thomas de Goi^es, the Pre- 
Und and a messuage at Pnlton. 

. of tbe receipt from Henrj recb^ 
nt of a pension of £10 given to the 

bbe; of Glaston as the tithe of this 

.D. 1313 <it £9. £1 has been paid 
ce of the cbnrchi and the repulse 

I le Vejl, Dionisia his wife, and 
Klden^nrste, and WoHon. 

tricar, and also John de Borofbrd. 

1 the Caoons booses, and statement 

ItimMlf dnring the piraecation of a 

Sntton, a Yicar <tf Wells. 

lel o'f the Blessed ^rgio. As on 

lement made between Bp. WilliaiD, 
ft Ladj of Chiweton, abont their 
aence of Peter de Insula, Canon oE 
Irew de GiTmstede his Seneechol, 
Senecehal, and Walter Tonere her 

S l^t^^ ~ 


commensalisy on Sunday next after the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin ga^biIu. 
A.D. 1295. Mss. . 

The boondaries. From Soorappeldorestok to Selverpntte: thence ^ 

ad f ureas, &c And from Sonrapperdorestok westward to the ffayrre- 
well, thence to Bocfolde to Sngheberewes, thence to Stondenestones to 
Gretehole-Weberewes, thence to Scholdeputtes, thence to Oldedycbe 
by the croft of Rad. de la Pole of Pridie. 

Test. Gkdfrid de Stawell, Richard de Cumebergh, Richard de Rypariis, fol. 121 in dors. 
Bartholomew Peytenyn, knights ; William de Welyngton, Henry de 
Ponte, Canons ; John de Fraxino de Stonyeston ; Adam Canon ; Richard 
de Kynemersdon, &c. 

AJ). 1296. 

Monition toW. de Winton, Robert de Avobury and William le 
Jumer, ^' quia nod habent vocem multum delectabilem apponant diligen- 
tiam imfra annum ad faciendam psalterium, et cetera spectantia ad 
servitium ecclesie, sub pena statuti." 

On the same day John Mayle, Ric. de Chapmanslade ; Maurice . . ; 
Robert de Childingfold ; Gilbert de Welwe, and Master John de Con- 
gresbury, and Richard de Mora receive the same order, ''quia non 
habent Tocem placabilem." 

May 29. A.D. 1298. 

Installation of William de Molendinis as Archn. of Tanton, and Canon 
of WeUs. Dec. 16*^, A.D, 1298. 

A vicar's, William de Bath, stipend suspended until he pays a fine of foi. 122. 
£12 5s. which has been laid upon him. The master of the fabric is 
prosecutor. A.D. 1298. 

The same day Stokgomer and Lydiard are let; the prebend of 
Wyvelescumb is sold to H. Huse for 20 marcs, and the succentor is pro- 
mised the first vacant firm of the same value as Lydiard. 

Oilbert de Molendino installed Arohdn. of Tanton, on the 16^ Dec 
as above. 

Eight installations to prebends, and one deprivation of a vicar. 

A.D. 1308. Hugulin son of Francis de Iteramia collated to Cump- 
ton prebend by Boniface viii* 

Confirmation by the D. & C. of the grant by Bp. Walter of one fol. 122 in don. 
portion of the Church of Backwell to the Hospital of S. John, at 
Bristol, on account of their great poverty. Thomas atte : Wynel^ the 
rector, consents, and the Bp. has taken council with the Chapters of 
Bath and Wells, " sicut decuit." AJ). 1306. 

ConBrmation by the D. & C. of a grant by John de Godelee the Dean, foi. 128. 
of lands and a messuage to Richard de Rodenye, and Lucia his wife and 
their heirs, in Merke parish, at Merklia and Rodenye, formerly held by 
William de Rodenye. 

Test. Baldwin de Contevile ; "John le Hamptone ; ^Philip le Ireys ; 
Nicholas de Modeslegh, he. A.D. 1307. 

Confirmation by the D. & C. of the grant by Bp. Walter de Hasel- fol. 123 in dors, 
shaw of the bedellaria of Winterstoke Hundred, to Richard de Rodenye. 
A.D. 1307. 

Leave of absence to the Dean John de Godelee to attend to Chapter fol. 124. 
business in London. A«D. 1308. 


mbud, rector mnd prrfjeodary 
of Est Harptree, «inl ceruin 
ury, OD oath, give decision in 

a Adam, had been lords of Est 

rat monies is settled by the D. 
the payment of the one-tenth 
kbric A.D. 1:^93. 
le marc payable by Bnckland 

North Curry to be applied to 

in vicars, named, 20 in number, 
ars two shillings for one jetiX'A 

cused of iacontinence promises 

two in one house. They are 
[) pena statuti. 

the Church under the Caiu- 
lay and night, except when it 
' necessary reason. 
lier side of the choir be ehut at 
le be open From the first stroke 

door of the choir is opened, 
^"propter concultationem lib- 
thai the laymen may be preven- 
apter. That after the G-loria 
choir be shut dnring Matios, 

le. A.D. 1296. 

Insula, Jttn'7 24"", A.D. 1302), 
f those of the vicars appointed 

)hn, upon the business of the 
on, Ac. Oivon on Friday next 

vacant firm to G. W. Blibergh, 

e appropriation of Cilteme to 
right, Thomas do Untton, for- 
; and of the establishment of n 
for John the late prepositus of 
'icholas, formerly the Treasurer. 
, gives his consent. The pat- 
Priory. The appropriation (»s 
aae or cession of tbc rector. 

■7A*^^^^r '" ' 



The Priory is to pay 12 marcs annually to the D. <& C«, of vhich Welu 
5 marcs goes to the chaplain, and Ss. Ad. for the ornaments &c. of the ^^^|^*^^ 
said chantry. 46 shillings to be divided among the canons and —7-' 

vicars present in the choir on the morrow of S.S. Simon and Jude, ^*^*- ^2^*'*^®"- 
during the life of the said Bp. and afterwards on his anniversary. 12 
pence to the sacrist for ringing the bell on that day. 40 shillings to the 
fabric. 2 shillings to the Archdn. of Wells as compensation for the 
third part of the sequestration of the said Church of Cilterne. 12 pence 
to the communarius for his labour in making the distribution, &q. 

Given at Woky, April 30, A.D. 1301. 

The Priory being on the high road is overburdened with the number 
of people seeking hospitality and is therefore very poor. 

The firm of South Barrow Church let to Philip de Odiham, the fol. 128. 
vicar, for 6 marcs a year. The D. & C. allow him 5 marcs for the 
first year for the building of a grange, and the repair of the houses of 
the Church. Afterwards the vicar must keep them in repair himself. 
March 16, A.D. 1298. 

The Will of Lucia Lundregs wife of Nicholas, dated Tuesday next 
after S. Valentine, A.D. 1298. To be buried in S. Cuthbert's cemetery. 
Legacies to S. Cuthbert's and to the Cathedral for obits. She gives 
unum plumbum to S. Cuthbert's and 5 sheep for the supply of one wax 
candle before the image of the virgin in the Cathedral near the altar of 
the Saviour. To Nicholas her husband she leaves unum fermaclnm 
anreum, et unam zonam de serico auro textam, hemesiatam argento. 

To the image beate Marie in capella retro magnum altare in the fol. 128 in dors. 
Cathedral, unum Keverchef de serico, value 6^. To my sister Margaret 
unam supertunicam de blueto de ypres, et unum capucin de scarleto 
X)enulatum minuto, vario. A great number of similar small bequests 
ure given in detail, e,g. a capucia de gandegeme, a rochet, a mappa, 
and a manutergium. A ciphum de mazer cum xn capitibus in eodem 
fixis. A cochlear argenti. To her servant Sue a firmaculum argenti 
et unum tapetnm. Proved in the presence of W. the Dean, on S.S. 
Perpetua and Felicitas Day. A.D. 1298. 

Nicholas dlctus le Prest, a citizen of Wells, husband of the above- fol. 139. 
named Lucia, adds to her bequest of S$, Sd. for obits, Ad. 

Mem. All crossed out. An arrangement made for the payment of a 
debt of £10 Ss, Od. to the Chapter by lliomas de Benhanger, by yearly 
instalments of £5 68. Sd. 

Statement by Eobert Archbp. of Canterbury of the case between the fol. 139 id dors. 
Bps. of B. W. and the Abbey of Glaston and the final concord. 

Bp. Savaric had petitioned King Richard that the Bps. oT Bath might 
have the patronage of the Abbey, and that they might be intermediaries 
between the Crown and the Abbey in temporalities. This had given 
rise to much dispute and injury to both the Bps. and the Abbey. 

The monks now, on the decease of Abbot Robert, have sought for 
permission to elect, and for confirmation after the election of John de 
Tanton, from the King as patron, and have entirely passed by the Bp's. 
rights. An agreement has been come to by the contending parties. 

The Abbey gives up to the Bp. the Manor of Pokeleschyrch, Wynes- 
cumb, Blakeford, Cranemere, &c. The advowson of Ayschebury in 
Berkshire, Kington, and Cristemeleford, in Wilts, Bocland in Dorset, 
Camelarton, wiSi a knight's fee there; saving certain pensions to the 


The Abbej to retain the Manors of Asadinry in Berkabire, Badde- 
•ury, Kyngton, Cristemeleford in Wilts, Boclaaa in Dorset, Me»e 
nth its dinrch in Somerset. The Bp, to remit a, payment <rf ;E11 5». a 
'ear payable by the Abbey on the Hundred of Wystan and WjUiegb, 
ad the moiety of all fines for murders, &c. Ac. paid on the Abb^ lands, 
tc. Ac. April, A.D. 1276. 

The Bp. yields the patronage of the Abbey to the King in exchange 
or the city of Bath. 

All these arrangements are made with the consent of <l»e seTcral 
hapters. April, A.D. 1275. 

Printed in Adam de Domerham, Vol. I., p. 261. 

Mem. That deeds relating to the churches of Bath and Wellfi, to 
lorth Curry, Wynescumb, St. Cnthbert's, Congresbury, Lovidgton, 
lodiford, were delivered to Edvard the Dean to h% carried to London, 
t the command of the Archbp., on Saturday next before S. Michapl 
L.D. 1281, and were brought back by him on S.S. Criqnn and 
7rispenna'B Day. 

Leave of abiieuce to the Dean for Chapter business. 

Presentation to t!ie vicarage of Modiford vacant by the cession of 
Fill de Bremesgrove, of John de Aumbresleie, by Caa<Mi Bobt. de 
Houoester. Sept. 4, A.D. 1311. 

Lydiard let ad linnam for 35 marcs to Canon Antonio de Brsdenr. 
)cc. 1, A.D. 1304. 

Stokegummer let for 40 marce to Canon Ric de Plmnatok. 
LD. 1304. 

The Grange at Wells let for 100 marcs to the Archd, Th. de Cherletcm. 
L.D. 1305. 

The first vacant firm promised to Master Jordan de Insala. April 6, 
L.D. 1305. ^ 

The £40 payable to the King for the church of Bnmluun is depoeited 
ID quodam fortario viridi." A.D. 1306. 

On the same day the bond of J. the Dean for £283 6». 8d: was 
epoaited in the same strong boi. 

Receipt given by the D. & C. for lie 100 marts left by Bp. W. de 
larchia for the Holy Land. As before. 

The Grange let to Archdn. of Wells, Peter de Insula, for 110 marcs 
or so long as he is a canon. Ten marcs of this is to depend on the 
ileasure of the Chapter and may be remitted. A.D. 130a April 13. 

Congresbury Church let for 70 marcs to Th. de Cherleton, at eamc 

Whitchurch, Dorset, let to Th. de Lugovere for 30 marcs, 

Lovington and Modiford let to Henry Huse, the Chancellor. £or 35 
larcs. AS>. 1301. 

Lydiard let for S5 marcs to Peter de Avebury, Archdn. of Tanton as 
iDg as he is a canon. The same year. 

Cb^dar with tlw peusion of the vicamge, let to William de 
'^■"leton, succentor for 42 marcs. AJ>. 1301. 

\T7*^ir-.^^^ ■/ . yr^T 

r .1 - /I - -| 


Stogomber to Bic de Wjnton, Subdean for 40 marcs. A.D. 1302. ^ Wsixs 


The next vacant firm promised to Anthony de Bradenyo. A.D. — 

The Grange in Wells, let to the Dean, H. Hose. A.D. 1302. 

Ixmngton« and Modiford let to Eobt. de Gloucester for 35 marcs. 
A.D. 1302. 

Regislrum Cancellarii Thome de Bedford. A.D. 1370. fol. 183. 

Procuratorial letters to Peter de la Barghe to act for the Chapter at 

Appeal against the Bp. to Borne about Hamton Church. Conf. Reg. 
Drok. foL 100, 101. 

The Chapter undertake at the Bp's. order the collection of tenths 
for the King. 

Lttteras credentiae to the Bp. foi. 1S3 in dors. 

LettersB credentiae et supplicatorisB to Gilbert de Middelton Canon of 
Wells, and official of Canterbury, as to a difficulty which has arisen 
about the appropriation of Hampton Ch. to the Monastery of Bath. 

Confirmation by the D. & C. of a confirmation made by Canon W. de 
Cherleton, firmarius of Ceddre Church of a grant made by a former 
firmarius to the grantee for life. 

Test. John de Clyvedon, Matthew de Clyredon, Bichard de Rodenye, 
knights. John de Hampton ; Philip le Yreys ; Roger de Hanam ; 
William de Aula. A.D. 1316. 

Litters credentiaB to John de Roffay professor of canon and civil law, fol. 184. 
<K>nceming Hampton Church, which (with some very strong language) 
the D. & C. complain has been appropriated by the Monastery of Bath 
though it is in the patronage of the Bp. 

Ajiother form of same. 

The Dean John de Grodelee, John Martel, and Hugh de Penser 
appointed to negodate with the monks of Bath on this business. A.D. 

Litter® credentisB to R(^er Bp. of Samm on behalf of Canon 
William de Lautone who comes to explain about the Sexannalis tenth 
collected for the King. March 16. 

Congresbury Church let to the Dean. 
Bydesham to the Subdean. Both A.D. 1316. 

Nicholas de Bath, clerk, appointed by Canon John de Bruefone, the 
Chapter's proctor in legal matters, to act for him when he is absent on 
Chapter business. 

Sealed by the said N. and also, inasmuch as his seal is unknown fi)i. 135. 
to many, by the Archbp. of Canterbury, <* ad rogatum meum persona- 
lem, file medio per medium colationis present! est appositum." 

Given at Lamehuth, March 21, A.D. 1316. 

The D. & C. withdrew from all proceeding in the matter of Hampton. 
April 9, A.D. 1317. 


vrnujB Inspex and Conf. by the D. & C. of the appropriation of Hampton 

^* m£*^^ to the monastery of Bath made by Bp. Walter, on account of their grc?at 
— poverty and their difficulties on account of the exactions '*qiie im- 

ponuntur viris ecclesiastics hiis diebus." 
fol. 185 ID dors. Given at Woky May 1, A.D. 1308. Confirmed on May 2. * 

Pension of 100 shillings granted by Bp. John to Roger de Sutton 
for life. 

Given at Chywe, April 8, A.D. 1317. 

The Monastery of Bath withdraw all proceedings in the suit about 

Confirmation of a pension of 10 marcs given by Bp. John to Richard 
de Rodenye son of Richard de Rodenye, until such time as he is provided 
with a prebend. 

Given at Woky, July 9, A.D. 1319. Confirmed Aug. 14. 

fol. 186. Withdrawal of proceedings about Hampton. A.D. 1317. April 8. 

Mem. Adam de Horleton is accepted per mandatum apostolicum for Uic 
fii'st vacant dignity which he will accept, and tlie first vacant prebend. 
April 2, A.D. 1317. 

Simaaily Hugo Richard. April 14, A.D. 1317. 

Walter de Hull appointed proctor in legal matters. A.D. 1317. 

Gilbert de Bruera accepted as above. June 5, A.D. 1317. 

Simihirly Roger de Northburg. June 8, A.D. 1317. 

fol. 136 in doP8. John de Bogle appointed proctor in legal matters. June 15, A.D. 


An agreement made between the D. A C. and William de Ros acting 
for John de Ros, as to certain grants made by order of Pope Clement in 
Wells Cathedral June 18, A.D. 1317. 

fol. 137. John de Middelton and John de Hampton, clerks appointed by the 

D. & C. to be their proctors ** in curia Romana vel ubicunqne sedem 
apoetolicam tunc esse contigerit." Feb. 8, A.D. 1316. 

Another similar deed of appointment. 

A canon is not to receive the fruits of any vacant vicarage " quod 
qui habet emolumentum habeat et onus." 

fol. 187 in dors. Procuratorial lettter to J. de M. and J. de H. as above Jan 31 

A.D. 1316. ' ' 

The D. & C. to the Bp, Recite a letter which they have received 
from the Bp. to this effect. The Bp, has received a letter from the 
Kmg sub private sigillo ordering the collection ot the money agreed 
upon in the Pwliament at Lincoln, He sends this letter by the hands 
of John de Clyvedon, seneschal, Richard de ffoni, and John de 
Womberg notary, who were present at that Parliament. 

Given at Banewell, April 17, A.D. 1316. 

fol. 138 

They answer that they will appear by their proctors in the Parliament 
now sitting m London, and act in the same way as the others who are 


there, and as the King's letters to themselves shall direct. April 20, Wi&ub 
A.D, 1316. ^^mm!*^^ 

The D. & C. to John Bp. of Ely and the King's Treasurer. 

They received on Sept. 21 by the hand of Gregory Blaunk de Bur- 
degaliis a royal letter as follows. 

The tenths granted to the king by the clergy of which the D. & C. are 
the collectors in the diocese of B. <& W., are to be paid forthwith to 
Stephen de Abendon, pincema. £100 is allowed for expenses. They 
are to write at once to the Treasurer and inform him how they intend 
to proceed. 

The Bp. is the chief collector. 

Note at the foot of foL 137 in dors, Qonceming Congresbury Church 

Appointment of Nicholas de Bath to be tho Chapter proctor in legal 
matters. A.D. 1319. 

Presentation by the D. & C. of Robert de Cotes to the vicarage of fol. 138 in dors. 
Ceddre. Dec 19, A.D. 1317. 

John de Orleton, Canon of Wells, ap])oiuts three proctors to attend to 
his interests in the canonry and prebend he holds by the favour of the 
Apostolic See which Adam, Bp, of Hereford, formerly a canon of Wells^ 
at the time of his promotion obtained for the Church of Hereford, 

An order touching obits of which the master of the school is to receive 
the same as a vicar. 

The writing is much destroyed and parts are illegible. 

Confirmation by John the I), and the C. of a grant made by Bp, J, fol. 189. 
to Thomas de Cherleton, Archdn of Wells, of 20 acres of pasture at 
Hywysch by Langport, Oct. 24, A.D. 1317, 

Conf, of a similar grant at Hywysch to Hagh de Berhe. 

Confirmation of another grant at Hywisch to Th, Littlegard. foi. 139 in dors. 

It having been slanderously reported that the Dean John de fol. 140. 
Godelee has not kept due residence, the Chapter have caused the book 
to be examined and certify that the report is false. 

Nov, 23, A.D, 1317, 

Acquittance to the exors. of Bp. Walter de Haselschawe for the pay- 
ment of £10 a year given by the said Bp. to the D. & C, A.D, 1317. 

The D. & C. to the Bp, Have received his letter. It is clear that 
the Bp. cannot admit Gilbert to a canonry *' juxta formam gratisB per 
snmmum pontificem factse," but he has not written to the D. & C. to direct 
them to receive him. 

May it please you to give us directions, inasmuch as the collation. Sec. 
belongs to you, 

June 5. 

J. Martel, a canon, appointed by the D. & C. their proctor to appear 
on their behalf before the Archbp. 
April 6, A.D, 1820, 

Appeal made by the Subdean and Chapter against John de Kos, foLHOindois. 
whom they had duly appointed canon at the mandate of Clement Y., 
and who is also the domestic clerk of Amald, Cardinal presbyter. 

u 20531. F 


The 8sid John de Roe has exceeded his rights in demanding a share 
in the disfcribntion <rf quotidians, (which are expressly excepted !« s«^^ 
appointments,) and threatens the Ch^tcr with excommunication it ine 
demand is not complied with in 6 dajs. r t n ^ f 

Thej appeal to the Holy See, and to the protection of the Court oi 


Protest made by the Ch^ter in the same matter. The I>ean is 

foL 141. Conf. by the D. & C. of a charter of Bp. J. Drokensford, granting 

to WiU. de Boteleria the younger a tenement at Cranemere, ^o™^"^ 
held by Henry de Alum. Test Matthew de Qyvedon, Joto <ie 
Clyvedon, John de Bello Campo de Northone, Richard de '^^JTi 
Knights. William de R^ni ; John fflory ; John SamweU ; Reginald de 
ffirome; &c. 

Given at Rokebnme, YA. 13, A.D. 1217. Confirmed same year. 

Receipt for the pension of 10 mares a year payable to the D. & C. 
from the Church of Bumham. AJ). 1319. 

fol. 141 mdon. The Bp. to the D. & .C. as sub-coUectOTs of the decima sexani^^ 

Has been ordered to send to London all arrears within lo days, ^ley 
must therefore, under penalty of distraint, send them to him within ^ 
days, either to London or to wherever he may be. 
Given in London, Jan. 15, A.D. 1317. 

The D. & C. to the Archbp. Canterbury. t j r 

In obedienoe to his summons to a Synod at S. Panics in London for 

Thursday, the morrow of the Feast of S. Peter in Cathedra, they have 

appointed Canon Jc^n Martel to be their proctor. 
Feb. 15, AJ). 1317. 

The answer of the D. & C. to the king E^ concerning a loan made by 
them to J. Bp. of Wynton, the Treasurer. 

The D. & C. summon all the members of the Chapter to decide upon 
certain wei^ty matters [not described] which have been discussed, but 
ought not to be settled finally without the presence of aU, inasmuch as 
they OMicem all the Chapter. 

April 3, A.D. 1318. 

Conf. by the D. & C. of a giant by Bp. J. to one John Dacres, his 
TaUet, of a tenement in WeUs, lately held by Isabella widow of Ricbard 
deCarslade. AJ>. 1317. 

lbL14aindan. The D. & C. to the Bp. ccmceming the payment of the Tenths. 

Have been much disturbed by the threatening tone of a royal letter, 
of which thev send a copy to the Bp., and they beg for his protection. 
A portion of Ceddre Moor '^is that to which the disputed payment 
belongs. They cannoi decide such questions without ccmsoltation with 
the full Chapter. Hence the delay. A Chapter has been sonunoneii 
Their deliberations have taken pboe in the presence c^ tbe lords J* 
Randolf, J. de Clyvedon, and Matthew de Clyvedon. 
Jan. 5*^. 

The D. & C. apiKMut William de Bath, derk, to be tbeir proctor to 
i^pear before the Treasurer and Barons of the Exchequer and put 
iDj^ieir account of the Tenth coOected for the King. S. Hillary, 


Mem. The D. & C. order that William de Westbury retain his oflRce Wxllb 

at North Cory, as before, for dne year from Michaelmas A.D. 1322, ^^ iiSs.*^ 

except that in holding the court there, the D. & C. will appoint an — 

A general convocation of the Church of Wells, Monday, May 8, fol. 148, 
A.D. 1318. 

First Article. Canon John de Eos to enjoy all the rights of a canon 
while he is detained on business at Rome. 

Besponsio. Residents and non-residents shall share expenses equally. 

Article. The tenants of North Cory ask for land in exchange for 
common rights. 

Besponsio. The Dean and 4 or 6 of the Canons are to examine and 
settle this. 

Article. Walter a tenant inquietat D. & C. per breve nove dis- 
sisseine super quatuor acras prati de eorum dominico. Quale melius 
defendendum poterit negotinm, &c. i 

Responsio. The said Walter and his wife shall have 5| acres in 

Article and Response, similar to the last. 

Article. How to proceed against those who have not paid the decima 
quinquennalis, as agreetl upon in the last Convocation, charged upon all 
prebends for the new Campanile. 

Responsio. By ecclesiastical censure, and sequestration. 

Article. Inasmuch as large sums arise de decimis et oblationibus 
S. Willelmi, allotted by the Fraternity of 8. Andrew to the fabric and 
the Campanile, ought there not to be an audit of the accounts ? 

Besponsio. Two canons are to audit the accounts of each collector. 

Article. The last Convocation determined that a house should be 
provided for the vicars. 'Where shall it be ? 

Besponsio. Between the house of William de Cherleton and the pent 
house (penticum) where the cementarii work. 

The Dean to arrange about the expenses. 

Article. Cum alias in convocatione concordatum f uisset quod cloaca 
juxta claustrum ponetur in loco remotiori propter feiorcm qui est in 
fonte S. Andree in claustro, he, 

Bespon. It is lo be kept clean. 

Article. Because of the number of canons who are present at the 
services there is too much walking about and conversation. It is 
proposed that those who attend the services at night may have their 
books and a light in the choir. 

Besponsio. This is allowed to Canons, but not to vicars. 

Article. Conunemoratio b^ Marie et b^ Andree sint cum regimine 

Besponsio. Conoessum est. 

Article and Besponse. Firms are not to be let to laymen. It Is con- 
trary to the Statutes. 

For the future no letters &c., of the D. & C. to be confirmed until a 
Chapter has been specially summoned. 

The Bp. to be consulted about the offerings at S. Columban's chapel 
at Ceddre. 

All the Canons were present in person or by proctor in this con- 
Tocation except the prebendaries of Compton, Haselbere, Cudworth, 
Cumbe 12^^ Harpetre, Tymbrescumbe, Milverton 2*, and Barton, who 
did not answer to the summons ; and the prebendaries of Ashill, Eston, 
Ounibe 13*, Dinre, Wedmore 4***, Clive, Holecumbe, and Wedmore 2<*, 
qui f ttenmt extra Begnum or Begimen« 

F 2 

I ' 


There were other matters dealt with, but as they were not settled 

^mS*^ thej are not inserted here. 

Dispensation from residence to Canon Thomas de Haselshaw in 
retnm fix the services he has done the Chnrch. A.D. 1323. 

foL 144. Canon Kichard de Plnmstoke appointed proctor for the Convo- 

cation to be held in S. PanlV, 
Maj 1, A.D. 1319. 

Summons to Thomas de Retford, Chancellor, to attend at a full 
chapter called to consider matters of consequence to them alL April 19, 
A.D. 1319. 

A hoose allotted to two vicars for life. And it i<« resolved that anj 
vicars houses which may come into the bands of the D. & C. be allotted 
to two vicars together, '* propter honeslatem," &c. A.D. 1319. 

foL 144 ia dors. Copj of an order from the King to Jchn de Walewayne Esceator 

eitra Trentam. 

The D. A C. have represented that they had possessed a rent from 
various men in VVeUs of £6 14i. (k/. for loiSg before the passing of the 
Statute of Mortmain. He is to caU a jury, and examine into the whole 
case. March 2*^, A.D. 1318. 

The King to Richard de Clare esceator ultra Trentam. He is to 
restore to the D. & C. the above-named revenue to which they have 
proved their right. John de Walewyn k now spoken of as "Nuper 
Esceator Xoster."* June 6, A.D. 1319. 

Conf. by the D. & C. of a grant by Bp. J. to Richard de Rodenye, 
derk, son of the noble man Richard de Rodenye, knight, of a pension of 
10 marcs. 

Given at Wokey. July 9, A.D. 1319. 

foL 145. 'The D. & C. to the Bp., as to the answer he is to give to the King's 

demand for payment of the 500 marcs residue of the Tenths. They will 
not delav, but must take council with their brethren. 

In^iex. and Conf. by John the Dean and the C. of a grant made by 
the late Bp. John of lands, &c., for life at Cheddar. Omfirmed A.D. 

foL 145lndofs. Inspex. by the D. A C. of a final concord made betwe^i Bp. John 

and John de Membory, lord ai Westbaggebergh, as to a piece of waste 
land on Cantok (Quantock) claimed by the fonser as part of Lydiard, by 
the other as belonging to Bagboroi^^. The case had been tried in 
the King's Coort at Cerde before John de ffiude, and John de Batesforde, 
and William de Homer, justiciaries. It is decided that it belongs to 
the Bp.*s Manor of Lydiard, but with commoners rights to the men of 

The boundaries are from the east earner of Robert de Calewe's croft 
under Cantok ; Eastward alon^the fossatnm called Boledich ; eastward 
to the secunda bunda called la Fennyslo ; thence north (a tittle west of) 
to the third bunda caUetl Alferode ; eastward to the foiuth bnnda called 
la Redewelle ; eastward to the fifth bunda called Coleslade, which b the 
outside (forinseca) bound between Westbaggebergh and Assheholte 
Mamws. The men of Bagborough may not exercise common rights 
'>*«tward €^ Coleslade. The bounds across the mountain to Estbasge- 
''- within which they have rights are from Coledbde south to the 


second bunda called Oxenham ; direct south to the third called la Cat^dbal 

Rowebergh, through the middle of the bunda ; thence direct south ; _' 

thence direct south to the fourth called Bulgonescros, and so to Estbag- 

gebergh to Eobt. de Calewe's croft. 

GiTen at Grenewjc juxta London. A.D. 1314. 

Henry de Schavynton, Archdn. of Tanton, gives to Robt. de Esper- 
\eghy Vicar of Milverton, a house more conveniently situated than the 
old vicarage house. A.D. 13 14. 

_ , _ . ^ - ^ , , - . ., . - fol. 146 in dors. 

Presentation by the D. & C. of Robt. de Lee to the vicarage of 

Winescombe, vacant by the death of Robt. de Codeford. A.D. 1315. 

The Bp. to the D. & C. A very urgent appeal to press on the 
collection of the Tenths. Use every effort. Exercise your powers of 
excommunication and suspension, Ac. Given at Eston Croks, April 8, 
A.D. 1314. 

Confirmation by King Edward of an exchange made by the House 
of S. Mark, Bristol, with Bp. John, of a mill at Netherwere, with 
sluices and water course, for 40 acres of pasture and 80 acres of moor 
in Compton and Ceddre* 

Given at Westminster, Feb. 8. Anno regni 8<>. 

Licence from the King to the House of S. Mark, Bristol, to appro- 
priate their Church of Stockland. 

Feb. 7^, A.D. 1314. 

, ^ . . , . fol« 1*7 in dors. 

Appropriation of Stockland to S. Mark's by the Bp. m consideration 

of the poverty of the house, and their losses by inundations on the 

coast, &c. 

Given in London, Feb. ll*^ A.D. 1314. 

Receipt by the D. & C. for £9 5a. Od. part of a pension of £10 payable 
by Henry, the rector of Hornham. They pay 10 shillings as Tenths to 
the King, and 5 shillings to the Dean of Axebrigge for the proctor of 
Gancelin (?) presbyter, and EUuca (?) papal nuntii in England. That is 4 
pence in every marc. 

Sept' 29, A.D. 1317. 

^ fol. 148. 

The appropriation of Stockland as above. 

Tho parson of Lydiard has the right to run 8 oxen with the Bp.'s 
herds in Lydiard. 

Concordia litium. ^ ^^ ^ .r. ^ ^ a t^ ^*'^' ^^®^"^''"- 

On Fridav next after the Translation of S. Thomas the Martyr, A.D. 
1316. Captus fuit dies amoris in capitulo, &c. between Will, le Veyl 
and the D. & C. " super quidam assisa nove disseisine Hberi tenementi m 

Welles &c." 

The matter is left to the decision of the D. & C. 

In a simiUr question between the D. & C. and WilUam Mallierbe. 
Antony Bradnye, and William de Bowne are appomted by the D. & C. 
to meet two of W. Malherbe's friends at the place., and there to call a 
jury of 6 men, who shall give evidence on oath, and the four shall decide 
the case. 

A similar case at North Curry. 

The D. A C. send Richard de Flumstoke to go as quickly as possible 
to John Waleweyn, the King's Escheator, and seek to obtain the wardship 


1 1. " 

«f tbe heii^ of JohB Bcrl»lnwho are kmts, wU^ bi^ongs to die 
of tiie fate Nidiob» de Meck;^ ; bat h b m tke Iwids of the Ki^ 
ibef too are undar age^ 

canzboC be f oond at Bri>toIy leave is to be vked of John £nge, sob- 
escfrator in S 

B. 4e FloKstodE, Hagk de Fencers and WiIIiaB de Bourne ai^raited 
hj the D. A C. to meamre the said BMMvr, and to a?E^ portkns to the 

ami to the Tilkni«, and e^peciallj to the tenants of 

The leaaitfB of Moordon to have one acre of the m 

the <hare aUotted in the said moors^ and 30 acres bj the bridge in 
Cory BM»r in eomaMMi, and a right of waj froaa Bolerhike to 

to taTe ose acre in 
of the D. Sl C^ and the son? of their riDahis are to have cooimoo rights 
in the eoannoB^oB the moors. 

Each TiOain to paj 6 pence for each acfe of moor. 

The Pireeentor and the Socoentor to go as qoickh' as possible to M<hi- 
tacnte Friorr to seek lioenoe to make a new water oonrse fi>r Knappe 

A Iff tioB about a certain charter, not described, between the D. & 
C^ and Ha^ de Bello Campo, awl Bobl. ^ Pnde^ treated of "< in die 

IbL l-taiadHB. The D. A C. grant a rent of a half a mare upon a house in Chambers- 
lain Street to WilUam le Veil far an obit pro anima soi, Acl 

A ffimifar grant to John de SnrieTy \ 

Four eanonSy rix^ the Aredn. of Tanton ; W. de LaonUm ; Thomas de 
Hasebdiawe ; and William de Charlton, appointed to andit the aeoonntB 
of Bichard de Fenser. Sabtreasarer to Jor^ Morant the Tieasnrer. 

The duntrj of S. Marr in the chapd at l^ortheorj, with hooses and 
lands appertaining granted bT the D. ± C. to Boger de Molejns the 
cfa^iiain, for life. AJ). 1317. 

Beceipt for £S 19«. 'i\d^ part pajment of the £10 pension firotn 
Bnmham Churdi. £1 allowed which is to be paid bj Henry the Be<^or 
to the Abber of Glaeton as coUectors in the dioeese of the King's Tenths 
granted to him bj John XXII. for the war against the Scotch. And 
7^ to be paid bj him to the Dean of Axehrngge ''ad opos CanceDariiet 
UniTersitatis Oxonie'' ; that is at the rate of one M. in the narc AJ3. 

&a ISO. Con£. bv the D. ^ C. of the ejcohange made between the Bp. and the 

House of S. Mark. BristoL With the boundaries of the lands, 
toL ISOiadon. Test, to the original deed, John de Erie; John de Meriet ; Matthew 

de Clrredon ; John de Betio Campo de Norton ; John de Cl/redon ; 

knights; and John de Hampton; John de Northlode; FhOip le Irrajs ; 

Wl am de Brntton ; Beginald de Hacam; John de Ardenie, &c. 


The sppcopriation of StocUand Church also confirmed^ saving a pay- wblls 
ment of 2 shillings to the Church at Wells *« pro sequestris tempore ^^mIs,*^ 
vacationis." — 

Bp. John had made puhlic declaration of his intention to make a fol. 151. 
visitation of the Prebends and Firms of the Cathedral. The D. & C. 
daim the sole right to make such visitation and hold a special 
chapter to consider the matter, in which thej determine to appeal against 
the Bp.'s claim. Wednesday next after the Feast of the Translation 
[this word carefully erased, and entered again in a very much later 
hand] of S. Thomas the Martyr, A.D. 1319. 

Another Chapter held, *'ad pulsationem magne campane prout moris esty** 
on Thursday next after the Assumption, in the same year, confirms the 

The articles sent by the Bp. to the D. & C. are declared to be without 
authority in another Chapter, and all canons who have been resident 
during the past and present year are summoned to consider the question 
on Monday next before Ash- Wednesday ; and canons who are absent are 
to be informed, so that they may advise what had better be done. 

All charters, &c. are to be examined, and produced on that day. 

Notification of the facts and request for their advice, addressed to fol. 151m dors, 
members of the Chapter. 

The D. & C. to W. the Archbp. of Canterbury. fol. 152. 

Have received his letter in which he claims the power of calling into 
residence all ecclesiastical persons in the province, and complains <^ their 
delay in obeying his mandate to call into residence John de Bruyton, 
Cancellarius and their Treasurer, and summons them to appear before 
him. They answer that the bearer, J. Martel, will explain why they can- 
not comply with the order. As to appearing in answer to the Archbp's 
summons they are ready to obey '* quatenus de jure tenemur, &c.'' 

April 5% AD. 1320. 

J. Martel appointed proctor to appear in this case before the Archbp. 
May 23, A.D. 1320. 

Similiter. April 6, A.D. 1320. fol. 152 in don. 

Mandate from the Bp. to the D. & C. to install as Treasurer and 
Canon, WiHiam de Clopton, late rector of the Church of Tidd S. Mary, 
in Lincoln diocese, who has made an exchange with John de Bruyton. 
Given at Wyvelscumb. May 8, A.D. 1320. 

Acknowledgment of receipt from Henry de Schavington, Archdn. of 
Tanton, on the sequestrations of vacant benefices in the diocese given to 
the Cathedral by Bp. Josceline, from his Archdeaconry for the years 
A.D. 1304-1320, £4 18*. lid. Also from Chedcsey Church £10 in 
in part payment of 20 marcs, our share of the payments during vacancy. 
And from several smaller churches I2s. Id. A.D. 1320. 

Conf. by the D. & C. of the manumission of William son of fol. 153. 
Richard Eichman de Benhangro granted to Elias de Corscumbe by John 
de Grandisona, Archdn. of Nottingham, and prebendary of Whitchurch. 
July 10, A.D. 1321. 

The prebend of Combe 10^** given to Hugh de Pencris by Bp. Walter 
on the resignation of his nephew Thomas de Haselschawe. Oct. 2, A.D, 


Wbllb Luke lie Harpetre appointed by the D. & C. to be escheator for the 

^^^88*^^ receipt of the revenues for one year of all prebends vacant by death. 
— ' A.D. 1320. 

fol. 153 in dors. '^^^ Dean (Henry) and C. desire the celebration of a general obit, and 

hospitality for Gilbert Waweyn the bearer of their letters to this effect. 

A suit in the Court of Canterbury between Canon Thomas de Haael- 
shawe and Master William de Yatton. The former claims the firm of 
Congresbury, vacant by the death of Canon Thomas de Gorges, on the 
ground that it has always been the custom to grant iirms to those who 
have first kept their residence. 

Articles which the Sub-dean William de Yatton puts in to prove that 
there has been no such invariable custom, 
fol. 154. ^ ^^^S ^^^^ ^^ firms granted at different times to prove this. 

Audit of Richard de Pencei*s accounts. A.D. 1320. 

Manumission of William Brigge of Stokegummer by Richard de 
Plymstok the firmarius, and conf. by the D. & C. A.D. 1321. 

A summons to attend at a chapter meeting On urgent business, not 
described. No names or dates. 

fol. 154inao^8. An uigent summons to a chapter for the Monday next after Trinity, 

to consider what steps are to be taken in consequence of the Bp. having 
claimed the | of the fruits of the vacant benefice of Bawdrip, whidi 
belong to the D. & C. by the grant of Bishop J. May 12, A.D. 1321. 

Recounts the grant of Bp. J., and appeals to Rome and Canterbury 
against the Bp's. action. 

fol. 155. ^" sp^^^ ^^ ^^^ appeal William de Edyngton the Bp's. official 

has sold the proceeds of Bawdrip Church ; John de Bogelegh the 
Chapter proctor appeals to the Bp. to withdraw from his po^dtion 
for the sake of peace, and to give directions to the Dean of Paulet, in 
whose Deanery the sale took place, that the Archdn. is to receive the 
money and pay it to the D. & C. 

The Bp. not having consented, or having delayed his answer *^ plus 
debito," the D. <fe C. appeal against his act. 

John de Middleton and Adam de ffagenham appointed by the D. & C. 
to be their proctors in the case. A.D. 1321. 

Acknowledgment of the receipt by the D. & C. of £9 15*. 8rf., from 
Henry de Sandwyc, Archdn. of Bath, as the proceeds of their portion 
all benefices which have been vacant in his archdeaconry from the time 
of his appointnuent until this date ; His own portion, one third, is 
£4 16*. lOd. 

Dec. 17, A.D. 1321. 

f»l. 155 IB dors. TheD. &C. to their brother Gilbert de Middleton, praying for his 

advice and aid. 

John de Bruton and Richard de Plumstok, canons, appointed by the 
D. & C. to be their proctors in the Parliament at Westminster to be 
holden on the Nativity of S. John the Baptist, &c. A.D. 1321. 

^ Receipt given by the D. & C. to Robert, Vicar of Milverton, and 
"'-non Cotyn, vicar of the Cathedral, exors. of Henry de Schavynton 


late Archdn. of Tautoa, foi* 5 marcs ; the proceeds of the Chureh of Wblm 
Chedesej, daring vacancy. A.D. 1821. ^^^mIm.**^ 

Bond of the D. & C. to Richard called Richmany for £40 lent bj him 
through the hands of Richard de Baker custodian of the fabric, for the 
good of the fabric. A.D. 1321. 

Presentation by the D. & C. of Richard de Baac to the yicarage fol. 156. 
of North Cory. A.D. 1821. 

The Bp. orders his official to pay to the Archdn. for the D. <& C, the 
fruits of Bawdrip Church, during vacancy; collected and held by the 
Dean of Poulet, Ac. Aug. 17, A.D. 1321. 

The Bp. acknowledges the ancient rights of the Chapter. 

The D. & C. forgive an injury which has been done to them by 
Walter called the Barber, on his humble petition. 

The jurisdiction of the Dean and Sub-dean. f^l^ iseindors. 

They had differed about the power of visiting Woky Church which is 
annexed to the Sub-dean's office. The strife had cause much scandal 
among the people. The Bp. summons the two parties before him, and 
after much altercation in his presence, he decides that the jurisdiction 
belongs to the Dean, the Sub-dean has authority only in the absence of 
tite Dean. But as a compromise with the consent of the Dean, the 
Sub-dean is to have authority in Woky, and is to be answerable onl}' to 
the Bp. ; he is to have authority in the city and suburbs only when the 
Dean is absent. A.D. 1310. 

The D. & C. to John de Mohun, in French. £^i j^y 

Are sending to him Sir William de Weston to treat of matters touch- 
ing Stokegummer. 

The D. & C. to ail. 

The Rectors and Vicars and other ecclesiastical persons of the Deanery 
of Tanton have given one penny in the pound on the value of their 
benefices for the roofing of the new campanile, but this is not to be con- 
sidered as a precedent. 

Dec. 23» A.D. 1321. 

The D. & C. renew their request to the Bp. to remove his official, who 
has been the cause of all the differences between them. 

The D. & C. to the Archbp. Have received his summons for a fol. 157 in dors. 
Convocation in S* Paul's on Dec. 1"*. 

The house of the late Cauon Robert de Gloucester, given to Canon 
Mathew Husee. Names of those present in Chapter are given. 
A.D. 1321. 

Inspex. and Conf. by the D. & C. of an agreement between Bp. John 
and Richard Rodenye, knight, concerning certain lands at Ceddre, on 
April 15, A.D. 1318. Confirmed in the year A.D. 1322. 

Similiter. Concerning lands in Stoke Giffard, Draycot, Pridle, foi. 15s. 
Wooky, Westbury, Easton. 

Test John de Bello Campo de Marisco, John de Cliveden, William 
Malberbe, Thomas de Gornay, Thomas de Weleslegh, knights; and 
William Arthur ; John de Northlode ; John de Draycote, «tc. 

Confirmed A.D. 132 L 



w^ttM In a Chapter held on Wednesday May 18, A.D. 1832 and the next daj, 

i^Bom ijf^^ mnch discussion the firms of Lovington and Modiford were let to 

Dean John de Godelee for £23 6*. Od. a year. 

he namefl of those present on both days are given. 

ydiard let at the same time to William de Borne. 

otificittion of the above to the men of Lovington. 

«neral notification of the same. 

he D. & C. request Canon Hemicus de Stanton to examine into a 
uled sum of 115^. 1^. claimed by the King's Exchequer. 

pension of lOmarcs granted to William deCherleton"decoiiunana," 
10 long as he is a canon. A.D. ]322. 

'illiam de Cherleton resigns the Ann of Ceddre. A.D. 1322. 

he D. & C. to the Eng. 

ave received his request, brought by Robert de Cantaar, and John 
chordich, for a loan of the 100 marca left by Bp. William de Marabia, 
kept at Wells " usque ad generate passagium ad terram sanctam." The 
ey has for a long time been in the Bp.'n hands. They are willing 
nd it to the Eing for two years, and pray for such an acknowledg- 
t OS may be a sufficient answer to the Fope and all men. 
iven on the morrow of the Assumption. 

he D. & C. to the Bp- on the same matter. They had answered to 
Sing's messengers that they could not comply without consultation 
him. The messengers, " quasi iracaodi& moti," pressed ns to make 
oan for they must go back at once, and we gave our consent so far 
e have the power, for we did not dare to resist the King's mcs- 
ers, Ac. 
ritten on the same day. 

ispez. and Conf. by the D. & C. of a grant of a tenement, Ac at 
irell made by the Bp. of John to his vallet, and his wife, for life. 
, 1322. 

spex. and Gonf. by the C, of a grant made by Dean J. de Oodelee 
nds in Wedmore, Merkham, Modeelegh, Tadham. A.D. 1322. 
any details about the lands, and names of persons. 

letter of introduction for their messenger William de Bourne from 
>. & C. to W. Bp. of Exon, the King's Treasurer. 

le D. ft C. to the Bp. 

ley have been much troubled by the importunity of the Prioress, &c. 
:ington in Sarum diocese, who " aviditat« femineft," wishes us to 
It to the appropriation made to them by you of the Church of 
verton. We in consideration of the inconveniences which arise 
such appropriations, and of the decisions of the Legates Otto and 
bonus, decline to give our consent, and we liave said so openly 
lever the request has been made. 

le said religiose are making use of the fruitsof the benefice. We a<l- 
fon, " ut tenemur," to revoke whatever may have beeL done towards 
appropriation ; and we pray for an answer by the bearer of tbis. 
n on the morrow of the Sunday when Miscricordia Domini is sung. 


The D. A C. to Sir Hughe le Despenser, Earl of Wynton in French. wmm 

Have received his letters about the appropriation of Twyverton, and ^^"Is.*^ 

are sending to him Canon John Martel. ^ , -t , 

foL 160 m dors. 

Appointment of John de Yvelton to be auditor of all the Chapter 

accounts. A.D. 1317. In French. 

Pension to W. de Cherleton. As on fol. 158 in dors. 

John Walwajn the Escheator to William de Braybroke. 
The D* & C. are not to be interfered with, without special orders 
from the King. In French. 

Charter of Agnes Lock as on fol. 34. f^l jg|^ 

Charter of William (quondam) son of Peter Canute, granting to Roger 
the parson of Chiuton the house, &c. which his father had leased to 
the D. & C. Conf. fol. 35. 

Charter of Eoger as on fol. 35. A.D. 1235. 

Charter of Lucia de Kardumulla as on fol. 27 in dors. 

Charter of John her brother as on fol. 27 in dors and 28. 

Charter of William Buche of Wells granting to the D. & C. the fol. 162. 
houses which he bought of Milo, and which had belonged to John de 
CardumuU, &c. 

Charter of Roger Burgcjrs to Richard son of Ivo about the same. 

Charter of Richard son of Ivo to William called the Archdn. and fol. 162 in dors, 
vicar of Wells. 

Charter of W. called Archdn. to the D. & C. about the same. foi. i63. 

Ratification by the Bp. of the allowance made by the D. & C. of the 
use of candles for reading in the choir during the night, and also of the 
use of books there in the daytime. 

Given at Banewell. Aug. 1 1328. 

Recognition by the Bp. of the D. & C. rights in the fruits of vacant 
Dec. 25. A.D. 1321. 

Conf. by the Bp. of the jurisdiction of the D. & C. through the Dean fol. 163 in dors, 
over the Cathedral, all Prebends and their Churches [save only the 
prebended church of Barton], the Churches of Nither Stawey, Caramp- 
tone, West Ludeford, Winesham, Svercreech, Westbury, Childcompton, 
Bromfelde, Lovington, Bishop Lydiard, North Cory, S. Cuthbert's 
Wells, Ceddre and its chapels. A.D. 1321. 

Commission issued by the Bp. to Richard de Plumstoke and John 
Martell, Canons of Wells, and to William de Edyngton, and Robert de 
Wamburg, clerks, to inquire into the jurisdiction, &c. of the D. & C.- 
A.D. 1321. 

The Bp. confirms pro tempore nostro, the jurisdiction of the Precentor fol. 164. 
in Pulton, and of the Chancellor in Kingsbury. 

The Bp's. bond to the D. A C. for £23 6s. 8rf., for two mitres received 
from them, one valued at £10, the other £13 6s. 8r/., to be paid at 
Michaelmas A.D. 1323 tmless the D. & C. consent to defer the 

'. - 



Wbllb payment. He has received also a pastoral staff, estimated at £6 13*. 4«. ; 
C^™g>a^ a gold ring with a sappire ; gloves cum nodis aareis and sandals, estimated 
— ' at £2 10*., to be restored or their value paid at his death. Given 

at Blakeford, Dec. 15, A.D. 1321. 

In consideration of the benefits done to the Cathedral by the former 
Bp. Robert Burnell, and by the present Bp. Walter de Hasleshaw : for 
the said Bp. Robert procured for the Church of S. Andrew, the Churches 
of Penelton, Burnham, Stanton Dru, and Coleworth, and the said Bp. 
Walter obtained for it the patronage of Burnham ; theD. & C. establish 
a cantaria of £10 for the King, the Queen, the Queen Alienor, the Bps/ 
kc. at the altars of the Blessed Virgin, and S. Andrew, near the 
entrance of the choir. 

fol. 164 in dors. Details at length.- 

fol. 165. Janx. 5. A.D. 1306. 

The D. & C. to all Rectors and Vicars in Axebruge deanery. One 
tenth of all benefices had been freely given ** infra biennium a festo 
S. Michaelis A.D. 1326," for the new buildings of the Church, and for 
the removal and honourable burial of the body of Bp. William de 
Marchia. This is not to be considered a precedent. If within the two 
years a tenth is called for by the Pope, or the Archbp. with the consent 
of the clergy, the payment of the gift to the Cathedral may be deferred. 

Dec. 26. A.D. 1326. 

fol. 165 in dors. Inspex rand Conf : by the D. & C. of the grant by Bp. John to S. 

Mark's House, Bristol, of the AdvowSon of Over Stawey. 
Given atBanewell, Oct. 1, A.D. 1326. Confiniied Nov. 11. 

fol. 166. Inspex. and Conf. of the appropriation of the last to S. Mark'8; 

by Bp. John : saving a pension of 40 shillings to the fabric of the 
Cathedral in lieu of the D. & C. claim to their portion of the proceeds 
on vacancies. 

A vicar to be appointed as usual. 

Given at Blakeford, Oct. 23, A.D. 1326. Confirmed Nov. 10. 

Conf. by the D. & C. of a grant of land for a vicarage house at 
Dundon made by Henricus de Stanton the canon and prebendary of 
Dundon. A.D. 1326. 

fol. l66indorg Inspex. and Conf. by the D. & C. of a grant by Bp. John, of lands 
' at Compton to John Peche and Murielle his wife and their children. 
A.D. 1327. 

A peremptory summons, sent through the D. & C.'s official Richard 
de Baaker vicar of North Cory, to the Abbot of Athelney to attend at 
a Chapter where secret and important matters are to be discussed. 
A.D. 1327. 

f^Y jgy Presention by the D. & C. of Hen. de Schirebourne to the .second 

chantry of Dean H. Huseo. A.D. 1327. 

The D. & C. to the Chapter of Sarum. 

Inasmuch as the Church of Wells since its foundation by Robert, Bp. 
of Bath upon the same statutes as the Church of Sarum, has always 
followed the same, we ask for your advice upon a matter which ma/ 
turn out very much to our prejudice. 

Pray let us know what is the rule with you for a visitation of the 
Chapter by the Bishop. Ought he to visit all the canons and dig:ni- 
taries ? Ought he to visit the *« corpus dignitatum ? " &c. Oct. 1. 


Answer of the Chapter of Sarum. Wblls 

The Bps. have sometimes attempted to make a visitation, hut we have ^^ mss.'^ 
never heard of any instance of their making a visitation of the digni- — 

taries or the '^ corpora dignitatum." Any faults among the canons are cor- 
rected, " ad commonitionem Epi," by the Chapter itself. Oct. 4. 

At a Chapter held Aug. 20, A.D. 1327, it was agi'ced that in con- 
sequence of the expenses which Canon John de Bruton has been put to 
in pursuing his claim to the firm of Stokegummer, he shall have the pay 
of a canon for three years, excepting only the quotidians. 

Petition to Pope J. to confer a canonry and prebend in Wells on Alan fol. 167 in don. 
de Conesburg juris civilis professor, in return for all his services to Wells. 
Aug. II. 

The D. & C. to Allan de Conesburg. Praying for his advice and aid 
with regard to cei*tain exemptions sought by the Abbey of Glaston. 

An entry about Stockland. Crossed out. A.D. 1327. 

Andrew de Drokensforde, prebendary of Yatton pays to the fol. 168. 
Chapter £45 7«. 2d. raised upon certain goods belonging to the late 
prebendary Kichard de Abyndon. 

The names of those present in the Chapter are given. 

Beceipt for £8 19«. 9^^. from Burnham. £1 is to be paid to the 
Abbey of Muchelnye, collectors of the tenths granted to the king for two 
years by Pope John XXII. and 2^d. is to be paid to the Dean of Axe- 
bridge ''ad opus unius conversi docentis Oxon in lingu& Ebraica pro 
militate tocius regni.'' 

Audit of the receipts of the firmarii of the Fraternity of S. Andrew, 
and of the receivers of legacies throughout the diocese, and of money 
given for the maintenance of the fabric. 

The sums are not stated. A.D. 1323. 

Legitimacy of Canon Robert de Wells, son of Beginald called Begeyn fol. 168 in don. 
and Emma his wife, declared by the D. & C. A.D. 1323. 

Leave to Luke de Harptre, Vicar in Wells, to visit the holy places as a 
pilgrim. A.D. 1323. 

Allotment of a house in Chamberlain Street to Walter Spark and his fol. 169. 
wife, &c. A.D. 1323. 

Beoeipt for the Burnham pension. £9 to themselves, £1 to the Abbey 
of Muchelney for the King's Tenth. A.D. 1324. 

The D. & C. have sold to Alice widow of W. Gyan the custody of all foi. i69indorf. 
the lands which he held in North Cory on military tenure, and the 
maritagium of her son Bobert. A.D. 1321. 

A general Chapter called to consider the poverty and miserable state 
of the Church. A.D. 1324. 

Alan de Conisborg, and Richard de Baac appointed proctors for the fo]. 170. 
D. A C. in legal matters. A.D. 1324. 

Inspex. and Conf. by the D. & C. of a grant made by Bp. John of 
lands, &c. in Banwell at Puttingthrop, to his vallet John de Acres, and 
to Robert Strode. 

Given at North Cory, Feb. 16, A.D. 132^. Confirmed Feb. 25. 

fol. 170 in dors. 


WsLLt Charter of Bp. John to Nicholas the Abhot of Keyneshain^ wbieh in& 

mS?.*^ founded by William comes Gionoomie. 

The monastic revenues are not sufficient for modem needs ; tbej have 
also been deprived of the Tithes of Sroke in the parish of Chiew vrhich 
they have held from the time of the foundation of their house, and of a 
pension of 12 marcs from Bradestoke in Canterbury diocese, the Archbp. 
being against them ; their flocks have suffered much mortality ; their 
land is sterile, and they have suffered by floods. Therefore the Bp. 
appropriates to them the church of Heghelitleton, &c. And the Chapter 
confirms it. A.D. 1324. 

fol. 171. The Charter of the Abbey undertaking to pay the procuration reserved 

to the Archdn. of 10 shillings, and 6 shillings a year to the D. & C. 

fol. 171 in dors. Conf. of a grant of lands in Wedmore made by the Dean. Many 

names of persons and places are given. A.D. 1325. 

The D. & C. to John de Grandisono. 

The general voice of this diocese and of the neighbouring diooeses have 
pronounced that Bp. William de Marchia was a man of good reputation, 
and a good pastor, one who had to sustain many burdens and injuries in 
defence of lus church and flock ; signs and miracles are daily wrought at 
his tomb, &c. They pray him therefore to use his influence with some 
one of the Cardinals that this good man may be canonized, ^< quern Deus 
tantis miraculis disposuit coruseare. 

fol. 179. '^^^ D. & C. to Canon R. de Wamberg. 

Laurence de la Waar having been sent by the King as his Ambassador 
to Rome, the D. & C. had entrusted him with the care of their business 
there; and especially with regard to the Canonization of Bp. W. de 

We hear that our enemy John de Britton is also going to Bomey and 
we fear lest he stir up others to oppose us. 

We pray you therefore after consultation with our friends in London 
to devise some defence against the machinations of the said John. 

The bearers of this are our proctors in the Court of Rome, Richard 
Baak and John de Grigg, and we pray you to commit to writing what 
you may advise, and give it to them, having attached your seal. That 
you also write to us by Stephen as soon as possible. We enclose 
copies of letters which we have sent to the Chancellor to beg for 
letters from the King to the Pope, and to the King's friends among the 
Cardinals in the Curia. We have also written to Master Thomas de 
Plumstoke that if he is in &vor with the King we pray him to act 
for us in the same manner as we pray you. Felicisfiime valetttla. At 
WeUs, June 4, A.D. 1324. 

The D. fc C. to Master Robert de Baldok Archdn. of Middlesex and 
Chancellor to the King. 

A letter similar to that sent to John de Grandesono. 
fol. 179 in don. Dateii at W^ells, June 2, A.D. 1324. 

Bp. J. to William de Testa, Cardinal. 
A letter similar to the last. 

The D. & C. to J. de Grigge and Richard de Baak. 

Our adversary John de Britton is going to Rome. Be on the watch 
against him. They send copies of the letters which have beoi written 
as above about the canoniiation, and a list of the mirftdes [not giTcn 
here] which have been done in the diocese since the deatfi of the Bp. ; 


thej are to obtain as examiners of the list and promoters the Bps. of Wmus 
Sarmn and Landaff; the Abbots of Glaston, Sherborne, Muchelnej, ^^^^ 
Athelney, and Keynesham. — 

The D. & C. to the Archdn. of WelLs. fol, 173. 

The complaint of the vicars that their stipends and allowances from 
the Grange, and the '' panis pro eukaristia " are witheld. Possibly he does 
not know the truth. Beg him to take the proper measures. 

Inspex : and Conf : by the D. & C. of a grant of land, &c. at Modesley 
made by the Dean to one Roger de Schutton and Nichola his wife. 
A.D. 1326. 

Audit of the receipts by the Archdn. of Bath, Henry de Sandwyk, 
from vacant benefices in his Archdeaconry from Michaelmas A.D. 1321 
to Wednesday July 3 A.D. 1325. Total sum is £3 4s. Sd. The 
D. & C. portion is £2 2s. lOd. 

An entry ordering that certain revenues from Ceddre, Lydiard, 
Stokgomer, and Congresbury, be paid in discharge of debts. A.D. 
1325. All crossed out. 

Mem. On the Vigil of S. Martin, A.D. 1325, Canon William de 
Pensers was appointed Seneschal at the request of the D. & C. 

Item. An allowance was made to Canon Galfrid de Eton of the 
residue of the taxation on his prebend of llton, and Boger de Westbury, 
the Escheator is to see to it. 

Item. The Bp. gave one half of the proceeds of his visitation to the 
new work of the Cathedral, and the D. & C. appoint Canon Bobert de 
Wanberg to collect them. 

Item. The stalls in the choir being in a bad condition each dignitary 
is to keep his own in repair. 

For this purpose each canon is to pay 30 shillings. 

The Archbp. Walter, and the Bishops, Stephen of London, Walter fol. 174. 
of Exon, John of Chichester, Henry of Lincoln, Boger of Coventry 
and Lichfield, John of Bath and Wells, Thomas of Worcester, 
and Adam of Hereford, petition the Pope for the canonization of 
William de Marchia, on account of his virtues and the many miracles 
which are being wrought at his tomb, &c. 

Given at Lamhuth, Dec. 4, A.D. 1325. 

The Queen to the Pope, de eodem. 

A similar letter to the Cardinals. fol. 174 in don. 

Commission given by the D. & C. to Canon Robert de Wamberg, and 
to J. de Midelton, to collect from the canons the sums determined for 
the new stalls. A.D. 1325. 

A question between the D. & C. and the Archdn. of Wells about the 
firmarius of Cuthbert's, Wells. A.D. 1326. 

Inspex: and Conf: by the D. & C. of a grant made by Bp. J. fol. 175. 
to Canon Michael de Eston of a place in a garden in our manor of Wells 
and adjacent to his house, 50 feet in length eastward from the wall of 
the Chapel of S. Mary newly built — and in the direction of our St. 
AndreVs Fountain in the said garden from the old wall of the said 
Michael, 28 feet. A tree in the said garden " vulgarly called Medlar " 
near the Fountain is to be preserved. 

A path of 8 feet in width to be kept up. A.D. 1326. 


Wmus The will of Alice Swansee. 

^jSS!"^' Xo be buried by her son Philip, late a vicar, opposite the Chapel of 
— All Saints near (juxta) the Cloister. 

Manj small bequests of articles of furniture and dress. A.D. 1348. 

ol. 175 in don. A proctor appointed for the synod to be held in S. Paul's on the 
seventh day after S. Faith. A.D. 1326. 

A grant by the D. & C. of land at Merk, and Merkham to John 
Gylling of Merkbrigge and Juliana his wife. A.D. 1327. 

The D. & C. to T. Bp. of Worcester. Pray that Canon William de 
Clopcoto may be excused from residence at his benefice of Olveston, as 
he is resident at Wells. Feb. 26. A.D. 1328. 

fol. 176. Summons addressed to Canon Thomas de Betford to attend at a 

Chapter. A.D. 1328. 

The Bp. John, communicates to the D. & C. the papal mandate which 
he has received from Pope John, calling for special solemn masses and 
prayers, on account of the disturbed state of all Christian kingdonoH, 
and the attacks of heretics and schismatics upon the Church, 
fol. 176 in don. Details of the services and prayers to be used. 

Given at Avinion, June 20. Pontif. nostri anno 12® 
Given at Odestoke near New Sarum, Oct. 27, 1328. 

The D & C. to Archbp. Symon. In answer to his summons (which 
is recited) to appear at a provincial council to be holden in S. Paul's on 
Friday next after the Conversion of S. Paul, &c.y they have appointed 
Canons Philip de Brabazon and Philip de Wamberg to be their proctors. 
A.D. 1328. 

fol. 177. A page has been cut out and fol. 177 b^ins with the ¥ntnesse8 of 

some deed which is lost. A.D. 1329. John de Cleveden, Hugh de 
Longlande, Galfrid de Hancombe, Knights ; and Richard de Lovenee, 
Helias de Grodelee, William de Reyny, Walter de Rodeney. Given at 
Dunden, on Wednesday, April 19, A.D. 1329. 

Leave of absence for one third of the year to Subdean Waiter Brown 
for the purpose of study in the schools. A.D. 1330. 

Summons to a Chapter. A.D. 1331. 

The D. & C. to Canon Thomas de Retford. Have received from 
Bishop Ralph the following notice from Archbp. Symon of a visitation. 
He and others are therefore summoned to a Chapter, 
fol. 177 in dors. The Bp. appoints a day for the visitation in the Cathedral. A.D. 


An entry here has been carefully and absolutely erased. 

Mem. Presentation of Alan de Notyngham to be his vicar by Thomas 
de Retford, Chancellor, and Prebendary of Combe 8^, A.D. 1 829. 

A house allotted to R. de Tichemerch, vicar. A.D. 1829. 

Walter de Hulle, Rector of Shepton Beauchamp appointed their 
official by the D. & G. A.D. 1329. 

A loose folio sewn on. 

Very fi&int writing. The subject a sum of £10 payable to the 
Cathedral. A.D. 1331. 


"^ A hamble petition to the D, &, C. All very faint and very difficult Wbllb 
to read. A.D. 1331. ^^^*^'' 

Two lines about a sum of £10. 

The process of the election of Bp. Balph de Salopia on Tuesday 
(luring the Feast of the Translation of S. Andrew. A.I). 1329. 

The Prior of Bath, &c. and the D. & C. of Wells call Chapters for 
the Saturday next after S.S. Nereu<«, Achilles, and Pancratius for the 
purpose of the election. 

On that day the D. & C. appoint Robert de Haselschaw and the pre- 
po«itus of the Cathedral and Canon John de Orleton to obtain the licence 
from the King. 

The Prior and Convent of Bath also appoint two proctors to meet the 
others at Ferindone. 

The D., J. de Gk)delee, to the Bp. R. fol. 178. 

Have received his letters complaining of certain injuries done to the 
Church; they have considered the matter and will co-operate with the 
Bp. and he will take council and act with the other Bps. in the coming 

Apparently a petition to the Pope that a prebend may be conferred 
upon a Bachelor of Civil Law. Difficult to read. 

Grant by the D. A C. of a placea near the cemetery. 

Inspex. by the D. & C. of a final concord entered into between Bp. fol. 178 in dors. 
Walter and Dean John de Grodelee with regard to certain rights in 
Wedmore, BJakeford, Baggeley. 

Bp. W. allows the Dean, Walter de Haselshaw, to run 60 pigs in his fol. 179. 
park at Westbury from Michaelmas to S. Martin's. Dec. 19, A.D. 

Several canons names are given. 

A pension given by the D, J. de Godelee, and the C. of 40 shillings a 
year to William Joy, master of the fabric. 

Thomas de Retford the Chancellor and the Chapter, in con- fol- U^injdore. 
sideration of the merits of the Dean, J. de Godelee, and that he 
procured from the King licence to acquire 20 librates of land, and 
the revenues for two presbyters to perform daily service on behalf of 
the souls of the King and hLs father, and the Queen Margaret, in a 
general convocation establish a cbantiy of two presbyters, one at the 
altar of the Body and Blood of Christ, the other at the altar in the 
Chapel of S. Mary by the cloister, for the souls of Edward, grand- 
father of the King and of Queen Margaret, of Elyas de Godelee and 
Johanna his wife, of Ro^er la Sometcr and Letitia his wife, and for 
the good estate of John de Godelee the Dean, and of John de Briwton, 
and Hamelin de Godelee, canons, during life, and for their souls afU»r 

Details of the services to be held at each altar on different days, &c. fol. 180. 

Test. The noble men John de Erlegh ; John de Clyvedon ; Hugh de 
Langelonde ; Simon de ffumeaux; knights. Walkelin toner; Philip de 
Welleslegh ; Robert de Somerton ; Hugh de Dray cote ; Roger de 
Hanam ; Adam de Cheleworthe ; Thomas de Testwode, &c. 

Given at Wells, Feb. 21, A.D. 1330. 

A long, and interesting document, of two pages. 

a 30541. Q 

^' w. 






CiJttro^AL ^^® "^^ * ^' ^^'^^ *^® ^"^^ Katerine, widow of Walter de North wik, 
^Mss .'^^ knight ; and to their son John and Margaret his wife, on their petition, 
. 1 iftTr" A participation in the benefit ot* all masses, prayers, alms ginng in the 
foi. isomaora. (;iathedral, &c. And that after death their names shall be inscribed in 

the Martjrologj of the Church. May 11, A.D. 1331. 

I A similar grant to Henry de Hamhill, knight. 

June 7, A.D. 1332, various firms allotted to several canons, &c. 

Congesbury let to firm for £45 a year. A.D. 1332. 

fol. ISI. Dispensation from residence to Walter de HuUe, Vicar. A.D. 1329. 

Pension of 36*. 6rf. to W. Joye [conf. fol. 179] beyond his present 
stipend, for life. He is to supervise all repairs, and give his aid and 

i;^' advice when needed. A.D. 1329. 

The D. & C. in consideration of benefits received from the late Robert 
Cormailles, appoint two chaplains ^< perpetuo celebrandos " in the chapel of 
S. Katerine, S. Mary Magdalene, and S. Margaret, on behalf of the 
souls of the said Robert, of Bp. John de Drokensford, of Canon Richard 
de Alresford, &c. 
fol. 181 m dors. Details are given. A.D. 1329. 

The D. & C. grant to John de Monham, knight, in return for benefits 
received, fhU participation 'in the benefits of all prayers, &c. in the 
Cathedral both during life and after death. A.D. 1330. 

The D. & C. to the Pope. 

The high character of Bp. Ralph. 

We have heard that some seek to bring him into disrepute, and ques- 
tion his position. This is the truth. He answered all the questions 
duly, and we would not have elected him, nor would he have proceeded 
to consecration if there had been any irregularity, <Sbc. We had an 
'&^.j' excellent report of him and have elected him '' conoorditer." They pray 

therefore for the papal confirmation, 

fol. 182. The D. & C. to Bp. R. Have received his letter, in which he 

states that his predecessor had pledged a mitre with a London burgess 
t}* for a large sum of money, and this tho king's ministers now seek to ap- 

pji propriate to the king, as he hears from some of them who care for the 

g^; honour and repute of our church. If the D. & C. unanimously desire 

it the Bp. will use his best efibrts to recover it; on the condition that it 
remains for the future in the Cathedral, &c. Given at Dogmersfeld, 
^. Oct. 15. 

%1 The D. & C. assent, and also send to the Bp. one mitre of the value 

^' of 100 shillings ; a pastoral staff, value 10 marcs; a silver thurible, 

7\ value 4 marcs ; two silver candelabra, value 12 marcs, to be restored on 

L* S. Michael's Day next after the present consecration. Oct. 23. A.D, 

fr 1329. 

[f Bond and oath given by John Duyn, to whose care the above were 

[r: committed, that he has received and will restore them to the D. & C. 

C^ M. 182 in don. Hugh de Alresford appointed seneschal by the D. A C. A.D. 1330. 

Quitclaim to the D. & C. by William son of William atte fferlyng of 
3 acres in North Cory at Cnappe. A.D. 1330. 




Receipt given by the Bp. for tlie above jocalia at Dogmersfeld, Nov. c^^^lal 
13, A.D. 1329. MS8. 

Mem. After 34 years he died and was buried at Wells bef<M*e the 
steps of the Choir and the High Altar. 

Appointment by the D. & C. of John Hilebrond of Alveston in the 
parish of Shirbonrne, to be receiver of all gifts and legacies throughout 
the diocese made to the fraternity of S. Andrew for the fabric, except- 
ing only those which are more than half a marc, and those which come 
from the canons, vicars, or citizens o£ Wells. Dec. 20, A.D. 1329. 

Procuratorial letters about the same. fol. 183. 

The said J. Hilbrond to provide sureties, viz., Stephen de Wedmore, 
John Crase^ Robert le Salter, William Whynde. 

Mandate of Bp. Ralph about the Archdeacon's office, and the answer f^i, jg3 indorB, 
of the D. & C. thereto. 

Charter of Hugh of Limington, vicar, conveying to the D. & C. a tene- 
ment, <&c. in Wells for the support of his obit. 

Adam de Sutton sent by the D. & C. to the Bp. of £xon.'^ad petendum 
oleum per vestras sacras manus . . . consecrandum pro ecclesia 
nostra Wellen : et tota^diocese Bathon suis temporibus et locis prout decet 
snis temporibus utendum," &c. April 8. 

Mem. A house allotted to Thomas de Lechlade, vicar, on July 21, foi. 184. 
and Richard de Braye, vicar, is given him as his associate in the same 
bouse. A.D. 1330. 


Charter of King Edward to John de Draknesford, " nuper episcopo, 
B. & W.," allowing him to hold lands to the value of £10 and the advow- 
8on of a church, &c., and to give them to a chantry. And confirmation 
of a grant made by Hamelin de Godelee of certain lands in Stokegnmmer 
for a chantry in the Cathedral, to the value of £3 I3s, 4d. At Notyng- 
ham, Sept. 13, Anno regni 4^. 

The above was placed in the Treasury. A.D. 1338. 

Final arrangement made between the Abbey of Glaston : Rectors of fol. 1B4 in dors 
S. John's Glaston: and Dean John de Godolee, Rector of Wedmore, 
about tithes payable by John de Northlode, Lord of Northlode, under 
the arbitration of their mutual friends, Nicholas de Langlonde, knight ; 
and Antony de Bradnye, and William de Bourne, Canons of Wells. 

Sealed at Glaston : and Wells on Monday, June 15, A.D. 1330. 

A similar agreement come to under which the Dean may enclose 600 
acres in Wedmore Moor. A.D. 1330. 

Agreement between the same about Godney, Yelemore, and Oxemoor. foi. i85. 
The Dean claims the Moor of Yelemore, from Padeneberchevslake 
dike on the east, to the water of Ferlingmere pool, and thence to 
Lichlake on the west, as part of Moderslee Manor. The Abbot too 
claims rights therein and had cut down trees and pulled down buildings. 

The uninclosed portion is to be divided into two parts of equal value ; 
the one bounded by Lichlake to belong to the Dean, the other which 
lies next Padenesberchlake to the Abbey. 

The Abbey may always take a reasonable amount of land when it may 
be necessary to repair their hatches (gurgites) at Hachwere, Bordene- 

G 2 


^J" weiv, and Pariswere. The Abbey to bavo the Boli> right of fishery in 
Msa. Fei'Ungsinerc pool ami in tlie watercourse, [sive riniis,] from the said 

— pool to Lichliike. 

tol. IBS indore. Details about pasture rights, rights of way, &c., &c. 
fol. 1S6. Teat. Hugh de Courteneyp; John ile Bello Campo de Somerset; 

^ ihn de P^lumbariia ; John de Erlee ; John Wake ; Hugh de I^ng- 
ide; Simon de fforneanx ; Reginald lo Jfu; Nicholas deBonsvyle; 
lights { &c. 

Given at S. Thomas' chapel, by la Sauwcye. May 18, E. HI. A.D. 

Similar agreement about Yelemore Moor, Ac. 
Details of boundaries and pasture-rightx, &c., Sic. 
Test. Hugh dc Courtcnay ; Robert Finzpayn ; John de Bello 
unpo de Somerset ; Philip de Columbariis ; Richard Panel (or Davel) ; 
ihn de Clyvi'done i John de Erlegh ; John de Wroxhale; Simon de 
irnesus ; Hugh de Langelonde ; Nicholas de Bonevyle, &c. 
Both iadenturea signed Mar 28, 1 E. III. A.D. 1327- 
Attestation of Stephen Tryppe, notary. 

A similar agreement between William de Grandison and hia wifp 
billa, ami the Dean of Wells, about a watercourse nt Burnbam. 

Agreement as to the jurisdiction of the Dean nnd the Sub-d<«n, 
the city and suburbs, and in the Churches of Evercrich ; Chil- 
compton ; Westbury ; and their chapels, &l'. ; and also in Dynre; 
armeflter ; Doultyngole, &c. 
Given by the Bp. at Banewell, Jan. li), A.D. 1310. 

Conf: by the Chapter of a grant of land in villainage at Modeslee br 
e Dean. A.D. 1333. 

Presentation by the D. & C. of John de Tantoii to the vicaragv 
North Cory. 1328. 

Fin^ conconl made between John de Bello Campo <le Somersel, 
light ; and Dean John de Godolee, about the Manor of Knappe. 
John de Bello Campo is son and heir of the Lady Cecelia dc bpllo 
mpo, Hamelin de Godelee is brother of Deau John dc Godelee. 
Details of the agreement. 

Summons to a Chapter called b> consider the attempts of tb« 
rinr of Montacule to invade the rights of Wells Cathedral. A.D. 

Order made by the D. & C. about the apportionment of firms aman£ 
e canons, &c., and summonH for a general Chapter to consider auil 
infirm this, according to the advice of Archbp. Symon who hits hfl'l 
is visitation while the subject was still under discussion. 
Congresbury firm, £45. Whitecburch Church (the half of) £33 &. W. 
^dre, £36 I3s. id. Stokegummer, £S0. LydianI, £35. The Grun^'' 
Wells, £80. Modiford and Lovrington, £35, to be paid to the (.-om- 
unar at the 4 terms, Ac. 

The Chapter announces the death of Dean John de Godelee. Feb. 6, 
J). 1332. 


The Chapter appoint Canon Henry de Fuleham to be their proctor in ^ ^Sx^al 
all matters which concern their rights in the vacant Deanerj. Feb. 5, mss. 

A.D. 1332. ■ — 

SimUar procuratorial letters. Feb. 5, A.D. 1332. 

The Ch^ter petition the Bp. for the usual licence to elect their Dean. fol. 191 in dors. 
Feb. 5, A.D. 1332. 
It is given. 

Summons to a general chapter sent out by Thomas de Betford, the 
Chancellor, for the purpose of the election for Monday, March 8, 
A.D. 1332. 

Similar summons. 

The King's letter to the D. & C, demanding a subsidy for the fol. 192. 
marriage of hLs sister Alienora with the Count of Gei'lere (Gueldres). 
Feb. 12, anno regni 7**. 

The Chapter answer. 

Our Dean, without whom we can do nothing, is absent in foreign 
parts engaged upon arduous public affairs. 

Our cathedral church is in sucii a ruinous and dilapidated state that 
all the common fund for three years would be scarcely sufficient for the 
necessary expenses. The calls upon our funds are very heavy, and the 
Church has no goods save those which have been given in puram & 
elemosinam ah antiquo, &c. We therefore pray you to excuse us, «&c. 

Hichard de Thistleden, Treasurer, acting for the Dean Richard de 
Bury. All this entry very faint. 

Summons to a chapter, June 2, A.D. 1333. 

Letter from the Treasurer & the Chapter to Canon Reginald. All 
very faint. 

On Sept. 15, A.D. 1333, John de Carleton, deputed by Bp. Ralph, fol- 1»3. 
made a Visitation of William de Bubland, the Precentor; Thomas 
de Retford, the Chancellor; Richard de Thistelden, the Treasurer, 
in St. Katherine's Chapel where the late Bp. J. de Drokensford is 
buried, in the presence of Stephen Tripp, Notary. 

The Treasurer acting for the Dean (who is in a distant country) 
and the C. appoint proctors to defend their privileges against the Bp. 

A Chapter summoned by T. de Retford the Chancellor for Feb. 23, *>!• 193 in dors, 
to elect a Dean in the place of Richard de Bury made Bp. of Durham. 
If the canon cannot attend he may appoint another canon to be his 


Given 6n the Purification, A.D. 1333. 

Letter to the Bp. on the same day for licence to proceed to tho 

Appeal by the Chapter, oy way oi precaution, against any possible 
interference on the part of the Bp. with their right to the custody of 
the Deanery during vacancy. 

Appointment of a proctor to take charge of the vacant DeaucryVevenues, 
&c. on behalf of the Chapter. 

1 ' • f 


CArnn&Ai. Licence for the election from the Bp. 
^. Given at Woky, Feb. 3, A.D. 1333. 

fol. 194. Appointment of a proctor to take charge of the vacant office. 

The Chapter to the Bp. to announce the election of Canon Wybert 
de Iiiitleton ^* nulla instigatione hominis precedente statim, subito, et 
repente, omnes unanimiter Spiritus Sancti gratia ut firmiter credimus, 
inspirati, nullo penitus discrepante.'^ April 22, A.D. 1334. 

Grant by Bp. Ralph, to Walter de Rodeney, knight, of 12 acres of 
land at Dynre, on payment of one rose. A.D. 1335. 

fol. 194 in dors. A decision come to by the Justiciares in A.D. 1280 that the Advow- 

son of Burnham Ch. is to belong to the Abbey of S. iPeter's, Gloucester, 
and they have given to the Priory of Ewyas the Church of Ffoye on 
the request of Sir John Creygar who had claimed it. 

Concerning the same church of Burnham, A.D. 1222. The advowson 
is claimed by Roger de Clifford against the Abbey of Gloucester 
through his wife, daughter of Robert de Ewyas, who gave it ** domui 

fol. 195. Another question about land at Burnham, dealt with at an Assise 

at Somerton in A.D. 1280. 

Petition of the Chapter to the Pope for the confirmation of the election 
of Wilberte de Littleton. Jan. 16. 

fol. 195 in don. The homage of Wedmore and Modeslee prove that John de Asche- 

bury, proctor for Dean R. de Bury, received from the exors. of John 
de Godelee '^ nomine implementi," 24 oxen for 3 carrucsB, each valued at 
13«. 4d, ; also as implements for the Church land 2 oxen, worth 26s. HtL ; 
2 affri worth 20s, One bull worth I2s. ; one cow 10s. ; one boor, 3s. 4d. ; 
one sow, 2s. Summa, £20 14$. Od. 

Also for dilapidations in the buildings, £15 lOs. Od, 
Also 1 plough bound with iron, with a hempen rope ; one carruca 
bound with iron, another with all its belongings, with 8 men and 2 iron 
chains of the length sufficient for 8 oxen. Two tables and tressles in 
the hall. 
A similar list for Modeslee. ' 

fol. 196. Ratification by the Chapter of the election of Wybert do Littleton 

to be Dean, Jan. 17, A.D. 1334. 

The Chapter to King Edward, in French. 
Notify to him the election. 

fol. 196 in don. The Chapter appoint proctors to publish the result of the election. 

The names of the canons present are given. June 27, A.D. 1335. 

fol 196 in don. Appeal of the D. & C. to the apostolic see in the question between 
fol. 197. themselves and the Priory of Montacute, and in the matter of Wivelis- 

combe prebend. 

fol. 197 in don. Licence to elect a Dean in the place of Wybert de Littleton, deceased, 

sought by the Chapter from the Bp. Aug. 20, A.D. 1335. 

The Chapter of Wells appeal to the Bp. of Exon in these circum- 


« H" J< 




The Church of Wells has of old time held the churches of Wynesham, Wbuj 
Cerde, Combe, and Welyngton, &c., and their revenues were applied to '^mIs,*^ 
the advancement of divine service in the Cathedral in the formation of — 

16 prebends each of the value of eight marcs, 15 canons in the said 
church were appointed to pray for the souls of the King, &c., and also 
15 vicars, each with two marcs a year, to celebrate daily masses, Ac. 
£20 a year was also assigned to those who say the daily masses in the 
chapel of the Virgin for the dead. Any residue to be divided amongst 
them all by the prepositus. Under your orders the above have been 
sequestrated by the Prior of Tanton, and many of the parsons of Wells, 
men of good repute, are reduced to mendicancy, and excuse is given 
them for wandering about the country. 

Appointment by the D. & C. of proctors to act in the Court of Arches 
on their behalf. A.D. 1336. 

The D. & C. to their fellow canon John de Offord, Dean of Arches, fol. 198 in dors, 
to soUicit his assistance in their case before Bernard Cystre, papal 
nuncio, in a suit aboufc the proceeds of the vacant deanery. 

Mem. Thomas the Dean and the C. in the year 1286, called a full 
chapter in due form, at which it was agreed that a contribution should 
be made for the cathedral by the canons, for the completion of the new 
work, '^ jam dia incepta," and repair of the older pckrts, at the rate of one- 
tenth, according to the taxation of Norwich, for five years. 

Inspex : and Conf : by the D. & C. of the appropriation to the Abbey foL 199. 
of Keynsham of West Harptree Church. 

The Abbey is in great proverty, because they depend upon rents in 
Ireland, and these, on accoimt of the variety of races, and the wars 
there, and the incursions of the enemy, have altogether failed. Not 
only have they lost houses and goods, ^' sed quod horribile est audire 
ecclesie Deo dedicate appropriate nobis, penitus sunt combuste." No 
sniall part of their lands also, both there and in Wales have been injured 
by floods, ** fiuentes et refluentes." Sir Walter de Rodenye, pitying their 
distress, has with the King's consent, given West Harptree advowson, 
and the Bp. after careful consultation with the Chapters of Bath and 
Wells, " quod requiritur in hac parte," and with their consent, appropriates 
it to the use of the ^bbey . A sum of 6s, Sd. is to be paid annually to 
the fabric of the cathedral ; and 28. to the Archdu. 

Details about the vicarage. A.D. 1337. fol. 199 in dors. 

Receipt given by the D. & C. for the above pension of 6s, Hd^ 

Walter de London to John Everard, vicar, and escheator. Recites fol. 200. 
the rights of the Dean in summoning chapters. The agreement 
come to in John de Godelee'a time for the restoration of the fabric. 
The oath taken by all members of the church on admission, that they 
will maintain all that may be rightful and beneficial to the church. 
The fact that the church suffers much injustice and oppression in these 
times. That the fabric of the church " pro magna pirte restauranda nee 
aliqua portio pro defensione seu restauratione hujusmodi facienda 
exstitit deputata" ; that the canons resident have spent £1,000 and more 
upon such works ; and that the church is still £200 in debt for such 

That the non-resident canons who hold the richer prebends, have not 
contributed at all. 

That all this is notorious to all men and to the Chapter. 

The Chapter therefore determine that a sum of £2pO be paid by the ^J* 200 in dors, 
non-resident canons, &c. A.D. 1337. 

I ' 

»- - • - * 




fol. 201, 



WELLS Allotment of a Canon s House. A.D. 1337. 



— A Hunilar entry. 

Mem. On Nov. 20, A.D. 1337. Bp. Ralph conferred on John de 
Middlcton, rector of Shepton Beauchamp, the chancellorship, vacant by 
the death of Thomas dc Retford. And the said chancellor takes oath 
that within a month of his obtaining possession he will give a lecture 
or find a lecturer, according to the will of the Bp. 

Mem. at the bottom of the next page. 

Dec. 15, A.D. 1337. Symon de Bristol to whom the Bp. gave the 
Chancellorship, by an exchange, there in the Cathedral, in the presence 
of the Bp. took an oath that he will ro^ at Wells or cause to be read 
a lecture in theology, vel in decretis, at the times when a lecture of this 
kind is given in the University of Oxford, in accordance with the Bp's 

Summons to William de Littleton, the Precentor, to a general chapter 
to consider the incroachments on their rights, and the state of the fabric 
A.D. 1338. 

Roger de Mortuo Mari Archdn : of Wells to the Dean of Frome. 
Certain men have violated the sequestration of Chywton CImrch which 
is claimed by the Abbey of Jumieges, but is sequestered on the petition 
of the D. & C. Cause these men to be cited peremptorily to appear before 
us on a certain day in the Cathedral, to answer to the D. & C. for this 
violation. A.D. 1338. 

fol. 201 in dors. R<»vocation of a commission rgiven to Gilbert de Shepton, rector of 

Crych, by the tenant of North Cory in a question about ecclesiastical 
urisdiction. AD. 1338. 


Richard de Thysteltou, Treasurer ; and Walter de Hull, Subdean, to 
John, vicar of North Coiy, and W. de Lavelye, vicar in Wells, concerning 
certain scandals at North Cory. 

Walter le Eyr, Adam le Eyr, Robert le Spycer, and John Jolyf, of 
Sowy, together with certain accomplices, in Feb., A.D. 1337, as- 
saulted Robert Gyan, a clerk, knowing that he was a clerk, " et in 
possesifionc clericatus," in 'the presence of William de Littleton the 
Precentor, Robert de Baldok and John de Wamberg, Canons, and many 
more clerks and laymen, in contempt of God, the Church, yea even of 
humanity, and to the peril of their souls through the excommunication 
pronounced by a canon on the occasion. 

All this being notorious, the offenders are to be cited to appear and 
answer for their conduct before the D. & C. on a day to be appointed. 
April 6, A.D. 1338. 

The Chapter to the King in answer to a command brought to them 
by Robert de Wy vill, to deliver up the 100 marcs bequeath^ by Bp. W. 
de Marchia. It is no longer in their hands. They send Canon Henry 
de Carleton to explain. Jan. 28. 

Mem. John de Middleton, vicar, sought leave of the Chapter, that 
Hugh de Alresford might live with him. Granted on condition tluit his 
present associate William de Walton suffers no loss by the change. 
A.D. 1340. Names of those in Chapter given. 

fol. S02. 





Charter of Bp. Josceline granting the Church of Congreabnry and cathvdbal 
some land to the cathedral. MSS. 

Given at Congresburj on the Feast of the Transl. of S. B^pedict 
A.D. 1218. 

Letting of the house in Wells, given in former times by Canon William fol. 202 in dors, 
de Pulton. A.D. 1340. 

Concerning the same property, which had been left to the Church 
before the Statute of Mortmain. A.D. 1340. 

Concerning the same. fol* 208. 

The Canons' Grange let for £80 a year. A.D. 1347. 


Upon the petition of John Canestoke, vicar of Modef ord, the D. & C. fol. 203 in dors, 
grant him certain tithes in augmentation of his income, viz., Rents on 
houses and gardens on the 8. side of the church ; the tithes of the 
fulling and water mills, viney&rds, warrens, gardens, pastures, woods, 
within a certain distance of the church : the tithe of the young of all 
cows^ mares, geese, hens, pigs, bees, goats, doves, geese, swans, peacocks, 
and of all other animals ; saving to the D. & C. the tithe on the corn. 
A.D. 1340. 

The D. & C. summon John Abbe of North Cory parish to answer ^ol- 204. 
for his having appropriated all the tithes of Lillesdon and Mere for 
the year A.D. 1337, estimated at £20. The said John is a notorious 
enemy. Be<!ause the amount of the said tithes do not form a fourth part 
of the goods of the parish church we cannot proceed against the said 
John . . . in '< foro ecclesie per viam notorii, ex officio nos velle 
prooedere protestamus." The D. & C. therefore command their officials. 
Canon Robert de Baldok, and William de Lanelee, vicar in Wells, that 
if they can find him, and approach him with safety they are to serve him 
with a citation in person, if not then to serve it at his domicile in the 
parish, if this cannot be done with safety, then it may be published in 
the parish church, if this is not safe then in the Cathedral at Wells, 
according to the constitutions of the Archbp. and Bps. '^zelari oporteat, 
&c." lately put forth, &c. March 13, 1338. 


The assault upon Robert Gyan at North Cory, as on fol. 201 in dors. fol. 204 in dors. 

Commission to inquire into the matter. ,3 

The office of Prepositus. fol. 205. 

A.D. 1340. Oct. 23 in the Bp.'s chapel at Evercrich and in his fol. 205 in dors, 
presence, and before the undersigned notary Stephen Trippe, John de 
S. Paul, prepositus by exchange with Alan de Conesboregh, took 
the oath of his office. The oath. Test. John de Carleton, Walter 
de Hull, John de Wamberg, Canons ; and John de Middleton, Rector 
of Bleadon ; John de Kylehurst, and Stephen Tripp, notaries. 

Recitation of the orders made by Bp. Josceline, by which he united 
the two prepositurae, one of Cumbe Manor and Church with the Churches 
of Cerde and Welyngton, the other of the Manor and Church of ^ 

A very humble petition from the D. & C. to the Pope that he will ^^^- 206. 
provide for John de Carleton, the most famous professor of Civil Law. 
A.D. 1340. 

,' I ,--.-. ■ ., • • 1 - - . - -^T'- --^^ -f 



WsLUB The D. & C. to the Earl of Cornwall, guardian of England, about 

M^."^ the 100 marcs left by Bp. William. Dec. 3, A.D. 1340. 

fol. 296 in don. The King concerning the grant made by the Parliament at 

Westminster of the 9^ ^eaf, the 9^ skin, and the 9*^^ lamb for the 
expenses of the foreign war, to the assessors and vendors of them in the 
county of Somerset. 

The D. <& C. have complained that these are exacted, though they 
have paid the biennale tithe, and ought therefore to be exempt. Let 
them be so. 

Given by T. custos at Walynford, Nov. 15, Anno regni Anglie 14°, 
regni vero nostri ffirancie prime. 

Letter of credence from the D. & C. to the Bp. for two of the Canons. 

fol. 207. The D. & C. appoint proctors to appear before Bernard Systre 

papal nuncio in England and answer to the claim to the 100 marcs left by 
Bp. William, put forward by Robert Urry. Feb. 12, A.D. 1340. 

Bequest by the prepositus for a conference with the Chapter. Written 
at Berkhampstead, March 11, A.D. 1340. 

fol. 207 in don. A commission appointed by the D. <& C. to inquire into irregularities, 

&c. at Combe and Wynesham. A.D. 1340. 

Statement about the firm of Lovinton and Modiford. A.D. 1341. 

Allotment of a Canon's House at Torregate. A.D. 1342. 

fol. 208. Copy of the decision given by William de Balatto, Archdn. papal 

pro-nuncio in England and collector of legacies and aids for the 
Holy Land, May 6, A.D. 1313, in the presence of Walter de Haselshaw, 
proctor for the D. & C. of Wells, viz., that the D. <& C. are to pay the 
100 marcs of Bp. William's legacy to Bobert Urry the Bp.*s nephew ; 
under penalty of excommunication. 

Bernard Systi-e, papal nuntio, to the official of B. & W. diocese. 
Inasmuch as the D. <fe C. of Wells have not complied with the order to 
pay the 100 marcs to Eobert Urry, nephew of John de Marchia, to 
whom it was entrusted for the service of the Holy Land by his brother 
Bp. William, they are to be warned thrice to pay it within one month. 

Given in London, Jan. 9, A.D., 1340. 

fol. 208indonfc Order by Bernard Systre. The proctor of the D. & C. of Wells had 

not put in an appearance within the appointed time, but not desiring 
to deal rigorously, we extend the time until the first hour of the 
Wednesday following. March 14, A.D. 1340. 

fol. 209. The answer put in by Nicholas de Bath, proctor for the D. & C. 

The decree was that the said 100 marcs were to be paid to the said 
Robert Urry if they were not expended on the next expedition to 
the Holy Land. The time therefore for the paymeut has not yet come. 
Asks for costs against Robert Urry. 

Fiurther argument in the same case. 

fol. 209 in don. Procuratorial letters to William de Nyweton. A.D. 1341. 

Charter of William de Arderne, recognizing the D. &. C. right to 
common pasturage at Hywish in Lovington, of which he is the lord. 
A.D. 1342. 

^,y, Ir"i-.1I5*- *r^ 


The name of William de Arderne inscribed by the D. & C. in the Wmllb 
Martyrolo^ among the church's benefactors. A.D. 1341. ^^^*^ 

The Bp's. official to the Dean of Tvelcestre, directing him, on the fol. 210. 
petition of the D. & C, to cite Peter de Cota, Rector of Cyselberge, 
to appear at Wells, and answer for having appropriated to himself 
the two thirds of the vacant benefice of Ezton, which belong of right to 
the D. & C. A.D. 1341. 

A similar citation sent to Bobert Hereward, Archdn. of Tauton, to 
answer for the proceeds of all the benefices which have been vacant in 
his Archdeaconry. 

Another citation to Peter de Cote. 

Proceedings in the Consistorial Court at Wells against Thomas vicar fol. 210 in dors, 
of Welyngton for appropriating to himself the fruits of Badyalton 
Church during a vacancy ; worth £10. 

Allotment of a Canon's House. A.D. 1341. 

The Chapter send John Coker to beg for a general obit throughout fol. 211. 
the country and desire that he may be received hospitably. A.D. 1342. 
June 1. 

Inspex : and Conf : by the D. & C. of a Confirmation by Bp. Ralph, 
of a grant of small tithes [aU specified] at Pilton, made to the vicar 
William Atte Boze, by William de Carleton, the Precentor. A.D. 1343. 

The Chapter summoned by the Official of Canterbury, to give evidence fol. 211 in dors* 
in the Court of Arches about the prepositura of Combe, as to which the 
propositus John de S. Paulo, complains that the Bp. Ralph will not 
interpret the meaning of an ordinance already made. A.D. 1342. 

The D. & C. answer that they have searched their registers and fol. 212. 
cannot find any evidence which may help to make an interpretation, 
other than that which they have already sent. They do not remember 
that any prepositas held a prebend before Robert de Haselshaw who 
had Wyyelescumb. Alan de Conesbergh who came after him had none. 
When Robert de Tanton was associated with Allan, he held the prebend 
of Wyvelescumb, but he died during the course of a law suit with the 
said Alan. They know no more. 

Conf : by the Chapter of a grant in villainage made by the Dean to 
Bertram de Dombolton of land in the moor of Calonga. Jan. 16. 

18 E. ni. 

The D. & C. appoint Hereward the Archdn: of Tanton, to receive foi, 212 in dors, 
for them the proceeds of the vacant benefice of ffytinton, " in grangiis 
severreis prefate ecclesie • • • in scuario et infra scuarium ejusdem 
repositi," &c. 

A similar entry. A.D. 1341. 

Inspex : and Conf : by the D. & C. of a grant of lands &c. in Wells, 
made by the Bp. A.D. 133.5. 

Order made by the Bp. of Worcester with the consent of the D. & C. fol. 213. 
of WeUs about houses, lands, dove-cote, &c. attached to the Vicarage ^^^- 21^"*^^'^*- 
of Pokeleschirch, and about the tithes. If arable land is turned into 
pasture, or the reverse, it shall still pay tithe as before. 





fol. 214. 

The allowances given on S. Martin's Day. 

To the Treasurer — Four white loaves. Four pieces (pecias) of raw 
meat. Two sextars of beer. 

" Et inveniet nnam eandelam cere vel unam libram cere." 

The Bp's. ballivus — ^Four white loaves. One fair piece of flesh. 
Two sextars of beer. 

The Sacrist who carries the aforesaid candle, or wax, two shoulders 
[spatulae] of mutton. 

The Berebrette, two white and two black loaves, four pieces of flesh, 
and one sextar of beer. 

The Prepositus forinseca<<, and the Parcarius, each the same as the last. 

Two Seminatores or 8 Semiuatores, four white, four black loaves, and 
two sextars of beer. 

Four Carucarii, each the same as the Berebrette. 

Two Hay wards scil, Two Forestarii, each as the last. 

The Yenatores (not stated how many) twice as much as the last. 

Molendinarins the same as the Berebrette. 

Faber pro croco, sive unco, the same, ^^ Si crocum stve uncum det.'* 

Prepositus burgi, the same. 

Catchpollus, the same, et inveniet duiis cufas ad cervisiem imponend 
ct nnam Sextariam. 

The Hundreman, one white, four black loaves, eight pieces of flesh, 
one meribon, one cheese, and two sextars of beer. 

The Multarius, two white and two black loaves, four small pieces 
(frusta) of flesh, and one sextar of beer. 

fol. 214 in dors. 

Corn received on the same day, i.e. Martin's wheat. 

De feodo Epi de Eston duas minas frumcnti bene excussatas et 
cumulatas, una curia et unus prepositus. 

De feodo fratrum de Eston unam mi nam ut supra. 

De f . dn^ Phillppi de Milton tarn apud Eston quam ibidem, Septem 
et dimid. minas frumenti, una curia, unus Wodewardus, et unus pre- 

De f. Ivonis Deneband duas et dimid minas, una curia et unus pro- 

De f . de Wormestorre quatuor et dimid minas, unus prepositus, unus 
serviens sicut pro uno magistro duobus carucis sicut pro un4 mina. 

De f. de Dynre duas minas et dimid, unus prepositus et nulla apud 

De f. de Est Hornyngdon duas minas, una curia, et prepositus. 

De f . dn* Ep^ de West Hornyngdon unam minam. 

De f. dn^ Ricard. Berihale unam minam. 

De f. Will* de Wellesleye duas partes unius mino;. 

De f. Henrici tertiam partem unius minse, nulla curia, nnllus pre- 

Hec est liberatio que debeiur pro qualibet mina frumenti, viz., unn:^ 
pan is albus et quatuor nigri, octo pecie carnis, unum meribon, unus 
caseus parvus et due sextarie ccvisie. 

De feodo de Est Harpetre octo mine avenarum duo preposit, due curie. 

De f. de West Harpetre septem avenarum due curie, unus pre- 

Et notum quod pro singulis minis avenarum dabitur unus panis albus 
et quatuor nigri, novem pecie carnis, unus caseus . . • bone cum . . . 
et due sextar cervisie. 

Item singulis cariis • . . duabus curiis de Est Harpetre, novem 
panes albi, novem nigri, octodecim pecie carnis et sex sextaiie cervisie. 

Item duabus curiis de West Harpetre, the same. 



Prepo.%itu8 ibidem habebit unum paneni album et qnatuor nigros. ^ mSlAi 

Due curie ibidem sicut supradictum est de aUis curiis. M8S. 

The Sacristan of 8. Cuthbert's Church the same as the Berebrette. 

At Pridie, nine men receive nine white loaves, and .... of them 
one white and one black loaf for collecting the Tithe. 

At Hope and Hadesdon seven men receive as above, and the same as 
above for the Tithe collection. 

At Whitenhull five men as above. 

At Hakedone four men as above. 

Note. Each loaf shall weigh xx*. 

Order of Bp. Josceline. The Church of Weston near Worle to pay 
100 lbs. of wax to the Treasurer of Wells. A.D. 1234. 

The Statutes of Dean Walter de Haselshaw agreed to at a general fol. 215-219 in 
convocation on the morrow of S. Andrew. A.D. 1298. don. 

Printed in ** Wells Cathedral, its Foundation, <fec.," p. 69, by H. E., 

The Ordinate to be corrected and emended and then ** illud et fol. 219 in dors. 
Marty logiumdupplicentur propter pericula que poterunt evenire." 

In OTder to remove all reason for discord in the singing, the Anti- 
phonaria, Gradualia, and Troperia are in the like manner to be 

In order that the Escheator of the Chapter may not plead ignorance 
of the minimum price at which he may sell the proceeds of benefices 
during the first year afber the death of a canon the following valuation 
of the prebends is given. 

Wedmore iM. Milverton 50 marcs. Ayshuli 22 m. Cumpton fol. 220. 
£20. Yatton 50 marcs. Hengestrigg 25 m. Haselbergh 20 m. 
Wandestreu 10 m. Eston 20 ^m. Uton 26 m. Wyvelescumb 
40 m. Dunden 20 m. Hywis and Brente £40. S. Decuman's 50 m. 
Wytlakyngton 10 m. Wytechurch 20 m. Cuddeworth 10 m. Lutton 
25 m. Harpetree 20 m. Dultingcote 20 m. Wormesterre 16 m. 
Bocland £10. Tymbercumb 8 m. Werministre 20 ro. Dynre 8 m. 
Barton 12 m. Holecumb 4 m. Meaudeford 20 m. 

Mem. The proceeds are never to be sold for less than the above, for 
more if possible. 

Item. Inasmuch as it is laid down by the Council of Magnntum that the ^]. 221. 
holders of ecclesiastical benefices, ought to help in the repairs of the 
roofs (tecta) of their churches, and of the churches themselves, it is 
ordered that all canons contribute one tenth of their benefices for five 
years for the repair of the Cathedral. 

The above statutes to be interpreted if necessary by the D. & C. 
Given on Wednesday, the morrow of S. Matthias. A.D. 1289. 

At the same time the Dean publicly cited John de Charlton ; John 
de Schrivenhara ; John de S. Edwards ; John de Congresbury ; Jordan 
de Watenye ; William de Westbyrie ; to appear within 15 days and 
come into continuous residence, and to undergo the penalty incurred by 
their long absence. 

Confirmation of Magna Carta by Edward I. in the 25 year of his fol. 228. 

A few verbal differences from the copy printed in ** Select Charters," fol. 228 in dors. 

L 484. 

•i . 


WsLM A copy of the guarantee given by the King's son as lieutenant in 

OATra»HAi. England to Humfrey de Bonn, Earl of Hereford, Roger Bygot, Earl of 
— Norfolk, John de Ferer and all their party. 

fol. 224. ^ '' 

fol. 224-226 in A copy of Magna Carta as confirmed by H. III. in his second year, 
dors, {qj, ^Jj3 jjiQg^ puf t Ijjje fsame as the Copy of the Charter printed in " Select 

Charters," p. 330. 

In the names of the Councillors at the beginning, that of Gualo is 
omitted, but W. Archbp. of York is added. All the other names are 
omitted except that of William Mareschall Earl of Pembroke, and there 
is added after his name ^' rectoris nostri et regni nostri." 

The 18 Article of John's Charter, becomes here '^fuerimns; capitales 
justiciarii nostri mittent justiciaries per unumquemque comitatum semel 
in anno, qui cum militibus comitatus capiant in comitatu assisas 
predictas. £t ilia que in illo adventu suo in comitatu per justiciarios 
illos ad dictas assisas capiendas misses per eosdem terminentur alibi in 
itinere suo ; et ea que propter difficultatem aliquorum articulorum 
terminari non possunt referantur ad justiciaros de Banco et ibi 
terminentur." Compare ** Select Charters," p. 335. 

The 19 Article inserted in '^ Select Charters," p. 382, is omitted here. 
The 27 Article of John omitted in S.C. is inserted here. 

The 28th runs '^ alicujus, qui non sit de villa ubi castrum situm est, 
nisi statim inde reddat denarios aut respectum inde habere possit per 
voluntatem venditoris, si autem de villa ilia f uerit infra xl dies pretinm 

The 30 is the same as in S.C. p. 332. 

In the 38th the words ^' nee ad juramentum " are added. 
/ In the 41st " malis " is omitted before " toltis." 

42 is omitted. 

At the end of Article 43 there is added << nee occasione talis baronie 
I vel escheate, habebimus eschaetam vel custodiam aliquorum hominum 

j nostrorum nisi alibi tenuerit de nobis in capite ille qui tenaerit 

I baroniam vel eschaetam." 

/ Next there follows the Article against alienation of land as in S.C. 

p. 337, No. 39. Next the Article about the patronage of Abbeys ; and 
the Article No. 54 of John's Charter. S.C. p. 295. 

The rest of the document is the same as that printed in S.C, p.p. 
337, 338, as far as the words '^ statim diruantur." Then there follows 
'< Pro hllc autem donatione et concessione libertatum, et aliarum conten- 
tarum in cartd. nostrsL de libertatibus foreste, Archiepiscopi, Episcopi, 
Abbates, Priores, Comites, Barones, Milites, et Libere tenentes, et 
omnes de regno nostro, dederunt nobis quintam decimam partem bono- 
rum suorum mobilium. Testibus prenominatis et multis aliis. Qnia 
vero sigillum non habemus presentem cartam sigillo venerabilis patris G-. 
Thes'. S. Martini presbyteri cardinalis et Apostolice Sedis l^ati, et Sub- 
marescalli comitis de Penebroke, rectoris nostri et regni, fecimus sigillari. 
Testibus prcdictis et multis aliis." 

** Datum per manum venerabilis patris nostri R. Dunelm Episcopi, 
Cancellarii nostri apud Sanctum Paulum, Londoniis vi. die Novembris, 
anno regni nostri secundo. 

'' Def unctorum autem de supellectilibus, que ibi invenit pro voluntate 
sua disponet, hoc excipit quod bancos, tripodes, mortaria, de dome non 
amovebit sed suo relinquent successori . • • ibi sic solo cedet." 

fol. 226 in don- The Charter of the Forests. Confirmed by H. III. 
228. The copy the same as that printed in S.C. p. 339 as far as the sen- 

tence ending ** erga sues " in the final clause. Then there follows ** pro 




bac aotem donatione et concessioner libertatum ipsarum et aliarum con- Wblu 
tentarum in Magna Carta nostra de aliis libertatibus, Archiepi, &c." haye ^^ mss.*^ 
given the 15^ as in the last. — ' 

Oonceasimus et eisdem pro nobis et heredibus nostris quod nee nos 
nee heredes nostri aliquid percontriremur per quod libertates in hac 
carta contente infringantnr vel infirmentur. Et si ab aliquo aliquid 
contra hoe fuerit percontrisitum nihil valeat, et pro nuUo habeatun 
Hiis testibus predictis. 

Sententia lata in transgressores cartarum predictarum. 

A.D. 1253, Id. Maii, in Majori Aulft Westm., <fcc. as printed S.C. p. 
364. Except that this copy has " R " and not " H " comitis Oxon. ; 
and *<N" not « W." Ep. Norwic. 

A copy of the Statutes of Merton. fol. 228 in dori;- 

fol. 230. 

A copy of the Statutes of Windsor. May 9, anno regni nostri 44° fol. 230. 
De anno bissextili> ** dies ille et dies proxima precedens pro uno die 

A copy of the Statutes of Kenyngworlh. j^l, 230-332. 

A copy of the Statutes of Marleburg. fol. 232-235. 

A copy of the Statutes of Westminster. 3 E. I. f^^ 235-238 

A list of the ornaments of the Chantry at S. Martin's Altar in the fbl. 238 in dors. 
Cathedral, established on behalf of the late 6p. Ralph, and John de 
Somerton formerly Abbot of Muchelnye, when a visitation was made by 
the Bp's. official on April 9, A.D. 1377. 

WiUiam Purchas is the perpetual presbyter. 

'^ Unum missale notatum . Unum calicem bonum altrinceoe deauratum. 
Tria paria vestimentorum cum totidem apparatibus. 

Tria paria corporalium cum tribus casis de serico contextis. Tria 
paria tueUarum pro altare. Duo manutergia. Due fiole. Unum 
Candelabrum de stanno (or stagno). Unam pyxidem pro eucaristia 
de panno serico circumtextam, et aJiam pyxidem de ligno pro pane 
imponendo. Unam tabulam osculatoriam depictam ; et unam coffei'am 
seratam ferro ligatam, pro dictis omamentis conservandis. 

A copy of this inventory is to be kept by the priest. 

July 9, A.D. 1380. John Silvester alias Godeford inducted by fol. 239. 
William Camel the Precentor, ^'et tunc presidens ecclesie,^ into the 
canonry and stall, &c. of Cumbe. 

Canon William de Camera, because there is no canon's house vacant 
asks of the Chapter, decano absente, leave to keep his residence *^ in 
hospitio Margarete Moners ad hoc conducto et reservato, per mensem." 

Formal resignation of his office of vicar in the Cathedral made by fol. 239 in dors 
John de Wyke, Rector of Bowrclere, Winton diocese, on the condition 
that if he loses Bowrdere, not for any fault of his own, he may reclaim 
the office of vicar. A.D. 1383. 

Bp. John allots a chamber in the New Vicar's Close to W. Camel. 
Given at Woky. A.D. 1382. 

Charter of Edward III. concerning the privileges of the Bishop, upon fol. 240-243. 
the report made to him by a commission appointed to examine into 
f;ertain claims to jurisdiction, &c. made by Bp. Ralph. 



Wells The ComiDissioaers were Hugh de Courtenye, Earl of Devon ; 

^ISsi. Thomas de Berkele ; William de Shareshull ; Simon de ffomeaux, and 

— William de Chiltenham. 

fol. 241. The points in question are the Bp's. right to his Courts Leet 

and Baron. To hold four fairs annually. Four of the Conmiissioners are 
to inquire into a charge against certain men (named) of having assaulted 
the Bp's. officers. The assize to be held at Batheneston. The riots had 
arisen on distresses levied for claims made on account of the Bp's 
Courts and F^rs in Wells, 
fol. 242 in dors. £3000 damages given to the Bp. 

fol. 243. Compared with the original in the Chancellery of the King. Anno 

regni regis, Edwardi 17^ Nov. 8. 

fol 243 iu dore Charter of Edward III. to Ralph " nuper Ep® " for the recovery of 
' the £3000. 

fol. 244. Enumeration of the privileges of the Mayor and Burgesses of Wells. 

They are to appear in the Chancel lery, and show cause why their 
Charter should not be taken from them. 

Given at Stanford, teste me ipso, Nov. 16, anno regni nostri, 15®. 

fol. 245. The answer of the burgesses. 

fol. 246. The sentence. The Charter of the city is annulled because it con- 

flicts with the rights of the King, and of the Bishop. 

fol. 246 in dors. Given at Westminster, teste me ipso, Nov. 20, anno r^ni 17^» anno 

regni vero nostri Francie 49. 

Bond of the city of Wells to pay to the D. & C. 20 dolia boni vini 

10 E. in. 

y A short entry of three lines. Very faint. 

fol. 247. At a Chapter held Sept. 18, A.D. 1360, with William Camel the 

Sub-dean as president, and in the presence of almost all the vicars, 
the vicars are called upon to say according to their oaths whether 
Stephen fierrors who has served as a \icar for more than a year on 
trial ought to be confirmed in the office. After consultation they 
answer that '^ in scienti& cantus et lecture fore habilem, sed quoad 
mores • • . taliter se gessit . . . quod totaliter esset repel- 
lendus." Inasmuch therefore as the statutes say nothing about pro- 
ficiency in singing, &c., but speak only of the mores of probationers, the 
said Stephen is ordered to give up his vicar's garment '^ et quod alibi 
sibi provideret." 

On Sept. 17. Another probationer had been confirmed. 

The names of canons present at both these Chapters are given. 

The Chapter to the Dean, desiring him not to send an answer to 
certain letters from the King until his return to Wells. Nov. 22. 

Nov. 30. John Wodenham admitted to the vicarage of the prebend 
of Tanton on the presentation of Adam Trewelove the prebendary. 
A,D. 1360. 

Dec 3. John Benet made sacrist. 

fol. 247 in dorj. Blank. 

fol. 248. Summons to a Chapter for the election of a Dean in the place of 

John de Carleton deceased. Both Deanery and Sub-deanery are vacant. 

Licence given for the election by Bp. Ralph. 
Given at Wiveliscombe, Sept 6, A.D. 1361, 





Presentation by Bp. Ralph of William de Camel, rector of Pokeles- cixHiBMiL 
church to a canoniy, vacant by the resignation of Edmund Gournay. mss. 

Both the Deanery and Subdeanery are vacant. 
Given at Wiveliscombe, Aug. 23, A.D. 1361. 

Edmund Gournay the Precentor collated by Bp. Ralph to the prebend 
of W(»rmyni8terre, vacant by the death of Richard de Bodenye. Aug. 
^3, A.D. 1361. 

A similar collation of John do PuUe, rector of Hemynton to the fol. 248 in dor* 
prebend of Wed more (>^, vacant by the resignation of William de 

Given at Wiveliscombe, Sept. 1, A.D. 1361. 

Walter de Aldebury, rector of HonespuUe, collated to the prebend of 
Corabe 14*^, vacant by the death of Pontius de Verreriro. Aug. 23, 
A.D. 1361. 

The King to the Chapter. 

Recommends William de Loughteburgh to them for the Deanery. 

Written at the Abbey of Beaulieu, Sept. 6. 

The Chapter to the King. 

They are bound to elect a man who will be profitable to the Church, 
and they have already chosen one whom in their conscience they believe 
to be a fit and proper person. Sept. 28. 

Collation of William Whyte, acolyte, to the vicarage of the prebend fol. 249. 
of Wermynistre. 

Given at Wyveliscombe, Sept. 14, A.D. 1361. 

John de Horsyngton the Chancellor, and president of the Chapter, 
summons the Chapter for the election of a Dean, in the place of 
John de Carleton. 

Appointment of his vicar by John Beneyt, prebendary of Combe. 
Sept. 10, A.D. 1361. 

Similar appointment by Canon Robert at Sloo. 

A fresh summons to the Chapter for the purpose of electing a Dean, fol. 249 in dors. 
William de Camel who was chosen having reused the dignity. 

Installation to th^ prebend of Dultingcote, vacant by the death of 
Nicholas de Drokensford. 

Two Mem^* about the coming election of a Dean. 

Collation to the Vicarage of Westbury of Robert de Edyngton. 
Given at Wiveliscambe, Nov. 5, A.D. 1361. 

John de Horsyngton, and the C. appoint two of their number (o 
present the newly elected Dean, Stephen Pympel. Nov. 3, A.D. 1361. 

Presentation of the Dean Elect to the Bishop. 

Presentation to the vicarage of Wedmore of John Browning by Dean 
S. Pympel, Dtc. 16, 1361. 

The Chapter to the Bishop. 

Formal notice of the election of S. Pympel. Nor. 4. 

u 20541. H 

fol. 250. 

fol. 250 in don. 

, «^ 


Cjthbdeai. Collation of Nicholas Colston to the vicarage 'of Hengestridge vacant 
MSS. by the death of Ealph Tomer. 

Given at Wyveliscomb, Nov. 11, A.D. 1361. 

An illegible entry, apparently about some firma. 

foL 251. Simon Archbp. Cant, to Canon Robert de N^telton, of Wells, his 

official and custodian of the spiritualities of the See of B. & W. 
during vacancy. 

The Chapter of Bath have petitioned against a sentence of excom- 
munication pronounced against them by the prebendary of Chiw, as 
official, for refusing to send to Wells the formal notice of the 
election of Walter de Monyngton, Abbot of Glaston, to be Bishop 
of B. & W., which had lately been made by the Chapter of Wells. The 
sentence is to be annulled forthwith, and the author cited to tlie 
Consistory Court in Wells. 

fol. 251 in doTB. Given at Chringg, Jan. 9, A.D. 1363. 

Resignation of a Vicar. 

fol. 252. Petition by the Chapter of Wells to Pope Urban for confirmation 

of their election of Stephen Pempel. 

Agreement made between the D. & C. and Hugh de Remyngton and 
Matilda his wife, with regard to a rent of 16 slullings bequeathed bj 
Badulph de Lullington for distribution every year among the poor by the 
Cathedral Communarius, and charged upon certain houses '^ juxtaoociden- 
talem scaleram cimiterii Ecclesise Wellen," <&c. A.D. 1362 or 5. 

fol. S52 in don. Manumission by the Chapter, in the absence of the Dean, of John 

Chamber, nativus. A.D. 1364. 

Similar manumission of William Chamber. 

Indenture concerning a tenement in Tor Lane. A.D. 1364. 

fol. 258. Indenture between the Chapter, the Dean being absent in remotis, 

and William Wynesford, lathamus, concerning a tenement in Byest 

Grant to him also of a pension of 40 shillings a year for life, and for 
each day that he shall be in the city of Wolls and engaged upon the 
fabric of the Church 6 pence. William undertakes to be '' bonus et 
fidelis servitor ad saperintendendam fabricam," Ac. Feb. 1, A.D. 1364. 

Presentation by the Chapter to a Cantaria ad Altare S. Cruds. 
A.D. 1365. 

Letter of the Chapter of general recommendation for Richard Hole- 
broke whom they have appointed to be their *^ cursor general is " in the 
provinces of Canterbury and York. 

Presentation by the Chapter of R. de B. to the Yiearage of Bumham. 
A.D. 1364. 

Convocatio, Sept. 26, A.D. 1365. Present, the Dean, William 
Cammel the Precentor, John de Horsington the Chancellor, and many 

It was ordered 

1. that the fruits of the Deanery during the Ute vacancy be demanded 
from those from whom they aro due. 


2. that ftn examination be made 09 to the amount due on the pension ^ Wxlu 
payable by Berlych Priory. Mss! 

3. that the arrears of Worspring pension bo remitted, but full payment — 
be demanded for the future. 

4. that the Dean have a personal interview with the Archdeacons of 
Wells and I'antcn upon the subject of the two thirds of vacant benefices 
due to the Cathedral. 

5. that the Dean has promised to speak himself to our Attorney in the 
King's Ck>urt, and warn him that unless he attend to our business 
better, another will be appointed in his place. 

6. that Robert Dunyngton, Exor. of Thomas Avebury, see the Dean fol. 253 in dors, 
and account for the pension due from the Church of Norton sub Hamedon 

during the time that it was held by the said Tliomas. 

7. that the Rector of West Ludeford, in the Dean's jorisdictiony be 
sammoned before the Dean to answer for the retention of the pension 
due from that Church. 

8. that the firm of Bidesham be inquired into. 

9. that it be asked of John atte Ya firmarius of Okehampton why he 
keeps back 6^ of the rent. 

10. that a chest [pixis] be placed at the tomb of Bp. Ralph with two 
locks and keys, one to be kept by J. Lumbard, the other by R. Brere, 
and that the oblations gathered in it be placed in a similar chest with 
similar precautions, in the Treasury. The proceeds to be spent by 
the D. & C. upon a frontal for the high altar, and the residue as they 
may think fit. 

11. that the Seneschal have one key of the chests placed for the 
reception of offerings of the fabric. 

12; that the Precentor and the Communarius have each one key of 
the chest which contains the common fund. 

13. that the house in Tor Lane, lately occupied by Hugh de Monyng- 
ton, be oifered to the Canons in turn. 

14. that the Dean consider the subject of the repairs of Knapp Mill, 
and the appropriation of certain houses which support two obits. 

15. William de Odecumbe to pay 2 shillings " caweti " and 6 shillings 
de Cantu de Milton to the communarius. 

16. The Communarius to pay for the repairs of the school. 

17. that the Messor of Cory '^corrigaturper seneschal, et quod veniat 
coram domino Decano respondere." 

18. that the sub- treasurer have the offerings made at the Cross in 
the Chapel of the Blessed Mary for one year for 6«. Sd, and that he 
shall declare upon oath at the end of the year how much he has 

19. that £100 of the monies received daring this year from the 
Church's Manors be allotted ^ ad instaurandum Manerium do Cory cum 
vaccis et porcis." 

20. that an inquiry be made about the foss between the lands of the 
Earl of SaiTim, and the Church's lands at Cory. 

21. that Walter de Cory shall pay for his offence in carrying away fol. 254. 
oak trees out of the park of Stoke 6s. Sd. to the use of the fabric, 

and shall appear at the next Court h olden at Cory, and give security to the 
amount of seven marcs to be paid '' in casu quod se male gerit." The 
I>ean is to warn him that he behave himself well, " sub pena excommuni- 
catonis primo, secundo, et tertio, et in virtute juramenti sui, alias in 
bac parte <&c." To this Walter assents. 

22. that the exors. of the late Bp. are ready to pay his legacy of £10 
to the Cathedral and to give a new cross, or the value of the old one 
which the Bp, received from the Church ex accommodate. 

H 2 



Wblls 23. that the common pastures be not allowed to the tenants of 

^ Mss."^^ Hamme until the King's Charter about Cory has been received, and 
'*~ the matter has been further considered. 

24. that John Aunger deal as quickly as possible with Richard, for 
the redemption of the wardship of the son and heir of Lawrence de 

25. that the Chantry of John de Godele be for the future celebrated 
according to the rules of that chantry. 

26. that Ralph de Carleton, the chaplain, be called upon to answer 
for a chalice and missal missing from the altar of the Holy Cross. 

Confinnation by Bp. John Barnet of certain agreements made be- 
tween Bp. Ralph and Robert de Cheddre. 

Installation of three Prebendaries. 

fol. 254 ID dors. A chantry and obit established by the D. & C. on behalf of the soul 
* of Walter de Compton a burgess of Wells, in acknowledgment of his 
good deeds, and legacy to the Church. 

fol. 255. Nov. 5, A.D. 1 369. An audit before J^ean Stephen and the Chapter. 

Caiion Robert Samborne was chosen seneschal. 

John Waryn was appointed to supervise John Hulle the master of 
the works of the fabric, and his workmen, and to attend to the fabric 

On Nov. 7 the burial place which he had chosen was granted to 
William the Precentor. 

On Nov. 6 Thomas Surteys, vicar, was chosen communarius with 
John Tyntenylle, vicar, as his assistant. 

It was ordered that any canon residentiary, when sent abroad [missus 
ad extra] on the business of the Church, should receive only the quoti- 
dians for their expenses *^ cum allocatione dierum pro tempore quo f uerint 
extra, absque pluri, et idem de canonico in dignitate.** 

On Feb. 21, A.D. 1369, Dean Stephen inducted Walter Boketon, 
Canon of Chichester into possession of the prebendal stall of the Arch- 
deaconry of Wells as proctor of Symon, Cardinal presbyter of S. Sextus, 
to whom it was given by the provision of Pope Urban. 

Induction of Thomas Port, D.L., and Roger Holme to a prebend, and 
to the office of prepositus. 

fol. 255 in dors. Computus of Nicholas de Pontesbury and Thomas Bockyng custo- 
dians of the receipts at Bp. Ralph's tomb, from the day of their ap- 
pointment to March I, A.D. 1368. 

£88 2s, Sd. received by them from John Lombard, and Richard 
Brere, custodians of the chest from the day of their appointment to the 
Feast of S. Callixtus A.D. 1366 per unam talliam. £15 2*. 5d, from 
the said Feast until the Feast of Pentecost next following per unam 
talliam, and £148 l7s. Od, received of the said J. Lombard, William 
Cammel, Symon Ercheffont, and Richard Carleton, custodibus ilicte 
pixidis divorsimode deputatis, until the said last day of March, per 
talliam. Summa £262 28. Id. 

Of which sum ihey paid to John Hulle, Master of the Works 
£34 4s. 5^d. per unam talliam, and £12 more per talliam, ct eidem 
mutuo precept, capituli £14 per talliam, et eidem £5 per talliarn. Summa 
£65 4^. 5}^d. 

Et debent £186 17*. 7^^^. Postea onerantur per auditorcs viz . . . 
de £74 125. Od. per talliam invontam inter predictas tallias per Johan- 
nem Warcyn et alios executoros testament i dn^ Johannis Lombai'd 


Bcriptum contra Nich. Pontesbury et T. Bockynff de oblation ibus pro- WBtLs 
venientibus . . . . de annis 65 et 66, unde predict! IKich. et Thomas Ma£^^ 

. . . non 8c onerant. Item onerantur per predictos auditores de — 

£22 Ss. Od. receptis de Johanne Spaldyng, vicario S. Cuthberti, Wel- 
len, prout predictus Bockyng fatebat se recepisse coram prefatis audi- 
toribus. Item onerantur per eosdem de £30 receptis de Johanne 
Annger. £t sic debent £813 I4s. 7^d.y unde predicti computantes 
habeut in auro et argento in thesauraria per testimonium supradic- 
torum auditorum £186 ISs. 9d. Et sic debent £126 15«. lO^d. £ qui- 
bus libris Thomas Bockjng in auxilium pro campanis fisu;iendis, 
unde idem Thomas est computaturus £9. Et sic debent de daro 
£117 15*. lOJrf. 

Mem. Quod dn* Decauus manucepit in capitulo de £265 5s. Id. ex 
istis in thesauraria, &c. 

At a chapter [names are given] the auditors report ** quod prefati fol. 256. 
receptores oblationum juste onerandi et responsuri . . • capitulo 
de tota pecunia contenta in tribus talliis factis per Johannem Lombard 
contra eosdem et pro eo precipue quod dictus T. Bockjng tarn in pre« 
sentia dictorum auditorum ad scaccarium quam in supradicto capitulo 
fatebatur dictas tres tallias manu sua propria fore scriptas, sed discit 
quod prima tallia onerata et talliata fuit in una tallia dictarum trium 
scriptarum sine data sic ut die it onerandus non est nisi cum duabus 
tuUiis contra Johannem Lombard. 

Item T. Bockyng in capitulo .... quod nullns vivens scivit 
de supradicta talliacione mcta ab una tallia in aliam nisi ipse et unus de 
familiaribns suis. 

Item ad scaaccanum . . . . N. Pontesbury dixit quod fuit pre- 
sens in camera hospitii Willelmi Camel Precentoris, in confectione ejus- 
dem bulle facte de oblationibus Ep^ per T. Bockjng inter ipsum et 
Tbomam et W. Cammel Precentorem, et dictus Thomas e contrario 
dixit quod Nicholas non fuit presens in confectione. 

Item. The auditors are to examine and settle the question. 

Mem. Quod idem T. Bockjing responsus est decano et cap. in 
13«. md. et de 3*. O^d. stagiii 1 libr. minus pretii £4 4s. 4d.y et de 16 
petr. cupri ponderis quelibet petra 14 Hbr. et continet in toto 128 libr. 
cupri pretii £6 6s. 8J., £7 Os. 2d. Et idem r' (? reus) est de i oUa 
enea de dono Johannis HuUe, et de i lavatore dc dono Johannis Tjn- 

Summa pecunie debite £11 18*. 5\d. et i olla et i lavatorius. Onera- 
tus ultra cum £9 sibi liberatis per auditores suos in auxilium pro 
campanis faciendis prout "patet in pede compoti Nich. Pontesburj, Ac. 

Bond for £100 from Hugh Tancj of North Cory to the D. & C. for 
expenses and damages at North Corj. 

Appointment bjthe D. & C. of two proctors to i*epresent them at a fol. 256 in dors. 
Parliament to be held at Westminster. Oct. 7, A.D. 1372. 

Lease bj the D. & C. of a house in Tor lane to Thomas de Schepton, 
Rector of Melles. He to repair and keep it in repair under a enalty of j 

a fine of 20 mnrcs to the fabric of the Cathedral. I 

The said Thomas maj not sub-let without leave. If the rent falls fol. 257. 
in nrrear the D. & C. maj re-enter at the end of one montli. July 6, 

A.D. 1372. 


Oct. 12, A.D. 1372. Formal deed **de reconciliatione Ec'^lo Wellen | 

sanguine pollute.'' i 


WBIX8 The offenders Philip Ederslegh, and Richard Brere, vicar, imdcr- 

^^^tfS*^ take in the presence of the Chapter (whose names are given) to pay 

' — the expenses of this reconciliation. The moneys £d, is lent by the 

fol.257indorB. ^„^^^3^j^jg 

The chapel of S. Mary in the cemetery at North Cory lately held by 
John de Stanwegg is given by the D. & C to William May. A.D. 

John King and John Reny to pay £20 to the treasury. 

fol. 258. Another copy of H. Taney's bond. 

Jan. 14. The Chapter give £10 to the Bp. *' in auxilium cujusdam 
cissure per eum apud Redeclyve faciende. Ita turn quidem de cetera 
non trahatur in consequentiam." 

On the same, day the Seneschal is ordered to ride to North Cory to 
learn how and how far the tenants are injured by the new purchase of 

The D. & C. appoint three proctors to represent them in the Convo- 
cation to be hoiden at S. Paul's on May 30, <&c. 
May 20, A.D. 1373. 

fol. 258 in dors. Final concord made between certain men of North Cory concerning 

a mill and messuage. A.D. 1351 & 53. 

fol. 259. On Oct 1, A.D. 1375, the following paper was presented to the 

Chapter on behalf of the Dean. 

Mem. that the Dean was in Wells until the morrow of the Tran.slatioi) 
of S. Thomaa (erased), and afterwards remained in London on business 
coqnected with the rights of the Deanery and the Cathedral until the 
beginning of August, and was in London, and on his journey to Wells 
until the Feast of the Mnrtyrdom of S. John Baptist, and has remained 
at Wells since then, except 6 days at Modeslegh. 

The Chapter after deliberation allow him only the days that he was 
actually present. in Wells, viz., 35. 

On the same day the revenues of the vacant prebend of Wy veliscombe 
are let for £51 6«. Sd. for one year. 

Presentation by the D. & C. to the Chantry of H. Husee. 

Similiter. A.D. 1375. 

fol. 259 in dorr. Promise on oath made by John Horn, Rector of Weston-supra- 

Mare, in the presence of Bp. John Harewell, at Woky, to pay 100 lbs. 
of wax annuaUy to the Cathedral as a pension. Oct. 1, A.D. 1375. 

The solemn confirmation by the Bp. of the appointment of John 
Chynnok Abbot of Gla*^tCinbury, and the Abbot's profession of obedience, 
in the Bp.'s Chapel at Woky on August 12, A.D. 1 375. 

fol 260 Certificate by Robert dc Welisboro, notary, that the above ceremony 

was duly performed. 

Roger of Gloucester appears before the Chapter and seeks for the 
offiee of Vicar of the prebendal stall of Luskcvill promised to him by the 
Dean, subject to the approval of the Chapter. lie is appointed on con- 
dition that he submits to examination " super oi gana," and stands amon«^ 
the other vicars as a probationer for 15 days. Oct. 13, A.D. 1375. 


Mem. that the Dean was in Wells uutil the morrow of the Translation wxllb 
of S. Thomas (erased) tlie Martyr, &o. As in the former statement ^^"^^^^ 
about his residence. — * 

Mem. That the Dean Stephen Fenpel '^devillavit versus London " on 
Thursday next before the Feast of S.S. Simon & Judo and xetumed on 
April 1. 

Appointment by the Chapter, in the absence of the Dean, of Canon fol. 260 in dors. 
John Waryn to be Seneschal over all the Chapter manors, Ac. Dec. 4, 
A.D. 1375. 

Appointment by the Chapter of a proctor, and protest made by him fol. 261. 
in their names against the suit instituted with the consent of the Chapter 
by the Dean against the Bp., which has proved to be not for the 
advantage of the Church, but only for the personal advantage of the 
Dean. The litigation has proved tedious and injurious. 

He also declares in the name of the Chapter that when the Dean shall 
keep his residence duly the Chapter will give to him as to any other 
dignitary his proper portion of the communia, but not otherwise. 

The above is published in the Cathedral, and attested by notaries in 
due form. Jan. 6, A.D. 1375. 

Order made by the Chapter for the repairs of a Canon's House on the fbl. 261 indort. 
East of the Canon's bam. 

The firm of Burnham Church let by the Chapter to Canon Richard 
de Carleton, for life, at a rent of £41. The said Richard to build a new 
Grange and granary at the end of it within two years at his own 
expense, but with a grant of timber from Bykenalre. The Chapter 
will also find the reed for thatching, and allow £10 towards the cost, &c. 
A.D. 1375. 

A commission appointed by the Chapter to inquire into the repairs, fol. 263. 
&c. needed at Stokegommer, and Bykenalre ChapeL Jan. 16, A.D. 

A chantry establish for T. Bockyng on his own petition, and a burial foi. 262 in dors, 
place granted to him subtus magnum campanile, in front of the image of 
S. Andrew. In return for this he gives " unum preciosum gradale et 
unum calicem argenteum optima deauratum ponderis fere quadraginta 
solidorum." Dec. 8, A.D. 1375. 

The firm of Stokegommer Church assigned by the Chapter to Canon 
T. Bockyng, who has duly kept his residence, for £26 13*. 4d, On the 
vigil of the Nativity A.D. 1375. 

A canon's house allotted by the Chapter to Canon William Cokham. 
The Dean is said to be present at the Chapter, but this appears to be a 
mistake on the part of the scribe. Jan. 13, A.D. 1375. 

The firm of Congresbury Church let to William de Cokham for £30 fol. 263. 
a year. Jan. 13, A.D. 1375. 

The Dean is not present according to this entry. 

The Chapter appoint Canon Thomas Spert to value and receive the 
two thirds of the autumn harvest of Wyveliscombe prebend which falls 
to them by the death of Canon Robert Carswell alias Craswell ; the 
remaining third belongs to the exors. of the deceased. Jan. 30, 
A.D. 1376. 


WsLts The Chapter appoint Thomas Spert to be their representative in the 

^MSS^'^ Parliament to be holden in Hillary term at Westminster. Jan. 12, 
— ' A.D. 1376 

fol. 268 in dors. They also appoint the same T. Spert to be their representative at a 

Conncil to be holden in S. Paul's on the morrow of the Puritication. 

The same day as the last. This is addressed to the Archbp. the 
former to the King. 

fol. 264. Inspex. by the Chapter of a Charter of Bp. John, in which he in 

consideration of the poverty of the pre posit us and brethren of Stoke 
sub Hainedon who are much weighed down by the expenses of hospitality 
and by losses among their cattle, for the sake also pf composing the 
long-continued strife between them and the Vicar of Stoke about tithes, 
&c., and on the petition of the Lady Alice de Bello Camp^, and with 
the consent of all who arc concerned, consolidates the Rectory and the 
Vicarage, upon the decease or resignation of Thomas Horn the vicar. 
The brethren are to find a resident secular parish chaplain, or one of 
their own number to serve the chapel; and are to have the cure of 

They are also to pay annually 3jr. id. to the Bp., and 3; . 4d, to the 

Given at Woky Oct. 1, A.D. 1375. 

Confirmed by the Chapter Oct. 5. 

The firm of Burnham Church let to R. de Carleton as above. 
A.D. 1375. 

fol. 264 in dors. Indenture made between the Chapter and John Bokyngg, Vicar, 

and Prior of the Priory of the Chapel of S. Mary in the Cathedral, 
about a house in Chamberlain Street^ next to one of which the rent 
is "duos tx)rcios ad deserviendum in dicta capcUa in elevatione cor- 
poris Domini." A.D. 1376. 

Indenture about the Canon*s House let to Thomas de Shepton. 
A.D. 1872. 

fol. 265. The Chapter appoint Thomas Spert to be their representative in the 

Parliament to be holden at Westminster in Michaelmas term. 
Oct. 1, A.D. 1377. 

The Chapter consent to an exchange between W. Mey priest of 
the Chapel of North Cory, and John Porter, rector of O He worth 
[? Closworth]. 

A place for burial granted to Canon John Wareyn on the north side 
of the image of S. Mary by the entrance of the choir. A.D. 1377. 

The chantry at the altar of Corpus Christi, under the Campanile, 
established on behalf of William de Welynton, late a canon, is vacant and 
is presented by the Chapter to John Seward. A.D. 1378. 

John le Roper bequeaths to the D. & C. a rent on a house in Grope 
lane of 1 38. 4d.^ for an obit on the Feast of S. Edmund. 

fol. 265 in don. Acceptance of tlie above legacy by the Chapter and recitation of the 

terms of tlie will. 

The Dean is absent. July 12* A.D. 1378. 

fol. 266. Inspex hy the Chapter of an agreement made at Litton about 

a messuage there, by Richard Harewell, the prebendary of Litton. 

« .••• 


The ezors. of the will of John le Roper carry out his inteations. Wbixs 

Allotment of a house in Tor lane by the Chapter. 

The Dean is still absent. Sept. 10, A.D. 1378. ful. 266 in dors. 

A dispute between two Canons, Edmund Salowe and Richard Spjcer, 
is submitted to the arbitration of the Chapter, who decide that the saiii 
Richard should offer to the said Edmund 100 marcs, of which 20 are 
spent on a dolium of wine, and the rest is to remain in suspense. 

Dean Stephen Pempel dies in the Deanery on Feb. 2, A.D. 1378, fol. 267. 
and was buried (" clam ") secretly on* the 3*^ before S. Stephen's altar, 
in the presence of some of the canons and vicars, bis servants and his 
more intimate fiiends. 

The Chapter appoint two of the vicars to take possession of the 
Deanery and its revenues, for their own sakes and for that of creditors 
and legatees. Given on Thursday S. Blaise, A.D. J 378. 

Canon E. Carleton appointed by the Chapter receiver of the revenues foj. 267 in dors 
of the Deanery. Feb. 4, A.D. 1378. 

Receipt given to the exors. of the late Dean Walter de London for £20 
due from him to the Chapter. A.D. 1381. 

Licence given by the Bp. in answer to the petition o£ the Chapter, to 
proceed to the election of a Dean. Given in London, Feb. 11, 
A.D. 1378. 

The Chapter to the non-resident prebendaries [named] summoning fol. 268. 
them to the election which is to be held in the Chapter House «on 
Feb. 22. 

Summon:^ by King Richard to the Bp. to be present at a Parliament 
at Northampton. 

The Bp. is to summon the Chapters of Bath and of Wells, and the 
Archdeacons. The Prior, the Dean, and the Archdeacons are to appear 
in person, and the Chapters are each to appoint a representative. Given 
Aug. 21, anno regis quarto. 

Process of election of the Dean. All the formalities recounted. fol. 268 in don:. 

After Mass at the High Altar [the names of those present are given], fol. 269. 
All the various documents, relating to the election are read aloud and fol. 269 in dors, 
sealed. The Chapter unanimously choose John Fordham. The Te J^'- 270. 
Deum is sung, and a procession is made to the High Altar. The elec- 2<0mdors. 
tlon is then announced in public in the vulgar tongue. 

The electors then return to the Chapter House and notify the election 
to the Dean elect. 

Confirmation of the election is sought from the Bishop. fol. 271. 

Certificate sent by the Bishop recounting the formalities observed in fol. 271 in dors. 
the election as above. . , _^- 

lol 272. 

A commission issued to inquire into the dilapidations of the houses fo],' 273. 
and manors of the Deanery. Those of the manors come to £232 I6s. 5c/., fol. 273 in dors, 
of the houses in Wells to £15 0«. Od. 

Summons to a Parliament to be held at Easter at Westminster addressed fol. 274. 
by tho Eling, Richard, to the Bishop. The Dean of Wells, the Prior 
of Bath and the Archdeacons to appear in person ; each of the Cheaters 




"^^ CjSSivRLL ^^ ^^^^ and Wells to appoint one representative, and the clergy to 

Mss. appoint two. 

Given at Westminster, Feb. 17, anno regni secundo. 

Letter from the Bp. to the Chapter of Wells and to the Archdn. of 

The Archbp. has issued a summons for a convocation of the clergy to 
be held on May 9 in S. Paul's. 

Abbots, Priors, Deans, Prepositi, Archdeacons, aliique ecclesiamm 
prelati, are to appear in person ; but Colleges and Convents are to send 
each one representative, and the rest of the clergy of the diocese to send 
f 1 274 in dors ^^ ^^^ therefore make this known throughout your Archdeaconr}-, 
* and order the clergy to appear by tlieir proctors before us in the Chapel 
of S. Mary juxta claustrum for the purpose of chasing their two 
representatives, et transmittentes et consentiendos super expetisas et 
salarias eorundem, ac subeundum condempnationem debitam in hac 

Given at Dogmersfield, April 8, A.D. 1379. 

The Chapter appoint Thomas Spert to be their representative at the 
Convocation, summoned to consider matters concerning the i*ealm and 
the Church. April 22^ A.D. 1379. 

The same Thomas Spert chosen for Parliament on the same day. 

fol. 275. The Chapter to the Bishop begging for his goodwill in certain suits 

in which they are engaged at North Cory. 

A similar very urgent appeal. 

Presentation by the Chapter [the Dean is absent] of William Aylward 
to the Chantry at North Cory. A.D. 1379. 

Instructions from the Chapter to their official at North Cory to institute 
the said W. Aylward. 

fol. 275 in dors. Confirmation by the Bp. of the election of John Fordham and direc- 
tions to the Chapter to institute him. March 9, A.D. 1379. 

The Dean to the Chapter. A complimentary letter. Given at 
London, Oct. 31. 

The Chapter to the Dean. Have sent John de Stourton to communi- 
cate with him on urgent business touching their Chapter, <&c. 

fol. 276. Summons to a Parliament at Easter, addressed by the King, Richard, 

to the Bishop, and through him to the clergy of the diocese. 
Given at Westminster. Feb. 16. Anno regni regis secundo. 

The Bishop's Mandate to the Chapter of Wells, and to the Archdeacon 
of Tanton in accordance with the above royal mandate. 

fol. 276 in dors. Appointment by the Chapter (the Dean is absent) of a seneschal to 

supervise all their manors. Nov. 1, A.D. 1379. 

Letter sent by Peter de Barton apparently from the Dean to the 
Chapter with reference to the repairs of Thomas de Schepton's house. 
London, Dec. 13. 

fol. 277. Summons from the Archbp. to attend at a Synod to be holden in 

S. PauPs on Feb. 4, addressed to the Chapter, and appointment of 
Thomas Spert as their pix)ctor, on Jan. 22. A.D. 1.379. 

■^Y ■"^••■T^^' rT" 


A small document inserted in which the King, Richard, gives the wblls 
Treasury in the Cathedral Church of Wells, of which he is patron, to mss. 

William Langbrook. Given at Westminster, March 6. Anno regni 12*». 

Commission issued by the Bp. to the Abbots of Mochelnye and fol. 277 in dors. 
Athelnye, the Prior of Tanton, the perpetual vicars of North Cory 
(Tanton ?), Crick, and Lenge, and to my lonls Thomas Newman, John 
Baryngton and Philip de Erdesleigh, vicars in the Cathedral, and 
Chaplains in the Chapel of Stoke and Westhache. Inasmuch as certain 
persons, unknown, have taken many fish in the river commonly called 
Tone, within the manor of North Cory, to the prejudice of the Chapter 
of Wells to whom it belongs, to the peril of their own souls, and to 
tlie encouragement of evil doers. Wherefore *' vobis . . . man- 
damus quatinus omnes et singulos temeratoi*es hnjusmodi .... 
necnon eisdem prebentes auxilium .... in debitam major! s 
excommunicationis sententiam incidisse et ea ligatos fuisse et esse in 
monasteriis . . . capcllis, &c., antedicti:i, sinjg;uHs diebus dominicis 
et festis inter missurum solemnia cum major afTuerit in eisdem clcri et 
populi multitudo, cruce in manu erecta, pulsatis campanis, candelis 
accensis et in vituperium hujusmodi reproboiiim in teiTam demum 
projectis et extinctis, cum omni qua decet solempnitate a<lhibita, 
publice deounciatis, et facialis simili mode per alios publice et solemp- 
nlter denunciari a denunciatione hujusmodi non cessantes donee aliud 
a nobis receperitis in mandatis. 

They are to report what they have done, giving the names of the 
culprits if they can be found. 

Given at Dogmersfield, March 24, A.D. 1379. 

The president and the Chapter [the Dean absent], present William 
Preston to the Vicarage of S. Cuthbert*s, vacant by the death of John 
Spaldyng. April 22, A.D. 1380. 

A short entry, very faint. Apparently about the appointment of a 
proctor. Jan. 13, A.D. 1379. 

At the same time one Walter Hanloo presented letters from the Pope foi. 278. 
" super gratiam sibi facfam de Caiionicatu," &c. 
The appointment of a Vicar. 

The King to the D. & C. The judgment of the Court at Westminster 
upon a suit between the D. & C. and Thomas de Schepton about his 
house in Wr^lls. April 25, Anno regni 3^ 

Indenture made Feb. 15, Anno regis Hie* 3®. fol. 278 in dors 

Peter de Yevelton had claimed against the D. & C. rights of hunting, 
fowling, fishing, and common pasture, in their manors of North Cory, 
Westhache, and Knappe, as belonging to Mere which he holds under 
them. He also claims *' quoddam gestum quolibet anno in die Natali 
Domini, de ipsis D. & C. in eorum camera apud North Cory.*' 

An agreement is made by which the said Peter retains the rights of 
pasture, and the Christmas feast, and resigns all other claims. 

Receipt given by T. Spert for £5 as part payment of a loan of 20 

Letter of the Bishop from Banwell on S. Stephen's Day. He fol. 279. 
understands that one Robert de Strutton has claimed to be Deuii 
against John de Fordham. The dispute has been settled amicably by 
the mediation of the Duke of Lancaster and the Archbishop. 

The Bp. supports J. Fordham. 

I "^ • .»l 






ConfirmutioQ by the Chapter of a lease made by Roger, son of Roger 
Harewell, Canon of Wells, of a part of his canonical buildinscs. A.D. 

ful. 279 in dore. Foundation of the chantry of Walter de Compton ; as on fol. 254 

in dors. 

fol. 280. The appointment by Robert de Strntton, Canon of York, of 

Richard Chesterfylde, Canon of York ; Robert Braybroke, Archd° of 
Cornwall ; Robert Bradegar, Canon of Loudon ; Robert Worbtham, 
Rector of Brysele, Norwich ; Henry Wynterton, Archd" of Essex ; 
Peter Pawe, Vicar of Walton, in London diocese ; Thomas Page, clerk 
of Norwich diocese, to prosecute before the papal delegates his rights 
under, the grants made to him by the Pope. 

fol. 280 in dors. Inspex. by William the Prior of St. Swithin's, Winchester, of an 

Inspex. by John Bp. of Wiiiton of the Charter of Kinp^ Richard granting 
to the D. & C. of Wells the Manor of North Cory, &c. 
The charter is recited at length. A.D. 1290. 

The Bishop to all men. A faint and difficult entry. It appears that 
Canon Thomas Spycer had applied for permission to go to Rome to 
appeal against a sentence of excommunication pronounced upon him for 
an assault with bloodshed made upon two chaplains. A.D. 1380. 

The Chapter (the Dean is abgent) establish a chantry for Canon 
WilHam Odecombe, in return for his gifts of rich vestments (enumerated 
and described) to the Cathedral. A.D. 1380. 

fof. 281 in dors. The Feusts ab operibus which are to be observed and no others 

according to the orders of the Archbp. of Canterbury and his Suf- 
fragans. The Lord's Day, from the hour of Vespers on Saturday, as 
on Feasts which have vigils. The Nativity of the Lord. SS. Stephen ; 
John ; Innocents ; Thomas Martyr [erased] ; the Circumcision ; tlie 
Epiphany ; the Purification ; S. Matthias ; the Annunciation ; SS. 
Parasceves ; Pascha, with the three days following ; S. Mark ; SS. 
Philip and James; Invent. S. Crucis; S. John ante portam Lat. ; the 
Ascension ; Pentecost, with the three following days ; Corpus Chiisti ; 
Nativ. S. John Bapt. ; the Aps. SS. Peter and Paul ; S. Mary Magda< 
lene ; S. James ; the Assumption ; S. Lawrence ; S. Bartholomew ; 
Nativ. S. Mary ; Exalt. S. Crucis; S. Matthew; S. Michael the Arch- 
angel ; S. Luke ; SS. Simon and Jude ; All Saints ; S. Andrew ; S. 
Nicholas ; Concept. S. Mary; S. Thomas; the dedications of parochial 
churches, and the days of the Saints in whose honour thej are 

Two canons, Th. Mount and Th. Harewelly acting for the Dean, to 
the Vicar of Cheddre. Notice that they are about to hold a visitation 
of the Church. A.D. 1380. 

Chaiter of Henry Parker, vicar of Doulting, made with the consent 
of the Abbot John and the monks of Glastonbury, granting to the D. & 
C. of Wells for the use of the fabric, one acre of glebe land lying in 
Esthay furlong, bounded on the West by the high road to Chevelinch, 
the South side 15 perehes and 8 feet in length ; the North 16 perches; 
the Eastern, 9 perches 6 ft. ; the Western, 8 perches 4 ft. to be held by 
them in perpetuity for the use of the fabric on payment of 1*, 6d. a 

y^^ ^^-^ 



The Chapter agree that the said Henry may enter upon the said acre Wblls 
called Wottyngsmeady and recover any arrears of the rent. A.D. 1381. mss. 

Lease by the Chapter [the Dean is absent] of a toft> ** sive vaeua fol. 282. 
placea^" in Mill Lane. Anno regno Ric. 5^. 

Confirmation by ths Chapter of a lease by the Bp. of a tenement in fol. 282 in dor.;. 
Wells. A.D. 1382. 

Admission of Adam Davenport to a canonry in Wells, and to the 
prebend of Dynre. May 5, A.D. 1382. 

AdmisMon of d^* John de Middlecon to a canonry and the prebend of 
Cumbe 1»*, "de mandato domini." May 22, A.D. 1382. 

Obitus of John de Horsington, Chancellor, Prebendary of Compton 
£p^ and Firmarius of Cheddre. 

Bond of Robert ile Cheddre de BristoU to pay to Bp. Ralph £200 on fol. 283. 
St. MichaeFs Day next following, in the Church of Wyveliscombe. 

Given at Wyveliscorabe on Tuesday next after Nativ. S. Mary. . 
A.D. 1362. 

The above sealed by the said Robert *' in qaadam camera infra curiam 
dn^ £p^ B. & W. apud Wjveliscumbe pro hospitibus assignata." 

On Sept. 10, 136*2, the said Robert, ti burgess of Bristol, appeareil 
before the Bp. in his chapel at Wyvcliscuoibe, pro tribunali sedente, and 
acknowledged that as exor. of the Will of William Husee he was bound 
to the Bp. for the Church of Wells in £200 left to the church by the 
said William. The Bp. makes answer through his official Robert de 
Nettelton, " organum vocis sue." 

A chantxy established in thn parish church of Cheddre of the annual fol. 283 in dors, 
value of 10 marcs, on behalf of our present King Edward, &c., and the 
benefit of his soul after his death, pro satisfactione plenaria summe 
pecune predicte in the last entry. 

Certificate of the notary to the above. 

Registrum Capituli Eccl« Wellen Confectum per magistrum Thoman fol. 284. 
Spert eccle Cathed. Wellen Cancellarium. 

He .succeeded John de Horsington as Chancellor and was installed 
Aug. 7, A.D. 1382. 

On August H, Canon W. Camel in the presence of the Chapter 
[named] presented librum antiphonarium sive legendarium et quendam 
pannum aureum quern habuit de dono domine comitesse Cantie, et unam 
amictam gamisitam, et duns pecias de Bokeram rulieam, et borduras 
ac quandam orfresuram aliam per lladulfum Ep™ ad ejus procura- 
tionem prefate ecclesio Irgatam, ad faciendum ex omnibus prcdictis 
unam capam, promittens se velle sumptibus suis propriis capam eandem 
vita et sanitate .... respernando tunc usum suum dum vixerit 
ot usum dicti libri et dicte cape. Et subsequitur tunc ibidem excusavit 
se fide media super quadam clausula inscripta in Registro scripto tem- 
pore dicti Johannis Hcrsynton Cancellor, continente inter cetera quod 
Johannes Aunger nuper canonicus dicte eccl® et senior capitulo pro 
tempore, dixit quod ipse tradidit dicto W^illelmo Camel £20 de pecuhia 
proveniente ad tumbam d°> Radulphi nuper Ep* Wellen. Quod quidem 
juramentum sive excusationcra dictum capitulem adniiserunt et ipsum 
super non receptionem dicte pecunie cxcusatum habuerunt. 




WEtLB August 9. The Chancellor T. Spert receives the firm of Whitchurch 

^* M^ss.*^ from the Chapter [named] vacant by the death of Richard de Carleton. 

A Canon's house allotted to the same. 

fol. 284 in dors. Further entries about the Canon's house. 

The firm of Bumham let. 

Eichard Harewell installed as canon and Prebendary of Litton on 
Oct. 1 A.D. 1366. 

fol. 285. Blank. 

fol. 285 in dors. Leave of absence for seven years study at Oxford given by Dean 

Thomas de Sudbury and the chapter to Thomas Parker vicar of the 
prebendal stall of Yatton. Jan. 2> A.D. 1384. 

fol. 286. Blank. 

fol. 286 in dors. Process on the part of the D. &, C. against Walter Hamme, Vicar 

of S. Cuthbert's, about the 20 marcs pension payable by him annually 
to the D. <& C. He has refused to pay and the amount now due is 
£100. Anno regni regis nunc 7°. 

The D. & C. recover 40 mares and excuse the rest. 

fol. 287. Appropriation by Bp. John of the church of East Coker for the 

chantiy of Hugh de Courtenay in Exeter Cathedral. The petition 
is made by Philip de Courtenay, miles ; and master Bobert Broke. 
Mentions Hugh de Courtenay and Margaret his widow. It is to be a 
chantry of four presbyters to celebr.ate masses and other divine offices 
daily at the tomb in navi . . . Exon" Eccl® decenter constructam, 
for the soul of the said Hugo, &c.) for the good estate of the said 
Margaret, et Rogeri in Christo patris, and of Lord William de Courtenay 
his son, Archbishop of Canterbury, and of the said Philip, and of Lord 
Peter de Courtenay, Ac. 

Besides the Rectory of East Coker that of Honington in Exeter 
diocese is appropriated. 

Masses are to be celebrated at the tomb daily, Et precipue infra 
nominatas^ viz., die dominica de Sancta Trinitate ; die Lune, unam de 
Angelis ; die Martis de 8. Thoma ; die Marcurii de Omnibus Sanctis ; 
die Jovis, unam de S. Spiritu ; die Veneris unam de Sancta Cruce; et 

die Sabbati unam de beata Virgine, alteram de et alias 

missas de die .... prout ex devotione eis fuerit inspiratumy 

fol. 287 in dors Two pages of details about the services and the ornaments, &c., of 

fol. 388. the chantry, and about the provision made for the vicar of East Coker. 

fol. 283 in dors. Given at Woky, June 24, 1385. 

Certificate by Robert Sloo, public notary of Bath and Wells to the 

Confirmation of it by the Chapter of Wells on June 26, 

Confirmation also by the Chapter of Bath on June 26, 

Appointment by tlie Chapter, Thomas de Sudbury the Dean is 
present, of Canon John Upton to exercise their disciplinary powers 
over the canonical body if occasion should arise. July 10, A D 



A very faint entry about some person who has not paid what is due caThbdhal 
from him to the communarius. July 24. Mss. 

Appropriation by the Dean and Chapter of the church of Kingston, ^^^- ^^^' 
of which Bobert Chetyrne was lately rector, to the use of the Vicars of 
the Close. 

The deed is addressed to Thomas Elwell and Nicholas fifaace, com- 
munis aule novi clausi vicariorum princiualibus. Sept. 19, A.D. 

The D. & C. appoint Master Lambert More to act for them for one 
year, in their suit against certain persons at North Cory. Sept. 24, A.D. 

At a visitation of the diocese made by the Bp the claim made fol* -^^ i° ^o^- 
by the Abbey of Glastonbury to jurisdiction over seven churches and to 
certain pensions is confirmed by the Bishop. At Woky, Sept. 12, 1385. 

Printed in Adamde Domerham, Vol. I. p. 273. 

Confirmation of the last by the Chapter of Bath. Sept. 14. fol 290. 

Similar confirmation by the Chapter of Wells Sept. 24. 

T. de Sudbury Dean of Wells '^ et sacri palatii apostolici causarum . 
auditor/' to Canon Andrew Baret '* confratri nostro dictique palatii 

In return for his good ofBices and labours^ the Chapter will receive 
him into residence on receipt of £40 pro fine et redemptione communii 
vestri in eadem eccle juxta statuta et consuetudines in principio vestre 

nove residentie; ac vos a predicto convivio 

tenendo liberamus. 

He is not however to share in the great distribution but only in the fol. 290 in dors, 
quotidians, until he comes into persopal residence, &c. 

On Dec. 23, A.D. 1385. Canon Richard Spicer is formally charged 
before the Chapter with having used opprobrious language to the Dean, 
and is suspended for a time *' salvis statu et beneficiis." 

At another Chapter he is absolved on his promise of good behaviour, f^^^- 291. 

At a Chapter the death of William Cammel the Precentor is an- 
nounced, and his firm of Mudford and Lovington given to Canon Th. 
Bingham. April 20, A.D. 1386. 

Allotment of a Canon's house. 

A very indistinct entry, apparently about the improper behaviour of fol. 291 in dors, 
one of the vicars during a procession. He promises amendment. 

Grant by the D. & C. of a Canon's House and the firm of their 
Grange to Edmund Seyntloo the senior resident who has not any. 
They are vacant by the death of William Odecumbe. A.D. 1386. 

Blank. fol. 292. 

The beginning only of an entry about the establishment of Hugh fol. 292 in dors. 
Conrtenay's Chantry. 

A letter in French from the King recommending Bichard Medeford 
bis secretary to the Chapter as bishop. 
Given at Windsor, Dec. 14. 


s . 


\ybu.8 xho D. & C. give k-avc of absence for the purpose of study to a 

Mss. vicar, allowing him to draw his stipend meanwhile, provided that he 

find one to do his duty for him. Oct. 1, A.D. 1388. 

At a Chapter held on Sept. 24, A.D. 1388. Canon llichard Harewell, 
prebendary of Litton, came and declared that he wished to be a resident 
according to the statutes, &c. On Feb. 12 he was admitted accordingly. 

fol. 293. At a Chapter held on Aug. 20, A.D. 1387 [the Dean not present]. 

Robert Rugge, Chancellor of Oxford, and prebendary of Dtilcot, 
sought to be a resident and was admitted. 

On Nov. o the D. & C. allot to the said Robert Ru^e a house and 
a firm for so long' as he shall be a resident. 

At a Chapter held May 26*, A.D. 1388, T, Newman, vicar, reports 
that he has cited Canon Richard Spicer at his own house, and in his 
stall, to appear before the Chapter and answer a charge of ha\nng laid 
vic»lent hands on W. Hepe a chaplain of Wells. 

He does not appear and for his contumacy he is forbidden entrance to 
the Cathedral and suspended from receipt of a portion of the commania, 
and is Rgain summoned to appear before the Chapter. 

fol. 293 in dora. On Sept. 19, A.D. 1388. Thomas More proctor of Ralph Bp. of 

B. & VV. appeared before the Chapter [the Dean is absent"] and exhibite<l 
the Papal letters *' more curise Romane bullatas," concerning the transla- 
tion of the said Bp. and depire<l obedience to them. 
A copy of the said letters (all crossed out) 

The Pope has translated the Bp. of B. & W. ta Durham, and now 
translates Bp. Ralph from Salisbury. 

fol. 234. Formal protestation of Richard Uarewell that he wishes to bcconic a 

residentiary. Sept. 24. 

On Oct. I. A vicar still on trial is warned because he has not ^ven 
sufficient attention to learning the Antiphonarium, Psalterium, ami 
Ympnarium, and is allowed a further space of time. 

Licence of non-re*ideuce for three years gi*auted to two vicars at the 
desire of the King aud the late Bishop. Sept. 8, A.D. 1388. 

fol. 294 in dors. The King claims the right of presentation to the Treasurers! lip, and 

prohibits the Chapter from seeking in any way to infringe this ri^ht. 
He had appointed William Langbrook. 

Given at Westminster March 6, anno regni 12<>. 

Admission by T. Spert, acting during the absence of T. de Sudbury 
the Dean, of John Deize to the Chantry of Cheddre vacant by the death 
of John Ashefolde. Sept. 13, A.D. 1389. 

Licence to a Vicar to go to Rome and keop his office in S. Mary's 
Chapel juxta claustrum to which he was presented by Dn«. John Chediock, 
miles. Jan. 14, A.D. 1389. 

fol. 2&5. The Archbp. to the D. & C. 

A question has been raised in the King's Court whether the holder of 
the Prepositura of Wells cau also hold a benefice. The Court applies to 
the Archbp. for information because the Bp. of B. & W. is one of the 
parties in the suit, and the Archbp. desires the Chapter to send to him 
evidence from their Archives. A.D. 1390. 


— - -.-^_ 


The Chapter reply to the Archhp. that they will comply with his cathwdral 
mandate. ' Mss. 

A Mandate from the King to the Chapter, similar to that sent by the 

The Chapter reply to the King. fol. 295 in dors. 

They have sent all the information they possess. 

The answer of the Chapter as to the status of the Prepositus. fol. 296. 
He need not be a priest ; nor a resident ; nor need he have cure of 
souls, or any spiritual jurisdiction, nor has he a voice in the Chapter or 
right of entry by reason of his office. The following persons have in 
previous times held benefices with the office, viz., John de S. Paul, 
Archd° of Cornwall; Andrew UfTord, Archd° of Middlesex; Adam 
Hylton, Treasurer of York ; William Wykeham, Archd" of Lincoln ; 
John Newenham, Rector of Fenny Staunton ; Walter Trelond, Rector 
of Cristemaleford. 

Acknowledgment of the receipt of the King's mandate. 

Confirmation by the Chapter of the manumission by the Dean of 
Nicholas Kyng of Merk Brigge. Dec. 5, A.D. 1390. 

Inspex : and conf : by the Chapter of a lease by Bp. Ralph to Henry fol. 296 in dors. 
Spert^rove of a fulling mill at the bottom of his garden in WoHs. Feb. 
20, anno regni regis, 14^. 

Leave of absence for three years, for the purpose pf study at Oxford 
given by the Chapter to one of the vicars. June 19, A.D. 1391. 

There is none. fol. 297. 

A short note about the vicars. fol. 298. 

The presentation to the vicar's office belongs to the canon of each 

A canon presents a young relation to be his vicar. The Chapter 
commit the duty 'of examining *' in lectura et cantu" to the whole body of 
vicars then present. They examine him apart, and report that he is 
" habilis in lectui*a et cantu, turn vocemjuvenilemhabet." On the fol- 
lowing day the Chapter order him to be habited as a vicar and installed, 
and then leave of absence for one year is given to him that he may study 
in the school. A.D. 1391. 

John Hewyssch Abbot of Atlielney installed as a prebendary. A.D. 

Mem. that a chantry of the value of 4 marcs at 8. Nicholas's altar 
juxta claustrum is in the patronage of the Chancellor, the Succentor, 
and the Subdean, in turn, each for one year. 

Confirmation by the Chapter of a manumission by Bp. Ralph of John fol. 298iu(lor!. 
Skete and his family. A.D. 1391. 

The D. & C. ex parte memorie d™ Johannis Harewell niiper B. & W. 
Ep', consent to the total removal of the palace at Blackford, " voluptiinse 
constructa et in nullo penitiis necessaria." 

Al?o of buihlings at Congresbury. The materials may l^e sold, and fol. 299. 
the Bp. is freed from the expence of dilapidations. A.D. 1391. 

Leave of absence to a Vicar. 

n 20541. T 



Weils The Chapter admit Roger Harewell, Archd. of Bath to bo a resident. 

Mss. A.D. 1392. 

fol. 299 in dors. Inspex. and Conf. bj the Chapter of certain manumissions by Thomas 

Walter, Rector of Cristemaleford. 

A vicar is accused before the Chapter of misconduct during: service in 
the Choir, of wandering about among the pillars and talking with lav 
people, of growing his hair long, of not using a tonsure, of not keeping 
his stall properly, of not being diligent in learning Psalter, Antiphonary, 
and Hymnary. 

He is also charged with using opprobrious language about the 

Ends abruptly at the bottom of the page, the rest of the book is 


fol. 1. The petition of Dean Burnell and the Chapter to King Edward for 

licence for themselves and the Monks of Bath to elect a Bp. in the 
place of late Bp. Robert. 

Sent by the hands of W. de Haselshawe and Thomas de Gorges. 

The Chapter of Bath to the Chapter of Wells de eodem. 

The Chapter of Wells similarly to the Chapter of Bath. Dec. 29. 

fol. 1 in dors. Summons issued by the D. & C. of Wells to Canon H. de Clare to be 

present in the Chapter at Bath on Wednesday next after the Conver- 
sion of S. Paul for the purpose of the election. Dec. 30. 

A similar summons to their fellow canon 11. de Newark, Dean of 
York. If he is canonically unable to be present he may appoint one of 
the Canons to be llis proxy. There is no such provision in the ease of 
Canon H. de Clare. 

Letter of Walter the Prior of Bath and of Edward the Dean of 
Wells, as in Lib. Alb. I. fol. 91. 

Election of Robert Burnell, as in Lib. Alb. I. fol. 9L 

fol. 2. A. formal recital of the last, as in Lib. Alb. fol. 91. 

fol. 2 in dors. The Chapter of Bath to the Chapter of Wells, that they have appointed 

their proctors for the election, on S. Thomas the Martyr's l>ay. 
A.D. 1292. 

The said proctors meet at Feringdon the following day and fix upon 
Wednesday next after the Conversion of S. Paul for the election. 

fol. 3. Upon June 7, A.D. 1273, at a general Convocation of the Canons 

of ihe Cathedral, in the presence of Bp. William II., the following 
constitutions were made. 

The ordinale was corrected. 

No one is henceforth to add or subtract from it without the consent 
of the Bp. and the whole Chapter. 




Item, " quod de cetoro nullc malutine in sero dieantur in choro exceptis ^ Wills 
festivitafibus S. Trin, Nat, S. Job« Bapt. et S.S. Petri et Pauli." ms&^^ 

Item, " quod canonicus quilibet de cetero ati pinguiorem prebendam 
forsitan promovendus fructus prebende sue prions percipiat sicnt prius 
donee ccssantibus impedimentis que secundum consuetudinem ecdesic 
contiugunt fructus percipere possit ex prebenda que sibi fuerit permu- 

Four days in tbe year appointed for the transaction of the more 
important business of the Chapter. If a canon is absent, and is not 
represented by a vicar ** ad hoc instructum," he shall receive nothing for 
the. hist and the following quarter. 

'* Item. Ad vitandi perjurii periculum quod hactenus admissi vicani 
hujus ecclesie quasi inevitabiliter incurrerunt, si presentandus ad quam- 
cunqne vicariam persona nota fuerit et experta, quod scilicet tam scien- 
tiam habeat cantandi quam etiam instrumentum, concedatur ei statim 
percipere omnia ad mcdum aliorum vicariorum. Ita tamen quod extunc 
stetin probatione morum suorum et diligentie quum exhibebit de sciendis 
corde tenus Antiphonario, psalterio, et ympnario per totum annum 
sequentem. Deputato sibi nichiiominus auscultatore super hoc per 
preceutorem presente capitulo. In cujus fine an ni si idem pi^esentatus 
per rei evidentiam et testimonium predicti aascultatoris et ceterorum 
clericorum ecclesiarum, ipso amoto, bene morigeratus expertus fuerit et 
diligens in hac parte ]>erpetuetur ut cetori vicarii in ecclesia memorata, 
alioquin rejiciatur omnino. Idem iiat de persona qualibet non expert^i 
excepto quod hujusmodi persona antequam ingrediatm* annalem proba- 
tionem hujusmodi stabit in probatione sine peiceptione qualibet per qnin- 
decim dies ante ad minus lecturaetcantatura per se et cum aliis quotidie 
ad hue modulationis psallendi et cantandi scientiam comprobandam. 
Quanim altera si sibi defuerit repellatur omnino. 

The above constitution is confirmed but not recited in the Statutes of 
Walter de Haselshaw on fol. 21 of this Liber Ruber and in Lib. Alb. 
but the words I'ef erring to Bp. Button are omitted at p. 66 in the copy 
of the Statutes printed in ** Wells Cathetbral, &c.," by H. E. Reynolds. 

A list of the chaiters and other documents in the Chapter Register. fol. 3 in dors. 

The list is the same as that in Lib. Alb. I. fol. 6, &c., and the docu- to fol. 7 in dors, 
roents are there and, with the exception of 3 or 4, not in Lib. Ruber. 

The list is printed in "Wells Cathedral,, Ac," by H. E. Reynolds, 
p. 115. 

The Writ Quo Warranto as in Lib. Alb. I., fol. 108. fol. 7 in dors. 

Wiit of Quo Warranto against the D. & C. about North Cory. foL 9 in dors. 

Similarly about the Advowson of Cungresbury. fol. 10, &c 

Confirmation of the rights of Wells by Archbp. John as in Lib. Alb. 
I., foL 111. 

A short list of charters, Ac., rubricated, and with quaint heads drawn fol. 12 in dors, 
in red at the end of each paragraph. 

De ordinatione prebendarum, &c., as in Lib. Alb. I., fol. 31. 

Charter about Cumbe, as in Lib. Alb. I., fol. 49 in dors. 

The Charter of Bp. Joceline about vacant prebends, as in Lib. Alb. 
I., fol. 58. 

I 2 

fol. 13. 
fol. U. 


Wbllb That the Archdeacon's answer to the Chapter in this matter. As in 

^^ Msr^'' Lib. Alb. I., fol. 59. 

A Charter, at the bottom of the pa^ in a diflferent hand, Bp. Bagio 
grants, with the consent of the Archdeacons, all the fniits of vacant 
benefices for the fabric until the work is completed. 

Given in the Chapter in the presence of Richard the Dean, William 
the Precentor, T. the Archd", and almost all the Canons. 

fol. 15. Grant of the proceeds of vacant benefices to Bp. Roger for a time as 

in Lib. Alb. I., fol. 64. The canons are named. 

fol. 15 in dora. Bp. W. de eodem. A.D. 1249. 

fol. 16. Bp. W. restores these fruits to the D. & C, and approves of their 

appropriation to the fabric. At Banwell Jan. 1 2. Anno Pontif. 1 5°. 

fol. 1 6 in dors. William the Prior of the Hospital of S. John, in Wells, and the 

brethren promise to Richard de Button the Precentor to perform a 
full service annually at the Altar of S. John in their house for the 
soul of the said Richard, of Bp. W. de Button, and his ancestors, &e. 
The Dean to have power to enforce this. Test. Edward the Dean ; 
Nicholas the Treasurer, &c. 


Confirmation by the D. k C. of the grant by Bp. Josoeline of a chantry, 
bells, and cemetery to S. John's Hospital. 

f^] ]7, At a general convocation held on the morrow of S. Augustine's 

the Apostle of the English, A.D. 1241, in the presence of Bp. J. 
an order was made about the distribution of the communa, &c. Two 
thirds of a year constitutes residence, and no simple canon is bound to 
residence unless he wishes it. 

The revised ordinale is to be followed. 

It is decided that the Dean, or Sub-Dean in his abdenoe, has the 
power of giving leave ^'Exeundi villam, vel fieobotomandi, transfer- 
rendi allquem in primum gradum, vel in secundam formam. Item 
statutum est quod vicarii ... ad stationem in choro sequantur pre- 
bendas ad quas admissi fuerant vicarii eo non obstante, et si prebendn 
fuerit coUata persone in dignitate ex altera parte.'* 

The prebend of Winsham held by the Archdn. of Bath is to minister 
in the priest's order as it used to do. 

A bell is to be sounded for Chapter meetings. 

fol. 17 in dors. New arrangements about the distribution of the communa made A.P. 

1259. The canons present are named. 

fol. 18. Letter Patent of King Edward for walling the Liberty. 

Edward us Dei gratia Rex Angl. &c. &c. ad honorem Dei et hone- 
statem ccclesie Cathedralis Wellen, ac sanctorum quorum oor[)oi'a 
requiescunt in eadem, necnon ad securitatem et quietem canon iconim 
et ministorum predicte ecclesie, et suorum ibidem residentium, ron- 
cessimus pro nobis et heredibus nostris veneiabile patri Roberto Bathon 
et Wellem Ep® quod ipse cimiterium ecclesie predicte et prociiu-tum 
domorum canonicorum predictorum infra civitateni snam Wellen 
muro lapideo circumquaque includere, et murum ilium Kirnollare, et 
procinclum ilium sic inclnsum eidem Ep^ et successoribus suis ad 
suam et die tor um canonicorum securitatem majorem tenerc possit sine 
occa.<<ione ve) impe<limcnto nostri vel heredum nostrorum justiciAriorum 
seu aliorum niiniHrorum nostrorum quorum cumque in perpetuom. 






Ita qaod in stratLs et locis aliis necessariis et competentibus ibidem _ Wells 
portas et posteraas fieri, et stratas quas ipsum ia procinctu illo in- jfss. 

cludere contigerit ad proprius et commodius quod pro transeuntibas — 

fieri potueiit .... faciet. Et ita quod porte ille et posteroe singulis 
diebus ab aurora diei usque ad noctem sint aperte pro utilitate trau- 
seuntium per portas et postern as supradietas. Ita eliam quod porte 
ille et posterne de nocte clandantur, et in aurora diei aperiantur sicut 
predictum est. 

Teste me ipso apud Wodestok March 15 anno regni 14°. 

Articles of Tisitation in the Cathedral by the Dean. Printed in fol. 18 in dors. 
« Wells Cathedral, &c.** by H. E. Reynolds, p. 125. 

The Statutes of Walter de Haselshaw as in Lib. Alb. I.foL 215, Ac., ^J- !»» *«• 
and printed in « Wells Cathedral, &c." p. 59, Ac. 

The Statutes of Dean John de Grodelee. fol. 24, &c. 

Printed in *' Wells Cathedral, &c.," p. 128, &c., as far the end of the 
article *' annus post mortem," p. 129. 

The next two articles, viz " item ut vestigiis .... procurari," and 
** Quod genuflectum," are printed at p. 74. The next " De Percussioni- 
bus Campanarum," is here crossed oat. 

Then there follows an article here which is not printed. '* Item quia 
quedam carte nostre que sunt velut thesaurus ecclesie in parte sunt 
debilitate, quedam vero quasi vetustate consumpte, volumus quod per 
discretos \dros concanonicos noslros presente ecclesie cancellario qui 
curam et custodiam habet earundem circa festum S. Michaelis examinen- 
tur et in uno registro de verbo ad verbum conscribantur et prout 
citius comode fieri potuerit sub mana (publica ?) auctoritate judieis 
competentis ad perpetuam rei memoriam publicentur, salt^m ille de 
quarum consumptione magis timetur. 

The next 3 articles ** Quod non sint ludi " ; •* Quod canouici 
tcneant " ; " Additio in juramento," are printed pp. 75, 76. 

Then there follow the two articles, printed on p. 76, ** Quod vicarii," 
and •* Quod sit in arbitrio," but in the reverse order. 

The next is ** Quod annellarii " is printed at p. 158. 

The rest beginning with •* ad perpetuum futurorum, &c." are printed 
pp. 129-131. 

Blank. fol. 28. 

Order made by John (ie Godelee the Dean, and the Chapter about fol, 28 in dors, 
firms, printed in Appendix G., pp. 131-133 of" Wells Cathedral, &c." Ac. 

Articles of visitation from " Inquirant vi^itatorcs primo " to " Audi, fol. so in dors, 
vidi, tace, si vis vivere in pace," printed in ** Wells Cathedral Ac," 
p. U6. 

The Canon's oath of obedience and fidelity. 

A chapter summoned to consider the attempt of Bp. John de Drokens- foi. 31^ ^c. 
ford to interfere with the Dean's rights as visitoi* of the prebendal 
churches, &c. 

The proceedings which follow fill 8 folios. They are described, and 
the greater part printed in "Wells Cathedral," iVpp. H. p. 133, 

Bp. Roger's order about the Prebends as on fol. 13. fol. 40. 


Stfttutwt coucernitiff each oni; of the officers of (he Cstliedrnl; jirinteJ 
II " Wells Cathedral," pp. 55-56 an far iw tlio tenth line on p. ^ 
mding " in tabula leetoi-os notare." 

The next line and a half " Et cantor .... veruutarum " ie not in 
;he MS., but the rest oE the MS. is na it is piinttd on pp. 56, 57, as f»r 
18 " illorum faeiant." 

Prebends exempt from Archidiaconal visitation. Lib. Alb. I., fol. 28. 

H. the Archd" carries out the last order. Lib. Alb. I., fol. 29. 

The power of excominunicntion given to the Chajit^r. Lib. Alb. I., 
;ol. 28. 

Charter about Hiwish and Bronte as in Lib. Alb. I., fol. 41. 

about Wedmore prebend, as in Lib. 

Bp. Josceline about Merke and Weihnore as iti Lib. Alb. I. ■>!. 

Bp. JoBceline about the quotidians, Ac. as in Lib. Alb. L, fol. 51. 

Pope Adrian to Dean Ivo and the brethren couHrming to the Cathedral 
its possessions, specified. 

Dat : Rome apud Si" Petruni per manum Rolaadi S. Ronuuie eccl^ . 
presbyteri Cai-dinalis et Cancellarii. xi. Kal. Feb. Indie, sexta, A.D. 
llo7- Poutif. Tcro dn< Adrian) pape iiii anno quarto. 

Pojio Alexander to Dean Richard and the Canons. 

A simitar document. 

Dnt Anagnie per manum Graciani S. Romane ecL-le .Subdii. tt 
notarii, xvii, Kal. Julii, [iidic 8* A.D. 1176, Puntif. Alexiiiidvi 
pn](e iii, anuo xvii*. 

Inspex : by Thomas ihe Piior of Bath, as Lib. Alb. III., fol. 3. 

Tlie exemption of prcbemis, as Lib. Alb. lil., fol. 3. 

About the fruits of vacant benefices, as Lib. Alb. III., fol. 244. 
CommissioD issued hy the Bp. about various rights anil possesHions of 
the Chapter. Printed in " Wells Cnthedral, &c." App. I., p. 146. 

Commission issueil by the Bp., as in Lib. Alb. I., fol. 163. 

ConBrmation bj the Bp. of the privileges of the D. & C. as in Lib. 
Alb. I., fol. 163. 

The jurisdiction of the D^n, &c. confirmed by the Bp. as in Lib. Alb. 
1., 163. 

The Bp.'s bond to the 1>. & C. for 23/. 6t. Hd. as in Lib. Alb. I., fol. 

The jurisdiction of the Precentor in Pulton, as in Lib. Alb. I., fol. 

The decision of Bp. Juceline about the jurisdiction of the Dean and 
Sub-dean, &c, as in Lib. Alb. I., fol. 43. 

Order about uttendaueu in Chapter a< in Lib. Alb. I., fol. 87. 

About llie jurisdiction of the Dean and Kub-dcau as in Lil). Alb. I., 
fol. 156. 


A.D. 1340. Jolin de Milton, viciir, petitions the Chapter to allow Wellb 
Hugh de Alresford to live with him, according to custom and statute, ^^mss!*^^ 
Leave is given provided that his present companion W. de Walton , . ^rr-^ 
a u fFers no loss. fol. 5 1 in dorg. 

Visitation by the Bp. in the Cathedral A.D. 1337. Printed in fol. 52, &c. 
" Wells Cathedral, &c.'* App. K, p. 148. 

Blank. foi. 63. 

A citation issued by the Bp. A.D. 1338, and protest by the D. k C. fol. 53 in dors. 
Printed in « Wells Cathedral, (tc." App. 4, p. 149. ^o'- ^^ 

A suit before R. Hillary and other justiciaries in the Court of King's ^oh 54 in dors. 
Ifench between Walter de London the Dean, and Walter de fFarndon 
and Matilda, his wife, about the office of baliivus of the bedellaria of 
Bempston Hundred, which they claim through Nicholas de Langelonde, 
is decideil in favour of the Dean. 16 E. HI. 

Quitclaim by the said Walter de ffarndon of the above to the fo^« ^*- 
Dean. Test Anselm de Gornay ; Adamar de Northlode ; Richard de 
Conntevyle; William de Modesleeand John, his son; Nicholas at Pullo 
and Walter, his son ; Bertram de Dombleton ; John Manshepe [Walter's 
attorney], William de Sheldon ; Richard de Morton ; Robert le Clerk ; 
William de Koch, &c. At Wedmore, Jan. 19. 16 E. III. 

Summons issued by P. de Wellegh to the Bailiff of Bempston ex 
parte regis to summon four of the knights qui visui illi interfuerunt at 
Westminster, to appear and given evidence before the justiciaries at 
Somerton in order to assess amounts due to the King. 

A suit before J. de Stonore and other justiciaries by John de Lange- 
lond against Walter de London the Dean for the bedellaria of Bempstone 
Hundred. William de Countevill had given it to Nicholas de Lange- 
londc and Johanna his wife, and to their sons Nicholas an<l John, and 
after the death of the said Nicholas and John, and of Hugh their 
heir [it is not said whose sou he was, he is afterwards described ** cuidam 
iliigoni ut filio et heretii] it ought to descend to John, son and heir of 
the said Hugh. 

The Dean producas a quitclaim given by the said John, witnessed 
by Richard de Hamptonc ; Walter le Yreys; Walter de Sutton ; Aun- 
eelin de Grourriay ; Almaric de Northlode ; Bertram de Dumbeltone ; 
John le Riche ; John de Arderne ; William de Legh ; at Merk on 
Monday next before the feast of S. Gregory. 19 E. III. 

A controversy ha<l arisen between Bp. Ralph and Walter de London oL 55 in dors, 
the Dean, the Bp. having cited two of the clerks Thomas Tychemersh 
and John Cberdt', Altariftc of the Cathedral, to answer to him .for 
certain irregularities. It is settled in a friendly spirit that this citation 
shall stand, the Bp. not gaining and the Dean not losing any rights or 
jurisdiction thereby. .Iidy 11, A.D. 1342. 

** Radulfus, «&c., &c. Ep» dilecto filio Wallero de London, Decano, &c. 
Cum occasione correctionis criniinum et excessuum quorundam 
parochianorum Ecclesiarum de Wedmore et Evercrich vobis ut pre- 
tenditur immediate subditorum, quorum aliquos discretus vir Magister 
Johannes de Middelton noster commissarius generalis coram eo respon- 
siiros ad auditum dicitur evocasse, et aliquibus certas fustigationes ceitis 
dicbus et locis more piiuiali peragendas . . . injunxisse et quibusdam 
certam purgationem cum certo numero compurgatorum indixisse, 

^ . •-, .1 » . .»»/- .^ - jM ■ 




et alios fustigasse seu fustigari mandasso vel fecesse ; " and a question ot 
juriHdiction has arisen between the said Dean and the said commisary 
\, from thiq. The Bp. Jias made inquiry and finds ** quod dictus nosier com- 
missarius predictos parochianos coram eo pro criminibus . . . extra 
loca vestre jurisdiction! subdita .... ad judicium evocavit, fusti- 
gationes injunxit et ipsos sicut licuit fustigavit et fustigari mandavit" 
. Whatever had taken place had been done ** extra loca vobis subdita, &c." 
At Wells, July 11, A.D. 1342. 

Admission by the Bp. Ralph of Robert ffonre to the vicarage of S. 
I" Decumans on the presentation of the D. & C. Given at Wyvelescombe, 
June 26, Anno Pontif. 18<>. 

Mem. by the Bp. upon a question of jurisdiction which had 
arisen from an inquisition made on the vacancy of S. Decuman's Vicarage. 
The Dean is t^ keep all the jurisdiction which the Deans have heretofore 
exercised as to the vicarages of vacant prebends, and the Bp. never 
intended to interfere with this when he made the inquisition. Given in 
the Chapter at Wells [the Canons present are named], Sept. 30, A.D. 


A letter to the Dean of Poulet. 

The custom of the diocese has been that if a Rector vacates his living 
after the Feast of the Annunciation he has the next autumn's harvest. 
The D. & C. and the Archd° of Wells now claim these fruits. It is 
proposed to submit the question to the arbitration of the Bp., and the 
Dean of Poulet is to give notice nnd summon all whom it may concern 
to appear in person or by proxy in the cathedral and treat of the matter ; 
^'ct licet non vobis scribamus ut commisarius domini sed ut liector de 
diocesi, concorditer tamen habeatur istud negotium quia magis arduuni 
nostris temporibus non est visum." 

Written at Wells, Dec. ), by J. de Middelton, Rector of Bleodon. 

A similar letter to the Dean of Yevelchester. These two entries are 
in the same hand as the next. 

The Dean Walter de London adjudges that William de Littelton the 
Precentor " juxta spontaneam confessionem tuaro in judicio coram nobis '* 
pay £100 to Simon de Bristoll the Chancellor; Richard de Thisteldene, 
the Treasurer ; Nicholas de Estone, the Succentor ; and Galfrid de 
Chelch, a Canon, under pain of excommunication. 

The Archbp. to the Bps. complaining that aids have been exacted 
from the clergy by mere mandate from the King's Chancellery, whereas 
hitherto aids have never been given except by a grant from the Con.- 
vocation upon a demand addressed to the Archbp. He calls upon the 
Bps. to resist this, not to abstain from attendance in the parliament, but 
to give good advice there and publish its ill doings. 

Given at Andewarpia, March 24. 

This is printed in « Wells Cathedral, Ac." App. M. p. 151. 

An instrument containing the agreement come to between Bp. 
Ralph and Roger de Mortuo Man Archd" of Wells as to jurisdiction 
over offences. 

Given at Woky, A.D, 1338, 


Attestation by Walter de Hulle, Notarj'. Oathbdbal 


A question about the Hundred of Wintei*stoke between the Bp. and — ' 

Walter de Rodenye, knight. A.D. 1338. f<^>- ^^ »" <1«"- 

Faint and difficult to read. 

The same mandate about jurisdiction as that on fols. 52 and 66. fol. 56. 

A mandate by the Bp. after he has held a visitation in the Cathedral, fol. 59 in dors. 
All faint and difficult to read. 

Mandate to the Dean to endow a vicarage at Merk, A.D. 1338. fol. 60. 

A.D. 1335. The Bp's official Canon John de Carleton appears fol. 60 in dors 
before the Bp. Ralph in his Hall at Evercreech and reports that one 
Valentioe de Gemevyle a vicar of the Cathedral has been sus- 
pended for certain offences, by the said Bp., from weaiing his habit in 
the cathedral for a certain time. Said Valentine haA ventured to 
resume his habit before the e:tpiration of the time, he now submits and 
a further period of suspension is imposed by the Bp., in the presence of 
Robert Hereward, Archd" of Tanton ; John de llipingdon, rector of 
Yivele ; John de Middelton, rector of Shepton Beauchamp ; and S. 
Trippe, and W. de Camel, Clerks, Notaries of the diocese. 

Attestation of the last by William de Ladeford, Notary. fol. 61. 

Visitation by the Bp. on Dec. 10, A.D. 1337, ** in domo capitulari 
ecclesie Wellen officium visitationis sue actualiter exercens." Ho 
examined the Dean Walter de London upon various articles touching 
the canons, vicars, and other mmisters of the Cathednil, and amongst 
others *' de certis articulis titulos canonicorum . . . concernentihus." 
The Dean answers that he is willing that the Bp. should thus call for 
the canons titles, and is ready to exhibit his own whenever it shall 
please him. 

Attestation of Stephen Trippe. 

Certificate by Stephen Trippe, notary, that on Dec. 4, A.D. 1335, fol. 61 in dors. 
Bp. Ralph came into the Chapter and objected (objecit) to Canon 
Thomas de Haselschawe then present, that he had been detected during 
the course of the visitation lately held, in frequenting and drinking in 
taveims. Ue denied the charge distinctly with the exception of three 
occasions, when he had accepted invitations from certain great men to 
feasts given by them. The Bp. forbad him to do the like again, 
and he promised obedience. One of the vicars was then charged 
with incontinence. He denied it and '^ad suaro petitionem coram 
dn*> Ep** tunc ibidem purgavit, quern Ep» .... habi;it pro 
pargato, &c." 

Attestation of S. Trippe. 

On Oct. 30 A.D. 1338, Bp. Ralph pro tribunali sedens in the Chapter 
for the correction of certain things which he had discovered in the 
visitation, in the presence of Walter de London the Dean, the Precentor, 
the Treasurer, the Succentor, and 8 other canons, declared that he 
having the intention of visiting the diocese, had taken the cathedral first. 
He then caused his official John de Carleton to read the following list of 
things requiring amendment. 

1. That the revenues of Bornham Church which had been appropriated 
for the support of the fabric, are not so applied. Some of the canons 




, WB£U 

rl; foL62. 



answer that the revenues of Bomham arc almost entirely swallowed up 
by pensions and clian tries, others questioned if it had ever been appro- 
priated to the support of the fabric. The Bp. ordered the deeds to be 

2. That certain of the Statutes of John de Godelee are not observed, 
but it is not stated which statutes are meant. The Bp. therefore ortlcre 
ihem to be examined, and then he will be able " approbanda approbarc 
et reprobauda reprobare.** 

3. That the canons, vicars and other officers are not present at the 
canonical houri. It is answered on behalf of the vicars that absence id 
punished by forfeiture of quotidians, but against them that ' ex gratia ' 
they are allowed though the vicars have been absent. The Bp. onlered 
the canons to attend for the future, and that no allowances should he 
made to vicars who are absent. 

4. That the books and vestments need repair. The Bp. ordered this 
to be done before S. John Baptist's Day, but on the petition of some of 
the canons the date is deferred to S. Michael's Day. 

Attestation of S. Trippe. 

foL 62 in dors. Upon Dec. 4 in the same year the Bp.'s official J. de Carleton delivered 

to the Dean letters patent from the Bp., containing the above orders. 
Given at Woky, Nov. 28, A.D. 1338. 

foL 63. Attf station of William de Camel. 

On May I, A.D. 1336, Bp. Ralph in the Chapter heard sundry 
accusations made against some of the canons of too much familiarity 
with a certain Cecilia, and warned them* not to allow her to enter their 
houses, under pain of excommunication. 

Attested by the Notaries W. de Ludeford, and W. de Camel. 

fol. 63indore. On Sept. 13, A.D. 1333, Bp. Ralph in his camera at Woky treated 

with 8 of the Canons, and the proctor of the Dean, Richard de Bury, 
who is absent on business, as to the manner of his visitation of the 
Cathedral, and promised at the desire of the canons, that he would 
make his visitation of the mcml)ers of the Cathedral body only in the 
person of the Dean or his substitute, and in all things follow in the 
visitation tlie practice of his predecessors. They then all proceed to the 
Cathedral and the Bp. makes his visitation in the manner agreed upon 
above, canonicis presentibus et patienter tolerantibus. 

Attestation of S. Trippe. 

On Oct. 30, A.D. 1338. In the hall of the Bp's. palace in Welles 
the Dean Walter de Loudon and the Canons proposed a form of agree- 
ment between themselves and the Bp. viz., that any in*egularities which 
may have been found by the Bp. in the course of his visitation of the 
Cathedral are to be coiTected by him only through the Dean, and this 
not by virtue of any citation issued by the Bp's. official, and saving all 
the rights of the Chapter. 

Attested by S. Trippe. 

Instrument by the Notary. John Rector of Ix?gh, Dean of Tanton 
had exhibited letters from Bp. Ralph in the Church of Kynggestone 
excommunicating Richard de Rokelxjre tho pretended Vicar, and for- 
bidding the parishioners to communicate with him or pay him offerings 

fol. 64. 



&c. Tmmedialely the said lUchard crie<l aloud. " If tlie Bp. has ex- cathbdbal 

communicated me I excommunicate him," and having forthwith vested Hss. 

himself he oelebrated the mass with a loud voice iu the said Church in 

tlie presence of 200 of the parishioners, who locked the doors '^ commin- 

antes quod communionem viatici eodem die simul cum ipsis ah oodem 

du^ Ricardo recipere deberemus," and then he administered to a great 

number of the people present, &c. Printed in ** Wells Cathedral," p. 


On Nov. 3, A.D. 1335, the Bp's. official sits judicially in Axebridge fol. 65. 
Church and punishes by sus|x^nsion a Vicar of the Cathedral for in- 

The correction of T. Haseishaw, &c. as on fol. 61. fol. 65 in dors. 

On Dec. 10, A.D. 1337 the Dean Walter de London, in the presence fol. 66. 
of the Bp. in the Chapter pro tribunali sedens, presented a forn^al 
document to the Bp. acknowledging the receipt of a document from the 
Bp. citing the Chapter to present themselves for the visitation of the 
Cathedral alx)ut to be held, dated Nov. 21, A.D. 1337 at Evercrich, and 
promised obedience. 

The Bp. immediately commenced his visitation. 

Attestation by W. de Camel. foi. 66 in dors. 

The Bp*s. commissary sitting judicially at Axebrugg Church, sus- 
pended Valentine de Gemevyle a Vicar of the Cathedral for half a 
year for incontinence, Nov. 3, A.D. 1335. 

He also sitting judicially in Chiw Church tried the case of Nicholns 
le Bray called Lardy ner accused of laying violent hands on Master 
Byndan de Byndinellis a clerk in the parish of S. Cuthberts Wells. 
The said Nicholas denied the charge, and the commissary **ad pur- 
^andum se sexta manu de premissis . . . eidem nssignavit. 
Statim idem Nicholas . . rogavit instanter quod numerum purga- 
torum sic sibi indictum diminneret, &c. Idem magister commissarius 
. . . Mulixit pnrgationem (juarta manu, Ac." Et statim Nicholss 
** quarta manu judicialiter se pnrgavit." 

' Attestation of the last by S. Trippe. 

On Dec. 10, A.D. 1337. When the Bp. was in the Chapter and 
about to make his visitation, the Dean Walter de London declared his 
willingness to produce his titles and that the canons should also be called 
upon to do the like. 

On the 15^ of the same month Symon de Bristol who had been fol. 67. 
appointed Chancellor by the Bp. in the prisenco of the Bp. in the 
Cathedral made oath of obedience to the statutes, and that he would 
deliver or cause to be delivered lectures in Theology or in the Decrees, 
at the times usual in the University of Oxford, acconling to the orders 
of the Bp. 

Attestation of S. Trippo. 

On Dec. 2, A.D. 1336. John de Middelton, rector of Shepton Beau- 
champ, the Bp*8. commissary sitting judicially in the Church of Ever- 
crich charged one Johanna with adultery. She cleared herself. 
Afterwards on May 13, A.D. 1337, the same commissary, sitting iit 
Wyvelescombe Church tried one llohert Ros de Clutton a Vicar of 
the Cathedral for incontinence. The said Robert confesses that he 


CATifKDKA ^^ committed the offence in Wells but not elsewhei*e ; he is sut^pended 
Mss. for half a year from receipt of any of the revenues of Glutton. On 

the J 4*^ of the month the same Robert in the Church of the Hospital 
of S. John do Bruges begged the Bp's. official John de Carletou to 
change the punishment, and he with the consent of John de Middelton 
consented to do so. 

fol. 67 in dors. On Oct. 9 the same J. de Middelton in Evercrich Church tried 

Henry Payn of Evercreech ** qui ibidem se purgavit." 

Attestation of S. Trippe. 

On Sept. 15, A.D. 1338. John de Middelton, Rector of Bloedon, and 
general commissary of the Bp. for the correction of offences sitting 
judicially in the Church of Banwell sentenced one Alice guilty of for- 
nication at Blakeford, to walk with bare feet twice round the Church at 

This and another similar penance were carried out. 

fol. 68. On Apiil 2, A.D. 1339, in the Bp's. chapel at Woky it was objected 

to the above-named commissary, that he had infringed the Chapter's 
jurisdiction in the above proceedings. '* Respondet quod ipse illos coram 
tie fecit evocari super eo quod quidam Ipsorum citatorum administrabant 
bona cuiusdam interfecti; et super commissis extra jurisdictionem 
Decani, et super illos qui pertinebant ad cognitionera dicti dn» Ep*." 

On Dec 28, A.D. 1337, the president of the Chapter, the. Dean 
being absent, culled upon Symon de Bristol the Chancellor to take an 
oath of obedience to the D. & C. He refuses on the ground that the 
Chancellor is answerable immediately to the Bp. and not to the D. & C. 
After some debate the said Simon took the usual oath that he would 
defend the rights, &c. of the Chapter. 

On Sept. 13, A.D. 1333, the Bp. with the canons [nametl], and 
the proctor of Dean Richard de Bury, absent, in the Bp's. camera at 
Woky treated about the visitation. After much deliberation the 
Bp. promised to recall v^hatever he may have done which infringed the 
rights of the Chapter, and would only visit the members of the Cathedral 
through the Dean, Ac. 

f«)l. 6u. On Dec. 10, A.D. 1337, the Bp. appeared in the Chapter for 

the purpose of making his ^'isitation. After the Dean had handed 
in a certificate of the citation, certain of the canons addressed the Bp. . 
and said " quod capitulum, Ac, debent in persona Decani per suum Ep°» 
visitari ; ^ic quod non oportebit canonicos occasione examinationis 
faciende diutius hie morari, et statim omnes canonici . . . recesse- 
runt de domo capitulari, exceptis Decano ct canonicis iUis qui fuerant 
familiares, commensales cum dn<> Ep®." 

The Bp. then interrogated the Dean upon certain articles touching 
the persons belonging to the cathedral, and he answered. The Bp. 
made particular inquiry about the revenues and their expenditure. The 
Dean answered that the revenues of Bornham Church were not devoted 
by the fabric as they should be ; and also that the books and vestments 
needed repair. . 

Attestation of the notaries. 

foL 69 iu dors. In A.D. 1339, the Dean Walter de London appeared in the Bp's. 

camera at Woky and said that the time within which he had heen 

^•S.**^4 "BT^ pV' 


ordered to produce the statutes had not yet elapsed. He produced, how- Wblls 

ever, the statutes of John de Godelee as at fol. 24, with an additional ^mss. ^ 
article printed in " Wells Cathedral, Ac." p. 158, " Item quia a quam — 

pluribus . . . canonice compellat." 

Attestation of W. de Camel, &c. fol. 70 in dors. 

On July 1, A.D. 1337, a question about the will of Thomas de Retford 
is tried before the Bp's. commissary in Ban well Church. 
The will is printed in " Wells Cathedral, Ac.," p. 158. 

On Nov. 20, A.D. 1337, Bp. Ralph collated to the chancellorship John fol. 71. 
de Middleton, rector of Shepton Beauchamp. 

Attestation of S. Trippe. 

March 31, A.D. 1339, about the hour of vespers, two messengers from fol. 71 in dor?;. 
the Chapter delivered to the Bp. in person in his hall at Woky, *' unum 
panem, unum porcum, et unum utrem medone plenum," as due for half 
a year from the Abbey of Glastonbury to the church of Wells. The 
Bp. accepted them and ordered his servants to distribute them among 
the poor. 

Attestation of Simon de Fareweye notary of Exon diocese. 

On June 19, A.D. 1338, at Gypwich in Norwich diocese in the great ^j -g 
chamber of John Ii-p's hou:>e in Sayntpetrestrete Richard de Bynte worth, 
canon of Wells and prebendary of Shaldeford resigned these prefer- 
ments into the hand of Bp. Ralph of B. & W. 

Attestation of Robert le Spicer notary of Sanim diocese. 

On May 13, A.D. 1338, Robert atte Boxe appeared before Bp. 
Balph in the chapel of the palace at Wells and took oath that he would 
give no aid to John de Acton, Knight, against the Bp., and that he 
would inform the Bp. if he should know of anything attempted against 
him, &c. 

On Jan. 11, A.I). 1338, in the Bp*s. camera at Woky his official fol. 72 iu dors. 
warned Robert de Espele perpetual vicar of Milverton to be obedient to 
the Bp. The said Robert promises obedience on oath '^quantum de 
consuetudine et de jure tenetur, 8cc.*' 

On July 9, A.D. 1341, Thomas de Haselschawe, junior, " vir literatnp " 
met the Bp. near the road which leads from Chiw towards the road to 
Bristol and submitted himself to the Bp's. discipline. 

The said Thomas was " nuper familiaris dn* Joh» de Shoredich, 
militis." / 

The Sub-dean, Walter de Hull and Canon John de Wambergh, foi. 73. 
sub-delegates of Archbp. John of Cant, have seen letters of Pope 
John XXIT., sent ouc to the Archbp. on the petition of Bp. Ralph of 
B. & W., who has represented that his average revenue is not more than 
<£20, so that he cannot without the temporalities of certain Churches 
maintain nis position with decency, **et quod contingit interdum t^m- 
porales proventus aliarum ecclesiarum Cathedralis illarum partium . 
a carissimo &c , rege illustri tenentur immediate cum earum prelati regiis 

niandatis jure canonico quamquam dissonis parere 

recusant, de facto per curiam regiam consistere et ad manus postmodum 
regias pervenire.'* Wherefore the Bp. seeing that he has no place 


Wklis appropriated niense sue Episcopal], where he may lay his head, if, in 
Mss. the execution of tJie mandates of the holy see, or of the Court of 

Canterbury Ac., "contingeret dictis carero temporalibus, prout alii 
Episcopi aliarum partium hactenus caruerunt,*' desires that the Church 
of Chiw may be appropriated to the see. The value is 50 marcs a 
year. The above Canons are to act as commissioners and inquire into 
the whole matter and take the evidence of all who are interested, and 
report. Given at Maghfeld, Sept. 2, A.D. I3-»l. The Church is appro- 
priated. A long docimient which fills two closely written folios. 

fol. 74 in dors. The beginning of a document relating to a disputed presentation to 

the prebend of S. Decuman's. 
Great part of the page is cut off. 

fol. 75. A form for the appointment of proctors to attend to the Church's 

business in the Roman Court. 

fol. 75 in dors. Acknowledgment by the Chapter of the receipt of a letter from King 

Edward communicated to them by Bp. Ralph concerning the Prebend 
of S. Decuman's, which it seems hnd fallen vacant during the vacancy 
of the see on the deatli of Bp. William de Marchia. 

f^l 7g On March 8, A.D. 1349, the proctor of Bernard Brocas presented 

to the Bp. at Wyvelescumb a royal brief with the presentation of the 
prebend of S. Decuman s to the said Bernard, and prayed the Bp. to 
execute it. The Hp. excused himself on the plea of having much 
business on hand, and appointed Dean Walter de London to act for him. 
Th^ said Bernard is instituted and admitted to a stall in the choir. 

Attestation of William de Modbury, notary of Exon diocese. 

Another document of the same date and similar to the above, about 
St Decuman's. 

f^l 77^ Another (very faint) about the same appointment. 

fol. 77 in dors. Two more entries about the same appointment. All very faint. 

The parchment documents end here and the rest of the lK>ok, consist- 
ing of some 300 paper folios, contains the Chapter Acts in an unbroken 
series from A.D. 1487 to A.D. 1513. 

The first five folios have been torn out, but a portion of a marginal 
note shows that the first entry was about the admission of ... of 
Wei low to be an altarista in the Cathedral. 

f^y\ 6 Andreas Grantham perpetuatus est in Cantaria sua, is the first com- 

plete entry. 

Each year begins with CollationesPrioratura, Cantariarum, OfHciorum, 
in Homo CapituLui Eccl® Cath. Wellen, &c., &c. These annual lists are 
printed in tabular form in " Wells Cathedral, &c.," p. 241. 

A.D. 1487. 

The Dean John Gunthorpe appointed to represent the Chapter in 
bu:nnes8 transactions. 

Forty days grace allowed to certain residentiaries. This and the next 
entiy partly torn off. 

Feb. 3. Appointment of proctoi-s to a convocation in S. Paul's. 



The Chapter at the request of Bp. Robert appoint Thomas Gold- Vblm 
wpyge to the Vicarage of Cheddre. ^^^Msa"^^ 

On Feb. 23 the Vicars Choral report that W, Allen lately admitted fol. 6 in dors, 
has born himself well and has a sufficiently good voice, &c. The Chapter 
confirm him for one year, and give him an auscultor " ut est moris." 

March 2. John Tiglys installed as prebendary of Combe XllII. 

This entry much torn aud crossed out. 

Admission by the Chapter of Richard Childe to the chantiy of Bp. fol. 7. 
Ergbum at the altar of 8. Edmund in the nave on the presentation of 
John Vowel. 

April 9. The D. & C. [the Dean has been absent till now] grant the 
presentation to the Vicarage of Clieddre, vacant by the death of Thomas 
Marsh, to Canon John Vowel, on the special request of King Henry. 

On the same day a canon and a vicar choral are appointed master of 
the new building in New strete, to carry it out. 

John Austell appointed Chapter Official on the same day. 

April 18. The D. <& C. and the Abbot of Athelney agree to submit 
their differences about land in North Cory to the decision of two eccles- 
iastics and two laymen. 

An entry crossed out but repeated more fully on the next page. fol. 7 in dors. 

Chapter Acts with reference to the violation of their statutes and 
customs by the installation of Richard Worthyngton as preposltus and 
prebendary of Combe XII. by virtue of a mandate of Bp. Robert. 

April 19. The Chapter communicate with Hugh Sugar the Treasurer 
" super injustaet furtiva installatione . . R^. Worthyngton," and deter- 
mine to call upon the Bp. pro reformalione eorundem. 

April 20. The chapter, Hugh Sugar alone being absent, sign the 
letters to the Bp. and unanimously engage to obseive and defend all 
Cliapter privileges, protesting at the same time that they do not seek to 
infringe the Bp.'s rights. 

They also appoint some of their number to be their proctors in this foi. g. 

A Frovocatio ad papam is read, and the Chapter appoint two of their 
number to obtain the third key of the Common Seal from H. Sugar. 

April 21. The proctors report that they have asked for the key in the 
presence of many witnesses, but that H. Sugar refuses to deliver it up. 

April 24. John Monyman, a vicar choral, the proctor of the Chapter, foi. g in dors, 
immediately after the chanting of prime, read to R. Worthyngton in 
his stall the monition and protest of the Chapter. 

Printed in " Wells Cathedral, &c.," p. 164. 

April 27. The Chapter appoint William Corbet chaplain of the 
Hospital of S. Saviour, &c. in Wells. 

April 28. Perpetuation of John Gyles, vicar choral. foi. 9. 

" Et quia idem J. propter infirmitatem psalterium corde tenus non 
reddidit ut est moris, decanus monuit . . . ut infra breve redderet 
dictum psalterium sub pen a incumbente." 

-yr v.. 


Wblls May 2. The Chapter grant to Richard Hygons instructor of the 

Mss. choristers an augmentation of 26«. 8^. a jear for life. 

May 3. Eohert Botler admitted as a canon and to the prebend of 

May 8. Admission by the D. & C. of John Combe a vicar choral to 
the stall of the prebend of Compton Ep^, *' ad ipsorum collationem jure 

fol. u in doro. May 12. The Chapter recount to Cnnon John Vowel all that has been 

done in the case of H. Sugar and B. Worthy ngton and he assents to it. 

May 19. The D. & C. agree that pending the suit with R. Worthy nij- 
ton the third key of their common seal shall not remain in the hands of 
H. Sugar* although he is the senior residentiary, and that he shall not 
act as president of the Chapter when the Dean and Sub-dean are 

fol- 10. On the same day leave of absence is given to J. Vowel until Michael- 

mas that he may attend to this business before the king. 

May 22. Ratificatiou of the last. 

May 24. The D. & C. bind themselves to pay the third of the rent of 
a mill at North Cory to the Exors. of R. Swan, late propositus. 

May 25. The Chapter allow to the Dean six oaks from their wood at 
Wynescomb for his building at Bytesham. 

fol. 10 in dors. Leave to J. Vowel to remove an old building and rebuild within two 


June 1. John Jeuyn admitted as a vicar for one year, <&c 

The next four entries relates to the case of R. Wotthyugton and aro 
printed and described in " Wells Cathedral, &c." p. 166. 

The rest of the entries in the Liber Ruber are of a nature similar 
to the above examples, and are for the most part sufficiently described 
in App^endix M. of " Wells Cathedral, &c." 

But it has seemed desirable to add here a few of the more impor- 
tant or interesting entries which are either omitted or given very shortly 
in that volume. 

fol. 07. Oct. 17, A.D. 1497. The Prior of Bruton appeared in tha Chapter 

to explain the non-payment of the pension due on iheir afipro- 
priated Church of Chiltren Dummer. The rectory had become im- 
poverished, they say, per defectum arationis terrarum arrabilitim, et 
propter sterilitatem earundem in prasenti et <liu ante hac dicta rectoria 
fuii in tanta exilitate, quod dicta summa 8 librarum .... penitus levari 
non poterit . . . . et quod ita fuit per spatium 40» auuorum et ultra, 
vt (]n«)d hoc fuit per uegligenciam parochianorum .... pro clausaris 
terrarum arabilium per ipsos factis. 

A commission, consisting of John Dyer, rector of Highnni ; John 
Pony, rector or vicar of Milton Podemore ; and j^gidius, or Giles, lector 
of Kylmyngton, is agreed upon to make inquiries, and the following 
letter is written. 


Right Worshypfull we commaundc us to you and where a variance Wklls 
and trouble as yet depends betwix us the Dean and Chapitrc of the ^'* m'ss,*^'* 
Cathedrall Church of Welles of oon parte and the prior and convent of — 

T>ruton of the other parte, we the foresaid both partes desyring to have 
knowlieg of the true valor of all maner conioditics profectes and fructes 
m any wyse belongyng as well to the pjii-sonnge of the churche of 
Children Dummer as to the vicarage of tlie same, have compromised to 
you by us the fursaid parties chussen indifferently to make a due in- 
quisicion in the said church, as wel by the inhabitants ther as other 
such persones as have best knowlieg in that behalf. Where fTore we 
pray you and ich on of you to take the labour to go to the said 
church som day this nex weke to make a due inquisicion on that behHlf 
as afforesaidy and that doon to certifie us of all such as ye shal fyndc, 
and that it will lyke you that the parishioners may be warned to awayte 
upon you at such tyme as ye shal apoynte. And that ye v;ill ocertayne 
lis of the said day be you to be apoynted to be ther to thent^jnt that such 
provision may be made for you ther as shal aparteyne. And thogh 
this be payneful for you your labours and peynes shalbe remembred, 
and we both parties aforesaid as glad to do at moche for your and ich of 
your pleassour in things that we may do hereafter, &c. 

On July 3, A.D. 1498, D' Richard Hatton, Canon of Wells, came fol. 69. 
into the Chapter House as the messenger of the king at the hour 
of vespers, and said that the Deanery being vacant the king wished 
[voluit et effectavit] the Chapter to place the election in his hands ; 
further that it was his intention to nominate one of their own body, a 
doctor ; and also he proposed that if the chapter wished to deliberate 
on thi:4 matter rather than consent at once to the king's wishes, that at 
least they should not proceed to the election until the king should have 
had sufficient notice of the day appointed for the election. To the first 
the Chapter answer that very many of the Canons are absent from 
Wells in many parts of England, that they must be summoned and 
that the election cannot proceed without their consent, it is not possible 
therefore to agree to the king's wishes. Also they reply that the Chapter 
cannot proceed to an election without licence from the Bp., and that they 
cannot for this rea?on also give any answer at present. 

A letter missy ve sent to My Lord of Wynchester by the Brethren of fol. 114 in dors. 

Right reverend fader in God an to us moste singuler gode lord in our 
mooste humble wyse we recommende us. Please it the same to under- 
stande howe that dy verse of the Brethren of our Chapitre were with 
your officers at our rayll of Northcory and ther hard the gretes and 
complayntes which your tennants made, and wher as it is thought by 
they in that our said mvll shulde be the occasion of the grete floods and 
drowning of the medewR which in our mynde wjis not thought possible 
to be. Nevertheless to have you good lord unto us as ye have ever 
been and also to cesse theyr clamours we shalbe contented to lose a quarter 
Rent. And for that tyme to cause the floodgnts of our said my II to he 
pulled up, so that the water shall have his full course, wherby it shal 
appere hereafter whether that our myll he the occasion of eny surho 
rtoo<ls and drownyng of the meclews. And as fur bote passage your 
sjiid officers knowe right well that in all the said treason the water was 
so lowe and so many 8helj>e8 and bayes in the r} ver betweene our my II 
and Taunton that it was not possible to convey eny bote that way. 
And in the wynter seatson the medewes be so filled and i-oj)lenyslie(l 
with water that the boots may go over at every place so that they shal 

u 20541. K 


Wklls not be lelt by the myll. My Lord those things considered we trust 
^^mIs ^"^^ that ye wull contynue as good lord nowc unto us as ye have been be- 
— * former tyme. And thus the holy 'trinite contynue you accordyng to 

your noble desires. • 

fol. 115. ffrom Wells iiii^*^ day of November. 

By your dayly oratours the brethren of the Chapitre of Wells. 

A letter from the Chapter to the Prior of Montacufe informing him of 
the complaints made to the Bp. of Winchester against "our mill and 
your miller," and of the proposal which they have made as above. 

fol. 116 in dors. A letter from Dean W. Cousyn to the Chapter. 

Right honorable brethren I recommende me unto you certifying you 
that according to your mynds concluded in the Chapitre 1 have spoken 
with my Lord of Wincliester for our myli, and have moved hym botii 
with resons and prayers to be good lord unto us for the said myll, but in 
noo wyse 1 can not have his lordshipp at no conclusion but that he will 
have downe the bay of stone made by the prior. And at one season ho 
said he wold be content to Remytt his action but he wold have a com- 
mission of sheywers by the reason whereof he said he w^as sure to have 
his mynde. And after my porre mynde it were better to putt the 
matter in to gentilm^Mis haunds then to laborying men of the cuntrey for 
they do speke upon will and make a grete clamour without reson as ye 
may knowe opynly by the copy of a bill the which I send you by my 
servant, the which my lord of Winchester toke me to rede, and I in the 
moste haste 1 cowde make caused it to be wrytten and gave xxx^ ther- 
fore to then ten te ye shulde knowe the complaynte, and also the dob- 
lenesse of the prior of Mountacu or ells of his tenannts. Wherfor 
after this my writyng with the copy of the complaynte I prey you send 
me your mynde howe ye wold I shuld doo and whedder I shuld concludt* 
uppon a commission of the sheywers or upon gentilmen of the cuntwy 
to the which I thynk it wilbe hard to be brought. And as towchyng 
the openyug of the Hoode gats as yet I can not bryng his lordshipp to 
apply therto for he seith that he will not beleve his trusty counsell in 
saying nay, and me nor none of us in saying soo. ' Wherfor in this mat- 
ter I pray you send me your mynds and the best I can doo possible 1 
shal do. And if 1 may I shal cause hym to bee content to prove the 
experyence of the plukking up of the floode gats, but as yet I can not 
have hym at no conclusion nor I thynk shal not tyll the season mayster 
ffroste be come to London. The which was not come as this day at 
nyght at the wliych season 1 spake with my lord of Wyuchester as Gml 
knoweth who preserve you. Wrytten at London the xiii*^ day of 
November with the hand of your brother William Cousyn, Deane of 

I pray you kepe the copy of these complaynts as secretely as yc can 
for if it were knowen that I did copy theym it mygte peraventure tumo 
to my rebuke. 

fol. 117 in dors. Tke Chapter answer that if their proposal of pulling up the floodgates 

is not accepted, that then they are willing that the Bp. may at his own 
will decide whether the matter shall be settled by sheywers or by 
certAin gentilmen of the country. 

There have been groat floods, as there have been time out of mind, 
but no drowning of the country. Nov. 18. 

fol. 118. The bill of complaint addressed by the tenants of the tithing oi 

Ruyssiiton to the Bp. of Winchester. 


A similar complaint from the men of Taunton. Time out of mind n^^HEnL-L 
they have had free passage upon the water of Toon, Bathepole myll, and mss. 

Bricrewater, for all manner of merchandise, until the building of Ham £^j ii senders 
myll. This is now btopp<*d, and in default of this in the wibtcr season 
we can have no cuiriage the ways be soo foundereil by o\ erflowiiijr of 
the '.vater, and that is "better chepe by 11® then the cariage is to cary 
by land." 

The piteous complaint of the tenants near the mill. '®^' ^^^* 

A report made to the Bp. of Winchester. fol. 120. 

Printe<l in "Wells Cathotlral," &c., p. 218, but the words "the said 
infamy," " and before all," " of the measures," " no way will," should he 
" the said measur,*' " and before allalowetydr," " of the nuMan^es," " no 
man will.*' 

A letter f'l-om the Chapter to Cuthberte Clawsy and John Birt of fol. 123 in dors. 
South Petherton. Feb. 9, A.D. 1505. "ffrends bothe. We recom- 
mende ns. So it is we be infourmed that a certeyn tennant of ours 
witlijm our lordship of Gregory Stoke is departed unto God by a 
mysfortnne of his ploughe, by reson whereof the enquyr of his detho 
apperteynetb unto us accordyng to our liberties and ifrauncheses which 
we have within the said lordshyp." They therefore desire the said 
men not to meddle with their rights, which they will defend. 

Letter from M' Beamont, Archd'* of Wells to the Chapter. A.D. fol. 126. 
1506. '^ 

After due recommemlation. So it is that uppon Monday the last day 
of Aprile, M*" Deane and I spake with my lord of Wynchestre. The 
cause why we spake with him no sooner Avas for his beyng at his 
Manier of Assher, wber he gave ordres on passion Sonday eve. When 
we hadde moved hym in suche maters as we come for we found 
hym somewhate roughc saying that he was dyvers tymes mysenformed 
by u.«. And that the King on the oon part partie sufTred wrong by 
rea.««on of the stoppyng of hi*? commyn streme, and also that his tenants 
were grevously hurt by the reson of our myll, with as soft manner 
and word as we cowde pacified his mynde for the tyme. The morne 
after we were with hym agenn and then he shewed us howe it was 
reason for hym as well to give credence unto his counsell as to us, 
and that he wolde speke with theym in the cause. Neverthelesse he 
gave us gentil and kynde words lyke a noblemata, but as yet we have 
not our fynall answer. Ye wolde wondre what causes he bathe to do 
and therefor we muste abyde his leyser. 

As to M'. Hatton we have not as yet spoken with hym, but have 
dyverse tymea sought hym, and also made messyngers unto hym, which 
have sjioken with hym. And as we can understand he proposeth to 
couple us with the King's counsoll in this matur, which we wolle 
avoyde and if we can to the best of our powers. We have moved 
my lord of Wynchestre in this cause and he will not moche mell thoryn 
because it toucheth the Kyng, hys mynde is we shulde not be hasty 
upon the said Doctor Hatton but to take hym at tymes convenyent and 
to handle hym as wysley as we can. 

We have in lykewyse made serche in the Chancery for the ammortys- 
ment of Alverton and as yet we cannot fynd it. The VF. clerks of 
the said Chauncerye be so bcsy<<l in the Kyng's causes that they can 
attend no pore men yet. I assure you by ther licence Humfrey my 

K 2 


Wblls servant hadd a sight of oon boke ab anno YV* Henrici sexti usque 

^* 3ils."^^ annum XVIIl. ejusdera. Yc must pardon us thoughe we can make no 

— ' perfite answere to you at this tvme. And thus our Lord spede both you 

and us. Written at Loudon this ifriday third of Aprile. Your brother 

Thomas Beaumont. 

fol. l27indortf. Letters from tlie Chapter to the Dean. A.D. 1506. 

Right Worshipfull M' Deane. We brethren of the Ghapitre of Wells 
commende us unto you thanking the same for your letter and labours 
that ye have hadde aboute our matters, po it is ye have sent us the copy 
of the privey seel that ye must apper hj, &c. If it so be that it be 
for eny matter of yonr owne we knawe ye can answer for yourself. 
And in case it be belongyng and touching us of the Chapitre, then 
our mynds bee that ye shuld desire copyes of such matiers and thing:; 
as been layde agenst us. And that ye may have reseonable space and 
leyser to com and common with your brethren here at Wells and to 
have ther mynds and at a certen day reseonable by you assigned thay 
shal have answer in such matieru as they lay and propose agenst us by 
God's grace who ever preserve you. 

From Wells iiii*** day of Maye. By the brethren of the Chapter of 

fol. 128 in dors. Letters from the Chapter to M' Richard Hatton. A.D. 1506. 

After due recommendation, so it is that John Ustwayte co-exon with 
you unto the right honourable Maister John Gunthorpe, whose sowle 
God pardon, sheweth unto us howe that the King's grace deuaandeth 
of you and hym cc it^arks for the benyvolence accordyng as ye 
have written unto us afor tyme. And tliat neyther ye nor he can 
fynd remedy or discharge for the same. Wheruppon he thynketh that 
the King's grace will have this money contented unto him or eUs 
that by your meanes ye may fall to some compromyse with the com- 
missioners for the same. And by cause as ye bothe affirme that ye 
have disposed the goods of the same M' Gunthorp and have not to 
content or to paye any suche somes of money of his good.s loft or 
remaynyng in your hands, the said John Ustwayte with goo<l myndc 
hath instantly moved us that we wold be contributorio unto the payment 
of the same by parte of suche lyvelode as the said M'' Gunthrop gave 
and amortysed unto our Churche. Maister . doctor this it is. We 
knowe well and considre the good and faithfuU mynde of this honor- 
able man departed, howe he purchased this lyvelode and theruppon 
for the helthe of his soule at his grete labour and coste and by reason 
of a certeyn graunte made unto us by the King's grace sufficiently 
amortesied the same as we have to shewe by our writyings. Never- 
thelesse as the said John Ustwayte hathe amoved us seyng that ye have 
not of his goods to content the King's grace but that ye must levy 
hit of suche lands as he left to his kynfolke and gave unto us, we niu^t 
for a season surcesse of suche suffi-age as we dayly doo tor hym. An«i 
so to take a portion yerly of his said lyvelode towards the payment of 
the sam.o Some. And the remanent to remuyne for his masse and 
obite. Sir we trust consideryng the grete mynde and favour he hadde 
unto you, remembryng also ye be oon of tlie brethren of our Churche 
that ye m ill take of the same lyvelode for the tyme as litle as ye may. 
And thus orderyng yourself we shalbe as gladde to folowe your 
mynde as ye shal desire us, praying you that ye will give credence to 
our brethren berers herof in that they shal move unto you in our U'li:df, 
lo whom v.e gevc full auctoritc to conclude with you for this matter and 
other we have to do. And thus Jho ;i have 30U in his blessed kepyng 



At Wells the xxx**^ day of May. By your levying brethren, Deane cathtbdSal 
and Chapitre of Wells. Mss. 

To our welbeloved brother M' Richard Hatton Chapelayn to our 
sovereigno lord the king. 

Letter from the Chapter to T. Rowthall, secretary to the King. fol. 137. 
A.D. 1506. After due recommendation, so it is that the parsonage of Poke- 
church with the advocation of the vicariage in the diocese of Worcester and 
in your jurisdiction ever apperyd unto our Cath. Churche, your official 
ther at his visitation asketh and desireth to see our improperation 
and is very hard agenst us. Whidder he mult us in eny some of 
money or not we are not certyn. Sir we have the improperation after 
due ordre and forme of lawe, and have been in peasable possession of the 
same tyme out of mynde. Wherfore hertily pray you of your favour 
and that it will lyke you to send some letter to your said official 
commaundyng hym to cesse and not to make eny more besynesse in that 
behalfe. And we shal be gladde to do you the pleasure we can. And 
thus Jhesu preserve you. ffrom Wells iii^« day of Decembre. By the 
deane and Chapitre of the Church of Wells. 

To the worshipful! M<^ Thomas Rowthall secretary to our sovereigne 
lord the kynge. 

Letter from the Chapter to the Bp. of Winchester. Jan. 19, A.D. fol. 140. 

.... And where as we understand that by the meanes of your 
kynde andlovyng neec Maistresse Mylle and hyr husband ye are esspeciall 
good lord unto us towchyngo the matur of our Mylles .... we 
thaunk your good lordship &c., &c. 

Letter from the Chapter to John ffitz James the Elder or to his son 
in his absence, April 16, A.D. 1507. 

After dewe recommendations. It is not unknowen to you of the 
Commission which ye were named to sit uppoh at Taunton for the 
matier betweene my lord privy seal and us towchyng our my 11 at 
Northcory, ye knawe also right well that at the tyme of your syttlyng 
ther was neyther verdyte opynly geven nor yet sentence orderyd by you 
nor by the other commissioners, but that both ye and they at that tyme 
weir couteutyd to take respyte in the same matier. 

The Chapter then thank him for the favour then shown to their 
brother John Edmunds, and inform him that they now understand that 
a scire facias has been direcf>ed to the Sherive on the authority of 
M*^ ffroste alone, ** wherof with muche peyne we have gottyn withyn 
these three or foure days.'* They ask for his opinion and advise. 

Letter from John the Prior of Montague to the Chapter. The fol. 143. 
Archd** and the Steward of Wells had been to " our pore place " to 
have friendly communication about the mill. The prior had made no direct 
answer then because he had not taken advice, but had sent answer shortly 
afterwards by the Prior of Kerswell. And appointment had been made 
for a meeting at Cory, ** and thidder 1 came," but the Chapter did not 
keep the appointment and the matter was put off until May 1"^ in order 
that M' Mylles might look into it. He desires to know what they think 
best to be done. Written on Sonday. 

The Chapter's answer to the last. ^ol« 148 in dors. 

They intend " to pull up suche thyngs as we bee comraaunded to doo 
by the kyngs commaundment." 

fol. 1 H. 


Wklls The Chapter to Richard Philips, under ehereffo of SomerK't. Giveu at 

^'"''m^^^ Wells on Wytsonday in haste. A.D. 1507. 

They have obeyed the writ to remove the building made in the waitT 
of Tone, and beg him to come and inspect the place. 

fol. 145 in dors. Extracts from the books in the custody of John Clerk one of the 

auditors of the benevolence pHyed to Thomas Purson, &c., in A.D. 

From John Gunthorpe, Dean of Wells de benevolentia sua propria 
£106 13* 4d. 

Upon two tallies for the Archdeaconry of Dorset and the Diocese of 
B. & W., in ready money 40 marcs, from the collectors of the tenths in 
the said Archdeaconry £40, from those of the said diocese 100 marcs ; 
Total £133 6s. Sd, J. Clerk. 

" This bill vvitnesseth that I Thomas Picrson deputie <o Sir Raynolil 
Bray, knight, Tresourer of the kyngs warre.^ hjive receyved of Maistcr 
John Gunthorpe, Clerk, deane of Wells in Redy money XL marcs in 
party payment of CC marcs of his benevolence granntcd to the kyngs 
grace towards his grete viage in to his lieaume of ffraunce. 

" Item I have receyved of him II tallies levyed at the kyngs Rect»ipt 
pro denai*iis mutuatis of the collectors of the dymes of the Arch- 
deaconry of Doi*set and of the diocese of Bathe and Wells, conteynyng 
CVIli. XIII* IIII**, to be hadde of the said collectors for the perfour- 
myng of his sayd graunte if it may be hadd in convenyent tyme for the 
forsnyd cause of graunt. In wherof to this bill I have sul^ 
scribed my name the XXIII I day of fFebniary Anno regni regis 
Henrici VII™i VIK— T. Pierson." 

fol. 146. foJ« 146. " VI die ifebmar. Somerset. De coUectoribus unius X"'^' 

Uegi a cleio anno VI° concesse in diocesi B. et W, de cadem X" 
C marc. 

" Pro Magistro J. Gunlhorp, clerico, pro denariis ab eo mutuatis 
XVI 1 1° die Maii ult . . . per manus proprias XVIII die ffcbruar; 
Dorset. De coll. unins X"** R^gi a clero anno Vp concess in Archid 
Dorset de eadem X™*, XLli . Pro J. Gunthorp, cleiico pro denariis 
ab eo mutuatis XI X<* die Junii anno V® per manus propnas. 

" In scaccario dn* Regis, Somst. De Coll. unius X"*® Regi a clero 
anno VP conccss in dioc. W. de eadem X°*«, LXVIli. Xlll* IlII''. 

" Alloc. [Mich.] ? sexto die ffebruar anno VII® Henrici VII"" pro 
Johanne Gunthorp clerico pro denariis mutuatis. 

" Dorset. De Coll. unius X"« Regi a clero anno VI® conce^s in 
Archid. Dorset de eadem X* XLli. 

*' Alloc. [Mich.?] XVI 11° die ffebruai* anno VII° Regii Henrici 
VII"»* pro Johanne Gunthorp clerico pro denariis mutuatis." 

foL 14G in dors. Receipt given by Roger Lupton, one of the commissioners for tlie 

receipt of the benevolence granted in the 7*** year of the king's I'eign, to 
Dean W. Cosyn and tlu; Chapter for £50, in ihe name of the Exors. of 
the lat« Dean J. G'nithorp, as part payment of 200 marcs due from 




Index Alphabetical, 27 pages, by Ilealy. Wells 


Table of Contents, 20 pages, part of the original MS. ^^^ 

Carta Ile?is Henrici de dive)*sis libertatibns concessis Ec:;l : Wellen: ^ol, 1. 

Confirmation to Bp. Josceline and (o the Churches of Welis and Bath 
of siil previous grants and privileges. 

Grant to them of Tholl «ud Theani, &c., &c., prctcr attacliiamenta de 
phicitis corono; on the condition that the said two Churches answer to 
the Bp. for all these dues, as they would to the Crown, fol. 1 in dors. 

The Crown will also contirm grants made by the Bp. All the tenants 
of these Churches are to be free de omnibus juratis et assisis et re- 
cognitionibuj^ .... preterquam in attingendis propriis dominicis 
nostris .... si opus fiierit .... infra comitsitum ubi manentes 

If any of the men of these Churches, or of Glastonbury, shall liave 
incurred thc5 penalty of the confi-jcation of goods as a fugitive from 
justice, or of loss of life or limb, his goods shall belong to the Bp. ; as 
also all fines which otherwisu would havo belonged to the Crown. 

Test. Waltero Karleoensi, thesauraiio nostro ; Tliom : Norwic. fol. 2. 
ICpis. ; Huberto de Burgo, comit Cant, justiciario ; Godefrido de 
Cracecumb, Seneschallo; Hugone, dispensatore ; Henrico de capella, 
Ac. Dat per man urn .... Radulfi Ciceatr : Epi., Cancellarii apud 
Oxen. 14° die Julii, anno rogni 15°. 

A similar Charter by King John, given at Taydyngton, Miirch 3. 
Anno regni S°. 

Test. P, Wynton, Epo. ; Galfrido, fd : Pet ; comit : Essex ; Sahero de 
Quency, comit : Wynton ; Will. comit: Warecn ; Rog. de Thoeny; Will. 
Brner ; Hugh de Novyll ; Galf. de Nevyll, seneschal, Ac. 

Carta regis Johannis de tholoneo cf. Lib. I. fol. 9. At Merlcberg, fol. 2 in dors. 
Nov. 26. Anno regni 9**. 

Cousimilis sub sigillo Walter! B. and W. Epi. 

Confirmatio cf. Lib. I. fol. 15 and 16. « 

Charter of Robert, Bp. of B. and W. 

1. Two-thirds of the fruits of one year of a prebend vacant by death fol. 3. 
to belong to the Canons ; they shall perform the proper services for the 
deceased during that time. The remaining third may be disposed of by 

the will of the deceased prebendary, 

2. Every canon to pay a tithe of his prebend to the Church cui juxta 
eju«dem prebonde territorii situm jure dare debueriU With a special 
v/aming against any undue favouritism to friends or i-elat»ons, &c., which 
may injure the prebend, such as, e.ff., might arisen from the conversion of 
the terra rusticorum . , in liberum servitium. If any one find, that 
such has been done he is to use his l)est endeavours to remedy it. 



i^ELT^ Caita Edward! regis de restitutione libei'tatum subliuctarum in 

^^ Mss!***^' diversis locis in hundredis de Wynterstoke ; Ceddre ; Yatton, et Chyu. 

, . : — . Given at Westminster. July 12. Anno regni 9°. 

fol. 3 in dors. 

foi. 4. Confirmatio bonorum Eccle : per Rogerum Epm. They consist of the 

Manor and Church and Hundred of Northcury ; with the land of Hach 
and Wrentisse, by the grant of King Richard, &c. The Manor and 
Church of Wynescomb, granted by Bp. Josceline in dedicatione Eccle : 
The Church of Luvyngton and one Hide of land with a Messuage. 
The Churches of S. Cuthbeit's, Wells ; of Lydyard ; of Cungreabyr ; 
of Mudiford ; and of Ceddre. 

ful. 4 ill dors. AIbo a Pension of 100 solidi from Karcmpton Church ; of 35 Marcs 

from Chynton Church ; of 40 solidi from Staweja Church ; of 60 solidi 
from Nuny Church ; of 40 from Norton sub Hamedon Church ; of the 
half of Whytechurch Church ; of 2 solidi from Brunfield Church ; also 
the custody aud fruits of vacant prebends ; and two-thirds of the fruits 
of vacant beneiicies throughout the diocese ; a barton in Wells for the 
Communa at a rent of 12 pence to the Archdn. The Chapter has also all 
fines and forfeitures which might be due from any of their tenants, &c. 
to the Crown ; and the power of Excommunicating all who infringe 
their rights in any way. 

fol. 5. It has also 40 solidi a year from Bane well and Wcstbury 

Churches, payable by the Prior of Breton, for the provision of a wax 
candle to burn before the High Altar; and three other candles to be 
provided by Radulf Martre's lands in Dultingcote, by the grant of Bp. 
Robert, in dedicatione veteris Eccle : 

Ten marcs a year from Chyu Church ; and 20 marcs besides from the 
prepositus of Cumbe for the daily services of the Blessed Virgin in the 
Cathedral ; and another 10 marcs from the same prepositus for the daily 
services for the departed in the Cathedral. 

Three marcs from Chyuton Church for the light of the Blessed Virgin. 
Also they have houses in Wells from Radulf Preciosus ; from Lambert; 
from Canon Roger ; and the houses which had belonged to Reginald of 
Waliham given by the said Roger for the Schools. Also houses from 
Canon Richard de Attebyre ; and from Canon Elyas. 

fol. 5 in dors. There is also a payment of two marcs made by the Archdn. ad octo 

ccreos in scabellis OTicifixi desuper altare S. Andree; and one of 60 
solidi for the obit of Dean Peter, &c. ; for which the exors. of his will 
have made over to the Bishoprick the land of Merlegh in Woky 
Manor. 100 lb. of wax from Weston Church, and also a small piece of 
gi'ound near the houses of Canon Elyas, &c. Given at Stawcia in the 
parish of Chyu, Aug. 13. A.D. 1246. 

f<»l. 6. Confirmation of the last by the Prior, &c. of Bath, 

fol. C) in dor8. • 

?)ra^ ^^^^ ^^"^' ^^ ^rchbp. John. Given at Mortelake, Oct. 17. A.D. 1281. 
foTs. cf. I. fol. HI. 

Ordinalio Joscelini Epi. super mutatione commune canonicorum ct 
vicariorum de pane in denarios. The Bp. is to have hd. a day pro 
communa, and 5fL pro pane, in lieu of the former allowance of 6</. and 
4 white loave.". The Dean, Precentor, Archdn., Chancellor, Treasurer 
Sd. and 4c/. in place of the former 6rf. and 2 white and 2 black loaves. 
Other Canons 4d, and 2d. in place of the former Sd. and 1 white and 
one black loaf. 

The Vicars who used to have only an allowance of Id. from the 
Grange on every other day when they had been present at the services 


in the Church Bhall have 1^. each day. One portion of commnna from Wblu 
the Grange is valued at Id. ^^ mS*^ 

Given in the Chapter, Oct. 17. A.D. 1242. ' — 

Conf : Ricardi. Cant. Archiepi. super i)os8essionibu8 collatis Eccle : ^^^- ^* 
WeUen: of. I. fol. 21. 

Carta Roberti Epi de divtsione prebendarura. cf. I. foL 31. ^^j o'v d r 

Caita Joscelini Epi. de libertatibu) conoedsia Petro, Decano, et f®'* l^- 
capitulo Wellen. cf. I. fol. 58-59. 

Conf : Reginald! Epi de libertatibus &c. cf. I. fol. 24. fol. 10 iu dors. 

fol. 11. 
Carta Rogeri Epi de seqnestris ecclesiaruin episcopatus. cf. I. fol. 


Consimilis Carte Willelmi Epi. At Well?. Dec. 13. A.D. 1246. 

Carta Willehmi Epi de restitutione sequestrarum. fol. ll in dors. 

Carta Savarici de auctoritate indulta Wellen : Eccle : de Excom- 
municatioue. cf. I. fol. 28. 

Similar to last. fol. 12. 

Carta Savarici Epi de exemptione prebendarum ab Archidiaconis. 
cf. I. fol. 28. 

Carta H. de Wells, Archid : Wellen : super eodem. cf. I. fol. 29. fol. la in dors. 

Carta Joscelini Epi de sequestris ecclesiarum vacant ium ad opus 
commune, cf. I. fol. 59. 

Consuetudines Sarum Eccle de Mortuis. cf. I. fol. 29. fol. 18. 

Carta regis Ricardi de prebendis et terris de novo adquisitis, viz. the fol. 13 in dors. 
Churches of Pylton imd South Brente given by Robert, Abbot of 
Glaston ; of Hengestrigh given by Richard de Camvill ; of Bokeland 
by Oliver de Dynham ; of flislharpetre by Will, fil Will. filJohs. de 
Harpetre ; of Uaselbergh by Will, fil Willi. ; of Scandeford by Hamo 
de Blakeford ; of Compton and of Bronfeld by Gerbert de Percy, and 
Matilda Arondel ; of Codeworth with the Chapel of Knolle by Alan de 
Fornellis; of Wythlakington by James de Monte Soreli; of Aules- 
comb by Josceline de Treiminet ; of Bovy by Oliver de Tracy ; of 
Holecomb and Laineia by Radulf fil Bernard ; of Ceddre by the sisters 
Cristina, Alicia, and Sarra; of Tymberscomb by Robert de Bolevil ; of 
Lideford by Radulf Wac ; of Doveliz by Simon Bozun ; of Karenton by 
Sth. fil David ; the half of Waleton by Matildis de Chandos ; the 
Church of Staweia by Alured de Puntford ; of Berewe by Radulf fil 
Willi ; of Werministre by Galfrid Talebot ; half a virgate of land at 
Nurham cum toto piato suo ; the Manor and Church of Northcory by 


Test. Walt : Rotomag : Archiep : ; Hugone, Dunelm ; Hugone Coven- 
tre ; Eps. ; Joh« Decano Kotomag ; N. Decano Cenoman ; Robt. Comite 
Leic : ; Will« Com : Arundell ; WiU<> Marescall ; Joh« fratre suo ; Hug : 
Bard: &c. Given at Canterbury by the hand of Wiiliam Bp. Elect of 
Ely, Chancellor. Nov. 26 Anno regni prirao. fol. u. 

Carta regis Heniici de quietancia thelonei facta Jocelino Epo. in the 
persons of the Bp., the Abbot and Monks of Glaston, the Dean and 


CAS^nKMA.L Canons of AYells, and the Prior and J^Ionks of Bath and all their aicn, 
M»s. saving those tenants Tvho do not hold of them in oapite, &c. 

Test Eic : Dunelm Ep*>, et Walt. Karleoleu Ep°, tliesaurario : 
Huberto de Burgo, Com : Cant : Justiciar ; John de Munnemuth ; Stho 
Segrave ; Bad. de Trublevill ; Hug. dispensatore ; Henric. fil Aucker ; 
Ric. de Gray ; Henr de Capell ; &c. Given by the hand of Rad. Bp. 
Chichester, Chancellor, at Fuleham. May 15, Anno regni primo. 

fol. 14 in dors. Carta regis Johannis super eodem. 

Test. Will, de Gray, Chancellor ; Will. Bruer. Given at Marleberg 
Nov. 26. Anno regni nono. 

Carta Edwardi filii regis Henriei de novo auxilio non prestando. 
" Auxilium novum nobis ex voluntate domini nostri regis pro visum.*' 
Given at Bristol, Dec. 10. Anno regni patris nostri 52°. 

Privileg: indult: Epo. Bathon: per Henricum regem. Inspex: by Robert 
foJ- 15. Bp of Sarura ; W. Bp of Exon, and W. of Wygorn of the above named 

grant made to Bp. Joceline viz. the patronatus of the Abbey of Glaston, 
and that the Abbots are to receive from the Bp.'s hapds the temporalia, 
que regalia appellnrcntur si ad nos pertineret patronatus. The Abbot 
is also to render to the Bp. the ser\nces due to the Crown. If the Abbey 
should Tali vacant during a vacancy of the see, the Crown shall have the 
custody of it, so long as the see remains vacant, as in the c.nse of 
other abbeys of the realm, and an Abbot shall be appointed only with the. 
assent of the crown. But if the see is not vacant then the Crown has 
no rights in the abbey, but only the Bp. in whose custody it shall be 
fol. 15 in dors, during the vacancy, &c. 

Test. Ric. Dunelm : , Wnlt Karleolen : Eps ; Hilbt de Burgo Com. 
Cant : ; Phil, de Albiniato ; Rad. fil Nich ; Godefr de Craucumb ; Sen- 
escallis nostris, &c. Given by the hand of Radulf Bp. of Chichester, 
the Chancellor, April 25. Anno regni 19*^. The Inspex : is dated 
A.D. 1242. in August. 

Agreement made between the Church of Wells, and the nephews of 
Reginald the Precentor concerning lands in Wynesham, &c. 


Carta H. de Pcnbrigg de eodem. Cf I. fol. 36. 

Littera Capituli Glaston super depositione Rogeri de ffqrd nujier 
abbatis ibidem. 

Have decided to proceed to the election of a New Abbot per viam 
fol. 16 in dors, comproijaigsi, and have chosen Adam de Bodekeleye, John de Ambres- 

bury, Walter de Kabie als de Kaln, Adam de Domerham, and Walter de 
Tefunt, to elect. Feb. 18. A.D. 1255. 

Inspex: by Robert Bp. of Sarum. W. Bp. of Exon, and W. Bp. of 

Wygorn, of the Charter of King John de patronatu Eccle : Glaston : 

Test. The Archbp : Cant ; The Bps. W. London, P. Wynton, E. Eli. 

E. Hereford, H. Line, and the Bps. Elect, W. Coventi\ and R. Cicestr. ; 

foi. 17. The abbots W. Wostmonast; R. de Ramon; H. de hello loco, and 

Reginald; The Earls W. Arundell, W. Warren, S. Wynton, W. de 
Ferrar, and W. Bruar, Robt. de Rop, John Marescall, Thorn, de Er- 
dyngton. Given by the hand of Ric. de Marisco, Chancellor, at Novuia 
Templum, London, Jan. 9. Anno regni 16<>. Inspex: A.D. 1242. 

fol. 17 in dors. A similar Inspex : of the Confirmation by King John of the union of 

the Church of Gloston with that of Bath. Given at Novum Templum 
Nov. 21. Anno regni I6«. Inspex: A.D. ^24'2. 


Car^a Ed ward i regis Johanni de DroJionsford Epo B. & W. de licentiu CATifKORAr 
acquirandi deccra librafasterre, ad valorem decern libruruni aunuaruin. and M8k 

the advowpon of one church, nnd to convey them to whom he will to form ^^^ is ' 
chautries, statuto ... ad manum mortuam non obstante, &c. 

Teste me ipso apud Westm : Nov. 8. Anno regrii \4^. 

Carta regis Edwardi de libertatibus concessis Eccie Wellenet ministris 

Sciatis quod cum celebns memorie dns. E quondam Rex Anglio 
pater noster, in prirao parliamento sno apud Westm anno regni ?ui 
tercio inter cetera ordinavit . . . quod nullus blada aliqua triturare et ca 
vol victualia aut aliqua alia bona prelatorum. . . Rectorum Eccleei- 
arum. . . sub colore emptionis vel alio modo quocunque infra 
villam mercatoriara vel extra, nee etiam equos, boves, plaustra, carectas, 
naves aut batellos suos ad carigia aliqua inde facienda. asportare. . 
presumerent contra voluntatem iliorum quorum forent. . • . under 
penalty of imprisonment anrl restitution to double the amount of the 
injury, Ac., &c. 

Many complaints have l)een made that the statute has not been fol. 18 in dors, 
obsei-ved by the King's officers, they are therefore commanded strictly 
to abstain from all such proceedings, &c., fol. 19. 

Teste me ipso apud Ebor. Nov. 24 anno regni lO». 

Qnictn clamantia Ahbntis &c. Giaston super ecclesia de Pokelchurche 
et cUversis maneriis facta eccl : Wellen :. A long document of three folios, 
containing full details of the arrangement and the respective rights of 
the two parties. 

Test. Philo. Basset; Kobto. Anguilun. Robto. Walrond ; Willo ^ol- 21 in dors. 
lie Aete; Nicho. de Haveresham ; Hug. Peverell ; Hud. de liagepuz ; 
Willo. Bellet ; Walto. deBurges ; Nicho de Leuekenor ; Willo. Everard ; 
llico. de Wyrecestr ; Gaufr do 8tawelJ, &c. 

Given at Northampton June 7. Anno regni. H. fil. Jobs. 50*. 

Copy of Edwiird the Confessor's Charter to Giso. cf. I. fol. 17. 

Submissio illornm qui jus vendicabant in .jure regni Scotic, facta fol. 22. 
Edwardo Regi Anglie. foh 22 in dors. 

Sealed at Nor ham on Wednesday after the Ascension. A.D. 1291. 
Sent to Wells* to be enrolled July 9. A.D. 1291, 

Letter from the Chapter of Sarum cf. 1. fol. 29. 

Carta Regis Henrici de libertatibus ville Giaston cum insulis Huis f^i. 23. 
Given at \Vestmin.«iter. May 26. Anno regni 11^. 

Final Concord between the D and C and Robt. fil ; \M11 : Odde. cf I. fol- 23 in dors. 
fol. 13. 

Similar to the last. 

Carta feofamenti Rog. Huzet. cf. I. fol. 89. fol. 24. 

Blank. fol. 24 in dors. 

Carta regis Richard de Northcory. cf. I. fol. 9. fol* 25. 

Carta de seisiua cf. I. fol. 9. 

Charter of John de eodem. cf. I. fol. 9. fol. 25 iu dors. 

And two more with same references. 

' ♦'^ 


Wells Another de Mercatu. cf. I. fol. 9. 


fol. 26. 

Confirmation, cf. I. fol. 10. 

Cliarter of Stephen de Eccl: Northcory et Perreton. cf. I. fol. 11. 

Theobald Ai*chiep. de eisdem. cf. I. fol.. 11. 
fol. 26 in dors. Charter of Savaric de eisdem. cf. I. fol. 11. 

Carta de deafforestatione, Northcory. cf. I. fol. 10. 

fol. 27. Confirm : by the Prior of S. Swyther, Ac. cf. I. fol. 280. 281. 

fol. 27 in dors. Carta regis Edwardi de libera Warenna in Northcory, Stoke et 


Given at Wynton, Dec, 24. Anno regni 8**. 

Carta regis E. concessa D et C. quod possint aesignare centum acms 
more Abbati Athelynguy. 

Teste me ipso apud Westm. July 1 2, anno regni 4**. 

fol. 28. Charter of John de Northcory. cf. I. fol. 10. 

Littera justiciarii Gaufr: fil: Petri de eodem. cf. I. fol. 10. 

Letter of Bp. Rainaud de eodem. cf. I. foL 1 1. 
fol. 28 in dors. Confirmatio Joscilini Epi de eodem. cf. I. fol. 30. 

Quieta clamantia Margerie de Stoke de . . . terris in Northcory con- 
cess : Decano et Cap. * 

fol. 29. Convention concerning the same between Sibilla daughter of Simon 

de la Slo, nephew of Margeria de Stoke, and the D and C. 

Convention between the D and C and Margeria de Stoke. Test : John 
de Aura ; Ric : Tregoz vicar of Northcory ; Adam de Meridon ; Robt. 
de Meridon ; Rog : de la Slo ; Hugh Pymor ; &c. A.D. 1247. 

fol. 29 In doru. Charter of Thomas de Gynerny son and heir of lioger de Gynerny 

the second to Edward the Dean &c. granting lands in Northcory que ali- 
quando fuerunt Cristine filie Thome de Bononia proave mce. — Test 
Phil : de Button ; Simon le Peyntour ; Ric : de London ; Thomas le 
Chamberlayn ; Rd. Dikedale; Wm. Hlundell ; John Annore ; Phil. 
Canonn ; John le Specer; Adam le Irmongere; Wm. de Mercer ; lien, 
de Wynton ; John le Mercator : &c. 

Carta Walter i le firie de homagio &c. Rici Butel in Northcory. 
fol. 30. C^'harter of Richard le ffrie de terris in Northcory. 

Charter of Walter le flfrie. 

Two more charters by the same Richard and Walter. 
The D. and C. and R. Gyon de Husbote. cf. I. fol. 62. 

fol 30 in dors '^^^ ^- *°^ ^' ^ ^' ^y^^ ^^ messsuagio in Stokes, cf. 1. fol. 62. 

A.D. 1264. 

Inspex : by Will, de Elmham of the charter of his son Nicholas, 
cf. I. fol. 13. 


Scriptum Hearici fil : et hered : Henrici fil : Ingulfi factum D. et C. de caThkdIai 
terra Lamleg apud Stoke et una acra in Garstone apiid Northcury. mss. 

JuljS, A.D. 1233. foi.3i. 

Will. Sylven and Rad : Abbe de quad^m manucaptione . . . pro terra 
in Meridone. 

Mentions William son of the late Adam de Meridon, and Ascelina 
widow of Adam. 

Test, the knights John de Acton ; Walter de Ortiaco ; and Eic. de 
Kam ; Galfr. de la Slo ; Thomas de Mere ; Robt. Gyau, &c. 

Agreement come to between the Prior &c. of Montacute and the iol. 31 in dorx. 
D. and C. about a certain p:isture called Westhaymore in Northcory 

Test, the knights Robt. til. Pagan ; Henr. de Urnaco ; John de Erlegh ; fol. 32. 
John de Acton ; Robt. de Sancto Claro ; Gilbert de Bere ; and Ric. de 
Ny weton ; Gregor. de Wclyngton ; Will, de Reigny ; Robt. Gyen ; 
Hugo de la Hele; Walt, de Cam. ; John de Knappe ; &c. 

Given at Wells, May 14. A.D. 1303. 

Agreement come to between the Abbot of Athelyug and the D. 
and C. abcat certain pastures. ^ 

The Abbey yield to the D. and C. certain lands lying next to those 
of John de Aura, and they give to the Abbey a meadow in Leng. 

Given in the Cliapel of the Blesseil Virgin on Monday next after the 
!Epiphany A.D. 1263 ; and an oath that it shall be duly observed taken 
hy Canon Radulf de Lallington for the D. and C, and by brother foi. 32 in dors. 
Adam de Marisco on behalf of the Abbey. 

Indenture between Abbot Robert of Athelney and the D. and C. 
about certain pastures &c. in Northcory Manor, &c. A.D. 1263. 

Carta Roberti Abbatis et Conv : Atheling : dc 80 acris alneti in mora fol. 33. 
de Northcory, recepti» a D. and C. in compensationem unius batellate 
buj»ci quam annuatim singulis diebus capere consuevimus in dicta 
mora sua de Stadmore passim ubi nobis placuit a festo S. Michael, 
asqne ad Hokeday sequentes Blest latum et katia de herbagio predicta- 
rum, t&c. 

Given in mora de Stadmore, Sept. 11, A.D. 12.50. fol. 33 in dors. 

Another agreement between the same about certain rights in the fol. 34. 
moor. A.D. 1327. 

Agreement made before the Justiciaries Gilbert de Preston, Henry fol. 34 in dor:!. 
Tracy, Roger de Wicestrc, William de Cobham, and William de Engle- 
feld, at Ivelcestre, between John Golafre and the D. and C. about 
certiiin pasture rights in Wrentichford. 

In Oct : S. Job* Bapt : Anno rcgni II. fil : Job" 40^ 

Charter of Hugh Gundevill concerning the lands called Hunnfland in fol. 35. 
Northcory quas malo consilio de ecclesia de Cuiy subtraxi. 

Test. John de Bathon ; R(.»bt. de Gundevil ; HameHn de Gundevil; 
Oaufrid: Hibernensis ; Eustace de Horsintone ; William de Horsintone ; 
Robert Marshall, <&c. 

Carta Johannis de Alra et Agnctis uxoris. cf. I. fol. 12. fol. 35 in dors. 

Final concord, cf. I. fol. 13, ^^J- ^6 & 3r, in 



Wjslls Charter of Nicholas son of WiUiam de Elman abont land at Lamleg. 

MSS. ^1« I- fol. 13. 

fol. 87. Charter of Walter le Hundred to Edward the Dean and to the C. of 

a piece of land in Nor theory called Fot^cre. 

fol, 37 in doiM. Soriptum D. et C. factum in modum indenture inter eos et Giiilfr. de 

la Slo, about an acre of land in Northcorj. A.D. 1280. 

Charter of Gilbert de Thorn to the D. and C. about 6 acres of wood 
in Thorn. 

fol. 38. Convention between tlie Lady Matill : relict of Odo de Wandestreo 

and the D. and C. At her earnest request the D. and C. allow her to 
have a chaplain to celebrate in the chapel newly built at Stade in the 
parish of Northcory, who shall tirst swear due obedience to the D. and 
C. and that he will not receive any oblation which may be due to North- 
cory church or Stoke chapel. Divine service in the said chapel is to be 
suspended whenever the Lady M. is absent from Stade, and altogether 
from the very day of her decease. Her heir acini res no rights from 
this concession. It is sworn to by the lady and by Oliver Avenel. 

fol. 38 iu dors.' Charter of Roo:er Huzet to the D. and C. about lands at Hunteham 

and Meridon. Mentions his uncle Robert de Stokes. 

Ordinatio Vicarie de Noithcury, Richard de Tregoz the vicar is to 
have all the vicarial tithes great and small preter garbas cujuscunque 
bladi sive in orto sivo in agro, et preter decimas molendinorum. . . . 
piscariarum . . . feni . . . decimas de curiis. A.D. 1234. 

Carta Gilberti Gule.— Cf. I. fol. 12. 

fol. 39. Final concord entered into before the justiciaries Robert <le Brywes ; 

Richard de Middleton ; John de Hire; and William de Staunton, at 
Iveicestre a die S Trinitatis in xv dies A.D. 1263, between the D. and C. 
and Galfrid de Scoland and Richard de Waleys, concerning lands in 

fol. 39 in dons. Scriptum D. and C. factum Ricardo de la Well et Cecilie uxori de 

sex solidatis et octo denp.rralis redditus in Northcorv. A.D. 1307. 

fol. 40. Submission of W. Colne that lie has wrongfully destroyed the water- 

course to the mill at K nappe. Et ad raajorem seeuritiitcm premissorum 
Willm. Gyan et Willm. Bostel inveni manucaptores. A.D. 1317. 

Submissio Willelmi Gyan . . . 

Submissio Willelmi Bostel. 

Final concord entered into at the same date and place as the last and 
fol. 40 in 4ore. before the same justiciaries, only that John de Eire is now written John 
f''l- 41. de All re, between the D. and C. and John de Aure about rights in 

Norlhcory. A.D. 1263. 

fol. 41 in dors. Order of the King's Court in favour of the D. and C. against Robert 

the Abbot of Alhelnye, Elyas Spelly and Richard Brice, with regard to 
certain pastures in the moor. A.D. 1386. 

A similar order against John Beauchamp de Lillesdon, knight. 


Ordiniitio Vicarie de Boklond, with institution of Galfrid de Merkes- Wklis 

bury, by Bp. iEgidius of Sarum on the presentation of the Rector, ^^a.^^ 

Canon W. de Button. , , , — 

fol. 42. 

Augmentation by the I), und C. of the vicarage of Modoford, on the fQ], 42 in dors, 
petition of the vicar John de Tavestoke, by 40 shillings in addition to 
liis revenue in domibus et oitis . . decimis de molendinis fullonicis et 
aquaticis, vivariis, warrennis, parcis, gardinis, pascuis et pasturis, et 
s'lvis; et ctiam in decimis de fetibus omnhim . . . animalium, &c, &c. 

Necnon in decimis de piscntionibus, aucupationibus, mercationibus, 
venationibus, negociacionum hicris, et de carpentarionim, scissorum, 
fabrorum, texteriorura et pandoxateriorum ac quorumcumque aliorum 
paroehiauornm dicte parochie ecclesie artificis ac de bonis aliis juste 
ncquisitis que inter dictam parochiam renovantur per annum prove- 
nientibiis. Necnon in oblationibus mortuariis consuetis, legatis omnium 
parochianorum, . . . decimis garbarum et feni dumtaxat ex<*^ptis, &c. 
.... The vicar is bound to provide a priest to assist him, &c. A.D. 

Final concord between R. Gyan and William de Luttleton, &c* — foj 43 
cf. I. fol. 2o8. 

luspex: by John Mohoun de Dunsterre of a release of his grandfather foi. 43 indore. 
John de Mohoun to the D. and C. of all rights in Bikenalre. 

Test; John de Clyvedon, John de Erlee, Hugh de l^nglond, Radulf 
de i&ssure, Simon de Roche, John Brette, John de Derburgh, Will de 
Cuu'ibe, &c. 

Given at Dunstei re on Sunday next after the Feast of S. John ante 
port. Lat. A.D. 1330. 

Confirmed at Dunsterre April 8. A.D. 1359. 

Test; John de Kalee and Edward Stradlyng, knights; Thomas de 
Kale, John Roche, and Simon Brette, &c. 

Boundai ies between Wells and Glastonbury. fol. 44. 

Thi.s indenture made at Wokey on Monday next after the nativity of 
S. John the Bapt : A.D. 1352 in the presence of Ralph Bp. of B. and fol- 44 in dors. 
V/. ; the D. Hnd C. and Walter Abbot of Glaston. 

Composition between the D. and C. and John the Abbot of Athelney f^^ 45 
as to certain rents and binds in Northcory made at the instigation of foi. 45 in dors. 
Peter de Couitonay, knight. 

Test ; Peter Courtenay, John Lorty, Robert Yevelton, knights , fol. 46. 
John f&teiton, Peter Yevelton, John Mountagu, Hugh Cancy, <fec. ^ol. 46 in dors. 

Given at Northcory, June 9. A.D. 1394. 

Composition between the D. and C. and John de Cnappe of North- fol. 47. 
cury concerning certain mill rights. A.D. 1370. 

Composition between the D. and C. and William Beauchamp Lord of 
the half of the Manor of Lillesdone and Stathc, concerning fi-hery 
rights in the Tone, . et de abscissione spatularum . . , crescent! um in fol. 47 indore. 
<liverdi.s moris, and pasture rights, &c 

Test ; Thomas Broke, William Bonvill, Walter Rodenye, Baldwin 
Malett, knights ; John Manyford, John Stourton, Thomas Stotwell, &c. 
A.D. 1402. 

Composition between the D. and C. and John Beauchamp de Lilies- foh 48. 
lion, knight; Richard de Clyvedon, and Elyas Spelly (Richard is son 
and heir of Matthew de Clyvedon) concerning 8altemore in Northcury. 


Charter of Nicholaa son nP ' 
if. I. fol. 13. 

Tol, 37 in doFH. 

" /wmna Broke, .Inhn Ar 
_,.;jVelUHi. Hugh CsQcj, Sc 

Charter oE Waltf 
11 piece of land id ' 

. '''^.tsd JohD Aura. cE. ful. 40. 
'I >- W/owed Joy a list of the leuants ontl 

. . ■ ,:.'^ 

■" .,j^l about ^O in number, no one hold- 

■.. ■|,'y*>Te ad terminum vite sue et uxoris ilc 
^.'."J'A'J^ni Philippi do Odyham tunc Benes^blli. 
'■'^i-f joiBibus scrviiiis, et postea lcv«?it in caJem 

' i-'''f/i'-''^! of rents at Newport £2 10«. 9d. 


^,0 pentonalus ibidem factum et examinatum por 
^ '^'Cn""' ''" l^'^f^^' sencBcallum, Nich" Gregory, Joh" 
*'''^, t'iiiryk. Robt: Quarine, Th: Peny, et Ed. Hiilet, tenetlw 
-''% ^t'^et'"^' '" ^'^^° ^' Murgarete, A.t>. 1392. 
^'"k^" ^Hu pro '2 acrjp tcrre edificat de antinno astro iiii.' 

X>-,''i;,p^3 , .,.' 

J-,; ^'f,,n(5i acris de overland - - - ii." it.^ 

'■ 'ilfi^'y P™ ^ '"^' '*''"' cdificut. do atitiijuo astro - ii,' 
.•*■ fb. SiiayliBhain pro 6 ac. tr. de overlond - iiii,' 

^, -lliouius pro 3 

ac. Ir. «le overlond 

Tunyk pro 12 ac 

tr. edif. de ant. astro 

,,. Gregory pro 4 

ac. ir. „ „ 

rf. Quarine pro 6 

nc. tr. „ „ 

1. Marys pro 3 ac 

et dim. tr. de overlond 

peier pro 4 ac. 

„ „ ,j 

Mody pro 1 ne. 

■ „ „ ,1 

t. Ilardyng pro 1 

ac- » It 

poBJtio inter D. et C. et Abb. de Athelnye. Aboitt flxhery ripliH 
Tone and certain riiies, pasture land'^, and tilhesi, &c. A.D. 

■ter of Bp. Josceline about Wynescnmbe. cf. I. fol. 5(>. 

poBitio VIcnrii de Pokelchurch. A dclailed account of iIip pro- 
maile for the virar John Manston, hy the 1>. and C. of Wp1I< f 
?, upon the demand of Tydemann Bp, of Woifester. 

luetudinarium tenenlium Ecel' de Norihcorv. 
, 55 and 55 in dors, are partly printed at the end of the IiwIcj: 
.D. 1S76 of the Som. Arch, and Nat. Hist. Soc. Transact ions, 
list of tenants fills 5 folios— 

1. quod ntillus homo dc homagio predicto nisi sit liber iioli^l 
niei unum solum cntspile, et si plurea Iiabnerit dominus liah.>bii 
K]iio(]ue 6fi. exc^epro uno. 

1,^ qnod quanilonliquis de lioniinilxis doniiid null vis dtscosHTii, 
liliiis ejus seeundum c<nisiieludincm mancrii teiictuc-itum qiifJ 


ris sai priusquam aliqais alius si jas ad eadem habeat, ita 'Wblls 
cit domino pro ingressu habendo in eisdeniy vidlt. ad volun- m8S. 

* m I m 


a totalis. £• ^. d. 

tend : ad 4"^ termioos - tenentcs eccle : de gablo - 4 17 11 

ad gulam Aug : - denarr : S. Petri - - 13 

in fest : Purif : - de Moreryght - - 15 

in fest: Nat : B. Job* de leseselver - - 6 

yj med : at Pascb : et med : at S. Mich; - de Wodegablo 4 6 


Solum ad festuin S. Martini - Cburset eallinaram 40 

Cburset frumenti Iv &»^ 

Consuetudinarium A.D. 1314 according to tbe testimony of a jury of fol- ^• 
10, named, chosen by the vrhole of the homage, and giving evidence on 

The Hundredarius is to receive and execute with certain assistants 
brevia regis, &c. 

He shall have id, for every prisoner apud le Stochouse. Also the 
hundredpeny de quolibet homine vel garcione de hundredo intrante in 
assisam, &c. 

His gestum at Christinas is to be two good white loaves of wheat, as 
much good 1)eer as he likes to drink as long us daylight lasts, a good 
dish of beef with mustard, and another broweti de gallinis, and cheese. 
Enough fuel to cook his own and the allowances of the other tenants 
de antique dominico is to be given, and also enongh for a fire to burn 
before them from their first coming to dinner until the evening ; after 
dark they are to have a further supply of firing and two candles de 
assisa ; and they may sit if they please and drink so long as the two 
candles burning one after the other shall last. 

He also has two virgates of land and pasture rights, &c. 

The Brevitor, the whose duty it is to execute the briefs, &c. holds fol. 60 in dors, 
half a virgate and a messuage, and pays 1 lb. of cummim. He must 
also attend the courts and serve their orders, <&c. 

Thomas de Mere has a virgate and a messuage. And he must come 
in white gloves and with a white rod in his hand to Kyngesmede to 
superintend the mowers, and also those who make the hay. 

Simon de Domerham must serve in like manner. fol. 61. 

Tenentes in Yillenagio. fol. 61 in dors. 

Hobert de la Chambre the tenant of a half virgate among other ser- fol. 62. 
vices must come with his rod in hand to superintend the mowing and ^^j gg .^^ ^^^ 
bay making in Kyngesmede, which is estimated to last for two days, 
and also the making of the mow. 

He must serve as Propositus or Berebritt. 

The Berebritt has all allowanced the same as the Prepositus save 
only the keep of a horse. 

W. Brygge tenant of one ferdel must bring his own napkin, cup, fol. 63. 
and dish to the Christmas dinner, and may caiTy away in his napkin 
anything that is left. 

And moreover ho shall have for himself and his neighbours one 
wasteJl divided into three parts to play with at the old Christmns 
gainep, *^ 1 wastelliim in tres partes cissum ad antiques Indos natales 
cum dicto w&stello ludendos.'* If he is impleaded in the King's Court 
about his land. "«djudif»abitur per 12 jurat ores," as Robtde la Chambra 
(fol. 61 in dors^ ** adjudicabitur per p&res, ut in alio placito." 

William the smith holds one ferdel, makes the iron work of two carts, 
the iron and coals to be found by the lord, and shoes the lord's horse, 
" ad pedes anteriores." 

u 20541. L 


fol. 52. 


Welm Test; John fpjpayn, John de Rodenye, Thomns Broke, John de 

^ Mss. Lurtye, knighte ; flrancon Stolond, Peter de Yvelton. Flugh Cancy, &c. 

— A.D. 1389. 

A long document of three pages. 

fol. 49. Composition between the I), and C. and John Aura. of. ful. 40. 

^^^' ^^' A long document of thn^ pages, followed by a list of the tenants and 

their rents and services. 

ibl. 51. The list of the tenants of Newport about 4-9 in number, no one hold- 

ing more than *5 acres and most only one, fills three pages. 

Joh" faber tenet 1 daynam teiTe ad terminum vite sue et uxoris de 
regali via, ex traditionc domini Philippi de Odyham tunc seneschnlli. 
Reddit per annum 6d. pro omnibus serviiiis, et postea levavit in eadem 
dayna quandatn fabricam. 

Summa totalis of rents at Newport £2 lOs. 9d. 


Rentale tenentinm personatns ibidem factum et examinatura per 
dominum Robcrtum do Perle, senescallum, Nich™ Gregory, Job" 
Mayhu, Job™ Quyk, Robt: Quarine, Th: Peny, et Ed. Hulet, tenettes 
ejusdem personaUis, in festo S. Margarete, A.D. 1392. 

Joh» Mayhu pro 12 acris terre edificat de antiquo astro iiii." 

Ed. Hnelet pro 3 „ „ „ xv.*^ 

P. Edins pro 5J acris de overland - - - ii.» ix/ 

Job. Hervy pro 2 ac. terre edificat. do antique jistro - ii. 

Relicta Th. Snaylisham pro 6 ac. tr. de overlond - iiii. 

Th. Peny pro 12 ac. tr. edif. de ant. astro - - iiii. 

Idem Thomas pro 3 ac. tr. de overlond - - xviii.^ 

Job. Quyk pro 12 ac. tr. edif. de ant. astro - - iiii." 

Nich. Gregory pro 4 ac. tr. ,> » - " ""•* 

Robt. Quarine pro 6 ac. tr. „ j» " • ""•* 

Will. Marys pro 3 ac. et dim. tr. de overlond - - ii.* 

Ric. Peter pro 4 ac. „ „ „ in Huwich ii.* 

Job. Mody pro 1 ac. * „ „ „ - - xii.^ 

Walt. Hardy ng pro 1 ac. » >» " - xii.^ 

fol. 52 in don, Compositio inter D. et C. et Abb. de Athelnye. About fishery ripbts 

in the Tone and certain rines, pasture land?«, and tithes, &c. A.D. 

fol. 53. Charter of Bp. Josceline about Wynescumbe. cf. I. fol. 50. 

fol. 53 in clorn 

fol. 54. Compositio Vicnrii de Pokelchurch. A dftailcd account of the pro- 

fol 54 in dors, vision made for the viear John Mauston, hy the D. and C. of Wells as 

Rectors, upon the demand of Tydemann Bp. of Woi-cester. 

fol. 55. ConsuetuJinarium tenendum Eccl<^ de Northcory. 

fol. 55 in dors. Fols. 65 an<l 55 in dors, are partly printed at the end of the Index 

Vol. A.D. 1876 of the Som. Arch, and Nat. Hist. Soc. Transactions, 
fol. 5'J induis. The list of tenants fills 5 folios — 

Mem. quod nullus homo dc homagio predicto nisi sit liber potest 
habere nisi unum solum cotselle, et si plures habuerit dominus liab«'bit 
pro unoquofjue 6d, cxcepto uno. 

Mem.^ (piod quando nliquis do hominibus domini nativis dcscosscrit, 
unior iilius ejus secundum consuetudinom manerii teucmc:itum quod 






fuerit patris sui priusquam aliqais alius si jus ad eadera habeat, ita ^mlxa 
qued satisfacit domiuo pro ingressu habendo in eisdem, vidlt. ad volun- uss. 

tat em domini. — 

Summa totalis. £. s. d, 

Solvend : ad 4<^ ierminos • tenentes ecde : de gablo - 4 17 11 
,, ad gnlam Aug : - denarr : S. Petri - - 13 

in fest : Purif : - de Moreryght - - 15 

in fest: Nat : B. Joh* de leseselver - - 6 

,, med : at Pasch : et med : at S. Mich; - de Wodegablo 4 6 

Solum ad festum S. Martini • Churset gallinarum 40 

Churset f rumenti Iv &^^ 

Consuetudinarium A.D. 1314 according to the testimony of a jury of fol. 60. 
10, named, chosen by the Mrhole of the homage, and giving evidence on 

The Hundredarius is to receive and execute with certain assistants 
brevia regis, &c. 

He shall have ^d. for every prisoner apud le Stochouse. Also the 
hundredpeny de quolibet homine vel garcione de hundredo intrante in 
assisam, Sbc, 

His gestum at Christinas is to be two good white loaves of wheat, as 
much good l>eer as he likes to drink as long us daylight lasts, a good 
dish of beef with mustard, and another broweti de gallinis, and cheese. 
Enough fuel to cook his owu and the allowances of the other tenants 
de antique dominico is to be given, and also enongh for a fire to burn 
before them from their first coming to dinner until the evening ; after 
dark they are to have a further supply of firing and two candles de 
assisa ; and they may sit if they please and drink so long as the two 
candles burning one after the other shall last. 

He also has two virgates of land and pasture rights, &c. 

TheBrevitor, the whose duty it is to execute the briefs, Ac. holds fbl. 60 in dors, 
half a virgate and a messuage, and pays 1 lb. of cummim. He must 
also attend the courts and serve their orders, &c. 

Thomas de Mere has a virgate and a messuage. And he must come 
in white gloves and with a white rod in his hand to Kyngesmede to 
superintend the mowers, and also those who make the hay. 

Simon de Domerham must serve in like manner. fol. 61. 

Tenentes in Yillenagio. fol. 61 in dors. 

Robert de la Chambre the tenant of a half virgate among other ser- fol. 62. 
vices must come with his rod in hand to superintend the mowing and - . gg j^^ ,^^ 
\isiy making in Kyngesmede, which is estimated to last for two days, 
and also the making of the mow. 

He must serve as Propositus or Berebritt. 

The Berebritt has all allovvancc:s the same as the Propositus save 
only the keep of a horse. 

W. Brygge tenant of one ferdel must bring his own napkin, cup, fol. 63. 
and dish to the Christmas dinner, and may carry away in his napkin 
anything that is left. 

And moreover ho shall have for himself and his neighbours one 
wasteJl divided into three parts to play with at the old Christmas 
gainep, •* 1 wastellum in tres partes cissum ad antiques ludos natales 
cunn dicto w&stello ludendos." If he is impleaded in the King's Court 
ab'^ut his land, "ndjudi^abiturper 12 juralores," as Robtde la Chambra 
(fol. 61 in dors^ ** adjudicabitur per pares, ut in alio placito." 

William the smith holds one ferdel, makes the iron work of two carts, 
the iron and coals to be found by the lord, and shoes the lord's horse, 
** ad pedes anteriores." 

u 20541. L 


WELLS Custumariom de Wynescumb. A.D. 1290. 5 folios^ 

^ M88.^^ Mem. ; the ploughing of one day is worth 2^d, 

r^^A Ploughing one acre itd. Harrowing Id, Summagium 2c?. Mowing 

fol. csindors. j^^j^y^ Canning 4c?. Eeaping IW. Dayna irf. 

fol. 67. ^^^ tenant of a.ferdell is called a fufingus. 

fol. 67 in dors. The tenant of a half ferdell is called a Cotariust. . 
I'ol. 68. Some Cotarii hold only a messuage and 2 acrei; '-^ : 

fol. 68 in doM. The parsonage receives from the tenaints of two messuages and 7^ 

acres of land, 6.9.' 4c?. 

fol. 69. Indenture betw.eea the D. and C. and John Beauchamp cf. fol. 48. 

fol 69 in dors. Consuetudinariiim Manerii de Hacche. 5 folios. 

fol- 70. Amongst other services the villanus faciet domino unam cladem ad 

faldam de palis et virgis domini quas coliiget, et habebit suum averocum, 
viz. 30 virgas cissas pro dade, valoris quar : ultra reprisam. 

fol. 71. Habebit geataculum, viz. panem et caseum. 

The value of the Manor of Hacche is 16?. ISs. S^d. 

fol. 74 in dors. Bideshain manor. A.D. 1332. 

The value of the Courts per ann., half a marc. 

y, I, the Cbaeia in le Wartfae, 8c?. 
5 acres of Bosetum are wortli 25d. 

The Capitagii, are 10 in number. The first pays ^ lb. of wax, the 
rest sums from Ic?!. to 12c;?. 

Total Value 12/. 19«. lO^c^. and ^ lb. of wax. 

fol. 75. Consuetudinarium Nativorum ejusdem manerii. 

Among the usual services veniet ad terram dominorum grapiandam 
per duos dies cum duobus hominibus, pretium operis obolum. 
Summa valoris nuinerii 21/. Ss, 5c?., besides fines and harlots. 

fol. 76 in dors. Extenta de Bikenalre. 

The tenant pays 4®' slabbes et dim. ferri, pretium ll^c?., 2\d, each. 

The Cotarii hold each a cottage, 
fol. 78. There are 12 Capitagii nativorum who pay each 1 slabb ferri, and 

2 capitagii liberorum who also pay each 1 slabb. 

Summa valoris manerii 6/. 6s. Sj^d, besides fines, <&c. 

fol. 79. Charter of Walter de Cadamo to Dean John de Godilee of the 

fol. 79 in dors. Manor of Knappe. A.D. 1306. 

Many parcels of land, and their tenants are named. 

fol. 80 and 80. A similar charter. 

fol. 81. 

Final concord between John de Godelee, Hamelin de Godelee, whose 
agent is Elyas de Godelee, and Walter de Cadamo, about the Manor of 
Knappe, A.D. 1306. 

Cai'ta regis Edwardi de licentia ingrediendi manerium de Knappe to 
Hamelin de Godeley on behalE of the Chapter notwithstanding the 
Statute of Mortmain. 

Teste me ipso apud Lanercost Jan. 22, anno regni 34^. 

Carta H. senioris de terra de Cnappe data in escamb ; pro terra de 
Whiteham quam ill! de Charthous tenent. 

Grants to Gilbert de Norfolk 8 librato of land in Northcorj, in ex- 
change for the land in Little Witham which the king has given to the 
brethren de Chartosa, to be held by him of Gilbert Malet on the same 
terms as he held the lands in Witeham, viz. : 6 virgatee in demeane for 


42 shillings, and in the same Manor Wolward and Meswirfd with 6ne w«lu 
virgate for i2s. 4d. ; and John and Bichard and Garmimd and Seldbrith ^mss!^^ 
with one Tirgate at I2s, 4d. And Esegar and John with the same; 
and Edel a widow with the same ; and Eva a widow and Ailwardi and 
Aldwyn with 1^ virgate for 11 shillings, and at Huma, Thndric and 
Martin and Ordric Salet with one virgate at \2s.'4d, s and fiannttif de 
la hille and Richard and Balwin, with the same, and Hardith and 
Robert Vela with the same; and Swein Vela with 4 a vir^teaud 
5 acr. for 6s, 9id. ; and Edwy Borgeii^ with a ferling and four 
denariats of land for 28 pence ; and Osmar with one ferling for ^shil- 
lings ; &c. . ' 

Test : Richard Bp. of Wynton ; Gaufr Bp< of Ely ; S., B^ of fol. 82. 
Chichester ; Hubarfl^ Archn : Cant. ; Earl William de Mandevill ; 
William de Aubeigni, Earl of Sussex ; Rannulf de Glanvill ; Patric 
(le Chawort; Raduif fil: Stcph, Camerarius; William de StUtevill; 
Robert de Stntevill ; GUbert Pipard ; Robert fil. Bexii ; Thomas fll : 
Bexii s William de Moion ; William fil : Aid ; Gaufrid de Say ; William 

Given at Waltham. 

Charter of W. de Cadamo to John de Godelee de redditibua et ^^' ^^' . 
servitiis, Ac. de Knappe. A.D. 1306. 

Another Charter by the same to the same about Knappe. 

Letter of the same to the same aboat his goods in Knappe. 

Letter of the same to give possession to John de Godele. A.D. 1 306. 

Perambulation of Menedip Forest. A.D. 1298. ^^^- ^• 

Printed in Collinson's Hist, of Someret. Vol. iii. p. 58. 

Perambulation of Selewode Forest A.D. 1297. . Hist. Som. Vol. iii. fol. 84. 
p. 56. 

Perambulation of Neracchich Forest A.D. 1297. Hist. Som. Vol. iii. fol. 85. 
p. 57. 

Perambulation of Exmoor Forest. A.D. 1297. Hist. Som. iii. p. 57. fol. 85 in dors. 

fol. 86. 
Charter of Walter Caam of Cnappe to Will, atte fferthyng aboUt lands ^ol* 86 in don. 
at Chaldewell iu Cnappe. 

Charter of William to Deah John de Godelee about the same. -fol. 87. 

Release of the said land to the Dean, fol. 87 in dors. 

A copy of the agreement between the D. and C. and tlie Abbey of fol. 88. 
Glaston : cf. I. fol. 185. 

Quitclaim of Pokeleschirche<&c. cf. fol. 19. fol. 8'J. &c. 

Appropriation of Pbkelchurch Church, iralueid at 880 Marcd, to the ^^^' ^^• 
J>. and C. by Pope Boniface. 

May 10. The whole purposely much smudged over. 

Appointment by the Chapter of two proctors for general legal matters, fol. 91 in dors. 
A.D. 1395. 

Foundation of Bp, Ralph de Kr^hum'a Chantry, by liiraself, at S. fol. 92, 
Edmund's Altar iu the Nave of tht* Cuthedrai, <if the value of £4, &c. fol. 92 in dors. 
Given at Wyvelescombe. Jau. 20. A.D. 1398. 

L 2 . 






Acceptance of the chantry by the Chapter, Feb. 8. 
And confirmation by the Chapter of Bath. March 3. 

Bp Erghum's grant of the advowson of Pokeleschurch to the D. and 
C. 20. R. II. 

Other documents about the same. 

Instrument declaring the manner of taking possession. 

Confirmation by the Prior and Chapter of Worcester. 

Charter of Bp. Josceline about the Manor and Church of Wynescumb, 
given by him at the dedication of the Cathedral. Canon Walter de 
Cusington, resigns it into the Bp.'s hands. A.D. 1241. 

fol. 97 in don. The first arrangement made about the Church of Wynescumb. A.D. 




foh 98. 

fol. 94. 

fol. 94 in dors. 

fol. 95. 

fol. 95 in dors. 

fol. 96 & in 

fol. 97. 

fol. 98. 

fo). 98 in don. 
fol. 99. 

Inspex : by Bp. Roger of the grant by the Chapter to Walter de 
Cusington of the revenues of Luvington and Mudiford, in A.D. 1241. 

Confirmation by Bp. Roger of the Charter of Bp. Josceline about 

Charter of Bp. Josceline about Wynescumb. cf. I. fol. 50. 

Confirmation by King Henry to Bp. Josceline of the Manors of 
Wynescumb, Fucklechurch, Blachford and Cranemere with transference 
of certain Military services in Cranemere from Glaston : to the D. and C. 
Jan. 22. A.D. 1226. 

Charter of Bp. William about Wynescumb, given at Dogmersfeld, 
Oct. 1. A.D. 1261. 

Charter of Henry Lovesestre to Bp. Josceline about 4 acres in 

Charter of the same about a meadow given by him fo the church of 
S. James, and to William de Kayneeham the parson of Wynescumb. 

Charter by the same and to the same church, (when it was dedicated 
by Bp. Josceline on August 26, Anno pontificatus 30^) of a small wood. 

Similar charter. 

• fol. 100 in don. Charter of Robert de Sandford son aud heir of Albretha who was the 

wife of Gilbert Wrench, to the D and C of a wood called Lovesestre^s 
Scrobet, als. Cuytwinsewode. A was daughter of H. de Lovesestre. 
Given at Iveloestre in itinere, Gilberti de Preston, Roger! de Wyccstre 
&c. Anno Henrici fil : Jobs. 40°. 

ful. 100. 

fol. 101. 

Chai-ter of Albretha. A.D. 1256. 

Charter of Cristina Wrench daughter and heiress of Honry Wrench 
de Wodesberwe, widow, of half an acre to William de la Wye, Vicar of 

Charter of W. de la Wye about the same, 
fol. loiindor*. Test: Roger fil:Pagani; Thomas la Warre, Lord of Rtdveslon ; 
' Robert la Warre ; Walter de Monteforti ; Robert Malhcrbc ; Kniuhts 

Release by Philip Loveschest de Wynescumb. A.D. 1319. 



Agreement between the D. and C. and Galfrid d» Moleudinis about wblu 
pastures in Wynescumb. A.D. 1307. ^^mS!''^ 

The King to the Sheriff of Somerset. ^ol loa. 

The D. and C. have complained that Maurice de Berkele^Eva his wife, 
Thomas his son, and Maurice son of Thomas, have invaded certain 
rights of theirs in Wjnescumb, &c. 

Given at Ewelle. Feb. 3. A.D. 1307. fol. 102 in dow. 

Letters patent appointing Hernicus de Staunton, and John Bandolf 
to examine into this case. Given at S. Alban's June 16. A.D. 1306. 

The case of the nephews of Precentor Reginald cf. foL 15. 

William de la Ford, junior has cut down two oaks on the boundary of fol. 108. 
his and the D. and C. lands at Wjnescumb. It is adjudged by a jury on 
the spot that the trees belonged to the D. and C. and that W. is to pay 
to them 10 pounds silver, and restore che wood. A.D. 1325. 

The Manor of Winscombe &c. conveyed by the D. and C. to the exors. foL 103 in dors, 
of the Will of Dean Henry Huse, for the full term of three years, on 
the same terms as it was formerly held by William Bumeli, prepositus 
of Wells, and fiimarius of the said Manor. For this the said exors. have 
paid £200 sterling, and will also pay 10 marcs a year. A.D. 1306. 

Similar arrangement about the Church. The D. and C. undertaking 
to provide for the obit of H. Husee. 

The next folio is numbered 108. It seems to be merely an error, for 
there are not any folios missing. 

The D. and C. appoint two of their number to represent them at an fol. los. 
inquiry about to be held, at the instance of the Abbey of Glastonbury, 
by the papal commissaries the Abbots of Gloucester and Pershore, and 
the Prior of Evesham, about the Manor and Church of Wynescumb. 
A.D. 1246. 

Order of Pope Innocent IV. About the respective rights of Bath fol. lOR in dors, 
and Wells in the Election of a Bishop. They are to have equal rights 
in the election. The installation is to take place in each church 
alternately. Both the names are to be used together as the title of the 

Given at Lyons. Jan. 3. Pontif. Anno 2°. 

The whole of this entry smeared with red chalk. 

Four folios here are cut out, but the paging, which is of much later fol. 109. 
date than the MS., goes on in unbroken order. 

The D. and C. to the royal council, in the absence of the King, to ask 
for permission to proceed to the election of a Bishop. A.D. 1242. 

Inspex : by H de Tracy, cf. I. fol. 37. 

Final concord made at Exeter before Josccline Bp. of Bath and fol. 109 in dors. 
Glaston : and Roger Cole, Robert Cardman, John de Briwes, and Osbert 
fil : Will : justiciaries, between the said Bp. and Henry de Tracy about 
the Advowson of South Bovi. The Advowson is to belong to the 
Biishop, and he grants to the said Henry and hid Iieirs, quod participcs 
bint omnium orationum que fient ip Eccla: WcUen : . A.D. 1210, 


Wblu WiJliam de Ralegh, Treasurer of Exeter, to R. Bp. of Durham. He 

*^^^A*^ was present when the arrangement was made between J. Bp. of Bath, 
— and Thomas Mauduit, and Nicholas Avenel and his son and heir \\, 

in the presence of the said Bp. R, ntid remembers that though it was 
not inserted in the deed, that the Bp.of Bath expressly made mention of 
a sum of 4 Marcs arising from a piece of ground in Werminstre as part 
of the revenue of one of the vicars in Wells. 

Dean John Sarracenus to all Abbots, parsons &c. <&c. of the diocese, 
announces the order made by John de Bolum, Archdn. of S. Alban's, in 
the name of the Abbot and Prior of S. Alban's, and the Dean of London, 
giving authority to the Archdn. of Tanton durinoj the vacancy of the sec 
of B. and W., annulling all orders and acts of Thomas de Bedeford, and 
ordering hjm to pay.aa pxpenses^ to the Archdn. of Tanton 60 man*s, 
under pain of excommunication ; The said T. is excommunicated until 
he shall have given satisfaction. They are to proclaim this order in all 
foL 110 in dors, their churches. 

Given at Wells on the day of the Transl. of S. Thomas. A.D. 1250. 

R. Abbot of Glaston : to J. Bp. of Bath. 

He will remember that when lately the Church of Hamme was 
vacant he had requested the Abbey 16 give it to R. de Lexington, quod 
et fecimus quantum ad no^ pertinuit, but the transaction has not been 
completed. But now the Bp. has written to them and ordered them in 
accordance with a Mandate of the Pope addressed to him, to provide for 
Benedict, " Scriptor Pape." 

They are willing to present the said Benedict instead of the said R., 
if it (dease the Bp., on conditioq that this is taken as the fulfilment of 
their previous promise. 

fol^ 121, Agreement made between the Bp. and Thomas Maudnit &c. About 

Werminstre prebend, and the advowson. A.D. 1236. 

fol. I II in don. Nicholas, papal Legate to all men. 

When lately we were at Glnstonbury, a certain clerk came and pi*ayod 
us to cause him to be admitted as a monk and brother. We therotbrc 
have desired (monuimus diligenter) .Josceline, Bp. of Bath and Glaston, 
qui in eodem manerio vices gerit Abbatis, to cause this man to be 
accepted, he has acceded to our wish, and the Prior and Convent have 
accepted him. We at the desire of the said Bishop have issued this 
letter, and attached our seal to it. 

Given at Bath, April 12. 

Presentation by the Abbey of Lunlen (Lonlay) of Prior P. to their 
house at Stokecurcy. 

Charter of Herbert de Stowa to Bp. Joaceline, of his land at Hertlior 
in the Manor of Wells. Test : Hugh, Bp. Lincoln ; William, Archdn : 
of Lincoln ; William, Precentor of Weils ; William Archdn : of Bucking- 
ham ; Thomas} de fiiskerton ; William de Lincoln ; Peter de Bathon ; 
Canons of Lincoln ; Roger, Chaplain ; Adam de Clanefeld ; Radulf de 
Warrevill; Gilbert de Panton; Canons of Wells ; Galfrid fil : Radulf ; 

Richard Cotele ; Regni de Altavill &c. 


fol. 112. Inspex: by the D. and C. of a Charter of Canon- Hugh Everard, 

ftrmarius of Oeddre, about a messuage there. 

Inspex : and Confirmation by Savaric, Bp. of Bath and Glaston : of the 
Charter of Henry de Hardyngton giving to the Canons of Keynesham 
the Church of Hardynion. Test : Richard, Abbot of Michelney, &c. 


Confimiation by 'King Edward concerninc: certain honaes in Wells. ^ wblm 
cf. I. fd. 254. ' ^ * . *'*^'^ 

Conf : by Bp.. J concerning the same. Given in London. Jan 10. ^oh 113. 
A.D. 1366. Ibl. llSinilors. 

Inquisition held at Wells before John de Bekynion, Escheator for the 
Coanty, concerning the .same. ' Fefaw 8. 41 E. III. 

Charter of Margeria relict of Walter de ComptOD, about the same. f<>l- 11*- 
37 E. 111. 

Charter of Robert Boret and Juliana his wife conveying to Adam 
Tottebnrn, bnrgess of Wells, duas seldas &c. 

Cl.arter of John de Chidiock, knight, to Walter de Compton convey- fol- ^^^ in dors, 
iiig certain houses in Wells. A.D. 1362. 

Charter of Walter de Compton conveying"to Alicia Croteryu, a shop in ^°^* ^*** 
WeUs. A.D. 1363. 

Belease by Robert Boret as above. A.D. 1363. 

Charter of WUliam de Chelleworth son and heir of William de Chelle- 
worth of Wells, to John de Chidiock ; William Aumale, knight ; Robert 
de Panes ; and William de Byngham ; heirs and assigns of W. do Byng- 
ham; granting of all his tenements &c. in Wells. Test: John de **'• ^^^ ^"^''*- 
Meriet ; Walter de Romese^'e ; kDJghlis; John Atte ffordo; Thomas de 
Pan^; William de Weldei John fiauconer; John Leddred, junior; 
John Lengh ; Thomas de Mertoke de Wellys ; Thomas Draycote ; 
Robert fforde -de Yevele ; John le Doo ; Robert de Coker ; William le 
Doo &c. Given at Sutton Byngham, on Thursday next after the 
Martyrdom of S. John Bpt. A.D. 1362. 

Charter of Walter de Compton to Henry Boveditch of the tenement fol. il6. 
which formerly Adam de Cheleworth held in Wells. A.D. 1363. fol. 116 in dors. 

Release by William de Chelleworth to the D. and C. of a burgage &c. 
in Wells. A.D. 1364. -i : 

Final concord between William Lullok, Margery Moners, and Margety, fol. 1I7. 
relict of Watt : de Compton, and W. de Chelleworth, about two messuages 
&c. in Wells. A.D. 1364. 

Release by W. de Chelleworth to the same W. Lullok &c. A.D. 1364. 


Charter of Robert Boret and Juliana his wife, widow of William de fol. in indorB. 
Cheleworth. A.D. 1355. 

Charter of William son of William de Cheleworth. A.D. 1362. fol. lis. 

Charter of William de Byngham to Walter Compton* A.D. 1363. fol. 118 in dors. 

Inquisition to be held by John de Bekyngton, Escheator, as to a 
burgage &c. bequeathed by W. de Compton. 

Charter of R. Boret to A. de Tettebourne^ as before, fol. 119. 

Charter of W. de Byngham to W. de Compton, as before. 

Isabella de Toryngton daughter and heiress of Ebomrd le ifraunceys, fol. 119 indorf. 
late a burgess of Bristol, and John her son, make over to the D. and C. 
certMn bonds entered into by William Chelleworth in the presence of the 
Mayor of Bristol A.D. 1383. 

-^ r . '^•: 


c Thbd* • ^^^^ ^^ Rodenye, knight quit claims to the D. and C. an annual rent, 

^M88. payable by certain tenements lately belonging to W. Compton, of one 

fol 120~ P*''^ ^^ S^^^ spurs. A.D. 1394. 

Charter of John de Weleslegh, knight, to Walter de Hull, clerk, of a 
piece of land in Wells. A.D. 1324. 

Indenture made between John Wareyn, Canon of Wells, and Thomas 
Byngham, Radulf Berners, Robert Rugg, Robert Sloo, Canons of Wells, 
about a messuage in Wells. A.D. 1392. 

fol. 121. Charter of John Wareyn about the same. A.D. 1393. 

fol. 121 in dons. Charter of Stephen de Surreye to Hugh de Lymyngton and Robert de 

Chydyngfold, Vicars in Wells, about certain houses. A.D. 1299. 

Charter of R. de Chydyngfold to Richard de Thistelden, Treasurer, 
and to Hugh de Uppehill, vicar of Wells, about the same. 

fol. 122. Charter of H. de Uppehill to Walter de Hulle, Archdn. of Bath, about 

the same. A.D. 1348. 

Release by H. de UppehUl. A.D. 1348. 

fol. 122 in dors. Release by Richard de Thistelden, of the same. A.D. 1348. 

Similar deed of R. de T. 

fol. 123. Agreement between Robert de Cudyngfold and Hugh de Lymyngton 

as to their shares in the tenement which they hold in common. 
A.D. 1305. 

fol. 123 in dors. Charter of H. de Lymynton to W, de Hulle, Vicar about his house, 

A.D. 1324. 

The same about the same. 

fol. 124. William de Costrode, relative and heir of Robert de Chedyngtonfold, 

about a messuage in Wells. A.D. 1333. 

Ordo subsequens declarabit omnes anuales Vicariis conferendas in 
festo S Jeronimi in £ccl : Wellen : ; ac etiam Prioratus in capella B. 
Marie, et S. Martini, qualiter et per quos debent fieri in eccl. predicta. 

1. Appropriation of the Church of Stokgummer by Bp. William, 
fol. 124 n don. ^^^ establishment of a Chantry of the Talue of £5. 

2. Ordinatio Exor™ testamenti J. de Button, cf. I. ful. 22. 

fol. 125. 3. Ordinatio Elie. magist : Hospital : S. Jobs., Bristol, tf. I. fol. 22. 

Test : Roger de Bercham Mayor of Bristol ; John de Berwick ; 
fol. 125 in don. Reginald Goolde, then prepositus of Bristol ; John Gilbert ; 

William de Berwick ; Galfr : le Cape &c. 
4. Ordinatio Ricardi de Bamfeld. cf. 1. fol. 87. . 
Amongst other gifts '^ 20d. inter languidos et alios pauperes qui pro 

pudore mendicare erubescunt." 
fol. 127. 6. Ordinatio Roberti, Prioris de Staverdale. cf. T. fol. 1 16, 1 17. 

July 20. A.D. 1263- 
fol. 127 indow. 6. Ord : Thome de Button. Exon : Epi : cf. I. fol. 127. 

7. Ord : Joscelini Epi: Three priests to be appointed, with 13 vicars, 

who shall in turn celebrate the Ma:^s de B. Virgine, every day. 

These priests an*- to have one whole sluire of communa, instead 

of the half which otherwise they would have, ut libeutius et 

devotius ministeiio suo insistan^. A.D. 1206. 


8. Ord : Joh" Waryney Canoniciy who has given certain rents in Wells wsus 

for a daily service. A.D. 1394. ^^mss.*^'' 

9. Ord: Walteri Wjncaulton,Canonici, etprebendariide Wormynistre , ,oT^ j 

als. Luxvyle. He has given to the body of vicars £100, a chalice, *°*' ^^® ^°*®'''* 
a missal, a vestment and other thiuj^s ad decenter ornandum quod- 
dam altare, coram imagine S. Crucis in eccl : nostra Wellen : ex 
parte boreali alti campanilis, &c. A.D. 1406. 

10. Ord: Galfridi de Briddeport. cf. I. fol. 84. j^l 130 in dors. 

11. Ord : Hugonis dc Romenal. cf. I. fol. 86. 

12. Ord : Petri, Decani, who had given land at Merlegh in Woky for fol. lai in dors, 
a perpetual service for the departed. 

• Confirmed by Bp. Josceline, at Banewell on the morrow of the 
Annunciation. A.D. 1238. 

13. Ord: of the Exors : of the Will of William II., Bp. of B. and fol. 132. 
W. cf. I. fol. 62. 

14. Ord : pro vicariis. 

Indenture between Ralph, Bp. of B. and W., and the vicars inhabiting 
the houses and using the hall newly built by him. Certain lands are 
given to the vicars, and they are to celebrate a mass daily for the good 
estate of the said Bp., &c., and for the souls of the departed, &c. 

Given at Wyvelescumb. April 17. A.D. 1354. 

Inspex : and conf : by Archbp. William, of the appropriation of the fol. 134. 
Church of Kyngeston to the vicars of Wells by John Bp. of B. and W. 
A long document of three foHos. 

Institution by Bp. Savaric of the celebration of a daily Mass in honour fol* 136 in dors, 
of the Virgin. Eo jocundius .... quo pro fidelibns sedula creditur 
interventrix existere,et apud Deum majorem noscitur gratiam obtinere, 

Appropriation of the parish church of Est Coker to the D. and C. of fol. 137. 
Exeter for the foundation of four chantries there, cf. I. fol. 287. 
A.D. 1419. 

A long document of 9 folios. 

Composition between the D. and C. and the Vicar of S. Cuthbert's, fol. 145 in dors. 
as to the rights and revenues of the vicarage. 

Confirmed by Bp. Ealph at Welyngton. July 11. A.D. 1357. cf. I. 
fol. 101. 

A commission issued by the Bp. to inquire into the state of the fol. 148. 
▼icarage of 8. Cuthbert's. A.D. 1356. 

Appointment by the D. and C. of Thomas Spert, the Chancellor, and 
Canon John fFrysby to be their proctors in a suit with Walter de 
Hanmie, Vicar of S. Cuthbert's. AD. 1394. 

Sententia contra W. de Hamme .... in curia Cant, lata super fol. 143 in dors, 
pcnsione 20 marcarum Eccle: Cathed: Wellen: ab eodem vicario debitis. 
A.D. 1388. 

Order made by Philip de Staunton, acting for the Bp., who is in fol. 151. 
foreign parts, in a dispute between the D. and C. and Robert, Rector of 
Baggebergh about the tithes of Lydiard. The D. and C. to have the 
tithes and pay 7 shillings a year to the rectors of B. A.D. 1278. 

Ordinatio Vicarie de Stoclande per Johannem Epm. The landn and 
tithes enumerated which are to belong to the vicar, the rest to the 


WsLifl House of S. Maik of Bristol, of which William is the Master. A.D. 

M88. 1380. 

A similar order aboat the Vicarage of Yatton. Walter the vifer has 
complained that his revenue is not sufficient for the support of himself 
and two chaplains, and others dependant upon him. The Bp. therefore 
inasmuch as it is his dutj to take care that vic4irs hare sufficient for 
their own support and for hospitality, and that the Yslue of the prebend 
is fully 100 marcs, while the vicar receives not more than 12, orders 
that certain small tithes, of which a long list is given shall belong to the 

This order is made vocatis omnibus quorum interest • 

• concurrentibus omnibus qui in hac parte requiruntur. 

Given at Bane well, June 14. A.D. 1327. 

fol. 152 in dors. A similar arrangement about the church of S. Mary de Stallo and 

its dependant chapel Wydecombe, which is appropriated to the Abbey 
of Bath, and of which John Dudemerton i^ Vicar. 
Given at Wyveliscumbe. Feb. 13. A.D. 1322. 

fol. 153. ^ similar arrangement about the Vicarage of Clive, of which the 

Church is appropriated to the Abbey there. 

The Vicar amongst other duties shall be present every Sunday at 
Leigh Chapel, and shall read the Gos^l, and provide oquam et 
panem benedictum for the parishioners, and shall celebrate the Mass 
there three times in the year, viz., at Christmas, Easter, and on S. 
^gidius' day. 

fol. 154. A similar arrangement about Corston Church, which was ap{»t>priated 

to Bath Abbey by Bp. Walter <^ our last predecessor,'' and to which 
Henry de EvertJon is now presented. 

Given at Banewell. Nov. 1. A.D. 1321. 

fol. 154 in dors. Conf : by the D. and C. of Wells of the aiTangement about the tithes 

of Somerton, made by Bp. Savaric. cf. I. fol. 49. 

Test : Benedict, Abbot of Athelney ; Durand, Prior of Montacute ; 
Gilbert, Prior of Bruton ; John, Prior of Tanton ; Eaer, parson of Aire., 
&c., to the original grant by Bp. Savaric. 

fol. 155. Similar Confirmation by the Abbey of Bath. 

fol 155 in dors. Similar arrangement made about the Vicarage of Est Cammel, after an 
fol. 156. inquiry had been held on the spot by a commission called together by 

the Archdn. at the Bp's desire. AD. 1380. 

The Commissioners are Thomas, rector of Trent ; Thomas, rector of 
Rympton ; Bichard, rector of Sandford ; James, rector of West Canunel ; 
Symon rector of Chilton ; Thomas, rector of Ashington ; Robert, vicar 
of Modeford ; and Eichard, vicar cf Merston. They report that the 
rectors receive 23/. 14^. lOd. including some tithes '^ de parco domini 
regis" ; and the Vicar 9/. 13«. 3d, 

Similar document about S. Decuman's. 

Given at Wyvelescumb. March 19. A.D. 1320. 

fol. 157. Similar document about Paulet to which the Abbey of & Augustine's, 

Bristol presents Antonius. 

fol. 157 in dors. Letter of Stephen de Tornaco to J, Bp. of B. and W. giving the 

value of the Vicarage of Bokelond. 


The Vicawge of Kingsbary. qS.LM.46. CaT'bSIit. 


Order by Bp. John about the Vicarage and Parish Church of Wyke — * 

near Bath, to which the Rectpr Peter d« Inkpenne has presented as 
Yicar John Marleward of Bath, with the consent of the patrons, the 
Abbess, &c, of Whcrewell. 

Given at Yevele. Peb. 1 1 . A.D. 1320. 

Appropriation to the Abbey of Bath of the Church of Hampton. fol. 159 in dors. 

Given at Chin. Oct. 21. A.D. 1317. 


Commission issued by Bp. Ralph to two of the Canons to examine 
into the state and value of the vicarage of Burnham to which John de 
Burford has been presented by the-D. and C. 

Given at Northcory. Nov. 6. A.D. 1334. 

Inspex : and conf : by the Prior Thomas of Bath, &c., of the appro- 
priation by Bp. Josceline to the. Hospital of S. John Bapt. in Wells, of 
the Church of Evercriz in A.D. 1231. 

Charter of Robert Cotele, son of Hamo Cotele do Stolcelinch of 
one acre of Meadow in Walton to the Church of S. Andrew, Wells. 
A.D. 1248. 

Charter of R. de Camville about Hengestridge. cf. I. fol. 21. 

Charter of G. de Camville. cf. I. fol. 21. fol. 160. 

Conf: by the Archbp. cf. I. foL 21. 

Similar document, cf. I. fol. 22. foi. leo in dors. 

Conf: by Bp. Reginald, cf. I. fol. 21. 

Testimony of the Bp. of Worcester, cf. T. fol. 21. fol. i6l. 

Charter of Henry de Lascy, Earl of Lincoln, Constable of Cfiester, 
and Margaret bin wife granting the Chapel of Whitohnrr^h in Henges- 
tridge to Henry de Pontihus the prebendary of H. 

Test. William Bp. of Ely; Tybottot ; Richard de Hedon ; Thomas fol. lei in dors. 
de S. Vigoro ; Peter Mnllore ; knights ; Walter de Wyke ; John de 
Haddon, &c. 

Given at London. Feb. 6. Anno regni Edwardi 20°. 

I 4 

Confirmation by the king of the last. 

Appointment by H. de Lascy of Thomas de ffissebum to give pos- foi. i62. 
session to Henry de Pontibus. 

Resignation into the hands of H. de Lascy by John de Mount Gautcr 
Medicus, of the <rhapel of Whitchurch, to which he had been presented 
by the said H. 

Given at Kyngeston in Dorset, Feb. 26, Anno regni. E. 20^ 

Exemplifioation of the case of the D. and C. and the Vicar of 
S. Cuthl^t's, Wells. Two folios. 


Letter of Pope Boniface upon the same subject. ^.^j^ ^^^ 

The first four lines, and the last ^ve smudged with red chalk. 
Given at Rome, at S. Peter's, May 15. Anno Pontif. 7°. 

Bull of Pope Boniface IX. 

Understands that according to an old custom every Canon who comes 
into residence, i» expected to feast the Bp., the D. and C, the Vicars^ 


fol. 165. 


WBLL8 and all other Ministers of the Church, at the excessive cost of 150 or 
^^ Mss.^^^ even 200 marcs. This has produced disputes and scandal, and is to be 
altogether abolished. For the future every simple prebendary is to pay 
100 and every dignitary 150 marcs to the fabric of the Church, on 
coming into residence. 

Given at Eome, at S. Peter's, March 18, anno Pontif. 12°. 

fol. 165 in dore. Appropriation by Bp. John of the Church of Berwe to the Arch- 
deaconry of Wells subject to a payment of 10/. for the support of three 
chaplains, two of them for the Chantry of the two Bps. William de 
Button, and John de B., and one for the good estate &c., of the Arch- 
deacons, &c. 

fol. 167. Given at Banewell, Aug. 3, A.D. 1328. 

Appropriation to the Abbey of Glaston : of tlie Church of Bnddeclcgh 
with the chapel of Baltenesborgh, by Pope Boniface. The T). and C. 
have protested, and the Abbey agrees to pay them a pension of IS*. 4d, 
in satisfaction of their claims. 

Given at Glastonbury July 31, A.D. 1392. 

fol. 168 in dors. Decision by Bp. Ealph that the Itector of Norton sub Hamedon 

(Kobert Raulyn) must pay the ancient pension due to the D. and C. of 
40 shillings. 

Robert de Caunteloo is rector of Wynfrith. 
Given at Wyveliscumbe, Aug. 11, A.D. 1363. 

fol. 169 in dors. John the Prior de Longa Leta to all men, 

Ralph Bp. of B. and W. has appropriated to the Priory the Church 
of Lullyngton of which it is patron. A pension of 6s, Sd, is reserved 
to the D. and C. of Wells. 

Given in the Chapter of Longleaf, Jan. 8, A.D. 1394. 

fol. 170 in dors. Inspex : by Dean Stephen Pempel of the Union of the Vicarage of 

Wyncaulton with the Priory of Stavordale by Bp, John, when it shall 
be vacated by the present vicar John Bryan. The Priory is to find a 
secular parochial chaplain, or if necessary one of their own canons with 
cure of souls and to minister to the parishioners, for a quarter, or one 
half of the year at most. One of the cancms shall also celebrate daily 
a mass for the dead in the choir of the Priory, in the chapel of the 
Blessed Virgin, and of SS. Peter and Paul and S. James, under the 
campanile, for the soul of Philippa the late queen, for the good estate 
of the Bp., and for his soul and for the souls of his parents Roger and 
Johanna, and similarly for John de Stourton, Alice his wife, Richard 
Bisschop vicar of the Parish Church of Meere, in Sarum diocese, and 
for John de Bekynton ; also for William de Stourtone and Johanna his 
wife the parents of the aforenamed John de S. ; for the brothers and 
sisters of the same John de S., and Letitia and Alicia their wives, tor 
Gilbert de Rokeburne and Johanna his wife, and John their son ; for 
Master W»ilter de Shireborne ; Walter Kiugsettele ; Thomas and Alice 
the parents of the said R. Bisschopp ; for W. Ryby, Chaplain and John 
and Emma his parents; for William de Milleborn, knight, and Margerie 
his wife ; and for all the faithful dead. The said canon shall receive 7d. 
at the end of each week. 

Each canon of the said Priory, 8 in number, shall have annually 
6s. Sd. for their clothing beyond the usual allowance. 

On the day of the Circumcision, the Prior and brethren shall celebrate 
the usual service for the dead, and on the same day divide equally 
amongst themselves ISs, 4ed. 


20 shillings is the fine for any neglect in the said services, to be paid Wklls 

to the Eleemosinarius of Wells. ^* mSsl"^'' 

The Priory is to pay a pension of 'Ss, Ad, to the Bp. and Sji. 4c/. to — 
D. and C. March 18, A.D. 1374. 

U|K)n the petition of the monks of Hen ton, whose lands are hilly fol. 172. 
and poor aad whose niillt<i, whence they derive the chief part of their 
revenue, are less profitable than formerly, but not through any fault or 
n^lect upon their part, who have to pay tithe upon the fruits of their 
labour to more than the value of the profits, who are also burdened 
with corrodies and debt, the Church of Henton which has been given 
to them by William de Litelton, Precentor of Wells, its patron in liis 
own right, is appropriated to their house. 

The usual conditions about a house for the vicar and an income, and 
payment of pensions <&c. 

Given at length on two folios. A.D. 1344. 

Certificate by Panthaleou de Bredis . . . Causarum curie camere apo< fol. 173 indur.". 
stolice auditor generalis &c. to a copy of the bull of Pope Boniface ^ol. 174. 
about residence. Given at Florence A.D. 1420. The entry is smudged 
with red and black chalk, with special attention to the obliteration of 
the name ** Boniface," and to the words ^* sanctissimum in Christo 
patris et domini nostri domini Martini divina providentia . . •*' this 
woixl quite illegible. 

Charter of John, Prior of Worapring to John de Axebrugge, Sub- fol. 174 in dors. 
dean of Wells, and to the D. and C. after him, of an annual payment of 
20 shillings, to be expended in masses for the soul of (he said John, in 
the Cathedral, A.D. 1266. 

Charter of the same about the pension of 10 marcs for the obit of fol. 175 in djrs. 
Bp. W. de Button, cf. I. fol. 62. 

Instrument about the 26 marcs payable by Berli/.. cr. I. fol. 89-90. ^^1. 176 indoiF. 
Charter of Robert, Prior of Berliz. cf. I. fol. 110. fol. 177 in dors. 

Letter of John, Prior of Worsprying. cf. I. fol. 118. fol. 178. 

Confirmation by Robert Prior of Bath of the appropriation of fol. 178 in dors. 
Chilterne Church to Bry weton. cf. fol. 127. 

Letter of Isabella Huse, Prioress of Kyngton, about a pension of fol. 179. 
10*. payable to the Cathedral from the Church of Twerton. A.D. 

Letter of Thomas, Abbot of Keyneshum about a pension of 3^. id. fol. 179 indns. 
payable from their Church of Keynesham. Nov. 17. A.D. 1396. 

Letter of the Master and Brethren of S. John's Hospital, Bi-istol. fol. 180. 
Forasmuch as the late Fleniy Tessun Precentor of Wells, Canon of 
Sarum, and Prebendary of Bedmynstre, built nt his own expense the 
Chapel of the Holy Spirit in the cemetery of S. Mary RedcliflT, in order 
that the divine onices for the dead might be continuously celebrated 
there, and in consider:! tion of his good will towards us, we undertake 
the support of the Fnid chapel, and will provide a secular chaplnin with 
a clerk, or one of our own brethren to serve therein daily, preHito prius 
Sacramento Rectori Prebende de Bedmynstre de indempnitate predicta 
prebende, and to sing Placebo, Dirige, and celebrate the maas, summo 
mane, according to the Use of the Church of Sarum, for the souls of 
Herbert, Robert, and William, Bp6. of Sarum; of Josceline, Roger, 


OaT^ukal ^^ William, Bps. of B. and W* of the said Predentor and his family 
MSS. &c. They will provide also a daily mass at the Altar Sancti Salva- 

toris, in the Cathedral at Wells, which was erected bj the said Precen- 
tor. They will also provide bread and wine, in perpetuity pauperoulis 
capellis et eccls. de Archidiaconatu Bathoc. caritative sibi dari hec postu- 
lantibus. They/v^rill also pay to the Communarius at Wells one marc 
every year on the vigil of the obit of th^ said Precentor, viz. Aug. 13, 
to be divided among the Canons and Clerks who take a personal Bbare 
in the anniversary services, &c. Further details about the rents given 
by the said Precentor to the Hospital. A.D. 1254'. cf. I. fol. 2. 

fol. 181. Letter of Nicholas Abbot of Keynesham about a pension payable on 

their Church of Heighelitleton. cf, I. fol. 170, 171. 

tol i€2. Similar letter of the same about a pension of 6#. Sd. payable on their 

Church of Westharptre. cf. I. fol. 199. 

fol. 182 in don. Charter of Bp.*John about a pension of 13«. 4d, payable to the D. 

and C. by the Church of Est Coktjr. . A J)., 1386. 

fol. 183. Bond of William the Prior of Berliz, &c. for the payment of £30 to 

the D. and C. A.D. 1387. 

The same bind themselves to pay a pension of 68. Sd, on their ap* 
propriated church of Bradeford. A.D. 1387. 

fol. 188 in dors. Charter of Bp. Josceline about Chyuton Church appropriated to the 

Abbey de Gemetico, and about the vicarage. Simon de S. Petro is. the 
Rector. A.D. 1241. 

fol. 184 in dort. Letter of the Abbot William accepting the last. A.D. 1241 . 

Appropriation to Glastonbury Abbey by Bp. Walter (after cna- 

sultation with the Chapters of Bath and Wells as usuaU of the Churches 

fol. 185. of Dultynge, Dichesgate, Budekleya and Evfc Brent, with their chapels, 

subject to the establishment of a vicarage in each case as usual, &c. 
A.D. 1266. 

Order by Bp. Josceline about the Church of Norton juxta Hamedon, 
of which the Abbey of Grestein is patron, and Silvester de £verdon, 
fol. 185 in dors. The Church is appropriated to the Abbey, and the Eector is to 

receive 12 marcs a year until the Abbey provide him with a sufficient 

Given at Voqui, Feb. 14. A.D. 1241. 

fol. 186. Confirmation by Bp. Walter of an arrangement by which W. de 

Cherleton is to receive 10 marcs annually from the D. and C. from 
Northcory Manor, instead of the same sum from the Bp. from Bum- 
ham, which pension is now made over by the Bp. to the D. and C. 
A.D. 13C6. 

Inspex : by Bp. William of the grant by Baldwin, lord of Thorne, of 
2 acres of land with the Advoweon of the Church of S. Marsaret at 
Thome, to the Church of S. Mary, and S. John the Evang : at Leigh in 
Devon, and to the Carjons there. Test : Johelo de Valletort^ then 
Sheriff of Somerset ; Henry de Chanflur ; Henry, parson oE Stanton ; 
Thomas de Tetteburne ; Simon de Luccumb ; John de Arundel ; 
Robert de Wile^eatre ; William de Oreweye ; Nich. de Huilehey ; &c. 

Also of the grant by the said Canons of the same to the Archdn. of 
Tantou, Walter de S. Quintiii, in return for benefits received fromhim^ &c. 



The Bp. decrees that the above-named land and charch and the Wbus 

appurtenances of the pariah church of Milverton which is a prebend of ^^^mS"^^ 

Wells, be annexed to the Archdeaconrj, subject to a payment of 40*. — 
for a chantrj at Wells, &c. A.D. 1251. 

Confirmation by Bp. Reginald of the gift of Staweia Church by fol 187 in dors. 
Matildis de Chandos. cf. I. fol. 37. 

Grrant by John Sarracenus of a shop in Wells. 

Grant by Bp. W. de Button of certain services, &c. in Midelton. cf. 
I. fol. 90. 

Bond of Robt. de Wamberg, Archdn. : of Wells to return two deeds fol. 188 iudors. 
.'ibottt the land of Midelton near Ivelcestre, which he has borrowed. 
A.D. 1329. 

The Abbey of Bath about Carentum. cf. I. fol. 24. 

Grant by Hugh Bp. of Lincoln of his Church of Gosebertkirke to fol. 189. 
Richard de Atteberg as parson, saving to Hugh Burgundia the vicarage 
for life on payment of 13 marcs a year to the said R. as parson, &c. 

Test. : Josceline Bp. of Bath and Glaston : ; William de Hammes, Pre- 
centor of Wells ; Th. de ffiskerton, chaplain ; Walter de Well ; Roger de 
Bohn .... and Steph. de Cicestre ; Canons of Lincoln ; Adam de 
Clanefeld ; and Radulf de Warevill ; Canons of Wells ; Will, de Lincoln ; 
Ric. de Tinghurst ; Oliver de Chedneco, &c. 

Given by the hand of Will, de Thornaco Archdn : of Stow, at Dorke- 
cestre. Nov. 3. Pontif anno 9*^. 

Nicholas Sherman parson of Norton sub Haiiiedon is sued by the D. 
and G. for £4 arrears of the annual pension of £2. 

Assignment to John de Wamberg, rector of Bodand in Sarum 
diocese, by W. de Cherleton of his pension of £10. A.D. 1322. 

Quit claim to Bp. Josceline of land in Wells and at Merlegh by fol. 190. 
William de Maulesberg son of Richard and Margery de M. 

The pension of £2 payable by S. Mark's, Bristol, cf. I. fol. 166. 

Final Concord between the D. and C. and the house of S. Mark de f^l- 190 in dors. 
Billiswike, about a pension of £4. 3s, ^d. on Ponleth and Stockland. 
A.D. 1272. 

Agreement between the Exors. of the Will of Hugh de Romenal, fol. 191. 
Treasurer; J. de Hereford, Canon of Wells, and the House of S. Mark 
lie Byleswyke. The latter are to pay to the D. and C. the pension of 
£4. Ss. 4d,f and the former will pay to them 120 marcs. A.D. 1272. 

Order from the Papal Legate Otto to the Bp. of Bath to call upon all 
ecclesiastical prelates in the diocese to pay the aid which had been 
promised to the Pope, first at Reading and again in London, even as it 
has been done by the Galilean Church. There has been much delay in 
making this payment, he is willing however to proceed with mildness, 
and therefore the Bp. is to summon all Deans, Archdns., Abbots, and 
Priors to appear in person ; all Chapters, Abbesses uud Prioresses by 
proctors, before the Legate in Octabis Omnium Sanctorum, and tlien 
they are to satisfy the demands made upon them. 





Wklls The lesser Deans, Eeciors, and vicars, the Bp. is to urge to hare 

^^^ss.^'^^ compassion on the ditRculties of the Apostolic See which it has ificiirred 
— in defence of the common faith, and to make offerings, 

fol. 191 in dors. All are to be invited to give at least a twelfth of their revenaes. A.D. 


Agreement made between the D. and C. and Nicholas son of Martin 
and Isabella, about the advowson of West Lideford ; the latter are to 
have it and pay 30 marcs to the D. and C, and the rectors shall pay a 
pension of half a marc to the D. and C. A.D. 1277. 

William de Plumpton, rector of West Lideford, consents. A.D. 

fol. 192. Bp. lleginald about Carenton Churches, cf. I. fol. 24. 

Canon G. de S. Leofardo, who cannot be present in person at the 
Election of the Dean, appoints Canon Hadulf de Wicham, to be his 
proxy. A.D. 1284. 

Consent of the D. and C. to whatever Bp. Josceline may determine 
about Chyuton Church. A.D. 1241. 

fol. l92iDdorfl. Institution by Bp. Josceline of Richard de Atteber to be parson of 

Cliarleton Makerel, saving to Robert de Meysi the perpetual vicarage 
which he has in it, subject to an annual pension of 505. to the parson 
and his successors. A.D. 1217. 

Hugh Bp. of Lincoln coniBrms to his successors the Church of 
Hameldon, a pension of 20^. from S. Peter's at Stanford and from 
the Chapel of Branteston. 

Given in the Old Temple, London, May 17. A.D. 1232. 

fol. 193. 

fol. 194. 

Licence of King Edward to the Abbot, &c. of Gloucester, to grant 
the Advowson of Bui*neham to Bp. Robert of B. and W. 
Teste me ipso, at Westminster, Feb. 27. A.D. 1285. 

General pardon, 3. H. V. 

Confirmation by King Edward about Burneham. A.D. 1291. cf. fol. 

fol. 194 iu dors. Licence by the King to Bp. Walter to grant two acres of land and 

the Advowson of Burnham Church to the D. and C. 
Teste me ipso at Winton, May 16. A.D. 1306. 

fol. 195. Confirmation by King Richard of the appropriation to the D. and C. 

of Pokelchurch. 
Teste me ipso at Westminster. Feb. 8. Anno regni 20°. 

Licence by King Richard in the same matter, given in consideration 
of £40 which the D. and C. have paid to him. 
fol. 195 in dors. Teste me ipso at Westminster, Sept. 24. Anno regni 2')°. 

Carta Henrici VI. super licentia amortizandi Bokelond. Licence is 
given to Bp. Nicholas to appropriate the Church to the D. and C. 
in consideration of £oO paid to the treasury. 

Teste me ipso at Westminster, Nov. 26. Anno regni 2^. 

fol. 196. 

General pardon of Henry Vl. in his 15th year in Parliament. 
Teste n»e ip^o at Westminster, March 27. Anno i*ogni lo^. 

• V 


Confirmation by King Edward of the order made by 6p. Kalph about w^bllb 
the Vicarage of Chyu. ^^mss."^'' 

Becites all the details of the arrangement on two folios. — 

Teeto me ipso at Westminster, June 20. Anno regni, Anglie 23°. ^^' ^*^- 
Prancie 10°. 

Licence by the king to Richard Pettys, Clerk, to give to the D.and C. foi- 199- 
30 acres of land and pasture for 80 sheep in Depford for the Anniversary 
of John Manston. 

Teste me ipso at Westminster July 4. 4 H. lY. 

General pardon by Edward lY. fol. 199 in dors. 

Appropriation of the Church of Cory Bevel to the Canons of Bus- fol. 201. 
telesham, in Sarum diocese, by 6p. Ralph. 

Great part of their house still remains to be built. The house is on a 
road much frequented by rich and poor who seek for hospitality, and by 
noble men who have to be received in n manner suitable to their 

It is situated on the bank of the Thames, and its land is therefore 
much subject to injury from floods in winter, and even some of the 
buildings have been destroyed by floods. Wherefore with the consent of 
the king, Richard II., and the Lord John Duke of Aquitaine and Lan- 
caster, nunc fundatoris ejusdem, of the D. and C. of Wells, of WiUiam 
de Monte Acuto Earl of Sarum, the patron of the Church of Cory 
Revel, John Toly the rector having resigned, it is appropriated. 

Details of the arrangements as usual. 

Given in the parish church of Moneketon, June 14 A.D. 1391. 

Confirmation of the last by the Notary ; by the Chapters of Wells fol. 202. 
and of Bath, and by Ralph Erghum Archdn : of Tanton. 

Agreement between the D. and C. and John de Murdene about oome foL 202 in dors, 
pastures in North Cory Moors. 

Test: John de Bello Campo; Henry de Urtiaco; John de Erlegh; 
Gilbert de Bere; Hugh de Popham ; Knights; Nicholas de Melies; 
Philip de Columbariis ; Mathew de Ciy vedone ; Henry de Urtiaco ; John 
de Burton ; Walter Lyfe. A.D. 1311. 

Charter of the D. and C. to Hugh de la Hele. cf. I. fol. 18. fol. 208. 

Letter by the D. and C. to their bailiff at North Cory, Walter de 
Cnolton to give possession to Hugh. A.D. 1284. 

The D. and C. sell to Cecelia widow of Hugh atte Hele, the custody, fol. 203 in don. 
Ac. of their son Ralph and of his lands; Alicia was Hugh's Mother, and 
the lands came from her. 10 £. HI. 

Quit claim by John son of Mabilia Roweles to Hugh de la Hele of a 
messuage and certain services in North Cory. 24 E. 

Indenture between the D. and C. and the Exors. of the Will of the fol. 204. 
late Bp. Ralph. 

The D. and C. have received from them, 

Unum missale notatum ad magnum altare. 

Unum par vestimentorum alborum cum toto apparatu ad usum capelle 
B. Marie: And £10 for the fabric. 

Tres capas de cammaka rubea, quarum una habet unum morsum argen- 
teum deanratum, et ammelat: ; unam casulam ; unam dalmaticam cum 
tanica ejusdem secte ; tres albas ; tres amic. ; duas stolas ; tres 

a 20641. M 


Wiut manipulos ; ires zonae, qnamm noa de serico viridi omata argent, et 
MBS.'^^ deaurat : ; anum par sandaliom ejasdem secte ; nnam dabnaticam ; nnam 
— tunicam de cammeka mbea ex parte una, et nigra ex altera, ex dono 

domini Epi. enpradicti. Et etiam nniim gradale et unam cambucam 
pretii 40 marcarom looo et nomine onias cambuce pretii 10 librarum ; et 
nnam mitram pretii 100 solid, quas dictos dominos Eps. haboit ex 
prestito de ecclesia supradicta. Bemisenmt • • • • * dicti D. et C. 
dictis exor^ nnnm gradale pretii 10 solid, que dictas dnins. Eps. recepit 

ex prestito de ecd* Ac etiam omnimodas actiones 

qoas dicti D. et C. habueront contra dictnm Epm vel 

habere poteront Pro qua relaxatione dicti 

Exors. remisemnt .... dictis D. et C. 25 marcas que snpererant 
10 libramm in qaibua cambnca quam dictns Eps. habuit de ecclesia 

ex prestito fuerat appreciata, qnas qnidem alias dicti D. et C. 

solvere tenebantur, et nnam cofram magnam in thesauraria bene ferro 
ligatam els venditar pretii 40 solid., et onam legendam sanctomm eis 
venditur pretii ISs, 4d, Item nnam anrifrisnm nobilem pretii 4 libra- 
rum, venditur eisdem sub ea conditione ut canonid dicte ecclesie animam 
fol. 204 in don. dicti dni. Epi. in snis missis et aliis orationnm sufTragiis in fiitnrum 

babeant ex debito commendatam, et etiam dicta peemiiaerit eis et eomm 
singulis in solutionem et satis&ctionem in distribntione residni bonorum 
dicti Epi. in fntanim saltem in quantum ilia summa pecnnie se extendit 

Given on Thursday next after S. Mark's Day, A.D. 1368. 

Charter of Robert Gyan of Bristol gives to Robert son and heir of 
William Gyan and to Cristina his wife, a messuage, windmill and all his 
lands in North Cory, a moor, &c. in Chereleyestath, &c. with the rever- 
sion of all lands which had been the dowry of Matilda wife of Robert 
grandfather of the said Robert Gyan, &c. 
fol. aos. Given at Chereleye, July 16, A.D. 1339. 

Charter of Margerie at Sloo gives to three of the Canons certain small 
rents &c. in N6rth Cory. A.D. 1385. 

Grant by Walter the Dean and the C. to Walter le Eyr and to the 
first wife whom he shall marry, for their lives, of certain lands in North 
Cory. A.D. 1347. 

fol. 205 in don. Release to the D. and C. by Thomasia daughter of Robert le Whyte 

de Enappe of all claims to certain properties in North Cory. A.D. 

fol. 20€. Mandate of £jng Richard addressed to Umfrid Stafford, Sheriff of 

Somerset, quod juste et sine dilatione habere facias Decano et Capitulo 
Henricum Grey nativum et fugitivum suum cum omnibus catallis suis 
et tota sequela sua ubicumque inventos fuerint in balliva tua nisi sit in 
dominico nostro, qui fugit de terra sua post coronationem dni. Henrici 
regis filii regis Johannis, et prohibemus super forisfactionem nostram ne 
quis eum injuste detineat. 

Teste me ipso apad Westm., April 29, A.D. 1391. 

Similarly about William son of William Grey and Henry his brother. 
And also about John son of William and William son of John Grey. 

fol. 206 in dors. The Sheriffs to his bailiffs in the above matter. 

Given at WeUs, Dec. 29 A.D. 1392. • 

Grant by the D. and C. to Richard de Acton, knight, in return for 
benefits received, of certain pastures in North Cory. A.D. 1865. 

fol. S07. 


Mandate from the Official of the Archbp. of Canterbury to Qoflbert Wiixa 
de ffalesham official of the Archdn : of Weils. Mandamus vobis sub ^^ hss.^^ 
pena canonica firmiter injungentes quatinus. cum sitis beneficiati in Epi- 
Bcopatu Cantuar :, to cite William de Button, nephew of the By. of Bath, 
to appear at the church of S. Mary de Arcubus. A.D. 1251. 

Letter of William Gyan about houses and rents in Northcory. Test : 
fiicfaard the succentor ; Philip de Canteleo^ Knight ; Henry Hyngolfy 
hundredarius de Northcory, Adam de Merydon, Robert de Merydon ; 
John de Marisco ; Robert le Taylur, &c. 

Agreement between the D. and C. and William Bussel and Agneta fol. 207 in don. 
his wife about certain pastures in Northcory. Given at Wells. Test : 
John de Bello Campo ; Henry de Urtiaco ; John de Erlegh ; Gilbert de 
Bere; Hugo de Popham ; Knights; Nicholas de Meles; Philip de fol. 208. 
Colombariis ; Mathew de Clyvedon ; Henry de Urtiaco ; John de 
Burton ; Walter de Lyfe, &c. March 16, A.D. 1311. 

Charter of Gilbert Thome, fol. 37. 

Receipt for 4 Marcs given by Robert Gyen. A.D. 1286. 

Charter of Thomas Payn and Richard Craddok to Margerie atte fol. 208 in dors* 
Sloo. A.D. 1375. 

Charter of Richard fil : Rad. fil : Bernard (cf. I. fol. 11.) Warranting to 
the D. and C. the manor of Hacche, against his bother William and his 
other relations. Test : Hugh de Wells, Archdn : of Wells ; Josceline his 
brother ; Simon de Pateshylle ; Master Eustace de Facunberg ; James 
de Fotema ; Richard de Mulcegros, justiciar : ; Master Roger de Sanford ; 
Hugh Nichol, Canons of Wells ; &c. 

Charter of Walter de Kam granting to Roger de Stokelinche and to fol. 209. 
Agneta who was the wife of Richard Bussel, the custody of the lands 
which the said Richard held of him at la Hill in Northcory, and of their 
son and heir Adam. 

Agreement between the D. and C. and Robert de Somerton. He is 
to have the lands &c. lately held on military tenure by William Colne of fol. 209 in dors. 
Northcory of the D. and C, until the heir of the said William is of age. 
The said Robert must keep all houses and fences in repair &c. and pay 
£7. 10#. Od. April 20. A.D. 1333. 

License by the T). and C. licet communi consilio regni statutum 
sit quod non liceat religiosis viris laicum feodum ingredi sine licentia 
dni. regis et capitalium dominorum de quibus feodum illud immediate 
teneatur in capite, to Elyas Spelly ; Walter Derby; Thomas Beaupyne 
de Bristoll, to grant in puram. . . elemosynam to Thomas the Prior 
of Worspryng and to his canons, a messuage, dovecote, and lands which 
Richard Dacton, knight, now holds in Wells, and in Hantrych in 
Northcory, of us in capite. A.D. 1383. 

Hugh son of Hugh atte Hele of Northcory. Has been absent from fol. 210. 
the county of Somerset for some time, and the D. and C. have dealt with 
and cultivated his lands in Northcory as has seemed fit to them. He 
now yields to them all the fruits which they have received firom the day 
of his departure until the day of the execution of this deed. Given at 
Northcory, on Wednesday next after the Feast of S.S. Tiburtius and 
Valerian; 8 £. 

H 2 



: Vklli Final concord between the D. and C. and Robert de Columbariis 

! MSS.''^^ about two carucates of land at Hacche. The D. and C. pay 10 marcs 

[ — ' to Robert. A.D. 124<7. 

fol. 210 m dors. Indenture between the D. and C. and Jobn de Troubrigge, Vicar of 

Northcory A.D. 1355. The D. and C. augment the vicarage with 
certain lands, and give coppice wood annually as an endownment for a 
chantry. The vicar is to pay one rose annually on the Nativity of S. 
John the Bapt : , and shall during the term of his life celebrate or cause to 
be celebrated, a mass every Wednesday and Friday if a duplex festum 
shall not fall upon those days, and if the lord or lady of Lillesdone shall 
be present, for whose good estate and for whose souls the said chantry 
is established. If a duplex festum falls upon those Jays the mass is to 
be celebrated on the morrow. If that day shall also be a duplex festum 
then only a memoria shall be said on the Wednesday or Friday itself. 
The lord of Lillesdone shall at his own expense provide a chaplain and 
all things necessary for the mass, pane per dictum vicarium quotiena 
opus fuerit ministrando dumtaxat excepto. 

fol. 2U. The Chaplain who is to say the mass or memoria dominum vel dominain 

de Lillesdone ultra completamhoram diei primam ibidem expectare minime 
teneatur, then he may depart without celebratins:, but if he is celebrating 
elsewhere during the day he shall bear in mind those souls for whom 
this chantry is established. Test. : Radulf de Middelneye : John de 
Cly vedone ; Richard de Acton ; Knights ; Matthew de Cly vedone ; 
John de Somerton ; John Houndsmor ; John atte Sloo ; Thomas 
Cnappe ; W. Hacche &c. 

fol. 211 in don. William Parle parochianns ecclesie de Northcory, confesses that he has 

taken certain tithes garbarum which belong to the rectors, and mixed 
them with others and thereby has ipso facto incurred excommunication. 
He is penitent, makes restitution, and prays for reconciliation. A.D. 

f#l. 212. On Friday, Nov. 10. the said WilUam signed the above in the house 

of Canon John de Wamberg Custodian of the Deanery daring vacancy. 

Indenture between the D, and C. and Hugh Cancy of Northcory. The 
said Hugh gives a bond for £100 as security that he will pay the 
expenses of the suit instituted against him by the D. and C, and t\8 
damages for trespassing on iheir rights of fishery in the Tone and else- 
where in Northcory, &c, April 18, A.D. 1367. 

fol. 212 in dors. Robert Gyan a layman of Northcory is summoned before the D. and 

C. to answer the charge of having wilfully cut down their timber, and 

fol. 213. beaten their servants. He appears, has no defence to offer, and his 

offence having been notorious and of ill example he is excommunicated. 
But afterwards having made his submission and taken an oath, to abstain 
from injui'y and to support the D. and C.'s rights, he is ordered to restore 
within two months the timber to the value of £10 publickly to the place 
whence he took it ; he shall also tribus vicibus circa ecclesiam de North- 
cory per tres dies dominicas infra duos menses predictos, et tribus 
vicibus circa ecclesiam Wellensem per alios tres dies dominicas ante 
processionem, nudus preter femoralia fustigetur, deferens in manibus 
suis unum cereum illuminatum ponderis unius libre singulis diebus 

fol 213 in dors. <iuibus penitentiam fecerit supradictam, et ilium teneat manibus suis 

propriis in navibus piedictarum ecclcsiarum a tempore processionum 
factarum quousque dicatur sen celebretur offertorium, et tunc ad magnum 
altare earundem ecclesiarum personaliter accedat et ilium cereum offerat 


humiliter missam celebranti, et Btatim tam celebrans qusm ipse peui- Wsllb 
tencie caasam et oblationis hujus coram dero et populo iu lingua mss. 

materna omnibus tntelligibili publico distincte et apte dicant et 

The said Robert Gjan shall give satisfaction to Robert Coppe the 
servant whom he assaulted to the amount of 40 shillings ; and for the 
oeclesiastical offence, he shall again be whipped around the said churches 
other six Sundays, and make an offering of a wax candle as aforesaid. 

For damages by poaching he is to pay 8 marcs, and for the eccl^sias- 
tical offence go through the same course of discipline for another 6 Sun- 
days. He is forbidden by himself or his agents to enter upon any of the 
properties of the D. and C. without permission, or to aid or abet those 
who do so, &c. He is also to give a bond for £20. He shall also take an 
oath to the observance of all these conditions, and shall appear in public fol. 213 re- 
in the cathedral and shall pray that he may be bound to obey all these peated by an 
conditions, and shall give his consent that a sentence of excommunication ®*^>^' 
shall be pronounced against him if he offend in the future, &c. 

Given at Wells, July 5. A.D. 1337. And sealed by^the said R. Gyan. 

The D. & C. to R. de la Welle, as on fol. S\l 

Indenture made 4 E.II. between the D. and C. and John de Acton fol. 213. 
Nicholas Braunch ; John Cliveden ; Knights ; Hugh de Bello Campo 
and Idonea his wife ; John do Berklee, and Waiter le Bole, about fol. 2U. 
pa.Htures and alder beds &c, in Stathmore. 

Charter of Walter Portefer granting to John atte Sloo, his wife fol. 214 in dors. 
Mnrjorie, and their son John, a burgage and a half at Nywport. A.D. 

Letter of Ralph de Middelnye about the bounds of his and the D. 
and C. lands. A«D. 1339. 

A list of separable meadows, and common lands &c in North Cory, fol. 215. 
Hacche, Knapp. 

Letter of Hugh de la Wyche to Robert Gyan, that he has granted to 
Hugh de la Hele a rent of l^d, &c. A.D. 1286. 

Similar letter of the same that he has made a grant to the same of the fol. 215 in dors, 
custody of land in Huntsham, during the minority of Adam son and heir 
of Richard Bustel, or if he die a minor, until the majority of his brother 
William. Test : Walter de Loveny, Knight ; William de Thome ; 
Galfrid de la Sloo ; Thomas de Mere &c. 

Chaiter of the same granting to the same a rent of 1^^. in North 
Cory &c. 

Charter of Mabilia Rowles of North Cory granting to Hugh de la fol. 216. 
Hele and Alice his wife a messuage &c. in North Cory. A.D. 1296. 

Charter of Walter Portifer granting to Rd. Craddock and Nich. 
Mansel, Clerk, a burgage in North Cory. A.D. 1371. 

Charter of Ralph fil : Bernard to Edmund, cf. I. fol. 11. 

Final concord between Ralph fil: Bernard and the J) and C. cf. L fol.2i6iDdors. 
foL 11. 

A warranty given by the same. cf. I. fol. 11. 


Wells John, the Abbot of Athelney appoints a proctor to represent the 

Mss"!"^ Abbey in their suit with the D and C. A.D. 1394. 

fol. 217, Bond for the repayment of a loan of £20 to the D. and C. by William 

Colne of North Cory. A.D. 1324. 

Settlement of questions which have arisen between the D. and C, and 
foL 217 in dors. Hugh de Bello Campo and Idonea his wife, about a Chantry of 3 days 

in the week at S« Martin's Chapel in Lillesdon, and about water rights 
&c. . . The D. and C. will build two bridges. A.D. 1317. 

fol. 218. Certificate of John Copleston, Sheriff of Somerset, that the D.and C.have 

certain pastures in Saltmore, about which there had been a suit with the 
Abbey of Athelney, Elias Spelly, and Richard Brice, and that he gave 
them possession on June 7, A.D. 1386 in the presence of John Lorty, 
Edward Seyntloo, and John Wareyn, Canons of Wells; William 
Whyttok, Thomas Miles &c. 

fol. 218 in don. Charter of Roger de Molis granting to Hugh de la Hole the custody 

of the lands of William de Insula in Stathe during his minority. 

Given at Cadbury on Wednesday next after the Translation of S. 
Benedict. A.D. 1294. 

Indenture between the D. and C. and Peter of Yevelton Cofyn nephew 
and heir of Thomas de Somerton, about tenements in North Cory. 
A.D. 1362. 

fol. 219. Agreement made between the D. and C. and the Lady Idonea de 

Beauchamp and Henry de Lillesdone, to the same effect as on fol. 211. 

fol. 219 in dors. Charter of Richard Collake granting to Hugh de la Hele, and Alice 

his wife an acre &c. in Scherpham. 

fol. 220. Charter of Walter de Kaam granting to Hugh de la Hele a tenement 

in Hountsham. A.D. 1294. 

Charter of H. Bp of Wynton granting to Robert de Columbariis, " My 
Knight," the land of Hacche whichll bought from Bernerius de fferraria 
for the use of the Church of Wynton, and which was confirmed by King 
Stephen, to be held by him and his heir on the service of one 
knight &c. 

Test : Henry nephew of the king ; Robert de Cornevilla ; Bernard, 
fol. 220 in dora. Richard, William, and William, " My Chaplains " ; Master Gaufrid, and 

Master William, and Master Auschetill, clerks ; Henry nephew of the 
king ; Henry de portu ; Robert de Novo Burgo ; Hugh de Fiscanno ; 
Roger de Meleford ; Gaufrid de ff'urnell ; Thomas de Monte Acute ; 
and Hamo his brother ; Radulf de portu ; Osbert de Capenall ; Richard 
de Fiscanno ; Gislibert fil : Odouis ; Gislibert fil : Aufrid ; Gislibert fil : 
Hunfrid de Sardlli; Engelard the Chamberlain, and William his 
nephew; Peter dispensator; William de Stana; Robert his brother; 
Patrick fil : Walter de Sarum ; Robert fil : Alberic de Ver ; Richard fil : 
Gerold de Tantona. 

The Confirmation by R. Duke of Normandy as in I. fol. 15. 

Acknowledgment by Robert de Columbaiiis. cf. I. fol. 69. 

Letter of Walter de Kaam to Robert de Hountsham that he has 
granted certain rents and services to Hugh de la Hele, and that they 
are now to be paid to him, A.D. 1294. 


Charter of William Osegod granting to the D. and C. all rights which Wklm 
he may have in the properties of Hugh, or William de la Hele or jigg. 
their heirs. A.D. 1363. - , ''" 

fol. 221 

Indenture made between the D. and C. and Humphrey Shiliere, 
chaplain ; the latter is to have all the Altilagium of the Chapel of Stoke 
S. Gregory in North Cory parish, with house and tithes, for seven 
years, or payment of 100 shillings a year &c. The said H. may also 
assign an aque bajulum in the presence and with the consent of the 
D. and C.'s Seneschal to the service of the said chapel. A.D. 1395. 

Charter of Thomas, Prior of Worspring about the payment of a 
corrody of a quarter of wheat. A.D. 1383. 

Charter of Walter de Caam, lord of Knappe, granting to Richard de fol. 222. 
la Welle and Cecilia his wife, and to Margaret who was the wife of 
Richard Trul of Tanton 18 acres of land &c. at Scallard, for their lives. 
Anno regni Edwardi 30^. 

Eichard de Caam surrenders to Margerie Cotele land which the D. fol- 222 in dors, 
and C. had leased to him in North Cory. A.D. 1337. 

Richard Craddok, parson of Cory Malet Church, and Nicholas Mancel, 
Chaplain, grant to Margerie at Sloo the burgage granted to them by 
Walter Portyfer. A.D. 1372. 

Convention made between the D. and C. and William Hughet and his 
daughter Emma, about pastures in North Cory. A.D. 1311. *>!• 228. 

A similar agreement made with Robert de Ochram. A.D. 131 1. 

General pardon by Henry VI. fol. 224. 

Teste me ipso apud Westm : Feb. 20. A.D. 1458. fol. 226. 

Licence from King Henry to the D. and C. to acquure 40 marcate of 
land, which are not held of the crown in capite. John Storthwaite, John 
Godeford, and John Reynald, Clerks, may make over lands and rents in 
Stokecursy and Edeston, to the value of 50 shillings per annum, upon 
the report of William Poulet the Eschaetor, to the D. and C, for the fol. 225 in don. 
beneiit of the soul of the late Bishop, and for their own. 

Test: Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, Custos Anglie, at Westm. 
May 20, anno regni 8^ 

The D. and C. have paid 20 marcs for this licence. 

A similar licence granted by Edward IV. fol. 226. 

Teste me ipso, at Wycombe, Nov. 8, anno regni 40. 
Per breve de privato sigillo, et de dato predict©, auctontate parlia- 
menti et pro centum et quadraginta libris solutis in hanaperio. 

Pardon by Edward IV. to Richard Swan, prepositus of Wells fol. 226 m dors. 
Cathedral, canon residentiary, parson of Yevelton church, and Exor. of 
the Will of the late Bishop Thomas Bekyngton of B. and W. ; Exor. 
of the Will of the late Richard Praty, Bishop of Chichester, &c. 

Teste me ipso at Westminster, March 7. Anno regni 12?. 

A similar pardon by King Edward to Hugh Sugar, John Pope, and foi. 227. 
Bichard Swan, clerks, the Exors. of the Will of Thomas de Bekynton, fol. 228. 

late Bp. of B. and W. , . v , j _x j 

After a long list of subjects in general to which the pardon extends, 
it is provided that it shall not extend to any transgressions committed 
sabs^nent to March 4. anno regni 5o; nor to Humphry Nevyll, 


Wbllb miles ; Thomas Malorie, miles ; Robert Marchall late of Culveham in 
Mss. Oxford county, armiger ; nor to Hu<::h MuUe, late oi* London, Gentil- 
man ; Gervase Clyston, late of London, miles ; William Verdon, late 
of London, sciyvener ; Peter House, late of London, armiger ; Morgan 
ftp Thomas ap Gruffath, late of Kermerdyn, in the county of Kermer- 
dyn, Gentilman ; Henry ap Thomas ap Gruffuth, late of the same place, 
Gentilman ; Owyn ap Gruffuth ap Nicholas, late of the same place, 
anniger; Maurice ap Owyn ap Gruffuth, late of the same place, 
Gentilman ; Thomas Philip late of Eye, in the county of Gloucester, 
Yeoman, nor to any other person attainted of high treason by any of 
our Parliaments, and not received back to the benefit of the law by the 
authority of any Parliament, or by our letters patient, nor to their 
heirs .... Nor to our enemy Henry VI. late de facto et non de 
jure king of England, nor to Margaret his wife, nor to Edward the 
son of Margaret, nor to any persons who consort with the said Mar* 
garet and Edward beyond our realm, nor to the rebels who hold the 
Casile or town of Hardelaugh in Northwall against us. 

Exceptions also about the treasury> Calais, the officers of the garde« 
robe, &c.) &c. 

Teste me ipso at Westminster. Aug. 24. Anno regni 8^ 

fol. B30. Pardon by E. IV. to John Pope, Prebendary of S. Decu man's, parson. 

of Shyre Church, Exor. of the Will of the late Thomas de Bekyngton, 
Bp. of B. and W. 

No list of names of persons excepted as in the last. 

Teste me ipso at Westminster. March 12. Anno regnl 12<>. 

fol. 232. Exemplificatio processus facti pro aquis et Warenna de North Cory, 

tempore Ricardi secundi. 

An account of an inquisition which had been held, the names of the 
jurors, and of those who are charged with having illegally entered upon 
the lands of the D. and C. vi et armis, and taken fish et alia bona et 
catalla, to the value of £200, and also hares, rabbits, pheasants and 
partridges, and corn and grass to the value of £40 ; with having made 
a watercourse upon the J), and C. land, imperilled their cattle, and 
beaten their servants, so that they dared not stay for fear of their 
lives. They had come in with swords and bows and arrows and had 
vi et armis taken salmon, peel, pike, lampreys, lamprons, eels and 
flounders . . . 2,000 hares, 10,000 rabbits, 1,000 pheasants, 1,000 par- 
tridges, wood and corn, Ac, together worth £240, and had pastured 
Ktock there. The names of the 11 servants who had been beaten and 
maltreated arc given, and of 6 others who had to fly to save life or 
limb, and an account of the courts which could not be held, &c. The 
I), and C. had been kept out of their rights for 13 years and have 
suffered loss to the value of £2,000. 

The details with the arguments on both sides are given at length on 
7 folios. The parties are summoned to appear before the Justiciaries 
R. Bealknap, Ac. at Wells on Wednesday, and the sheriff is to Bunimon 
a jury of 24 from the locality. The parties appeared, but the sheriflT 
had not summoned the jury. The case is adjourned to the next day, 

fol. 236. on Thursda} , at Strete near Glastonbury. Again the parties appear, 

but sufficient notice had not been given for the gathering together of 
the 24 jurors, they are therefore ordered to appear* before the said 
Justiciaries on the next day, Friday, the Feast of the Decollation of 
St. John Bapt, at Pontyngdon. The jury this time came, bat 
so late that the case is adjourned to Saturday at Yevelchestre where 
a jury is formed. Some of the accused fail to appear and are ooa-. 


demned in default; others are acquitted upon some and condemned Weils 
upon others of the charges, and are ordered to pay damages to the SSS!^^ 

D. and C. ; for the game 40 marcs, for the fish 100 marcs, for the — 

timber, &c. £10, for the pasturage, &c., £10, for the watercourse 100 
marcs, for the assault on the servants £20. 

It appears that some of the defendants appeal against the amount 
of the damages. The case is heard at Gloucester. Some of the 
Yyelchester jurors give evidence on oath and the verdict is conHrme<l. 

Teste me ipso at Westminster Aug. 1 . Anno regni 3^. 

Confirmation by Edward III. at the Parliament held at Westminster f^i^ 289. 
at Easter anno regni 15^, of the liberties of the Church, of Magna Carta, 
Carta de forestis, &c. Printed in the Statutes. 

Acquittance by King Edward for money borrowed. 

On July 17, anno regni S^j John de Sandale, locum tenens the- 
sanrarii ; Robert Baiguard, miles ; and our merchants Antonius Pes* 
sangue, John de Bureford, William Conmartyn, William Trent, William 
Servat, William de Doncastre, and John Yaune, bound themselves to 
John Bp. of B. and W., and to the Chapter of Wells for 500 marcs 
payable at Easter ; we have granted to the said Bp. and Chapter the 
power of collecting and retaining the said sum out of the aid about to 
be given by the clergy of the province of Canterbury, if it shall be given 
before that date. 

Teste me ipso at Langele March 21, anno regni 9^. f^l 241*. 

l^rivelegium Begis Edwardi [Confessoris] de omnibus possessionibus 
Wellensis ecclesie. 

Printed in Cod. Dip. iv., p. 163. 

Carta regis Edwardi concessa pro libertate Ecclesie Anglicane. ^ol. 242. 

' Gives the Articles, 18 in number, agreed to in the Parliament at 
Lincoln, anno regni 9^. 

Teste me ipso at York, Nov. 24, anno regni 10^. Printed in the 

Agreement between John, Bp. B. and W., and the D. and C. fol. 244 in dors, 
about their share in vacant benefices. The D. and C. are to retain the 
fruits of all benefices uotorie vacantium. They have jurisdiction in 
their own prebends and churches. The Archdeacons retain their former 
rights and j urisdictions. A. U. 1 32 1 • 

Charter of Henry VI. contra provisores suos. ^^^ 245, 

It has been agreed in the Parliament at Westminster, anno regni avi 
nostri 14®, that no servant of the Crown take any of the com, hay or 
cattle of ecclesiastical persons, and that no requisitions be made upon them 
for the entertainment of the king, or for carriage for his use. There 
have been grievous complaints that such exactions are common. For 
the future all such offenders are to be arrested at once and brought 
before " us and our council" Ac. 

Teste me ipso at Westminster, Oct. 7, anno regni 7**. Per ipsum 
regem et consilium. Billyngford. 

Charta of Bp. Robert forbidding fairs to be held in the cemetery at foi. 245 m dors 

*' Nonnullorum autem constat experientie quod tumultus nundiuarum 
que in eadem ecclesia et in atrio ejus hactenus esse consueverint ad 
dedecus et incommodum ejusdem ecclesie accedit cum in ea ministran- 
tibus qoam maxime sit importunus et eorum impedit dovociones, et 
orationnm quietem perturbat, vernm ne coQtra vocem divinam domum 

fol. 246. 


WsLu orationis speluncam patiamur fieri negociacionis, statnimus . . . ut 
^mS"^ quicunque iUic in tribua festivitatibus, viz. Invent: S. Crucis, in Pest S.: 
Calixti, et in celebritate S. Andree, negodatnri convenerint in plateis 
ville illius negociationes snas securi et ab omni prava consuetudine et 
in quietudine liberi exerceant, et nullatenus ecclesiam vel atrium 
ecdesie violare presnmant. 

Test : Ivo, the Dean, Regni the Precentor, Robert and Thomas, the 
Archdns., Edward, Master Eustace, WiUiam de S. Fide, Eadulf Martre, 
William de Atebera, Peter de Chiu, Walter pistor Ac. 

Confirmation of the Statutes of the Cathedral by Bp. H. Bowet. 
fol. 246 in don. Given at the Palace in Wells. A.D. 1404. 

Charter of King William I. 

In the margin ; Sis is tSere xxx.hyda Sat hoc est Banayelle be Willhelm 
cjng gebocade st^ Andrea Apto in to ])am biscoprice aet yelle a on ece 


Printed in the Proceedings of the Som. Arch, and Nat. Hist. Soc. 
vol. xxiii., p. 49. 

fol 247 in doTf. Protection to the D. and C. given by Edward I. Teste me ipso apud 

Porcester, Sept. 14. Annoregni 18^ 

fol 248. Release from payment of the subsidy given by the last Parliament, 

granted to the D. and C. by king Henry VI. 
fol. 848 in don. Teste me ipso at Westminster, April 30, anno regni 6\ " Per ipsum 
' regem et consilium. Bubbewytb." 

Testamentum domini Hugonis Lincoln. Epi. 

•{« In nomine Sancte et individue Trinitatis, Ego Hugo divina 
miseratione Lincoln. Eps. ecclesie qualiscumque minister, condidi testa- 
mentum meum de bonis meis que michi restituenda sunt in Anglia, in 
hunc modum. Imprimis volo ut reddantur debita subBcripta» scilicet 
CCLXi. marce et dim., si non fuerint solute, de qaodam debito quod scit 
dominus Bath domino [" pape " obliterated] quod ei debetur de Episco- 
patu Lincoln, de tempore meo de denariis beati Petri; domino regi 
Anglie DC. marce, et viii. marce, et viii. solid! et unus denarius de 
diversis particulis quas scit dominus Bath, preter ea si qua debentur de 
Ludingeland ; lego autem pro anima mea d. marcas ad fabricam ecclesie 
Lincoln., et d. marcas ad emendas terras, redditus et possessiones ad aug- 
mentandam communam ejusdem ecclesie ; vicariis Lincoln, ecclesie Ix. 
marcas, et ccc. marcas ad distribuendum per domes religiosas episcopatus 
Lincoln. ; et centum marcas ad distribuendum per domes leprosomm 
ejusdem episcopatus ; et centum marcas per demos hospitales episcopatus 
ejusdem ; et coo. marcas distribuendas ecclesiis quas habemus ad Hbros 
et ornamenta emenda, Domui de Stanleg xxx. marcas, Domui de 
Quarrel xx. marcas, Domui de Polestlon xxx. marcas, Domni de 
fiernleg decern marcas, Domui de Plinton cent, marcas ; proanimarelicte 
Galfii£ de Maud xx. marc. ; Thome de Maud xx. marc, Willelmo de 
Maud xl. marcas, Bicardo de Argenion iii. marcas, cuidam militi de 
Notingehamsirc tenenti de archiepiscopatu Ebor., cujus filiam Gatyes 
habere voluit ad opus fiiii sui xl. marcas, Bicardo cujus fuerat Hill 
quam Bobertus de Maud xxx. marcas, Willelmo capellano de 

Niweton quondam persone de Trent x. marcas, ad hospitale construendum 
pro anima Jordani de Turry, vel ad alias elemosynas pro anima sua 
faciendas per executores testamenti sui et per consilium execntorum 
hujus testamenti coc. marcas, relicto Simonis de Bugeden xx. marcas. 
Chnspine relicte Hugonis fabri et filie sue iii. marcas; Matillde 

■.> — 


Bhinde de Wells iiL marcas; MatiDde filie Chrispine Sudoure iii. Wells 
marcas ; Domui leprosoram de Selewod iii. marcas ; Domui monialiuin hss. 

de Berwe x. marcas; Domui de Berliz iii. marcas; ad fabricam """ 

eodesie de Bocland xx. marcas ; Domui de Canniton v. marcas ; ad 
oonstniendum hospitale apud Wells d. marcas ; hospitali Bathon. vii. 
marcas et dimid. ; Domui leprosorum extra Bath iii. marcas ; leprosis 
extra Ivelcestre iii. marcas; monialibus de Stodleg in Oxenefordsire 
yii. marcas et dim. ; Matilde de Berewich que fuit cum C. Wac vii. 
marcas *et dim., ad se maritandam ; Belicte Bicardi Foliot de Stok vii. 
marcas et dim. ; pro anima Eve fille Algari de Wells vii. marcas et 
dim. ; Magistro Johanni de Ebor. nisi a me beneficiatus fuerit centum 
marcas ; mJiabus Willelmi de Stratton ccc. marcas ad eas maritandas ; 
puelle de S^ Edwardo centum et l. marcas ad se maritandam ; puero 
de Evercriz xL marcas, ad eum exhibendnm; pauperibus de con- 
sanguinitate mea centum marcas ; Johanni de Mertoc Ix. marcas ; 
Hereberto de Camera l. marcas; Rogero Mariscall xxx. marcas; 
Bicardo MariscaU xl. marcas; Walensi Coco xxx. marcas; Bicardo 
de Camera x. marcas ; Matbeo de coquina iii. marcas ; Galf. filio Petri 
vii. marcas et dim. ; et singulis aliis garcionibus meis mecum eunti- 
bus V. marcas ; Galfrido Gmend ii. marcas ; Alano le Nottere ii. 
marcas ; Willelmo homini Bogeri Capellani v. marcas ; Willelmo 
scriptori meo x. marcas;' Volo autem quod restituantur hominibus 
meis tarn militibus quam aliis facta mihi restitutione que me et eos 
contingit omnia que ab eis capta sunt injuste in hoc interdicto. Item 
lego Canonicis de Moreton xx. marcas ; Canonicis de S^^ Barbara xx. 
marcas ; pro anima iilii Stephani persone de Dokemeresf. vii. marcas et 
dim. ; hujus autem testamenti mei executores constituo dominum Bathon., 
et Magistrum Hel. de Derham ad recipienda onmia et distribuenda ut 
predixiy et dominum Cantuar., et confratres, et coexules meos rogo 
quatinus pro Deo et honore Ecclesie Dei, et pro. salute animarum 
suarum et mee cum requisiti fuerint consilium et auxilium efficax 
apponant ut hoc testamentum meum compleatur. Quod autem ultra 
hec omnia predicta remanserit tarn de his que michi restituenda sunt 
quam de aliis bonis meis et his que michi debentur volo quod per pre- 
dictos executores mei testamenti distribuatur pro anima mea tarn 
pauperibus per Episcopatum Lincoln, quam alibi, sicut magis viderint 
expedire. Qui etiam nichilominus de libris, pannis, et vestibus meis 
disponant sicut commodius noverint faciendum. Si vero interim de 
domino Bathon. humanitus contigerit, quod Dominus avertat, volo quod 
Magister Het et Magister Beginaldus de Cestre omnia exequantur cum 
consilio domini Cantuar., et domini Elyensis. Et si de Magistro Het 
ita contingat humanitus, volo quod dominus Bathon. omnium sit ex- 
ecutor habito inde consilio domini Cantnar. cum viderit expedire. Ad 
lice lego ad fabricam Ecclesie Wellen. ccc. marcas, et ad communam 
ecclesie ipsius augmentandam, tarn ad opus vicariorum quam canoni- 
corum ccc. marcas, et xl. marcas distribuendas vicariis ecclesie 

Actum apud S*™ Martinum de Garenn', in die S** Bricii, pontifi- 
catus mei anno tertio, presentibus domino J. Bathon. Episcopo; 
Hdagistro Ret de Derham ; Magistro Johanne de Ebor., Magistro Begni 
de Cestre, Magistro Willelmo, Rogero, et Het, capellanis, Petro de Cic. 
et Willelmo de Ham. 

General sentence of Excommunication against all who infringe the fol.^249 in dors, 
liberties contained in Magna Carta and in the Carta de forestis* 
As on I. fol. 228. Dated 3° Id. Maii A.D. 1253. 
Printed in Select Charters p. 364. 

. ' 


Wells Confinnation by M. de Chandos of the srant toS. Mary's Church at 

M6S. Stav^eia by Silvanus, of 3J acres in Betescumb at the dedication of the 

f 1 asJT" Church ; And also of the grant at the same time of 1 acre at Bueli by 

Roger de Paris, <fec. 

Test: Walter the Prior of Bocland; Archdn: Richard de Gillefoi-d; 
Master R. de Lech: ; Joscelino and Walter the Bp's. Chaplains ; H. de 
Vinel ; R. dean of Spacheston and of Modiford ; 11. Fichet ; Philip dc 
Horsi ; H. de G^histe ; G. fil Walter, &c. 

Bull of Pope Boniface VITI., recounting and confirming the liberties 
and privileges of S. Augustine's, Canterbury. — Anno pontif. 9°, 

fol.251 in dors* Inspex : by W. Bp. of B. and W. of the Charter of King John, de 

theloneo. A.D. 1249. 

Grant by Bp. Beckington to the burgesses of Wells of Conduit Water 
from S. Andrew's Well. Sept. 20. A.D. 1451. 

fol. 253 in dors. Confirmation of the last by Thomas Lacock, Prior of Bath, &c. 

Sept. 27. 

Conf : of the same by Nicholas Carent, Dean of Wells, &c. . . Same 

The beginning of a letter from the D. and C. of Sarum to the D. and 
C. of Wells about the customs of Sarum. Similar to the letter in I. 
fol. 29, as far as it goes, but a folio has been cut out here. 

fol. 264. A. document, the earlier part missing, about a disputed right of prc- 

fol. 255. sentation, and the decision given apparently by a commission issued by 

the Pope. The D. and C. of Wells had claimed by ancient right to 
institute to the Vitarage of Yatton prebend, sede Tacante, and had insti- 
tuted Peter. Thomas de Bedeford, clerk of Lincoln diocese, and acting 
as official for the Archbp. of Canterbury had removed the said Richard 
and instituted William Majoris Britannie. The decision is in fevour of 
the D. and C. with costs 10/. against the said Thomas. 

fol. 255 in dors. Charter of the purchase of Combe by Bp. Giso in Saxon. Printed 

in Som. Arch, and Nat. Hist. Soc. Proceedings, Vol. XXII., p. 107. 

fol. 256. Inspeximus and Confirmation by King Edward of the Wells Cathe- 

dral Charters, beginning with that of Richard I. Fills 3 folios. 

Test: S. Bp. of Ely, Chancellor; and J. of Worcester, Ti-easiir«* ; 
John Duke of Lancaster, Edmund Earl of Cambridge, *' filiis nostris 
carissimis"; the Earls Richard Arundell, William Sarum, and Thomas 
de Veer, Oxon, and Edward le Despenser ; John at Lee, seneschal 
hospitii nostri ; &c. 

Given per manum nostram at Westminster, Dec. 11, Anno regni 37^ 
per ipsum regem. 

fol. 259. Composition between the chaplain of Ottrinneton and the parson of 

Staweye. As on. I. fol. 37 indors. 
Presente capitulo apud lleminstre. 

fol. 260, Inspex : by King Henry of a grant by Thomas Bp. of B. and W. to 

Thomas Boleyn, clerk, and John Trevenant, clerk, of a piece of firound 
in Wells &c. on Sept. 27. A.D. 1451. 

Confirmed Dec. 5, Anno regni, 30°. Pemberton, 


Confirination by Pope Clement (III.)i addressed to R. Bp. of Bath ^ Wklm 
or the new possessions of the church of Wells. Smudged with red uss. 

chalk. — 

Letter from Pope Innocent (IV.) to the Archdn. of Gloucester of 
Worcester diocese. He is to give his assistance to the Bp. and Chapters 
of B. and W., against those who invade their rights. 

Given at Lyons, June 20. Pontificatns anno 5°, 

Partially smudged as the last. 

Confirmation by Pope Alexander (IV.) of the appropriation of Pilton, fol. 261. 
South Brent, and Bokeland, to be prebends. 

Given at the Lateran, March 4. Anno pontif. 2°. 

Partially smudged as the last, with special attention to the words 
** apostolica " and ^' papa.'* 

Commission issued by Pope Innocent (IV.) Decauo Christian! tatis, 
and to the Ai*chdns : of Worcester and Gloucester, to support the D. and 
C. of Wells against the Abbey of Glastonbury which has falsely alleged 
that it has suffered wrong in the composition entered into between it 
and the Chapter. 

Given at Lyons, Dec. 13. Pontif. auno 4^. 

Partially obliterated like the last. 

Commission issued by Pope Gregory (X.) to the Abbot of S. Angus- fol. 261 in don. 
tine's, Bristoll, to inquire into a complaint made by the D. & C. of 
WeDs and the clergy of the city and diocese, " quo<l . . . . Eps. 
Koffensis asserens quod O [Othobonus] . . . legatus ei manda- 
verat ut quibusdam nobilibus, qui se dicebant bonis suis omnibus 
f;*oliatos a clero regni Anglie faeeret pro sustentatione sua subsidium 
aliquod exhiberi predictis Decano et Capitulo et clero pi^ietarum civitatis 
et diocesis mandavit ut pro dicto ^ubsidio quandam solverent pecunie 
quantitatem. They object that the legate's authonty had expired, 
before the Bp. made this order, and appeal against it. 

Given at the Lateran, April 4, Pontif. anno 1°. This entry also 

Letter of Pope Alexander (IV.) to the Bps. of Worcester and fol. 262. 

Complaint has been made to him by the Bp. of B. and W., that in 
the matter of the patronage of Glastonbury Abbey, the King's officers 
have done much injury to the rights and properties of the Bishop. 
They are to represent the case to the King and beg of him that he 
prohibit his officers from such interference. ^^^' ^®^ "* ^®"* 

Given at Viterbo, Jan. 6. Pontif. anno 4^. 

Much damaged with black chalk. 

Pope Innocent (III.) to S. Bp. of Bath and Glaston. The Bp. has 
represented in person, that the See has suffered much by the action of 
his predecessor who multa ad jus episcopale spectaotia, propria volun- 
tate distraxit ; the bishop may therefore by this authority recover these 
things, sublato appellationis obstaculo. 

Given at the Lateran, July 1 . Pontif anno 3°. 

'' Glastonie episcopo " smudged with black chalk, and the rest of the 
entry somewhat marked. 

Pope Innocent (IV.) £po. Menevensi, 


Wblm Inasmuch as there is a fixed number of persons in the churches of 

Mss. Bath and Wells, he is to take care that no krger number be forced upon 
f 1 5fiT~ them, unless by special papal mandate. 

Given at Lyons, June 17. Pontif anno 6°. 

Boni&ce YIII. to the Archdn: of Oxon. 

The D. and C. have complained that certain persons, unknown, have 
been doing them injury in their lands, &c., &c., revenues, &c., legacies, 
ecclesiastical books, chalices, brass, silver, and gilt vessels, vestments, 
&c., &c. These persons are to be summoned to appear, &c. under pain 
of excommunication, and this is to be published until satisfaction is 

Given al S. Peter's Rome, Feb. 27. Pontif. anno 5^. 

The first three lines much smudged. 

Alexander (IV.) [the rest of the line carefully erased, as is also the 
name in the margin ; the next three lines smudged]. 

Confirmation by him of the letter of Pope Honorius (III.), about the 
union of Bath and Glastonbmy churches. 

Decrees the dissolution of the union which has been the ca^^ of much 

Details of the arrangement. 

Given at S. Peter's Rome, May 17. A.D. 1218. [The word "papa "* 
carefully erased.] 

The confirmation is given thus. ^^Quia prout asseris apud sedem 
apostolicam, et in regno Anglie uti hujusmodi litteris te oportet nobis 
humiliter suppHcasti, ut providere tibi super hoc paterna soilicitudine 
curaremus. !No8 itaque tuis supplicationibus inclinati, litteras ipsas de 
verbo adverbum transcribi fecimus, etearumtranscripto buUam nostram 
apponi, nolentes per hoc tibi vel ecclesiis tuis aliquod jus acquiri de 
novo, sed antiquum tantummodo conservari ; nee volentes Glastonieusi 
monasterio quomodolibet prejudicium generari.*' 

Given at Viterbo, Feb. 9. Pontif. anno 4°. 

foL 265. Confirmation by Pope Alexander (IV.) of the liberties of the churches 

of Glastonbury and Bath. 

Given at Viterbo, Jan. 9. Pontif. anno 4®. 

The first page, and the confirmation clause at the end, crossed out and 
smudged with red chalk. 

fol. 266 in dors. Confirmation by Pope [Alexander III. the name is carefully erased] 

to Bp. Reginald, of the possessions of the church at Wells ; of the Bp.'s 
power to remove the Prior of Bath for sufficient reason after consultation 
with the Chapter or other religious men, and of his Jurisdiction over 
other religious houses. Prohibition against the erection of any church 
or oratory without the Bp.'s sanction ; and definition of the Bp.'s 
authority in religious houses and churches. Authority to compel the 
attendance at his synods of Abbots, Priors, and other who are bound to 
attend. None to ofiiciate in the diocese without his permission. If 
(Add allow- a^y Monks or other religious men, clerks, or laymen, are presented to 
anees.) or present themselves to any benefices without the Bp.'s consent, he may 

remove them, dummodo excessus eorum sit publicus et notorius. Many 
details about the Bp.'s authority. 

Sanctus Petrus, S. Paulus, Alexander papa III. 
Attested by Alexander Catholice Ecde. Eps. 
Hubald Hostiensis Eps. 

Conrad, Salzburg. Ecde : humilis minister et Sab : Eps : 
And 17 more. 


Given at the LatersD, AprU 22. A.D. 1179, Fontif. anno 20°. Wxlls 

A marginal note at the beginning adds, In hoc privilegio oonfirmatar ^^ Mgs.*^ 

paniSy medo et cap'oli sen porci que compntantur in crast. Pasch de. — 


Pope Adrian (IV.), (erased,) to Eobert, Bp. of Bath. fol. 2«8 in dors. 

Confirmation of the possessions of Bath Abbej, all enumerated. 
Amongst them ^^ Salinas in noTa foresta que dicuntur Hernemuda.'' 

^' S. Petrus, S. Paulus, Adrianus papa lUI," erased. 

Attested by Adrian, Hjmar Tuscul : Eps. ; Gregory, Sab : £ps ; and 
15 more. 

Given at the Lateran, May 12. A.D. 1156. Pontif. anno 3°. 

Inspex : and conf : by Robert de Gurnay of a charter of William, sou £^| ggg j^ ^^^ 
of John de Harpetre, granting to Bp. Josceline the church of Harpetre ; 
Test : W. de Raleg, E. de Lexington, Thpm. de Muleton, Justiciaries de 
Banco ; Hogef Tirel ; John de Campo Florido ; Thomas de Alta Villa, 


Letter of Henry Parker, Vicar of Dnltyng, that he has granted to £>^| 270 
Dean John Fordham and the Chapter, one acre for a quarry, A.D. 

Charter of Richard of Bruton the Chancellor of the Cathedral. The fol. fi7oiii dors. 
Chapter (in the absence of the Dean) had given to his predecessor 
Nicholas Uanyel a house in Torrelane for the use of the Master of the 
Grammar School for the School, in exchange for the house in the 
Mounterye where the school used to be held ; and the said Richard 
now gives possession to the Chapter of the said house at Torregate to 
be u»Bd as the school. Anno regni regis H. IV. 11^. ' ^ 

Indenture between Richard Courtenay, the Dean and the Chapter, fol* 271. 
and Canon Th<nnae Frome about the house used as a school at the 

The same date as the last. 

Indenture between the vicars and the D. & C. and others about the fol. 271 in dors, 
secunda matutinalis missa. 

Two Chaplains mentioned are, annellarios et ad presens ministros novi 
hospitii per exors. bone memorie . • . Radulihi nuper Epi . . 
ad usum dictorum ministrorum ac fJiorum duodecim consociorum 


suorum annellariorum • • • in le Mounterye erectum et honorifice 
de novo constructum. 

Mentions a messuage called Cristeshamesyn in the High Street. 

The document describes all the arrangements made for the service of 
the said Mass* 

Anno regni regis H. IV. 8°. 

Confirmation by Pope Clement [name erased] of the appropriation to 
Ralph, Bp. of B. and W. of the Church of Chiw, in consideration of the 
great expenses of his table and the small revenue allotted to it, at the 
most not more than 20/. The church of Chiw is worth 50 marcs. 

A long document of 4 foliq^, reciting the steps which have been taken 
and the arrangement about a vicarage. 

Given at Avignon, Aug. 2. Pontif. anno 4^. 

The foundation of H. Husee's Chantry, as on I. fol. 52. fol. 277 in dors. 

Order made by Bp. John, with the consent of the chapters of B. and fol. 278 in dors. 
W., about the pension of 10 marcs paid to the Chantry founded for the 


wsLu two Bps., William de Button, and for John de Button the preposltue, 
^^ MsSI^*^ and the service of the chantry. Ahout the appropriation of Berwes 
— Church, and of land at Middelton to the Archdeaconry, &c. 

Given at Bane well, Sept. 9. A.D. 1328. 

Confirmed bj Robert the Prior of Bath, and sealed also by Bobert de 
Wamberg, Archdn. of Wells. 

fol. 279 in dors. '■' Pardon by King Edwai'd to the D. and C. for acquiring certain lands, 

named, notwithstanding the statute of Mortmain, <&c. 
Given at Ffaxfleie, July 6. Anno regni 16®. 

fol. 2d0. Foundation of the Chantry of Maurice de Gant at S. Augustine's, 

BristoU. He gives all his Manor of Poulet, and a mill at Were, and 
one at Radewik held for life by Alexander and John de Striguill ; 
and certain rents in Bristol, one of them one marc on the house of 
Bichard Cordwenar juxta pisam. 

Test. : William fil : Jobs, de Ilarpetre ; Bobeit de Gumay ; Jordan 
Warr ; Bobert de Berkelay, Canon of Wells ; Gilbert de Schipton ; 
Adam de Budeford ; William de Hida ; Beginald de Camm : GUbert 
de Camm, &c. 

fol. 280 in dors. Inspex: and conf : of the last by Robert de Gurnay for himself and 

his heirs. 

Test : R. Dunholm ; J. Bathon ; ct R. Cicestr, dni regis Cancellar ; 
£ps. ; Dno. H. de Burgo, comit Cant, et Anglie justiciar ; Anselmo, 
electo ?.Ieueven; Dno. Stephanode Segrave: Dno. Johanne Marescall : 
Magist'o Hugone fil Ricardi ; Jordano la Ware; Gilberto de Sipton ; 
Johaune de Campo florido ; Henrico de Vein; Elga de Staford ; Rad. 
Bussell ; Tervic, clerico, &c. 

The D. and C. in consideration of the Hbeitdity of Canon Bichard 
Drayton, Prebendary of Whit-Lakeyngton, who has given to Hugh 

fol. 281. Morland and William Martyn, the principales communis aule et omnium 

annellariorum of the church, and to the whole body, no small sum of 
money, and a chalice, a manual, a vestment and other sufficient orna- 
ments for the altar of S. Edmund in the nave of the cathedral ; with 
the assent of the said two principals and of the whole body order 
that one of the aunellarii be nominated each week to say one mass de S. 
Maria Yirgine, for the good estate, and for the soul of the said Canon, 
for which there shall be paid 12d. This is to be charged on the rent 
de novo tenemento nostro vulgariter appellato le Crystyshamhyn, situate 
in Wells juxta Altam Crucem, quod habemus ad usum dictorum aunel- 

fol. 281 in dors, larioinim nostrorum. April 20, A.D. 1414. 

About the candle supplied by Bruton. cf. I. fol. 46. 

About the 100 lbs. of wax supplied by Weston, cf. I. fol. 214. 

fol. 282. A composition between the D. and C. and the Treasurer about the 

offerings made in S, Mary's Chapel juxta Claustrum. The Treasni-er is 
to have all offerings made on the day of the Purification between the 
first stroke of the bell for n:atins, quousque dicatur completorium secun- 
darum vesperarum; all other offerings to go to the Chapel and the 
Chaplains. A.D. 1269. 

Guydo de Schevyngdon, Rector of Weston-by-Worle, summoned and 
ordered to pay arrears of the 100 lbs. of wax to the Treasurer. A.D. 


Charter of William Clavyne de Cote granting to the Church of Meitok Wells 
and to Hugh the Rector a piece of ground bj nis house for 20^. A.D. ^ ms^*^^ 

ibl. 282 m don. 
Indenture between Walter de London, the Dean and the Chapter, and fb). 988. 
William de Litelton, the Precentor, and Thomas Husebonde nls. 
Martel and their heirs, to whom the D. and C. are bound to pay 4/. a 
year for 25 years. If the D. and C. establish a chantry and pay for the 
support of the chantry five marcs a year for 25 years they slmll be dis- 
charged from their bond. A.B. 1346. fol. 283 in dors. 

Licence granted by Thomas Stanle the Dean and the Chapter to 
Canon Walter Wyncanlton, to erect an altar before the Crucifix on the 
north side of the great tower. A-D. 1406. 

Lispex : and conf : by Thomas the Prior of Bath of a charge made by fol. 284. 
the D. and C. of Wells of 10/. a year on their Manor of North Cory 
for an obit for Canon William be Welyngton, in return for his great 
liberality towards the Church and to the fabric of the Chapter House. 
Details of the services, kc, March 24. A.D. 1300 intrante. 

Prohibition issued by King Edward against the attempts which fol. 285. 
have been made to question his right to appoint the Treasurer, Jordan 

Teste me ipso at Eeygate, June 1. Anno regni 3°. 

The Dean of Axbrygge to the official of the Archdn: of Wells. 
Has received his mandate addressed to the Dean of Axebryggc, the 
Kector of Uphill, and to the Vicars of Kyustoke and Worle, to com • 
pel John the Eector of Weston to pay to the Treasurer the arrears 
of the wax due from him, under pain of suspension and excommu- 
nication, and sequestration, until the debt is paid. A.D. 1349. 

Jordan Morand the Treasurer to the D. and C. 

Gives authority to any two of them to examine the accounts of the fol. 286. 
late Sub-Treasurer, and to appoint another. 
Given in London. Oct. 24. A.D. 1311. 

On Jan. 16, A.D. 1341, Canon John Martel, deposited 100/. in the 
Treasury of the Cathedral (in the charge cf certain Canons named), 
for the purpose of founding a perpetual chantry of five marcs for 
himself, &c., at the alter of S. Katherine and other Virgins, where 
Bp. John de Drokesford is buried. 

The said money is to be expended by the D. and C. in acquiring a 
patrimonium which will produce the five marcs annually. The D. and 
C. are to supply vestments, chalice, missal, ornaments of the altar, 
bread, wine, and a candle. The patronage of the appointment to 
belong to the said John for his life, aflerwards to the Dean and 

Another document upon the same subject. fol. 287. 

Confirmation by Thomas the Prior of Glastonbury and the Brethren, 
of the grant to Bath Abbey of the Church of Weston, made by Bp. 

Certificate by Bp. Ralph that the Church of Mertok is annexed to 
the Treasury of Wells. Richard de Thystelden is Treasurer. A.D. fol. 287 in dors. 

n 20541. N 


w«LL8 Charter of Ralph dictus Abbas Montis S. Michaelis de periculo 

ATmwBAL . j^£j^,^g^ ^ Granting to Bp. Josceline the Advowson of Mertok Church. 
— A.D. 1226. 

fol. 288. Lease by the D, and C. of land at Woky hole. Anno regni, 

E. m., 7°. 

Order of Bp. Reginald about the 20*. payable by the Prior of Bruton. 
cf. I. fol. 43. 

Inspex : and conf : by Bp. William of the Charter of Richard Bam- 
feld. A.D. 1269. 

fol. 288 in don. The following Charter is printed in Cod. Dip., Vol. II., No. 416, 

but there are many points of difference between the two copies. 

f>is is ]>ara preora hida boc set pest hacanan hamme ^ aedglind lea ye 
Eadred cyng gobocade Eadmunde his fegene on ece yrfe. 

-fin nomine Dei summi et altissimi Jesu Christi. Manifestum est 
cunctis quod omnia celestia et terrestria providentia Dei gubernantur 
que soUicitudo mortalis vite totis nisi bus in cnrorum amicorumque 
amission e conqueritur ac defletur. Ideo certis adstipulatiouibus 
mellita oracula divine clamationis nos frequentinis ortacionibus suadet 
ut cum his fugitivis et sine dubio ti^ansitoriis possessiunculis jugiter 
mansura regna Dei suffragio adipiscenda sunt. Quam ob eausain Ego 
Eadredus I'ex Anglorum ceteraruraque gentium in circuitu persisten- 
tium gubernator et rector, cuidam fideli meo ministro vocitato nomine 
Edmundo pro ejus amabili obedientia, ej usque placabili pecunia qua 
michi in sue devotionis obsequio detulit, iii. mansus agelluli ei libenter 
largiendo donavi in illo loco ubi jam dudum solicole illius regionis 
nomen imposuerunt set hanacan hamme, quatcnus ille bene perfruatur 
ac perpetualiter possidcat quamdiu istius caducis seculi vitam tencre 
presumet. Et post se cuicunque voluerit ceu con*oboravimus perenniter 
heredi derelinquat ceu supra diximus in cteruam hercditatem. Sit 
autem predictum rus liber ab onmi mundiali obstaculo cum omnibus ad 
se rite pertinentibus, campis, pascuis, pratis, silvis, excepto communi 
labore, expeditione, pontis arcisve constructiouc. Si quis autem, quod 
non optamus, banc nostram diffinitionem clationis habitu incedens 
infringere temptaverit, perpessus sit gelidis glaciarum flatibus et pennino 
exercitu malignorum spiritum, nisi prius in riguis penitentia? gemitibus 
et pura emendatione emendaverit. Isque terminibus predicta terra 
circumgirata esse videtur: J^issyndon para preora hida land gemaera 
topest hanecan hamme "} to glind lea serest of paere landritSe and lang 
rode 66 gsenes ripe spapest iammor bemidde pearde more o5 mserea 
hamnies gemaera spanortS bemiddan faBnne o6 gifrecis hammes genuera 
spa to horsiges gemasro pauan mintSone land|fleot j ansealtearn pip pefenes 
ea benorpan land fleote. 

Acta est hec prefata donatio anno ab Incarnalione Domini nostri Jesu 
Christi dccccxlvii., Indictione v. 

+ Ego Eadredus rex Anglorum prefatam donationcm sub si^lo 
sancte Crucis indeclinabiliter consensi atque roboravi. 

+ Ego Eadgifu ejusdem regis mater cum sigillo sancte crucis con- 

-f Ego Oda Dorobomensis Ecctie Aixhiepus. ejusdem regis princi- 
patum et benevolentiam cum sigillo sancte crucis conclusi. 

-I-Ego f)eodi'ed Lnndoniensis ecctie Eps. corroboravi. 

•rEgo ^Ifheah pintaniensis ecctie Eps. testudinem sancti crucift 
subscripsi et confirmavi. 


+ Ego Cenpald Eps. predictum donum consensi. Wblea 

+ Ego JElfric Eps. consignavi. ^^mIs!'^'' 

+ Ego ^thelgar Epe. i-oboravi. — ' 

-4- Ego .Alfred Eps. confirmavi. 

+ Ego Jhilfsuge Eps. con^ensi. 

+ Ego iB)»el8taD, dux.. + Ego Eadric, dux. + Ego ^ihelstan 
dux. + Ego )>alfgar dux. + Ealdhelm dux. 

+ Athelmund, dux. -f -^Ifgar, dux. + -^Ifgtan mis. 

+ pulfric mis. -h ^Ifflige mia. + pulfric mis. -f iElfric foL 289. 

+ ^thelsige mis. -f- JE^pe\n66 mis. -f ^l^elgeard mis. 
+ ^£lfheah mis. -H wMfred mis. JEpered mis. 

Another charter printed in Cod. Dip. No. 1244, but there are several 
points in which this is different from that copy. 

{>is is psdre aure hjde land hoc set Moaapjr))ige pe Eadgar cyng 
gebocade ^Ifrice his )>egeQe on ece yrfe. 

-f Annuente altithroni Moderatoris imperio totius Albionis trimatum 
potitus regimine non immemor ob hoc michi recidiva fore concessa ut 
his streuue seterna lucrarer ; Quapropter Ego Eadgar totius Brittaninie 
basileus quandam telluris particulam 1 videlicet mansam, excepta 
dimidia peiiica loco qui cebricet monopyr)>ige nuncupatur vocabulo 
cuidam ministro michi oppido fideU qui ab hujusce patrie gnosticis 
nobili Aelfric appellatur vocabulo pro obsequio ejus devotissimo^ 
perpetua largitus sum hereditate, ut ipse vita comite cum omnibus 
utensilibns pratis videlicet, pascuis, silvis, voti compos habeat, et post 
vite sue terminum quibuscumque voluerit cleronomis immunem 
derelinquat. Sit autem predictum rus omni terrene servitutis jugo 
liberum tribus exceptis rata videlicet expeditione pontis arcis ve 
restauratione. Si quis igitur banc no^^trnm donationem in alind quam 
constituimus transferre voluerit privatus consortio sancte Dei ecclesie 
etemis baratri incendiis lugubris jugiter cum Juda Christi proditore 
c^ usque complicibus puniatur, si non ti^atisfactione emendaverit congrua * 
quo<l contra nostrum deliquit dccretum. His metis prefatum rus hinc 
inde giratur. f>ifi synd )>ere are hyde land gemseru to monapurthige 
a^rust an monapurSiges ford of tham forda up on strem an asstcumb of 
a^tcumbe anriht genuere an pendaneumb up an pendancumb to there 
pille of ihaa pille on riht gemsere man])ene ]>yrlansest of t^amaeste 
monbcotteles put of Sam pytte onriht gaemasre to pam faegran pille of 
5am pyUe ondune an stream to cod paeala forda of ])am forda andunes- 
tremu on smalabroc and land smalabroces to lihteucs ford of lihtenes fol. 289 in dors, 
forda up on stream to bedceler stile of beclceles stile on riht gemaere 
an thahola die of ]>ere die suS on (isene herpot^ paenne andladherpo|>es to 
henntune 8u]>epeurdon of henntune on riht gemaere to paere bradan 
apulduran ongeriht msere on pet hpite styb, of tSam stybbe antlenan mor 
psesttipearne of clssve (or chene) inorepaest epeardan an pane stream, 
thanne up on stream eft on monapyr5iges ford ") claeva mor eal intro- 
mona purthige et rupa mor healf j seoloes on stoccum 3 seopuraeddenon- 

Anno dominice Incamationis dcccclxiii. scripta est haec carta his 
testibus consentientibus quorum inferius nomina notantur. 

-f Eadgar rex Anglorum concessi. 

+ Ego Dunstan, Archieps. corroboravi. 

+ Ego Oscytel, Archieps. confirmayi. 

4- Ego Osuify Eps. oonsolidavi. 

+ Ego Byrhtehelm, Eps. corroboravi. 

N 2 

- tir 


Wklls + Ego Alfpold, Eps. confirmavi. 

Cathedral ^ Ego Byrhthelm, Eps. adquievi. 

— • -I- Ego Athelwold Abbas. \- Ego -SSlfhere, dux. 

+ Ego Alfheab, dux. + Ego JEthelstan, dux. + Ego iEthelpine 
dux. -\- Ego Eadmund dux. -h Ego Beorhnod, dux. + Ego 
Byrhtferd mi. + Ego JEA(wme mi. + Ego .^pelsige mi. 4 Ego 
pulfhelm, mi. + Ego ^Ifsige, mi. + Ego OfFerd, mi. + Ego 
..Mfbelm, mi. 

A Cbarter not in Cod. Dip. 

Bnrbelines boc a on ece erfe. 

In nomine coemi salvatoris et humani generis redemptoris Jesu 
Christi, domini nostri, qui solus cum Patre et cum Spiritu Sancto regnum 
tenet immortale, assidue contingere solet ut bene precessorum dccreta 
per movimeta temporum spatia velut quodam fume caliginis nube 
tegantur nisi cyrograpbiorum cautionibua fideliumque personamm sub 
testimonium plurimorum adstipulante roborata fuerint. Qua de re 
Ego Eadred rex Anglorum ceterarumque gentium in circuitu persisten- 
tium gubemator et rector dedi cuidam meo ministro vocitato nomine 
Burhelin vi. mansas agelluli in illo loco ubi ruricole appellativo usu 
ludibundisque vocabulis nomen imposuerunt Spinford ; quatinus habeat 
ac perpetualiter possideat quandam vinat (or uniat) et post se cuicumque 
voluerit eternaliter derelinquat alieni vel extranei, cum campis pascuis 
pratis silvis, sit hoc predictum rus liber ab omni mundiali obstaculo 
cum omnibus ad se rite pertinentibus preter arcem, atque pontero, 
agonisque obsequium. + His metis prefatum rus bine inde girator. 
^rest on Spynford of Spjmforda on pecgesford, of pecgesforda on l$eonsan- 
ford, of i^eonsanford in deonflincford of deonflincforda in holan 
baece of holan b»ce in Eorsbrycge, of Eorthbrycge in tigpellan ^ spa in 
ymman holig, of ymman holigne in cudan dene, of cudan dene on Sa 
t$ic bufan foxcotun 3 long dices to ]>a broce to pa stangedelfe, of tha 
fol. 290, , stangedelfe be fsere efese to pala crofte, of pala crofte in jK)ne sutS eran 

holan bsece -3 long basces yt6 neoban eostacote 3 longdices in grendels 
mere, of grendels mere in stancoian, of stancofan 3 longduneon sciran 
mere, of sciran mere on |ia strete 3 long strsete on Jiastapelas of pan 
stapnlum on pindofer of pind ofere in acleg of aclea to lusdune of lusdune 
on sicanbyrig of sicanbyrig on )>astr8&te et longstnete to meredic of 
maer edice on sture -j long sture jjest on Spinford. Quam si quis face 
demonis subpositus aliquibus maculis turbare satagerit sciat se de 
superis pulsu demonum in ima cadendum, nisi prius hie ad satisfactionem 
venire maluerit. 

+ Ego Oda, Arcbieps., consensi. 

+ Ego Oscetel, Archieps., non renui. 

+ Ego Cynsige, Eps., conclusi. 

+ Ego Adulf Eps., prepuncxi. 

-H Ego -ZEdelstan, dux. -f Ego Edelwmund, dux. + Ego 
Alhhelin, dux. + JEdelsige, min. + pulfhelin min. + JElfwold, 
min. -h iEthelwine min. + ^Ifsige, min. -f Ufa, min. 

The following charter is printed in Cod. Dip., No. 1088, but there 
are many points of difference between the two copies. 

-f In Nomine Domini nostri Jesu Chrisd ; Regnante in perr 
petuum domino nostro Jesu Christo et omnia de summo celi apice dis- 
pensante ac gubernante, cemimus omnia temporalia et presentia perire, 
labi, transire, aliquando maturus gubemantis Dei dispensationibus 
evidenter finibns aliquando secularum rerum ingmentibus accessibas, id 




est evidentibus cladibus belloruiDf incendiis urbium et torrarum, direp- Wblu 

tionibus predarum anxionibu8 infiimitatain, et aliis innumerabilibas causis ^^ mss.^^ 

existentibus ue oblivione tradita que in nostris temporibuB facta — 

sunt viderentar litteram apicibus evidenter commeudare curavimufi. 

Qua propter Ego Eadpeard Dei indulgente dementia Angul Sazonum 

rexy tres villas id est peolingtun terram de sex nianentium et Bocland 

terram de qninqnc maneiitium, atque Lidgeard terram xii. inanen- 

tium, dedi Asser, Scirebumensis ecclesie Episcopo, et illi familie, 

causa coronmtationis illius monasterii qui Saxonice dicitur Pljmen- 

lun in utraque parte in perpetuam hei'editatem et michi et iilis 

cum omnibus nd se pertinent ibus id est hominibus, et pecoribus- 

silvis campis, pascnis, prat is, piscnariis ut habeant suis diebus et 

relinquant quibuscunque successoribns ad illam sedem post se venicn- 

tibus quam diu ulla Cristianitas in ista ten*a Fuerit, sine ullo censu et 

vectigali ulli uomini terreno, exceptis tribus causis id est expeditione, 

et arcis et pontis constructione. Si quia hoc custodire et augere voluerit 

angeat ei Deus bona presentia et cdestia gaudia consequatur. Si quis 

vero quod uon optamua instigante diabolo» hoc frangere vel minuere 

ansns fuerit sciat se rationem redditurum ante tribunal Christi in illo 

^reniendo et terribili die judicii nisi priusdura et pura emendaverit peni- f^i, 290 in don 

'^eutia in ista present i Tita. £t si quis protulerit aliam heriditariam 

cartulain contra banc nostre donationis taxationen irrita coram Deo et 

hominibub (, et anathemitazandus fiat hie et in futuro ille qui pro- 


+ Eadpeard; rex. + Asser Ep. -f Beorhtmunu, presb. 

+ Beocca, presb. -f Beornhaeh presb. + Abbud, presb. 

+ pynsige, presb. + pulfric, presb. + Tida, presbyter. 

-f Buga, M. + pulfei-e, M. + Luhha ; -|- Eaniulf ; + pulfsige ; 
+ Sibba ; + Beornstan ; + JEdelstan ; JElf sige ; + Beorhtulf ; 
+ pjnsige ; -f pulfstan ; -f Beorhtsige ; + Eadstan ; + jElsige ; 
+ Leofheh ; + Leofstan ; + pynsige — . 

+ )>i8 synt da land gemsf^ro ast boclande -^ ast pelingtune. JErest 
uppaudune set Achangran of Achangran adune on sandford land gemaere 
]>6n adune on Sa ealdan die fan on oS Sandford poa 7laDg )>» ealdan 
peges ot$ cyteljyylle of cytel)>yl]e 7lang streames ot$ tau adune 7lang tan 
streames of bradanford ]»anon 7lang streames o5 herpoSford, ]>anon 6n 
tSeodherpod oS |>aestas d&non on land gemere ot$ Stanford thanon upp 
ODsiduc and lang landgemasres spauppon mserbroc o$ byrnanhris l5anou 
on Seodherpod spaest onacbangran. + Sis synt |>a land genuero to 
lidgerd, JErest on linlege of linlege upp on strem to tostanforda of 
cottanforda uppon strem to gosforda of gosford uppon strem to stanforda 
of stanforda on fasingafeld of fasingafelda on py ttapuldre, of pyttapuldre 
onaest of aeste adimeonfled to reaSanclife of readanclife to rupanbeorge of 
ru|9anbeorge to ludanpylle of ludanpylle to fricanfenne of fricanfenno 
lippon streme to gattibricge of gatlibricge to pibbanpille uppon an 
slaed to bolanpege of holanpege uppon slced to bacganbeorge, of bacgan- 
beorge to pynestane of t^m stane to rupanbeorge of t$am beorge to 
cpicbemhamme, of ^m-hamme to collelade of colislade adune on strem 
to horspa^^forda of tSani forda uppon strem to oxenagete of t$am gete 
to motlege of motlege on sideroces torre of sideroces torre to frecandome 
of frecandome on suoccanmere of suoccanmere on stangedelfe ou hreoS 
alras of hreod alron on tideford of Sam forda adune on strem to cunecan- 
forda, of cunecanforda on cincgesget of cincgesgete on suran apuldran 
of suran apuldran oS hit cym}> est on linlege. 

Beginald de Legh, Treasurer of Wells, and John, Vicar of Mertok, to 
their parishioner Peter de ffiaucumberj^, Qupniam dilecta filiatio vestra 


Wells ^^ ofton sought for penniseion to build a chf^l on the Manor of 
C^^|g>BAL Mideiton, because you are often hindered from attending at the mother 
— ' church by the heavy floods, and the difficulties (discrimina) of the roads, 

we permit it quantum in nobis est. The rights of the mother church 
are reserved ; the chaplain is to swear fealty ; no parishioner is to be 
admitted to the sacramentalia except when they are prevented from 
attending at the Mother Church by the floods, or other sufficient cause. 
If the chaplain infringe the rights of the rector and the vicar they may- 
suspend him, and place the chapel under interdict. 

The Dean Thomas and the C. of Wells confirm this, quatenus in 
nobis est. April 23, A.D, 1287. 

Bond of Gralfrid de Brideport to pay out of his land at Kerchel lOOs, 
a year to the D. & C. for the support of two priests to celebrate on 
behalf of the soul of the lady Agatha de Meysy. 
fol. 291 in dors. Test : Henry de Bratton ; John de Alra ; Galfrid de Laurton ; Alan 

de Wanton ; Radulf de Godmanneston ; William de Buttiller ; Phillip de 
Button ; Hugh de Cranemere ; Richard Noreis ; Eichard Lundi*e, &c. 
A.D. 1260. 

fol. 292. The agreement between Agatha de Meysey and Galfrid de Bridport. 

She had given him the Manor of Kerchel in Dorset on condition that he 
and his heir pay the above-named 100*. 

Test: Henry, Treasurer of Wells ; Peter, Prior of the Hospit^d at 
Wells; Matthew de Burnham ; Philip de Butthon ; Richard de London ; 
Adam de Kcrchull; Radulf, pistor, &c. A.D. 1251. 

Charter of William le Nywman of Luvinthon granting to the 
Cathedral and to the Church of Luvinthon a croft and one cow, to be 
held of the Church by Adam Cisor and his wife Constance, my 
daughter, and their heirs on the payment of I2d. for the support of the 
light at the high alter in the church, or of wax to that value. 

Test: Richard, Venator; William Daniell; Philip Hospinell ? Wil- 
liam Busun ; Alward de Luvinthon, &c. 

Charter of the D. and C. about Dultingeote. cf. I. fol. 46. 

fol. 292 in don. The official of the Archdn : of Wells to the Dean of Ivelcestre and to 

the Vicar of Mertok. Sends a list of names of men who have been con- 
victed of sacrilege, and who have incurred the punishment of threefold 
castigation around the market place of Montacute, and around the 
Church of Mertok, in the usual manner naked except their breeches, and 
desii'es them to summon the said persons to give satistaction to Richard 
de Thormerton, the Treasurer, within 15 days, under pain of cxcommu- 
oication. Given at Wells, Dec. 6, A.D. 1349. 

John ThomhuU is condemned to pay the Treasurer Sd. Thomas 
Crowe 2 bushels of wheat and 2 of beans. Henry Takun 40d. Hugo 
Bon ISd. 

foL 293. Nichohis son of Nicholas, Treasurer of Wells and Rector of Mertok, 

leases some land at Esse to William Slavin de Cotes, for so long as he 
shall be Rector. A.D. 1273. 

Richard de Glutton, Vicar of Wells, nnd custos of the Chapel in the 
Cloister submits a question about the division of the oflerlngs between 
the Chapel and the Treasurer tp the Bishop's decision. A.D. 1260. 

fol. 293 in don. A question about the tithes of Mertok submitted to the decision of 

Bp. Josceline by Andreas de Wynton, proctor for the Prior and Convent 


of Merton, provided that the Chapter of Bath do the same. A.D. cathedLi. 
1242. Mss. 

The Treasurer had appealed to the Bp. against his dispute with 
Richard de Clatton being heard by the D. and C, because they are 
parties interested. Thei Bp. therefore now calls upon the D. and C to 
order the litigants to appear before him. Given at Dogroersfeld Juhe 17. 
A J). 1269. 

Acknowledgment by John de Godelee the Dean of the receipt of 
8 gold rings from Eichard Bake the sub-treasurer, ad faciendum 
quoddam jocale ad usum ecclesie. A.D. 1307. 

Confirmation by Thomas the Prior and the Convent of Glaston : of the fol* 294. 
o^ant of 10 marcs from the Church of Chiw made by Bp. Josceline to 
the Abbey of Bath. 

lattera attornatoria of Walter Portifer of Northcory. 

Walter de Hull, rector of Shepton Beauchamp and Commissary 
General of the Bp., to Henry de Insula Vicar of Congresbury. Certain 
persons named have not paid within the time allowed to them certain 
sums which they owe for spiritualities to the D. and C. They have no 
sufficient excuse. He is therefore to pronounce sentence of excommu- 
nication, and (iause it to be pronounced against them in due form 
(described), whenever and whenever the D. and C. desire, until they 
give satis&ction. August 31. A.D. 1330. 

A.D. 1243, in the month of July. In a chapter held at Axebrngg a foL 294 in dors, 
question was raised about Congresbury Church. The sub-dean 
claimed it as appropriated to the communa and that it therefore is not 
now vacant, and that Peter Saracenus ought not to be instituted. 

He appeals on behalf of the Chapter of Wells and states their case. fol. 295. 
On the other side arguments are propounded on behalf of the king's 
rights, who had presented Peter Saracenus. After two days discus- 
sion the Chapter determined to appeal to Borne. 

The end of this document is wanting, but the paging goes on uninter- 

The names of the Bishops in Somerset from the year A.D. Dcciiii. f^j^ 296. 
Printed in Anglia Sacra as " Canonicus Wellensis." 

Confirmation by Pope Nicholas V. of the order made by Pope foJ« 802. 
Boniface about the apportionment of the revenues, <&c., of the Chapter. 
A.D. 1453. 

The first page obliterated, and also several words throughout the 

Consent of the D. and C. to a grant by William de Montagu, Earl fol. 303. 
of Samm in his Manor of Bumham. 

Mentions Thomas de Graundson, Knight, and his wife Margaret ; 
Nicholas de Carven le Eyne, Nicholas his son, and William son of John 
de Carven, Knight. Anno regni Ric. II. 17°. 

Licence of the Chapter to annex the overlands of the Deanery to the 
lands de antique astro. 

It has not hitherto been allowed to lease the IvLUih called ** Overland 
ais Demenelond " or to join them to the tenancies of the other lands for 
any longer term than for the life of the Dean. For the future these 


WBLL8 lands may be added to the other tenancies, and cannot be afterwards 
1^^^^ separated from those tenancies without the consent of the tenants. 
- , —■ T , The tenant may also buy the said overlands and join them to their 
fol. 808 m dors, f^^^^^ holdings. A.D. 1452. 

Grant by the D. and C. of a crofts &c> in Wells to Canon Henry 
Abendon. A.D. 1431. 

fol. 304. The D. and C. receive possession of Congresbury Church from R. 

Passelewe, custodian of the vacant bishopric, and grant it ad firmam to 
P. Sarracenus. A.D. 1243. 

Appointment of proctors by William de Button, rector of Congres- 
bury, to act for him in the same matter. April 10. A.D. 1252. 

fol. 304 in dors. Confirmation by Thomas the Prior of Bath of a letter of Bp. William. 

A.D. 1249. 

Conf : by the same of a charter of Bp. Roger given at Stawciya in 
Chiw parish. Aug. 13. A.D. 1246. 
Confirmation is dated Aug. 19. A.D. 1246, 

Bond to the Dean given by 10 of the tenants of Congresbury for 
66/. 13«. 4d, for the value of the tithe corn of the whole parish now in 
the rectory barn ; to be paid by regular instalments. Dec. 7. Anno 
regni Edwardi III. 3°. 

fol. 805. An Indenture made between Canon John de Hiwysh, Firmarius, of 

the Canon's Grange, and John sou and heir of John de Wike of Milton 
by Wells. About certain returns of corn from Milton Milit :, Eston 
and Milton Denebond. A.D. 1353. 

fol. 305 in dors. Appointment by the Abbey of Bath of John their Prior, and W. 

Budde their brother to be their proctors in all causes, &c. A.I). 1493. 

fol. 306. Foundation of the Chantry of John Storthwaite the Chancellor, at 

the Altar of Holy (!ross in the Cathedral. 

A pension of 10/. to support it is charged upon Wroxhale Church of 
which Theobold Gorges, Knight, is patron, and Thomas Haynes is 
rector. The said Theobald and Thomas, the late Canon John Roland, 
his parents, J. Storthwaite himself, and hi)i parents, are the persons 
prayed for. 

Four folios are filled with the details of the arrangements and pro- 
visions about the appointment of chaplains. November 14. A.D. 

fol. 309 in dors. Confirmation of the last by Thomas Bp. of B. and W. Nov. 18. 

A.D. 1451. 

Similar conf : by N. Carent the Dean. Oct. 4. A.D. 1452. 

fol. 310. Inspex : and conf: by Archbp. Simon, after visitation, of the letters 

of Archbp. John dated at Mortlake Oct. 17. A.D. 1281. A.D. 1331. 

f 1 810 ' d Letter of John Abbot of Muchelney. 

The Abbey establishes a chantry on behalf of their benefactor the 
late Bp. Nicholas Bubbewith (who had come to their aid when they 
were much burdened with debt, and had also given them certain vest- 
ments), at the Altar of All Saints on the North side of their choir. 

fol. 312. Full details are given. A copy of this document is to be hung up 

in a conspicuous place in front of the said altar. A.D. 1433. 

IT • 


The MlowiBg 24 folios have apparentlj been injured bj water> have wsixa 
been cut out and carefully replaced. ^^^SS*^' 

Execution of a Bull of Pope John XXIII. (obliterated), bj John 
Cossazn, Prior of Bruton, together with the Abbot of S. A'jgustine's 
Bristol ; and the Dean of SaliRburj. The Bull is recited. The D. and 
C. of Wells have appealed for aid against certain persons who have 
infringed their rights, and the above-named are oMered to examine 
into the matter and support them. Given at Bononia. Anno Pontif. 1°. 

The said commission called upon all offenders [no names or any 
particular description of the offences are given] to make restitution 
under pain of Ecclesiastical censures and upon all Ecclesiastical persons 
in the province of Canterbury to publish this. Given by the Prior at 
his camera at North Bruham, near Bruton, Oct. 20. A.D. 1411. In 
the presence of William Bargh and Thomas Blaneford, domicelli litterati 
of Wells and of Sarum diocese, and Thomns Sergeaunt, specially sum* 
moned for the purpose. 

A document of 4^ folios. 

The attestation of William Brett, public notary. 

Confirmation by John Bp. of Sarum of tt j appropriation of I^uck- foL 31 6 in dors, 
land Abbots, of which the advowson had been given to the D. and C. of 
Wells by the late Bp. N. Bubbewith for the estabishment of a chantiy 
and for the promotion of divine service in the Cathedral at Wells,^c. *i- _ 

Given by the Bp. of B. and W. at Woky, Oct. 16, anno regni. Hen. YI* 
3°. Test: William Palton, Thomas Beauchamp, Thomas Stowell^ 
Knights ; John Warre, Thomas Aithur Philip Hampton, John Pidton, 


Confirmed at Remmysbury, Feb. 29. A.D. 1424. 
Attested by John de Okeborne public notary. 

Conf : by the D. and C. of Sarum. fol. Sl9 in dors. 

Charter of Canon William de Welyngton granting to the D. and C of 
Wells a rent upon houses in Wells of lOa. 

Belease to tlie D. and C. by Idoigne, wife of Sir Hugh de Beauchamp, fol. 820. 
lady of Lilledonc of a tenement, &c., at Lillesdone. Anno regni 
E. III. 20°. 

In recognition of the benefits received under the Will of Henry, 
Bp. of Winton, by the hands of the Exors., John Archbp. of York, &c^ 
and Edmund, dux So. . . . et Marchio Dorset, the D. and C. of 
Wells make the said Henry a participator in the benefits of all prayers, 
&c., &o., offered in the Cathedral, and appoint April 1 1th to be 
observed as his obit. 

The late Bp. had divided many valuables among many religious 
houses. The portion which was left to Wells consisted of, unam 
imaginem argenteam deauratam Besurrectionis dominice stantem super 
viride terragium amilasatum habentem birillum in pectore pro corpore 
dominico imponendo ponderis troiani octuaginta et quindecim unciarum. 
Item duas pelves argenteas deauratas operis chaceati de foliis colum- 
binaram ponderis troiani centum octuaginta octo unciarum. And 148/. 
in money. None of the other legacies are described here. — April 24. foi. 821. 
A.D. 1448. 

Indenture made at Chewton subtus Menedepe on March 7, anno 
regni H. Y. 3% between John the Prior of the Conventual House of 
Jesus Christ at Bedlem de Shene, and the D. and C. of Wells. The 

,- •■ - » If " -' 


Wbllb fonner have sold to the latter the firm of the Rectory of Chewton, 
^^"jjgg *^ saving only the advowson of the vicarage, for 10 years, at an annual 
— ' payment of 45/., beginning from Christmas A.D. 1416. 

The details fill two folios. 

fol. 322 in dors. Charter of Bp. John granting to William Baronne, Aimiger, his 

Manor of Bysshoppes Compton in Berks with the Hundred annexed to 
it, for the term of his life on an annual payment of 8 marcs, &c. Anno 
regni H. VI. 5°. 

fol. 383. Confirmation of last by John Forest the D. and the C. of Wells. 

Confirmation of same by William Southbroke, Prior of the Cathedral 
Church of Bath, and the Chapter.— A.D. 1427. 

foU 823 in dors. Order made by Bp. John about the Vicarage of Yevel. The Bps. 

William and Balph had in former days made certain arrangements about 
the Parish Church que tunc per Rectores viros seculares successive 
regi consueverat. Questions have arisen since then between the 
House at Syon t^ which the Church is appropriated and the Vicars 
aborJ*ht3 revenues. Richard Stone is now Vicar. The two parties 
li&ve come to an agreem^t. The Rectors take the tithes of com, &Cm 
&c., the mortuaria principalia of all parishione]*s. The Vicar takes all 
j the altaragium of the Church of Yevel and of the Chapel of Preston 

Plucknett, and the tithe of all hemp grown in fields or gardens, and of 
fiax grown outside gardens, and also the mortuaria in sccundis legatis 
of those who die in the tenements or burgages, but not the mortuaria of 
the tenants of the Rector who are not burgesses. The Chapels of 
Benvyke, Stoford, and the lands of the Abbey of Bermondsey in Preston 
and Stone are excepted. The Vicar has also two houses in Quedam 
Street, &c. 

fol. 324 in dors. Given in London. Feb. 12. A.D. 1438. 

John le Merkaunt, the owner of houses upon which a pension had 
been charged by Canon William de Pulton for the support of an obit 
before the statute of Mortmain was enacted, undertakes to pay it. 
Anno regni E. Ill, 14°. 

fol. 325. A similar deed. 

fol. 325 in dors. Johanna North^ Abbess of Syon agrees with John Forest the Dean 

and the Chapter of Wells, to pay to them 20s. a year in consideration of 
their loss of the two thirds of the vacant benefice of Yevel, by its appro- 
priation. Jan. 4. A.D. 1427. 

fol. 326 in don). Indenture made at Wells, Oct. 2, A.D. 1474, by which the D. and C. 

' grant for their lives to John Sydenham, junior, of Wyveliscombe, 

^' gentleman," to Elena his wife and their son Thomas, the Manor of 

Okehampton, in the parish of Wyveliscombe, which had been held for 

life by Thomas Brown of Yatton, at a yearly rent of 100*. 

Details fill a page. 

fol. 327 in dors Grant by Nicholas Carent the Deati of the reversion of a tenement 

and lands in Wedmore to several persons named. March 20, A.D. 

Confirmation of the last by John Spekynton, president, and the chapter. 
Sept. 19. A.D. 1458. 



Decree of Thomas Bp. of B. and W. about the pension of 10/., ca^bdral 
payable by Wroxhole Church to the Chantry of John Storthwaite. Mss. 

Given in the Chapel at the Palace at WelU. Sept. 16, A.D. 1450. ^^i 32^^ 

Attestation by William North, and by John Mathon public notaries, f^i -an;* a^^ 

•^. ' 'f ^ toL 330 m dors. 

A document of three folios. 

Grant by Bp. John to the D. and C. of the gate leading into a close fol. 381. 
belonging to them on the south side of the Choir, commonly called la 
Camory, and which had been newly built ; with other gates, and rights of 
way by Kuerbrigge and Torrehill, for the can*iage of materials for the 
repairs or building of the Church, or for any other purpose. 

The D. and C. to keep the road, wall, and pavement of the Market in 
repair. A.D. 1433. 

Grant by Nicholas Bp. of B. and W. to the D. and C. of the a^lvowson fol. 931 in dors, 
of Bokelond Abbots, which belongs to the bishoprick. King Henry VI. 
" Metuendissimus dominus," had given his licence. Given at Woky, 
Oct. 16, A.D. 1428. 

William the Prior of the Cathedral Church of Bath and the Convent fol. 832. 
undertake to keep the obit of John Trethek, Armiger, and of Jonanna 
h\» late wife, under a penalty of 100^., to bo paid to the Chapter 
Wells for any omission. Sept. 23, A.D. 1445. 

Indenture between Thomas Bp. of B. and W., and Nicholas Caront fol. 332 ri^joj 
the Dean and the Chapter. The latter bind themselves under a penalty 
of 40/., to carry out the wishes of the Bp. about the chantry founded 
by him near the High Altar. Jan. 10, anno regni H. VI., 37^. 

Confirmation to Bp. Reginald by Pope Alexander III. of the fee of fol. 333. 
Dyndra which had been wrongfully taken from the Bp.'s predecessor by 
WiUiam son of John, but had been restored by his son William^ 

Given at Anagni. April 28. 

Bp. Reginald about the Church of Harptre^ cf. I. fol. 60. fol. 333 in dors. 

Indenture made by John the Prior and the Convent or the Chapter of 
Bath, by which they bind themselves to celebrate two masses daily on 
behalf of Bp. Nicholas Bubbewith, in the Chapel newly constructed and 
built by him at his own expence in the nave of the Church on the south 
side, at the altar dedicated to SS. John the Bapt :, George, Fabian, 
and Sebastian, built and dedicated by the same Bp. 

The Bp. had given to the Priory 320 marcs for the expence of re- 
building certain houses in the Priory worth 7/. Is, 4d, a year ; and also 
vestments worth 200/. viz., una casula et duas tuniculas cum toto 
apparatu ad easdem de velvet crymesyn rub' aur' cum aurifrysis contextis 
et p'nderatis cum margaritis sive peruls, tres capas de panno aur' rub' 
unios secte, quarum due habent aurifrisas contextas cum duodecim 
apostolis, et les morses sunt context' et towchat' cum perulis ad modum 
rosarnm, ac tercia habet aurifrisam context' cum ymaginibus de duplici 
historia, necnon alia ornamenta et bona quamplurima. 

The first daily mass is to be said at the 7th hour in both summer and fol- 334. 
winter and " Erit secundum devotionem celebrantis," but the other die 
noagiB locescente, viz. between the 10th and the 11th hour, and shall be 
" de S. Maria." 

During the lifetime of the Bp. the priest "postquam inerit albis 
indutus et antequam dicat Confiteor, dicet in vulgari publice in audiencia 
* ^ fibr bisshopp Nychol and for his fader and moder saulis and al his goode 
doerys sawlys, and al the goode doers sawlys of this chirche." 


W the death of the Bp., the priest shall mj " fibr bisshopp Nychol "\'' 

, &c." as before. Oct. 16, A.D. 1424. 
le details fill two folios. 

liD Cole, seneschal is authorised by the D. and C. to receive for ,-/-. 
possession of the Manor of Bikenalre from John Juyn (or Ivyn). y, 

1, anno regni H. VI. 8. \si 

nseut of Thomas Bp. of Sariim to the appropriation by the D. aDd 
Wells of Bokelond Church. May 18, A.D. 1489. , ^; 

arter of Richard le Touker granting a rent of 5s. to the D, and C. ..-^ 

distribuled among the poor. 7-; 

ilease granted to the D. and 0. hy John Beauchamp, knight, lord -> 

illesdon, for all services due from the lands and men of Hele. ■ 

«t: John de Clyvedon, Edmund de Clyvedon, Bichard de Acton, 
er de Rodeneje, knights; Matthew de Clyvedon, Hugh Cance, 
-y Hacche, &c. Given at Wells on Saturday next after S. 
Brine's Day. 36 E III. 

le Church of Milverton is annexed to the Archdeaconry of Tantou r, 

p. J. with the consent of the Chapter of Wells. 
ven at Woky, April 3. A.D. 1241. 

inf : of the lost by Thomas the Prior of Bath, &c. 

larter of Canon Bichard Harewell granting to the D. and C. a, 
uage, Ac, in New Strete. 3. H. IV. 

ttera attomatoria de eo<lem. 

iraroissioners appointed by Bp. Nicholas to deliver to the D. and C. \j 

ission of the Chnrcli of Bokelond. 
iven at Woky. Oct. 16. 3 H. VI. 

ttera attomatoria of the D, and 0. de eodem. 

Itnission by John Bp. of Sarum of John Axebrwe rector of Boke- 
on the presentation of the D. and C. of Welb. Given at Rent- 
lury, Dec. 22. A.D. 1424. 

larter of Josceline de Tresvirnet to Bp. Ralph, cf. I. fol. 47. 
)st ; Walter, Prior of Berliz : Richard Const : Archdn: ; Roger his 
ler ; Josceline, chaplain ; Gilbert de Berceville ; William de Cicestre ; 
IS de Wattel ; Presbyters ; Hugh de Monteacuto ; Henry de Tracy. 

indrmation of the Charter of Josceline de Tresminettes, given in his 
ince, by .Tohn Bp. of Kxon. 

Imissiou by H. Bp. of Exon, of John de Thinemung, to Auleacnmb 
-ch, S. Bp. of Bath and Glaston in partibus transmarinis anente. 
iven at fferendon. Feb. 22, unno Pontif, 6°. 

J. Savaric about Warminster, cf. I. fol. 47. 

spex : by Roger Bp. of B. and W. of a bond deposited by Robert de 
ihom, Sector of Cristemeleford, by which lie undertakes ta pay 25 
» a year to Ilditius, perpetnal Vicar of the said Church, Oct. 3, 
. 1245. Given at Chyu, Oct. 4, anno Pontif 2°. 

u-isaimo domino et patri suo B. d g. Bath, Epo. Rogerus With 
chianus euus. Has granted t« S. Peter's Bath, and to the monks 

►'W ."« 


there, the Church of Stocke, with the consent of his heir Giffard, and of caYhmIal 
his wife Juliette. Mss. 

Charter of Hagh Bp. of Lincoln, granting to his brother Joscellne, 
Bp.of Bath and Glaston :, the fee of half a knight in Rugebergand Dreicot, 
whieh Maurice de Benington and Ganfrid Maureward had held. Given 
it Stowa, bj William de Thomaco, Archdn : of Stowa, Jnlj 11., anno 
Pontif 5^. 

Inspex : of the Charter of King John, as on fol. 17. f^^« ^^• 

Charter of King Henry granting to Bp. Josceline, and his successors fol. 340 in don. 
that ihej and their Ezors. shall have undisturbed possession of all their 
bona m^ilia et omnes fructus tarn de bladis . . . quam vinearum, 
&C., from the daj of their death until the following Michaelmas. 

Given at Oxford, July 15, anno regni 15°. 

Charter of King William as in I. fol. 14, but there is added here the fol. 341. 
confirmation of it by the King, at Dover, A.D. 109Qran»^ regni 4", 
Indie. 13, vi. kal. Feb., Luna iii., in the presence of Thomns, A^clibp. 
of YcM^. Printed in the Monasticon. The original is in the Cathedral 
Library. x 

Charter o£ Maurice de Gaunt granting to Bp. Josceline all his rights 
in Axebrigg for 100 marcs. 

Charter of Hugh, Bp. of Lincoln granting to his brother Josceline fol. 342. 
the vill of Axebrigg. 

Test : Eoger de Lack ; Amauricus de Buggeden, William de Winch- 
ciimb, canons of Lincoln ; Roger, chaplain ; Adam de Clevesend ; 
Gilbert de Tanton ; Eobert de Mont Sorell ; canons of Wells. Stephen 
Chamberlain ; Thomas de Hauteville ; William de Stoke ; Philip de 
Wik ; Peter de Cotingtun ; Walter de Abbodestun ; John Camerar ; 
Boger de Waleis. Given per manus Kadulf de Waravill, canon of 
Lincoln, at Tinghurst. Nov. 7, anno Pontif. 18^. 

Charter of Robert do Gurnay, granting to Bp. Josceline 6 acres of 
land in Chiw. 

Charter of Stephen the Prior of Taunton, as in I. fol. 56. fol. 342 in dors. 

Inspex: of the Charter of King John, as on fol. 17. 

Charter of Hugh, Bp. of Lincoln, granting the advowson of Axebrig fol. 343. 
Church to his brother Joseline. Given at Stowa, July 12, anno 
Pontif. 5**. 

Charter of Galfrid Chemmpneys, lord of Wylmyngdon, granting to 
Bp. Robert who had obtained from king Edward a warren in his 
Manor, permission to use it. Test: John de S. Laudo; Adam de 
Bntton ; Hubert Husee, knights ; Robert de Wulton ; Roger de 
Sthokwyk ; Thomas de Cumb ; Gilbert Cissor of Bath, &c. 

Given at Bath, March 22. A.D. 1280. 

Charter of King Richard about lead mines, cf. I. fol. 16. 

Archbp. Robert de patronatu Glaston. cf. I. fol. 129. fol. 843 in don. 

Charter of King Edward about a market at Lydeard. cf. I. fol. 116. fol* 344 in dors. 

Charter of King Edward de restitutione, as on fol. 3. fol* 3^^* 




Wells Licence of King Edward to Radnlf Bp. of B. and W., to convey 

CA^m)RAL to the Convent of Bath " placeam palatii sui in Bathon, vulgariter 
— * nuncupatam Bisschopesbour.'* Teste me ipso at York, July 4. Anno 
fol. 345 in dorg. regni 8*^. 

fol. 346 in dors. Decision of Josceline Bp. of Bath, to whose judgment Robert Abbot 

of Glaston : and his house, and Martin de Summa, had subpiitted their 

The Abbey is to pay over the tithes, &c, of Bodeclya, and of Do- 
merham, and also for arrears, &c., 100/. in 5 years, at 20/. a year in 
satisfaction all claims. 

The decision is accepted. 

Given in the Chapter at Glaston, on the morrow of S. Benedict. 
Anno Pontif. 27°. 

fol. 347 in dors. Charter of Hugh Bp. of Lincoln, granting that all the fees, lands, &c. 

held by his brother Josceline in the Hundreds of Winterstoke and 
Ceddre be free de sectis hundredorum. Test: Galfrid fil: Baldwin, 
senesch^jjjf* *^^h de Wilton ; Willimn de Keynesham ; Peter de 
Wilton ; Peter de Bath ; Stephen de Baddebury, &c. Given at Stowa 
bjr^the hand of W. de Thornaco, Archdn. of Stowa, July 12. Anno 
_ — Tontif. 5°. 

Charter of Hugh, capellanus, Minister pauper um domus hospitalis. S. 
BaVtholomaei, London, granting to Bp. Josceline the Advowson of the 
Church of S. George de Heanton. 

Thomas Davenant has received from Bp. Josceline Bishopeswode in 
Lydiard, with feed for pigs and fualliam ad ignem. 

fol. 348. The Charter of King Henry, as on fol. 340. 

fol. 348 in dors. Charter of the Hospital of S. Bartholomew granting to Bp. Josceline 

a rent of lOs., which he used to pay on a tenement in S. Clements de 
Denissemanschirche on the south side of the Church toward the 
Thames. Test : Andreas Bukerel, Mayor of London ; Richard Ren§ ; 
Roger le due ; Teric de Colon ; Stephen de la Strandc ; Ricard fil 
Edward], &c. 

fol. 349. Charter of Hugh Bp. of Lincoln, as on fol. 339 in dors. 

The D. and C. will release Hugh Cancy of North Cory from his bond 
for JOO/. if he pays their expenses in a suit against him for trespass in 
the warren. April 18. Anno regni E. HI. 40°. 

fol. 349 in dors. Bp. Hugh about the Church of Axebrigg. cf. fol. 843. 

Charter of John de Abbedeston granting to Bp. Josceline a wood at 
Puklescherche. Oct. 3. Anno Pontif. 25°. 

fol. 350. Charter of Hugh Bp. of Lincoln granting to his brother Josceline, Bp. 

of Bath and Glaston :, the half knight's fee in Norton, which Stephen de 
AltaviUe had held, and Reginald his son holds of the said Bp. 
Given at Stowa July 12. Anno Pontif. 5°. 

Quit claim by James de Molendinis to Josceline, Bp. of B. and W. of 
a messuage, Ac. at Kingsbury Episcopi. Anno regni, E. II. 18*^. 

fol 350 in dors Grant by Robert the Prior of Bath and his house to Bp. Josceline of 
' the Advowson of Stoke Gi&rd. March 18. A.D. 1214. 



Charter of Bp. Hugh de villa de Axebrigg. cf. fol. 342. CaSbbSai 

Charter of Walter de Scremeby granting to Bp. William land, Ac. ^* 
in Wells. fol. 351. 

P. the Prior of the Honiital of S. John at Wells has built a mill at 
Hilemore, and binds himself not to interfere with* the rights of the Bp's 

Charter of Maurice de Gaunt, as on fol. 341. fol. 351 in dors. 

Letter of Robert Archbp: Cant : eonceming the dispute between 
the Bp. of B. and W. and the Abbey of Glaston, about the patronage 
of the Abbey, and condemnation of the proceedings of the monks in I 

having proceeded to the election of Abbot John de Tanton without 
licence from the Bp. i 

Given at Ottefoi^ Aug. 31. A J). 1274. | 

Charter of R. Gurnay, as on fol. 342. ^ol- 353. I 

* Galfrid de Stanewell acknowledges that he holds of Walter Bp: of B* j 
and W. the lands in Evercric, Stratton, and Prestelegh, which he held 
under Matthew de Stratton, Archdn : of Buckingham. Test : Radutf 

Sansaver ; Elyas de la Mare ; Elyas Cotel, knights ; John le hu§ ; ^ I 

Henry de Nunney ; Peter de la Mare ; Hugh Wytan§ de Cranemere, ! 

Ac. • -^ 

Confirmation by Thomas the Prior of Glaston : and his house, of the i 

proceedings about Stoke Giffard, Dokemersfdd and Chiw. cf. f ols. | 

360-357, and I. fol. 46. 

Exchange made by Walter de Dunheved and Walter de Wyke with fbl. 353 in dors. 
Bp. JosceUne of 5 acres in the park for other properties in Wells. 

Charter of Richard, fil : Walt : de Hentun granting to Bp. Josceline 
certain pieces of land near Wells. 

Inspex : by Bp. William, the Chapter of Bath, and that of Wells, of fbi. 354. 
an agreement come to about tithes by Robert the Rector of Cristemele- 
ford, and the Prior and house of Bradenestoke, on June 6, A.D. 1236, 
before the Abbot of Evesham Chancellor and the Dean of Oxford, 
commissioners appointed by the Pope. A.D. 1252. 

Charter of William son of John de Harptre granting to Bp. Josceline foi. 355. 
the Church of West Harptre. 

Appointment by Ilditius, Vicar of Cristemeleford, of a proctor to fol. 355 in dors. 
receive his 25 marcs. 

Dat. Mediokn. Nov. 6. A.D. 1246. 

Charter of Robert de Barnevill granting to the Hospital of S. Bar- 
tholomew, Smithfield, in the suburbs of London, the Church of Jon- 
hampton. Test: Richarde de Valle Badonis; Richard de Ware; 
Richard de Vadis ; Helias de Eswelle ; Galfrid fil Eutachii ; Bartho- 
lomew de S. Bartholomew ; William de Hely, &c. 

Charter of Thomas Walensis granting to Maurice de Gaunt the vill foi. 356. 
of Axebrugg, on the same terms as Hugh de Wells, Archdn : of Wells 
formerly granted it ; for this Maurice has paid 100 marcs, and pays 
half a mare a year for all services. 


WMtfl Bond of Hugh, son of Hush Attehele of Northcory, to the D. and C- 

^^mbS*^'' for 100/. Anno wgni E. 8^ 

fol. 356 in dors. J. dictus Cartusian, Prior et qui cum eo totius ordinis priores et 

fratres pro communi capitulo congregati, to J. Bp. of Bath. Are very 
grateful for hiH kindness to the brethren at Wittham and to all the 
Order. They pray that he may have all the benefits of one of their 
Order, and they promise to give him the privileges of a brother when he 

Charter of William fFains Artur granting to Bp. Josceline the Advow- 
son of Weston Church. 

Test : Thomas de Cirenoestr, Sherifi of Somerset and Dorset ; John 
de Feanton ; Henry de Campo florido ; William, seneschal of the Bp. ; 
Baldwyn de Wayford ; Thomas de aJta villa ; William de Bonvillc, 

Charter of Hugh de Welles, Archdn : of Wells [nunc. Line. Eps.] 
granting t» his brother Josceline the Bp., that his Manors of Banwell 
and r>inpton be free de secta hundred! de Wiuterstoke. 

fol. 357. Letter of the Abbey of Glaston, as on fol. 13. 


Charter of Alice Koges to Bp. Reginald, cf. II., fol. 59. 

fol. 857 in dors. Charter of Julitta, widow of Roger Hwiteng, granting to S. Peter's, 

Bath, the Church of S. Bernard de Stokes, nnd also the tithe of the hay 
of the parish. 

Test : Henry de Monte forti ; Robert de S. Laudo ; Ernald the parson ; 
Robert ; Robert Hwiteng ; Germanus, chaplain ; Angod, chaplain ; 
Albert de Eston ; Roger de Monte forti ; Alexander de Monte forti ; 
Swife de Stokes ; Rd. Band, &c. 

Renunciation by the Prior, &c. of Bath in favour of Bp. Josceline of 
all claim to the Church of Chiw. A.D..1214, 

fol. 358. Charter about Hywish. cf. L fol. 139, and infra. 365. A.D. 1317. 

Charter about South Brent Church, cf. L fol. 41. 

Report of Walter de Hull, the Bp.'s oi&cial, of 8n inquisition held by 
an order given by Bp. John at Banwell, Dec. 5, A.D. 1328, into the 
state of Berghes Vicarage, to which Archdn : Robert de Wamberg has 
presented John de Hampton Meysi. The inquisition is held in the 
Church at Axebrigg before nine of the neighbouring rectors and vicars, 
and it finds that the tithe of wool, cheese, milk, lambs, calves, foals, 
apples, eggs, fisheries, geese, houses, hay, and mills ; and the oblations 
at the altar, are worth 15 marcs a year ; but the tithe of the sheaves is 
worth 25 marcs. 

fol. 359. Adam, Abbot of Gl^ton : and the Convent. Exchange one acre of 

glebe and the Advowson of Berghes, for certain tenements, &c. at Middle- 
ton Abbots near Yevelchestre, with Archdn : R. de Wambergh. 

fol. 359 in don. Given at Berghes on Friday of the Feast of the Nat. S. John Bapt. 

2 E. in. 

fol. 860. The Abbot of Glaston : delivers certain Charters to the Archdn. con- 

nected with this exchange. 

Grant by Bp. Richard, after consultation with the Chapters of B. and 
W., that all who are collated by him to any dignity in the Cathedral 




shall receive instalment at the hands of the D^an, the Sab-clean, or the ^'"^ 
president of the Chapter, having previooslj taken the oaths in the mss."^ 

Chapter House, <&c., &c InconvenlenceB and irreguiarities had arisen — 

from the installations having come into the hands of persons appointed 
bj the Bp. ; and from neglect of the said oath to ubsen-e the statutes, 
&c. because those who received installation in this manner did not 
feel bound to attend to Cathedral duties. 

Given at Warwick, May 17, A.D. 1493, anno transL P. 

Confirmation of the last by John Cauntlowe, Prior of Bath, he 
Conf : by John Gunthorpe, the Dean of Wells, &c. 

Licence granted by King Edward for the exchange between the Abbot 
of Glastcm : and the Archdn : as above. 
Given at Sempyng^ro, April 5. Anno r^ni 2°. ft>l- ^*- 

Gilbert Cawete*s land. cf. L fol. 20. 

Order made by Bp. John about Beighes Vicarage. TU&~ Vicar's 
allowance is increased to 10/., and the Archdn: is to bear a pro-^^ 
share of all burdens. 

Given in London, Feb. 15, A.D. 1328. 

Indenture made by the Archdn : about the exchange with the Abbey foL 369. 
of Glaston : of Berghes, and Middelton. 

Appointment by the Abbot of a proctor to give possession to the fol. 369 in don. 
Archdn : of the Umd, Ac. A.D. 1328. 

Inspex : by Thomas, the Prior of Bath, of the order made by Bp. 
Josceline, by which he converted the bequest of land at Merlegh made 
by Peter the Dean into an annual payment of 60«. to be made to the 
Cathedral by the Archdn : of Wells. 

The money is to be divided at Id. tL day to the vicars who take part 
in the services of the dead, &c. at the altar of S. Calixtus, &c., &c. 

Keport by the Archdn : of Wells, the Bp.'s official to the Bp., about toL 364 in dots. 
Berghes. A.D. 1328. 

Land at H; wish, as on fol. 358. '<*'• '*^- 

The Abbot of Glaston : grants the crop growing on the one acre at fol. 365 in dors. 
Berghes to the Archdn. 

The Abbot of Athelney's Charter, cf. I. foL 40. 

Agn^emeut made between the Abbey of Glastou : and the Archdn : as 
to matters in dispute about Middelton and Berghes. 

Charter about South Brent, cf. I. fol. 41. 

The Confirmation of Archbp. T. as in I. fol. 26. 

Resignation of the Church of Bergh by John dc Wortlie the Rector. 
Aug. 10, A.D. 1328. 

The Art'hdn : of Well*? is to have a share in the residue at the end of fol. 367. 
the yesr. No name is given. 

Given at ffynnemere, A.D. 1290. 

Similar order by Bp. R. Given at ffynnemere, August 10, A.D. 

a 20341. o 

fol. 366. 

toL 366 in dont. 

: '1 


4' I 




WitiB John de Wambergr havinsj been summoned to a chapter to take 

MBS. council about the injuries inflicted by rapacious laymen on the Church, 

-f. 1 ofiT^ J excuses himself on the irround that the citation mentions neither place, 

foi. 367 m don. - . ^ ^„ ^ x o 

nor day, nor year. At Wanton. June 3. 

A.D. 1242. With the consent of Robert, Rector of Coraptone, John 
Bretasche, senior, erected a chapel at his house at Trubbewdl. 

Among the conditions it is stipulated that the lord and lady with 
their family shall three times a year, at the principal feasts, attend the 
Church of Emmpnete which is a Chapel of Comptone. 

fol. 368. 

Charter about West Harptre. cf. fol. 269. 

Confirmation by S. Archbp. Cant : of the Charter of William Briwer 

granting to Bp. Josceline the Advowson of the Church of Milverton, 

fol. 368 in dors, made in the King's presence and attested by Stephen, Archbp. of Cant. : 

P. of Winton; H. of Lincoln; W. of Exon ; and G. of Ely; Bishops, 
Ac. Co^nrmed A.D. 1226, in May. 

Alan de Kyngeston, lord of half the manor of Cudeworth, quit 
^^'-^laims to the D. and C. his claim in quadam communa trium deuari- 
orum quam percipere solebam in dicta ecclesia singulis diebus adveutus 
/ mei ad civitatem Wellen. Nov. 8. 24 E, III. 

Charter of Simon Brito. cf. I. fol. 40. 

fol. 369. Conf : by Bp. Reginald of the grant of Eiston Church made by William 


Bp. Savaric about the prebend of Sutton, cf. I. fol. 49. 

fol. 369 in don. Conf : by Robert, son of Hamo, of the grant of Scaldeford Church, cf. L 

fol. 48. 

fol. 370. 

Alan de Kyngeston's quit claim as on fol. 368 in dos. 

Indenture by Canon Richard Hare well, granting to John Veysy, of 
Shirborn, and Edith his wife a messuage and mill in Shirborn, and 
land in his prebend of Lutton. 48 E. III. 

fol. 370 in dors. Agreement between Thomas, Archdn : of Wells, and Stephen de 

Tomaco, prebendary of Whitchirch juxta Benanger, and Roger de 

Palton, about a watercourse at Witchurch. Thomas and Stephen de 
Tornaco are brothers. 

Charter of George Desfeble granting to Bp. Josceline the Church of 
Eston. Test : Jordan, son of Oliver, Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset ; 
William de Morevill; Matthew de Clivodone ; Richard son of Arthur ; 
Reginald de Alta Villa, &c. 

fol. 871. Conf : by the Bp. of London of the grant of Scaldeford Church, cf. I. 

fol. 47. 

Bp. Josceline, about Wivelescumb. cf. I. fol. 59. 
fol. 371 in don. Bp. Savaric, about the same. cf. I. fol. .59. 

Charter of Oliver de Dinan about tithes, cf. I. fol. 60. 

Conf. of Bp. Reginald of White Lackington Churchi cf. I. fol. 39. 
fol. 37S. Charter of J. de Mont Sorell. cf. I. fol. 39. 


Bp. B^Dsld, ahoul S. DecumatiR. cf. I. fol. .16. 
Bp. John of ExoD, about Bov! Church, cf. I. fol. 38. 

Test : Kicbarrt, Abbut of Muchelney, &c. 
ChiLrt«r of Eustace de CatnviUe. cf. I. fol. 21. 

Oriler mmle by Bp. John about the Ticanige of St. Decuni 
which Robert is Vicar, giving many names of places and peop] 
among them Ralph (11 Ursi hb the owner of a mill at Williton and 
at Watfhet. 

Given at Wivelescumb. March 19. A.D. 1320. 

Charter of Alex, do Eedolio. cf. I. foi. 45. 

HenuQciation hy Henry til Pagani de Pauebruge of all his ( 
Winesham, Wrmeatore, Modtlege, in a virgute at Bidesham, in 
and in the service of Kamer de Wandestreu, in the presence of 
quondam, Bp. Bathon ; et Koser, Bp. of Wigorn, together wiih h 
P^an, hJB relatives Roger Witen^ and his brotUera William, 
and Gilbert de Almari, Osbert de Batbon, and Ralpli Denebol 
brother Robert. 

Test; Eustace fil Stephen i Suvaric de Vaua; Baldwik fll 
Godefrid de Dime ; Philip de WjVe ; Henry de Sells ; A 
Lanibcr ; Walchelin de Maresco ; Raber de Alra, &e. 

Charter of Alan de Kyngeston. cf. fol. 368-369. 

Charter of William Lungespeye, granting for himself and 
Henry de Bratlon, to the D. and C. of Wells, a walled park ad < 
vel ad bestiaa alia-i at Witchirche. 

Charier of Robert de Renni. cf. 1. fol. 23. 

Test : Crodoc de 8. Jnlitta ; Simon de BoDevitl -, William i 
Nicltolas de Holecumb; William fil Hngb; Richard Penna. 
Castell de Stn Julitia. 

Charter of Thomas Walenais granting to Bp. Josceline tl 

Judgment ^ven a^ ai nit t Thomas atte fienne. Vicar of Pokel 
■ in a suit with the D. & C. of Wells, by a Commission appo 
Pope Bonifai-e to try the case. A.D. 1400. 
The deUils fill 3^ folioH. 

A suit brought by William Colvyle, rector of the prebeudi 
of Barton, against William Bruer, rector of KyngtonMaundevvli 
payment of an annual pension of Sd. is decided in bis favour hy 
Spert, D.L. the Bp's. Official, in Concilio Episcopal] Wellense. 

The proceedings fill two folios. 

Agreement come to by William, Abbot of Bee, and Savari< 
Bath anil G la^ton : about the Church of Clive, claimed by the li 
prebend of Wells. It is to be held by the Abbot as a preben 
is not to be bound to residence. 

Coaf: by Bp. Reginald of thfi grunt of tlic Church of Cli- 
Cathedral, by W. de Rouraara, Earl of Lincoln. 


Charter of Leticia de Sarum. cf. I. foL 20. 

Charter of William Briwer, granting to Bp. Josceline tbe AdvowBon 
f Mil?erton Church. 

Charter of Cecilia de Timbrescum. cf. I. fol. 40. 

Cb&rt«r ot Margery daughter of Robert le MerchaAde granting to 
obn Bon of Philip do It1sult^ bouses in Doddelye, &c. 

Confirmation hj L. the Dean and the Chapter of a leaae for life, of a half 
'irgKte of land made by Iterius prebendarjr of Wandestreu to bis 
ephew Ernulf. 

Final concord made between Canon Henrv de Fontibua, and Henrj de 
iacy. Earl of Lincoln, and Margaret his wife about tbe Advowson of the 
'hapel of Wliyttecherche. The canon is to have it as attaclied to the 
irebendo£Jiengestridge on condition that a mass is celebrated every year 
t tb^3t^umption for the souls of tbe Earl and Countess. 22 £. 1. 

Alexander the prebendary of Hengeatrigg gives to the fabric of tbe 
!athedral in lieu of the sum which be is bound to pay on the prebend, 
li the arable land in the demesne, and half tbe meadow land of the 
rebend, ut fabrica celcrius ad optatam consummationem mea sedulitate 
onsurgat. R. is the Dean. 

Charter of Oliver de Tracy, cf. I. fol. 37. 

John Odeline, prebendary of Yatton will submit to whatever decisipn 
le n. and C. may come to abont the wood which be has rooted ap. 
..1). 1255. 

Edward the Dean and the C. Formal declaration by them coUationem 
que benedicW ecclesie de Ceddre ad cancellarium Wellen de jure 
hectare, perpetuum silentiuin imponens Rogero ricario ecclesie 
aper coltatione ejusdem aque. A.D. 12-58. 

Charter of Richard, Abbot of Michelney, (cf. I. fol. 42). Granting 
ie Church of lleminstre to the Church of WelU. 

Given at Wells in the presence of Bp. Savaric, Dean Alexander, 
niliam d« S. Fide, precentor, on the moiTow of S. Andrew. A.D. 

Inspex : of Hugh Abbot of S. Augustine's, Bristel, of the letter cf Bp. 
v. of London about Scaldeford. Test : Ralph de Dicctt. Aicbdn : 
liddlesex ; Richard, Archdn : of Colchester, Robert, Ai cluln : of 
Issejt i Ralph de Altabrey. Mas ter of the Schools, Lonilon, Ac. Given 
t Bristol March 5. A.D. ]2gT7~~' 

Charter of Ralph fil : BernHrd. cf. 1. fol. 20. 

Charter of Alan de ffornellis. cf. I. fol. 38. 

Charter of Hugh de Wells, grunting to Bp. Josceline ceitaiti honsex 
I Wel'is. Test : Hugh, Bp. Lincoln ; Ralph de Lccblodc, ihc Dean, &<:. 

Mem. Agreement made between the Chapter and Thomas do 
tedcfoi-d, A.D. 1249. The Chajiler defer their suit against him about 




^•r- ^ 

the deprivation and institution of a Vicar at Yatton, in the hope of "Wblis 
coming to an agreemettt, until the morrow of S. Uihuy, when the mss. 
parties are to appear at Sarum. At the instance of the Chapter the — 

sentence of excommunication sent out by the Archbp. to the Bp. of 
B. and W. is also deferred to the same date. 

Coniirmation by Bp. Reginald of the Charter of Oliver de Dinan. foL 386. 
of. J. fol. 60. 

Letter of the Prior of Bileswyke. cf. I. fol. 117. 

Renunciation of Richard de Cnoll of all claim to Cude worth, and to fol. 387 
the Advowson of the Church of CnoU, in the presence Reginald Bp. of 
Bath, and Richard Dean of Wells, cf. I. fol. 40. 

Bp. Savaric about S. Brent, cf. I. fol. 41. 

De eodem. cf. I. fol. 41. 

Hugh the Legate de ecclesia de Hengestridge. 
Testimony to H. de Camvilles Charter, cf. L fol. 22. 

fol. 887 in don. 


Inspex : by Richard Bp. of London, of Charters about Scaldefoid. fo). V. 
cf. I. fol. 48. 

Inspex : of the Prior of Bath, &c. cf. I. fol. 27. 

Grant to Canon Helias (cf. I. fol. 26.) confirmed. 

Charter of Gerbert. cf. I. fol. 39. 

Charter of Bp. of Josceline about Hiwis. (cf. L fol. 27.) It is to bo 
held with the prebend of Cumton. A.D. 1228. 

Charter of Bp. Josceline about the liberty of Hiwis. cf. I. fol. 27. fol. 389. 

An indulgence of 40 days release from penance proclaimed by Bp. 
Robert to all who come to the Cathedral to pray for the soul of William 
de Rous the 8ub-dean, who is buried before the Altar of St. Mary 
Magdalene. Given at Wells, April 12. A.D. 1290. 

On Easter day, A.D. 1230, W. Archdn : of Wells and Elyas, preben- fol. 889 in don 
dary of Compton, submit a question about the liberties of Hiwis to the 
decision of Bp. Josceline. 

Institution by R. Bp. of Bath of Thomas de Tornai, to the half share of 
Hiwis church on the -presentation of Elyas de Meisi and Galfrid his 
heir. Test. Richard, Bp. Winton, &c. 

About a virgate at Yatton. cf. I. fol. 61. 
Abont land at Bidisham. cf. I. fol. 44. 

Citation issued in the suit about Yatton. cf. fol. 390. 

fol. 890. 

Conf : by Richard, Bp. of Winton, of the grant of William, son of fol. 390 in dori. 
William, son of Walter de Haselberg, of the church there to S. Andrew's 

Test : Henry and John, brothers of William de Haselberg, Albert, 
precentor of Wells ; Thomas ; and Richard, Archdn : of Bath ; Stephen 
prior of Tanton ; Galfrid Sautes ; John de Cumb ; William de Gund 
paride ; Ralph, Chaplain ; William de Cicester, Canon of Sarum ; 
William de Cicester, canon of Cicester ; Ernald de Broch ; cfordany 


i t" 



^-if ^U-'^ ^ i'', -.. 

-'X' ' 


« , 







clerk de Turre; Joceline de Cheddeseia; llobert de Cadena; Adam, 
chaplain ; Peter, clerk of the Bp. of Bath ; Alured de Lincoln, Sheiiff 
of Somerset ; Robert fil : Bu ; William fil : Osbort ; William fil : Bernaid ; 
William de Turbervil ; Bretill Juas ; Hugh de Puntchaixl ; Matthew de 
Wallop ; Werimund de Crave, and William his brother ; Richard de 
Chartreia ; Robert de Briewes ; Richard de Ralega; Hugh, pincema ; 
Gilbert de Norfolc ; Raherde Alra; Baldwin Malet; Gilbert de Torna ; 
Robert Buleuu ; Peter Turlac; Humphry Juas; Walter Giffard ; 
Warin de Ralega ; Robert ffichet ; William de Stant' ; William de 
Burci ; Adam fil : Roger ; Jordan de Brocht ; William puherus ; Baldwin 
de Orcherd ; Adam fil : Darand ; Radulf fil : Will fil : Durand ; Rand' d« 

V fol. 3s»o in dors. Ralega ; William de Puntchardon ; Ranulf de Fluri; Robert fil : Thomas ; 

• William fil: Walter; Andrew de Lincoln ; Robert fil: Atel; Richard de 

Lifewig ; Hugh de Norris ; John fil : Matthew de Walldp, &c. 

L* ■ 
[V . - 




IqI. 891. 

Charter of Rad fil : Beniard. cf. L fol. 20. 
At tbA>^ Melebum and Sutton Churches, cf. I. fol. 60. 


L'^: lbl.89Iin don. 


r-> »■ 

^> for. 892. 

'I . 

Cdl. 897 in dors. 


;foL 398. 

- 1 


foL 898 in dors. 


Charter of William de Harpetre. cf. L lol. 60. 

Conf : by Robert de Renni of his father's grant, cf. I. fol. 20. 

Admission of John de Tinemuth to Aulescumb. cf. I. fol. 47. 

Charter of George Desfeble, as on fol. 370, but with different wit- 

Carta de libertatibus ecclesie Wellen, by King Edward. 

A document of ^y^ folios. 

Given per manum nostram at Westminster, Xov. 11 anno refjni IS°. 

About Cud worth, cf. I. fol. 39. 

About Cumpton Church, cf. I. fol. 39. Called Childcumpton in the 
margin only. 

About lands, Ac. at Ilton. cf. I. fol. 38. A.D. 12601 

In the presence of Richoi'd, ofiicial of the Bp. of Sarum, an(| H. 
Tessum, canon of Sarum, and two clerks of the Bp. of Durham, the said 
Bp. assigned all the greater tithes of Great Corsleg, of Whiteburn, and 
Burgeleg, of Tolneston, of Chupmanslade sub via, and the small tithef 
of Corsleg to form Waiminster prebend at Wells, to which he is himself 
admitte^l on the presentation of J. Bp. of Bath. 

The tithes are worth 30 marcs, &c. 

Given at Tarent, anno pontif. E. Cant : Archiepi. 2°. 

Charter of Johanna Perceval, widow of Roger Perceval, knight and 
lady of Carmeton, granting to John, Bp. of B. and W., 100 acres 
nomine glebe, and the Church of Ex ford. For this the Bp. hab paid 

Test: Andrew Luterel, and Henry de Glaston, Knights; John de 
Ralegh, Ra<luf fil Ursi, Walter de Meryct, Richard de Wyndesore, 
Roger le Walle, John de Membury, «fec. 

Given at Carmeton, on Monday next after S. Lucia. A.D. 1319. 

Charter of Philip, brother of the late John dc Drokensford, Bp. of 
B. Jind W., granting to John de Godelee and Hainclin his brother, the 
said land and Church of Exford. 

Given at Drokensford. 6 E. III. 



t:. ■ 


■ i' 


About the Church of Timbrescumb. cf I. fol. 40. 


Charter of Robert de Vallibus about Aishull Church, as in L foJ. 39, — - 

but he is there called Robert de Wells. ^^^' 3^^- 

William Witheug quit claims to the D. and C. a rent at Wandestreu fol.899indoiii; 
payable on certain lands called Wythoricksham every second year. And 
otiier agreements about lands and fences, <&c. 

At an inquiry held at Stratford before N. de Turry, justiciarius fol. 400. 
assignatus, and William de Hammelton, it is decided that the advowson 
of Schandeford belongs to the Bp. of B. and W., and not to Constantia 
de Banieville. 49 H. III. 

Charter of Robert fil Ursi. cf. fol. 39. 

Gilbert, Bp. of London, about Scandeford. of. fol. 371. 

Charter of Benedict, Abbot of Athelney, granting to Bp. Josceline 
the advowson of Bton Church. 

Gerbert or Gilbert de Perci about Whitchirch. cf. I. fol. 50. 

Charter of Robert de Meisy granting to Bp. Josceline the advowson 
of Barton Church, and half that of Nuniz. 

Alan de ffumell about Cudworth. cf. I. fol. 38. 

Charter of Sibilla de Hewias. cf. I. fol. 40. 

Charter of Oliver de Dinan. cf. I. fol. 60. 

Renunciation by Henry fil : Pagan, cf. fol. 374. 

Charter of Simon Bozon. cf. I. fol. 24. 

Charter of Hamo about Scaldeford. cf. I. fol. 48. 

fol. 400iiidoyf.;>^ 

foL 401. 

■ * 

fol. 401 in dor4- i'^i 

fol. 402. 

ill. 402 in don. 

Certificate by Bp. Reginald, enumerating the Churches, &c, given to fol. 403. 
the Cathedral in his own time. 

Conf : by John, Bp. of Exon, of Joselina de Tresminetres grant of 
Aulescumb Church to Reginald, Bp. of Bath, Ac. 

fol. 403 in dors. 

Joeslena de Tresminet's Charter. 

Charter of William Flandre de Dinre granting to Bp. Josceline the 
Advowson of the Church of Dinre. 

Further proceedings about the Vicarage of Yatton. A.D. 1247. fbl. 404. 

About Sutton Church, as on fol. 372. 

About Aishull Church, cf. I. fol. 38. 

Carta Kennlfi regis West Saxonum de terra que vocatur Well: dat: 
S. Andree Aplo : 
Printed in Dugdale's Monasticon. 

Conf: by King Edward of former charters of Kings Henry, John, and fol. 405. 
Richard, granting markets, &c. at North Cory. 
Given at Wyndesore, Oct. 12. Anno regni 13°. 

* 'V 

I , 

• s-> 

liicence granted by King Edward, as on fol. 81. 

foL 406. 



trant by King Edward, i»t the instaDce of Ek-hard Lovell, to William 
iherbe of a right to hold a weekly mnrket In his Manor of Shipham, 
a fair for three days at the Feast of S. Leonard, 
liven at WestmiDBter per manuin nostram, June 5. Anno regni 2°. 

licence by King Kdward to the D. and C. to grant 100 acres of moor 
forth Cory to tiie Abbey of Athelney, notwithstanding mortmain. 

fol. 27. 

lonf : by John Count of Mortugne of the grant made by his brother 
ig Richard, and confirmed by himself, of Hacche, &c., to the D. and 
cf. I. fol. 10. 
lonfirmatian by Henry 111. cf. I. fol. 10. 

L certificate by King H. that the Chapter claims in North Cory aie 
id in libro feodorum. 

I acre, &c., in Cheddre, to 

.bout the Chureh of Lidiard. cf. I. fol. 60. ' 

Lppointment by Hugh Sugar, the Treasurer, and the Canons and 
ars of Wells, of proctors to lake possession of the land, &c., in 
ddre and Sbepham and the AdrowsoD of the Church of hjhcphara, 
ited to them by Hichard Swan, prepositus of the Cathedral. IB E. 

L similar appointment by Richard Swan. 

iharter of R. Swan. The aforesaid lands in Choddre and Shepham 
advotrson had been obtained by the late Bp. Thomas do Itckinton, 
Q Margaret, widow of Lord Uungerford, dauglitcr and heiress of 
Ham Lord Botreaoz and Mules, and granted by him lo B. ^wau and 
n Pope. Sept. 7. 18 E. IV. 

letters patent of King Edward to the Sheriff of Somerset about the 
e. Anno regni 3". 

^barter of Margaret Lady Hnngerford, granting to lip. UekinglOD 
aforesaid lands, &c. 3 £. IV. 

'rom fol. 411 to fol. 415, a series of documents upon the some subject 
between the same parties. Fol. 413 in dors and fol. 414 contain lisU 
lie tenants and the nature and amount and rents of their holdings, 
uy are entitled " fresuters." 

. writ cessavit about a messuage in Wells claimed from John Kudersole 
Bp. Beckington. 

Tpon the same matter, quia dubitatur de fraude et de collusione 
trary to the statute of mortmain, a summons is issued to cause to 
ear at Westminster zii. tam milites quam alios liberos et legales 
lines de visn de Wellya, quorum quilibet habeat centum solidatas 
e vet redditum per annum ad minus per quos rei Veritas melius seirt 

'he names of 24 are given, beginning with Thomas Lyte, Armiger. 

'roceedings before the Court. 

barter of Robert Malherbe, Lord of Sbipham, granting a teaetnent 
« to VfiUiam le Walshe. 

^-.■^"ST?;r, :J. '■^■^'^f;:^-r^'^',i^v'''^.^ 

w-| ;, 




r <• 





Charter of Henry de Cuntevill granting to Robert Malherbe lands in !ShSi 
Shipham. ]IB|. 

Appointment by John de CJyvcdon, pon of Matthew <1e Cly vedon, fol. 417. 
Knight, and Maria de Drokensford, the wife of John, to receive posses- 
sion from the said Matthew of certain lands in Shipliam. 

Given at Ahre. 12 E. U. 

Release by John Southerman, called Havekyn de la Barowe, to fol. 41 7 ia 
Coorad de Afflyn, of all his rights in Shipham, Barowe, and Langel- 
borowe. 30 E. III. 

Release by Robert Wrentche de Sanipford to Rol)ert Malherbe of all 
his pas^ure rights, &c., on Smaldon hill in Shipham. 11 £. 

Another Charter of John Pope and Richard Swan about the lands fol. 418. 
&c., in Schepham. 7 E. IV. 

Release by the same of tbe same. 9 E. IV. fol. 419. 

Charter of Agnes de Stratford, daughter and heiress of Thomas de fol. 419 in d< 
Stratford, widow, granting to Thomas Kempe lands, &c., at la Barwe. 
23 E. III. 

Charter of Thomas le Clerk about lands in Shipham. 39 E. III. fol. 420. 

Charter of John le Cly vedon, miles, Lord of Aire gi*anting to Richard 
Hendibody and Margerie his wife a tenement in Shipham. 
Given at Aire, on Sunday next after S. Luke. 28 E. III. 

Quit claim of Peter de la Huese to John de S Laudo and Jolianna 
his wife of lands in Shipham. 6 E. 

Charter of Philip Wyndhull granting to John de S. Laudo, senior, fol 421. 
knight, lands at Schepham. 39 £. III. 

Charter of Margerie Malherbe granting to Matthew de Clyvedon, 
knight, the curia at Scbe^ham which had been her dowry. 

Given at Schipham on Sunday next after S. Thomas. 15 E. II. 

Cliarter of Isabell daughter and heiress of Walter le Eyro de Barwe, 
granting to Thomas Kempe lands at Schepham. 22 E. 111. fM. 422. 

Charter of Jobn de Clyvedon granting for life to Simon de Niweton 
a tenement, &c. at Schepham. 6 E. 

Chaiter of Lord Botreaux granting to John Broun bis Manor of fol. 422 in dors 
Schepham, with certain exceptions. 6 H. V. 

ExchMige by Adam Malerbe with Robert Malherbe of lands in Loxton 
which he had as a grant from Hawice de Sperkford, for lands in 

Matthew de Clyvedon gives to his son John and his wife Maria de fol. 423. 
Drokensford possession of lands in Schepham. 12 E. II. 

De eodem. 

William Aulak quit claims to Robert Malherbe, Lord of Schepham, a 
tenement in Draycote. 

fol. 421 in don. V 


Test : Hugh Malherbe ; Thomas de Hanam, &c. 

John de Dourle quit claims to John de S- Laudo a croft, <&c. in 
Schepham. 6 E. 

fol. 423 in dors. 




Charier of Eobeit Mollierbe granting to his daughter Sura a half 
'irgate of land, &c. 
Test : Oervase de Sparkford ; Odo de Wandestreu, &c 

Power of Attorney given by the D. & C. to their proctors to receivf 
>053es9iou from John Storthwaite, clerk j John Codeford, clerk ; John 
leynold, clerk ; of lands in Kdieton and Stokegurci. 8 H. VI. 

Charter of Thomas, bi-other and heir of Kobert Strecche, grRnting to 
Fohn Vemay hin lands in Edinton or elsewhere in Stokegurci. 12 B. 


Charter of Richard Shirfield and John Blast granting to Hugh Cary 
ind others tenements, Ac. in Edestoti, &c. 8 H. V. 

A similar release in favour of R. Shirfields. 8 H. V . 

Another abont the same land. 5 H. V, 

Power of Attorney given by Thomas, brother of Robert Streeche, to 
Hichard Amys, Prior of Stokeguray, and Henry Hillacre, chaplain, to 
leal with lands in Ediston. 12 R, II. 

A release by B. Verney of Innds inEdislou and n tenement lately held 
)y Alice, wife of Bobert Stieeche, as her dowry. 11 H. IV. 

Charter of Lucia Hedmore, sister and heiress of K. and T. Strecche, 
panting lands in Ediston to J. Vemay, 12 K. II, 

Release of John Deyc de Stokeland and Johanna his wift, widow of 
Michael de Ediston, to John Vernay, lord of Fayrefeld, of lands, Ac. in 
Sdiston. 12 B. II. 

Power of Attorney by Luciti Kodemore similar to that given by T. 
krecche. 12 R II. 

Belease by the same Lueia, widow, of lands, &c. in Ediston. Kobert 
hrecche is now dead. 12 R. II. 

Charter by William de Berrc to his daughter Margaret of a virgat« of 

Mid in Edislon. 

Lease for life to John Vernay, senior, of lands, &c., the dowry of, 
Uice, wife of Robert Strecche. 15 B. II. 

Release by William de Ediston to John Vernay and his wife Anice, 
tc. of lands, Ac. in Ediston, with the reversion of the property of hie 
notber Johanna, widow of Michael his father. II R, II. 

Permission granted by Hnmphr^ Courtenuy and Thomas Stowell, 
dilites ; and John Copelston, Armiger ; and Gwido Biildwyn ; to John 
itorthwayte and others, exors. of the will of the late Bp. Bubwtth, to 
[rant to the D. & C. of Wells cerrain lands of which they are tenanLs 
n Ediston, &c., the Statute of Mortmain non obstante. 8 H. VI. 

A similar licence granted to ihe f 
,bout other lanils in Ediston, &c. 8 

Similar licence to the samn by John son and heir of John Comosend 
bout other lands in t^tokegnrcy. 7 II. VI. 

Charier of Hugh Cary, Philip Amottesham and Ralph Cowfolde 
;ranting the same lands, &c. in Ediston. 6 11. VI. 


Another deed between the same. 30 E. 


Another similar document between the same i>artie& 6 H. VI. Wei.l8 

'^ Cathbdaal 

Charter oC the said exors. granting certain lands which had belonged ^' 

to Ralph Vernaj to the D. and C. of Wells. 8 H. VL fol.431 in dors. 

Power of Attorney about the same. 8 H. VI. 

Deed between Nicholas de Plecy aud Maurice de Ash, Vicars in the fol- 432. 
Cathedral, about tenements in Wells. 30 E. 

Another deed about the same, between Cristiua widow, Bichard dc 
Welweton, mul Jolmson of Richard Mogge of Tickenham. 7 E. ill. 

Another botveen Hugh le barl)or, burgess of Wells, and the same, fol- 432 in dors, 
about tenements in Wells. 7 E. III. ! I 

Another between Ralph de Welweton and the same. 7 £. III. ^^^' ^^^' ir 

Another between Hugh le barbor and the same. 8 £. III. '^* 

lndentm*o between Richard son of Davit de Welweton and Maurice fol. 433 in dors. 


de Ash about u tenement in Wells. 30 E. '| 

Charter oi Crist ina, widow of Bernard de la lidiete, leasing to William, fol. 434. \ 

6on of Hughde Kdmeston lands in Edmeston. ^1 


Charter «»f J^ucia Rodemore confirming to Alice, widow of her brother fol. 434 in dors. .♦ 

Robert Strecu^.he^ lands in Stokegurcj. 12 R. II. | 

Deed between Robert son of John de la Hurne and William de ful. 435. 
Edyngton and W. de Bere about lands in Kdingston. 20 E. 

Release by Hugh Strecche de Nethere Staweye of two acres in the 
Manor of Wyk to Walter le Bakeler of Stokecurcy and Beatrice his 

Charter of Peter de Bera confirming to William Enst of Edeston the fol. 435 in dors, 
house which Isabella daughter of Alan and Juliana de Stapela, and 
Cristina who \va.9 wife of Bernard de la Lidieta granted to the said 

Release by William Russell t-on of Bernard de Pederton to William 
de Edeston of rents in luligheston. 29 E. J. 

Release by John Pover to Mathew son of William de Ediston, and to fol. 436. 
his wile Agneta of rents, &c. 8 E. III. 

Release by Robert de Cowys to his son Robert of land at the Cross of 

Release by John Vode to Robert Strecche of a burgage in Stokecurcy. fol. 486 in dors. 
32 E. III. 

Similarly William son and heir of Peter dc Bere to Robert son of 
Ealn : de Comnys. 

Indenture between John Try vet and John Vernay about a sum of 20/. fol. 437. 
The case had been before Elyas Spelly, Mayor of Bristol, and John 
Colston, clerk. 11 R. II. 

Release by Walter le Bakeler to Henry son of William de Ediston, fol. 437 in dors, 
and ta Conilla his wife, and to tlohn the son of Henry de Edeston of 
two acres in la Wyk. 

■V Ov' 



-s ■ ■ 

r vi^:..''i,r!t'sj.siiT;f. 

i»i __JV..'' .' ».' 



^^ IHTbim Agreement between Agatha widow of Robert Strecche de Comjs and 

^r* ^^Ss.'^' William son of Peter de Bere, the latter to hold all the former's dower 

lands in Ediston and Comjs. 9 £. I. 

Charter of Laurencia widow of Walter de Cowmyche leasing to 
Eobert Chandell three acres in Ediston. 7 E. II. 

1$' — 

{'^'■f . ■«- 


488 in dors. Charter of John Williames granting to Michael de Ediston, and John 
Stenyng, all his property in Canington Hundred. 44> E. III. 

Sir Roger Grey grants to 'Robert Wilcok, pottar, a half burgage in 
Stokecurcy. 45 E. III. 

tlbl. 489. Agreement between Robert de Comys and Walter Paty about three 

r, acres in Ediston. 56 H. III. 

Bond for 20/. given by William son and heir of Michael Ediston, 
Merchant to John Try vet, Knight, for merchandise bought from him. 
In default of payment distraint to be levied under the statute about 
merchants made apud Acton Bumell et Westm. tempore Edwardi III. 
7 R. II. 

Lease of half an acre in Stokecury by Ralph Vernay. 9 H. I V. 

Michael de Edeston grants to his son William, senior, a messuage in 
Edeston. 42 E. III. 

Letter of Anna sister of Alice Strecche about lands in Ediston. 
12 R. II. 

M. de Ediston grant to W. Dullok a messuage. 51 E. III. 

^f^I440iD dors. Power of Attorney given by Thomas Strecche to Richard Amyn, 

Prior of Stckcursy. 12 R. II. 

John Try vet, miles, about the 20/. due to him. 7 R. II. 

fdl. 441. Charter of Thomas Strecche granting to Alice, his brother Robert's 

widow, various lands in Ediston. 12 R. II. 


^\M' 440. 

ibl. 441 iu dors. Charter of John Vernay granting to the same Alice and Thomas 

certain lands in Ediston. 12 R. II. 


fol. 442. 

Charter of Alice Strecche granting to Walter Trybon and Alice 
BewepoU all her dower lands, &c. 7 H. IV. 


tol 442 in dors. Charter of Ralph Vernay granting to John Babbe, Senior, and Isabella 

his wife, and to John Babbe, junior, and Isabella his wife, the reversion 
of land in Ediston. 11 H. IV. 

William de Edeston grants to his son Jolm a messuage. 

fol. 448. Ralph, son of John Vernay, grants to William Lyghe a cottage, <fcc. 

15R. IL 

M. de Edeston and Agnes his wife leases to Richard Everard lands. 
45 E. III. 

fol. 443 in dors. Agreement between Ralph Vernay and William Martyn about a croft 

near Stenenford. 15 R. II. 

fol. 444. 

U • ' 

Lease for lives by John Vernay to Alice and Thomas Strecche of land 
at Ediston. 12 R. II 


-^*ir\- ' -rrr^' -"'i 1-^ —-rw-r -^»-*^,- .-yy -'^^- 


Gnint by Ralph Veraay to John Babbe of land in Ediston. 11 H. Wxlli 

TV Cathedral 

*■ * • MS8. 

Th3 same grants a tenement to T. Hugchon. 10 H. IV. fo).444in dors. 

The Fame to R. Lulcays. &c. a half burgage. 12 R. II. fol. 445. 

Michael de Edeston to Walter Boxse a messuage. 44 E. III. foL 445 in dors. 

Thomas Strecche, and the* widow Alice, about lands in Ediston. 12 fol. 446. 

Michael de Ediston to his son William, senior, a messuage. 42 
E. III. if 

Ralph Vernay to John Babbe, &c. 9 H. IV. fol. 446 in dora. ! ; 

Letter of Auna and Alice Strccche as above. ^ '{, 

The grant by Lucia Rodemar to Alice Strecche. 12 R. If. fol. 447. . ,i 

Ralph Vernay to William Trybon a close in Ediston. 6 H. I V. fol. 447 in dors. 

Agreement between John de Mahoun and Hamelin de Godley tenant fol. 448. 
of lands at Bickenalre. 
Given at Dunster. A.D. 1330. 

Rentale de Stokegummer. fol. 448 in dors. 

A list of 12 tenantR and their holdings. 

Order made by Bp. R. about the revenues, he. of Doulting. ' fol. 449. 

Marke annexed to the prebend of Wedmoie. cf. I. fol. 61. fol. 449 in dors. 

Charter of Galfrid de Maiidevill granting to Bp. Josceline the advow- fol. 450. 
son of W'hitcherch. 

Order nuide by Richard Bp. of Sarum about the tithes of Wodcton 
in Whitcherch of which Hugh de Greneford is the parson, and W. de 
Welleo Vicar of Wodeton chapel, and Thomas de la Wise parson of the 
Chapei. Adam do Wodeton, Knight, is also a party in the case. 

Inspex : of the la^t by the Chapter of Sarum. A.D. 1224. foJ. 450 in dors. 

Order roaJe by Robert, Bp. of Sarum, with the consent of Bp. fol. 451. 
Josceline, for the appropriation of the Church of Whitcherch and payment 
of a pension, in order to provide a sufficiency for the canons of the two 
Cathedruls, who are now compelled to neglect to render their personal 
services on account of poverty, while they seek a means of support else • 

A document of more than two folios. 

Inspcximus by Bp. Robert of Sarum, of an order made by the fol. 453. 
papal commissaries in a cause between the rector of Whitcherch, Hugh 
de Greneford, and the Abbey of Abbedcsbury, about the tithes - of 

Order made by Robert, Abbot of Malmesbury and other commissaries fol. 453 in durs. 
in a dispute bctweeii Richard the parson of Whitcherch and William 
Heiron lord of Cememue about the the chapel of Cernemuo. 

Final concord about the same. fol. 454. 



■^r *:■"■• 

•>> aV^ •* '^ 

r - ' J 

'ix :r--^^ 



. Wbiu 




»* ' 

ful. 45C. 





Charter Robert de Mandevile, granting to St. Wite and to the church 
of Witechurch the land [u Bere. 

loJ. 454 in dors. Agreement made between John de Chideok, Knight, lord of 

Chidiok, and the D, nnd C. of Wells, about a place near the chapel of 

Institution of \Villiam de Wells as parson of Whitcherch on the 
presentation of Robert de Mandevil, by Bp. Herbert of Sarum. Jan. 
•^3. Anno pontif 21°. 

Order made by the Abbot of Malmesbury and the other oommissaries 
about the pension of Cernemue. 

^tU 455 in dors. Littera procuratoria b}- tlie J. Bp. of Bath about the same. A.D. 


Institution by Bp. Richard of Sarum of Hu^^h de Greneford into the 
Church of Whitcherch on the presentation of Robert de Mandevile. 

Confirmation by Josceline son of Hubert, canon of Wells, ami 
Reginald Kniht of a sale of a tenement by Adam canon of Wells to 
Milo the chaplain, which Adam had bought from Johu de Cai'Jevill 
and Mirabella his sister. Test : Canon Henry de London, «&c. 

Littera procuratoria of the Chapter of Sarum. A.D. 1239. 

Final Concord made between Gal frid de Mandevill, and Bp. Josceline 
and the Chapter of Well?, &c. about the advowson of Witchurch. — The 
advowson of the Vicarage is to belong to the Bp. of Bath, and the 
Chapter promise that the said Galfrid and his heirs shall be participators 
in the benefit of all prayers in the said Church. 

De honore de Merswode. 

King John to all men, &c., recognitum est in curia nostra, &c. 
** Senior '' held the said Baronv, and had a son Robert de Mandevdl : 
the same Robert had a son Galfrid de Mandevill scilicet Galfrid de 
Cotre, who begat Robert de Mandevill father of Robert de Mandevill 
who claims the Barony. The said Galfrid, senior, after the death of 
the mother of the aforesaid Robert de Mandevill, married again nnd 
had a son, Radulf de Mandevill, who after his father's death held the 
Barony by the will of the King because he was a better knight than his 
elder brother. The said Radulf had a daughter Dionisia who married 
William son of Johc, then Seneschal of Normandy, and bore Henry de 
Tilly, &c. We therefore have restored (reddidimus) to the aforesaid 
Robert de Mandevill, who was born of the eldest son and was the 
true heir of the said Galfrid de Mandevill, Senior, the Barony, Ac. 
Given at Porecestre. May 24. Anno regni 8*^ 

fol. 45C in dors. 

fol. 4. 

Large volume marked D. of 128 folios containing copies of Indentures, 
&c., A.D. 1535-1546. 

March 20, 33 H. VIII., grant by the Chapter to Walter Cretyng of 
** the rome of too copies within the walls from the end of the Jvorke- 
house situate in the Camery of the sowthe syde of the foresaide Cathe- 
dral church towards the west end of the same workhouse, containing by 
estimation xvi. foote of length, to make a stable, and all the whole lofte 






* #T^i£2 











over all the saide workhouse, with a little orchard there lyeing, and the 
herbage of the said Camerj, Ac., &c." 

Between fols. 6 and 7 there are 5 folios blank. 

Manumissiooy by the Bishop, of the family of Goodriche, nativiis of fol. 7 
Banwell, '' ab omni jugo servitatis villenagii." 
Given at Ban well, Oct. 18, A.D. 1533. 
Confirmed by the Cliapters of Bdth and of Wells, A.D. 153d. 

Grant by Bishop John of an annuity of £20 secured upon the manor fol. 9 in dors, 
of Pokelchurch " dilecto nobis in Christo magnifico et precellentt'viro 
Thome Cromewell, armigero, serenissimi et potentissimi principis Hen- 
rici octavi Angliie, &c. . . . ac occlesie Anglisane in terra sub 
Christo supremi capitis, primario secretario, propter preclara illius in 
nos meritii, et pro ejus bono et sano consilio, et auxilio tarn nobis hac- 
tenus impensis quam nobis et suocessoribus in posterum impendendis, 

Dec. 22, 27 H. VIII. 

John Chamber, the Treasurer, Walter Cretying, Archdeacon of Bath, fol. 10 in ^ 
Robert Bysse, and John Gy, canons, appointed by the Chapter to pro- 
dace on their behalf before Thomas Crumwell, &c. he, vicegerent of the 
king, &c.f <&c. ^* Librnm Ordinalis et statutorum eccl. cathedralis Wcl- 
lonsis et vcrum ejusdem libri exemplar, ac omnes et singnlas bullas sen 
scripta sive rescripta papistica in archivis nostris reperta, necnon plenum 
et fidele Inventarium indentatum omnium et singulorum Jocaliuni et 
denariorum in Thesauraria ejusdem ecdesie cathedralis W^ellcnsis rema- 
Qf^ntinm et existentium . . . Predictumque librum, &c. (coUatione 
. . facta) atqae unara partem diet! Inventaril prefatis procuratorihus 
. . retradi, he. Juramentum iusuper quodcumque in hac parte . • 
reqaisitnm in animas nostras prestandum, &c. , 

Given in the Chapter House, Jan. 31, A.D. 1535. 

Similarly, Mr. Kichard Eryngton, and Koger Edgeworth, Professor of fol. 11 in dors. 
Theology, canons residentiary of Wells, arc appointed by the Chapter to 
produce before Thomas Crumwell, &c., &c., Ac. ** Omnia et singula 
Ncripta, cartas sive muniroentaoriginaliadicte ecclesic, donationes, appro- 
priationes, portiones et pensiones, omnium et singularum ecclesiarum, 
parocbialium eidem ecclesie cathedrali appropriatarum, fundationesque 
et ordinationes omnium caiitariaium in eadem fuudacarum, necnon 
omnes bullas . . . et Inventarium omnium Jocalium et denariorum 
&c. juramentum quoque in hac parte requisitum . . prestandum, 4&c. 

Given in the Chapter House, April 22, A.D. 1536. 

Appointment by the Chapter of Polydore Vergil, Archdeacon of Wells ; fol. 12. 
John Charobre, the Treasurer ; Walter Cretyng, Archdeacon of Bath ; 
and John Nase, canons of Wells ; to be proctors in the Convocation to be 
holden in St. Paul's on June 9. 

Given in the Chapter House, June 1, A.D. 1536. 

The Tythe com, al« the Ty the Sheyf, of the parsonage at Charde, and 
the Barne and garden, let by William Bawlyns, provost of Wells, and 
parson of Charde, to John Palle of Charde. 

The rent for the Tithe corn or sheaf of Elderchard is £3 13*. 4^. ; 
of Tatte worth is M ISs. Ad. ; of 8outhercherde £3 10* Od. ; of Ker- 
mercherde £4 3*. 4rf. ; of Forthington £3 10*. Orf. ; of Demense lands 
£2; of the Town 3*. Ad. The rent of the pasture of the parsonage 
garden 6*. 8c/. 





■ < 




f - 

i •'!,• 




. ' Wblu 
' Cathudral 
,^^ • M88. 

>fol. 18. 

id. SI in don. 

foL 22. 

Reserving to the said Provost the " Chester corn." The said J. Palle 
is also to find for the horses of the officers of the said Provost, good and 
sufficient hay, with plenty of litter, and 2 bushels of oats, on a payment 
of \\d, a day and night, once or twice in the year for the space of two 
days each time. And similarly for the Provost's horses for one week 
every year, at the rate of \\d. for every horse for each day and night. 

March 6, 27 II. VIII. 

Lease by the Chapter of Buckland Abbots parsonage and its 
appurtenances, to William Bonde of the same place, yeoman of the 
King's guard. 

June 4, 29 H. VIII. 

Petition from the Chapter to the Bishop for licence to elect a Dean in 
the place of Richard Woleman, deceased. 
Sept. 23, A.D. 1537. 

Grant by the Bishop to Thomas Wryotehesley, Armiger, and William 
Peter, D.L., of the next presentation of Litton prebend. 

Given at Ban well, Sept. 23, A.D. 1527. Probably an error for 
A.D. 1537. 


► v- -i 

t fol* 22 in dors 





fpL 22 in dors. Collation by the Dean and Chapter (no names given) to Bishop 

Erghum's Chantry, at the altar of S. Osmund, on the south side of the 
Nave of the Cathedral, of John Herpole, presbiter. 
Sept. 29, A.D. 1537. 

The Khig's letter. 

To our trustie and wcllbelovyd the preflident and chapitre of our 
Cathedral Churche of Wellvs. 

Trustie and welbelovyd we grete you well. And for asmoche as 
upon significacion by our letters made unto you of our dctermynacion 
for the preferment of our right trustie and welbelovyd counsaillour the 
lorde pryvye scale to the rome of the d<'ane in that in our cathcdrall 
churche of Wells as we under.^tonde with a right honest an:l a lovingo 
sorte ye have been cohtentyd therein to gratifie us. And soo have pro- 
cee<led ihereunto so farre as with ihobservacion of your laudable 
ceremony es in that behalf accustomyd ye have elected chosen and 
enstalled our sayd counsaillour in the saide deanery. To thyntent ye 
shulde knowe y' we doo accept and take your proceeding in the same in 
motte thankfull parte we thought yt convenyent for us not onely by 
these our letters to geve unto you therefore our exprcise and condigne 
thankes But also to advertyseyou y* in all your reasonable pursutes Ave 
shall soo fuither declare our good favour and aff.^ction towards you and 
every of youe at ye shall have cause to thinke your confyrmyty therein 
well employed. Geven under our sygnett at Asher the fy rste day of 

Grant by the Bishop John of ihe Advowson of tlie Archdeaconry of 
Wells upon the next vacancy, pro hac vice tantum, to the King. 

Given at Banwell, Oct. 5, A.D. 1537. 

" Et nos Thomas Crumwell, miles, dominus Crumwell decanus 
ecclesie Cathedralis S. Andree Wellen," and the Chapter confirm it. 

Rector of 

fol. 23. 


Thomas Crumwell, &c., 8ic., decanus, and the Chapter, appoint 
cnnys, miles; John Fryse,^geDero8us; Thomas Swetman, R 
Syston, and Richai-d Wall, curate of Westerley in Worcester diocese, to 
be their proctors for the king's visiUiiion, and for the questions rained 
about the impropriate church of Pokelchurch. 
Given in the Chapter House, Oci. 15, A.D. 1537. 


Ti.^- . . 





An Indenture about Ashbury parsona£:e, in Berkshire, is confirmed ^ Wells 
by Bp. John ; William, the Vrior of Bath ; and by Thomas Crum- ^^ mIsI 
well, Knighty &c., Ac, Dean of Wells, and the Chapter, Oct. 24, , , - — 
39 H. VIII. ^""^ ^^• 

An Indenture about Thorne 8. Margaret's, confirmed bj Thomas foL 26. 
Crumwell, the Dean, and the Chapter of Wells, on May 8, A.D. 1538. 

A grant of land at Chard, confirmed by William Prior of the Cathedral fol. 26 in dors. 
Church of Bath on May 28 ; and by Thomas Crumwell, the Dean, and 
the Chapter of Wells on June 6, A.D. 1538. 

Collation of William fienwyke, Chaplain, to the Chantry of Stephen foi. 27. 
Hull at the 'altar of S. Stephen in the Cathedral of Wells, by Thomas 
Cinimwell, the Dean, and the Chapter. June 14, A.D. 1538. 

An Indenture about Hengstridge prebend! confirmed by Thomas 
Crumwell and the Chapter. Aug. 12, A.D. 1538. 

A similar confirmation by William, Prior of Bath, and by Thomas fol. 29. 
Crumwell, Dean of Wells, and the Chapter, of the Bishop's grant to 
Nicholas Fitz James of the park at Evercreech, on Oct. 10 and Oct. 20 
respectively, A.D. 1538. 

Thomas Crumwell acts as Dean in granting a reversion to Thomas 
Parry, on Nov. 30, A.D. 1538. 

« A similar confirmation by William, the Prior of Bath, and Th. Crum- foi. 30 and 30 
well, the Dean &c of Wells, Nov. 2, A.D. 1538. in dors. 

Order by Blnhop John, as Commissary for the King, with reference to 
the 30 marcs annually paid by the direction of Bp. Joceline for the 
daily service of the Blessed Virgin at Her Altar in the Cathedral ; 13 
Yicars Choral are appointed to that service ; the sum of £6 8«. 4d. is also 
paid annually by his direction by the Provost of the Cathedral for a 
certain '* miusa de requiem jam vulgariter Nuucupata * Marty ns Masse,' 
daily in the chapel of S. Martin justa fontem in dicta ecciesia cathe- 
dral]," by six vicars choral, on behalf of the souls of Bp. Savaiic, his 
successors, and all benefactors of the Church. Inasmuch as the duty of 
seeing that the statutes of these foundations are carried out lies with the 
Bishop, but he is frequently compelled to be absent from Wells upon 
urgent business of the realm, and cannot attend to these things in 
person as he ought and would wish, he by and with the advice of the 
Chapters of Bath and of Wells devolves this duty upon the Dean and 
Chapter of Wells, <&c., &c. 

Attested by the seals of the Chapters of Bath and Wells, and given 
in the Palace at Wells on Dec. 14, A.D. 1535. 

Confirmed by the D. & C. of Wells Jan. 2, A.D. 1535. 
Confirmed by William, the Prior of Bath, Jan. 2, A.D. 1535. 

Grant by Bp. John to Thomas Crumwell, 8cc., &o. (but not calle 1, fol. 32. 
'Jean of Wells), the right of presentation, for one turn upon the next 
vacancy, to the oflSce of Provost of the Cathedral. 

Given at Chewc, Dec. 1, A.D. 1538. 

Confirmed by the Chapter of Wells on Dec. 7, and by William Hol- 
loway, Prior of Bath, and the Chapter, on Dec. 3, 30 H. VIII. This is 
the last time that any confirmation by the Chapter of Bath occurs. 

n 20541. P 



■» • 1 










lol. 36 in dors. 


■J J 


' ♦■- 

.1 1 

'■'. fil. 37 in dors. 

Grant by the D. & C. to Willinra Peter, D.L., in i^eturn for many 
good offices, of an annuity of 40 shillings. 

Given in the Chapter House, Jan. 10, 30 H. VITI. 

Grant by Bp. John to Thomas Crumwell de Wilmyngton, nobilis 
ordinis garterii militis, &c., &c. (but not called Dean of Wells), and to 
Thomas Writhesley, nnd to William Popley, generosus, of the patronage 
of the Prebend of Dultiugcote, for one turn, upon the next vacancy. 

Given at Chewe, Feb. 25, A.D. 1537. 

Collation by Thomas Crumwell, &c., the Dean, and the Chapter, of 
John Smith, junior, a vicar choral, to the Chantry in the Chapel of All 
Saints in the cemetery called " le palme churche-yard," with leave to 
absent himself from the night services, as a reward for his great merits, 
and for his diligence in instructing the choristers, and for his great 
labour in composing " nonnullos cantus ad divini cultus augmenta- 

He must provide himself with books " Vulgariier nuncupat: square 
books and pricke songe books," for the choir, for the Chapel of the 
Blessed Mary, and for the Processions on the principal Feasts, and 
shall leave them to his successors. The grant is " quoad vixeris efc 
vicarius choralis .... extit-eris," but if the revenues of the said 
Chantry paid by the Hospital of S. Mark, near Bristol, should fail he is 
to receive no compensation from the Chapter, but *' saltem prout fortuna 
duxerit in ea parte eris omnino contentus." 

Given in the Chapter House, Wells, May 13, A.D. 1538. 

Until the above entry T. Cromwell has not been mentioned by name 
as Dean of Wells since the entry on fol. 30. The entries are simply 
" The Dean and Chapter," until fol. 39 in dors. 

Petition of the Dean and Chapter to the King. Inasmuch as their 
statutes "jam nuper per statuta et leges regni yestri Anglie justissime 
abolita . . . adnuUata, &c., sunt, nulliusque moment! jam merito 
habita sunt," they petition the King to ordain new statutes. Dec. 6, 
A.D. 1538. 

fol 39 in dors. 



Presentation by William Bowiemau, the Sub-dean, and the Chapter- 
(decano dicte ecclesie ahsente), of Richard Adam to H. Husee's Chan- 
try, at the Altar of S. Calixtus. 

June 18, A.D. 1539. 

fol. 42. Grant by Bishop John to Thomas Crumwell " ordinis garterii incliti, 

ac sigilli privati Illustrissimi domini Regis Custodi," of all the messuage, 
tenement, and garden adjacent, &c. in the f)arish of S. Bartholomew's 
the Less in London, now held by Patrick Prouse, " mercator scissor," 
with authority to his attorneys, Thomas Clarke, armiger, and Ralph 
Hopton, generosus, to enter and give possession. June 30, A.D. 
31 H. VIII. 

Confirmed by the Dean and Chapter, July 5, A.D. 1539. 

fol. 42indorB. Grant by the Bishop to Edward, Earl of Hertfort, of the next pre- 
sentation of the Canonry and Prebend of Compton Episcopi. 
Given in London, June 22, A.D. 1539. 
Confirmed by the D. & C. on Sept. 30 of the same year. 

Similar grant of the next presentation of the Prebend of Tymbcrs- 
combe, to Mr. John Gostwike, armiger ; John Roke, of London, gene- 
rosus ; and Robert Bebe, a servant of the King's. 

Given May 31, A.D. 1539. 

Confirmed by the D. & C, Oct. 25 of the same year. 





Grant by the Bishop to his brother Thomas Gierke and his daughter, Wklls 
Alice, of the revei-sion of a close in Wells called the West Garden ^"^ilgs *^ 
lands in Westbury, Congresbury, Wellington, Wyke by Pockelchurch, 
at a rent of £6 7*. 4d, 

Given at Chewe, Nov. 10, 31 H. VIII. 

fol. 43. 

Appointment by Thomas Crumwell, miles, dominns Crumwell, fol. 44. 
decanus, with the consent of the Chapter, of W. Bntler to be Bailiff or 
Bempston Hundred ; to have the custody of the park at Wedmore ; 
and also of the Woods of the Hundred, with wages 20*., 135. 4d,y and 
6*. Hd. for the several oflBces. 

Given Dec. 1, 31 H. VIII. 

Confirmed by himself as Dean, and by the Clmpter, in the Chapter 
House on the same day. 

Grant by the Bishop to his brother Tliomas Clerke de Wokey, and fol. 45. 
to Thomas Horner de Melles, generosns, of the next presentation of the 
parish Church of Laverton. 

Given at Wells, ilan 20, 25 H. VIII. 

Confirmed by the Chapter, Jan. 8, A.D. 1539, 31 H. VIII. 

Lease by John Chambre, the Treasurer, to Ciiristopher Newton of fol. 45 in dors. 
Westminster, Yeoman, of all the parsonage of Martock and its appurte- 
nances for £59 a year. Dec. 30, 31 H. VIII. 

The premises are described. 

Grant by the Bishop of the Advowson of the Church of Henton fol. 48. 
S. George, to Hugh Powlett, relative and heir of John Gyfford, lonl of 
the manor of Henton. The said Advowson had once belonj'ed to the 
said manor, but it had come into the hands of ihe Bishops of B. & W. 
by lapse and been in his possession for long time. 

Given in the Palace at Wells, March 15, A.D. 1539. 

** Vacat " is placed against this entry. 

Grant by James Fitz James, the Chancellor, of the Advowson of the fol. 51. 
Vicarage of Kyngsbury, to his natural sister Thomasine Fitz James. 
Given at Wells, Dec. 22, 31 H. VIII. 

Indenture between Bishop John and Raufe Pylkyngton, Citizen and fol. 51 in dors. 
Haberdasher of London. The Bishop grants and lets to the said R. P. 
for 40 years, at a rent of £1 7^. Sd, ** All that his hall called the fryer's 
hall, with parlour, Botry, and iiii. chambers called the fryers cliamberF, 
and a garden therto and adjoyning with ihappurtenances sette lying 
and beyng within the preeincte of the late dissolved Monastery of the 
Mynores withoute Aldgete of London (excepte and alwayes reserve<l 
unto the saide Busshoppe at suche tymes as the same Bnsshoppe shall 
happen to resorte and abyde at the said late Monastery duryng his lyfe 
naturall, too of the ?aide chambres, and the saide garden with free in- 
gresse and egresse in to and from ihe same at all tymes during his saide 
abode there "). 

Made on June 9, 32 H. VIIL 

Confirmed by the D. & C, June 1 1, A.D. 1540. 

A similar Indenture between the Bishop and Alice, widow of Thomas 
Lupsett, Citizen and Goldsmith of London. 

The Bishop grants to her, for 28 years at a rent of 10 shillings, " all 
that his too lowe chambers and keeli\ n with their appurtenances sett 
and being neer the Churche within Ih^? preeincte of the said Busshoppes 

P 2 

■ U 






^.:-<f^ V 






f » 

' I. . 


11 ' 


r r 

' -w 




fol. 53. 

> » 

place, without Aldgate in London, late called the Mynorcs, whiche too 
chambers be nowe in the holding of the saide Alice." 

Made June 22, 32 H. VIII. 

Confirmed by the D. & C, June 25, A.D. 1540. 

The petition of W. Bowerman, the Subdean, and the Chapter of WeU:?, 
to Bp. John, for licence to elect a Dean " quod decanatus predictus 
ecclesie vestre cattedralis per attincturam et mortem Thome Crumwell, 
Comitis Essex, ultimi Decani ejusdem, nuper vacavit et vacat in pre- 
senti atque decani solatio destitutuit est &c." 

Given in the Chapter House, Nov. 2, A.D. 1540. 

The Bishop grants the licence, because " a repia majestate nobis con- 
cessum ac auctoritate parliamenti provisum ut nobis juxtn const ituliones 
antiquas ejusdem ecclesie hujusmodi licentiam conoedendi im|>osterum 
remaneret, &c." 

Given in hospitio nostro London extra Aldgate, Dec. 3, A.D. 1540. 

fol. 54 in dors. Presentation by the Chapter to S. Cuthbert's Vicarage, addressed to 

Archbp. Thomais the see of B. & W. being vacant. 
Jan. 26, A.D. 1540. 

fol. 55. 

fol. 57. 

Petition of Dean ffitzwilliam and the Chapter to the King for licence 
to elect a Bishop. 
Feb. 8, A.D. 1540. 

Grant by John ffitz James, Prebendary of Whitchurch, of the 
Advowpon of Benagre to his brother Nicholas, armiger. 
March 5, A.D. 1640. 

fol. 57 in dont. 

The King*s licence for the election of a Bishop. 
Given at Grenewyche, April 9, 32 H. VIII. 

foL 58. The Chapter to the King, that they have elected as Bishop William 

Knight, Archdeacon of Richaiond, &c. 
April 23, A.D. 1541. 

fol. 59. Collation by the D. & C. of Rt Welshe to Bp's. Erghum's Chantry. 

June 30, A.D. 1541. 

Grant by the Bishop of the Advowson of the Treasurer's office, and 
the Church of Martock, to " John Russell ordinis garterii militi domino 
Russell et Magno Anglia Admirallo, ffrancisco Bryan, militi, et 
Anthonio Denny, armigero private camere domini nostri regis, generoso, 
et Johanni Chamber, decano capelle regie S. Stephani infra palatium 

Given July 18, A.D. 1541. 

Confirmed by the D. & C. on July 23. 

fol. 59 in dors. The Advowson of the Vicarage of Martock is granted by the above 

named John Chamber, M.D., &c., to the Bishop and to the Subdoan of 
Wells, to John Dakyn, D.L., and Cuthbert Walker, layman. July 2, 
A.D. 1541. 

A similar grant by the same to the same of the Vicarage of Wyvelis- 
combe. July 2, A.D. 1541. 

fol. 61 in dors. Grant by the Bp. William of a piece of ground " in pomerio palatii 

nostri Wellen vocat the * Busshop's Chamerey,*" containing 200 ft. in 
length, and 54 ft. from the wall of the pasture of the Cathedral colled 

fol. 60. 


* . 



Mhe Church Chamerey ' in the direction of 8. Andrew's fountain and the Wblls 
stream flowing from it. ^^^88. 

Given at Chewe Magna, Sept 1, 33 H. VIII. — ' 

The lease of the Friars Hall to R. Pilkington is extended to 89 yeai's. fol. si in don. 
Nov. 23, 33 H. VIII. 

• f . 


Another Indenture about the same. Feb. 21, 33 H. YIII. 

fol. 64. 

Grant by Bp. William to John Lord Russell, and to Francis Bryan ft>l' 74 in dow. 
of the next presentation cither to the Archdeaconry of Bath, the Pre- 
bends of Compton Dundon, or the Prebend of Whitelackyngtou, to 
whichever of them first falls vacant. June 26, A.D. 1543. 

Collation by the D. & C. to Bp. Erghum's Chantry. June 30, A.D. fol- ^5. 

Grant by the Bishop of the next presentation of the Prebend of fol. 75 in dors. 
Yatton to Thomns Duke of Norfolk. July 8, A.D. 1543. 

A similar grant of the Prebend of 8. Decnman's, to Robert Palmer, ^1- 76. 
B.L., John Marshall, Cuthbert Walker, generosus, and William 
Stray ker. 

Given in the Palace at Wells, June 28, A.D. 1543. 

Another Indenture about the parcel of ground in the Minores, lately fol. 77. 
called "the lavondrie, which late Monastery now by the Kings 
Msjestie's grant is gjven by way of exchaunge for to be the roanour 
or logyng of the Busshop of Bath and Wells, for the tyme being for 
ever. And the said growndc conteyneth in length fourtie foote betwext 
the way that leadeth towards the olde gate by the well on the 
west syde, and the late Church wall of the same estwarde. And in 
breade xxxvi. foote betwexte the way of the north syde of the saide late 
monastery^ and the buttrie of the same southwarde, wherin nowe 
standyth olde deformed und ruynouse buldyngs, which saide olde 
buldyngs the said John Moore promiseth by these presents to reedifie 
and repayre, and to make in the saide place an apt and convenient 
mansion house to dwell in at his owne costs and charges. And also 
the said Busshop for himself and his successors, by the consent of the 
Dean nnd Chapter aforesaid doth demise ... to the said John 
Moore one garden place within the precincte aforesaide lyeng in length 
by the sowthewall of the saide late monastery and extendyng estward 
towards the common draught-house and westward to the corner of the 
Bryke house parcell of the said manor place or lodgyng aforesaide." 

Tlie lease is for three score years at a rent of 5«. a year. May 20, 
35 H. VIII. 

Indenture between the King and John Aylworth, junior, of Wells and fol. 78. 
London, by which the latter is to have the House or Hospital of S. John 
the Baptist lately dissolved, with the houses and lands belonging to it 
(all specified) for 21 years at a rent of £6 4«. lOd. 
' Given Sept. 20, 31 H. VIII. This is confirmed by the Bishop, 
quantum in nobis est, with the consent of the Dean and Chapter, for 
another 60 years, that is from the 1st of the present month of August 
for the term of 77 years. 

Given on Aug. 1, 35 H. VIII. 

Collation by the D. & C. " Auctoritale fulciti illustri.ssiini fol. go. 

principis .... Heurici Ac, Ac," of one of the four Chantries founded 
on behalf of Bp. Bubwith. Oct. A.D. 1 543. 


• HU 

■ 't'li 

•< 'a 



■ 1 ' ■ \ ' . 








^'rlbl. 85. 

V ifoL 85. 





fol. 86 in dors. 



V * 

Grant by the Bishop " Auctoritate regia fulcitus " to Cuthbert Walker 
Robert Palmer, and William Straker, of the next presentalion to tho 
office of Treasui*er together with the Church of Martock, &c. 

Given at Wyveliscombe, Dec. 18, A.D. 1543. 

A similar grant to Cuthbert Walker, Galfrid Upton, and John 
; ". Galoway of the next presentation to the Chancellorship. 

Given at the same time and place as the last. 

fel. 86. Similar grant of the next presentation of the Prebend of Compton 

Episcopi to John Pascal of Great Radowe in Essex. 
Given at Wyveliscombe, Jan, 12, A.D. 1543. 

Similarly the Prebend of Combe III. to Walter Cretyng, D.L., 
Richard Daye, generosus, and William Port<^r, yeoman. 
Given at Wyveliscombe, Jan. 29, A.D. 1543. 

Similarly the l^rebend of Eston in Goriano to John Tregjnwell, 
D.L. Jan. 20, .^.D. 1541. 

The Bishop to the Most Illustrious Prin^'css Katherine . . . Queen, and 
to the Noble William Earl of Essex. Has granted to them the next 
presentation of the Prebend of Yatton. 

(iiven at Wyveliscombe, March 19, A.D. 1543. 

! fol. 88. Indenture between Thomas Leight, gentleman, of the Middle Temple, 

and George Parsons, yeoman, servant to Sir Thomas Awdeley, knight, 
^^ Lord Awdeley, of Walden, and Lord Chancellor of England. Tlie latter 

V is to have the parsonage at BoKeland Deuham, glebe lands, tilh(^'^, &c., 

&c.. saving only the Advowson of the Vicarage, for 60 vearsat » yearly- 
rent of £8 6«. 8d. March 16, 35 H. VIII. 


foL 91 itt dors. Grant by the Bishop of the next presentation of AishuU prebend to 

John Hyllacre, generosus. 

Given in the Palace at Wells, April 15, 35 H. VIII. 

Presentation by the Chapter (decano in remotis agente) to the Chantry 
of H. Husee. May 13, A.D. 1544. 

To our trustie and welbelovyd the dean and Chapter of Wells and in 
thabsence of the dean to the chapitow there. Somersedshire. 

By the kyng. 

Trusty and welbelovid we greate you well. Andwher as betwene ns 
and themperour upon provocation of manifold injuries committed by tho 
frenchc kyng unto us both perticulerly and for his confedemtionwitli 
the Turkc agaynste thoU common wealth of Christendom. It ys agreed 
that echo of us a parte in personne with his puissaunt armey in severall 
parties this somer shall invade the realme of ffraunce we late you wite 
that having not yet appoynted so greiite a nomber for that purpose asys 
necessary upon the good opinion we have of you with ernest good wyll 
to see us furnished as to our honour apperteyneth we have appoynted 
you to send the nomber of forty hable footemen whereof viii to be 
archers every one furnished with a good bow in a case and xxiiii o-ootl 
arrowes in a case a good sword and a dagger. And the rest to be l»vll 
men having besides there by lies every of them a good sword and a 
dagger to be levied of your ovrne servaunts tennantsand others flbrseinj^ 
that if any other man having tenants within any your manours or lord- 
ahipps be by our letters appoynted to make us any men ye shall liave 
the preferment of the makyng of the same his tenants to serve us inthi§ 

fol. 99 
fol. 92. 


» . • > - 1 







journey not faylyiig to have jour said men in suche ai*e(1ines furnished 
with cotes and hose of suche colours as ys appoynted for our Reregard 
as they fayle not to be at our towne of dover the xii day of June. Wlier 
order his taken for the ire transportacion accordingly. 

Geven under our signet at our palaice of Wastminster the xxv day of 
May the xxxvi yere of our reigne. And our further is that in any wyse 
you send us the saide nomber being all pyked and hable men as ye 
tender thadvaun cement of our affaires and for the contrary therof wylbe 
put to the losse of theire cotes conducte and barneys. 

Another deed about the grant to John and Elizabeth Moore of the fol. 98 in dors. 
Given at Wyveliscombe, March 10, 3o H. VIII. 

The Bishop grants the next presentation to the Vicarage of Chard ; fol. loo. 
Fol. 100 in dors, that of the Prebend of Combe IJ. ; Fol. 101 that of the 
Prebend of Combe V. to diverse persons. A.D. 1544, 

The Prebend of Combe VII. and fol. 102. 

the Church of Cristen Malvern in Sarum diocese are similarly dealt foi. 103 in dors, 

Collation by the D. & C. " auctoritate . . . domini Henrici '* to the fol. 104. 
Chantry of S. Edmund. Dec. 10, A.D. 1544. 

Grant by the Bishop of thi^ next presentation to the Archdeaconry of fol. 104 in dors. 
Taunton to several persons, viz., to Richard Morysin, geneitwus, John 
Banking, D.L., and Cuthbert Walker, generoMUs. 

Given at Ban well, Aug. 12, A. D. 1544. 

The next presentation to the Prebend of Combe XII II. granted by the fol. ill. 
Bishop to three persons named. 

That of Whitchurch similarly to Lord Audeley. That of Eston in fol. 1 11 in dors. 
Gordnno to John Tregonwell. 

From the Erie of Hertforde. fol. 115. 

After my hartie commendacions. Wheras I am enfoi-med by this 
uerar whom heretofore I preferred unto the prebend of my donation 
there that ye witholde from him the canonic»fdl house incident to the 
same by colour of a lease thereof heretofore to you made by thabbot and 
convent of the late Monasterye of Mochelney which I suppose ye wolde 
be lothe to stande to yf ye well considered the lawe in that case before 
this established thendempnitie wherof for the good will I here you I 
wolde be lothe ye ^^hulde incurre, have thei-fore ihoughte good to will 
and require you at the contemplation herof to permitte and suffre him to 
entree therunto and to enjoy the same as of righte he ought to doo, 
rather than otherwise to move any matier that might tume you to dis- 
pleasure not doubtyng but that ye woll consider my good wyll therin 
and thanckfuUy followe myne advice and request so that ye shall have 
no just occasion of further pursute in that behalfe. Thus hartelly fare 
you well. 

At the Court the x*»» of Mayo 1595. 

Grant by the Bishop to the King of the Manor of Wyko in Gloucester- fol. 116 in dors, 
shire, " certis de causis me specialiter moventibus." 
Given at Wyveliscombe, June 20, 37 H. VIII. 


< ^.\ 

". ' 

, ^ 





• •■ 








OAraBDBAL Grant by the Bishop to the Lord Thomas Wriothesley, Chancellor of 
MSS. England, of an annuity of £20. 

Given at Wells, Sept. 18, A.D. 1545. 

fol. 117 in dors, 
fol. 118. 

Collation by the D. & C. to the Chantry of Bp. Erghum, at S. 
Edmund's altar. Oct. 1, A.D. 1545. 

Grant by the Bishop of the next presentation to the Precentor ship, 
to Lord Wryothesley. 

Given at Wyveliscombe, Oct. 3, A.D. 1545. 

fol. 119 in dors. Collation by the D. & C. to the Chantry of Bp. Erghura. Oct. 15, 

A.D. 1545. 

foL 121 in dort. Warrant by Dean ffitz William for Thomas Gierke, armiger, to have 

every year unum damum in summer, and unam damam in winter from 
the park at Wedmore. June 1, 35 Hen. VIII. 

fol 18S in dors. Collation by the D. <& C. to the Chantry of Bp. Bubwith. Nov. 4, 

AD. 1545. 

oL 126. 

A similar collation on Nov. 25. 

Grant by WiUiam Rawlyns, the provost, of the next presentation of 
the Vicarages of Combe S. Nicholas and of Wynesham, to Humphry 
Browne, knight, and to William Pawlett de Golhurst. Nov. 2(>, 
37 H. VIII. 

All the above Episcopal grants are confirmed by the Dean and 

Besides the documents noted above, there are others referring to 
AdvowHons, Annuities, and to the Churches and Manors of Asliill, Ash- 
bury, Bladeney, Banwell, Buckland Abbots, Buckland Dinham, Burn- 
ham, Compton Ep^, Compton in Berks, Congresbury, Charde, Cranmore, 
Chew, Cheddar, Cutcombe, St. Decuman*s, Curry, Evercreech, Huish, 
Hengestridge, Hinton St. George, Kingsbury, Lovington, Lidyeard, 
Mudford, Marke, Okehampton, Pucklechurch, Shipham, Stogumber, 
Wanstrow, Wiveliscombe, Wellington, Wyke St. Lawrence, West 
Hatch, Whitchurch, Winsham, Winsoombe, Wookey, Wraxall, Yatton, 
and business matters of all kinds relating to the Cathedral. 

There are also eleven manumissions in the volume (which contains 
128 folios) and a good Table of Contents at the beginning. 

. » 

fbl. 1. 

Volume £., a continuation of Vol. D. as far as A.D. 1565. It con- 
tains 155 folios, and there is a good Table of Contents at the beginning 
in a later hand. 

The firbt entry with the marginal note '* A speciall good Note to be 

"Mem., that whensoever the Deane and Chapter shall suffre or 
susteane any prejudyce, losse, or dammage by receavyng of rent, and by 
receavyng of the same rent, ratyfye any Lease, that for remedy of that 
dammage, the saide Deane or Chaptter or there assignes, shall first entre, 
and in that entry, if it b^ in houses, to avoide the house of all maimer of 






persoos within the same, and yf it be in groundes to aroide the same of 
all and all maner of cattell in and upon the same groundes." 

The three following entries are in a different hand and ink from the 
rest, and are out of older. 

An order by the Queen addressed to Stephen Payne and the other 
tenants for the disposition of the revenues of Combe St. Nicholas, 
pending the duration of a suit about them arising from a question about 
the possession of the Deanery, between John Groodman, clerk, and 
William Turner. 

Given at Westminster, Nov. 28, 3 Eliz. 

Commission issued by the Queen to Matthew, Archbp. of Canter- foi. i in dors, 
bury ; Anthony Cooke, knight ; Thomas Saekford, and Richard Good- 
riclie, armiger, and Thomas Yale, D.L., to decide upon the controversy 
between John GUxxlman, clerk, and William Turner, Dean of Wells, 
which had been examined into also by Thomas, Archbp. (^ York, 
Alexander Nowell, Dean of S. Paul's ; Thomas Davys, D.L.; and John 
Hales, armiger, as Commissioners. 

Given at London, March 15, A.D. 1660. 

An order by the Queen addressed to John Goodman that he forth- 
with, under a penalty of £1,000, vacate the Deanery, and surrender it 
and all the decanal property to William Turner, until the suit between 
the two shall have been decided. 

Given at Redgrave, March 21, 3 Eliz. 

Then follow two blank folios and the pageing begins again. 

An Indenture between the D. & C. and R. Evans of Wells, about a foi. 1. 
tenement in "the New Work" in Wells. Oct. 8, 38 H. VIII. 

There are a great many references in these two volumes D. and £. 
to this " New-work." 

Manumission by the Bishop of John Butler of Kingsbury, and all his foi. 3. 

Given at Wyveliscombe, Feb. 1(3, 37 H. VIII. 

There are four other manumissions in this volume. 

Grant by the D. Sr C. to John Russell, knight. Lord Privy Seal, &c., ful. 3 in don. 
of the office of Seneschal for all their properties, '* in guerris sive nliis 
negotiis domini nostri regis " with a salary of £4 a year, saving to 
William Portmau and to Henry Portman, his son, all the riglits they 
now possess as seneschals ^* quoad curias nostras tenenda, et alia agenda 
quod officium Seneschalli capitalis maneriorum, &c." 

Given in the Chapter House, April 23, 38 H. VIII. 

Grant for life with a salary of £2, to Waud H. Portman, as in the foi. 4. 
last and on the same day. 

Grant for life by W. Rawlyns, Proyosl, of the office of Supervisor and foi. 4 in dors. 
Receiver of all the Manors within his jurisdiction, to his relative George 
Poulett, gcnerosus, with a salary of £4 a year. 

April 6, 37 H. VIII. 

Grant to Anthony Browne, nobilis ordinis garterii miles, &c., of the ful. .5. 
office of Seneschal ad guerras, <&c., for life as before granted to Lord 
Russell, but now with a salary of £5 a year. 

Given on April 28, 38 H. VIII. 



. >. 





CATHB^i. ^T^^T^t by the D. & C. to Edward, Earl of Hertford, &i!., of the pre- 
M88. sentation of the Vicarage of Bucklaod Abbots, now vacant by the death 

« , - of John Stronge, M.A. 

Given on June 1, 38 H. VIII. 

8 in dora. Grant by Bp. William, with the consent of the Chapter, of the next 
presentation of Ayshbury, to John Lord Russell, ftc, to John Trego n- 
well, D.L., and Anthony Belassis, D.L. 

Given at Wyveliscombe, July 14, A.D. 1546. 

A similar grant of Whitchurch Vicarage to Thomas Lord Wriothesley, 
Chancellor, &c. 

Given at Wyveliscombe, Sept. 6, A.D. 1546, 

fol. 9. Grant by Bp. William, with the Cimsent of the Chapter, to Geoffry 

Upton for life, of the office of Custodian of the Palace at Wells, and 
also of the prison within the palace, commonly called ** the Cowo 

He 18 to have charge not only of the present prisoners but of those 
also who shall hereafter be convicted per jura Anglie . . sen attinc- 
tendoB a justiciariis domini nostri regis, sen successorum. 

The Bishop is not to be charged with any expenses -beyond those of 
ordinary years (commuiiibus nnnis) hitherto ; nor is he to be liable to 
the King if prisoners escape. 

The said G. Upton is to find sureties in £300 that lie will hold the 
Bishop harmless befoi-e the King for any default. 

I'he said G. U. is also to have the two chambers above the prison, and 
another chamber in the New Work, whose door is nearest to the prison, 
with a small stable adjacent, and four loads of firewood from the park 
and two loads of hay. Tlie salary is £13. 6s, Ocf., and " tres virgat 
panni melioris liberature nostre " every year. 

Given at Wyveliscombe, Sept. 16, A.D. 1546. 

fol. 11. Grant by the Bishop, with the consent of the D. & C, of the next 

presentation of the Prebend of Combe XIII. to John Dakyn, the Chan- 
cellor, William Bowreman, the Sub-dean, and «Tohn Kydd, Notary. 
Given at Wyveliscombe, Sept. 6, A.D. 1546. 

f«>l. 12 in dors. Similarly G. Doygcn, Precentor and Prebendary of Holcombe, grants 

the next prssentation of that Vicarage to G. Carew, Archdn : Totton, 
and two others, and it is confirmed by the Chapter. A.D. 1546. 

fol. 16 in dore. Liceuc*»> of 5 years non-residence granted by the King, E. VI., with 

consent of the Duke of Somerset and the Council, to George Carew, 
royal chaplain Archdn : of Totton, Canon residentiary in Exeter Cathe- 
dral, and Prebendary of Barton in Wells Cathedml, with leave to reside 
in foreign parts, '* ibidem linguarum, moium, hominum, et bonarum 
litterarum discendarum studio per quinquennium." 
Given at Westminster, March 27. 1 E. VI. 

Appointment by the Chapter of three pnxitorB for the Convocation to 
be held at S. Paul's, Nov. 5. Given Oct. 29, A.D. 1547. 
fol. 17. Petition to the King for licence to elect a Bisho[). Oct. 20, A.D. 


Letter from the King's Majestie's Commissioners, 
fol. 17 in doiB. " To the Right Worshipfull and our veary loving Friendes the Presi- 
dent, dignities, Archdcacon.s, and the Chapitour of Wells- 
After our hartie comendacions. 

■• (.*■• 

■' ) 



Where as at the suite and ornest rccjupst of the MiniRters of the 
Charche of Excester, wee have put downe the wear in j» of black coopes 
and scapulars and arayases of clothe because it ys thought to be a kynde 
of monkery e, and now en tending to sett an uniforme ordere through out 
all our progresse ; wee reqnyre you and yeat nevertholesse by the King's 
Majesties awthoiitie unto us comytted, straitely charge you that ymedi- 
ately uppon recept herof, ail dignities. Prebendaries, and other Ministers 
of that Churche do surcease fiom using or wearing any black coop? of 
cloth, or scapular of cloth above their surplesses. And that as well 
you within all churches of your peculiar jurisdiction, as also all Arch- 
deacons, and others having ecclosiastical jurisdiction within the diocese 
of Wells, shall in their several! territories give comaundment unto th^i 
Churche Wardens and other the parishioners from henceforth to sur- 
cease from keping any Churche ales, because it bath byn declared unto 
us that many inconveniences hath come by them. Nevertheless requiring 
the said Churche "Wardens to make yerely collections for reparation of 
tbt'ir Churches and for sustentation of other common charges of the 
parish accordiuglie. And that they likewise do abstain from such uc- 
measuruble ringing for ded persons at theire buriall and at the ffeast of 
AH Sowles. And that from he ncefurthe they ui'e to ringe oon bell at 
soch tyme as sicke persones lyeth in extreme daunger of deatb that they 
which lie haile may be put in remembrauncc of theire owne mortalities 
and also excited to praie unto God for soche their sicke neighbours, that 
they may pacicutlie sufTre death if God send it, and the hard panges 
thereof for Christes love who suffred much more for them, and that they 
may so departc out of this life in true faithe, hope, and charitic as their 
sowles may be afterward receaved unto eternall felicitie to raigne with 
Christ everlastinglie in the kingedome of heaven. And when the coriis 
of any sucbe dead persons shalbe brou;rht to the Churche to be buried 
then to ring also nioderallio in th« tin»e of the obsequies therof and no 
longer. Ami fardre wee <ief«ire you Mr. Dr. Creting and Mr. Smyth to 
take ordre for the redresse of the com pert s that were delyveiXMl unto 
Mr. Heth and then to certiRc us what you shall doi; in the ^ame. And 
so wo bidde you hartilie farewell. From Sarisbury the first of Novembre. 

** Also that the Ministers of your chui"che and other persons resorting 
thither may upon holy daies have some holsome doctrine for their in- 
struction declared unto theym, wee charge and in the King's Majesties 
name comaunde yon to see that oon of the vicar's priests of that churche 
whome you shall thincke mooste fytte for that purpose doe rcade every 
holy daie openlie, plainlie, and distinctely in the quier ymediatlie after 
the oflei tory of the high mwse oon of the homelies in ordre as they 
stande in the booke, which his highness hath sett furth for thinstrnctioii 
of his people. And that you do punish sochc^ as shall other negligent lie 
reude theym, or that shall refuse to do their duetie herin by reteigning 
of their wages and stipend untill such tyme as they have doen their 
duetie in that behalf. Your loving frends William May, Symon 
Heynes, Walter Buclour, Thomas Tottsford." 

**To the right worshipluU the President and the Chapitre of Wells. 

** After our right hartie commendations. 

" Where as it hath byn credildy declared unto us that for dyvcrsegood 
and honest respect? it shuld be more eommotlious both for the reader of 
tho divinitie lecture there and also for his auditours that the tyme of the 
reading thereof shuld be altered and chaunged ffrom thafter none unto 
the morning. Wherefore by the vertu(? of our commission wee take this 
onlre that from hencefurtho the same Lecture shalVie had in the cjuyer of 
Our Ladye Chapell immediatlie before high masse. And that it may be 








, »■ 

* r 
» 1. 


il ' s 

V ^fX 


It ■/ 





.'* > 

fol 18. 


»>* I 




Li," » 
1 / 




the more conveiiientlie so done, ye shall upon the reading dales omitte 
and leave out the prjme und the houres any other formour Injunction or 
commaundment to the contrarie gyven notwithstanding. And theis we 
moost hartelie bydde you farewell. Ffrom London, the 9 daie of 
December, your loving Frends, William Mey, Simon Heynes." 

Mandate of the king, E. VI., for the installation of the Dean. 

The late Dean Fitzwilliaro having made a complete surrender of the 
Deanery into his hands, the King now by virtue of the Act of the 
present Parliament, reconstitutes it, and in the exerciie of his rights 
as patron appoints John Goodman, assigns to him the canonical house 
lately occupied by John Dakyn, arid orders the Chapter to install him. 

Given on Jan. 7, 1 E. VI. 

Letters patent for the translation of the Bishop of S. David's to Wells. 

Inasmuch as by an Act of the Parliament commencing Nov. 4, 
1 K. VI., it was ordered that no " conge deslyer " be henceforth 
issued for the election of Archbp. or Bishop to any Dean and Chapter, 
but that the King should appoint by letters patent, <&c., &c., the King 
now tmnslates William, Bp. of St. David's to Wells, having chosen him 
not only for his singular learning, but also upon the principle that lie 
who has been faithful in a little should be promoted to greater things. 
The said William is to hold the bishoprick '* durante vita naturali una 
cum omnibus . . possessionibus, <&c., &c., tam spiritnalibus quam 

Given at Westminster, Feb. 3, 2 E. VI. 

fol. 19 in dors. Indenture between the Bishop and Sir Nicholas Poyntz about the 

Manor of Pucklechurch. June 1. 
Confirmed by the Chapter, June 16, A.D. 1548. 

fol. 81 in dors. Indenture between the Bishop, and the High and Mighty Prince 

Edward, Duk£ of Somerset, &c., &c. The Bishop "as well for great 
somes of money to him beforehand paid by the said Duke, as for diverse 
other great considerations him mo^/ing, and by the licence of our 
Soveraigne Lord the King under his Great Se«le of England, &c. . . 
hath sold unto the said Duke, Ac, his manors of Banwell, Wells, Chew, 
Blackfoid, Welly ngt on, Cranemere, and Evercreche, and his burgh of 
Welly ngton, and also his Hundreds of Wells and Wells Forum, Wynter- 
stoke and Chew. And also his panks of Wells, Banwell and Evercrech. 

Also all his rights and jurisdictions, &c. in all those his manors in 
Somerset, &c., &c. 

Made on July 12, 2 E. VL . 

Confirmed by the Chapter, January 10. 2 E. VL, A.D. 1548. 

fol. 25. Indenture between the Duke of Somerset and the Bishop, by which 

the Bp. sells to the Duke his manor of Wokey. Feb. 4. 3 E. VL 
Confirmed by the Chapter. May 17, A.D. 1549. 

fol. 82 in don. Letters patent of the President and Chapter. 

Inasmuch as by Act of Parliament, 1 E. VL a new Deanery was 
established at Wells, and the Deans of earlier date enjoyed only th«3 
quotidians of one Canon resident, and that only during the Dean's 8 
months of residence, which quotidians were \6d, a day, but the said Act 
allots to the Dean the quotidians of the Dean, of the Archdn : of Wells, 
and of the Prebendary of Curry, which quotidians ai-e 3*. 4d. by the day, 
viz., Is, 4rf. for the Dean, Is. 4d, for ihe Archdn. and Hd. for the 
Prebendary, to enjo}- as well when absent as when resident; which Act 
was passed without the knowledge of the Chapter and to their great 






fol. 83 in dors. 

detriment, they now appoint three of the Canons residentiary George 
Carewy Geoi^e Dogeon and Walter Cretyng, to petition the King, 
Council, liords and Commons at this time assembled for the redress of 
the said grant of three quotidians to the Dean. 
Dated Nov. 20, 3 E. VI. 

The petition of the Chapter. 

£n It they complain that the Act of 1 £. VJ. was procured l>y the 
Dean John Goodman and h>s friends without the knowledge of the 
Chapter. That over and above the aforesaid quotidians, the Deanery- 
is endowed with the Archdeaconry, Sub-chanter»hip and Prebend of 
Carry and alfco with the Provostship. 

That the qnotidians come out of the Canons' portions so that they 
can no longer '* keep such hospitality to the roliefe of the poore as in 
time past hath always been used." 

Confirmation by the Chapter of the grant mode by Bp. William to fol. 34 in dors. 
King E. VI. of the Manors of Congresbury and Yatton. 
Given March 1, 3 E. VI. 

Indenture between the Duke of Somerset and the Bishop, by which f»>l' 44. 
the Bishop sells to the Duke the Pahice at Wells, and also hi:) manors 
of Wells and Westbury, and the Hundred of Wells, the park at West- 
bnry and all manner of wild beasts in it, and all its appurtenances, &c. 

In coosidemtion of all this, the said Duke is pleased to pay to tho 
said Bishop the sum of £400, and grant to him all that his mansion 
commonly called the Dean's House of Wells, and also liis manor of 
West Coker with advowsou of the Church there, and the Hundred of 
West Coker, and the boroughs of Stogursey and Wellington, with 
certain lands worth £60 2s, 1 1 \d. a year [a long list of tenants] and the 
park of Wedmore, and the Church and Chapel and Vicarage of Mark ; 
also an annuity of £17 arising from the manor of Glastonbury, <fcc. &c. 

Made on Dec. 10, 4 E. VI. 

Confirmed bv the I). & C. Dec. 29, A.D. 1550. 

Some additions to the above Indenture. 

A letter from Mr. Dakyii to the Chapter of Wells. 

Is informed thnt his singuler frynde Mr. Dr. Tumour is appointeil 
by the King to be Dean of Wells ; that he has not a convenient house 
and wishes to have his house now in the occupation of Mr. Goodman : 
that he had h^t Mr. Goodman have it when he was promoted to the 
Deaner}', at the intervention of Sir J. Thynne, and that if the said 
Mr. Goodman is removed ftom the said office, he is willing to surrender 
all his own rights therein to Mr. Turner if he becomes Dean. Feb. 22, 
A.D. 1550. 

Mandate of the King, E. VI. to the Chapter to install Dr. Turner in fol. 48 in dors. 
the place of Dean Goodman who has vacated office by taking the 
Prebend of Wyveliscorabe in addition to his other preferments. 
March 24, 5 E. VI. 

Dispensation from residence without loss of emoluments granted by 
the King to Dean Turner whenever he may be occupied in preaching 
the gospel in any part of the Kingdom. April 10, 6 E. VI. 

Dispensation from residence in any of his preferments granted for fol. 50. 
life by the King to George Carew, Eoyal Chaplain, Precentor of 
Exeter, Ac. &c. 

Given at (Lieghes ?) June 6, 5 E. VI. 

■ « 

■ * , 



fol. 47. 
fol. 48. 


Charter of. tho sale by W. Thyone, prebendary of Dultiogcote of thp 
manor there to tho Duke of Somerset, witli the royal licence. May 13, 
5 E. VI. 

Confirmed by the Biahop and by the Chapter. 

The royal licence for the above transaction, allowinp; the Duke to 
KJve to W. Thynne his manor of Tinghurst or Finghnrst in Bucking- 

Giten at Westminsler May 10, 5 E. VI. 

'* Hanc licentiam predictam rcperies semper in promptu in Cancel- 
laria dni noatri regis," 

P. Bkadmomt. 

Another deed about thn Exchange of Dultingcote and Tinghurst. 

The Grant by the Biahop with the conBent of the Chapter of the 
next presenlution of the Ti'easureship, to William Barloo, citiscn of 
Welts ; Rd. Meryke Bodgorgyn of Anglesey j Celco Barret of Golees- 
wyko, in Pembroke ; Hugh Rowland, clerk, and Francis Barret. 
April 13, A.D. 1551. 

Tlie Archdeaconry of Taunton treated similarlr. Dec. 21, A.D. 

Indenture between the Bishop bnd the Chapter and Sir John Gate 
viee-chambei'lain to the King and Captain of the Guard. 

The said Bp. and Chapter " at the contemplation of our sovemiorne 
lord the King's Majesties most gracious letters to us dyreete<l, Ac, 

. ■ . gnmt to the Mut\ Sir John Gate the Chapel . . by the 
Cloyster on the southe side of the said Cntliedral Ciinivb, commonly 
railed the Ladyn Chappell, with all the stones and stone work, ledds, 
glassc &: tymber, iron, &c. . . the soyle that [he said rhappcl 
standeth upon only excepted. . . The said Sir J, Gate convenanteth to 
ryddc the ground . . not only of such stone, ledde, &c., but of a'l 
rubble . . . and loake the ground fair and plane within the space 
of fonre years and a quarter next ensuing, &c." 

Signed June 21, 6 E. VI. 

The original document is in tlie Cathedral Library. No. 773. 

A commissiuu appointed by the Chapter to examine the accounts of 
J. Goodman, Canon residentiary, lately Dean. Sept 12, 6 E. VI. 

The Chapter to Sir J. Baker, Chancellor. 

When the Bp., W. Knight, died in Oct., 1 E. VI., and the see remained 
vaennt until Christmas and longer the duly of collecting tilhes, &c., 
fell upon the Chapter on behalf of the King hy virtue of tho Act. of 
Parliament. They were not able to collect a sum i.f £180, due upon 
the Bishopric because all the revenues were in the King's hands during 
that vacancy, and there was no Biahop from whom to obtain it. They 
pray therefore for an acquittance. Nov. 22, 6 E. VI, 

Proctors for Parliament and Convocation are appointed on Feb, 8, 
A.D. 1552. 

Sale by the Bishop of tho Mauoi- of Wooky to the King. Feb, +, 
6. E. VI 

Confirmed by the Chapter. 

CiimmiMsion issued by the Chapter, acting during tho vacancy of the 
see eauB«l by the resignation of Bp. William, to Thomas Morren, 


t .rt^ 





gentleman of Galhampton, their sub-collector, to collect tbo 2«. in the 
pound due the Ist of Oct. out of the 6«. in the pound granted to the 
crown upon all ecclesiastical benefices (the perpetual tenth deducted) by 
the Parliament of March 7th-dlst, 7 E. VI., and payable in three 

Given Oct. 4, A.D. 1553. 

Grant by Dean John Goodman to Humphry Walrond of Sec in fol. roindora 
Somerset, of the office of Woodward in the forest of Roche in the same 

" Per m« Johannem Goodman, Decauum Wellen." 

March 6, 1 Mary. 

This is first time since his deprivation that c7. Goodman appears as 

The office of Seneschal granted by ihe Chapter to Sir Edward fol. 71 in don; 
Hastyngs, Master of the Horse, and Privy Councellor. May 4, 
1 Mary. 

Petition of the Chapter to the Queen for leave to elect a Bishop, the fol. 72. 
see being now vacant de jure et de facto. 

They ask **Nc nostri prorsus officii immemores videamur, ritum 
landabilem in hiijusmodl negotio hactenus haberi solito observantes '* 
for the licence ^^queadmodam ex statuto parliamenti auctoritate insignis 
patris vestri . . anno regni XXV®." 

Given Jan. 25. A.D. 1553, 1 Mary. 

Letters patent granting the petition. 

The see is vacant ^ per liberam et spontaneam resignationem in manus 
nostras ultimi episcopi." 
Given at Westminster, March 13, 1 Mary. 

Grant by Bp. Gilbert, wiih the consent of the Chapter, of the next ful. 76 in dors, 
presentation of the Archdeaconry of Taunton, to John Bp : of Lincoln, 
Sir T. White, and John White, citizen of London. Nov. 2, A.D. 1554. 

The D. A C. grant the wardship of Thomas son of Anthony Norton foi. 79. 
the late holder of half the manor of Stathe by military ti»nure, to William 
Lyte of Lylesdon, armiger, for £20. Feb. 22, 7 E. VI. 

Manumission by Bp. Gilbert of Nicholas Hawkyns of Banwell, and fol. 104. 
Thomas and John, senior, John, medius, and John Hawkyns, junior, 
nativi. Jan. 12, A.D. 1556. 

After fol. 105, there are two tols. blank, and the entries begin again 
with another fol. 105. 

The entries on fol. 105, &c., are one about Wooky, dated Aug. 24, 
1 and 2 Philip and Mary. 

A bond by W. Goodman, gent, of Wells to the sub-dean for £40. 
Dated Jan. 31, 6 E. VI. 

A new Register 'oegins with the year A.D. 1559. fol. 105 in dors. 

The office of seneschal in gueiTis granted by the D. & C. to Richard fol. los. 
Dennys, arminger, &c. Dec. 10, 1 Eliz. 

Grant by Bp. Gilbert of the next presentation of S. Deouman's, fol. no in dors. 
Prebend, to Rt. Hutchinga and W. Grylle. Aug. 31, A.D. 1554. 
Confirmed by the Cliapter on July 5, A.D. 1558. 



. - ♦-«1 
,f. •■r 





r »1 

t J 

to nistftnicAL MANnscBiPTS commission. 

There are 10 aiiRilnr grants of next prceentations in the next 14 

Coog^ d'Elii-e issued Jau*? 11. 2 Eliz. 

Certifiuate by the Chapter (the Dean being absent) of their choice on 
e 29 of Janx of I'iilbert Burkley in the room of Gilbert Bourne deprived. 
Given on JauT 30, A.D. 1559. 

The appeal or protestation made John Goodman, (Dean uii Lc 

serts of Welle) June 19, A.D. 1560, in the houBC of William Shf, 

ilary, at the western comer of the lane commonly called Pater Noster 

9W, in the parish of Christ Chui-ch. London. 

He protests against tlie decision of a Commission consisting of 

atlhew, Archbp. Cant; Anthony Cooke, Knight; William May: 

liomas Sackford; Kichard Goodrink and Thomas Yale; l.egiim 

octorcs : in the suit brought by WOliam Tnrner for the restitution to 

otaelf of the cffice of Demi of Wells ; on the ground of irregularities 

the proceedings. 

Hie protest is given at full length on 1^ folios. 

Order by the Queen for the resloration of William Turner. 

The cave ha<l been heanl in the house of Richard Gooilricke, near 

cet Street, and the order is sealed on June 18, 2 Eliz. 

A pension of £20 given by the D, Sc C. lo George Oarew, in con- 
leration of his relintiuishmentof hia residence ondand all his revenues, 
d advantages as a Canon of Wells. Feb 17, 2 Eliz. 

An Inspeximus and Confirmation by Queen Elizabeth of the Letters 
tent of E. VI. granting to Dean W. Turner, dispensation from 
lidenCii with receipt of full allowances, whenever he is engaged in 
eacliing the gospel. &c. 
Given July 20, 2 Eliz. 

Collalion by Matthew, Archbp. Cant, patioii of pro h4o vice, of 
Ibert Barkley, Bp. of B. & W. to the office of Chancellor in Weils 
.thednil. " Tibi qni (ut asaeris) in hac parte snfficienter qualilicatns 
istis, pro status tui juxta pontificalis dignitatis exigentinm ntcliorc 
uberiore suatentatione, durante vita tvk, &c." 
Given at Lambehithe, Aug. 27, A.D. 1560. 

Appointment by the Bp. of W. Lancaster and Rd. Snow lo 1m> 
gistrars. Nov. 3, A.D. 1558. 

From this date the capital letters become elaborate and omamentnL 

Grant by Bp. Gilbert Barkley, of Ihe next presentation of the Chon- 
lorahip of Wells, and of the Rectory of Kingsbury uuitfcl to it, to 
gerL^geand Robert Lawgham, with the proviaion that R, Leggo 
,y be presented to ir, but if a vacancy does not fall until after R. 
gge's death, then it reverts to the Bishop. 
Confirmed by the ChajAer. Sept. 31, A.D. 1561. 

Appointment by the D. & C. of Thomas Bailie, Treasurer; and John 
tterel, Arohdn : of Wells ; to hear all matrimonial causes, Ac., within 
t jurisdiction of the Chapter, in North Cury, Cheddar, Longe Sutton, 
liard Ep', Combe St. Nicholas, Winsham, Lovington, and South 
rowe. Oct. 4, A.D. 1565. 

The last entry in this rolume. 




Besides the entries noted above, there are many more concerning the 
parishes of Alierton, Banwell, Barton St. David's, Bicknoller, Burnham, 
Buckland, Cheddar, Congresbury, Charde, Compton Dnndon, Curry, 
Dinder, Dulverton, Dulcote, Holcombe, Haselbeere, Huish, Ilton, 
Kingsbury, Laverton, Litton, Lidyeard Ep^ Lovington, Martock, 
Mudford, North Curry, Pennard, Pucklechurch, Shipbam, South 
Barrow, Stanton Frew, Stoguraber, Tymberscombe, Wellington, West 
Hatch, Wedmore, Westmeere, Weston Zoylnnd, Westbnry, West Coker, 
Whitchurch, Winscombe, Winsham, Wiveliscombe, Wooky, Yatton. 
Many appointment*^ to offices in connexion with the Cathedral, and 
many leases of Rectories, Tithes, and Lands, Ac. 

r ^ .1 i^ 


Cathedra L 



I • 

' .1.7 


I^iber actorum coram venerabilibus viris decano et capitulo ecclesise 
Cathedralis Wellen in domo capitulari expedit : incipiens A.D. 1571^, 
tempore Johannis Dane notarii publici actorum hujusmodi scribse et 
clerici capitularis usque ad mensem Mail 1699. Marked H. 

The first entry. March 3, 1671. fol. 1. 

Admission of Mr. John Rugge to be a canon residentiary. 

March 4. The Chapter casts lots as usual for the apportionment 
among themselves of the Chapter patronage. 

April 24. John Rugge, Archdn : of Wells ; Awdriam Hawthorne, 
the Chancellor ; Philip Bisse, the Subdean ; and Walter Bower, Canon 
residentiary ; were chosen as the proctors of the D. <& C. for the Con- 
vocation to be held at St. Paul's on May 9. 

Confirmation by the D. & C. of an annuity of 20 marcs granted by fol. l in dors. 
Bp. Gilbert to Hugh Pawlet, miles, and Amisus Pawlet, armiger. 

The Chapter decree <^ that the plate that beforetime were used to foi. 2. 
superstition shalbe defaced, and of the greatest Challaice shalbe made 
a fay er Communion* cuppe with as muche convenient speede as maye 
be before the fieaste of Easter, and of the les&er Challaice another by 
the lyme before limiti'd." Nov. 19, A.D. 1572. 

Grant by the Chapter to Bp. Gilbert of £12 a year, for the term of fol. 2 in dors. 
his £piscopate under the name of quotidians. March 11, A.D. 1672. 

A.D. 1673. Sept 30. The Chapter, as also each year at this time, 
appoint their officers for the ensuing year. 

On the same day John MuUins appeared before the Chapter and fol. 3. 
agreed to relinguish all claim to certain lands in Whitechurch, *' if it 
be confessed and found by thomadge of Whitechurche or by the mostc 
psirte of them that Robarte Warram was at any time heretofore taken 
and sworne tenaunte to the grounde, &c." 

Deprivation of a Vicar Choral. June 2, A.D. 1574. 

fol. 3 in dor 5. 

The above penalty remitted on the vicar's supplication. Juno 3, foi 4 
A D. 1574. 

The Chapter decree that the office of Seneschal shall not be held for 
lucre than two years by the same person. July 1. 

Annual appointment of officers. Sept. 30. 

u 20041. 

fol. 1 in dors. 






Wblls Decree of the Chapter " Quod si aliquia vicariorutn frequentaverit 

MRS. urbem et usus fnerit ibidem joca illicita, viz pila palmaria, et alia ejus- 

modi," he shall be suspended and forfeit his allowances for one week 
K for the first offence ; for a fortnight for the second offence ; for a month 

t for the third; and after that may be expelled for a further offence ; 

'■ "quia per freqnentationem vicariorum jocarum illicit-arum scandalum 

crescit ecclesiae " Dec. 1, A.D. 1 574. 

fol. 5 iQ dors. John Amerye is called upon to show cause before the Chapter, why 

he should not be expelled for having struck with a dagger one of the 
brethren in the cemetery of the Cathedral. He answers that he is not 
a vicar choral and not under the Chapter's jurisdiction, and therefore 
he is dismissed and leaves the Cathedral at once. Jan. 20, A.D. 1574. 

Upon April 1, A.D. 1575, **My lorde Bishoppe being moved by 
Mr. Bisse and Mr. Bowes in the pre&sance of the residue of the Chap- 
ter to geve his resolute awnswere concerninge the determination of the 
lordes of the Counsell to gintyfye the lorde Seymer in one of these 
three, viz. eyther to make the lease of the maimer of Buckland worthe 
one thousand markes unto the said Lorde Seymev, or ells to geve him 
one hundreth pounds by the yere out of the manner of Banwell for the 
terme of xxi yeres, or ells to graunte the whole manner reserving to 
him and his successors fiftye pounds yerelye over and above the rente 
allready reserved, made awnswere that he woulde doe no other wjse 
then allreadye he had donne^ for that he had therin both aatisfied her 
Majestie's letters and allso the lordes of the CounselL" 

fol. 6. 

The Annual appointments. Sept. 30, A.D. 1576. 

fol. 6 in dors. The Chancellor is ordered by the Chapter to collect together tho 

books of registers belonging to them, and John Rugge, Archdn : of 
Wells, late Chapter Clerk, is to give up those in his possession. Oct. 1 . 

The Members of the Chapter give their opinions separately, upon the 
case of Mr. Newton. Mr. J. Rugge and Mr, W. Austin say " that 
forasmuche as there was read in the Chapter by Mr. Philip Bisso, 
Subdean, an acte whereby Mr. Care we was admitted into residence by 
letters of recommendation from King Henry e the Eighle to the Dean 
and Chapter directed, they thinke that it is in dewtye belonginge to 
the Chapter, yeven soe to think of Mr. Newton being likewise recom- 
mended by the Queen's Magestie." 
fol. 7. Mr. P. Bisse ; Adrian Hawthorne; Th. Baylye ; and Walter Bower 

" do saye they will deliberat for his admission untill it be knowen or 
considered what efficacye or force the statute of Kinge Henrye the Eighte, 
of famouse memorye, is touchinge that matter. And further forasmuch 
as Mr. Jurye and Mr. FitzJames were admitted accordinge to the saidc 
statute, as nppeareth by the severall acts of their admission, they thinko 
that Mr. Carowe beinge admitted shortlye after them, and recommended 
to the Chapter by the King's letters, the Chapter was dispenside withal I 
touchynge that statute made to the contrarye in that behalf, and there- 
fore they doe still thinke that the saide statute doth stand and remainc 
in his full force and strength, and that they stand bonnde by othe to 
ob8ei*ve the same." 

They all agree that " towchinge Mr. Secretarye WalLsingehani his 
letters, that it is requisite that his honour's said letters be answered." 
Oct. 24. 

On Dec. 26 the Chapter determine that Mr. Secretary Walsingham'a 
letters shall be answered with as much expedition as may be, and Mr. 


n • 








_"• £S 

Newton referred to the answer wliich thej have »ent to the Queen and 
to the Secretary, ^' and further they thinke the Chapt^n* ^-as dtsjiensed 
witliall towcbjng thadmission of Mr. Carew." 

The}' also determine that no canons resident shall be admitted until 
this question is setUed, and further because " We have an injunction 
from my Lorde of Bath that we shall not have above the number of 
eight Residents, which is not dissolved, &c." 

On Jan. 21 Mr. Sampson Newton is admitted into residence in foL 7 in don. 
obedience to the royal mandate, or payment of 100 marcs caution 

On April 2, A.D. 1576, Langham, a vicar, is suspended for one month, fol. 8. 
and if at the end of that time he does not acknowledge his faults with 
promise of nmendm,ent before the Chapter and a^k the company for- 
giveness upon his knees immeiliately after the First lesson in the middle 
of the choir, he shall be utterly expulsed. 

On Feb. 23, A.D. 1576, a pnttest (not recited here) is received in fol. 9. 
Chapter from Deau Valentine Dale. 

On Dec. 19, A.D. 1578, a vicar is admonished not to leave the fol. 11 indpn* 
Cathedral and repair to S. Cuthbert*s, but to give his services, to the 

On April 2, A.D. 1582, ten wainloads of freestone given to Bartholo- fol- ^^ in dors, 
mew Hagget out of the Camery. 

On August 29, A.D. 1582, the proctor of Mr. J. Baker sought for fol. 19 in do». 
absolution from a sentence of excommunication and on his personal 
petition it is granted. 

On Sept. 5 a similar case. 

On Oct. 1 the Chapter give to four men (named) ^' the benefit of the 
loaue of the several ten pounds that is this year in their disposition." 
Such loans are made each year. 

Several regulations about discipline among the vicars. 


»• ••3 



f >: 


foL 20. 

On Feb. 20, A.D. 1582, it is objected to the "skolemaster of the fol. 20 in don. 
Gramor skoole of Wells, that he did carrye with him the children of the 
Grammer skoole and the Choristers of the said Cathedral Churche unto 
Axebridge to playe in the parish church theare, the which hee con- 
fessed. That thearefore the said Skoolemaster the nexte Chapter daye 
shall come into the Chapter house before the Deane and Chaptor, viz., 
prime Aprilis prox., and suhmitt himself to the Chapter in that behalf. 
And shall farther nomine pene p^cuniarie paye unto xxiiii of the poore 
people of the Almshouse 2jt^ viz., to each of them 1^. before the next 
Chapter day and shall ther certify the same." 

On July 1, A.D. 1583, the Chapter cast lots, " vulgariter nuncupatus fol. 21 in dors. 
Ikdle" for the apportionment of patronage. 

There are many similar entries and the result is given in each case. 

On the same day the Chapter decreed '' that in respecte that diverse fol. 22. 
of the Canons Besidentiaries . . . are some timo of the yeare absente 
from Wells, by reason whereof the cL'irk:* of the same Cath : Church are 
not satisfied of their meate mul dnnke in the absence. It is thearfore 
decreed that they the saide clarkes shall receave yearelye of the Deane 








fol. 26. 

fol. 28 in don. 

CatotoLll *"*^ Chapter bj the hand of their Communar . . . xvi«., viiicf., a peece 
Mas, to be paid at the end of every six weekes pro portLonibu£}. ** 

fol. 22 in dors. Qn Sept. 30 a loan of £10 eacli for two years to two men. 

On the same day a snm of 20*. given to the collector of the town of 

On August 5, A.D. 1584, the royal licence to proceed to the Election 
of a Bishop received. 

On Jan. 2 it is ordered that *' one brace of fatt bucks of this next 
season to be delivered and divided to and amongst those Canons resident 
which are now present in Chapter, viz., Mr. Bisse^ Mr. Austin, Mr. 
Jones, Mr. Newton, and Mr. Saunders." 

On Jan. 16 there is gi*antcd to Dr. Bysse, Dr. Cottyngton, aud Mr. 
Powell, so many days of grace sine fructu, as the Parliament shall 
continue this next sessions, and six days more in coming and going. 

Oct. 28, A.D. 1585. Note of a controversy between the Dean and 
the Chapter, and an order made that henceforth no allowances shall be 
given to the Dean otherwise than as he shall keep his residence. 

fol. 33 in dors. On April 1, A.D. 1586, the Sacrist is removed from oliice for negli- 
gence, in that he had left the keys of the treasury for several days in 
the Clockhouse, whither others do commonly resort, and that so the 
treasury had been robbed of the Chapter seal and other plate. 

On May 25 it is ordered that no more stones be given or sold out of 
the Camery, They are to be used only for the repairs of the Cathedral 
and canonical houses. 

fol. 29. 

fol. 32. 

fol. 34. 

fol 34 m dors. Provision of a new Chapter seal. 

fol. 40. 

On March 1, A.D. 1586. It is objected to William Gale that in spite 
of the order ** That hee 'shoulde from henceforth better behave himself 
in his demeanour in amendmente of his lose and lyceutiouse life, nihil* 
ominus prefatus Gale did opcnlic in disguised order, in tijc companie of 
others goe in a m^iske with a visarde uppon his face into the parishe of 
Pilton and from thence to Croscombe, to the evil example of others 
servinge in the the same Church. Quam quidem objectionem dictus 
Gale fassus est esse veram, &c," and it is ordered "that hee goe pre- 
sentlie to the Canon barne and theare continue* in fasting and prayer 
untill hee weare by the Deane and Chapter againe remitted. And then, 
viz., prime die Aprilis prox. hea shall come into the Chapter house and 
openlie uppon his knees confesse his fault before the Chapter and asko 
them forgiveness. And soe the next Sundaie then followinge openlie 
in the quier make his repayer to ev«ry of the Masters severaillie and 
crave forgiveness at their hands. And afler he shall goe to everie of 
Ibe vicars choral I and clarkes of the same Cathedral Church in the quire 
at service time and will them all to take exnmplo by him." 

On April 1, A.D. 1587, because Mr. Paul Methuen, prebendary of 
Combe XI. has as much a.s in him lieth defrauded the Cathedral Church 
aud Choristers of their revenues, all capitular acts hitherto in his favour 
are revoked. 

At the same time Mr. Francis Godwyn having produced a dispen- 
sation by the Bishop from the order made limiting the numbei* of 
Canons residentiary, is ndmitted. 

'.-^ t 


April, S, A.D. 1587. St. Cuthbert's Vicarage, Wells, is sequestrated wbm* 
for arrears of pension due to the D. & C. ^ li£!*^^ 

On the same day it is ordered that all the Canons rasidentiary shall fol. 41. 
minister the Communion in their own persons ODce every year in the 
Cathedral; and that the raonethlie Communions slialbe all waies minis- 
tered by a Chanon resideute, if anie one bee present within the towne at 
that time. And that hee whiche shall soe minister shall likewise 
execute the whole service for that fore none. And this to bee done sub 
pena per capitulum infligendiL And the hebdomadarius for that weeke 
shall assiste the Chanon in his ministratione." 

May 3. Dr. Powell is directed ^' to take order for the placing and fol. 42. 
settling of the great bell .... in such manner as to him shalbee 
thoughte conveniente, &c.** *^ The fragments of mettall remaining of 
the bell to be sold . . towards the use of the Church.'* 

July 1. It is decreed ''That in respect that the Choristers shall fol. 42 in dors, 
from henceforth remayne at home the usuail festivall dayes, shall have 
allowed them quarterlle xxs. to be paid by the communar.'' 

8ept. 23. The decree touching the payment of the Dean's quotidians, foL 43. 
on fol. 32, is annulled. 

Feb. 16, A.D. 1587. An agreement between Dr. Powell and the bell* fol 4$. 
founder, Joseph Carter, of Eeding, touching the new casting of the 
great bell, ** Horwell," is confirmed. 

On Jan. 2, A.D. 1588. John Hulett, a vicar choral, sought per- fol. 50 in dors, 
mission to reside at Court in obedience to an appointment made by the 
Council of the Queen. The Chapter oflTer him an additional stipend of 
40s, a year to remain in residence at Wells. But if he determines to 
attend on Her Majesty's service in the Courte, they will continue to 
him his present stipend if he will give to the Church of Wells what- 
ever time he may not be engaged at Court. 

On May 21, A.D. 1589. A visitation was held by the Chapter. f^i 52. 

Jan. 29, A.D. 1590. The installation of Dean John Herbert. foL 53. 

June 27. Certain of the vicars choral protest that they do not join foj, 51 in dors, 
in the attempt of others of their body to separate themselves from the 
body of the Dean and Chapter, and form themselves into a ^* perticnlar 
bodie contrarie to their several! othes at their admisbion." 

Fols. 67-71 from Dec. 20, A.D. 1590, to Aug. 20, A.D. 1591, have 
been cut out. 

On Sept. 2, A.D. 1591. In answer to letters from the Archbp. of fol. 73. 
Canterbury the Chapter state that 

P. Three parts of the parsonage of Crewkerne are impropriated to the 

D. & C. of W inchester, and that they therefore ought to pay any 

2*>. That there are no exors. of the Will of the late Bishop Thomas of 

Bath and Wells. 
.'3°. That no commission to collect a benevolence has been received by 

the Chapter of Wells. 

On Dec. 23, A.D. 1591. A sentence of excommunication against fol. 73 in dors. 
Jlr. W. Mosley, is read in the Chapter. 



Wills On Jan. 3. A similar sentence against Justinian Lancaster, prebendary 

^^^sS*^ of Wanstrow. From this time there are many simiUir entries. 

fol. 74. On May 4, A.D. 1591. All the prebendaries are cited to appear. 

fol. 75. On Jan. 14, A D. 1591, it is decreed "That the Consistorie for the 

Busshopp of Bath and Welles shall.not hereafter be any more kept within 
Our Ladie Chappell, nor within any other part of the Cathedral Church." 

On Feb. 18 it is ordered that the "Chancellor may keep his court 
within the same place [the Ladye Chappell] for this one time and no 

fol. 77. On April 3, A.D. 1592. It is ordered that the Consistory Court be 

removed " ad campanile ( Anglice the belfrye; . . ad partem aquilo- 
narem . . secundum tenorem litterarum a Rev**® . . . Johaonc 
Cantuar: Archiep. 

fol. 79 in dors. On June 16. Mr. Cadwallader Hughes sought for confirmation of his 

appointment by the aldermen of that town of preacher in the parish 
church of Bridgwater. 

fol. 80 in dors. July 3, A.D. 1 592, it is ordered ^ Thai every Canon resident ether 

preaching in his owne course or for anie other dignitie or prebendarie in 
his course shall upon everie such preachinge daye, Sondaie, or other 
festivall daie, preach in his surplies and whoodd, and yf he shall other- 
wise doe, then he shall forfeit for everie such defaulte fortie shillings, 
&c." . . And the penaltie of ten shillings in like sorte to be im- 

posed upon everie Canon resident for the omitting of the niynisiering the 
holie communion in bis course.*' 

foi. 81. On July 17, Henry Attwood sought confirmation of his appointment 

of *' ludimagister oppidi ** by the Aldermen, &c., of Bridgwater. 

fol. 87. On Dec 25 the appointment by the Aldermen of Bridgwater of 

Henry Wills as curate or minister of the parish churcli is confirmed. 

fol. 88. c^AQ- 3. It is ordered that the new letters patent be engrossed. 

On the same day ^' That the master of the fiabrick of this church shall 
have auctoritie to remove the communion table into such convenient 
place in the quier as it shall be most decent and comely for the same, 
and to be inclosed with railes as shall seem best to hym." 

fol. 88 in dors. ^^^' ^^y A.D. 1592. The process of election of Bp. John Still. 

fol. 8U in dors. Feb. 6. Dr. Powell is empowered to contribute on behalf of the 

Chapter a reasonable sum for the building of Reading Church. 

fol. 90. Feb. 19. Tlie installation and enthronization of Bishop Still. 

fol. 91 in dors. -^P^il 2, A.D. 1593. The Wardship of Dorothy Smith of Trull, a 

minor, granted to J. Xorthover of Aller. 

fol. 93. There are many di^icipliimry entries in this part of the book. 

fol. 95. Jan. 22, A.D. 1593. The " White Book containing in it the reconla 

and the originals of the Cathedral Church of Wells wrapped up in canvas 
and sealed with the seals of Mr. Cottiugham and Mr. Bisse was delivered 
unto Mr. Earle, prebendary of Litton to be safely carried to London by 
hym and there to be delivered to Mr. Cottington that so much of the 
content'^ of the saide book sbalbo by Mr. Cottington shewed unto 


Mr. Earie his counsayle as shall any way (foncerne the state of his said Wblls 

prebend of Litton, and afterwards to be inclosed again in canvas, and ^^"1?.*^^ 

sealed with the seal of the said Mr. Cottington, and to be brought safely — 
unto the Deane and Chapter by the first day of Maixsh next." 

June 17, A.D. 1594. A special concession made that .the Bishop fol. 97. 
may hold his general visitation for this part of the diocese in the Chapter 

July 2. This day the agreement was made with the bell-founder. fol. 98. 

Sept. '60. The controversy between the Chapter and the vicars is fol. 99. 
referred to the decision of the Bishop. 

On the same day 20«. is given to the Chapter tenants of Congresbury 
*' concerning the defence of their common." 

Dec 9. The book called Album Registnim is returned by fol. loo. 
Dr. Cottington ; and all records in the hands of any of the Chapter are 
to be returned by Jan. 2. 

On Oct 1, A.D. 1595, it is ordered **That Hugh Ing sacrist shall fol. 103 in dore. 
take away all the seat newly built and sett in the quier by Monday 
next following sub poena amotionis ab officio. 

On Oct. 4 an extension of time until Oct. 26 is granted to H. Ing. 

June 15. A.D. 1595. Dr. P. Bisse and Dr. Powell appointed to fol. I04 
appear before the Lords of the Council in the controversy between the 
Chapter and the vicars. 

Jan. 29. The Dean and the two above-named canons are appointed 
upon the same business. 

On Oct. 1, A.D. 1696, the vicars choral appear before the Chapter fol. los in dors, 
and gave their consent ^' touching the Mountire, viz., the everie canon 
resident of this church shall upon his death pay out of his divident and 
arrernges for and in consideration of his mountire six pounds . . . and 
135. 4flf. for the cheat or for the bridle and saddle." 

On the same day the vicars are admonished to receive the Communion 
at least 3 times a yeair. 

July 1, A.D. 1597. Eoger Weichell of Fifett, tanner, to have fol. ill io dors, 
tinil^er to build up the prison at North Curry and to have a lease of 
the prison-house for 21 years, paying the usual rent and keeping it in 

Oct. 7. A.D. 1597. Mandate of the Bishop to the Chapter to elect ^^^' ^^^"» ^*'"- 
proctors for the Convocation to be held on Oct. 25. 

Jan, 2, A.D. 1597. The farmer of the parsonage of Buckland in ^ol. Ii3. 
Dorset has leave to pull down the parsonage house and build a band- 
Fome sufficient new one. 

On the same day an ancient order, that no canon resident is to receive fol. 113 in dorg. 
into his service man or maid servant of any other canon without his 
especial consent, is renewed. 

On April 2, A.D. 1599. A lease of all the fowling in the hundred fol. 121. 
North Curry, granted to Hugh Port man, miles, for 21 years at a rent 
of 4d. ?. year, reserving to the Dean and Chapter the right of hawking 
and fowling there, when it shall please any of them so to do* 


Wells April 3. It is ordered that 20a\ be given every month to the ciol- 

^^^88 *^'' lectors for the poor of WeUs. 

fol. 121 in dors, •pj^g j^|. £q^ pages are loose and some have disappeared. 

Another volume of Chapter Acts containing 215 folios, from the 
year A.D. 1591-1607. 

By far the great majority of the entries relate to the ordinary pro- 
ceedings of the Chapter, such as Presentation? to Benefices, Iiistallations 
of Prebendaries, &c.. Appointment of Vicars Choral, &c. &c., and 
correction of irregularities and olTences among the Prebendaries and 
Vicars Choral. 

Many of the entries are the same as in the last volume where the years 

fol. 7. A list of fees payable. 

Pro inthronizatione Ep* Bathon et Wellen et pro Certificatorio super 
ejus eiectione, President! CapituU £2, Clerico Capitulari £2, Sacrista 
£4, Choristis 4*. 

Pro Installatione alicujus in dignitatem, to the same persons as above 
13 J?. 4d , 6d. 8d,, 26*. 8d., 2s. Sd. 

Pro Installatione in Prasbendam, to the same persons, 6s. Sd., 3s, 4c/., 
135. 4c?., 6d. 

Pro instrumento super qualibet Installatione, President! Capituli 
68. Sd. ; Clerico Capitulari 3*. 4d. ; cera 4d. 

fol. 60. A certain woman is ordered to do penance for three consecutive 

Sundays, standing in the Catheral in a white sheet and holdiug a whito 
rod in her hand, without any hat on her head or muffler on her face, 
she shall stand before the place where the sermon is usually preached 
from the- time of the reading of the second chapter in the fore noon 
until the end of the divine sei*vice, and after that the minister hath read 
the Epistle and Gospel she shall openly confesse her fault and say that 
she hath offended God with her lewd life, and hath showed an evil 
example to the inhabitants within the Liberty of the said church and to 
the rest of the town of Wells, And showing herself sorry for her offence 
upou her knees shall ask God forgiveness and the congregation, and 
then say the Lord's Pi-ayer. 
Dec. 4, A.D. 1593. 

fol. 105. A similar penance laid upon James Hayward with the addition that 

he stand in a white sheet and with a white rod in his hand in the 
Market place at the High Cross on Saturday from 1 1 o'clock to 1, and 
openly confess his fault, and show himself sorrowful for it, &c. 
March 4, A.D. 1593. 

foU 106. April 14, A.D. 1597. Prebendary W. Moseley prayed for absolu- 

tion from a sentence of excommunication incurred by ** not keeping his 
course in preaching . . according to Her Majestie's injunctions in that 
behalf provided." 

fi)l. 108. May 18, A.D. 1597. Chancellor Rogers is cited to read the 

Divinity Lecture or ])roYide a deputy **juxta iujuQc^ipqes regia6 
niterudque ordination^s bujus eqcl^siao." 



Oct. 6. A.D. 1698. It is ordered that the choristers shall no longer ^ Wblls 
come to any canons house at anj meal, and in lieu of this shall be paid mss. 

^^"y**""- fol. 120 h, dors. 

Oct. 12. A.D. 1598. A lease of the Calamynt Stones and Lead fol. 125 in dors, 
ores in Winscombe. 
Do. fol. 126. 

July 2. A.D. 1599. The fee payable by the Bishop for the seal fol. 186. 
when bis acts are confirmed by the Chapter is to be only £2 13». 4d. 

Oct. 16, A D. 1601. Henry Jones is charged with allowing tipling foi* 171- 
in his bouse during the time of divine service on JSundayd. Ue con- 
fessed '' that true it is that there were some persons in his house on 
Sunday last was three weeks, eating a cako a< he thinketh.'' He is 
admonished not to allow it again. 

Proceedings against a vicar choral. fol. 178 in dors. 

** Whereas the Rev. Father in God the Bishopp of Landaffe by his 
letters missive, bearing date the vii dale of Jauuarie A.D. 1604, hath 
Bignefied unto the Deane and Chapter of this churche that not longe 
since William Moore and the wydowe Turner passed throughe Chep- 
stowe towards Ragland. And he the said Rev. Father suspecting that 
to be the cause of their jorney which now appeareth, made inquirie afler 
tbem the best he could. But they carry ed their busynesses so closeley 
as that he could not come to the perfect notice of anie thing. But that 
tbe Deane and Chapter maye be able to guesse at their arrand as well its 
him selfe. Whereupon he signified that Walter Powell mentioned in 
their letters formerly sent unto him the Rev. Father is a priest ordered 
in Queene Marie*s daies, and being somtymes beneficed in this dioces 
of Landaff gave over his lyvinge some thirtye years since contyne- 
winge all this space a recusant. And for manie years before his 
comynge thither hath been accompted a comon masse monger. He is 
a rune^te nbidinge in no certen place but lurking ibr the most part 
about Ragland as he heard for marriages and christening with masses, 
he the said Rev. father hath complayned him to tlie lord president, to 
tbe late Arclibusshopp and to the Judges of the Assizes. All which 
notwithstanding doe what he can he contyneweth these courses. But 
he hopeth er longe to have order for him and other of his sort. And 
this is all that he can certitie the Chapter concerning this matter, the 
consideration whereof he corny tted to the Chapter, &c." 

'^Now upon the receipt and proving of the said letters the Deane and 
Chapter of Wells aforesaid in regard that the said William Moore one 
of the vicars choral! of the Cathedrall Church of Wells confessed in 
open Chapter as appeareth by act made in court that he was marryed 
by the said Walter Powell to Mary Turner, widow, and for as muche 
as yt appeareth to the said Deane and Chapter that this foresai-l mar- 
riage thus made doth conteyne in yt over . . . evident breaches against 
the ordrcs and locall statutes and the jurisdiction of the said cathedral 
churche, and also seaniely to contoyne in yt certen matters of greater 
qualitie against the politicall lawos of this kingdome then apperteyne 
to their censure. The said deane and chapter nsserving to them selves 
their said jurisdiction ecclesiasticall of this cathedrall church though te 
good to refer the said breaches of the politicall lawes by way of notice 
to the Lord Bisshop of Bath and Wells as a justice of peace of this 
countie, and that under their sesil of office. 

The said W. Moore is cited to appear and answer to the charge of ^^^- ^^^ 
having married without banns or licence Mrs. Marie Turner, she being 


Wells a recusant, and an excommunicate person, nnd he thereby breaking the 
^^1?^*^ Statutes of the house and church. 

fol. 179 in doM. A.pril 3, A.D. 1605. 

*' In ecclesia Wellen, juxta horalogium ibidem . . . inhibitum fuit 
prefatis venerabilibus viris [i.e. the Dean and Chapter] virtute literarum 
inhibitoriarum . . . Eichai'di Archiepiscopi Oantuar." 

But no further explanation is given. 

fol. 185. Oct. 20, A.D. 1605. 

The Bp. of Llandaff a Prebendary of Wells, is granted a dispensation 
from residence. 

fol. 192. Certain Statutes (not given here) about the Vicars are published. 

Oct. 30, A.D. 1605. 

foL 197. Oct. 1, A.I). 1606. The scholars forbidden to play in the cloisters. 

fol. 197 in dors. The days for the ministering of the Communion are to be set on the 

table of preaching, and it is to be ministered by a Canon once in the 
year according to an order hereafter made, and so monthly by a Canon 
in his turn or some other Canon. And that the Minister shall give 
notice publickly in the church the Sunday next before the monthly- 
Sunday. And the Vicars are to be admonished to come to the Com- 

fol. 198. On the same day Humphry Willis and Martha Drurie submitted 

themselves to the Chapter for ha^nng procured matrimony in the Cathe- 
dral at an unlawful hour between eight and nine before noon without 
banns or licence. 

fol. 204 in dors. ^prfl 1, A.D. 1607. The Chapter determine to send a petition to the 

Archbishop for the reformation of negligence in preaching in the Cathe- 
dral church. 

fol. 205. The Vicars choral to remove to the higher stalls and doors to be 

made to them, and the choristers to be placed in the lower rooms or 
stalls and desks and doors to be added to them. 
The clerks are to attend more diligently to sweeping the church. 

fol. 211. Nov. 21. A.D. 1607. Dean Meredith is installed. 

The next volume which carries on the Chapter Acts fi'om A.D. 1607— 
1621 contains in its 178 folios very little beyond installations and disci- 
plinary notices. 

fol- 8, Jan. 4, A.D. 1607. The Master of the fabric is ordered to provide a 

chest with three locks for the records of the church, and all Canons, <&c. 
who have any of them are to bring them in. 

fol. 5. March 29, A.D. 1608. Election of Bishop James Montague, 

fol. 8. His Enthrorflzation on May 14, A.D. 1608. 

fol. 9 in don. July 1, A.D. 1608. Richard Mason one of the Vicars choral peti- 
tions the Chapter for the fees paid for Baptisms at the Font, for Mar- 
riages and for Burials. 

fol. 13 in dort. ^ t«ble of fees for burial for any person whatsoever, or any other 

dwelling within the Liberty. 


For burial in the body of the chui'ch or in the Lady Chapel, except in Wblls 

the case of a canon resident or any of his family, it is jiOs, For every ^^mss **'' 

peale 3*. 4rf. — 

In any aisle about the chancel or choir, 30«. 

Jan. 3, A.D. IGQP. The steward need only entertain in the Audit fol. 29. 
week, at the time of the steward's feast, the Bishop (if he be present) 
the Dean and Canons I'esidentiary, and the accustomed officers with 
their bailiis and reeves. 

The Communars Audit break&st is to be for 3 days at the second 

Oct 24, A.D. 1610. It is ordered that sermons be preached every fol. 34. 
year by the Dean and Canons or their deputies upon March 24, August 
5, and Nov. 5, 


Jan. 3, A.D. 1611. A list of burial fees. fot 51 in dors. 

For burial in the Palm Churchyard 2s. In the Cloisters 6«. 8d., ami 
the grave is to be covered Avith a fair i'ree .stone. 

In the North or South Aisles of the body of the Church, lOs. and the 
grave to be covered with a stone. 

In the body of the church ISsAd.y and the grave to be covered with a 

In the North or South Aisle by the Clock or by the Font 20s. and the 
grave to be covered with a stone. 

In the N. or S. Aisles of the Choir or in the Lady Chapel 26s. Ss., foi. 52. 
and the grave to be covered with a stone. 

In the Choir 40«. and the grave to be covered with fair marble. 

If a BL»hop be buried in the Choir or elsewhere the fee is £6 VSs, bd. ; 
and if he have a Monument it is to be by agreement with the D. & C. 

If the Dean or a Canon resident or any o^.her be buried iti the choir, 
and shall desire to have a ^monument erected, it shall be by agreement 
with the D. A C. 

If any other desire to have a monument in any other part of the 
church the D. & C. shall fix a fee. 

All such fees to ^o to the fabrick of the churcli. 

The fee for the bell at a funeral of one buried in the church I2cf,, and 
for every peal \2d. 

"li any hath his knell rung with the common . ? . . bell 
shulde pay i'lis. \ii}d.f and for every peale rung with the great bells 
without the bell called Uorewell he shall pay iii^. iiijc/." . . . with 
the Hurewell bell vj«. viiicf. For every peal with the great bells and with 
Horwell vj«. viiid. No peal shall be rung longer than half an hour. 

All such fees to go to the fabrick. 

There is not to be any ringing without the consent of the D. <fc C» or 
of the Canon resident. 

July 7, A.D. 1612. A letter is to be sent from the Chapter to fol. 57 in dors . 

.... Still, son of the late Bishop Still, about the £500 
bequeathed by his father for the buildings of the new Almshouses or 
the enlargement of the old Almshouses, at the discretion of the Dean 
and Chapter. The D. & C. intend to undertake the trust. 

Sept 23, A.D. 1615. John Young, the Chancellor, a CJanon resident, foi. los. 
produces Utters from the King in that behalf and obtains dispensation 
from residence. 







fol. 23. 

The next Volume contains A.D. 1621-1635. 

Julj 2, A.D. 1623. An order made that sermons be preached by the 
Dean on Nov. 5. By the Archd** of Wells at the Quarter Sessions. By 
the Chancellor on March 24. By the Treasurer, the Bp. of Bristol, on 
Aug. 5. For the year 1624, by the Archd** of Bath ; the Archd** of 
Taunton ; Preb. Godwin, and Mr. Bd. Adams, on the same days. 

fol. 47 in dors. Jan. 9, A.D. 1625. Wm. Beamont gentleman is charged and con- 
fosses that '^ he hath not neither doth come to the church to heare 
dyvine praire and sermons nor hath received the holly communion by 
the space of thre« or fowr yeares last past ;'* and is ordered by the 
Chapter to attend service in the Cathedral. 

A marginal note " he is a popishe recusant and *^ doth not frequent 
the church to heare dyvine praier and sermons, nor receave the holly 
communion three tymes in the year as he ought to doe.*' 

fol. 48. A similar charge against Maria wife of W. Beamont, and agninst 

George Clerke his servant, Maria and Alice Clerk. 

A charge against Wm. Evans, gentleman, his wife Maria and 
daughter Sarah, that he is suspected of being popisbly inclined and doth 
keep his family in his house, who do not frequent the church, &c. 

fol. 48 in dors. James Morton, senior, when charged; answers that he was present at 

prayers and sermon on Sunday last in the Cathedral and received the 
Holy Communion on Easter Sunday, tie is ordered to attend again on 
the following Sunday. 

James Moiton, Afaria Aish are similarly summoned. 

Maria wife of John Clark is summoned for chiding and brawling with 
Agnes Corne and striking her in the mouth and making her mouth bleed, 
during the time of divine service, &c. 

It is a quarrel about a seat. 

There are several other cases of citation for non attendance at divine 
service, recorded in the next 6 pages. 


fol. 55 in dors. August 16, A.D. 1626. 

The election of William Laud, Bp. of S. David's to the Bishoprick of 
Bath and Wells. 

There is no notice of the installation of the Bishop. 

fol. 57 in dors. Certain dignitaries who are non resident are ordered to pay £10 a 
^ year each toward the support of the fabrick. 

fo). 65. 

fol. 67. 

Oct. 1, A.D. 1627. In compliance with a request from the Bishop, 
the D. & C. desire Mr. Busshell " to surrender the patents of the offices 
which he holdeth of the Lord Busshopp for iij lives, viz., the office of 

. ? . • bailif, keeper of the prison, called the cow house, woodward, 
and keeper of the pal lace of the Busshopp, and take them for his own 
life (which then) the said Busshopp would graunt them to hyni ; which 
the said Mr. Busnhell refused in regard whereof the said Lord Buss- 
hojip, a} also in that the said Mr. Busshell hath done many ill offices to 
hym, hath graunted the said Mr. BusshelPs offices to Mr. Adam Toreles, 
and Mr. Richard Robinson severally for their lives, which several 
imtents the said Dean and Chapter uppon reasonable causes them 
movyng have graunted and confirmed with their common or Chapter seal, 
and have sealed the same with the said scale." 

Jan. 2, A.D. 1627. Dispensation from residence granted to the 
Dean in accordance with letters received from the king. 

-T- • r r—twf-r- , 


July 24, A.D. 1628. The election of Leonard Mawe to the Bishoprick cathkdkal 
of Bath and Wells, yacant by the translation of Bishop Laud to London. Mi>8. 

Jan. 2, A-D. 1628. An order made hy the Chapter about prece- J^J- ^;^* 
dency among the Vicars choral. 

The same subject and certain disputes about it as the last. A dis- fol. 85. 
contented Vicar appeals for delay until the next Episcopal Visitation. 

Oct. 29, A.D. 1629. The election of Walter Curl to the Bishoprick fol. 91 in dom. 
vacant by the death of Bp. Mawe. 

In continuation of the last. fol. 93. '%1 

Knthronization of the Bishop. Dec. 24, A.D. 1629. fol. 98 in dors. yji 

A document of 3 pages. ''^'J 

On the same day Tristram Towse, Notary, in return for many fol. 95 in dor«. ^j^, 
benefits received from the Chapter, nndertakesto provide candles and a J^4i 

lantern for the Treasury for the term of his life. ' -A 

Oct. 26, A.D. 1630. Some regulations about the payment of those fol. loaindora. "^ 
who celebrate the morning prayer ''sometimes called the morning //^ 

masse." C^ 

At the same time it is ordered that the Master oflPerings and other fol. 103. ' '■& 

casual fees for marriage:*, churchings, &c. be divided among the execu- . ' '^S 

ting priests of the church. And also that the two Rectories which have . 'M 

heretofore been appointed by the Master of the fabrick, shall go for this •^' 

year to them that are named by D. Godwin, and in after years to be 
divided among the Vicars choral. 

Mr. Hunt, the Bub-treasui*er, is to keep the register book, and every . r 

minister that shall christen, marry, or bury any person, shall enter it in 
the register with his own hand. 

De<:. 15, A.D. 1630. Four of the vicars admonished for not fol. 103 in dors, 
reading Morning Prayer in the choir of the Cathedral. 

Aug. 25, A.D. 1631. Installation of Dean George Warburton. fol. in. 

July 7, A.D. 1632. Wm. Clun is charged with hav!n<! said to the fol. 122. 
Bishop in the palace, cari-yiiig himself irreverently, that his Lordship 
had taken away all principality from the vicars, and that he himself 
being principal could do nothing. 


On the same day the following letter was reail by the Dean in the fol. 122 in dors. 
Chapter : 

''Sir, — His Majestie is informed that the Communion table in your 
church is not furnished with such decent ornaments as are requisite and 
as ill other cathedrall cbnrches are supplied. He therefore commanded 
me to let you know that he expecteth from y.)u a spedy redresse on that 
behalf that he may not have cause to charge you with the neglect of 
your deutie which he will not forbear to doe if he doe not receave a 
better accompt of your care heerein. Whereof not doubting, I remain, 
your loving frend, John Coke. 

^ Greenwich, the ninth day of June 1632. 

Oct. 2, A.D. 1632. John Corne, a vicar-choral is charged with fol. I25ina()is. 
irreverent behaviour in the choir, and with not bowing to the Dean. 

Protest made by the Dean against non-residence of Canons. fol. 126. 

• I 



Wellj Nov. 26, A.D. 1632. Election of William Peirs, Bishop oP Peter- 

* 3188.**^ borough to the Bishoprick of Bath and Wells, vacant by the translation of 

fol. 128. 

Bp. W. Curl to Winchester. 

fol. 133. Jan. 3, A.D. 1632. The Dean thanks the Chapter for proceeding 

against John Come, but is not satisfied because the penance cnjojned is 
too light and comes too late. 

The Dean also declares that he does not hold himself bound by law or 
by promise to pay his caution money. 

fol. 134. Jan. 4y A.D. 1632. The Dean declares in Chapter that he is most 

ready to obey the King's mandate, but that in addition to the other 
reasons already given there are no letters from the King nor any men- 
tion of them among the Chapter Acts. For the present therefore he 
has not proposed the election of any one to be a residentiary, when 
the royal letters do come he will be most ready to obey their directions. 
The canons present however protest that they have seen letters from 
both Kings, James and Charles, in favour of Mr. Abbot, and they thrice 
^' instanter, instantius, et instantissime " desire that Mr. Abbot, the 
Precentor, may be called into residence. Then Mr. Abbot offered his 
caution, but the Dean adjourned the matter. 

fol. 135. Jan. 4, A,D. 1632. The Enthronization of Bishop Peirs. 

fol. 138. Feb. 23, A.D. 1632. Richaixl Hayward, Vicar of Curryrivil is 

called upon to answer for not having paid the first portion of the third 
subsidy to the King due on the 1st of Dec. ult., and show cause why he 
should not be suspended. 

The citation had been made by Thomas Noitx)t on Feb. 14 three 
times with a lond voice at the said R. Hayward's house. 

This is the first of many similar eu tries conceiming John Compton, 
Vicar of Castle Cnry. Edmund Sutton, Hector of Haulton. Pownall, 
Rector of Wraxall. John Hunt, Rector of Exford. John Coster, Rector 
of Brushford. Lawrence Uppington, Rector of Wythycombe, (he pays). 
Anthony Richardson, Rector of Kingsdon. Robert Rea.son, Rector of 
Otterhampton. Powell, Rector of Spaxton. Musgrave, Vicar of 

fol. 140. March 4, A.D. 1632. The Dean produced copies of the royal 

letters in favour of Mr. Abbot, and they are ordered to be registered. 

fol. 141. March 5, A.D. 1632. Canon Wood protested that for his part he 

was ready to elect Mr. Abbot to be a residentiary in obedience to the 
i"ojal manflate, and that he believes that it is necessary to propose him 
for election, according to their statutes and customs, ** et casu quo nulla 
esset differentia inter dictos viros Abbott et Crighton se paratissimum 
esse pro electione dicti Magistri Crighton." 

Canons Revell and Godwyn join with him, but the Dean declared that 
neither by Statutes nor custom was there any such necessity. The said 
Canons then appealed to '^ Ad Cartam sive litteras patentes statuta el 
couduetudiues " for corroboration of their words, and submitted them- 
selves to the royal will. 

The Dean desired to have a transcript of the said charters^ sub- 
scribed to by the Dean and Chapter, and it is ordered to be made. 

fol. 142. March 13, A.D. 1632. The Dean by virlue of letters patent 

from the King, proposes a second time Robert Crighton as Canon 


He is deciedy bat his admission, and the acceptance of his cantion is Vvus 
deferred to the next general Chi^iter. ^iSsa'^ 

April 1, A.D. 1633. John Thompson, Vicar of Castle Carj, is fol. I4d. 
saspoided in default of appearing when sammoned. 

J. Coster, Rector of Broshford, is also summoned and the Rector of ^- 1<*3 '^ dors* 
Kingsdon. The latter pajs. 

The Rectors of Otterhampton and Spaxton, do not appear and are 

April 29, A.D. 1632. The Rector of Rrushford is suspended for fnL l4€mdori. 
non-appearanoe, but on June 21 he submits and pays Is. 6d, 

Sept. 8, A.D. 1633. Roger Bredman presents a mandate from the foL 14S. 
King for his admission to a place in tlie Hospital. 

On the same day it is ordered that seats be made on either side of 
the choir over the Prebendaries stalls for the Bishop's wife, and the 
Dean and Canons' wives. • 

Cop J of a lett^ from King James, A.D. 1616, to the Chapter of fol. U9 in dors. 

*' James R. Trusty and wellbeluved wee greete you well. Whereas 
John Toung^ D' of Divinity, Chauncellor, and one of your Canons of 
tlie Cathedral Church of Wells^ by reason of his attendaunce on us, and 
imployment in our service cann not Reside amongst you, and performe 
such ordinary dueties as his place may require. Theis sre to certify 
you that notwithstanding his uon Residence It is our special pleasor 
that henceforth he enjoy all commodityes, dividents and quotidians any 
¥ray belonging to his p]ace in as ffidl and ample mariner as yf he were 
there present. By doing wliereuf you shall doe us very acceptable 

<" Given at Cranbume the VIII. of August, 1615." 

Note. — '^ Mr. Deane of Winton had the originall away with him this 

Sept 30, A.D. 1633. John Young, D.D., Dean of Winton and Chan- fol. 150. 
cellor of Wells Cathedral in virtue of the latter office nominates 
Tristram Towse t^ be Chapter Gerk. 

Jan. 31, A.D. 1633. A commission is to be issued to certain fol. 1.53. 
clergymen and discrete laymen of the Chapter peculiar jurisdictions to 
view the Churches, Parsonages, and Vicarage houses in the said 
peculiars, and to report on their defects. 

Feb. o, A.D. 1533. Royal letters in favonr of Precentor Edward fol. 153 in dors. 
Abbot are produced, and the Chapter declare tliemselves ready to obi^y 
with alacrity and elect Mr. Abbot to be a residentiary. 

Feb. 7, A.D. 1633. Mr. Simon answers to certain charges. The fol. 154indor9. 
two first (not specilied) an* tine. The 3nl is true saving that " he saith 
that he did not procure himst^lf to be married with any intent to contemnc 
the authority of this court ; neither did he ride to Bristoll with intent 
or resolution to be married there. 

Other articles are about a disputed right to seats in the choir ; and 
he is charged with leaving the church before the sermon. To tlie 
latter he answers that he has never done so but when he has been ill. 

To the 8th Art. he answers *• that he did not wear a civil hood untill 
he was a M.A. of fower years standing ; and since that he hath worn 


^ M'sLLs one which he belie veth he may doe bj the privileges of the University 
^^^M^.^^^ of Cambridge where he took his degree." But he is willing to give up 
— wearing it if desired. 

For abusing Cnnon Godwyn he shall be pardoned if he give a written 

fol. 158. April 1, A.D. 1634, Mr. Budge's legacy (£150) towards sermons 

to be disbursed by Mr. Wood. 

foK 161. July 3, A.D. 1634 John Weston presented a mandate from the 

Archbishop for his induction to the Prebend of Compton Dundon, 
which is obeyed. 

fol. 161 in dors. July 14, A.D. 1684. Certain royal letters (not given here) were 

read in Chapter, it is resolved to obey them, and they are to be regis- 

fol. 163. Oct. 1, A.D. 1634. The above letters are described as forbidding 

the Chapter to make leases for more than 21 years. 

There are many documents extending over several pages dealing with 
the question of the residence of Dr. Young. 

fol. 168. Jan. 2, A.D. 1634, Mr. John Oker is charged with having given 

notice to the vicars that '^ there should be no antumne sung in steeile of 
Nunc dimittis or Benedictus but only according to the forms of common 
prayer," without first consulting with the Canons Resident. He 
answered " that ^e was commanded by the Reverend Father in Go<l the 
Lord Bushopp of Bath and Wells in the presence of Mr. Dr. Wood to 
give such notice, &c." 

The Dean after examination of the Statute pronounced him coiitn- 
macious, and removed him from his office of Vicar for one week. 
John Oker is Master of the Choristers. 

fol. 168 in dors. On the same day the Dean declared, 'Uhat in case it shallbe my 

Lord Grace of Canterbury his pleasure that Frauncis Lewis shalllie 
placed in a chorister of this church in the place of William Bisse, 
taking it to be in his grace his power soe to place him by meanes of his 
Metropoliticall visitation, then he doth decree (in all obedience to his 
Grace his pleasure) that the said Lewis shall be soe admitted, but untill 
his Grace shall soe declare himselfe the said Mr. Oker is not to admit 
him a Chorister." 

Th*^ Dean is prepared to admit the said Lewis at the desire of the 
Bp. of B. & W. even though the Archhp. should not give any dii>ections, 
if he be as fit as any other candidate. But there are three other boys 
(named) candidates, and it is right that the worthiest be chosen. 

fol. 169. Feb. 9, A.D. 1634. A vicar suspended for one week for going out of 

town to Bristol without leave. 

fol. 171 in dors. April I, A.D. 1635. The Dean informed the Chapter that he hnd 

received an order from the Archbishop of Canterbury to remove nil 
the seats in the nave of the CathedraF, and the Chapter unanimously 
gave order accordingly. 

fol. 174. April 6, A.D. 1635. Permission given to certain persons to dig 

and search for led ore in the Manor of Winpcombe, reserving one 
seventh to the D. & C. as being lords of the said ground, and also the 
tenth part or "lottlead," to the D. & C. a« being the chief Lonls royal 
of the soil. But if sutficient lead is not found to defray the expensen 



then the D. & C. are to have only an eighth part and the tenth of the Wslu 
ore that shall be foand in the groofes. ^^if^^^ 

Oct. 1, A.D. 1635. " Mr. Dean proposed to the Chitpter then pre- fol. iTsT 
»ent that he had received a comnmund from my Lord's Grace of Cant: 
that the D. & C. of this church should consult together for providing 
ornaments for this church, and casting upp what the charge of them 
would amount unto should sett apart out of their dividents the one half 
of such charge the flirste jeare, and the other half the next yeare, to 
which monition the said Mr. Dean for his part declared his readiness 
and consent, and soe did the said Chapter, and they all resolved be- 
tweene this and the next Chapter day to considsr of the ornaments and 
charge, and then to give onder for the same in performance of his 
Grace's commands. 

On the same day the Chapter unanimously agree that ** such daies as 
Mr. Deane shall spend in waiting on his Majesty or in travelling 
towards him or home from such service shall be allowed as part of the 
daies of his residence. And the like favour is granted to Dr. Walker. 

Scandalous words have been spoken by the wifa of one of the vicars fo\, 1 76 in dors, 
choral against the certain of the ministers, saying that such ministers were 
made as would uudoe the kingdome, that such had been appointed by 
the Bp. of Bristol, and that he should hear of it with both cars Avhen 
he comes to town. 

The said Bishop protests that he has never made any vicars choral 
except on the recommendation of the Cliapter, and he desires to be 
lighted of the opprobrious scandal. 

Ledger 6. 

Letter of Charles I. to the Bishop of B. & W . — ** Bight Reverend fol. 222. 
Father in -God, Right trusty and well-beloved we greete you well. 
Wee have of late taken the state of our several Bishopricks into 
our princely consideration, that we may be the better able to preserve 
that lively hoode which as yet is lost unto them. Upon this deliberation 
wee fynde that of later tymes there hathe not risen a greater inconve- 
nience than by throwing leases of one and twenty yeai-s into Lives, for 
by that meanes the present Bishop putt a greater fyne into his purse 
to enrich himself, his wife nnd children, and leave their successors 
of what deserts soever they be, and the Church destitute of that growing 
means which else would come in to help them. By which course should 
it continue, scarce any Bishop would be able to live and keepe bouse 
according to their place and calling. We know the Statute makes it 
lawful for any Bishop to lett a lease for one and twenty years or three 
lives, but tyme and expreience have made it apparent that there is a 
great deal of difference between them, especially in Church leases where 
men are commonly in great yeares before they come to those plaoes. 
These are therefore to will and command you, upon peril of our utmost 
displeasure, and what will follow thereon, that notwithstanding any 
Statute or any other pretence whatsoever, you presume not to let any 
lease belonging to your Bishoprick into lives which is not in lives 
already, and further that where any fayre opportunity is offered you, if 
any such be for sayle not to reduce such as are in lives unto yeares, 
&c., &c," Given at Greenwich June 22. 10 C. L 

These orders are to be put upon record. 

Similar orders are given to the Chapter. 

n 20541. B 


WBxiii Another letter from the King enforcing the said order, and explain- 

Gat^^xal ing that it applies to individual Prebendaries as well as to the Chapter, 

_ Given at Hampton Court, Oct. 1, 10 C. I. 

fol. 281. 

fol. 256. Letter from Archbp. Laud to the Chapter. — <* After my hearty 

commendations. These are to let you know that Dr. Warde, Resi- 
dentiary of your Cathedral Church, hath petitioned his Majesty that 
he may receive all dividends and other emoluments belonging to 
him though he kept not but one half of the residence to which the 
Charter binds him. This petition is referred to me (as you may see by 
the coppie of it which I send you here enclosed) and power given me to 
order it, as I shall think fitt, yet my respect to you and to the Church is 
such that I shall not determine anything till I hear from you what 
openeon you have of the busyness, whidi I pray forward with all the 
convenient speed you can. For my own part, I would wishe that both 
in that church and in all other cathedral churches such men were chosen 
into residence as might keep that time enjoyned them solemnly, which 
would be in great honour to the cathedral churches, and a great strength 
to the discipline of them. But since I find many worthy men actually 
in those places, which by reason of the places they hold elsewhere 
abroad in the Church cannot possibly without a great prejudice to it, as 
to themselves, reside soe fully as they should, I am in my owne thoughte 
inclinable (at least as I am as yet advised) to show some favour in that 
particular, unless you can showe some sufBcient reason to the contrary* 
I am farther informed by Dr. Wardethat the major parte of the Chapter 
allowed of his cause of absence at Michaelmas last, that therefore he 
desires that dividend aJsoe may be payd him, which I pray you to take 
into consideration, and let me know your opinion of it ; for if this cause 
of absence were soe allowed, I doe not yet see (the major part ruling all 
busynesses of Chapter) how the dividend can be denied him. Soe 
wishing you all health and happiness, I leave you to the grace of God, 
and rest your very loving friend, 
** Lambeth, Feb. 26. A.D. 1635. W. Cant." 

fol. 259. '' S in x^o '^ The same to the same. — ^* After my harty commendations, E 

thank you hartily for the two letters which I have received from you. 
And to one of them concerning your choice of one Daniel Davis unto a 
tenor place in that church I have given soe full satisfaction to Mr. 
Dean, and desire him to acquaint you with it, that I shall not need to 
write any other letter concerning it. And soe farr am I from desiring 
the choice of a tenor into the room of a Basse or a counter Tenor, as 
that I shall never think it fitt where the number is soe few to have a 
Tenor chosen at all, where a Basse or a counter-tenor may be had. Soe 
I leave you free for that busynesse of Davis, and thank you for giving 
me an accompt how unfitt it might prove for your church service, to 
choose a Tenor at this present. For the other busynesse concerning Dr. 
Warde I must wHte a little more because of his Majesty's reference to 
me. But otherwise you have dealt soe fairly witli him that were it not 
for that reference I should not need to have written any more to you, 
for as for his dividends for the last year you have allowed it all unto him 
by common consent, for which as I thank you soe have I noe more to 
say concerning it. And for the seconde part of his busynesse since you 
consider the reasons upon which his petition is grounded to be just and 
reasonable that some part of his residence may be abated him, I think 
it will be most fitt and indifferent for me upon the dividends for the 
same reasons (since his Majesty hath been pleased to refer the cause 
unto me) to require of Dr. Warde that he shall keep the same proportion 



of readence and noe more as of neoesntTy than he did tlie Ust year, Wuxs 

which is, as I consider, half the residence required bj the Sttttnte. ^^^^g^ 

Always provided that this dispensation for half residence be noe longer — 

allowed to his use and benefitt than he shall continue the Lecture which 

he now reads in the Uuiversity of Cambridge. These are therefore 

not onlj to allow and apiHt>re the Chapter Act which you have made 

for the tnne past, but farther to pray and require you, according to the 

power given me by his Majesty, that you doe confirm by another 

Choicer Act unto the said Dr. 'Warde, Piebend Residentiary of thai 

your church oi WeUs his whole dividend, thnt in every year he doe 

keepe and observe but his half residence, with such limitation as is beion^ 


** Soe wishing yon all health and happiness I leave vou all to the 
grace of GK)d, and rest vour very loving friend, 
"Lambeth, April 26/ A.D. 1636. W. Cant, 

** I shall expect that you transcribe these letters into your Chapter 
Booke, that there may be a final end of this difference." 

Charles I. to the Chapter. — ** Rt. Creighton is employed in a service foL 257. 
which we have commanded him to undertake, by reason whereof 
he cannot keep his residence there as by the Statute 'of that Church he 
16 enjoyned. We doe hereby therefore dispense with the Statute in this 
particular . • . requiring you to take order that he be not any 
way injured by his non-residence ... but may receive the full 
pr<^ts of his place of Canon Residentiary, &c.'* 

Given at Hampton Court, July 22. 12 C. I. 

Anothei- Volume of Chapter Acts. A.D. 1635-1644. 

Oct. 24, A.D. 1635. The Archdn: of Taunton, Samuel Ward, p. 8. 
stated in the Chapter that he had been " detained from keeping his 
residence from the beginning of August until the 14th by letters written 
in his Majesty's name about the examination of business concerning the 
Mastership of Catherine Hall, and partly upon occasion of My Lord of 
Canterbury his grace's letters sent touching the Universities records, 
whether the University of Cambridge by them were exempted from his 
Metropoliticall Visitation. And that he was detained from like residence 
by letters sent from the Honr^^ Earl of Holland, Chancellor of Cam- 
bridge, from the twentieth of August 1635, when he was coming to- 
wards Wells untill almost Michaelmas last about the same business. 
Which day part of a letter written by Mr. Crighton to Mr. Deane being 
read, it appeared by the same that the said Mr. Crighton was detayned 
from like residence by meanes of a letter sent by the f^rle of Holland 
in his Majestie's name to command his abiding at Cambridge when he 
was coming hither in August last." 

Jan. 5, A.D. 1635. It is reported that owing to the absence of P* 4. 
Mr. Martin Simon there were no morning Prayers on Sunday last, 
Jan. 3. He is suspended for a week, and ordered to perform divints 
service in the Lady Chapel throughout this week. 

April 1, A.D. 1636* A letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury p. <5. 
in favour of Dr. Ward, and the Chapter allow that the reasons given 
by Dr« Ward in his petition to his Majesty are good and sufficient, and a 

R 2 





p. 15. 

p. 16. 

p. 23. 

p. 33. 

p. 37. 

p. 61. 

p. 62. 

p. 64. 

dispensation from half his residence is granted to him, with humble sul>- 
mission to whatever his Grace shall order herein. 

Oct. 1, 1636. A Councillor, John Baker, appointed for the Church 
at a yearly fee of 40*. 

April 1, 1637. There is granted to Mr. Walter Brick of Wells 
part of the old Almshouse garden, measuring 70 ft. by 22 ft. to erect a new 
Aim?) house thereon for 4 poor people, at a yearly rent of 10*. to the 
governor and 30*. to the 24 members of the old Almshouse. 

Jan. 2, 1637. The vicars choral in reading the Litany are to take 
care that if any one be abbcnt on either side " that such other as are of 
that side are to performe that parte to be procured by the party see 

July 1, 1638. Installation ot Thomas Row, B.D., as Prebendary of 
Whitchurch in the place of James Wedderburne, D.D., promoted to tlie 
Bishoprick of Dunyane. 

Oct. 1, 1638. Martin Simon is charged witli irregular and con- 
tumelious behaviour. A licence had been issued by the D. & C. for 
the marriage of Sheppard of Banwell, and one Bath of the Liberty of 
the Cathedral. At the time for the ceremony in the Cathedral the said 
Mr. Simon refused to perform it without a fee cf 10*. notwithstanding 
a message from Dr. Godwin and a personal demand from' him either to 
deliver up the licence or perform the ceremony. At length upon the 
advice of bystanders he delivered it in a grumbling manner. 

March 26, 1640. Th. Walker, D.D., Sebastian Smith, B.D., Canons 
residentiary, and Nicholas Busby, Prebendary of Cudworth, chosen 
proctors for Convocation. / 

March 27, 1640. The Chapter resolved, because " it is unseemly aT»d 
unusual in cathedral churches to have galleries set up and continued, 
and especially men and w^omen to sitt together in so eminent a place in 
the view of the church as the two jijalleries that arc already erected at 
the north and .soutii sides of the Choyrc of the said church are, and 
because the said galleries were not erected by consent of Chapter 
or Chapter Act, and by reason of divers abuses to the eyes of many 
publickly done, which they have in parte scene and otherwise credibly 
heare of, and forasmuch they from good cares have understood that the 
same seats are very scandalously taken by men of quality of this 
diocese, they doe therefore unanimously consent and capitularly agree 
that the two doores .... of the several stayres to the said 
galleries shalbe forthwith fast nayled upp until they shall see cause 
otherwise to doe with them ; and they deputed and appoyented Dr. 
Godvvyn to see it done as deputy Master of the ifabrick." 

March 30, 1640. Martin Simon and C. Alderly are charged as 

That yesterday after the celebration of the Holy Communion they 
came into the vestiy bringing the consecrated wine with them which 
bad been left at the Communion, that the said Mr. Simon took the 
Challice and poured the wine into a pewter pot, and being asked what 
he was about to do with it, he answered that it belonged to him and he 
meant to carry it home. Mr. Alderly answered that the D. & C. had 
ordered that no consecrated wine should be carried away to asy man^s 
house. Mr. Martin said he would, and in a violent manner pulled off * 
his gown and surplice, and desire Mr. Anthony Mowry and Humphry 




Marslr then and there present, to depart out of the vestry and said in a ^ ^bllb 
choleric manner that he would deal with Mr. Alderly well enough. hss. 

Whereupon Mr. Alderly went and held the door and said that he should 
not carry away any wliic. Then Mr. Simon notwithstanding an offer 
by Mr. Marshe to go and ask the Dean if he might have the wine or 
.not, set hands upon the pot in a violent manner and threw Mr. Alderly 
who sought to stop him to the ground, and much of the wine was spilL 
Five pages of evidence. 

It is decided that both Simon and Alderly have come in pcenam p. 68. 
statuti| and they are suspended a celebratione divinorum. 

April 1, 1640. Mr. Alderly is absolved. p. 69. 

April 2, 1640. Dr. Godwyn and Dr. Wood submit to the censure of p. 71. 
the D. & C. for certain sermons of theirs to which the Bishop had 

Oct. 24, 1640. Certain members of the Chapter in recognition of the p. 79. 
re-establishment of concord between the Bishop and themselves, agree to 
confinn a 21 year lease of the Manor of Chard, and promise that they p. so. 
will for the future confirm all such leases and patents of the Bishop's as 
shall be according to the laws of the Kingdom and customs of the 
Church, and that they will seek to procure the Assent to this of the 
other canons who are not now present. 

On the same day Dr. Smith is Appointed proctor for the (Convocation 
to be held on Nov. 4. 

Oct. 26, 16'K). Martin Simon is charged again " that he being sent 
unto at the time of evening service by Dr. Crighton within this fortnight 
last past to read the reading psalmes deliberaUdy, came at time of 
service in a hasty manner from his owne stall unto Dr. Crighton, and 
there expostulated with him for the sending to him, and withall there 
being no other minister or vicar choral there to execute in a con- 
temptuous manner went out of the choyre and left none to end the service 
bat Dr. Crighton, soe that he was driven to supply the said Simon his 


Mr. Simon came et petiit articulos in forma juris. 


Oct. 30, 1640. M. Simon not appearing to his citation he is p. 82. 

Dec. 4, The above suspension is taken off, Mr. Simon promises p. 83. 
obedience to the law, and he is ordered to appear again on Jan. 2. 


Jan. 22, 1641. Installation of Walter Raleigh, Professor of p. 90. 
Theology, and Chaplain in Ordinary to the King, as Dean of Wells in 
the place of the late G. Warburton. 

. April 1, 1642. A Chapter was held in usual fonn. Present, the p. 94. . 
Dean; Dr. Gerard Wood, Archdn: of Wells; Dr. Paul Godwyn; 
Dr. Crighton, Treasurer, and T. Towse the notary acting as 
Chapter Clerk. The Vicars all, except Simon Alderley and Benford 


Lots are cast as usual for the Chapter pati-onage. 

Two months residence are allowed to the Dean while he has been in p. ^5. 
attendance on the King. The Chapter is adjourned to the folloy\'in^ 


wiiM An entry inserted in a different hand, stating that a loan of £20 is 

^^m£*^' repaid to the Chapter, July 1, 1642. Signed, G. Wood. 

— Tristram Towse is dischiarged from the snm of £260, viz., Mr. Budge's 

legacy. The Receipt signed by G. Wood. 

At the bottom of the page there is an entry in a different hand dated 
Jan. 28, 1644, 'Mn domo decanaJi Wellen coram domino decano Dr. 
Wood et magistro Rogero Wood, canonicis residentiarii dictsB Ecclesis 
actum fuit ut sequitur in presentia mei Tr. Towse Notorii public!, 
actuarii,'' &c. 

An acknowledgment of the Dean's that he has received from Dr. 
Wood £40 part of the £260 as above. Dr. Wood states that he 
in obedience to an order of the Dean, Dr. Godwyu, Dr. Crighton, and 
Dr. Smith had paid £80 of the same money to Dr. Walker, and he 
produced the order with their signatures. 

p. 96. In the same hand as the 1ast>^- 

At the same time the Chapter seal is affixed to the appointment of 
Arthur Mallet to be general receiver of the Bishop's Manors. 

Followed by — 

" It is ordered by consent of the persons heere present that if it shall 
heare after happen that the Corporation of the Dean and Chapter be 
dissolved by Aot of Parliament, or by any other lawful meanes. That 
then every Canon that hath paid in his caution or theyer executors, &c. 
to whom the same shall belonge . . . shall be paid his caution out of 
debts dew to the said Dean and Chapter or theyer predecessors or theyer 
successors, &c." 

The Chapter seal placed to a lease of Cheddar rectory to Christopher 

p. 97. The last two pages have evidently been entered upon a blank folio, 

p. 97, returns to the date July 1, 1642, and presentations to Benefices 
and Installations to Prebendal stalls go on in regular form until June 

p 103. 23, ] 643, when Mr. Humphrey Sydenham was installed as Prebendary 

of Wedmore III. 

At this Chapter the Dean and Dr. Crighton, Hesidentiaries, and Mr. 
Robert Ash, a Prebendary, were present. 

p. 104. Sept. 9, 1643. In the Chapter House were present Dr. Crighton 

the Treasurer ; and R. Ash, Robert Earle, and Samuel Lanfire, Pre- 
bendaries, and Dr. Sebastian Smith was installed as Prebendary of 
Wormister, in the place of the late W. Woodhouse. 

A similar installation to Combe YIII. 

P- 1<>5- Sept. 30, 1643. There were present in the Chapter House, the 

p. 106. Dean ; Gerard Wood, Arcbdn: of Taunton ; Paul Godwin ; Robert 

Crighton, and Thomas Walker, Canons residentiary. 
OiScers were appointed for the coming year as usual. 

p. 107, On Sunday Oct. 1, 1648. The same members met in the Chapter 

House, and adjourned to the following day, when they again met and 
p. 108. Dr. Sebastian Smith was also present. 

The business included the petition of William Peirs, Archdn: of Bath 
to be admitted a residentiary, and he offered 100 marcs caution. But 
the Dean answered " se non teneri per aliquam priorem permissionem 
ad eligendum dictum dominum Archidiaconum, ideo noQ proposuisse, 
nee hoc capitulo dictam electionem exponere velle." 


Oil tiie oune d»T Robert ChapfiDe is insteUed m Pjrebendur of ^^^^ 
Combe XL in phee'of tbe kte R. Late and Mr. Dewbofj is adnuftted XB8^ 
ikat eboTftl in muJ form. l^^^ 

A senescbal is appointed for two jears and tbe Chapter adjoomed to p. 110. 
the foliowiog day, when Or. Watts prodnoed letters frtHn the King in 
his own faTouTy and be is admitted to be a Canon residentiaiy. 

The nsoal entries fi^w finom p. 11(X*113. 

Dec. 29, 1643. W. Peirs is admitted Archdeacon of Tannton* p. 113. 

Dec. 30, 1643. William Dstis, installed as Archdeacon of Bath. 

Jan. 5, 1643. Admission of Roger Wood to be a residentiaryy with P- ^^^< 
resenration that he is not to come into residence until Oct. 1644. 

Lots cast as nsoal for the Ch^ter patronage. 

^ Whereas the D. & C. at their chai^ on the intreatjr of the Vicars p. ll& 
Choral of this Church have built two seates for the wiefes of the said 
Vicars to sitt in the Chojre there, and since the erection of them some 
of the said woemen cannot agree about their jpAace therein, thej doe 
order that the said woemen shidl sit in the respective sides of the said 
Choyre by Preisthoode and seniorit j as their husbands (Jaces are in 
without anj disturbances.'* 

On Monday, Jan. 15, 1643. Present in the Chapter House the p. 117. 
Dean ; Dr. 6. Wood, Archdn: of Welb ; Dr. Rt. Crighton, the Trea- 
surer ; Dr. Th. Walker ; Dr. Sebastian Smith, the Precentor ; and 
Roger Wood^ M. A. ; all Canons Residentiary ; it was agreed to enter 
into an Indenture for all arrears and rents due to the Chapter. 

At the foot of the page there is a certificate that this book was shown 
in a case, Rejndd Dight versus the D. & C. of Wells, at Taunton, Oct. 
14, 1667. 

Then follow five blank pages and on 

January 28, 1644, a Chapter is held, present the Dean, Dr. Wood, P- l^l- 
Dr. Crighton, and Roger Wood, which confirms the lease of Chard for 
21 years to Arthur Mattock and Alexander Jett, and of some lands in 
Ban well. 

The entry is imperfect and is the last, leaving two thirds of the 
volume blank, with the exception of three or four fragmentary notes of 
the year 1671. 


A.D. 1684, May 7. — After the ordinary chapter business is ended it 
is ordered as follows : — 

" Since all the indulgence of the Throne, and all the mildnesse of 
the Church cannot oblige the Dissenters of this Kingdome to their 
Duty, but that they still foment designs to lay them both in one com- 
mon mine ; and since it is unequall that those Persons should enjoy 
the Lands of the Church, and the Blessing of that Tenure who 
despise her Laws and professe themselves her Enemies. • . . That 
for the futnre no Persons whatsoever who hold any Estate from the 
Dean and Chapter of this Cathedral Church, either by Lease or Copy, 


Wells shall be admitted to x*enew or purchase any further interest in any such 
C-^™^"-*^^ estate, unlesse a certi^cate be first brought to the Chapter under the 
— * hand of the Minister of their Parish, that they, doe live in obedience ta 

his Majestie's Lawes, and that they have received the Blessed Sacra- 
ment of the Lord's Supper, within a yeare next before their admission 
to make any such purchase ; or that the Chapter by some other way bo 
asceitained of such conformity of y® purchasers. 

Oct. 23.--£oO part of Dr. Busby's legacy of £100 to the Library is 
lent upon bond to Rev. Mr. Sandys for half a year. 

Dec. 9. — Letter of King Charles recommending the Eev. Thomas 
Kenn, D.D., and one of the Chaplains in Ordinary, to be elected Bishop 
of Bath and Wells. 

Several entries about the process of election. The names of the 
Eesidentiaries and Prebendaries, 12 in number, who are present are 

Feb. 6. — The Enthronisation of Bp. Kenn. 

March 2. — Letter congratulatory from the Chapter to King James on 
his accession. 

A.D. 1685, May 4. — Civil war having broken out under the Duke of 
Monmouth, and the Duke of Somerset, Lord Lieutenant, being in want 
of money and men, through the negligence and desertion of the military, 
the Chapter lend £100 to the Duke of Somerset. 

July 1. — Note made between the hours of 4 and 5 p.m. in the Chapter 
House where were present T. Holt the Chancellor and Nich. Nebbcrt, 
Notary: — • 

** The Civil War still grows, this Cathedral Chiurch has suffered very 
grievously from the rebel fanatics w^ho have this very morning laid 
hands upon the furniture thereof, have almost utterly destroyed the 
organ, and turned the sacred building into a stable for horses." 

The Chapter meeting is therefore adjourned to July 29th, before 
which time it is hoped that the nefarious rebellion will be utterly put 

" Nor was the President of the Chapter deceived in his expectation, 
for that happy day the 6 of July put an end to the rebellion at Weston 
Zoyland in this county. 

Deus Deus nobis haec otia fecit." 

A.D. 1685, Oct. 7.— £20 is ordered to be paid to Mrs. Frideswide 
Creyghton, wife of Canon Rt. Creyghton, because £20 was extorted 
irom her, on July 1, when the late rebbls army under the late Duke of 
Monmouth lay in the City, by their Commissary General Sam Story, 
under a threat that, if not paid, not only the Cathedral Church but also 
the Canons houses would suffer violence. 

Oct. 20.— £4 out of Dr. Busby's legacy of £30 to the church, is paid 
away for a new silver verge to replace one stolen by the rebels on 
July 1. 

And £10 is given to James ( Willee f) the Sacrist, for his good service 
in having presented the Ornaments and Plate of the Church from the 
rebels on July 1. 

A.D. 1685, Jan 7. — It is ordered that the Library be repaired and 
beautified out of Dr. Busby's lee:acy as he desired. 

A.D. 1686, Oct. 21. £500 had been expended during the last half 
year upon the repairs of the fabric. The roof of the nave had been in 
a bad state. 

A.D. 1687, Oct. 25. — Notwithstanding any Act of Chapter heretofore 
made, the D. ^nd C. in (!onsideration of the perverseness and unkind- 
ness of several of their tenants, are to be at liberty to grant reversions 
without the con-jent <f the teuant in possession. 

"Ti ^ ' .* 


A.D. 1691, July 8. — Hoytl letters about the election ot a Bishops the ^ Wblu 
see being vacant by the deprivation of Bp. Kenn, for refusing to take ^"U*^ 
the oath prescribed by the Act of Parliament. """^ 

Sept. 10. — Walter Hart, Preheodary of Ashiil, and on Sept. *J!9 Samuel 
Thomas, Prebendary of Compton Episcopi, are deprived for refusing to 
take the oath. 

Sept. -28. — Installation of Bishop Kidder. 

A.D. 1703, Jan. 19.— The Fast Day for "the storm," v/heu Bp. 
Kidder and his wife were killed by the fall of a chimney stack. 

Four Years of the Register of Thomas Godwin, Bishop of 

Bath & Wells, from A.D. 1584-1590. 

A paper book of 68 pages, containing 201 entries. The pages are 
not numbered, but the entries are. 

1. A grant by the Bp. to John Boys, armiger, of the Middle Temple, in 
€x>n8ideration of his services in the past and to be given hereafter, of 
an annuity for life of £2 secured upon the Bp's. Manor of Westbuiy. 
Jan 20, A.D. 1586. 

2. A letter from the Bp. to the Queen, in Latin, praying her to restrain 
certain persons (not named) who in contempt of law and right have 
impeded and disturbed Thomas Man ton, duly presented to the Vicarage 
of Wollavington . by Sir George Sydenham, and duly inducted there- 
into, so that the liljerties of the Church may be in safety under the 
defence of her shield. 

Given at Banwell, April 28, A.D. 1587. 

3. Licence granted by the Bp. under the Statute to William Charleton, 
of Shepton ^Uet, who is well reported of by doctors of excellent 
repute for diligence and success in many serious cases of sickness, 
(multis de vita des})erantibus ac de salute corporis vcre periclitantibus 
Deo Omnipotente Adjutorc) to practice in the diocese during pleasure. 

At Banwell, May 2. 

4. Edmund Wattes, M.A., admitted domestic Chaplain by the Bp. 
June 20. 

5. Grant by the Bp. of an annuity for life of £2 to Tbomisis Edgerton, 
of Lincoln's Ion, armiger, for his services. May 8. 

6. The Bp. of B. & W. to Archbp. John, to certify him that he has ap- 
pointed Thomas Godwin, generosus. Collector of the benevolence of 3^ 
in the pound, upon all church revenues within the province of Canter- 
bury, granted to the Queen by the last Convocation held at Westminster 
on March 4, A.D. 1586. 

At Banwell, May 8, A.D. 1587. 

7. A similar certificate, dated at Banwell, May 8, A.D. 1588. 
.8. A similar certificate, dated at Banwell, May 3, A.D. 1589. 

9. A royal brief a<1dressed to the 3p. desiring a certificate to be sent 
to the Barons of the Exchequer with the names of all persons instituted 
to any ecclesiastical preferment between Sept. 8, anno regni 28, and the 
Easter following, with dates of institution, name of place, with county, 
and deanery. 

Test, Sir Roger Manwood at Westminster, Feb. 13, anno regni 29. ' 


Chr. Hatton, 



VTvLL B 10. The Bp's. answer, with the foUowiiiff Schedule. 

M8S. At Banwell, May 8, A.D. 1587. 

A.D. 1586. 

11. Oct. 4. Thomas Big, admitted to Standerwick B. 

12. Nov. 8. Francis Arundell to Cheddar Y. 

13. Oct. 16. Abraham Conham, B.D., to Ilton prebend. 

14. Nov. 18. John Smarte to Hardington B. 

15. Nov. 19. William Prior to Culve B. 

16. Jan. 13. Francis Godwyn, M.A., to S. Decuman's prebend. 

17. Jan. 20. William Webbe to Beckington B. 

18. Jan 23. Henry Beamont, B.D., to Kingston al' Pitney B,on the 
presentation of John FitzJames of Leweston in. Dorflet, who had the 
Advowson from William Carent of Tomer. 

19. Jan. 23. John Seward, M.A., to Trent B. 

20. Jan. 30. Mathew Sutcliffe, D.L.^ to Archd°^ Taunton and 
Milverton II. prebend. 

21. Feb. 3. Bichard Wood, D.D., to Yatton prebend. 

22. Feb. 22. Edward Doughtie, M.A., to Loxton B. 

23. March 1. Silvester Badcock to Hawkridge B. 

24. March 2. John Willmot to Badington B. 

25. March 6. John Pov/ell to Shapwick V. 

26. March 6. John Penvyn, M.A., to Badgworth B. 

27. March 24. William Wickham, M.A., to Combe VII. preb. 
A.D. 1587. 

28. April 1 . John Wilkinson, M.A., to Babcarie B. 

29. April 12. William Slatear, to Tj-ckenham V. 

30. A dispensation granted hj the Bp. to the Chapter to elect Francis 
Godwjn, a prebendary, to be a residentiary, notwithstanding the statute 
made bj the late Bp. Gilbert, restricting the number of residentiariea 
to 8. 

At Banwell, April 2, A.D. 1587. 

31. Licence to William Hill, M.A., to be a preacher in the vulgar 
tongue, and in Latin, in any suitable Churches and places in the 

At Banwell, Aug. 16, A.D. 1587. 

32. Licence granted by the Bp. to Edmund White of Wells to prac- 
tise as a doctor. 

Given at Wells, April 20, A.D. 1585. 

33. Confirmation by the Bp. to Thomas Brigham of Caversham in 
Oxford of his right in the Advowson of Asheburie Bectory, Berks, which 
he has derived ^m Boger Baylie of Dorchester in Dorset, to whom it 
had been granted for 21 years by the late Bishop Gilbert^ 22 Eliz* 

Given at Banwell, Oct. 2, A.D. 1587. 

34. Bobert Godwyn, B.A., ordained deacon in the Bp.*s chapel at 
Banwell on Oct. 29, A.D. 1587. 

35. Licence to preach granted to Philip ffrye, clerk, of Thurloxton. 
At Banwell, Nov. 17, A.D. 1587. 

36. Certificate by the Bp. that he has admitted Joseph Collier, B.A., 
to be his private chaplain, in accordance with the statute for the appoint- 
ment of the private chaplains of noble men. 

At Banwell, Nov. 10, A.D. 1587. 

37. Licence to preach granted to Edmund Brickenden, M.A. 
At Banwell, Oct. 23, A.D. 1587, 


38. Licence to Edward PjmeSy clerk, to serve in any parish church Wblls 
in the dioceae. ^^ mm "^ 

At Banwell, Dec. 28, A.D. 1687. — 

39. Certificate by the Bp. that he had on Dec. 28, in the parish 
church of Banwell, admitted to the Diaconate and immediately after to 
the Priesthood, Thomas Wood, B.A., of S. John's College, Cam- 

At Banwell, Dec. 28, A.D. 1587. 

40. Licence to the same T. Wood to preach. Same date. 

41. Licence to Mr. John Snowe, parson of Kingston Seymer, to cele- 
brate marriage between John Badman and Alice Ilannam of Yatton, 
during the prohibited season. The banns have been duly published. 

Given at BanweU, Feb. 18, A.D. 1587. 
This entry is in English. 

42. In the Bp's manor house at Banwell between 9 and 1 1 o'clock on 
Peb. 5* A.D. 1587, Thomas Wells, curate of Brean, was thrice cited and 
pronounced contumacious for not appearing. He presented himself 
after midday and was absolved. No statement of the case. 

43. Licence similar to No. 41, granted to Th. Jenkyns, curate of 

44. Boyal brief similar to No. 9. Dated Feb. 12. 

45. SimUar to No. 10. Dated April 13, A.D. 1588. 

A.D. 1587. 

46. June 8. William Marter to Walcotte B. 

47. July • Christopher Perin, M.A., to Rympton R. 

48. July 2. Frsncis Godwyn, M.A., to Weston in Zoyland V. 

49. Nov. 28. Thomas Powell to Fiddington R. « 

50. Dec. 1. Philip Frye to West Monucton R. 

51. Dec 2. Thomas Crane, M.A., to South Cadburie R. 

52. Jan. 8. Hugo Davyes to Brodcley R. 

53. Jan. 17. Rowland Burrell to Brumpton Ralph R. 

54. Feb. 16. Henry Eindar to Coledge R. 

55. March 3. Robert Carr, M.A., to Thorn Faulcon R, 

56. March 3. Richard Yeem to Buckland Dinham Y, 

57. March 3. Thomas Jenkin to Backwell R. 

A.D. 1588. 

58. Mar. 29. John Gibbes, B.A., to Northcorie V. 

59. April 1. George Darbye, B.A., to Ernishill R. 

N.B. There were some institutions and admissions during the 
Archiepiscopal Visitation, but we have not the names. 

60. Certificate by the Bp. of the admission to the diaconate and 
priesthood of William Luffe, in the chapel in the Palace at Wells, on 
April 5. 

Given April 10, A.D. 1588. 

61. Similar to the last. Thomas Merest, B.A., is ordained. 

62. Similar to No. 36. But J. Collier is now M.A. 
Given at Banwell, Aug. 22, A.D. 1588. 

63. Licence to Joseph Collier to be a preacher. Same date. 

64. Similar to No. 36 in favour of Richard Dodde, M.A, 
Given at Banwell, June 20, A.D. 1588. 

65. Similar to No. 63, in favour of R. Dodde. Same date as last^ 


wblm 66. Licence to Thomas Knight of Yatton and Johanna Crooker of 

Cath^baj. Cheddar, who have entered into a contract of marriage in the parish: 
'• — ^ church of Kingston Seymer, to be married .without banns. 

Given at Banwell, Siept. 13, A.D. 1588. 

67. Similar to No. 63, in favour of Thomas Wytbers, nuper rector of 
Eoade. Sept. 20, A.D. 1588. 

68. Similar to No. 60, in favour of Robert Parkes, M.A,, ordained in 
the private chapel at Banwell. Sept.' 7. 

Given at Banwell, Sept. 10, A.D. 1588. 

69. Similar certificate of the admission of Robert Godwyn, B.A», to 
the priesthood in the private chapel at Banwell on Sept. UT, A.D. 

70. Grant by the Bp. of an annuity of £10 to John de Cardenas, 
al' Carcenas, al* Ciprian. 

Given at Banwell, Oct. 30, A.D. 1588. 

71. Similar to No. 60, in favour of John Wyatt, literate, admitted to 
the diaconate in the private chapel at Banwell, Nov. 1. 

72. Similar to No. 63, in favour of John Wynter, at Banwell, Nov. 1, 
A.D. 1588. 

73. Similar to No. €0, in favour of Hugh Collins, . B. A., ordained 
deacon, in the private chapel at Banwell, Edward Doughtio, M.A., as- 
sisting. Nov. 3, .A.D. 1588. 

74. Similar to No. 63, in favour of John Trustram, clerk, of Chew 
Magna. Jan. 7, A.D. 1588. 

75. Similarly Henry Beeny, Vicar of Stanton Drew. Same date. 

i 76. Similar to No. 60, in favour of John Wyatte, deacon, admitted to 

the priesthood in the parish church of Banwell on March 25, A.D. 

77. Similarly Thomas Collier, B.A. 

78, and Thomas Lewis, Literate, admitted at the same time 

79. Similar to No. 60, in favour of John Rowse, on the same day. 

80, 81. Similar to No. 9 and 10. 

A.D. 1588. 

82. May 10. Thomas Clapham admitted to Yatton V. 

83. May 20. Thomas Methwyne to Norton Phi. V. with Henton 


84. May 30. Edward Tynes to Combe XV. prebend. 
S5. June 19. John Hurfoi-d to Orchard R. 

86. July 8. Evan Owen to Camely R. 

87. July 12. William Clement to Tngashecombe V. in Bath Deanery. 

88. Aug. 9. John Morgan to Exforde R. 

89. Oct. 15. Thomas Jones, M.A., to Buckland Dinham pi-ebend. 

90. Oct. 1 8. Anthony Eglesfield, M.A., to Chewton V. 

91. Oct. 23. Tobias Walkwood, M.A., to Beckington R. 

92. Oct 25. Robert Pynne to Oacke R. 

93. Oct. 25. Simon Mathew, M.A., to Exton R. 
04. Oct. 26. John Bourne, M.A., to Shalford R. 

95. Oct. 28. Laurence Uppington to Withycombe R. 

96. Oct. 31. Edmund Brickenden to East Quantox R. 

97. Dec. 17. Thomas Higginge to Barton Davvd R, 


98. Jan. 14. Robert Bagnald, B.A., to Boade R. Wblia 

99. Feb. 4. John Langworth, S.T.P., to Archdeaconry of Wells. Vajw^m 

100. March 6. Ralph Rixton, B.A., to Kingsdoa R. — 

101. March 6. Samael Brookes to Buckland Dinham V. 

102. March 8. Richard Martyn, M.A., to Rympton R. 

103. March 12. Anthony £glesfield, M.A., to Chewtou V. 

104. March 21. Guydon Clinton, B.A., to Plornebloten R. 

105. March 22. John Paige to Berrow R. 

A.D. 1589. 

106. March 28. .John Rowse to Lymington R. 

A.D. 1588. 

107. March 14. Robert Wolfall, M.A., to Weston in Zoyhind V. 

108. Thomas Collier ordained priest in the private chapel at lianwell, 
in the presence of W. Marston, pi*ecentor of Exeter, and Joseph 
Collier. May 8, A.D. 1589. 

109. Similar to No. 60, in favour of William Gylberte, M.A., and 
Robert Tynley, M.A., ordained in the parish Church of Banwell. May 
18, A.D. 1589. 

110. Similar to No. 63, in favour of John Dicliin, B.A. April 19. 

111. Timothy Maye, B.A., ordained deacon in the private Chapel at 
Banwell. June 29. 

112. Robert Potter, literate, ordained deacon in the parish Church of 
Banwell. July 6. 

113. Similar to No. 60, in favour of Robert Traske in the parish 
Church of Banwell on Sunday, July 13. 

1 14. Licence to preach granted to W. Parr, B.A. Aug. 3. 

115. Similar to No. 113, in favour of Henry Parry^ M.A., and John 
Walmesley, B.A. April 24, A.D. 1589. 

116. 117. Similar to No. 9, 10. 

118, 119, 120 are the same as No. 104, 105, 106« 

A.D. 1589. 

121. April 11. William Dicke to Elworthy R. 

122. April 19. John Dirkin, M.A., to Monnksilver R. 

123. April 30. Richaixl Thomas to High Littleton V. 

124. May 14. Robert Peerse to Sanford Orcas R. 

125. May 19. Robert Cooke, B A., to Foxcote R. 

126. May 22. William Pymme u> K?lton V. 

127. June 14. John Baber, M.A., to Chew Magna Y. on the pre- 

sentation of Katherine, widow of Edward Baber, 
Esq' of Chew. 

128. July 2. Thomas Pembridge, M.A., to Skilgate R. 

129. July 5. William Marsson, B.L., to Combe I. prebend. 

130. July 26. WiUiam Whitlocke, M.A., to Dultingcote prebend. 

131. Sept. 2. Edward HiU to Wheathill R. 

132. Sept. 23. George Roche to Combe Abbas R. 

133. Similar to No. 113 in favour of James Millerd, M.A., in the 
private chapel at Banwell. Sept. 26, A.D. 1589. 

134. Similar to No. 113, in favour of Thomas Basden, M.A. Oct. 12, 
A.D. 1589. 

135. Similar to No. 134, in favour of Henry Symons, B.A^ Jan. 9, 
A.D. 1589. 



WXLI8 136. Similar to No. 135, in &your of William Osborne, B. A., scholar. 

^^mb£*^ Jan. 18. 

1 37-1 47. from Sept. 27 to Jan . 25 . Robert Garr, R. of Thornefelcon ; 
Hugh Pyggot ; Th. Rocke ; Roderick Luellyn R. of North Stoke ; W"^ 
South, S.T.P. ; Gerson Davys, M.A. ; W"» Chessall, B.A. ; W« Dicke, 
R. of Elworthy ; R* Hooper R. of Chewstoke ; John Powell, V. of 
Shapwick ; John Walhell, Curate of Cranmer ; are licensed to preach. 

148, 149. Similar to Np. 113, in favour of Thomas Jeay, M.A., on 
Feb. 8, and Henry Wills, scholar, Feb, 15. 

150. Licence to preach to Thomas C!ollier, B. A., curate of Mells. 
Mai*ch 20. 

151-155. Are all ordinations, viz., of Walter Hussey, William Cable, 
Samuel Davies, John Hallet, B.A. 

156, 157. Similar to No. 9, 10. 

George Roche to Combe Abbas R. 

John Wynter to Crowcombe R. 

Hugo Collins, M.A., to Compton Paunc^fote. 

John Trustram to Easton in Gordano Y. 

Walter Brian to Butcombe R. 

Roger Grode, D.D., to S. Decuman's prebend. 

Francis Godwyn, M. A., to Combe VIII. prebend. 

Thomas Manton, M.A., to be Chancellor in the 

Francis Godwyn, M.A., to Porlock R. 

John Wyat to Priston R. 

Morgan Jones to Whateley R. 

Thomas Thackam to Inglishcombe V. 

Robert Godwyn, B.A., to Dinder prebend. 

The same Robert Grodwyn, B.A., to Kingston 

John Hallet, B.A., to Pendomer R. 

173-179. Are all ordinations in the Church of Banwell, viz., Cadwal- 
lader Hughes and Christopher Whitle, M.A.8. ; Jonas Lacy, M.A. ; 
Richard Eborne, literate; Alex. Emmotte, B.A. ; Wm. Whitlocke, M«A. ; 
Robert Lutley, literate ; James Smarte, scholar ; between May 24 and 
Sept. 27. 

180-201. Are all licences to preach from April 1 to April 23, A.D. 
1590, to Rd. Martyn, M.A., Th. Clapham, Rd. Thomas, John Pi-inter, 
John Cough. Alex Spraggotte, Arthur Col3mge, M.A., Th. Cooke, 
M.A., Hen. Sotherton, M.A., VVm. Evans, Swithin Samborne, 
M.A., John Wyat, Edmund Watts, M.A., Wm. Jones, Edward 
Dowghtye, M.A., Thomas Keen, B.A., John Penven, M.A., John 
Parsons, B.L., Edmund Burton, M.A., James Bugdal^ M.A., John 
Davidge, M.A., Owen Griffith. 

An acknowledgment by Thomas Millewgam, curate of Ilchester, 
given at Bruton, July 31, A.D. 1593, that he had received this book and 
lefl it with his lord (dominum meum). 

A.D. 1589. 










































March 12. 



A.D. 1590. 





A small parcel containing 12 loose docaments in a snit between Gyles pj^Sotdiul 
Hunt to whom Dean Creighton had let the Deanery for thi*ee years hss. 
from Oct. 6. 12 Car. II., and Dr. Cornelias Burges. The defendant 
had ejected the said G. Hunt by force. 

Several of the papers state the Dean's claim to the house, describing 
the fonndation of the Deanery by Bp. Robert — the suriender made 
by Dean William Fitzwilliam in 1 E. Yi., which being contrary to the 
Statutes of the church, and the Dean's oath, was confirmed the same 
year by an Act of Parliament, which dissolved both the Deanery and 
the Axchdeaconry of Wells — the grant made of these by the king on 
July 9, 1 E. YI., to the Duke of Somerset — « the bargain made in 
4 £. YL, between the said Duke and Bp. William, for the exchange of 
the Bp's Palace for the Deanery — the restoration of the Palace to the 
Bp. on the attainder of the Duke, and possession of the Deanery given 
to the King 6 £. YI. The document goes on to state that it would 
seem that the Deanery was then given to Dean G<x>dman, for in the 
suit March 21, 3 Eliz. between Groodman and Turner, the said Qoodman 
is removed '^aDecanatu ac a domo mansionali ejusdem." Since that 
time it has remained in the possession of the succeeding Deans. 

The list of Jurymen is given, but not the result. 

The parcel also contains the following valuation of the Deaneiy in 
A.D. 1649. 

*' All that capital Messuage or Mansion House with the appurtenances 
&c. &c. consisting of a ffayre gate house at the south entrance thereof, 
with lodgings over the same, together with one large Hall, two ffayre 
Parlours, a large Kitchin, Buttery, Larders, and Cellars, with divers 
other necessary Boomes below Stayres, a faire Dyning roome, and many 
Lodging roomes with a large Gallerye over the same, a large Stable, and 
Coachhouse, and other outhouses, £210. 

'^ Mem. The materialls of the said mansion house, the taking downe 
and severing the same being deducted, are valued att £210. 

** All those orchards, gardens, and backsydes, with the appurtenances 
adjoyning and belonging to the last mentioned premisses as a parcell 
and member thereof encompassed with a high stone wall and devided 
with severaU stone walls for conveniency thereof, conteyning by esti* 
mation Three Acres more or less, per annum £9. 

<< Mem. All the premisses above-mentioned are by vertue of a graunt 
from Mr. Edward Carle and Joseph Hill, Agents to the Committee of 
the Countie of Somersett, in the occupation of John Burgesse, gent., 
for one year to end the 16th of March 1650 att the yearly Rent of 

There is a similar document in which the materials of the Chapter 
House are valued at £160. 

Upon a loose sheet of paper there is a copy of the Resolutions of the 
Grand Committee upon the Bill of Sales touching the purchase of 
Bishops' and Chapter lands. 


WsKLfi Among some loose papers the following occults ^^ 


M88. Page 1 missing. 

p. 2. After the said certificate William Fitzwilliam, Deane of Wells, did 

graunte and surrender to King £d. 6 the office of Deanc and part of the 
manners and lands belonging by deed acknowledged but not inroUed 
vizt. : 

13 Martii, 1 E. 6. — Willelmus Fit^william decanus Ecclesie Cathedral 
Wellen: in com: Soms^ sciatis me prefatum decanum certis de cansis et 
oonsiliis me ad presens special! ter moventibus, dedisse, concessisse ct 
hoc presenti sciipto meo confirmasse domino nostro Edwardo 6 Begi, 
&c. totum decanatum meum ecclesie Cathedralis Wellen predict : ac totum 
officium et dignitatem meam decanatus Ecclesie Cathedralis Wellen: pre- 
dict! ac omnia ilia domioia et maneria inea de Marke Modesley Wedmon* 
ct More ac hundredum meum de Bempston cum omnibus ot singulis suis 
juribus membris et pertinentiis universis, ac omnes illas Rectorias et 
Ecclesias meas de Marke et More, et Frebendam meam de Byddesham, 
ac totam illam capellam meam, de Biddieham cum omnibus et singuliM 
suis juribus et pertinentiis in dicto comitatu Som: Ac omnia advoca- 
liones, &c. de Marke et More, ac prebendam et capellam de Byddesham. 
Necnon omnia et singula messuagia demos edificia & cum pertinentiis in 
Marke, Modesley, Wedmore, More, Bempston, et Biddesham in dicto 
comit Somss* ac nlibi ubicunque in eodem comilatu sen in aliquo alio 
comitatu dictis dominiis, Maneriis, B^ctoris, &c., spectuntibus, ^c. Ac 
etriam omnia et singula alia dominia, maner:, Hector:, Prebend:, &e., &c. 
[Chyle, p. 153.] . . . ubicunque infra regnum Anglie dicto decanatui et officio et dig- 

niiati decanatus ecclesie Cathedralis Wellen quoquomodo spectantia^ &e. 
Habend prefato domino nostro reg! Edwardo 6 heredibus, assig:, suis in 

Capt et recog coram me Ed. North, Milt. Cancellar, curiae Augmenta- 
tionum, &c., xvi. Martii, Anno 1 E. 6. 

Com M UNA Accounts. 

Archdeacon Archer in his Chronicon Wellen se, written at the 
beginning of the last century (the MS. is kept in the Cathedral 
Library) gives information about the number of Canons resident from 
year to year, which must it seems have been derived from Communa 
Rolls, for 49 years between the years A.D. 1327-1539. But of these 
49 Rolls there are now to be found only 25 and 2 more which arc not 
noted in his list 

The earliest of these rolls is for the year A.D. 1327-8. 

Computus Johannis Plemstok Communarii Eccl: Wellen: a festo S 
Michaelis A.D. 1327 usque ad idem festum sequcns. 

Arrears of the preceding year, 216/. 10*. 5rf. 

Total receipts from arrears of the Chapter Manoi^s after payments) 
of debt to W. de Pencrich, late Seneschal, and others 294/. 18*. I0\d. 

Of this sum 294/. 18«. 8^. is divided equally among 16 canons 
resident during that year, leaving 2fc/. as a gift to the Communar. 

Receipts from all the Chapter Manors, and Rectories let to farm, 
595/. 2*. Ad, A list is given cf the separate items. 

£ 9, d. 

Expenses. In Communa Canonicorum per ann : - 185 10 8 
In procession ibus eorundem: - - 4 8 8 





In Communa Vicariorum per ann: 

Vicarii S. Cnthberti 
Magistri Scolarum 
Capellanorum B. Marie 
Clerieorum enstodient: Ec- 

Monachorum et Brevec- 
tornni - - - 

In Rogationibus ... 

In Beliqniis deferendis - 
Soint: Canonico de Northcory - 

„ distributori vini - . - 

In commana Ep* Innocentium et Canoni- 
eonim saorum . - - 

Solut portantibus Exennium S. Dunstani 
in obitu Ep*. Jocelini 
in oleo empto - . - 

in Crismate querendo apud Kyng- 
gesbury - - - - 

pro domibus Vicarii de S. Cuthberto 
In stipend unius capellani celebrantis 
unum annuale pro anSma WiiU Ep': 
senioris - . . - 

In obitu ejusdem in pane pauperum 
In obitu regis Ricardi - - - 

In vino empto pro cena et die Pasche 
In vino empto per annum 

Many entries of expenses for obits, &c,y in each of which 
Chaplain, the Communar for his trouble, and the Sacrist for ringing 
the bell, are paid, and the poor receive bread. 

Solut pro medietate dccimc dn^ Kegi per unum annum in Anglia 
a clero ooncesse 18/. 5s, Ad, (but part of the figures are rubbed 
out and it may be 15/. 5«. 4td,) with a list of the churches, &c., on which 
the payment is made. 

In dono subvicecomiti « - - - - 

In cirotecis emptis pro eodem , - - - 

In clerico ejusdem - - . - - 

Pro procuratione dni Hugonis de Engolisma pro sexto 

anno more sue in Anglia .... 

Pro acquietancia 2d, ; in dicta pecunia London defcrenda 

2«. ------ ' 

There are several sums paid also for journeys to Stoke-sub-Hamedon. 





















































2 2 

Pro viridi cera per manus Roger i atte Wall ballivi per 
acquietancias dicti Rogeri .... 

Several small sums paid to bailiffs, messengers, &c« 
Joh^ Brown, eunti Curiam Regiam apud Northampton 
pro brevibus impetrandis in negotiis Manerii do 
Knappe ------ 

JoV Manshupe attornato existenti in Cur : dni Regis 

apud Ebor --.«■-- 

Joh^ Coke deferenti litteras Capituli apud Ebor : 

In expensis dni Thesaurarii versus Gloucestre in negotiis 

capituli .-•--- 

a 20541. 

£, s, d 


13 4 



10 2 



Wbli s £ s, d. 

MSS.*^^ Several similar expenses and pensions follow, e.g., 
— Solut: Magistro Laurentio de la Barre pro expenais 

suis et negotiis Capituli in parliamento apud 
Northampton - - - - - 3 

Clerico scribenti Registrum - - - - 6 8 

In pergameno empto pro eodem et litteiis pro generali 

convocatione - - - - - 2 

In expensis dni Willi : de Codeworth euntis apud Samm 
ad explorandum de consuetudine vacation! s decanatus 
ibidem - - - - - -26 

Several more obits. 

Total 373/. 12*. Id. 

A list of monies still due to the Communar. 

Another short list of expenses, in which are the following entries : — 
Dno: Bicardo de Rodenye student! apud Grauntebrigg (ex £ s. d. 

gratia canonicorum (much blotted) hoc anno resident! - 10 
Bartholomeo de Weljnton pro roba sua hoc anno - - 1 6 8 

Balance, 367/. Ss. 9\d.j et sic erit portio 15 canonicorum hoc 

anno residentium, 24/. 19«. 8</., et 9^. dat communario. 
The names of the 15 canons resident. 

The roll for A.D. 1343-4, John Gammel, conmiunar. 

Begins with arrears 341/. 10^,, which are divided among 17 canons 

The boy bishop is now called ^' parvus episcopus." 

41b8. of wax are bought for the obsequies of Isabella la Courlenya, 
and J. de Bello Campo. 

There is paid to the Prior of Tanton, collector for the Cardinal, for 
the temporalities and spiritualities of the Cathedral, Ss, lO^d. at \d, in 
the 1/. 

To Raymond pagno papal nuncio, for his first year, 7s. 

For the building of the Chancel of S. Cuthbert's, 20/., besides the 
20/. 9s. 9^d. given in the last account. 

In dono Decani et Capituli juratoribus hundredi de Northoory exis- 
tent coram WiU^ Thorp et sociis suis justiciariis dni Regis apud Wellen: 
ISs. 4d. 

Solut dno. £p° : pro dedicatione magni altaris de Stoke, 3/. 6s. Sd. 

In expensis unius garcionis euntis usque Marlebergh cum littera diii 
Hen : de Carleton ad inquirendum de adventu dne regine, I2d. 

Solut pro quodam amerciamento in Curia de Wylton quia Decanus 
noQ fecit personalem sectam ad dictam curiam pro Bikcnalre, 3s. 4d. 

Item WiUo de Worstane advocato Decani et ca|>ituli in Curia Cantnar : 
pro pensions sua de anno isto, 21. 

Total expenses, 415/. I5s. 5|</. 

Other aiTcars due come to 425/. Is. Sd. Sundry other expenses are 
allowed, leaving a balance of 413/. I5s. 9d. to be divided among i9 
canons resident, whose names are given. 

The account is carried on upon the back of this roll. 

Expenses. Paid to the Fabric - - - . 

,j Master of the School 
„ Custos of the Organ 
„ for MjBnding the Organ 
„ Carbon - - « - 2 9 












£ s. 

















Pro tabula dominicale, 2^d, In veroegros ad idem, ^d. ; 

in factuTa, 2d. 
In 15 litteris illuminandis super unam legendam pro 

Wynescombe - - . . - 

For Yrritiog the said legenda, lOd. ; for binding it, 3d. • 
For mending four big bells in two docheria 
For mending the ** Clapar " of the bell called << Maria " - 
For mending diverse bells in the great clocherium 
For mending two bells in the campanile versus curiam 

dni decani ------ 

For a clapper for the bell called ** Peter " - - 

For a baudrip for the big bell called " Buttone " 
For a clapper for the bell called *' Buttone " - 
For new hanging the bell called " Donston " - 
There are several other entries similar to the above, but 

no oliier names of bells. Total, 10/. 9s. lid. 

A new form of entry follows here (Belrich is Berlich or Barlinch of 
later rolls.) ^ 

Belrich. Idem raspondet de 67s. 2^ /. de arr anni precedentis. 

Et de 261. 3s. 4d. recept de Belrich, 10/. 3s. 4d. in festo 8. Andree 
Apl; 70s. (a word torn off) Martir; 6/. 3*. 4d. in festo Nat. S. Job" 
Bapt:, et 106«. Sd. primo die Septembris, &c., &c. 

Total receipts under this entry 39/. 11^. 6^^. 

Further expenditure on obits follows next, and is the last entry on 
this roll, but there are attached to it two small documents. One an 
order from John de Gristeltone, clerk of the Dean, for the correction of 
offences found in his visitation, addressed to Hugh, perpetual Vicar of 
Donden, ordering him to cite certain persons named to appear before 
him, and make answer to certain charges (not specified). The other is 
an order to John Abbe, of Northcory, to restore certain tithes which he 
confesses he has taken. 

The next RoU is for A.D. 1393-4. John Barington, communar. 

A new entry in this Roll among the receipts is " feodi sigilli et alicorum 


Cathedra ii 



Idem de 40». rec : de Th : Croke de Malmesbury pro feodo sigilli super 
confirmatione facta per capitulum super manumissione sua ; et de 5s. rec: 
deJW. Westerely nuper mqgistro scolarum nomine decime ; et de 4d. de 
armigero succentoris nomine oblation um sua rum per annum. 

Among the obits is one for King Edward and Queen Margaret. 

Among the expenses a payment of 78. to the papal nuncio for the 
fourth year of his mission ; for one half of the tenth to the King 
17/. 19*. 3id. 

The sum divided among 20 canons (named) comes to 16/. 7*. Od. each. 

A new item among the expenses is an ell of canefas bought pro velo 
dedicationis et una parva campana, dd. 

In 2 candelabris magnis eneis ad magnum altare, ultra 
20*. quos dni decanus et Gregory Botteley dederunt, 
et 70*. quos Joh« TyntenhuU dedit, 51*. et sic est 
pretium - - - - - - 7/. 1*. Od. 

For repairs to the hanging of the bell " Harewell " - 2*. lOd. 

In linea tela ad magnum altare - - - - 2*. 7d. 

For repairs to the clapper " Majoris Harewell " • - 10*. Id. 

For repairs " magnorum organorum " - - - 1*. Orf- 

s 2 


WsLLs Another new entry among the expenses is that of a stipend of 1/. to 

^*M88 '*^' the boys who sing tjie Antiphon in honor B. Mary in the nave of the 
church ; and a payment of 16«. 8^^. for wax candles in the nave and 
behind the high altar. 

The next EoU is A.D. Id94-t5. John Bonyngdon, communar. 

The entries are very much the same as in the last. Among the expenses, 
solnt: fact: dno Waltero Wynkalton pro quadam fine facta per Joh™ 
Russel apud Eboracum coram justiciariis dni Eegis nomine capituli pro 
CO quod quidam Henricus Grey nativus Decani et Capituli aligavit quod 
injuste fuit incarceratus ac de bonis suis spoliatus per eosd^m, 3s. Sd. ; 

The allowance to each of 20 canons (named) this year is 13/. 19^. 8^. 

Upon the back of the roll among the expenses there is another pur- 
chase of an ell of canefas pro velo dedicationis ecclesie et una parva 
campana empta, 9d. 

Item in reparatione Jhesuscote, 4d» 

There are repairs ad hostium Caivete communarli ad opus ecclesie pro 
diversis munimeutis custodiendis &c., and lock and key, and bars, and 
two pair of gemewes (hinges) &c. 

Repairs also in the hanging of the three new bells ^* pendentes in 
vetere campanile boriale," for which* besides money, the workmen receive 
. *^ nonsynch " (? nunch, lunch). In ligatura ij portifer magnorum iaoonttum 
in chore in parte Decani de novo et tabbo pro eisdem 6s. &c. 

A very common entry of sums of money given ^* in regardo " has now 
become " in rewardo." 

The cost of wax for the candles in the nave and behind ihe High 
Altar IS this year lbs, 9d.y quia cera carior est solito. 

The next Roll is A.D. 1400-1. John Bonyngdon, communar. 

Wine for the Altar this year costs 21. 7s, 7^., in the beginning of the 
year it costs Sd. per lagenam, afterwards 6d. There is the usual entry 
of wine ^ in cena Domini et in die Pasch." 9s, 9d. at 6^. per lag. 

John Russel receives for his labour in London, in the time of the 
Parliament, on behalf of the chapter 13^. 4d., and Richard Bruton for 
his expenses at the same time 51. ^s. Sd, 

There are many entries of legal expenses in connection with property 
at Northcory, and houses, and also 1 Is, lOd. paid for meat and drink 
for the Prior of Worcester and others at Pokelchurch, during two days, 
whither they had come on business in place of the Bishop, s^e vacante 

To the servant of Sir Gilbert Deny s for bringing /'carnis ferine " from 
Pokelchurch to Wells for the canons residentiary, 2s. 

There are several more entries about Pokelchurch; and the usual 
entries of payments to the King's and papal collectors. 

Total payments, 425/. 7s. 5^., leaving for 16 canons resident to re- 
ceive 24/. 2s. 9d. each. 

There are further entries as usual upon the back of the roll. Among 
the expenses, ijs. Sd. is paid *' pro j drakone de novo fact ad portandum 
ante processionem in rogationibus.'* 

" Item pro emendatione unius magne crucis cotidiane, et pro ymagine 
Sti Salvatoris in dicta cruce de novo deauranda, 6s. Sd. Item solut 
cuidam famulo dne comitisse Cantie pro portatioue duorum novorum 
pan nor um de auro ex dono dicte comitisse pro sepulchre, 20sJ" 

Also 2s. Sd. for bread and wine for the burgesses of the city when 
their seal was attached to the deed about Moner's house. 

The payments for wax candles in the nave, and behind the High Altar 
before the cross there» and also for the 6 chaplains who celebrate at the 
Altar of S. Nicholas in the Chapel of B. Mary juxta daustrum are 


this year 16«. 7d^ at 6d, per lb. '^ et eo phis sdito qaia matutine in wblls 
choro (in nocte in the next loU) dicuntnr a festo 8. Trinitatis uaque ad ^^^gg ^^ 
Vincnla S. Petri que solebant did in die." -^' 

The next roll is A.D. 1407-8. Robert Burgh, eommunar. 

Sir Gilbert Denjs now appearsasfirmarias of Pokelchurch Church at 40/. 

The entries for legal expenses are more than usual, in some case 
against Humphry Stafford. 

21. 4s. 11^. is paid to the Abbot of Ciive, collector for the aid at l^rf. 
in the £, <* ad curiam Romanam transmittend: in ultima convocatione 
prelatorum concess:" 

Total expenditure, 416/. I2«. 9d. Arrears due, 303/. 16$. ll^d.^ 
leaving 20/. Os. 6^. each to 19 canons (named) after all debts are paid. 
Among the expenses upon the back of the roll, Edward Glover receives 
20d, for making the Saviour's tunic ^' pro ludo in ebdomada Pasche. 

Many of the books and vestments are repaired. 

The messenger who brings a precious vestment given for the soul of 
the Lord de Lovall and de Holond receives 1/. 6s. Sd. 

The next roll is A.D. I408~9. Robert Burgh, eommunar. 

The Bishop's " pulpit," and the Dean's " stall " are repaired. 

Two '' chafierys " are bought for warming the hands of the priest when 
celebrating the High Mass, 2ld, 

In every roll there is an entiy of the purchase of '^ pannum pro scaccario 
cooperiendo tempore compoti," 4*. Ad. 

The next roll, A.D. 1414-5. Robert Burgh, eommunar. 

Mentions the " Little Harewell " ball, and new hanging of 5 bclLj ; 
and new clappers which are brought from Sherborne. The seDeschars 
expenses in going to Canterbury to treat with the exors. of Archbp. 
Arundell ^' pro diversis vestimentis habendis," 25s. 

For mending the ** Judas bell," 4</. 

Paid to John, the organist of Gloucester, in part for a small organ, Qs.Sd. 

" Solut: pro ii virgis et ii Cathenis pro i portiphor et i psalterio ex 
dono magri Eicardi Dra3rton in choro continen: iii pedes, cuiiibet, 3 s. 9d, 
Item pro fusione iij gunny s cont : 40 lb., 7s, Item pro 14 lb. eneis pro 
predic: 2s. od, 

'' Item pro lecterno ad supportand: librum juris canonicalis ex parte 
boreali chori, 2s. Sd, ^ 

^^ Pro ferro ad ligandum gunnas preiilctas, 16^. 

^' Pro emendatione j pelvis vocat jurnel in medio chori et pro ^'auri- 
calco ad idem, 2«. Et pro ij. cordulis pro pelve voc: jurnel, 4</." 

Roll, A.D. 1416-7. Robert Burgh, communal*. 

Among other expenses, *^ pro. missis in capitulo per annum, 8^. \Qd. 

^' Item in rewardo sacriste pro custodia cymbal, 3^. 4d. 

'* In rewardo Joh^ de Gloucester factor! organorum, 13^. 4e/. 

** In rewardo Waltero Bageley, vicario pro organis custodiendis et in 

*' eis ludendis, I0«." t^:^ 

Roll, A.D. 1417-8. Robert Burgh, eommunar. 

Among the expenses " in rewardo fact : vicario de Pokylcherch pro 
edificatione cancelle de Abbatyston ex precepto presidentis et capituli, 
13*. 4rf. 

" Paid to the firmarius of South Barowe for repair of the chancel 
there, 3*. o</." 

There are also entries about paving the via regia in the town before 
certain houses. 



Wblls Eleven canons resident receive o7«. 6*. 5d, each. 

^^mi^^^ Paid for 49 lbs. of wax for two great torticii 13 ft. long, 24». 6rf., 
and for 5 lbs. of rosin and 9 lbs. of lichnus for the same, 4«. 9rf., and 
for making them, 2s, 

For 2 J ells of various coloured silk to make a " sudarinm ad circum- 
veniendum corpus dominicum in festo corporis Christi," 4«. 2d, 

^^ Item pro uno pip : de anro ad idem, 2s. 2d, 

In addition to the usual entry pro toga S. Salvatoris pro ludo in Ebda 
Fasch, there is here ** Et pro ij. barbis pro ij. palmers, I6d, 

Also there is paid to John, organist, of Gloucester, for the great 
organ in the choir, and the organ in the chapel of B. Marj, 1/. 13s. Ad. 
And as usual a payment of 20s. to the boys for singing the Antiphon in 
honour of B. Mary before her image by the door of the choir. 

Roll, A.D, 1418-9. Robert Burgh, communar. 
The vicar of Pokelchurch receives 13«. 4c?. more in rewardo for his 
expenditure on the chancel of Abbatiston. 

Roll, A.D. 1421-2. Robert Burgh, communar. 
All the usual entries. 

Roll, 1428-9. Nicholas Taunton, communar. 

The vicar of Bumham is paid in rewardo, 6«. 8^?., for his trouble in 
coming diverse times to Wells, and bringing money for the manumission 
of John Hardyng, of Bumham. 

16 canons receive 28/. 14«. ^\d, each. 

Six staffs for the rectors of the choir are repaired and painted for 2s. 

This roll is a double one and measures 10^ feet in length. 

Roll, A.D. 1430-1. Thomas Chelyngton, communar. 

The usual entry of money spent on the choristers dress this year 
takes the form '^ magistro choristarum pro 6 choiistis et tribus tabular 
pro eorum vestura," 60s. 
Candles are made, '^ de sepo." 

15 canons receive 26/. 13^. S\d. each. 

Roll, A.D. 1437-8. Thomas Chelyngton, communar. 

The expenses of John the cursor of the church in riding to York to 
fetch the vestments bequeathed by the Lord Henry Bowet, 16«. Ad, 

In one initial S of the word " Snmma " in this roll is inscribed the 
legend '^Auxilium meum a domino.*' In another ^^Quum canis os 
'^ rodit Bociaro pluribus odit." The latter belongs to the division of 
the surplus, 367/. 6«. 3^^., among the canons residentiary, who are this 
year only 13 in number. 

The organist's fee is 6s. 8(/. 

Roll, A.D. 1445-6. John Pedewell, communar. 

Roll, A.D. 1446-7. John Pedewell, communar. 

The expenses of Stephen Morpatli at Winchester at the trigesimale 
of the Lord Henry Beauford, Cardinal and Bishop there, when treating 
with the exors. of the said Cardinal, for one day and night, for 6 horses 
2 servants, and 3 documents (supplicationes) 5s, 5d, 

12 canons receive 34/. I9s, 4d, each. 

14^ ells of Ruban lacys at Salisbury fair at 15rf. the ell, 18*. Hd. 

This roll was produced A.D. 1667, Jan. 24, in the suit the D. and C. 
V, Charles Thirlby. 


Roll, A.D. 1448-9. John Pedewell, communar. ^ wbixb 

The expenses of the seneschal Alex Hody '' in translatione S. Cuth* biss. 
l>erti"5#-W. — 

11 canons receive 34/. Ss. 6d^ eacli. 

Roll, A.D. 1449-50. John Pedewell, communar. 

Expenses of William Ewell when sent to Salisbury to make inquiry 
about the arrival of French people (Qallorum populorum) at South* 
ampton 2«. 

Expenses of Thomas Coker when sent to Salisbury to make inquiry 
about the insurgents there ('* insurrectoribns ibidem contra pacem '*) 
3s. 4d. 

John James is also sent to Salisbury on Sept. 23. 

Expenses of the Lord de Boavyle, Edward Hull, Walter Rodeney, 
John Wake, Alexander Hody, Richard Chock, and other noble men 
who came to Wells for the defence of the church of Wells, and its 
ministers 3/. I6s. ll-^d. 

11 canons receive 35/. I3s. 7\d. each. 

The sacrist for his great labours in the exercise of his office in 
ringing the great bells in the western tower since the time of the ruin of 
the high tower '^ tempore decosus alte turris " receives 6;. 8c/., and 
26«. 8</. for the four previous years. 

Roll, A,D. 1455-6. John Pedewell, communar. 

The repairs of the chancel of Modford Church, ** quasi de novo fact:'* 
cost 29/. 9«. 7^., under the superintendence of Mr. John Shelford. 

13 canons receive 26/. 5«. 3fc/. each, after payment of 443/. 4f . 2{d, 
in the usual annual expenses. 

Roll, A.D. 1461-2. John Pedewell, communar. 

Roll, A.D., 1470-1. John Combe, communar. 

^ 21b. de canabo pro cnnalibus fiendis ad 3 Marias ludentes nocte 
Pasche 6c/., pro 3 quoyfes empt : ad dictas 3 Marias 3c/., et pro 3 quarters 
de ffustike ad tincturam dictarum crinalinm 6c/." 

Roll, A.D. 1473-4. John Combe, communar. 

Roll, A.D. 1478-9. John Menyman, communar. 

Roll, A^D. 1490-1. John Menyman, communar. 
Among the revenues are 17/. 14«. Qd.y the rents of 15 houses in Wells 
built by Bp. Beckington at his own expense, and given to the Chapter. 

Roll, A.D. 1497-8. John Touker, communar. 
The expenses of the Ep". Tinensis and W. Beket riding to London 
during 15 days with 10 horses are 6/. Ss, lO^c/. 

Roll, A.D. 1505. William Capron, communar, his 2**^ year, and Thomas 
Tinensis Ep" seneschal. 

The form of account is now changed, each separate manor and source 
of revenue being entered in a paragraph by itself. 

The Chapter contribute towards the Batellment of the new charvcel at 
Northcory in this year 5/. 145. Ad. 

Roll, A.D. 1514. W. Capron, communar. 

Roy^ A.D. 1535. Richard Eryngton, communar. 
The first part of this roll is printed from Chyle's History in Mr. 
Reynold's Wells Cathedral, p. Ixxxiii. he. 



Wblls Roll, A.D. 1589. John Gye, communar. 

^'*"l^*^ The proc^ession on S. Mark's Day seems to have ceased. 
— The boy Bishop still receives pay. 

For the first time there is an obit for ^' King Ine the original founder 
of the Church," 13*. 4d. 

The Berlych money is now paid by the King, because the house hua 
been dissolved. 

The receipt from Bruton of 41. IBs, 4d, is now " de Abbate nuper 

KoU, A.D. 1547. Andrew Thome, communar. 

The initial C. and S. are wel] drawn dragons. 

The sums formerly paid to the chaplains of chantries are now divided 
into two parts, one to the chaplain, one to the King. 

Payment of 3/. 3s, Ad, is made to the canons residentiary for the 
celebration for half a year of the mass in memory of Bishop Beckington 
at his altar, and 3/. 6*. ^d, for his obit in the choir, and \s, for wax for 
the obsequies, and 5;. for wax candles at the altar, and \s, to the 
sacrist for the bell ; to the communar 6s, Sd, for his labour, and 10*. to 
the clerk who keeps his chapel, and 1*. 6d. for washing vestments. 

Similar payments for Dean Gunthorp's, but all other obit masses 
and obits have disappeared, and the King receives the revenues. 

Pensions on churches are now paid by the " Proprietors," " Rectors," 
and on chantries by " Governors " and " Possessors." 

The accounts for the next six yeara, from A.D. 1547-53, are all 
included in one roll. A. Thorne, communar. 

The manorial property is altogether omitted from the receipts of 
these years, and the payments to the canons from the expenses. 

The receipts are from the old endowment of obits, &C., and the 
expenditure is only upon the salaries of the vicars choral, who are all 
named and receive from 3/. to 21. each, and other officials. 

The next roll is A.D. 1559-60, the first year of Th. Hooper, 

This roll returns to the older forms, and includes manorial receipts 
and dividends to the canons, and all the usual cathedral expenses. 

Roll, A.D. 1560-1. Thomas Hooper, communar. 
A long roll with all the usual entries. 

There is also among these rolls one belonging to the vicars choral for 
the year A.D. 1569-70. 


There are 36 RoUs extant between the years A.D. 1372-1560. 

Compotus Johannls Modye escaetoris eccl : Wellen : a tormino S. 
Michaelis A.D. 1372 usque ad idem festum proximum sequens. 

Arr. 169/. Is. 2d. anni precedentis. 

Receptus oblationum. Idem respondet de 8^. de oblatione provenien- 
tium ad nundinas S. Kaiixti, et de ISs. ob. de obiat: provenient: ad 
nundinas 8. Andree, et de 2\s. provenient de pixide S. Andree per 
annum, et de 3s, de oblationibus provenient: die sepulture et anniyersaram 

^ / 

.^ / 




flominorum Nich. Pontesbury, Joh" Lombard, Roger Wytechorch, Job" wsllb 
Carleton, Radulph Ep<, et etiam Bogeri Joliblode, et de i3d. proven : de ^^"^^^ 
oblat : in die Pasche, et de 50s. de palfredo et sella Magistri Nicb : de — 

Ponteeburj, et de 39«. Sd. proven : ex legato Bogeri Joliblod pro obitu 
sno et anniversario. Summa 6/. I5s, 9^d. 

Becept: novi proveat: Idem respondet de 2s. 6d, de duabus crof\is in 
la Newestrete et de 5s. de domibus Cristine Barbour ibidem, et de I2d, de 
uno curtilagio in la Munterye quod solebat reddere cum domibus 
supradictis^ Summa Ss. 6d, 

Obits received in Michaelmas term — Elias Ffellard, Beginald Stori, 
B^ Bampfeldy John de Axebrigge, Bobert Burnell, Nicholas Selboume, 
Alice Bouch, Henry de Bath, Henry de Bratton, William Archdeacon, 
Bishop Joceline, William de Button, Gilbert Sarum, Walter de Halschaue, 
William Bouch, Walter de S. Qnentin, Galfred le Fferour, and Thomas 
Wodeford. In sums of 5s.f 6s., 10s. 20s., and in the case of W. de Button 
26s. 8d. Total 10/. 18s. i5d. 

Obits received in Christmas term — Elias, chaplain, Walter de Compion, 
Gilbert de Bingham, Adam Gyssych, John de Cumbe, William de 
Wethamstede, Bichard Button, Mabill Bouche, John Watelegh, William 
de Pulton, Walter Noreys, Badulf Preciosns, John de Godelegh, Boger 
Cmk, Henry Huse, Stephen de Cicester, Luke Lundres, Badulf de 
Lullyngton, Hugh de Bomenale, John Martell, John Hubard, Hugh de 
Lymynton (6s. et non de majori summa quia . . . conceduntur Joh' 
Wareyn et Thome fratri suo ad terminum vite eorundem), Henry 
Wyrcestre, et de 5s. pro una processione coram ymagine beate Virginis. 
Total 13/. Is. 8^^. 

Obits received in the term of the Annunciation — William de Bath, 
William Button (45s.), Bichard, King of England (20s.), William de 
Welyngton, Isaac de Mertok, Stephen de Tornaco, Walter de Homyngton, 
John Surrey, il^eter de Cicestre, Samuel de Melles, Bichard Attebere^ 
John le Fforter, Wiibert de LytUeton, William de Marchia, Walter the 
chambei'lain, John de Herford, et de 5s. pro una processione coram 
ymagine S* Georgii pro anima Willelmi Brocworth — Total 11/. 13s. 4d, 

Obits received in the term of S. John Baptist — ^John Hoo, Walter 
Bumel, Hugh Greneford, John Chamfeld, Bobert Buggelegh, Luke 
Membury, Bichard Cobham, Henry Tesson, Bishop Badulf, John Pole, 
Humphry clerk, David de Welweton, John de Button, Matthew de 
Stratton, Henry de Lundon, Luke de Mellesburgh, Thomas de Button, 
Boger Parson, Bobert Netelton, and 24s. -id, from rents of houses in 
Torlane and la Munterye for the obits of Gilbert Byngham, Bichard 
Button, and Henry de London, 21s. at the Feast of Grabriel the Arch- 
angel for the obit of Hugh Bous, and 6s. Hd. for a procession on the 
Vigil of the Assumption for the obit of Hugh Bous. Total 18/. 14s. Sd. 

Beceived from the Prebend of Wedmore II. vacant by the death of 
Boger Wyte 41. 

Total without arrears 65/. 12s. 5^d,; with arrears 234/. 13s. 7^d, 

The rents of five houses are deficient because they are unoccupied. 
Total 1/. lis. 

Distribution of oblations and arrears. 

To 7 vicars present at the Matutinal Mass on S. Caliztus day. 
Id. eadi. To the sacristan M., to the choir Sd.^ to the guardian of 
tlie relics 4d. 


Welu Similar Mams distributed on St. Andrews day, omitting the Id, to the 

Mss. sacnstan. 

— Item inter 57 personas de Palfredo !Nichol Pont: 47#. 6d. cuilibet 

lOef. Item palfredar: pro feodo sao 2s. Item in expensis dicti equi 
per tres dies 12^. Item in exeq: Rogeri Joliblodo ad dirige inter 
54 personas 13^. 6d,, cuilibet Sd,, Alt (Alteristoe), 3<f., Choro Sd, ; 
ad Missam inter 54 personas I3s. 6<f., cuilibet Sd., Al%, 3d,, Choro Sd. 
Item in anniversario ejusdem ad dirige inter 52 personas 6s. 6cf., cuilibet 
1^^., Al% l^d., Choro 1^^.; ad Missam inter 50 (?) personas 4f. 7d.j 
cuilibet Id,, Al$ Id,, Choro l^^. Item inter extraneos 2d, 
Total 41. I2s. Id, 

Payments for obits in Michaelmas term. 

In exequiis Helie ffellard ad dirige inter 44 personas os, 6d,, cuilibet 
l^d., Al? l^c?., Choro li(d. In e . . . Heginaldi Story et Eicardi 
Bamfeld ad dirige inter 51 personas Ss, 6d., cuilibet 2d., A& 2d,^ 
Chor 2d., ad Missam inter 51 personas As, 3d. proportionately as in 
the last. 

In e . . . Johannis Axebrugge, Boberti Burnel, Nicholai Selboume, 
Alice Bouch, Henry de Bath, and Henry de Bratton, ad dirige inter 
54 personas 38^. 3d., cuilibet b\d., Alt: ^d., Chor: 8j^. ; ad Missam 
inter 58 personas 38«. %d., cuilibet Hd., &c., as in the last. 

In E • . Willelmi Archidiaconi ad dirige inter 49 personas 4«. \d. 

In E. Jocelini Ep^ ad dirige inter 50 personas 10^«; ad Missam 
inter 56 personas 9s, Ad., cuilibet 2d, &(u 

In £. Willelmi Button et Gilberti Sarum ad dirige inter 54 personas 
20ff. 3d., cuilibet 4^d, ; ad Missam inter 57 personas 20s., cuilibet Ad, 

Similar arrangements for the obits of Walter Haselchaue, Walter de 
S. Quentin, with the addition of 14^., in the latter case to be divided 
among 7 vicars present at the Matutinal Mass of S. Catherine on 
her day. 

Total 10/. 3*. 9d. 

Similar payments for 20 obits in the Christmas term and 3s, lO^d., 
among 39 persons for a procession on the Vigil of the Purification. 
Total 11/. 14*. 10^^. 

Similar payments for 13 obits in the term of the Annunciation, 
and 4s. Sd. among 56 persons for a procession on the Vigil of the 
Annunciation to the altar of S. Catherine in the cloister, and lAd, 
among 7 vicars present at the Matutinal Mass on the morrow at that 
altar, and 5d. among 40 persons present at tJie image of S. George. 

Total 9/. 5s, *Jd. 

Similar payments for 19 obits in the term oi the Nativity of S. John 
Baptist. In this term there is one division " ad primam " of 3*. 8A 
among 44 persons. 

Total 17/. 9*. Ad. 

Necessary expenses. For torches at the altar of S. Saviour 20d, ; 
at the altar in the chapel of the Blessed Mary 109. To the custodian 
of the fabrick 4*. Also in one lb. of cummin to the Bishop 2\d. The 
Escheator^s stipend for one year 6«. Sd. For the clerk who makes the 
accounts 3*. 4d. For parchment and paper bought for the account Sd. 
For 1 lb. of wax for the m&ss in the chapel of S. Catherine and ^< ad 
nund " ( ? nundinas) Id. To the Sub treasurer for the obit of Walter 
Compton \2d. For the repair of certain houses As. For the Escheator's 
expenses in going to Harpetrew for arrears due from that Prebend since 



the time of John Lumbard, and to Chewton for an interview with John catSmal 
Knygt OQ the Dean's behalf lOd. MSS. 

Total 1/. 12*. md. — 

Total expenses and payments 56/. iOf. Id!. 

Debts due i78i. 3«. 6^</. from the following sources. 

The Prebend of Shaldeford vacant by the death of Rt. Chykewell 
13/. 6s. Sd, de anno 69°. And 13/. 6s. SdL from the same Prebend, 
vacant by the death of Tb. Bocketon, de anno 66^. And 40L from the 
Prebend of Wedmore, at the first vacancy, caused by the death of John 
Carleton anno 60^. And 40/. from the Prebend of Hewish and Brent, 
vacant by the death of East Ep* Romane curie Cardinalis, Archds 
Wellen: eodem anno. Arrears for 48 years on the obit o£ Roger Cruk 
3/. 15*. On the obit of Walter Norreys U 2s. Sd. On the obit o 
Ralph Lnllingtun payable by certain houses 1/. 3#. Sd. for the }earri 
(13) 68, 69, 70, 71, 72. And 4/. from the Prebend of Harpetrew vauint 
by the death of John Lumbard Anno 68^. And 40/. from the Prebend 
of Brent and Hewish, vactint by the death of Nich. Cardnal, Archdn. 
of Wells, anno 69°. 5/. 6f. Sd. on the Prebend of Cumbe XI L, vacant 
by the death of John Newman, Provost, eodem anno. 7L on the obit 
of Hugh Monyngton due for the years 1364-70, which Stephen Hull 
has received. 

Total 169/. 10;. lOd., and debts 8/. 12«. S\d. 

These debts are distributed thus ;-4s. for repair of a house in Chamber- 
lain Street. 4s. 4d. for the obit of William de Marchia because I5s. Sd. 
and not more was found in the chest (pixide.) 5s. to the Prior of the 
Hospital of S. John for certain houses. 6;. Sd. to the Precentor for 
houses << juxta le Glehall." To the Prebend of Wedmore II. 4/. To 
W. Wynd for his poverty de gratia auditorum I2d. To the accountant 
for his great labour lOs. S^d. And there remains due 3/. ]s. Od.y which 
is distributed among 61 persons at the treasury at the winding up of the 
account, by the accountant, and thus he is clear. 

The Rolls for A.D. 1380 and A.D. 1381 are very similar ; but among 
the receipts and offerings in the latter there are I4d. oblation *^ die 
Parasceve, et de ISs. 4d. de oblatione regis et regine ; de oblationibus 
Mortuorum per annum 1/. 6s. Id." 

Et de 40«. de palafrcdo et sella dm>^ Roberti Sambuc. 

Et de 4/. I3s. 4d. de palairedo et sella Magistri Johannis Hors- 
ington, Cancellarii. Et de 66;. Sd. de palafredo et sella magistri 
Ricardi Carleton. Et de 40d. de palafrido et sella magistri Roberti 

This roll is beautifully written and is in perfect order. 

The next roll, A.D. 1391, is very similar to the above. 

The roll for A.D. 1399 contains among the usual oblations 18#. ^. 
de pixide Willelmi de Marchia. And 2s. lOd. de dnP Roberto Somerton 
Vicario de Cbu bone memorie dm^ Radulphi Erghum Ep^ decano sive 
crucifero tempore quo corpus dicti dm^ Ep^ infra Palatium suum Wellen 
in capella ibidem jacuit inhumatum hoc anno. Et de 7/. 15;. Sd. dc 
palafrido cum sella dn' R. Ergham nuper Ep^ Et de 16;. de pretio 
unius zone de serico argent: de mortuar: J. Garthorp junior: infra domum 
canonicalem decedentis. 

Total receipts without arrears 96/. 11;. 2d. with arrears 307/. 1;. lOd. 

\ .' 

f -»- 


Wbils The Boll for A.D. 1401 very perfect It shows that the pajments 

^MsS*^^ from Tacant Prebends came firom the Exors. of the deceased Pre- 
— bendarjr. 

Eoll A.D. 1402i6alsoapeiiectone. Total receipts are 70/. 3s, ll^d. 
With arrears 241/. 1*. ll\d, 

A.D. 1408r-1418 are very similar. The offerings at Williaiu dc 
Marchia's tomb have fallen to 1 d. 

A.D. 1425 contains oblations of 6s. 8d. from the Bp. of Winton, 
3s. Ad, from Thomas Polton, Bp. ; and 6s. Sd. from Humphrey Duke 
of Gloucester. And 4/. 13^. 4c/. from the palfry and saddle of the late 
Bp. Bubbewith, and 2/. from that of J. Knight. 

Total receipts 104/. 17*. SJc/. With arrears 219/. ll*. Ojrf. 

A.D. 1434, 1438, 1440, 1445, 1465, 1456, 1462, are all very similar. 
In the later years, the use of the bells at funerals, and processions in 
the church have increased, and the entries in general and obits are more 

A.D. 1469 there is an oblation of lOs, from King Edward, and of 5s, 
from the Duke of Clarence, and 5«. from the Lady of Clarence, and 5c/. 
from the Earl of Barwyke, made in the Dean's Chapel. 

A.D. 1472,1473, 1481. 

A.D. 1491 . Among the oblations are 3; . 4c/. from Archbishop John 
Moreton, and 20s. from King Henry YII. ad tres vices ; and 4s, O^d, 
from the oblation on the day of the burial of Bishop Robert Stillington, 
and 21. the value of a pontifical ring de mortuario ejusdem. 

In this year there is also an obit of 33^. 4c/. for King Edward IV. 
This is a long and well written roll containing many entries. 

A.D. 1495 is the first roll upon paper. Among the oblations are two 
togas as mortuary fees, and several offerings at anniversaries, which are 
a new form of oblation. 

A.D. 1498. The rell is again on parchment 

The offerings at William de Marchia's tomb had frequently been nil, 
but are this year 12r/. 

The Duke of Exeter offers 3s. ; the Lady de Mouhuns 

Total expenses for this year 108/. 2s. Bd, 

A.D. 1503. To the entry of "oblations" is now added "cum mor- 
tuariis,'' which have become more numerous. 

A.D. 1505, 1509, 1510, 1511. 

A.D. 1514. The mortuary and anniversary offerings are 18 in 

A.D. 1516, 1519, 1621, 1525, 1630. 

There is a gap here until A.D. 1644, when the oblations ad nundinas 
S. calixti et S. Andree have disappeared, and there remain only tlie 
oblations in diebus Parasceve et Pasche, in die sepulture W. Budleigh, 
in die anniveraarii MgH fStzjames, and in die trigintah Johannis Mil- 

The sums received for obits are all thrown together without any 
detail and occupy only 4^ lines. 


'>»--'ir - « 


A loxig list of houses, &c.y which used to pay rents for obits but arc wblls 
no^ rainous, uninhabited, or grouted away. MSs. 

The only distribution of oblations are lOdL to five vicars of the solemn — 

mass on S. Catherine's day at her altar in the Chapel of the Blessed 
Mary by the Cloister, 4d, to the Choristers, and 2d. to the Altarista, 

Xhe payments for obits go on as usual. 

A.D. 1560. This, the next roll, has as an initial letter a strange 
dragon form, its claw grasping at a naked kneeling figure, with the 
l^end ** Timor mortis conturbat me." 

Thos. Hooper is the eschaetor. 

The contents of this and of the next, A.D. 1561, roll are very similar. 

The receipts are now from tenements and lands, from obit funds pay- 
able by the Archdeacons, the Yicar of Chow, the Moutroje College, the 
Queen upon the dissolved house of S* John Bapt: Wells, G. Owen on 
the Hospital of St John Bapt: Bristol, another on Christ Church, 
Sristol, and from pensions paid by the holders of the property of the 
dissolved house of Barlinch and Worspring, &c. 

Total, 69/. I6s. Sd. 

Payments. To the Queen for diverse obits, 48/. 16^. 

Sundry small expenses. Total, 49/. Os. Sd. 

There is also a loose sheet of paper which notes that in A.D. lolO 
the rents arising from lands assigned for obits, together with pensions, 
&c., amounted to 80/. 15«. ; but in the year A.D. 1570 the amount was 
only 68/. This was until then accounted for by the Escheator, but in 
that year the Chapter ordered that 48/. I6s» due on obits, and 12^. 6d, 
payable to the King's receiver should be taken out of the Escheator's 
account and be entered upon the Communar's, leaving only 19/. 6^. for 
the Escheator's account. 

Fabrick Eolls. 

A.D. 1390, 1457, 1481, 1492, 1501, 1506, 1550, 1565, are the only 
rolls remaining of early date. There are many more of later date, but 
they seem to contain few entries of general interest. 

Of the earliest of these fabrick rolls A.D. 1390 only tlio first half, that 
containing the receipts, remains, with some of the details of the 
expenditure upon the back. 

John Bovyndon is the master of the fabrick. 

Receipts : — 

Arrears from last year, 21/. ISs. 4d. 
Rents : — 

40s. from the Master of the House of S. Mark, Bristol, for the 

Easter and Michaelmas terms. 
408. from the Prior and Convent of Biniton for the same terms. 
Qs. Bd. from houses once held by T. Lychlade for Michaelmas term. 
48, from W. Borne's house in Chamberlain Street for the same term. 
128. 4d. from the Vicar of Stoke-sub-Hamdon for Easter term. 
Ss. from the Abbot of the Convent of Keynsham for the term of S. 

John Baptist, payable annually by the Prior for Lyttelton Church. 

10^. Od. from the Rector of Twy verton for the term of the Nati v: 

of S. John Baptist, as a pension. 

• .- 


Wblls 6*. 8d. from the Prior and Convent of Berlych at S. Andrew's 

Oathbdsal Feast. 

— ' 1 1*. 2d. from Gyldhurst. 

I2d. from a messuage in Olive. 

IQd. from houses in Tucker Street, payable by the Prior and 

Brethren of S. John's, Wells. 
20s, from Canon J. Wareyn from the rents of certain houses for 
the supply of two lamps to bum continually before the image of 
the Blessed Mary by the door of the Choir and of 8. Savour ante 
Total, 71. I9s. 2d. 

Oblations : — 

4/. IBs. 7}^d. arising de pixide dn^ Kadulphi nuper Ep'. 
3/. 3;. 9^. de pixide B. Marie by the door of the Choir. 
15«. 5\d. de pixide S. Salvatoris in capella B. Marie juxta 

Bs. l\d, de pixide S. Salvatoris ante librariam. 
2s. 2\d. de pixide S. Michaelis. 
2s. 5^d. de pixide coronationis B. Marie. 
2s. id. de pixide S. Thome martyris. 
16^. de pixide S. Andree ad hostium. 
Total, 9/. 8*. 

Sales : 
Qd. pro oblationibus Wallicis diversis venditis. 
Is. 2d. for two old silver rings. 
6d. from Joanna Stone for a small gilt band (monile) given by W. 

Wynescombe to the image B. Marie ad ostium chori, and sold to 

Is. 6d. from James Mason for 300 stones de Ilfercomb sold to him. 
6d. for timber sold. 
2s. 4d.y 4s. 4d., 6s. Sd., Ss. 4d., I3s. 4d. and 17^. 4d» for free stone 

sold to several persons. 
Total 21. 12*. 4d. 

Legacies : 

Qd. from K* Dagon of La Lye. 6* . Sd. from Master Lambert More. 
20s. from Alice Fformour. 3s. 4d. fiom Cristina Hobekyns of 
Corscombe. \2d. from Walter Golde of Puttenye. 6<i. from 
John Bochard of Weston. 20d. from John Rider through the 
Chaplain of Milbome Port. 13». 4d. from the Rector of Ode- 
combe. 12c?. from W. Smyth of Yevele. \2d. from two men of 
Weston. 3*. 4d. from Robert Atte Wyke. 3*. Qd. from W. 
Paddock of Wotton as penance when excommunicated. \2d. 
from a stranger. 6d. from Ralph Stradil from Milbome Port. 
\^d. from one of the Dean's servants for penance. 205. from W. 
Wynescombe lately deceased. 3d. from a woman of Thome. 
22^. from three unnamed wills. 6^. from John Mercer of 
Milborne. 6d. from William Jerard of Milborne for S. Andrew's 
briefs. 2d. from a will at Easton Gt)rdano. \2d. from Elena 
Borton of Bristol. \2d. from John Bedel of Shepton Mallet. 
\2d. from R* Grygoiy of Bruton. i2d. from Margaret Jay of 
Chyriton. 12d. from Isabella Baker of Yevele. \2d. from John 
Schuphurd of Welwe. 5*. 6d. from R'* Dylling of Corscombe 
from the will of Isabella of Bisschoppes (den ?) recovered from 
the said Richard in the Bishop's Consistory Court. \2d. from 
John Piker of Modeford. 12«f. from Joanna Pope of Glastonbury 
as penance. Od. from Wareyn of Chyldecompton. Sd. from John 

* » 



Ffamcombe of Lutton. 6(L from John the monk, tailor, for the Wblls 
half of a sheep left by the will of Margery Skinner. 2s. from Sssf^^ 
Th. Hobekyns. Ss. Sd, from Th. Sell of Schepton. 3«. 4d. from — 

the Rector of Stawell. All the above sums are legacies except 
when otherwise stated. 

Briefs, &c. 

3«. Id, from Ro^r Tybrygton for S. Andrew's briefs for the year. 

20d. from dn" John Copethome, Vicar of Berwes. 

2\)d, from dn' Gralfrid, Rector of Obleye. 

71. 13«. 4d. from John Blysset pro rotulo fratemitatis Bt Andree, for 

the terms of Christmas, Easter, Nativ:, S. John Baptist, and 

14/. Os. 9|J. for S. Andrew's brie& throughout the Archdeaconry of 

11/. 8». 8^. for briefs in the deaneries of Gary, Merston, Ivelcestre, 

and in the jurisdiction ci Glastonbury. 
61. 148, 5^. for briefs in the deanery of Red (cliffe) and of Bath. 
7/. 10«. 7\id. for briefs in the deaneries of Frome, Axebrugg, and 

Powlett, and in the jurisdiction of the Dean of Wells, 
58. given by Ralph Bemers, the Succeator, for the good of the soul 

of the Lady Margerie Meryet lately deceased, he had received it 

from her Exors. 
Total 53/. Ss. 7id. 
Total receipts with arrears 85/. Is, 5|d. 

The Roll is here torn off, the stitches remaining. On the back are 
certain payments. 

On April 16 to several men, for carriage of stone from Doultyng ; to 
John the teglator . . • ^ Logg cementariorum in Anglo." 

The chief work mentioned is the repairs of tlie great door of the 
plumbatorium ; and the carriage of stone from Douiting is mentioned 9 
or 10 times between April 16 and June 11. 

The total expenditure daring this time is 8/. I9s. 0|</. 

In A.D. 1457. John Qarnesy and John Tregadel are guardians of 
the fabric. 

This roll is perfect. 

The Rents come to 8/. I2s. 2d. 

The oblations now iDclude offerings de pixide S.S. Thome et Leonard, 
WiUelmi Bytton, S. Michaelis in Angulo presbeterii, S. Mariae Magda- 
lene, S. George, S. Christopher, and S. Mary de Insyan (Jesina in the 
A.D. 1481 roll), as well as those named in the last. Total 2/. Os. 7d. 

22 lbs. of lead are sold for 19</., and 6 loads of freestone at the quarry 
for 4rf. Total bs. 7d. 

Legades and collections for S. Andrew's Briefs 31/. bs, 9d, 

There are also receipts from the Churches of Bocland, 8d. ; Curry 
Mallet, 28. ; He Bruers, 5d. ; AyshbryteU, lOd. ; Welyngton, 3*. Sd. ; 
Lydiard, 7*. 2d. for two years ; Wynscombe, 28. 5d. ; and from 17 Vicars' 
stalls which are vacant ; amounting together to 14/. ISs. 4td, 

Receipts 57/. 28. 5d. Together with arrears 190/. I2s. l^d. 


A table of wages paid throughout the year coroes 1o 3/. 0;. S^d. 
Expenses of the collections of the Fraternity of S. Andrew, *< In 
omnibus consistoriis per annum, viz., commissariis dn^ Ef^, offi- 
cialis Archidiaconi Wellen. Registrar, Rectoribus, Vicariis, et aliis 
capellanis snpervenientibns per dtocesem," 7s. 4d. 


wblls In Expensis computi per totam diocesem sub uno cursu,&c., 2Ss. Sd, 

^^MS *^^ In the hire of two horses for 10 days, 6s, 2d. ; Wages to the 

— ' servant riding with the accountant at 2d, a dsj, 20d, Officiali 

Bathon in regardo, Ss. 4d. ; Begistr: ibidem, 2Qd, Decanis de 
Bathon et Redclyff pro liberatione brevect: et collect: denariorum 
S. Andree, 28. £t offic: Archd: Wellen: 3«. M. 
There are pajments to other officials, and the ixxrvX deans through- 
out the diocese. 
Also for writing 404 briefs, and 8 long rolls with the names of Pre- 
bends, Churches, and Chaplains throughout the diocese, \6s. 
For 6 '*quatens" of paper, 2*. "For parchment, IG^f., and in re- 
gardo to all the Rectors, &c., <&c. throughout the Deaneries, 
26*. 7rf. 
Total 8/. 3*. 4rf. 

Purchases are only a load of timber for making ladders and Rongjs, 
Ss, ; 2 cwt. of lead at 5«. per cwt. ; and 57 lbs. of stannum, 
14*. \0d. 

Necessary Expenses. For the rent of Doultyng quarry, 20*. For 
28 flagons (lagenns) of oil nothing because received from the 
Church store. To the keeper of the lamps per annum 12^/. Ac- 
countant's stipend 30*. 4^. '^Et in una processione facta in 
primis vesperis sancte (Yirginis?) ad altare ejusdem inter 39 
personas 3*. 3«?. cuilibet 1</., alt. 1^., ciiorist IJ., hoc anno 20°, 
Et sic de cetero usque ad persolutionem 100*., recept dc domibus 
in ... . strete vendit Stephano Merston nuper burgensi 
ville Wellen:" 

To John Cockill ^'pro tractura et stapulatione de 81 car 
de Ayshler, pretio car 7c?.» 47*. 3c?." 

To John Hancock ^^ pro tractura et stapulatione de 18 car : . . . 
. .• . . de Dultyng pro panno . . . 
claustri quia melius vellet . . . . to be hadd, pretio car 9<f., 
13*. ed.'' 

For . . . loads from the said quarry to Wells at 12^. a load, 
4/. 19*. Orf. 

For 60 quarters of lime at ^d. a quarter, 25*. 

To John Parsons ** pro ligatione " of 16 ft. square at Doultyng 
quan*y for 12 days at 4rf. a day, 4*. 

To T. Nabbe for the elm boards for a wheelbarrow (* Welebarw ') 
for the quarry 13rf., for the making O^i., for iron 14^. For a 
new key for * le logg ' 2c?. Yot a key for the Camery 2d, For 
one pair " Gymyes pro le palys circa baptisterium in ecclesia 
Ad. ; Et pro uno standardo ad portandam aquam 12c?. ; Et pro 
factura de ij.Evys ferreis pro eodem Id. ; Et pro factura de 6 
hoks pro diversis fenestris et ostiis iufm plummery 4c/. ; Et pro 
emend: ij . . . . 2c?. ; et pro emend de j haber ion barell 
2c?. ; Et pro emend: candelabrum S. Thome \il, ; for mending 
others 2d, ; " Et pro hoppying diversorum vasorum 4cf. ; Et pro 
emend: sere nove turris 3</. ; Et pro iiij. hoks ad tenendum 
novum pannum circa sununum altare Ic?. 

for several hooks for the doors within the plummery and logg, 
weighing 3 lbs. Ad, ; 

for mending one ^ twyxte ' of the outer door of the camery 2c?. ; 

for two ' bokets ' 9d, ; for 4 * bolls ' Ad, ; for two new ' crebris * oJ. 

To Thomas the smith for two * vangis ferreis ' for the quarry at 
Doultyng weighing 19 lbs. at Ic?. per lb. 19 J. 

Three more weighing 20 lb. 


To the same for mending " ij. Grete by tell ferreis crow et una Vblu 

vanga nova " for the quarry 3*. 4rf. ; ^^MSg^"*^^ 

To John Lacy for 9 loads " de rubea terra pro emendatione antique . — •* 

partis claustri " at 2d. a load, ISd, 
To John Clemment for 8 loads of sand (zabalonis) for various 

repairs in the church and for hieitaclo ( ? hu*e) of J. Coryn, 

To John Turpyn the mason (lathamus) for making three durns 

(** durneys ") of free stone for three doors in the plummery at 

id. & foot, 3;. 4</. 
John Wellesley's expenses to Tymber-scombe and Bocland to fetch 

money, and hire of a horse for three days, 2s. 6d. 
Robert Curteys' expenses to Haselbury and Ayshill and horse hire, 

on a like errand, 3s. Ad. 
For one new ledepanne, Sd. 
Total 13/. 15*. Od. 

Expenses in the cloister : 

Paid to John Turpyn, the mason, or stonecutter (lathamus), for his 
labour and for the making ^' pavamenti panelli orientalis partis 
claustri, cum uno cynery panelli australis partis ejusdem claustri, 
quod quidem panellum continet in se 14 Cynerys cum dicto 
Cynery pannelli australis, et quodlibet Cynery continet in se 150 
pedes, pretio pedis fc?., 6/. 11*. 3d. ; et in Begardo eidem pro 
suo diligenti labore 10*. 
Total 71. Is. 3d. 

Expenses at the School House ; 

For 200 stone tiles 10^., for lath nails lOd.y for the tiler for 4 days 

Total Ss. 

Expenses for the " Canipec " : 

The pay of Nich. Pelly for the carpentry (Carpentaria) of it ad 

taziun 4s. 7d. 
For one '^ playte de umpyll pro eodem 2s. lOd. ; et in serico rubeo 

empto pro eodem 16^. ; et solut uxori Nichol Russell pro factura 

cooperture pixidis ibidem I2d. ; et in una corda de twyne pro 

eodem 2s. 4d. ; et in repagulo ferreo ad portandam dictam canipe, 

23ilb. pret lb. l^d., 2s. n\d. 
Et solut Th. Saunder lathamo ad cavillandum unum foramen in 

le reredoos ibidem 5d. 
For two workmen for a day and a half, and for scaffolding I2d. 
Et in pictura canipe ad taxam 10*. 
Et in cariag dicte canipe a Well : ad Glaston: et a Glaston : ad Well : 

Total 1/. 7s. l\d. 

The Whirlegoge expenses : 

To John Payne and Th. Saunders for two weeks, and J. Norman 
for two weeks, a day and a half at 2s. 6d. a week ; to two masons 
(cementarii) for two weeks at 2s. 4d. a week each ; to a labourer 
for one week 2s.; to 4 quarters of lime 20d. ; to 2 putts of sand 
4d. ; for the carpentry of a hatch, and timber "tablie et clavis" 
4s. 9ld. ; to an iron bolt and chain weighing 67 lbs., 13*. 4W. 

Total 2L 2s. bd. 

The Library : 

Divers repairs not specified, Of. Id. 

n 20541. T 



Wkllb Expenses at Dulting quarry : 

^^MSS *'"' ^^ rigatione (? ridding) quarrure 4*. 

— * To J. StoweU, the stonecutter, for the Christmas term 10*. 

For 7 loads of freestone of Ashlar 11*. Id, 

To the expense of J. Wellesley in going to Bocland, Keynsham, 
Ayshill, Mylverton prima for money, and hire of a horse for 6 
days 5s, Sd. 

For mending one " coterelli vasi pro aqua henedicta " 4d. 

For mending a bell wheel in the new tower Gd, 

Total 11. Us. Id. 
External expenses (forensecis) : — 

For the celebration of the mass when the rectory of the stall of the 
vicarage of Combe I. was vacant, for a year 6i. 8rf. 

Similarly for the stall of Haselbury 6*. 8rf. For reading the gospel 
when Middleton Stall was vacant, during the St. John Baptist, 
and Michaelmas terms 20</. Similarly for Bocland and Cudworth 
Stalls, during the Christmas and Paschal terms, 20d» each ; and 
for Combe III. and Combe IX. stalls lOrf. and 20d. For read- 
ing the Passion of the Lord, when Combe Y. Stall was vacant 

For reading the Epistle when Tymberscombe Stall was vacant during 
S. John Baptist, and Michaelmas terms 20d. ; similarly for 
Dynre and Litton Stalls for a year, 3*. Ad. each. The Stall of 
Combe IV. for three terms 2*. 6rf. Combe II. for a year 3*. 4cf. 
Wedmore II. for two terms 20c;?. Wedmore III. and IV. for 
three terms 2s. Gd. each. And for reading the gospel during a 
vacancy of Ayshill Stall for one term lOd. Total 21. 7s. Qd. 

There follows next a list of general expenses such as the accountant's, 
to the treasury for burials in the church and at the bottom of the roll a 
list of names and sums of money against them. 

Exors. dn* Nich. Calton 3*. 2d. 

Exors. dn^ Et. Borugh 28^. 4<f. 

Exors. dn* Jobs. Bekynton 4/. Os. 4d. 

Johannem Haydur 46^. 4^d, 

Thomam Germyn 22/. 19*. lO^d. 

ffnlcane Bermycham prebendar: de Compton Epi. 5ls. l^d. 

Johannem Chichele, prebendar : de Warmynstre als Luxvile 20.?. 

Robt°*. Tarry, prebendar : de Haselbery i 3s. id. 

Andream Holes, Archm : Wellen : pro indempnitate Ecclesiarum de Est 
Brent et Dultyng 10/. 13*. 4c/., hoc anno 8^ sic per annum 25*. Sd. 

Et solut : ad thesaurarium ut in precedentibus de parcellls arr : annorum 
precedentum 4/. 

Dn"* Johannem Garnesey 41/. 7s. 3\d. 

Et Compotantem 13/. 7*. ll^d. 

Et mem. quod liberantur ad Thesaurariam per tempus hujus compoti 
ut supra patet, in pede hujus compoti ultra 41. (retro resp : tuat :) 
Buperius descript : 33/. 18*. 

The Roll for A.D. 1480-1, when John Hylle is custodian of the 
fabrick, is also a perfect one. 

Redditus Assise. Total 8/. 11*. Sd. 

Oblations come from the boxes of B. Maria juxta ostium chori, 
S. Andrew, at the West door, S.S. Grasinus, David, Saviour in Angulo 
chori, Mary Magdalene, W. Button, Sitha, Coronation B. Mary, 
S.S. Leonard, Greorge, Saviour in claustro, Anna, Christopher, Ralph 
de Salopia, B. Mary in Jesina. The last receives 23(L, S. Anne 2*., 
W. Button 4s. The rest smaller sums. Total 32*. 0^«/. 


Sales of boards bring in 6s. ^ and 13 tabule vitri 13^. Total 19«« Wells 

Legacies and Collections 27/. 3*. 9\d. ^^uM!^^ 

Receipts from vacant stalls, 17 in number, come to 20/. 3*. 4rf. 26*. — ' 

is the usual value of a whole year's vacancy, a few pay only 20jp. ; but 
Compton Ep« pays SOs. for three terms. 
Expenditure : — 
A list of weekly sums paid in wages to stone-cuttei's and car- 
penters, &c., per diet', 71. I2s. I0\d, 
On collections in the diocese 7/- 13$. 6e/. 
Lead purchased 16/. 10*. at bs. per 100 lbs. Nails, 1/. 2s, 6</. 

Necessarit Expenses. 

300 lbs. of lead are bought for the Chancel of S. Cuthbert's. 
Three loads of reed for the house by the chapel B. Mary 7*. Qd, 
An Ambo in the choir is mended at cost of 6^. 
Wax is bought at 6d, a lb., amounting to 9s. dd. 
Paid to a brother who came to look at the organ 2*, 6d, 
For mending the '* Situla pro aqua benedicta " ; 20d. 
A hogshead of oil costs 46*., and its carriage from Bristol 22^. 
A key is bought ''pro domiuncula supra capellam B. Marie 7c/." 
Total 12/. 9*. Sd. 

External expenses for such things as in the last roll 3/. 3*. 4c/. 
Upon the back there is a list apparently of arrears and of lead and 
nail^ &C., bought. 


The roll for A.D. 1492-3, when R*^ Pomeroy is custodian of the fab- 
rick has the usual entries, but tlio sales of materials are much larger 
than usual, viz., 4/. 158. lO^d. 

They include freestone at the quarry, timber, tiles, lead, boards (in 
one case " pro sarcophago " J" Waynsforde 2s.)y a pint (pynta) of oil, 
and ** tabule vitri." 

Legacies and collections come to 40/. 9s. 1 Ic/. 

Total receipts, 82/. 175. l^d, ; together with arrears, lol/. 13^. 2\d. 

Lead at 3s. 4c/. for 100 lbs is bought to the value of 8/. 2s. 6d. 

Among the usual expenses for repairs, &c., " pro 4 le touches de 
vitro colerato 9*., et pro factura unius ventilogii erei et le socket ferri 

^ Et dat : ministris dni. regis no abducerent tres choristas 6^. 8c/." 

" Et dat : ministris dne. regine pro regardo 65, 8c/." 

The roll for A.D. 1500-1, when R^ Pomeroy is custodian of the fab- 
rick, contains much the same entries as the last. 

Among the expenses are payments of 65. 8c/. each pro I'egardo to the 
mimes of the King, Queen, and Prince ; and for the purchase of 2 ells 
of linen for the Bishop for the consecration of the new bell, 2s. 4c/. ; 
for diverse articles needed for bringing the great bell, 13*. 4Jc/. 

The roll for A.D. 1505-6, when R^^ Pomeroy is still custodian of the 
■fabrick, is perfect and like the earlier ones. 

Among the sales, 6 lbs. of coloui-ed glass are sold for 2^. 8c/. 

A great deal of lead is sold, and the total sales come to 6/. 3s. 4|c/. 
But the purchases of material of the same nature come to 13/. 4^. 9d. 

Among the purchases is a " baculus ferreus pro sacrista," 12c/., and a 
silver rod for tne Altarist at the Dean's order, 4*. He/. ; and for 2^ oz. of 
silver for the said rod at 3*. an oz., O5. 9c/. 

T 2 


WiLM AH the rolls after A.D. 1505-6 are lost until A.D. 1549-50, when 

^^mSS^^ ^' Brampton is custodian of the fabrick. Rents which used to corae 

— direct from S. Mark's, Bristol, are now paid by the Communar who 

receives them from the Major of Bristol, and other rents are paid in 

like manner hj the holders of the Ecclesiastical property which used 

to pay directly to the master of the fabrick. 

Oblations have disappearerl. 

Sales include 4 candelabra of brass 23<. ; 9s. for each (cujuslibet) 
tabernacle lately standing in the choir near the altar, sold to the Lord 
Suffragan of Wells. Two figures of Bishops in brass which were in 
the choir weighing 310 lb. are sold for 2\d, a lb. And a great quantity 
of lead is sold. Total 22/. Os. 'id. 

Legacies and collections produce only 20^. 

Vacant stalls pay as usual, 33/. 

Total receipts 61/. 10s. 3d. 

There is an entry for the expenses of the collectors of the fraternity 
of S. Andrew, but no sum is stated ; and decime paid to the King^s 
collectors are given. 

The expenses for repairs contain nothing unusual. 

^'External expenses ** now provide for the ''Celebration of the 
Communion," ''Reading the Gospel," " Beading the Epistle" when 
stalls are vacant. 

The Boll for A.D. 1564-5, when John Beage is custodian, is the lasL 

The sales include tres tabule containing 35 ft., 2s. ; 48 lbs. of brass 
candlesticks at 2d. a lb., and lathes are sold to the Dean ; 4^. for two 
tables of white glass; 3s. 4d. for tres pelves orischalchie; 16^. 9c/. for 
67 lbs. of brass candlesticks ; Ts. for 100 ft. of tabule. 

Legacies and collections in the diocese bring in 37«» 

Vacant stalls 48/. 

Caution money paid by Mr. Walter Bower, 6/. \3s. 4</., is a new 

Paid to the Queen's collector for the tithe of the vacant stalls. 

Total 48«. 3d. 

Total payments 21/. 15^. Q\d. Debts 168/. 9#. 5\d. 

Another new entry is an inventory, but it mentions only ropes, 
spades, hooks, &q. &c. 


Besides the documents which have been copied into the Liber Albns 
and the Liber Buber the Dean and Chapter of Wells have in their pos- 
session upwards of 1,100 original charters, &c., many of them the 
originals of those thus registered. The whole of these " have been 
opened out, dried, cleaned^ and examined, arranged in 36 boxes and 
placed in the Cathedral Library by Mr. W. de Gray Birch," who has also 
drawn up a descriptive Catalogue giving an abstract of the contents of 
each document, with a description of the seals upon them. 

" Many of the documents contain important notices of historical and 
political events, both general and local, records of matters of the highest 
value in relation to the history of the revenue and fabric of the Cathedral, 
and instances of great interest to the student of church and monastic 
antiquities, palaeography, manner and customs, and topography." 


The following notes are taken for the most part from Mr. Birch's wblls 
calendar. SS^^ 

1. Grant by Eadgar, king of the Mercians, for 40 Mancusas of gold, — 
to Ealhstane, his thegn, if a place for six maneutes in Stantun in the 
territory of the Magasets. A.D. 958. 

With the Saxon boundaries. 

Printed in facsimile by Mr. Basevi Saunders for the Ordnance Survey 

2. Confirmation by Pope Nicholas (II.) to the Bishop of W 1 
(Willensis) of the bishopric and its possessions. 

Given by the hand of Humbert '^ Sanctas Ecclesise Silvas CandidcB 
Episcopi, et apostolicae sedis bybliothecarii/' YII. kal. Maii. A.D. 

Anno Pontif. 3°. Indict. 14. 

3. Charter of William II. (Monarch of Britain). 

Copied into Lib. Alb. I. fol. 14 and III., fol. 341.* Printed in the 
Monasticon, and in Adam of Domerham, and described in '^ The Beign 
of William Ruf us ; Freeman. Vol. II., p. 483." 

4. Copy of the last. 

5. Bp, Robert's order about fairs in Wells, as in Lib. Alb. 

6. Statute made by Bp. Robert allotting two-thirds of vacant prebends 
to the chapter. As in Lib. Alb. 

?. Appointment by Louis (VII.) King of the French of Reginald 
(Fitz-Joceline, Bp. Bath consecr. 1174) Archdn : of Sarum to the 
Abbacy of S. Exuperius at Corboil. 

Given at Miledu . . . (Melun) A.D. 1164. 

'' Astantibus in palatio," Count Theobald, King's steward ; Matthew, 
Chamberlain ; Guide, Butler, &c. 

With the Monogram of Hugh the Chancellor. 

8. Grant by Bp. Reginald to the Canons of Wells of the bam. Cf . 
Lib. Alb. I., fol. 25 in dors. 

9. Certificate by Bp. Rainaud (Reginald) that Walter pistor of Bath 
had sold land at Lanferleg to Edward de Wellis and to Hugh his heir 
for 5 marks of silver. 

The original grant made to Walter by the late Bp. Robert had been 

Test. Ralph de Lichedale, Archdn: of Bath; Richard, Archdn: of 
Coutances ; Robert de Greldefoni ; Joceline the Chaplain ; Robert de S. 

10. Inspex : and conf : by . . . of a grant by (Ralph) de Wilton, with 
the assent of his heirs, Henry and William, of all his land of Wellis to 
Edward de Wellis for 50 shillings and to Wimarc his wife a gold broach. 

Test, to the original grant. Alexander, Sub-dean of Wells; Ralph 
de Lichelade ; Robert son of Pagan, SberifiT of Somerset ; Richard de 
Mucegros ; William son of Osbert ; Gerard de Broct. 

Test, to the Inspex : Alex, the Sub-dean ; Roger de Winton ; Joce- 
line the Chaplain ; Roger ; Matthias de Winton ; Ralph sine averio. 

11. Charter of John, Count of Mortaigne. Cf. Lib. Alb. L, fol. 10. 

12. Charter of Walter de Dunhaved to Adam de Lecton about one 
acre of land in Wells. 

13. Grant by Gaater de Danheved tg G^uter son of Herevey his cierk 
of a messuage in Wells. 


Wells Test. Alexander the Dean ; Thomas the Sub-dean ; William de Dinra ; 

^^™S!*^ Hugh son of Edward, and Joceline, his brother ; Thomas de Cicestria, 
— &c. 

14. John "dominus Anglies " cf. Lib. Alb. I., foL 10. 

15. Conf : by King John of the grant of Northcuri. Cf. Lib. Alb. I. 
f ol. 9. 

16. Deed of agreement between William, Abbot of Bee, and Savaricus 
Bp. of Bath and Glastonbury and the Chapter. Cleeve Church is to be 
held by the Abbot as a prebendary of Wells, he is not bound to i*esidcnee, 
but shall pay a vicar 4 marcs a year. 

Test, Hubert, Archbp : of Canterbury ; Henry de Castell, Archdn : of 
Canterbury ; Master John de Tinemue, William de Sumercot ; John de 
KenoviUa ; Edmund de Hampton ; Richard de Alecto. 

17. Conf: by Archbishop Hubert of a deed by which Cleeve Church 
is let by the Chapter of Bee to the Abbey of Cleeve for 40 marks 

Test. Godefrey, Archdn: of Cambray ; S., Archdn: of Wells. 

18. Undertaking upon oath of Robert de Yeteri Ponte (al^ Vipount) to 
his lord John, King of England, that he will not use nor shew the 
charter which the king had made to him concerning Appelby and 

Test. William de Braosa ; Hugh de Welles ; Ac. 

19. The commission directed to Eustace, Bp. of Ely ; Sampson de 
Bottington, Abbot of S. Edmunds ; and G., Prior of Holy Trinity, by 
Pope Innocent HI., to settle terms of agreement between the Bishop 
and the Abbey of Glastonbury. 

Printed in Adam of Domerham, pp. 410-420. 

20. Pope Innocent (HI.) to Joceline de Welles, Bp. of Bath. 

A certain M. a poor scholar, now in orders, when teaching his fellow 
schoolboys had from time to time laid violent hands on them, and so 
fallen under censure . He has been absolved by the Abbot of S. Victor, 
the person duly appointed, and forgiven by the Pope. Allow him to 
exercise his orders and promote him. 

Given at the Lateran, 5 kal. April. A.D. 1213. 

21. Grant by Walter de Dunhaved to Adam de Hereford of a mess\^ago 
and land at Paulesham, &c. 

Test. Thomas, the Precentor; Simon the Suocentor; William de 
Dinra ; Henry de Trad, &c. 

22. Grant by Hugh, Bp. of Lincoln to Josceline, Bp. of Bath and 
Glastonbury of half a knight's fee in Rugeberg and Draycot. Given at 
Stow. A.D. 1214. Cf . Lib. Alb. 

23. Conf: by Lambert the Sub-dean &c. of a release of Thomas Lok, 
son of Adam and Agnes Lok. 

24. Power given by Speronus de Campomoldo of Placentia to Rufinus 
Molinarius to demand 87^ marks from the Bishop of B. and G., for 
which the late Bp. Savaric had given security. A.D. 1219. 

25. Grant by the Priory of Montacute to Joceline Bp. of B. of the 
Advowson of Modeford Church and certain revenues. 

Test. William, Archdn: of WeUs ; Walter de S. Quintin ; Heniy, 
parson of Tintehull ; Robert de Aule. 

26. Award by John, Abbot of Ford ; Wilfrid, Prior of Ford ; and 
Baldewine, Prior of Axem . . . papal commissioner, in a cause 




between Alexander the Dean of Weils, and Ernisius a canon, concerning wbixs 
his prebend of Bidesham. Cf . Lib. Alb. 1., foL 44. ^^"^"^ 

27. Institution of Hugh de Greneford to Wytechurch. Cf. Lib. Alb. 
III., fol. 455, 609. 

28. Order made by Bp. Richard Poore of Sarum, about Wudeton 
chapel. Cf. lib. Alb. III^ fol. 450. 

29. Grant by Walter de Dunheved to Bp. Josceline of land in the 
park at Wells. 

30. Grant of land at Stoberg by Thomas Lok to Boger de Chyuton, 
chaplain. A.D. 1229. 

31. Inspez : by Bobert, Bp. of Sarum. Cf. Lib. Alb. III., fol. 453. 

32. Grant of Boger, parson of Chiu, of houses in Wells which had been 
held by Peter Cannte. A.D. 1235. 

33. Another deed about the same hous^. A.D. 1235. 


34. Grant by Bp. Josceline of Congresbury Church to the Chapter. 
A.D. 1237. 

35. Grant by Helias, the Chaplain, of the ^* Muntoria ** to the Chapter, 
est Peter de Chichester, Dean, Ac., &c. 

36. Grant by Katherine widow of Henry de Waltham to Roger de 
Chewton of houses in Wells. 

37. Ratification by Walter Hosatus of Wike of the sale by Ailric 
Faber to Henry de Traci of land in Wells. Test. Josceline the Bishop ; 
Alexander, the Dean, &c. 

38. Release by the Hospital of S. Bartholomew, London, of the rent 
of 10 shillings paid by Bp. Josceline on his messuage in S. Clements 
Danes. Cf. Lib. Alb. I., fol. 348. dors. 

39. Inspex: by William Brewer, Bp. of Exeter, A.D. 1242, of the 
following documents relating to the agreement come to between the 
Churches of Wells and Bath with regard to the election of Bishops. 

1. Pope Alexander III. to the Chapter of Wells confirming the 
Election of Reginald Fitz Josceline. A.D. 1174. 

2. The same confirming the canonical customs of the Chapter of 

3. Agreement between the two Chui*ches for the election of bishops, 
subscribed by all the members of the Churches. 

4. Alexander the Dean and the Chapter to Pope (Innocent III.) 
Announcing the death of Savaric and their election of Josceline. 
Subscribed by the members of the Chapter. 

5. Testimonial letters of many bishops to the Pope on the same 

6. Similar letters to the Legate J. 

7. The Ring's Assent to the Election, addressed to Cardinal J. At 
Dokemerefeld. April 23, A.D. 1206. 

40. Inspex: by Josceline, Bp. of Bath ; William Bp. of Exeter, and 
William Bp. of Norwich, A.D. 1242, of another series of documents 
upon the same subject. 

41. The deed of agreement between the Churches of Bath and Wells, 
with autograph signatures. 


WBLL3 42. Grant by the Chapter to the noble lord Peter, son of Peter 

^'^MSS.*^ Sarracenus de Urbe of Congresbui'y Church at a rent of 40 shilliogs. 
— ' 4 non Nov., A.D. 1243. 

43. Sale of a tenement to M ilo, the Chaplain. 
Test. Henry of London, Canon; &c. 

44. Inspex : by the Convent of Bath of the grant made by Bp. Roger 
to the Chapter of Wells of the custody of the Deanery when vacanL 
A.D. 1246. 

45-46. Assent of the Convent of Bath to the arrangements made for 
the Election of a bishop. A.D. 1246. 

47. Deed of the Convent of Bath respecting the settlement of ques- 
tions between themselves and the Chapter of Wells A.D. 1246. 

48. Inspex. by Boger, Bp. of Bath of the grant made by Theodoric, 
son of Waltei', with assent of Beatrice his wife, and Henry and William 
his sons, of the Church of Mudiford to S.S. Peter and Paul and the 
Monks of Montacute. 

Test. Helias, Chaplain of Cinnoch ; Robert, priest of Stokes, William, 
Chaplain of Montacute ; William Chaplain of Odecumbe. 
Test, to Inpex : Ralph, Aixshdn : of Bath, &c. 

49. Release by Margery de Stokes of lands in Northcuri. 

50. Release by Sibilla daughter of Simon (l6 la Slo and niece of 
Margery de Stokes, of lands in Northcuri. A.D.' 1247. 

61. Release by Margery de Stokes, widow, of land in Merldon. A.D. 

52. Mem. of adjournment of proceedings by the Covent of Bath in 
the matter of the Election of a bishop, at the instance of the Prior of 
Winton ; J. de Plessets; Earl of Warwick ; W. de Eilkennie, Archdn: 
of Coventry, the King's messenger. A.D. 1247. 

63. Announcement by Canon Robert de Mariscis & of the election 
of William de Button, Archdn : of Wells to be Bishop of B. & W. 
Feb. 26. A.D. 1247. 

64. Commendatory letters in favour of J. de Axebiidge, and N. dc 
Crauford, the bearers to the diocese of an Apostolic Mandate which 
the bishop has received. 

Given at Merton 10 kal. Nov. A.D. 1249. 

55. Receipt given by the agent of Dditius for 18 marks and 
10 shillings paid to him by the Chapter for his Vicarage of Criste- 
meleford. A.D. 1250. 

56. Grant by Walter le Ffrie to the Chapter of the service of Richard 

57. Grant by Hugh de la Wyche to Hugh/de la Hele of 3 acres of 
land in Huntham. 

58. Release by Agnes widow of William atte More of a tenement in 

69. Conf : by John de Aura of a grant by Eva de Churnleghe to 
Symon Gyan her kinsman. 

60. Grant by Geoffrey de Brideport to Hugh his son of rents in 

Test. Hugh de Romenal, treasurer, &c. 

61. Grant by Roger Burgeyis to Richard son of Yvo Code of a 
messuage in Wells. 


€2. Grant by BoRor le Bntiller to Geoffry de Brideport of lands in Wbllb 

63. Grant by Eva de Churnleghe to Simon Gyan of land in la " 

64. Conf : of the last by Lawrence son of Eva de Churnleghe. 

65. Release by W. de Clova to Edmund de Welleslegh, hundredarius 
of Wells, of a tenement in Wells. 

Test. Thomas de Wellesleghe, knight ; Richard de Rodenyc, bailiff of 
Wells : Adam, canon, &c, 

66. Grant by Richard son of Yvo Code to Wiliiam Archn : of Wells of 
a Messuage. 

67. Grant by Robert de Culern to Walter de Sutton of land in West 

68. Inspex : by William de Elman of a grant made by Nicholas his 
son to the Chapter, of land in Northcuri. 

69. Agreement on part of the Chapter to pay to William de Elmeham 
and Alice his wife certain allowances of com &c. 

70. Grant by Robert son and heir of William Gyan to the Chapter of 
land in Shortecly ve in Northcuri, Ac. 

71. Grant by John de Laverlega of lands in West Fennard and 
Sutton Abbots to Nicholas Syrewold. 

72. Release by Robert son of Herebert le Mazun and Isende his wife 
of a rent to Robert tinctor. 

73, 74, 75. Grant of Rt. de Giverney. Cf. Lib. Alb. III., fol 29 in 

76. Grant by Cristiana Scovye to Simon le Kyng of a rent in Wells. 

77. Grant John de Sutton son of Richard de Spaxton of a tenement 
in Wells, to Robert Tinctor. 

78--81. Are all charters dealing with small parcels of lands &c. 

82. Mem. that on Sunday next after All Saints Day A.D. 1251, the 
suffragans of Canterbury met to dedicate the Monastery of Hailes, viz., 
Hugh of Ely ; Robert Groteste of Lincoln : Walter de Cantelupe of 
Worcester ; Fulk Basset of London ; Walter de Suthfeld of Norwich ; 
William of Salisbury ; Richard Blondy of Exeter ; Richard de la Wich 
of Chichester ; William Bitton of Bath and WeUs ; Thomas Wallensis 
of S.David's; Laurence de S. Martin of Rochester ; . . • • of St. 

On the morrow the said bishops met at Wynchecumbe and f^eed 
to dispatoh Master John de Cheham to the Pope upon business rdnting 
to the Province of Canterbury. 

83. Obligation of Geoffry de Bridpoit to pay to the lady Agatha de 
Meisy £20 a year for her life on Kerchel Manor and £5 to two 
chaplains to commemorate her in the cathedral. A.D. 1251. 

84. The formula of excommunication as pronounced in the Hall at 
Westminster; 3 Id. May. A.D. 1253. 

85-90. Charters dealing with small parcels of lands, &c. 

91. A Final Concord made at Ilchester before Robert de Brywer and 
other Justiciaries between the Chapter and John de Aura about their 
righto in Northcori. A.D. 1263. 

92. Grant by Robert the Prior and the Convent of Stavordale of a 
rent of 30 shillings to be paid to the vicar of St Mary Magdalene's 


WsLLB Altar, on behalf of John de Axebrugge, the sub- dean^ in consideration 
C^'JIfl *^ of 40 marks given by him for the purchase of land at Wincanton. A.D. 
_ 1263. 

93. A similar deed. Seal of the Bishop of B. & W. bearing a f uU- 
length figure of the Bishop and a cathedral tower and spire. 

94. A similar grant by the Priory of Worspring pn behalf of John de 
Axebrugge. A.D. 1266. 

95. Obligation of G. de Bridport. Cf. Lib. Alb. T., fol. 84 dors. 

96. Hugh de RomenaFs Chantry. Cf. lib. Alb. I.,foL 86. 
97-98. Charters about small parcels of land. 

99. Inspex: by the Prior of Bath of grant by William I. Bp. of B. & 
W. of the advowson of Stoke Gummer Church to the Cathedral. 

Test. Henry de Erlegh ; John de Aura. 

And of its appropriation to them by Bp. William II. Given at 
Wokey. 6, Non. Oct., A.D. 1269. 

100. Grant by John de Laverton to Edward the Dean of land in 
Laverton, held by Isabella} widow of Richard de la Donne, and Juliana, 
widow of Gilbert Huggel. 

Test. Sir Henry de Monteforti ; Peter de Norton ; Henry de Monte- 
forti of Nony ; Richard de London, &c. 

101-105. Charters about small parcels of land. 

106-107. The establishment of a cliantry in memory of Hugh de 
Romenal, by the Brethren of St. Mark's, Bristol, With details. A.D, 

108-109. About tenements in Wells. 

110. Recital by Aichbp. Robert Kilwarby of the depositions of 
William de Smalebroke, Canon of Wells, sent by the Chapter, that the 
monks of Glastonbury had elected John de Tanton to be Abbot without 
the consent of the Bishop of B. & W. 

Constantine de Mildehale, who is acting during the vacancy of the 
See, is to inhibit the monastery from further action. Wednesday after 
Michaelmas, A.D. 1274. 

1 10-120. About small properties. Several of them in Lib. Alb. 

121. Grant by Henry de Erlegh to William de Plessetis of land 
in North Petherton. 

Test. Sir Thomas Trivet ; Sir Thomas de Regny ; Jordan de 

122-126. About small tenements, &c. 

127. Grant by WiUiam Warham, Knt., of Welleslegh, of a cottage in 
Doulcote to W. Poupe, on his marriage with Alice his daughter. 
Test. G^oi^e Wellesl^h ; John Well«slegh, &c. 

128-133. Deeds relating to small properties. Several of them in Lib. 

134. Grant by the Brethren of St. John's Hospital of an annual servioo 
in memory of Richard de Buttun. 

Test. Edward the Dean, and many of the canons. 

135. Grant by Richard le Touker to the chapter of a rent of 5 
shillings to be distributed among the poor for the soul of Roger de 
Cruk, in return for 5 marks paid by his exors. 

136. Award that Walter, Archdn: of Wells, shall receive his share o£ 
the residue, he having resided for half the year. A.D. 1290. 



137. Certified copy of the Ball of Pope Boniface YIII., arranging the Wsuui 
case of the Archbishop and the convent of S. Augustine's, Canterbury. ^'*^»iss"^' 
Given at the Lateran, 14 Kal. April, A.D. 1295. — ■ 

138. Bond by William (de Marchia) Bp. of B. & W., to repay on 
demand i) 1,000 advanced to him, the Convent of Bath, and the Chapter 
of Wells, by Oliver Sutton, Bishop of Lincoln, trustee with John de 
Pontisera, Bishop of Winton, of the tenths granted as a subsidy for the 
Holy Land to the King. 

Given at Doggemerfeld, 14. Kal. Feb., A.D. 1295. 

139. Release by Bobert lo Brun to Thomas de Mere of lands in 
Northcuri. A.D. 1296. 

140. Grant by the Abbey of S. Peter's, Gloucester, to Agnes de 
Prestbury, of two loaves of the monks and one of the esquires (esquierii) 
with two dishes fferculis) of potage such as the convent has, and two of 
meat, viz., of beet and pork, &c., &c. 

141-159. Deeds dealing with lands in Wells and North Cori, &c. 
Several of them in Lib. Alb. 

160. Koyal licence to William de Kilkenny and Walter de Totton io 
grant land and the advowson of Westansy to the Dean of Exeter. 
A.D. 1305. 

161. Inspex: by the convent of Bath in A.D. 1306 of a grant by 
Walter de Haselshaw, Bp. of B. & W., to the Chapter of Wells of land 
in Burnham with the advowson of the church there. Given at Cherde, 
12 EaL April, A.D. 1305. 

Test. Sir Gilbert de Knovyle ; Sir Nicholas de Langlonde ; Sir 
Thomas de WeUeslegh. 

162. About a tenement in Wells. 

163-164. Lease of Winescombe to the exors. of Dean H. Husee for 
£200 and 10 marcs a year. A.D. 1306. 

165. Ordinance about Burnham Church. A.D. 1306. 

166. Inspex: by the Convent of Bath of the deed of A.D. 1306, by 
which the Chapter of Wells establish a chantry of £10 in memory of Bp. 
Bumel, in consideration of his grant to them of Yvelton, Burnham, 
Stanton Drew, and Cheleworth Churches. 

167-173. About sundry small properties. 

174. Exchange of lands in Cory moor, between the Chapter and 
Osmund, Abbot of Athelney. A.D. 1311. 

Test. John de Bello Campo ; Henry de Urtiaco ; John de Erlegh ; 
Gilbert de Bere ; Hugh de Popham ; Knights. 

175-178. About small properties. 

179. The will of Bichard de Chepmanslade. A.D. 1311. 

180-183. About small properties. 

184. Recital by Bp. John de Drokensford of — 

1. The Bull of Clement Y. respecting the collection of funds for the 
war against the Sai'acens. A.D. 1312. 

2. Another Bull of the same subject and date. 

3. Appointment of the Chapter of Wells to be sub-collectors for the 
diocese of B. & W. 

Given in London, 12 Kal. Nov., A.D. 1313. 

185. Grant by Laurencia, widow of William Cowmiche, of lands to 
BiObert Chandel. A.D. 1314. 



WBLL8 186. Transcripts of — 

^^^88."^' 1. A letter of E. II. to Bp. John de Drokensford, urging payment of 
— ' tithes due at an early date, the same having been advanced to the king 
by Florentine merchants. Given at York, ^pt. 26, A.D. 1314. 

2. Letter of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster and Leycester to the same 
effect. Given at York, Oct. 3, A.D. 1314. 

187. Grant by John de Morebathe juxta Brideport, with the assent of 
his wife Margery, daughter and co-heir of Robert de la Fenne, to his 
son Henry, of lands at la Fenne, jaxta Mertoke. 

Test. William de Faucumberge, Knt. ; Peter de Bolonia; John de 
Widecumbe ; William Aumbesas, &c. 

Given at Mertok la Fenne, on the Circumcision, 8. E. II. 

188. Release by John de Bayny, of Winterslowe, and Agnes d« 
Carslade, his wife, to Agnes David, of Dulcote, of houses there. 

Test. William de la Wythie ; Robert de Weleslegh ; John de 
Duddesden, &c. A.D. 1315. 

189. Grant by Simon de Domerham of North Cury, to Thomas de 
Mere, of land in Wrentich. 

Test. Richard de Lovenay ; Peter de Boloygne ; John de le Sloo. &c. 
A.D. 1316. 

190. Undei*taking by Bp. John de Drokensford, principal collector of 
the Sexennial tenth imposed by Pope Clement Y., and of the yearly 
tithe due to the king from the diocese of B. & W., relating to the post- 
ponement of the collection, and indemnifying the Chapter of Wells^ the 
sub-collectors, for the loan of the same to the king. 

Given at Banwell, 9 Kal. Jul., A.D. 1316. 

191. About lands in Loxton, released by Sir William le Mareys, of 
Loxton, to Sir William de Welonde, Knt., Lord of Loxton. 

Test. John de Beauchamp de Marisco, and Adam do Walsshe, 
Knights; William Aitur; Philip le Irysshe, &c. A.D. 1316. 

192. Exemplification by £. II. of letters patent by E. I. ^' super 
'^ prisis bonorum cleri," in his 3*^ year, as enrolled at length on the 
Statute Roll in the Tower, membr. 33 dors. 

Given at York, Nov. 24, A.D. 1316. 

193. Notarial instrument by Roger de Clisseby, clerk of the diocese 
of Lincoln, public notary, of the admission of Sir Roger de Northburgh, 
clerk of the king, by his proxy, to be a Canon of Wells. A.D. 1317. 

194-198. About small properties and tenements. 

199. Commission issued by Bp. John de Drokenesford, to certain 
canons to inquii*e concerning the liberties of the cathedral, the juris- 
diction of the Dean, and the claim of St. Columban's Chapel at Chedder 
to be a royal free chapel. 

Given at Wyveliscombe, Oct. 7, A.D. 1321. 

200. About a tenement in Wells. 

201. Agreement between the Bishop and the Chapter. The Chi^iter 
to receive the proceeds of vacant benefices in the diocese. To have 
jurisdiction in prebendal churches. The Archdeacons to enjoy their 
customary jurisdiction, and the Bishop to have his power of citation and 
correction. A.D. 1321. 

202--205. Tenements in Wells. 

206. Grant by John de Welleslegh, lord of Welleslegh, to Warine 
son of Alice de Welleslegh and to Elena his wife of a messuage. 




Test. Sir Thomas de Welleslegh, Knt. ; Edmund de Welleslegh ; Wblls 
Robert de Wodeford ; &c. A.D. 1324. ^^ Mss.'^'' 

In the same year, on Nov. 30, there is a Sir John de Welleslegh, Knt. — 

207-211. About small properties. 

212. Grant bj Richard de Wyndesoi-es to Robert de Cormaiilus of 
lands at Bikenaire. 

Test. John de Eiiee ; Ralph Fitzhoui*s ; Alexander LattreU ; John de 
Membury ; John de Reynnj ; John Fitchet ; Knights, he. 

Given at Winchester, on Trinity Sunday, A.D. 1328. 

213-220. About lands in Wrentich ; Middleton Abbots; Bergh 
Church ; Merre in Northcory ; Bergh Church ; do. ; do. ; appointment 
of a chantry priest. 

221. Inspex : by Roger de Corinayles in A.D. 1330 of a grant made 
by Robert de Cormayles of lands in Bickenalre to the Chapter. 

Test. John de Denham ; Ralph de Fitzhourse ; Simon de Fomeus ; 
John de Clevedon ; John de Erleye ; Knights. 

Given at Wyke juxta Norton in Caunden, May 26, A.D. 1329. 

.222. Release by the Exors. of Robert de Cormayle. A.D. 1330. 

223-225. About a messuage in Wells ; lands in Bickenalre ; land in 
North Cory Moor. 

226. Grant by HameUn de Godelee of land in Bickenalre for the 
support of masses for the late Bishop John^ Robert de Cormailles, 
Richard de Alresford, and others. 

Test. Dom. John de Cliveford ; Ralph Fitzyonrs ; John de Membury ; 
Knights, &c. A.D. 1330. 

227-239. About lands at k Fenne ; in Wells ; Woky-hole ; Oke- 
hampton ; do. ; do. ; in Lillesdon ; Okehampton ; do. ; do. ; do. ; in 
Wells ; do. A,D. 1330-1333. 

240. Release by the Chapter to Hameline de Godelee« Richard and 
John de Chudderlegh^ and Sir Roger de Acton, Exors. of Dean J. de 
Grodelee, of all actions on account of the demolition of the church at 
Wells, tiie fabric and stalls of tho same ; the canonization of Bp. William 
de Marohia, &c. A.D. 1333. 

241-246. About a messuage in Wells ; lands in Stokegursey ; in 
Hy wish ; in Slolegh ; in Wells ; do. 

247. The confession of W. Parle that he had taken certain tithe 
sheaves in Northoori, A.D. 1335. 

248-251. About the vicarage of Burnham ; properties in Wells ; do. ; 

252. Inspex : by E. UI. of an Inspex : by H. III. of King John's 
charter about the manor of Northcori, &c, &c. 

253-261. About lands in Newetonin North Petherton ; in Wells ; in 
Chereleyestath ; in Mertoke ; in Wells ; do. ; do. ; do. ; do. Among 
the witnesses in A.D, 1339 are Sir Thomas de Welleslegh and Sir John 
de Wyke, Knights. 

2(52. Exemplification of the Statute 15 E. III. Stat. 1. A.D. 1341. 

263-274. About property in Wells ; do. ; Canon John Martel's 
chantry, for which he gives 100/. ; do. ; land at Wokyhole ; in Wells ; 
do. ; do.; do. ; do. ; do. ; do. A.D. 1341-1343. 


Wells 275. Certificate by tlie public notary that the deed of Bp. Eoger 

^^itfss'^^ about the custody of the Deanery when vacant had been exhibited to 
— ' him. A.D. 1343. 

276-285. About tenements, Ac. in Wells. 

286-302. About tenements in Dulcote and Long Sutton ; in Wells ; 
do. ; do. ; do. ; do. ; a bond of Robert Gyan for 2/. ; tenements, &c. in 
Wells ; do. ; do. ; in Meulesbergh and Wokyhole ; do. ; do. ; do. ; in 
Wells ; do. ; do. A.D. 1346-1348. 

303. Licence in Mortmain by E. III. to Bishop Balph. A/D. 1343. 

304. About lands at Newport in Northcory. A.D. 1349. 

305. Lease by Thomas de Sowy to Matildis widow of Sir Thomas 
L'Ercedekne, Knt., and to Thomas her son, of lands in Northcory and 
Chirlegh held by Robert Gyan and John his son. Given at Cbirlegh. 
A.D. 1349. 

306-309. About lands at Melesberg and Wokyhole; Shortclyve ; 
Melesberg ; copy of a writ *^ ad quod dampnum " addressed to John de 

310. Order by Bp. Ralph of Shrewsbury about grants to the Frater- 
nity of S. John for masses for his soul. 

311-314. About rents, &c, in Newton Plecy, and Ezton; in Wells ; 
at la Thele in Wedmore ; Stathe. 

315-318. Grants by John, son and heir of John de Welleslegh, Knt«, 
deceased, to John son of Warin de Welleslegh, Clerk, of a rent of 
2 shillings. A.D. 1350. 

319. Acknowledgment of Robert Gyan that he owes 20 marcs to 
certain canons of Wells. A.B. 1351. 

320. Agreement between Bp. Ralph and the Chapter with Abbot 
Monyngton of Glastonbury about the bounds of Dindsherlegh and 
Bacchyngwere- A.D. 1351* 

321. 322. About tenements, &c. in Wells ; in Welleslegh (ESoesia 
Calf is widow of John de Welleslegh, Knt. A.D. 1351. The deed 
bears the seal of John, Archbishop of Dublin). 

323. Licence in Mortmain by E. III. to the Bishop to acquire lands 
in Welleslegh, Dulcote, and Eston, and grant them to the vicars choral. 
A.D. 1352. 

324. Release by John son and heir of John de Welleslegh, Knt., of 
rents in Wells. Test. Walter de Rodenye; John de Palton; Knights. 
A.D. 1352. 

325-330. About a messuage in Wells ; at Cherlegh ; in Welleslegh (by 
Elizabeth widow of John de Welleslegh, A.D. 1353) ; in Wells ; in 
Welleslegh; &c 

331 . Confirmation by John de Iford the Prior and the Convent of 
Bath in A.D. 1354 of the Charter of Bp. Ralph granting to the vicars 
who inhabit the new buildings erected by him, land at WellcBlegh, 
Doulcote, Estoncote, and Eston, &c. 

Test, at Wyveliscombe, April 17. Sir Walter de Rodeny, Knt. ; Sir 
Walter de Pavcly, Knt. ; John de Somertou. A.D. 1354. 

332. Grant by the Chapter of a house at a rent of two wax candles to 
be kept burning at the Elevation of the Host at the High Altar in the 
Cathedral. A.D. 1354. 



333-345. About lands in Wells ; and Cherkgh. CAmMAi 

346. Acquittance by Hugh Pelegrini, Treasurer of Lichfield, Nuntio ^[5?* 
in England, to the Chapter of Wells for 14 shillings due on the 5th and 

6th years of his procuration. A.D. 1357. 

347. Acquittance by Richard de Carleton, Canon of Wells, Collector 
of the procurations of Talairand, Ep" Alban, et Nicholai, titulo S. Yitalis, 
presbit. Cardinalium et Sedis Apost. Nuntiorum to the Chapter of Wells 
for 8/. 19«. 7id. A.D. 1357. 

348. Inspez : by John de Carleton, Dean of Wells, of a lease by Bp. 
Balph of Shrewsbury of a curtilage in Bath towards the '' Cross Bath " 
(bahieum cruds). A.D. 1354. 

349. Bond of the Chapter for 20/. lent by Dean John de Carleton for 
the use of the fabric of the cathedral. A.D. 1357. 

350. Acquittance bv Hugh Pelegrini for 7 shillings for one year. 
A.D. 1357. 

351. Inspex: by John de Mohoun, Lord of Dunsterre, AD. 1358, 
of a release by his grandfather John de Mohone, A.D. 1339, to Dean John 
de Godelee and the Chapter, of lands, &c. in Bichenalre. 

352. 353. Grant by Richard Bole to certain canons of Wells of lands, 
&c, in Cherlegh. 

Test. Sirs Edmund de Clyredon ; John de Clyvedon ; Richard de 
Acton ; Knights, &c. A.D. 1358. 

354-365. About tenements, Ak;. in Wells ; in Fouleshamesmede ; in 
Wells ; do. ; do. ; do. ; Newton Plecy ; Woky ; a rent in Enfield, 
Middlesex; Dynre; Wells; do. 

366. The will of John de Hywysch, Canon of Wells. A.D. 1361. 
Probate A.D. 1363. 

367-372. About tenements, &c. in Wells ; do. ; do. ; do. ; do. ; New- 
ton Plecy* 

373. Assignment by the Priory of Worspring of an annuity of 53*. 4d, 
for the support of a chaplain in the Cathedral to commemorate bene^ 
factors. A.D. 1366. 

374. Inquest by John de Beckyngton the Eseheator about certain 
houses, &c. in Wells. A.D. 1367. 

375. Commission from the Chapter of Wells to John Wayfer of 
Glastonbury to receive gifts and legacies for the fabric of the Cathedral. 
He is to pay 20/. a year for the office. A.D. 1367. 

376-379. About tenements, &c. in Wells ; in the parish of St. Peter's, 
Cornhill ; in Wells ; in Ediston. 

380. Release by Stephen Penpel the Dean and the Chapter to the 
Exors. of the will of Bp. Ralph of Shrewsbury for a missal with musical 
notes, vestments, and 10/. for the &bric bequeathed by the bishop. 
A.D. 1868. 

311. Receipt given by Margery le Moniers for 20 marcs. 

382-384. About tenements^ &c. in Wells ; do. ; do. 

385. Discussion by Henry de Derby, '^ Administrator spiritualis a 
sede Apostolica deputatus," of the sequestration of a yearly payment of 
50 shillings to the Abbey of Glastonbury from the Church of Pokele- 
church. A.D. 1370. 


GArBBDRAL 386-391. About lands in Bickenalre ; Mertoke ; Lancherly ; and West 
MSB. Fennard, Wells, West Pennard, Monerslane in Wells sold t<) the Dean. 
— A.D. 1371. 

392. Will of Nicholas de Ponteabury, Sub-dean of Wells. Desires 
his body to be buried in his canonical dress at the door of All Saints' 
Chapel in the cemetery of the cathedral. Makes several bequests to 
various persons. Probate, A.D. 1372. 

393-397. About tencmentS| &c. in Wells ; Mertoke ; Hessokymore ; 

Wells 5 do. 

398. Inspex : by Stephen Penpel the Dean of the appropriation by 
Bp. John Harewell of the Rectory of Wyncaulton to Staverdale Priory. 
A.D. 1374. 

399. About lands in Mertok. 

400. Copy of the Will of John de Oxenford, late citizen of New 
Sarum. Probate, Aug. 26, A.D. 1374. 

401. Madate by the official of the Couii; of Canterbury to the Chapter 
of Wells in favour of the Dean in his case against Bp. John Harewell. 
A.D. 1375. 

402. About tenements, <&c. in Wells. 

403. Copy of the Will of John Gy of Wells. A.D. 1377. 

404-408. About lands, &c, in Bickenalre ; Okehampton ; in New 
Sanun ; do. ; do. 

409. Release by Peter de Yevelton, to Hugh Durburgh, Chevr. ; 
John Fitz Payn, Chevr. ; Peter Bratton ; Henry Seynt-John, and 32 
others, of all actions against them. A.D. 1380. 

410. Grant of tenements formerly belonging to John de Oxenford of 
New Sarum, skinner, attested by the mayor and certain citizens of New 
Sarum. A.D. 1380. 

411-415. About tenements, &c. in Wells; Loxton ; acquittance by 
Sir Thomas Fychet, Knt, for 23/. '6«. 8d. ; tenements in Wells ; 
Loxton; do. 

416. Licence in Mortmain by R. II. to the Vicars Choral. A.D. 1382. 

417-419. About lands at Loxton ; Manumission at Loxton ; tenements 
in Wells. 

420. Grant by John de Chidiock, Sen*^. Knt., to certain canons o( 
Wells of a rent of 20/. on Cottelygh and Benham in Dorset as long as 
they hold an acre called St. John's acre at Alwynsheigh in Somerset, 
and the advowson of St. John's and All Saints Church at Kingest-on. 
Given at Alwinesheigh. A.D. 1383. 

421. Confirmation by John de Chidiock, junr., Knt., of a grant of 
an acre to the said canons, &c. at Alwinesheigh in Hangerlond. 
A.D. 1383. 

422-427. About lands in Prestleigh ; Woky ; Alwinesheigh ; 
do. ; do. ; do. 

428. Acknowledgment of fealty by the D. & C. of Wells, to William 
de Mountague, Earl of Salisbury, for lands in Burnham, who derived it 
from Thomas de Granndson, Chevr. It had passed from the said Earl 
to Dame Mai^ret, wife of the said Thomas, who in turn passsd it to 
Nichol de Carren, senr., Nichol her son, and William de Carren^ son of 
John de Carren, Ghev. A.D. 1384. 


429-490. Afpropriatioii bj Bp. John Hwewidl of Kingesttti Ckurdi 
to the Chapter of W^ls. A J>. 1384. 

431-152. About OkehampUin Manor; Ny wport ; WeUs; Kiii^:eston 
Charch ; do. ; do. ; do. ; Loxton ; do. ; do. ; Stykelinche ; LokIoq ; 
do.; do.; Wokj; Saltmore; WelU; Stokurcj; WeUs; do.; do. 

453. The seoxenoe proaoanoed br the Court of Canterbury in a ease 
between the Chapter and the Vicar of S. Cuthbert*s. A J). 1388. 

454-463. About a tenement in Wdls ; do.; Ediston; Wdk; do.; 
with several aoquittanoRS for pensions. 

464. Mandate of Bp. Ralph Er]^ham to the oi&cials of the diocese to 
require the clergy to caU upon their parishioners to become members of 
the Fraternity of S. Andcewe, and aid the fabric by donations and 
bequests, with 40 day in-iulgence to benelaetors. Given at Woky, 
Nov. 3,A.D. 139a 

465. Mandate of same to ail Rectors, Vicars, Ac to denounce the 
sentence of major exoommunicadon upon those who infringe the liberties 
of the diurch or injure the fikbric. Same date. 

4G6-468. About tenements, &c in WeUs ; Ediston ; WeUs. 

469. The award of Walter, Abbot of Ford, and other commissionerB 
in a suit b^ween the Chapter of WeUs and other parties. A.D. 1392. 

470. About tenements, Ac. in WeUs. 

471. Appropriation by Thomas Fitz Alan, Archbishop of York, of 
St. Sampson's, York, to the Vicars in the Cathedral of York. 

472-476. About tenements, &c. in Wells. 

477. Promise by John, the Prior of Long Leat, to pay 6s. Sd, a year 
to the Chapter of WeUs in settlement of all questions about LuHiugton 
Church, granted to them by Bp. Ralph Erghum. A.D. 1396. 

478-483. About tenements in Wells. 

484. Grant by Thomas de Sudbury, the Dean, to Umphrey ShiUere, 
of the tithes, &c. of Stoke St. Gregory Church, A.D. 1395. 

485-488. About tenements in WeUs. 

489. Grant by Bp. Ralph Erghum of the advowson of Pokelchurch to 
the Chapter. A.D. 1396. 

490-494. About the Piune ; do. ; tenements in Wells ; Stykelinch. 

495-497. Certain pensions and a mem. of expenses ** in prandio." 

498. Petition of the Chapters of Bath and Wells to H. IV. for leav'e 
to elect a bishop. April 22, A.D. 1400. 

499. Grant by U. IV. for 20 m^rcs to Humphry Stafford, Knt., 
Thomas Stawell ; John Juyn ; John Warre ; Hugh FVke ; Hugh Cary ; 
Robert Geffrey ; John Barent ; William Graacoigne of Brockley ; of the 
Hundred of Exton with a third of Exton and Newton Placey Manors, 
with remainder of the advowsons of the third part of Hawkndgc Church, 
and the free chapel of Newton Plucey, after the death of Richard Moyn, 
who acquired the same from John Carton, who held them in chief from 
king R. II. A.D. 1400. 

oOO. Release by Richard Cliderowe and othei^s to John Garton of 
Kent of lands held by them in Kent, Surrey, Middlesex, Lincolnshire, 
Somerset, Devon, Ac. A.D. 1401. 

501-511. About lands in Newton Plecy; a fishery at Northcory; 
Wells; do.; do.; do.; do.; do.; do.; Mertok ; Wells, 

u 30541. TT 


Wblls 512. Will of John Mylwarde son of John Mylwarde of Djrndre- 

^^uit"^ Probate, A.D. 1403. 

513. About houses, &c. in Wells. 

514. Undertaking by the Chapter to celebrate a commemoration 
service for Walter Wyncaulton, 'Prebendary of Westmenstre aU 
Luxvyle, in return for 100/., a chalice, missal, and a restment, for the 
altar before the cross on the north side of the high bell tower of the 
cathedral. A.D. 1406 

515. Indenture between the same setting forth the details of the 
commemoration of Bp. Ralph de Salopia, &c, A.D. 1406. 

516. Another release to John Garton. A.D. 1406. 

517. About tenements, &c. in Dultecote. 

518. Bond in 40/. given by the vicar of Pokelchurch for the due 
performance of liis duties. A.D. 1407. 

519-537. About lands in Stokecurcey ; Pokelchurche ; Stokecuroey; 
do. ; Wells ; Woky ; Wells ; do. ; do. and Woky ; Mertoke ; do. ; do. ; 
WeUs ; Mertoke ; do. ; do. ; WeUs ; I^oultecote ; Wells. A.D. 1408-1415. 

538-539. Assignment of the lands, &c. of the late canon John Waryn 
for a mass. A.D. 1415. 

540. Bond by John Kyng in 40/. that he will abide by the arbitration 
of certain of the canons about some lands. A.D. 1413. 

541. About tenements, &c. in Wells. 

542. Defeasance of a statute staple between John Garton, Richard 
BrutOD, and William Gascoigne of Bridgwater respecting a grant by 
the said John of lands in Bruton, Meryet, Langport, Bridgwater, 
Chelton, Northboure, Westboure, Oheselade, Compton Dundone, Cosyn- 
ton, Ashington, Canynton. A.D. 1416. 

543-544. About lands in Wells and Woky ; do. 

545. Release by Thomas Litewyre of Sutton, Surrey, to Richard 
Bruton and William Gascoigne of the Hundred of Exton, and the third 
part of Newton Plecy and Exton Manor, and the advowson of Hawk- 
Hgde Church, and the free chapel of Newton Plecy, which John Garton 
of Erith, granted the said Richard by tine on the death of Richard 
Mayn who leased them from the said John. A.D. 1417. 

546. Power of Attorney by J. Halap, Exor. of the will of Ralph 
Tregrisio, Dean of Exeter, to John Wareyn, to settle about certain 
rents in Wells. A.D. 1417. 

547-555. About lands, &c, in Wells ; do. ; Edeston ; Moniers Lane 
in Wells; do.; do.; do.; do.; Newton Plecy. A.D. 1417-1418. 

556. Exemplification by Cardinal Branda for Cardinal John Bishop 
of Ostia, at the command of Martin V. of certain constitutions agreed 
upon by the said Martin V. for the reformation of the English Church 
and of that of Ireland and Wales. 

At Florence, in domo habitacionis nostras, April 17, A.D. 1419. 

557-562. Lease of lands^ &c. in Newton Plecy ; do. ; Wells ; Newton 
Plecy; do.; A.D. 1420-1422. 

563. Release by Richard Reed to Richard Harewell, William Hoddes- 
field, Alexander Lynde ; William Paston of Paston ; and Thomas Poye^ of 
the manors of Brandeston, Charesfeld, and Westenfeld in Suffolk ; the 
manors of Oxburgli. Shipdene, and Ryston, 140 acres of land and jrenta 
in Salthous, Berton, Byndich, and Henstede, in Norfolk ; and the 



manors of Radewell, Compton Durerille, Hossokmore, and Loxton, in 
Somerset. A.D. 1422. 

564. Aboat tenements, Ac in Wells. 

565. Exemplification by John Bp. of Sarum of the letters of Pope 
Maitin V. in favour of the privileges of the Chapter of Wells, Qivi?n 
at Rome, Oct. 15, A.D. 1422. 

566-569. About a canon's house in Wells ; General pardon to W. 
Gascoigne ; the manor of Loxton ; an Inquisition about the Hundred 
of Exton, and Newton Plecy. 

470. Release by John Holdea and Joan his wife, widow of John 
Garton, to Humphry Stafford and Thomas Stawell, Knts., to John 
Juyn of Stanton Drew, to John Warre, Hugh Pyke, Hugh Gary, Robert 
Jeffrey, &c. of Exton and Newton Plecy, &c. A.D. 1423. 

571-573. About the same. 

574-575. Appropriation of the advowson of Buckland Abbot's Church 
to the Chapter by Bp. John Bubbewith. 

Test Sir W. Palton, Sir Thomas Beauchamp ; Sir Thomas Stowell, 
Knts. ; John Warre ; John Arthur, &c. 

Given at Woky, Oct. 16, A.D. 1424. 

576-577. Indenture of the convent of Bath for the foundation of 
Bp. N. Bubbewith's Chantry. A.D. 1424. 

578. About the appropriation of Buckland Abbots. 

579-580. About lands at Melesberg ; General pardon to W. Gascoigne. 

5S1. Exemplification of an entry in the ^' Liber Feodorum" stating 
that the Canons of Wells hold the Manor of Northcury. A.D. 1425. 

582-597. About tenements, &c. in Wells; Ediston; Bykenaire 
Wells; the Manor and Hundred of Byshoppeston, Berks; Wells 
Bykenaire ; do. ; Depford, Wilts ; Wells ; Bykenahre ; Edeston ; Wells 
do.; do. A.D. 1425-1431. 

598-600. About Poke i church ; (general pardon to the D. & C. of 
Wells; lands in Kingsbury. A.D. 1437. 

601. Indenture about the foundation of the Chantry of Nicholas Calton, 
Archdn : of Taunton. A.D. 1438. 

602. Details of the last. 

608-606. About Monyer Lane in Wells ; houses in Wells ; do. ; land 
in Bykenaire. A.D. 1438-1440. 

607. Account Roll of the Steward of the manor of Bykenaire. 
A.D. 1440-1441. 

And of the same as bailiff of Stoke Gommer parsonage for the same 

608-609. Copy of the wUl.of Nicholas Calton, Probate, A.D. 1440. 

610. Grant of lands in Bykenaire by Wm. Jevan, the Vicar of Stoke 
Gommere, and Robert Kente, rector of Sandford. A.D. 1441. 

611. Wairant of H. YI. to the escheator to make inquiry concerning 
Melebury Manor and lands in Woky, Cheddar, and Draycote, given to 
the Chapter of Wells for the support of the Chapel in Wells dedicated to 
S. Saviour, the Blessed Vii^in, and All Saints. A.D. 1441.. 

6 1 2. The finding of the jury. 

613. Warrant to the king about the same. 

614-618. About lands in Prestleigh ; Henton; Prestleigh; do.; d3. 

V 2 



Wells ^ 619. Judgment of William de Fondera, Bp. of Oleron, Papal Auditor, 
M88. &c., in a cause between Bp. Thomas de Beckingron and the Preben- 

— daries of the Cathedral, respecting the Bishop's jurisdiction over their 

prebends. A.D. 1444. 

620-624. About lands at Melesburgh; Wells; Melesbury; Wells: 

625. Mandate of Bp. Beckington to the Archd^* to call upon the 
derg7 to become members of the Fraternity of S. Andrew and aid the 

Given at Woky, April 20, A.D. 1446. 

626. About land in Bykenah*e. A.D. 1446. 

627. Exemplification by U. VI. of a record of the Star Chamber, 
dated July 11 last, against John Delabere, king's almoner, seeking 
the appointment to the Deanery, and pointing out that the n«!ht of 
election is with the Chapter, ** any provision made by oure holy fader 
the pope to the sayd Deanery notwithstanding." 

Teste me ipso, at Westminster, July 12, A.D. 1446. 

628. General pardon to W. Gascoigne. A.D. 1446. 

629. Lease by the Chapter to Thomas Moleyns of Whitchurch in 
Dorset of their share in the Church there. A.D. 1447. 

630. Grant by W. More of Naylsey to T. Brown Ac. of Alvestoa 
Manor. A.D. 1447, 

631-634. About lands at Bykenalre ; West Pennanl ; do. ; do. 

635. Statement of sums distributed in the cathedral at the obsequies 
of Robert Notelton, Hugh Greneford, Robert Bugleigh, William Ode- 
cambe, &c., and of sums for processions on the Feast of the Assumption, 
for the souls of sundry persons. No date. 

636. About East Coker church. No date. 

637. Gift of books by Bp. Stafford to the Chapter. 

638. About rents at Northcurv. 

639. Letter from P to his brother and friend John Baryngton, 

Vicar of Wells Cathedral, in which he mentions the schools ; asks that 
money may be sent. Has no leisure to write more, but will write 
again soon. Begs to be remembered to John .... and to ... . 
Erchefound and all other companions and friends. 

Written at Oxford, 

640. About land in West Pennard. A.D. 1451. 

641. Grant of 201 and a set of vestment.8 by the exors. of the will of 
Canon John Reynolde to the Vicars of the cathedral, for the daily repe- 
tition of certain prayers for the soul of the said Canon, at the time of 
the Masff in All Saints Chapel in the Close. A.D. 1451. 

642. About a tenement in Wells. 

643. Notarial indorsement recording the appointment by John " Ep' 
Pennensis" Judge and Commissary, of the process to be carried out in 
a cause between Richard Ferour, Rector of S. Michael ad placita, Nor- 
wich and W. Fytell asserted to be his clerk. 

" This curious document appears to have formed the cover of a l)Ook 
entitled ' Liber Actorum Capitularium Wallensium,' the title being 
written on the back." A J). 1458. 

i>44-653. About a tenement in WoUs ; land in West Pennard. 


654-658. About a fishery in Redcliffe Yoo, and land at Bydesham ; q;5doLl 
land in Dultingcote and Long Sutton ; Bykenalre ; do. Mas. 

659. General pardon by H. VI. to the Chapter. A.D. 1455. 

660. Grant by Thomas Staynour al* Muleward to John Tregodek c^ 
land at Prestleigh. A.D. 1455. 

661*667. About a tenement in Wells : do. ; Okehampton Manor ; 
Prestleigh ; a tenement in Wells. 

668. Award by Humphrey, Lord Stafford, of Southwyke; Nich. 
Carent, Dean of Wells ; and Richard Chok, Justice of the Common 
Pleas, between John More of Nailsea, son and heir of William Bithe- 
More, and Robert Deye als Kykke, about hinds in Wurcheston and 
Burnham. The hind is adjudicated to John More as kinsman and 
right heir of Baldewyne Countevyle, late lord of Alwarton, viz., son of 
William son of Johanna, daughter of Elizabeth, daughter of Richard, 
son and heir of the said Baldewyne. A.D. 1462. 

669. Grant by John Kaynall and Cristine his wife, daughter and heir 
of W. Grascoigne to J. Faidynge jun' of land in North Newton. A.D. 

670-675. About the Exton and Newton Plecy Manors, &c. ; lands in 
Wells; Okehampton by Philip de Drokensford to his son Philip; 
WeDs; Newton Plecey ; Wells. 

676. Will of Canon John Pedewell. A.D. 1467. 

677-682. About Newton Plecey ; lands in Wells ; Bond of John 
Bythemore of Alwarton and William his son and heir; about lands . 
in Overwere ; Newton Plecey ; do. 

683. General pardon by E. IV. to the Exors. of the Will of.Bp. 
Beckington. A.D. 1468. 

684. Undertaking by Jon Henton, Prior of Bruton, and the Priory to 
carry out certain services on behalf of Hugh Sugar, Treasurer of Wells, 
A.D. 1468. 

685. Similarly the Abbot of S. Augustine^s, Bristol, admits the said 
Hugh to spiritual fraternity, &c. 

686-694. About Newton Plecy Manor ; do. ; do. ; the Mountery 
Street in Wells ; a grange at Bydesham ; the Mountery Street in Wells ; 
a tenement in WeUs ; do. A.D. 1468-1469. 

695. Will of Henry Goddislond. Probate, A.D. 1474. 

696-702. About lands in Alwerton and Overwere; in Wells; do.; 
West Pennard ; do. ; Wells ; do. 

703. Order by the Vicars choral that a lamp be kept burning from 
Michaelmas to May day every year in requital of benefits received from 
T. Chews. A.D. 1479. 

704-708. About land in West Pennard; Wells; •'.«»., Presteley; 

709. Will of T. Hampson, burgess of Wells. A.D. 1484. 

710-711. Bond of W. Bythemore of Nailsea, A.D. 1485; about 
houses in Wells. 

712. Genei*al pardon by H. YII. to Dean J. Gunthorpe. A.D. 1486. 

713-716. About land in Wells; do.; do. ; Prestleigh. 

717. Mandate of Bp. Robert Stillington to the Arcbd'^ to call upor. 
the Clergy and parishioners to become members gf the Fraternity of S. 


Wblls Andrew, and aid the Fabric, with promise of 40 days indulgence to 
^^ mm!*^ benefactors. A.D. 1489. 

718. About land in Prestleigh. 

719. Will of Andrew Grantham, a vicar. 4.D. 1493. 

720-726. About land in Northcory ; The Will of W. Mulwarde ; 
about land in Wells leased by T. Cornish, Tinensis Ep* ; tenements in 
Wells; do.; do. 

727. Belease by Thomasine widow of William Bythemore to Dean 
J. Gunthorpe of Alwarton Manor. A.D. 1496. 

728-744. About tenements in Wells ; do ; lands, &c. at Alwarton ; 
Doultecote ; WeUs ; do. ; do. ; Biddesham ; Bicknoller ; do. ; Byke- 
nalre; Wells; Newton Plecey ; Wells: do; do. A.D. 1498-1526. 

745. Award by certain commissioners confirming to the convent of 
of Buckland, Somerset, against the Chapter of Wells, the proceeds of 
their churches during vacancies. A.D. 1526. 

746. Bond of certain husbandmen to observe covenants. A.D. 1527. 

747. Deed setting forth the details of the appropriation of the 
Churches of Henton Monachorum, and Norton S. Philip's to the Priory 
of Henton. 

748. Letter of William (Warham) Archbp. of Canterbury to John 
Beckham, President of the Chapter of Wells, dismissing a case between 
him and Canon Gumby Als. Awsten. A.D. 1528. 

749. Confirmation by Richard Woleman the Dean and the Chapter 
of Wells, of a licence formerly given to Bichard Smith, als. Bramstone, 
a vicar choral, to be absent from Mattins for the term of his life, and 
two months leave in each year during which he may wear the apparel 
of a layman, and with a weekly allowance of 7d. In consideration of 
this he shall act as Clerk of the Works of the Cathedral without fee. 
A.D. 1530. 

750. The D. and C. grant to the same an annuity of 4/. in lieu of other 
allowances and in consideration of surrender of the office of Clerk of the 
Works. Same date. 

751. Woky parsonage let by W. Bowman the sub-dean for 22/. a year. 
A.D. 1533. 

752-755. An arbitration about the Christopher Inn in Wells ; 
another about Reddifie Yeo fishery ; another about the New Hospice in 

756-757. About a tenement in Wells ; Bond of the D. and C. to Sir 
W. Luttrell to abide by an arbitration. A.D. 1534. 

758. Authority given to the Communar to deduct from the Vicars' 
salaries fines for absence at the rate of \d, for absence from Prime ; \d. 
from Mass ; \d. from Evensong. A.D. 1535. 

759. Commission by Bp. John Clerk, King's Commissioner, appointing 
the Dean and Chapter of Wells to nominate thre^ Priors [vicars choral 
so-called for their year of ser\*ice in turn] to examine into the affairs 
connected with the service instituted by Bp. Josceline in honour of the 
B. V. Mary ; and two Priors to examine into those of the ** Martyrs 
Masse " in S. Martin's Chapel near the Font, instituted by the same. 

Confirmed by the Chapters of Wells and Bath. Jan., A.D. 1535. 

760. Account of the Stewaj-d of Newton Plecey for the year A.D, 


761. Acquittance to the Dean of Wells for one year's dues on the wblls 
Ecclesiastical subsidy. (Sede vacante) A.D. 1540, , ^*'m8S*'^^ 

762. Copy of Bp. William Knight's commission to